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The video is a tutorial on using Dex Screener to chart altcoins and utilize on-chain trading data, covering its top five features including charting, watch lists, setting price alerts, wallet diving, and multi-charts. It demonstrates how to utilize these features to gain an edge in the market and categorize favorite coins for monitoring and trading.
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This section is about the top 5 features of Dex Screener tool and how to use them.
Dex Screener collects data for any on-chain trading from any decentralized exchange.
It shows charts for any altcoin using TradingView.
It aggregates data onto their platform from any other decentralized exchange.
It provides information such as coin price, liquidity, and fully diluted valuation of the token.
The video shows the interface of a DEX screener and how to chart different metrics using line charts and candle charts.
The interface displays transaction data, including the number of transactions and total volume.
The screener also provides information about the pair, contract address, and social media channels.
The presenter explains how to use line charts to reduce noise and then switch to weekly or daily charts for a more detailed analysis.
They demonstrate how to identify areas of resistance and potential price targets.
This section explains how to create and use a watch list on the DEX screener platform.
Watch lists are used to categorize favorite coins within a specific niche of the market.
Creating a watch list allows users to monitor the price history and track specific coins.
Coins can be added to the watch list by clicking on the "Add to watch list" button.
The watch list can be customized by rearranging the order of the coins.
The tutorial highlights two features: setting price alerts and using the wallet diving feature.
The set price alerts feature allows users to set alerts for specific token prices.
The wallet diving feature provides transaction history for specific tokens, allowing users to track larger accounts and their activities.
The video section explains the usefulness of diving into wallets to analyze transactions and the feature of multi-charts in Dexscreener.
Diving into wallets can provide insights into big movers and shakers in a nascent market sector.
Multi-charts feature allows users to view up to 16 charts in one place, helping with analyzing trending narratives and making trading decisions.
Analyzing wallets can help identify coins that are about to pop off and make informed trading decisions.
Multi-charts feature enables a holistic view of multiple tokens in one place, aiding in drawing conclusions for trading strategies.
00:00so welcome back to the channel in
00:01today's video I'm going to show you how
00:03to use Dex screener this is essentially
00:05a tool I use every single day to chart
00:08my favorite altcoins some of which are
00:11very small by market cap and this
00:13actually collects all the data for any
00:15on-chain trading so very useful to do
00:17I'm going to run through the top five
00:19features on here and show you how to
00:21utilize them for yourself
00:26so we're going to start off we're on the
00:27website here and as you
00:30can see this is showing you a nice chart
00:32here of Matic to usdc Via uniswap so the
00:36good thing about this is the fact it
00:39actually pulls in any data from any
00:40decks So uniswap Sushi swap maybe it's
00:43pancake swap or even smaller ones on
00:46many random chains you can see from the
00:48left hand side all the different chains
00:49down here you've got the main ones bsce
00:52polygon arbitrim Etc but then there's
00:54some lesser known ones down here velas
00:56the kucoin chain and even more obscure
00:59ones further down this list this just
01:02gives you a bit of an overview of the
01:03various features on here there's gainers
01:05and losers there's some new pairs some
01:07Trends some of the hot coins right about
01:09now I'm going to run through the top
01:11five features though and the first one
01:13is just basically the charting area you
01:15can see in the main in front of you so
01:17this first feature is just utilizing
01:19trading view chart but for any altcoin
01:21so I'll actually just switch this up and
01:23find you a random one that you wouldn't
01:24find on the likes of trading view main
01:27hence deck screener comes in and
01:29Aggregates all the data onto their
01:31platform from any other decentralized
01:33exchange this one is we go swap over
01:35from Phantom and on the right hand side
01:37you can see a load of information the
01:39coin price in dollars the price of it in
01:42Phantom its native chain the liquidity
01:44for this token on this various exchange
01:46which is its own we go swap the fully
01:49diluted valuation of the token and the
01:51market cap currently of the circulating
01:53Supply but you may wish to double check
01:55this information as sometimes it is
01:56incorrect you've also got the
01:58transactions today 513 have taken place
02:01over 24 hours you can change this to
02:04these various different metrics maybe in
02:05the last hour but over the last day 500
02:08transactions in total volume of 73 000
02:11220 buys but 293 cells hence it's down a
02:15little bit and you can see the makers
02:16and the takers and you can see and you
02:19can see how many buyers and sellers
02:20there have been in totality then further
02:22down we have some more information the
02:24pair info the Wego contract address here
02:27and if you scroll down you've also got
02:29trade on we go swap search for it on
02:31Twitter and the website is just down
02:33here along with some social media
02:35channels just below my face so this
02:37overall is the main interface we also
02:39have the Dex trades down here as well I
02:41just want to quickly show you how I
02:43actually chart these things I would
02:45always start off on a line chart as it
02:47gives you less noise noise in terms of
02:49when you have candle charts you get all
02:51these Wicks to the upside to the
02:53downside sometimes depending on what the
02:55coin is some of them have horrendous
02:56Wicks and it just means more noise on
02:58the chart I would then put it up to a
03:00weekly get this a little bit tidier and
03:02as you can see this doesn't have a long
03:04history for this coin sticker on log and
03:06auto and then you can see the nice
03:07breakdowns here so this was a previous
03:10area of resistance on a couple of
03:12occasions you can see we've kind of
03:14pinged off it recently as well but as
03:16there is not too much data I'll have to
03:18go down to the Daily here as well I'll
03:19chart that bit in so that previous
03:21resistance I'll then do it daily again
03:23control and then I'm just going to
03:24scroll out my mouse there was a they'll
03:26stop off on the way down a bit of a
03:28breakdown in price action there maybe
03:29there's another one just further above
03:31horizontal Ray around that area and so
03:34I've got a few price targets and a few
03:36areas this could come and visit in the
03:38future so essentially what I do from
03:39this is just map out the supports and
03:41the resistances on the chart and then
03:43try to make a training plan as to how I
03:45would trade between these various levels
03:47now the second feature on here I really
03:49like is the watch lists over here in
03:51order to utilize this you will need to
03:53log into a wallet you don't have to have
03:54any funds on here whatsoever just sign
03:57in with a metamask account and then you
03:59can utilize this as your own and really
04:01personalize things so on the watch list
04:03you can see all my different watch lists
04:05here and we're going to focus on
04:06arbitrum so these are the arbitrum coins
04:08that I have currently on my watch list
04:10we will click into magic here and here
04:12we have the price history of the magic
04:14token so you might be asking how do you
04:16create these watch lists and why would I
04:19create a watch list well you create a
04:20watch list to categorize your favorite
04:22coins within a specific niche of the
04:24market so for example I've creating an
04:26arbitrine watch list here because I want
04:28to monitor the arbitrum coins when money
04:31flows into arbitrim I can see it on the
04:33charts by flicking through these and it
04:35means I'm doing some prep work ready for
04:37the arbitrum season which it currently
04:39kind of is an arbitrary season so if
04:41you've done my leg work in the
04:42background you've got your watch list
04:43ready your favorite altcoins in this
04:45category you're going to be good to go
04:47in terms of trading them when the time
04:48is right so let's add a coin to the
04:51arbitrum list here I know gains Network
04:52recently joined up on arbitrim and you
04:55can see here this is the arbitrome logo
04:57so this is the gains Network trading on
05:01an arbitrum based decks we're going to
05:02click into this as you can see this is
05:04the arbitrome uniswap pair and on the
05:07right hand side we have add to watch
05:08list and then we'll click arbitrum so
05:11that will now populate on my arbitrim
05:12watch list if I just pull this up you
05:14can see GMX PSI slizz Arc magic Dice and
05:18now gains at the bottom and then this
05:20tab over here I can pull it up and then
05:22pull it wherever I want it in the list
05:23typically I'd like to have the highest
05:25market caps and the lower market caps
05:27further down the list so here we have
05:28the full training history of gains on
05:30the arbitrum L2 and as you can see I
05:33have one two three four five six seven
05:35coins in here these are ones that I've
05:37done some fundamental analysis on the
05:39ones I like and then what I can do from
05:40here is obviously just go through these
05:42different charts see which ones look
05:44like they're quite hot see which ones
05:45are maybe topping out see which ones are
05:48in areas of a support or a resistance in
05:50terms of how I've charted them out
05:52previously and just take things from
05:53there crypto runs in these narratives
05:56and these Cycles so you have to have
05:57these lists ready to go in order to
06:00capitalize on these rotation plays the
06:02third thing I like on here is the set
06:04price alerts feature this is where you
06:06can simply as it says set price alerts
06:09so for example on this token which is
06:11Dice maybe I'll set a price alert for
06:134.75 and I'll create the alert on there
06:16this will then give me a bit of a ping
06:18once this is actually hit and this would
06:21be if I pull this down you can see the
06:23alerts are set up here these are all my
06:25price alerts currently active and what
06:27I've done there with that is because 475
06:29is the previous all-time height of dice
06:31if it breaks above that area now I know
06:34it's going into price Discovery yet
06:36again and it may be a good opportunity
06:37for me to go along on that token you
06:39would obviously be able to do this for
06:41both supports and resistances maybe come
06:43down to here 2.27 or 2.50 if it has a
06:47nasty retrace all the way down here I
06:49might be interested in buying some down
06:51here if I'm still bullish on this token
06:53over a longer term and you can also see
06:55there is a managed price alerts you
06:57could obviously come in and now delete
06:58that and then reset a new one or just
07:01create another alert so maybe at 2.75 to
07:04give me an alert if price does break
07:06down to that point now feature number
07:08four is the wallet diving feature so
07:11this is here this has all the decks
07:13transactions when you're trading on
07:15chain of course the blockchain is
07:17creating a timestamp of everything
07:18that's going on so what I like to do is
07:20wallet dive here and find out what some
07:22of the bigger accounts are doing so for
07:23example this token here is PSIs Trident
07:26a game based on arbitrim so in the
07:29minimum trade volume I've put in five
07:31grand here so people with slightly
07:33bigger accounts I can then pull up all
07:35the transaction history from most recent
07:37scrolling down will be older
07:39transactions so let's have a little look
07:40for example this guy here has bought 34
07:44K's worth of this token so in the maker
07:46column you can see the actual person
07:48who's created this transaction so for
07:51example someone is traded with 34k I
07:54might be very much interested in
07:55pressing this button here to see his
07:57wallet and then going in erc20 token
08:00transactions and seeing what he's been
08:01doing he's been buying some Trident and
08:03then he sold all of his bags in three
08:05transactions over the last hour this
08:08might be useful information to me or I
08:10can just dive into his wallet here and
08:12see what other coins he's got he hasn't
08:14got anything in this one but I have
08:15found in previous occasions some of the
08:18wallets especially in the arbitrary
08:19mucosystem because it's a new ecosystem
08:21that the whales do get ahead of schedule
08:23in terms of picking things up before
08:25before they really pop off so this is
08:28where you'd want to be diving through
08:29the chain looking at these wallets and
08:31seeing what the big movers and shakers
08:33in a more nascent Market sector are
08:35doing so that's four features covered
08:37and so the last feature here feature
08:38number five is multi-charts so
08:40multi-charts allows you to put together
08:42up to 16 charts all in one place I
08:45wouldn't suggest doing that many in one
08:47go this would be very hard to see things
08:48but here we can see just simply three
08:51charts on screen these are all lsds
08:53liquid staking derivatives rocket pool
08:56Lido and Frack so they're in a similar
08:58Market category and this just gives me a
09:01bit of an opportunity if I may be in one
09:02of these bags say I own a load of Rocket
09:05pool now and I'm looking across these
09:06other participants in this area like
09:08rocket Porsche has taken off Lido's just
09:10taken off but frax looks like it's just
09:12been consolidating here shouldn't they
09:14all move in tandem well maybe what I
09:16would do is trim this position here and
09:18allocate a little bit more into fracs as
09:20I would expect frax do have a bit of a
09:22catch-up play here to its Rivals Lido
09:25and Rock pocket pool so this is rather
09:27straightforward but what you can do here
09:29is obviously look at trending narratives
09:31in the markets whether it's the lsds
09:33whether it's your arbitrum tokens and
09:35then just have a holistic view of a load
09:38of them in just one simple place and
09:40from there drawing your own conclusions
09:41as to how you want to trade those so I
09:44hope you found this introduction to deck
09:46screener helpful those are just five
09:48features I use on a day-to-day basis to
09:51get myself a bit of an edge in this
09:52market if you enjoyed this one make sure
09:54you subscribe to the channel drop me a
09:56comment down below and also share the
09:58video with others if it really did help
09:59you out I'll see you guys in the next
10:01one peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the tutorial video about?

The tutorial video is about using Dex Screener to chart altcoins and utilize on-chain trading data, covering its top five features including charting, watch lists, setting price alerts, wallet diving, and multi-charts. It demonstrates how to utilize these features to gain an edge in the market and categorize favorite coins for monitoring and trading.

2. How can Dex Screener help in gaining an edge in the market?

Dex Screener can help in gaining an edge in the market by providing features such as charting, watch lists, setting price alerts, wallet diving, and multi-charts. These features enable users to analyze altcoins and utilize on-chain trading data effectively, thereby gaining insights and advantages in the market.

3. What are the top five features of Dex Screener demonstrated in the video?

The video demonstrates the top five features of Dex Screener, including charting, watch lists, setting price alerts, wallet diving, and multi-charts. These features showcase the tool's functionality in analyzing altcoins and utilizing on-chain trading data for gaining a competitive edge in the market.

4. How can Dex Screener be utilized for categorizing favorite coins?

Dex Screener can be utilized for categorizing favorite coins by enabling users to create watch lists and utilize multi-charts to monitor and categorize their preferred altcoins. This categorization helps in efficient monitoring and trading of favorite coins in the market.

5. Why is on-chain trading data important, and how is it utilized in the video?

On-chain trading data is important as it provides valuable insights into the transaction activities and trends of altcoins. In the video, on-chain trading data is utilized through Dex Screener's features to analyze and gain insights into the market, enabling users to make informed trading decisions and stay updated on the trends.

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