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The video compares three Ultra low-cost Airlines in the United States: Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit. The comparison includes their ground game, seats, Buy on board program, onboard service, and in-flight entertainment. While pricing is not a factor, Spirit wins the award for the biggest winner in the ground game category.
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This section introduces the plan to try out Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit airlines over three days and compares their pricing and airport choices.
The plan is to fly Allegiant from Punta Gorda to Cincinnati, Frontier from Cincinnati to Denver, and Spirit from Denver to Las Vegas.
Allegiant tends to use smaller airports outside major metropolitan areas.
All three airlines offer basic tickets with additional options for passengers to customize their experience.
Passengers experience a delayed flight with Allegiant, but are provided with drinks as compensation.
The flight is about an hour delayed.
Passengers are given drinks to compensate for the delay.
The cabin has a basic 3-3 configuration with the option to pay for more legroom.
Most of the overhead bins are either filled with a life raft or reserved for crew bags.
The speaker discusses their flight experience with Allegiant Airlines and Frontier Airlines, including the cost of Doritos and the total fare for their flight.
The full menu is available on the Allegiant Airlines app.
They experienced a three-hour delay on their Allegiant Airlines flight.
They paid $275 for two people for their Frontier Airlines flight, including reserved seats and carry-on bags.
They discuss their experience at the airport and paying $20 to check in at the counter for Frontier Airlines.
The Frontier flight had limited amenities and uncomfortable seats, with unfriendly crew behavior reported.
No Wi-fi available on Frontier.
Snacks and drinks on Frontier were expensive.
Limited legroom and shoulder room on Frontier.
Unfriendly crew behavior observed on the Frontier flight.
The narrator experiences a delay with Spirit Airlines due to wind in Las Vegas, praises the ground crew for communication, and boards the plane with unique seating options.
The Spirit flight from Denver to Las Vegas is delayed due to wind, with the narrator suggesting morning flights to avoid delays.
The ground crew in Las Vegas is praised for communicating the delay, contrasting with a previous experience with Allegiant.
Spirit Airlines offers unique "big front seats" in a 2-2 configuration at the front of the plane, while the rest of the plane is in a 3-3 configuration.
The comparison between Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit airlines in terms of ground game, seats, buy on board program, and onboard service.
Allegiant's ground team in Punta Gorda failed to make announcements during a delay, while Spirit's ground handlers made regular updates.
Frontier's Slimline seats caused the most back pain, while Spirit's seats were the biggest winner with one extra inch of legroom.
The buy on board programs were virtually identical among the three airlines, with the winner being an aircraft swap for one of the airlines.
00:00get ready for seats that squeeze no
00:02space for your knees and endless fees
00:05Allegiant Frontier Spirit which is the
00:09best and worst Ultra low-cost airline in
00:11the United States let's find out as we
00:13try all three back to back hello jet
00:16Setters I'm Jeb Brooks from we're about to fly
00:18three of the largest low-cost carriers
00:20in the United States back to back over
00:22the next three days join us as we try
00:24out Allegiant Frontier spirit this is a
00:28low-cost carrier comparison here's the
00:30plan on day one we'll start with
00:32Allegiant in Punta Gorda Florida near
00:33Fort Myers we'll fly north to Cincinnati
00:36on the second day we'll make our way to
00:38Denver with Frontier and we'll wrap up
00:40the adventure on day three with a flight
00:42on Spirit to Las Vegas when it's all
00:45done we'll rate everything and compare
00:47these three Airlines to help you decide
00:49which one's right for you
00:52our first flight is with Allegiant we're
00:54flying from Fort Myers up to Cincinnati
00:57now Allegiant tends to use smaller
00:59airports outside major metropolitan
01:01areas so we're actually flying out of
01:03Punta Gorda which is about 30 minutes
01:04north of town
01:06each of these Airlines approaches
01:07pricing in a similar way sell a dirt
01:10cheap basic ticket and then allow
01:12passengers to pay extra for however
01:14they'd like to tailor their experience
01:15and we booked basically the same thing
01:18each time we paid to pre-select a seat
01:20near the very back ensured we'd carry on
01:22an extra bag and also pay the board
01:25early that was to facilitate filming on
01:28a legion that brought our total cost to
01:30291 dollars for two of us thankfully all
01:33three of these Airlines participate in
01:35the TSA pre-check program and as members
01:37we were through security in no time
01:40it's my first time flying a legion
01:43see how it goes
01:45Allegiant is the only airline serving
01:46Punta Gorda and their passengers
01:48certainly filled the terminal part of
01:50Allegiance business model is to operate
01:52out of some of these smaller airports
01:54where fees tend to be lower and in
01:55theory they pass that along to you for
01:58example there's no jet Bridges here so
01:59they get a Payless when they use Gates
02:01here the junction behind Security offers
02:04Sundries everything you could possibly
02:05want including sandwiches so Suzanne
02:08grabbed a cheeseburger I'm having a
02:09turkey Panini and uh you know so that's
02:11your food option there's also a bar back
02:13here that has really good views of the
02:15Ram uh but we're just hungry at this
02:17point you're gonna get the most bang for
02:19your buck on a low-cost Airline if you
02:21can pack in a personal size item that
02:23can go under the seat that's free
02:24however we're carrying uh carry-on size
02:27bags on this trip this trip is kind of a
02:29week for us so we couldn't fit
02:31everything into a smaller bag so we're
02:33paying up for the carry-on bag
02:34it occurred to me I better check my bag
02:36so this is
02:39easy it's a perfect fit well you know it
02:42the only delay on the board is our
02:43flight to Cincinnati but these things
02:45happen that's why we built padding into
02:47the schedule so we're only taking one of
02:49these flights a day each day for the
02:51next three and that's really one of the
02:53key pieces of advice we can offer when
02:54it comes to booking any travel but
02:56especially with low-cost carriers give
02:58yourself plenty of padding between your
03:01flights and whatever you're flying to
03:02you see most low-cost carriers have
03:05smaller fleets than the major airlines
03:07which means they can't just magically
03:09find another airplane if something goes
03:11wrong add to that the fact that most of
03:13their routes are served once a day if
03:15not less well that's a recipe for
03:17trouble in the event of delays or
03:20in our case it took two and a half hours
03:23between when the delay was posted on the
03:25board and when a gate agent finally made
03:27an announcement about the delay we just
03:29got our first announcement the
03:30airplane's about an hour out of Punta
03:33Gorda and they put out some drinks for
03:36everybody on board to take advantage of
03:37at least it's a full flight so hopefully
03:39that is an incentive for Allegiant to
03:41get it out of here because we've got to
03:43make our way out of Denver tomorrow
03:45there it is I see it
03:56airplanes here ready to go outside the
04:00hard-working ramp workers fought the
04:02Florida heat pushing the ramp up to the
04:05150 or so passengers streamed off making
04:09room for us to join the return flight up
04:11to Cincinnati and boy was it hot out
04:14here another shout out to the ramp
04:15workers again we paid 11.50 each to
04:20board early in order to make filming
04:23now on board you'll find a pretty basic
04:253-3 configured cabin we'll measure the
04:28seats we were in the most common and
04:30basic in the fleet but you can pay extra
04:33for more leg room in the exit rows and
04:34toward the front of the cabin
04:39and boarding
04:40test we settled in
04:42legroom is tight but there was room for
04:45our personal items under the seats
04:51we were glad to afford it early because
04:53most of the overhead bins back here are
04:55either filled with the life raft or a
04:57reserved for crew bags
05:00the tray table seemed a little small but
05:03would seem absolutely luxurious by the
05:05end of this low-cost carrier comparison
05:09Allegiance root Network stretches across
05:12the entire country and their Buy on
05:14board program is fairly robust we'll be
05:16ordering similar snacks and drinks on
05:18all three flights so we can compare them
05:20with prices and the experiences
05:23PSA middle seat gets the armrest that's
05:26true and just like the other two
05:28Airlines we'll be trying there's no
05:30in-flight entertainment
05:32two hours seven minutes 28
05:35000 feet we're expecting a few bumps to
05:37climb up Associated weather do our best
05:39to find a nice smooth cruising out to
05:41for you
05:51it felt good to be in the air about
05:53three hours later than we thought
05:55and still no explanation from anybody
05:58about why
05:59departing Florida on a summertime
06:01afternoon almost always guarantees some
06:04turbulence and our flight was no
06:13it's time for the green grass tape
06:14measure let's check the bench
06:2024 inches in whopping 24 inches and now
06:25let's check the knee room
06:2711 inches
06:30and one more that's the shoulder width
06:33it was 15 inches
06:35as always it's best practice to never
06:38forget your own in-flight entertainment
06:39however be sure to download your content
06:42no Wi-Fi on board here
06:46we'll purchase drinks and snacks on each
06:48leg of this adventure and here on
06:49Allegiant two Gins a can of tonic and
06:52Doritos cost us 23.96
07:01and just in case you're curious here's
07:03the full menu which is available on the
07:05Allegiant Airlines app
07:08now those two hours and seven minutes
07:09pass by relatively quickly and pretty
07:12soon we were on the ground again
07:15this time in the great state of Kentucky
07:19well that was a pretty bumpy three hour
07:22delayed flight but we're here in
07:23Cincinnati that's good news because
07:25tomorrow morning first thing we're
07:27headed out to Denver with Frontier we're
07:29just getting started
07:31another day another Ultra low-cost
07:34Airline let's check out Frontier today
07:35we don't fly Frontier Airlines enough to
07:38justify paying sixty dollars to join
07:40their discount Den Club so the base fare
07:43for our flight was 49 each
07:45but once we added our reserved seats at
07:47the back of the plane and carry-on bags
07:50that included boarding early our total
07:52came out to be just shy of 275 dollars
07:55for the two of us don't miss our behind
07:57the scenes video here at Cincinnati we
08:00went and made an Airport's revealed
08:01highlighting everything behind the
08:03scenes but finish this video before you
08:05watch that one but know what's out there
08:07and we're skipping that line because we
08:08went ahead and paid for these carry-on
08:10bags again same as we did yesterday
08:11trying to keep these experiences as
08:13similar as possible in order to make a
08:15comparison as accurate as possible it's
08:17been a hot second since I've printed out
08:19a boarding pass but it cost twenty
08:21dollars to check out the counter here
08:22for Frontier so you gotta think ahead
08:26what do you think of when you think of
08:27Frontier uh I think of the the animals
08:30on the Tails absolutely I think of that
08:32I think of Denver that's probably their
08:34biggest Hub yes let me fact check that
08:36I'm sure you're right that was my first
08:38Frontier flight was into Denver as well
08:40so excited to go back and it's time to
08:42fuel up for the day the need for
08:44caffeine is real we just finished
08:46breakfast here at Braxton brewing and I
08:48gotta tell you those breakfast tacos
08:49were the best airport breakfast I've
08:51ever had highly recommend this place
08:53next time you're coming through
08:54Cincinnati you gotta check it out that's
08:56a must do
08:57this is a really really good airport
08:59Frontiers Fleet tends to be younger than
09:02Allegiance for example the plane we were
09:04on yesterday was nearly 20 years old we
09:07were originally scheduled to be on a
09:08brand new Neo A320 Neo today to Denver
09:11but we were just swapped to one that's
09:14seven years old
09:15and thankfully I'm good to go with this
09:18bag looks like our airplane Sammy the
09:20squirrel may be in need of a visit to
09:22the paint shop but no time to think
09:24about that now boarding was beginning
09:27and because we paid for that extra
09:29carry-on bag we were able to be among
09:31the first to board
09:34Frontiers Fleet is made up of three
09:36three configured air buses just like
09:39you'll find more legroom if you book the
09:41more expensive seats at the very front
09:42or in the middle of the plane but we
09:44kept making our way back I stopped in
09:47one of the last open bins it turns out
09:49Frontier also blocks some of the bins at
09:51the rear and thanks to that last minute
09:53aircraft swap we've moved from the next
09:55to the last row to the very last one
09:59if you thought yesterday's seats were
10:01Bare Bones these are even more basic the
10:04tray table is even smaller
10:06but we did not have trouble finding
10:08space for our carry-ons and the window
10:10offers a nice view of Sammy
10:13frontier's root map is more extensive
10:15than Allegiance though you can even fly
10:17with a New Mexico and the Caribbean
10:19and here's the menu
10:21but now it's time to hear from our
10:23captain probably a few bumps on the
10:25deceptant to Denver we'll get a little
10:27weather around Missouri we have to go
10:29around but uh we'll probably find you a
10:30good ride today
10:44and as we cross ten thousand feet I
10:46pulled out my iPad
10:49no Wi-fi here on Frontier and also like
10:52a legion plenty of bumps
10:55two Gins a can of tonic and Pringles on
10:58Frontier cost 26.98
11:03tonic at 8 30 in the morning on a flight
11:06but this is for data collection purposes
11:09the last time I came with Frontier there
11:11was an option to leave a tip made with a
11:14credit card this to them she just has
11:16tapped the machine with the card so I'm
11:18not sure if something changed but you
11:20know in the comments are they still
11:21accepting tipping
11:24office like popping champagne whoa
11:27with a snack drinks and iPads the tray
11:29tables were pushed to their limit I
11:31guess my point here is that if you're
11:33looking to try to get work done on a
11:35laptop during your Frontier flight these
11:37seats are probably not for you
11:39I measured the pitch at 24 inches we
11:43found 11 inches of leg room
11:45and they're 14 inches of shoulder room
11:50the laboratories on all three of these
11:52airlines are essentially the same so
11:54here's the one in Frontier
11:58our two hour and 30 minute flight was
12:00soon coming to a close
12:02we began our descent into Denver
12:04where we touch down at the country's
12:06largest airport by land area
12:10well we've made it to Denver actually we
12:12got in early now that's a benefit of
12:14taking an early morning flight which
12:16we're not doing tomorrow with the spirit
12:18that said that flight was uh the longest
12:21one of the trip and I would say that
12:23wasn't the friendliest crew we've ever
12:25experienced in our lives nobody was rude
12:27to us but I saw some unfriendly Behavior
12:30to other passengers which is too bad I
12:32know how difficult that job is but I was
12:34sorry to see that that said again we're
12:36not done yet wish us luck as we head out
12:39with Spirit tomorrow
12:42Spirit Airlines Savers club didn't make
12:44sense for the same reason that
12:45frontier's competitive offering didn't
12:47make sense yesterday so our base fare
12:49was just over 95 dollars for the two of
12:51us we added our carry-on bags and paid
12:55to select our seats again and that
12:56brought our total to just over 250
13:00after we bought our tickets I decided to
13:01add Wi-Fi I got one voucher for the
13:04browsing speed and another for streaming
13:06to compare them for you security here at
13:08Denver was so brutal we didn't have time
13:10to stop by the ticket counter now the
13:12good news about that is we had no need
13:13to you see we paid for our carry-on bags
13:16and we checked it online so thankfully
13:18we were able to come straight to the
13:19gate speaking of let's go uh check on it
13:21see if the flight's on time our plane is
13:23not here yet it's actually coming in
13:24from Las Vegas as we speak but we're
13:26looking on time so far hopefully that
13:28holds which thankfully is something I
13:30can also say for the carry-on bag Sizer
13:33for Spirit Airlines
13:35well it's time for spirit so we save the
13:37best for last or is it going to be a big
13:42time will tell we should be boarding up
13:44here pretty soon some of you may be
13:46wondering why we didn't include
13:47Southwest in this low-cost carrier
13:49comparison well that's because we think
13:50that Southwest Jet flew and Breeze might
13:53be a better match for each other let us
13:55know in the comments if you should make
13:57another comparison of those three
13:59after a quick bite we caught a glimpse
14:02of our inbound aircraft
14:06when we flew this route in August of
14:082023 Las Vegas is the only city Spirit
14:11served from Denver
14:13Spirits ground handlers here in Denver
14:15got to work offloading this Airbus A320
14:19however just like that found out our
14:21Spirit flight is delayed there's wind in
14:23Las Vegas and so that's caused a little
14:26bit of a delay here we hope it's only a
14:28half an hour but we'll find out yeah
14:30there's one thing you can take away and
14:31we could take away from this experience
14:32it's you know no matter what airline
14:34you're flying you're flying first class
14:36you're flying to make habits fly in the
14:37morning that's probably the best bet to
14:39avoid delays most definitely the
14:41airlines really want to start the days
14:43off right and uh as I've always said
14:45weather weather is the great equalizer
14:48by the way quick uh shout out to the
14:51ground crew here in Las Vegas at Spirit
14:53they did a nice job of telling us
14:55exactly why the delay can't say the same
14:57for uh Allegiant the other day went to
15:00Florida it's really great when Airlines
15:02go out of their way to communicate more
15:04information is always better for
15:06passengers than a better informed
15:07passenger is less likely to be well
15:09upset so shout out to these guys and
15:12after only about 30 minutes we're ready
15:14to board up so it's time to get on this
15:16bird we paid 7.99 to board with Zone one
15:21unlike the first two airlines Spirit
15:23offers a unique configuration for their
15:25planes at the front you'll find the
15:27so-called big front seats they're
15:29arranged in a 2-2 configuration they're
15:32extremely comfortable although like all
15:34of the seats on all of these Airlines
15:35they do not recline the rest of the
15:38plane of course is arranged in a 3-3
15:42Spirit does seem to have more overhead
15:44bin space toward the back of the
15:46airplanes than the other airlines
15:49we had no problem with our personal
15:51items fitting under the seats
15:57Spirits Buy on board program looked
15:59pretty similar to the others but their
16:01root network is definitely more
16:02extensive you can fly all the way to
16:04South America with them
16:06a little bit of a behind schedule today
16:08they were had some delays this morning
16:10in Vegas when we left there and now
16:12there's more delays going back so bear
16:13with us we're trying to get a time for
16:15departure here to take off work with air
16:17traffic control once you're born though
16:19one hour's 54 minutes it's a little bit
16:20longer like this afternoon a lot of
16:22weather around Las Vegas so they have us
16:24going on a different meeting today
16:38thank you
16:41once we were above 10 000 feet I
16:44unfolded the tray table and opened up my
16:46iPad unlike our previous flights we were
16:49also able to check out the onboard Wi-Fi
16:51again we got a voucher for the slower
16:54and the faster speeds to test them both
16:56and you know what they're essentially
16:58the same so just get the cheaper one
17:04unfortunately Suzanne's tray table had
17:06some residual residue from a previous
17:09passenger and that's too bad
17:11however that didn't stop us from
17:13checking out the menu again this is on
17:16the app
17:17once more we ordered two Gins a can of
17:20tonic and this time a massive bag of
17:24all of that for 25.50
17:32now how about these seats well neat room
17:35came in at 12 inches
17:37we measured the pitch at 24. and the
17:40shoulder room was 15 inches
17:43although it won't weigh into our
17:45comparison metrics this flight turned
17:47out to be one of the most visually
17:49amazing in the last year or so
17:56thankfully those wins that delayed us
17:59earlier picked up again in Las Vegas and
18:01that meant we had to hold before we
18:03could land
18:04but that wasn't too bad in our book
18:06because the desert Southwest is in
18:17but before too long we've begun our
18:19descent into Las Vegas
18:28well that's spirit in the bag now
18:30weather delay can affect anybody so we
18:31won't fault him for that but now it's
18:33time to compare these experiences and
18:34we'll do that by comparing each
18:36airline's ground game seats Buy on board
18:39program onboard service and in-flight
18:43pricing is really a non-factor since all
18:46three flights were essentially exactly
18:48the same
18:50first The Biggest Loser in the ground
18:52game category is Allegiant if only the
18:55ground team in Punta Gorda had made some
18:57kind of announcement at one point I
19:00approached a supervisor during the delay
19:02and asked for an update personally she
19:04said she didn't even know it was delayed
19:05but that the gate agent working the
19:06flight would make announcements every 30
19:08minutes or so we hadn't heard one and it
19:11took two and a half hours to get an
19:12update the biggest winner award goes to
19:15Spirit whose contract ground handlers
19:17made Regular updates during the mere
19:1930-minute delay we encountered plus the
19:21pilots updated us throughout the flight
19:23as we had to hold because of wind
19:26when it comes to seats well they were
19:28all pretty much the same that said
19:30Frontier is The Biggest Loser their
19:32Slimline causes the most back pain
19:34the biggest winner let's Spirit thanks
19:37to that one extra inch of neru their
19:39seat aloud
19:41just like the seats the Buy on board
19:42program is virtually identical among
19:44these three but I guess the winner was
19:46Allegiant because their price was the
19:48cheapest beating Spirit by one dollar
19:50and 54 cents The Biggest Loser in terms
19:53of service well that's Frontier their
19:56crew were downright rude to several
19:58passengers who were clearly confused by
20:00last minute changes their seats because
20:02that aircraft swap
20:04the winners though were Allegiant who
20:06despite the delay all had great
20:09finally the clear winner in in-flight
20:12entertainment category was Spirit thanks
20:14to the existence of Wi-Fi Allegiant and
20:16Frontier tie here since neither offers
20:19anything no matter who you're flying
20:21always bring your own Ife
20:23but the winner of the low-cost carrier
20:26Spirit Airlines
20:28but the real winners well it's us I
20:31still can't believe that worked out now
20:32be honest if you think you'd be here
20:34right now if you think you're gonna make
20:35it no I thought there was like very
20:38little chance we were going to pull this
20:39off but the schedules worked and we were
20:42able to make it only a couple of delays
20:43along the way but we did it between now
20:46and the next time see you in the sky
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which are the top ultra low-cost airlines in the United States compared in the video?

The video compares three Ultra low-cost Airlines in the United States: Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit.

2. What categories are included in the comparison of ultra low-cost airlines?

The comparison includes their ground game, seats, Buy on board program, onboard service, and in-flight entertainment.

3. Who wins the award for the biggest winner in the ground game category among the three airlines?

Spirit wins the award for the biggest winner in the ground game category.

4. How do Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit differ in terms of pricing?

While pricing is not a factor in the comparison, the video provides insights into the other key aspects of these airlines.

5. What makes Spirit the biggest winner in the ground game category?

The video highlights the specific features and aspects that led to Spirit winning the ground game category, providing valuable insights for viewers.

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