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The video discusses the three emulators for Nintendo Switch on Android and their pros and cons. The first emulator mentioned is criticized for charging fees and limited compatibility. The second emulator, Skyline, is praised for its performance and compatibility, while the third one, yuzu, is commended for its audio and graphics but requires high-end specs.
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This section discusses the importance of emulation for Android devices and introduces the three options for Nintendo Switch emulation on Android.
Emulation has become essential for Android devices to run games from various consoles.
The first emulator discussed was launched for Android and was based on stolen code from a PC emulator.
The main problem with this emulator was that it charged users to play games.
The video discusses three Nintendo Switch emulators for Android and their pros and cons.
The first emulator, GameSir X2, is not recommended due to performance issues and compatibility limitations.
The second emulator, Skyline, had potential but is currently on pause and had compatibility and texture problems.
The third emulator is not mentioned in this section.
The video discusses three Nintendo Switch emulators for Android, including their performance and compatibility.
The majority of games on the emulators are playable, but there are some issues with cinematics and textures.
Skyline is the most optimized and least demanding emulator, allowing users to complete games from start to finish.
Yuzu, the PC version of the emulator, has good compatibility as the same developers are working on the Android project.
Yuzu requires high resources and is only compatible with Android 11 or higher.
The video discusses three emulators for Nintendo Switch on Android and recommends trying Skyline first, followed by egns and YouTube, based on device performance and compatibility.
The first emulator mentioned is not compatible with devices running Android 11 onwards.
Skyline is recommended as the first choice due to good compatibility, with the only issue being textures.
egns is suggested as the second option with better performance but requires watching ads.
YouTube emulator has excellent audio and textures, but its performance and temperature are not optimal.
00:00People talking about the topic of
00:02emulation has become something very
00:03essential for today since
00:06basically the topic of emulation has become super important
00:08for Android devices
00:10since with this we can
00:12run multiple games from multiple
00:15consoles on our
00:16Android devices from the beginning of
00:18time with Nintendo 64 And many
00:21retro consoles as the years went by
00:23were compatible with more more
00:25interesting, more surprising consoles with
00:27multiple functions until today
00:30the most recent and the newest is
00:32Nintendo switch on Android So
00:35precisely today you I come to talk about
00:37this said emulation since to
00:40this day we have three very good options
00:42to play these little games of
00:44the big girl, so practically In
00:47this precise video I am going to show you
00:48those three options, which one
00:50suits you best depending on your range and you are going to
00:52know the most interesting functions
00:53of each of these to give you an
00:55idea of ​​which is the best quote so
00:58far so well people once that is
01:01said Let's start
01:12we will start with the first emulator that
01:14was launched for Android basically we
01:16are talking about
01:34time it
01:35surprised us with each of its
01:37updates but well people
01:39this emulator It was quite interesting
01:40since as time progresses
01:43suddenly some developers managed to
01:44notice that this emulator was running
01:47Thanks to a code stolen from YouTube on
01:49PC they were practically porting the
01:51same emulator for the
01:53Android version and you can say Ok it was
01:56open source Nothing happens a simple but
01:58the main problem was it charged you
02:00to be able to play this emulator
02:02basically quite strange I miss this
02:06event since in order to run this
02:08emulator it requires you to have
02:10a controller called game sir x2 or
02:24to play with the
02:27touch this or it is simply bad
02:29because well it is abusing a code that
02:30is not even yours but well what
02:32can be done people talking about the
02:34performance the performance
02:36is very good anyway because
02:38it is basically based on a code that already
02:39exists So the problem is that there is
02:41going to come a point where the
02:42emulator is going to stagnate in the
02:44compatibility with excess of device it is
02:46simply never going to get there since
02:48currently this emulator abuses a lot of
02:50cell phones with the most
02:51powerful processors to being able to run means
02:54that if you don't have a very good cell phone
02:56with good features, this emulator
02:58is going to give you a lot of problems or it is going to be too
03:00much for your cell phone, causing it to
03:01heat up, so well,
03:03people, I really don't recommend
03:05this emulator much anymore. The other two
03:07options we have are a little
03:09better. Here you have option number 2,
03:12which would be Skyline, this beautiful
03:15emulator that was on a very good path. I
03:17say it was because currently the project
03:20is supposedly on pause right now. We don't
03:22know if they are going to continue it, but This
03:24is the thing, people, basically this
03:26emulator came out some time after gns
03:28started with very bad compatibility,
03:31literally making each
03:33update compatible with each
03:35game individually with many
03:37texture problems, many
03:38compatibility problems and this was nothing more than going
03:41in the wrong direction, many of them
03:43Many had faith in this project,
03:45but as time went by, there
03:46came a point where this emulator
03:48completely took off due to
03:50performance, releasing the Skyline Age
03:53version to contribute to the
03:54developers. Basically, this
03:56emulator was created from scratch with
03:59zero code. the YouTube version Let's
04:01say that your PC, your code, what
04:03would be Skyline, would just grab it
04:05as a reference, so on
04:07Skyline's part, let's see, they saw two three
04:09little things from here and took advantage of that to
04:11make their own code. So let's
04:13go To say that it was a very
04:15clean code it was a perfectly Good code
04:17and it was on a very good path as
04:19time went by the compatibility with
04:21games was quite high the majority
04:23of games were simply playable the
04:25performance was incredible the ability
04:27to run with multiple
04:29devices was Quite good since it was
04:32not limited to just a
04:34snapdragon processor but you could have exynos
04:36mediatek and the emulator
04:38could still work for you with
04:40performance differences. But in any case
04:41it worked quite well, as I
04:43mentioned, this emulator was paused and they
04:45no longer continued it. Currently it has
04:46many problems, for example,
04:48the cinematics do not start, the
04:50textures, most games are
04:52bugged, but in terms of performance,
04:53it is completely playable, that is,
04:56if you have any option, you can say Ok,
04:58my cell phone is 64, if I can try
05:00any of these emulators without a doubt the
05:02most optimized and the least demanding is
05:04Skyline, making many people
05:06have been able to complete games like
05:09this from start to finish in this said emulator and if you do
05:11n't believe me there is the test of Mario 3D
05:13World or simply less
05:14demanding games And finally people
05:16About two months
05:19ago they just officially launched yuzu, the same
05:21PC version on Android,
05:24basically they are like the same
05:26cider developers who transferred their
05:28project to the Android version. This
05:31means that basically the
05:32compatibility is going to be incredibly
05:34good because the The same PC creators
05:36are now working on the
05:38Android project, they started with
05:40quite good compatibility, they started with many
05:43adjustments and extremely
05:45incredible performance to make the first
05:47updates the problem. It is that
05:50this little game from the beginning
05:52already demands too many resources from you making of
05:55this that they require you at least to be able to
05:57run freshly some
05:59a snapdragon 865 onwards that is to say
06:03approximately a Samsung Galaxy s20
06:06onwards with at least 8 gigabytes of
06:09RAM Skyline asks you for 6 because it is the use it
06:12asks you for 8 So This is a
06:13quite serious problem since not all
06:15devices will be able to enjoy
06:17this emulator. In addition, if you have
06:19Android 10 or below, this emulator
06:22is simply not compatible and most
06:25likely it is not because they
06:27were saying that it depends to the
06:29version of Vulcan that version Vulcan
06:311.0 or something like that was not compatible with
06:33this emulator and devices from
06:35Android 11 onwards that have a
06:37specific volcano will be the
06:39only ones that will be able to be compatible
06:40with this emulator, this is quite bad
06:43because this current project, which is the one
06:44that is updating the most at the moment,
06:46is not going to be compatible for all
06:48devices. In addition, I myself
06:50recommend that if you have a better cell phone,
06:52try other options since this
06:54emulator still has a lot to
06:55do. playable so well well guys you
06:57already know these three options here
07:00basically you are going to choose the one you
07:02want the one that is the best option but without a
07:04doubt If I had to choose you in an
07:06order of trying the emulation
07:07depending on your device I would say
07:09start with Skyline and try
07:11mainly the little games depending
07:12on your performance since the only
07:14problem that Skyline presents, as I just
07:16mentioned, basically nothing
07:18else are the textures and nothing else since
07:20the compatibility is quite good,
07:22however in second place I would put egns that on the
07:25outside of everything it has done wrong and
07:27this apart from the fact that you have to watch
07:29ads, the performance whether you like it or not is
07:30a little better than what I use since what I
07:33use right now requires too much
07:35and lastly, as I just
07:37mentioned, it is YouTube. The only advantage we
07:39have about Yusus is that the audio
07:40is incredible, the textures are
07:42perfect and the games simply
07:44work as they should. The
07:46problem is that the performance and
07:48temperature are simply not in line
07:50with the performance that should have
07:52originally been, so well, guys,
07:55I I wanted to upload this video for
07:57quite some time since we are in the
07:59first place.
07:59I would like to re-upload this video from
08:02today in a year to see the noticeable change
08:05that we have received because everything that I
08:07told you about Skyline only happened
08:098 months to begin with. of a very bad
08:11optimization or a
08:12gigantic compatibility of games So I want to see in
08:15a year How the performance of these
08:17emulators goes, who knows, maybe it becomes the
08:19top emulator or capable and Skyline also
08:21revives and has better compatibility, we
08:23have no idea, only the Time
08:25will tell us what happens so well well
08:27guys for my part that would be all I
08:29hope you liked this video and this
08:31little explanation Thank you very much
08:33for all the support that the channel has received
08:34and I invite you to subscribe if you
08:36have not done so so nothing we will see each other
08:38in a next video see you soon and goodbye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the three emulators for Nintendo Switch on Android discussed in the video?

The three emulators discussed in the video are the first emulator, criticized for charging fees and limited compatibility, the second emulator, Skyline, praised for its performance and compatibility, and the third one, yuzu, commended for its audio and graphics but requires high-end specs.

2. What are the pros and cons of the first emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android?

The first emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android is criticized for charging fees and limited compatibility. This could be a drawback for users who are looking for a more accessible and cost-effective solution. However, it might still offer some unique features that are worth exploring further.

3. What makes Skyline emulator stand out among the three emulators for Nintendo Switch on Android?

Skyline emulator stands out among the three emulators for Nintendo Switch on Android due to its performance and compatibility. It has been praised for offering smooth gameplay and wider compatibility, making it an attractive option for users looking for a reliable and efficient emulator.

4. What are the key features of yuzu emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android?

The yuzu emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android is commended for its audio and graphics but requires high-end specs. It stands out for its impressive audio and graphics quality, offering an immersive gaming experience. However, users need to ensure that their device meets the recommended specifications to utilize yuzu effectively.

5. How can users benefit from exploring the options of Nintendo Switch emulators on Android?

Exploring the options of Nintendo Switch emulators on Android allows users to experience Nintendo Switch games on their mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience. It also opens up the possibility of accessing a wider range of games and enjoying enhanced graphics and performance on compatible devices.

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