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The video discusses the top five sexual fantasies of women, including being dominated, having a threesome, engaging in public sexual encounters, having sex with strangers, and mixing pain with pleasure. Women often feel shame or embarrassment about their fantasies, but open communication and acceptance can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience.
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The speaker discusses the top sexual fantasy of women, which is being dominated.
Many women fantasize about being dominated sexually.
BDSM is alluring because it allows one partner to relinquish control.
Fantasies involving power plays may speak to the desire of relinquishing control.
Women commonly fantasize about having threesomes, public sexual encounters, and being the center of attention.
89% of Americans surveyed admitted to fantasizing about having a threesome.
Around 57% of women fantasize about having sex with more than three people at a time.
57% of women also fantasize about having sex in a public place, with a sense of liberation and empowerment.
Women commonly fantasize about having sex with strangers, acquaintances, and mixing pain with pleasure.
Nearly 50% of women reported fantasizing about having sex with an unknown person.
66% of women fantasize about having sex with acquaintances, such as a friend's husband or a neighbor.
65% of women fantasize about receiving pain, such as spanking or biting, as it can enhance pleasure and bring them into the present moment.
Women's sexual fantasies include elements of foreplay like spanking, biting, and dripping wax, often involving control and relinquishing control.
Many women may feel shame or struggle to talk about their sexual fantasies due to societal expectations and religious upbringing.
Open communication about sexual fantasies can lead to increased sexual satisfaction and stronger relationships.
Encouragement to have open conversations about sexual fantasies without judgment or shame.
00:00well YouTube family I am back recovering
00:03from the the Roni Rona so I sound a
00:06little stuffy
00:07so I had a lot of time to do some
00:09research and I want to talk about the
00:13five biggest sexual fantasies that women
00:15have but we rarely speak about because a
00:18lot of times women are afraid of sharing
00:20their fantasies for the year of being
00:22judged a lot of men interpret this as
00:25women just don't know what they want but
00:27actually that is not really true a lot
00:30of times we're often just embarrassed or
00:32we feel shame for sharing our deepest
00:34darkest fantasies but that's why 50
00:36Shades of Gray blew it out of the park
00:38with Revenue it was like someone reached
00:41into a woman's most inner dark secrets
00:44and exposed it for all the world to see
00:46so after looking over a lot of Articles
00:49and research and asking friends these
00:52were the top fantasies that women want
00:54the most in the bedroom so obviously
00:56this list is not inclusive or exclusive
00:59but it's a glimpse into the most common
01:01ones and maybe this will help open up
01:03the conversation with you and your
01:04spouse or just for you to know in the
01:07back of your head where most women stand
01:09in regards to their preferences and
01:12their fantasies all right so the first
01:14one that kept coming up over and over
01:16again was being dominated nearly 65 of
01:21women fantasized about being dominated
01:23sexually according to a survey of more
01:26than a thousand women that was published
01:28in the Journal of sexual medicine BDSM
01:31is alluring it's a community because one
01:35partner relinquishes all sense of
01:37control right they're submissive to the
01:39person that is kind of touching them and
01:41controlling them but subconsciously they
01:44give themselves permission so she feels
01:46like she doesn't really have to hold
01:48back you'll see a lot of Powerhouse
01:51women talk about this as well but a lot
01:53of times we talk about it with each
01:54other it doesn't actually imply that we
01:57are weak or that you know your partner
01:59is superior to you fantasies involving
02:03power plays may actually speak to the
02:05desire of relinquishing control because
02:08it's the opposite of what typically a
02:09woman has to be in today's society baby
02:12it's going against societal norms and
02:14going against the normal roles that most
02:17women play
02:18and that's why
02:20it's called fantasy okay so the next one
02:22is having a threesome or bringing
02:25another woman into the bedroom
02:2889 of 4 000 Americans surveyed by social
02:31psychologist Justin Miller for his book
02:35said that they admitted fantasizing
02:37about having a threesome with other
02:39people fantasies of being kind of the
02:42center of attention and desired by large
02:44groups of people maybe about
02:46a longing to be seen and valued as a
02:50person of Worth or importance or part of
02:53something much larger than the
02:55individual self
02:56this could be why around 57 percent of
02:59women actually fantasize about having
03:01sex with more than three people at a
03:03time again this is according to the
03:05Journal of sexual medicine
03:07this is really more about laying back
03:09and being completely taken care of and
03:11or adored by other people
03:15all right so number three is public
03:17sexual encounters
03:19so I'll tell you a little bit of
03:21personal story I think that my brother
03:22won't get too mad because I've told it
03:25other times but he was dating a friend
03:27of mine and we were all roommates and I
03:30was in the big master bedroom because I
03:31was paying the most
03:33so he decided to copulate with his
03:35girlfriend at the time in my bed and I
03:38found about it with my detective ways
03:40when I was out of town and well I
03:44confronted him and he proceeded to tell
03:45me that it was the thrill of getting
03:47caught that made it so hot of course
03:50he's my brother so I forgave him not
03:53sure I ever forgave his ex-wife but
03:55nonetheless the thrill of getting caught
03:58can make sex seem that much hotter 57 of
04:02women fantasize about taking things even
04:04further by having sex in a public place
04:06according to the research that I found
04:08again in the Journal of sexual medicine
04:10there's a sense of Liberation and
04:13empowerment and fantasizing about having
04:16an audience and the idea that you could
04:18excite others or could potentially get
04:22caught and then there's the whole other
04:24fantasy that could kick in about other
04:27people joining in or what would happen
04:29if you got caught I mean they make porno
04:32stories about this stuff so remember
04:34fantasies permit people to engage in
04:37imaginary scenarios without real world
04:40complications or Consequences like
04:43jealousy hurt feelings offending others
04:45or even risking getting arrested alright
04:49so the next one is having sex with total
04:54nearly 50 of women reported that they
04:56fantasized about having sex with an
04:59unknown person a lot of This research
05:01was taken from the Journal of sexual
05:03medicine just so that you guys can
05:04reference and what they say to is that
05:06the more impersonal nature of a stranger
05:09fantasy may also indicate that you're
05:11trying to detach from yourself from
05:14something that has nothing to do with
05:16your relationship or the caretaking that
05:18comes from being in a relationship
05:21oftentimes sex with a stranger is about
05:23what the person represents rather than
05:26who they are so women might fantasize
05:28about having sex with the president the
05:31most powerful man in the world that just
05:33says something about her that she's you
05:36know hot and can pull a powerful
05:40I know that men often sometimes
05:42fantasize about having sex with
05:43supermodels as well again these are all
05:46things that we do that can potentially
05:48be normal and natural we have to remove
05:51the shame from it another thing that I
05:53was reading about was that actually this
05:54kind of goes hand in hand
05:57um with this concept but 66 of women
05:59fantasized about having sex with
06:01acquaintances like your friend's husband
06:04or a smoking hot neighbor fantasizing
06:06about someone you know happens because
06:08they typically regularly show up in your
06:11life and it's about novelty and mystery
06:13and curiosity and Imagination which are
06:15all harm Hallmarks that lead to really
06:19intense desire
06:21and lastly a woman will fantasize about
06:23mixing pain with pleasure again all the
06:25way back to 50 Shades of Gray 65 of
06:28women fantasize about receiving pain
06:30whether in the form of spanking biting
06:32dripping hot wax once again that like s
06:35m culture is all about relinquishing
06:37control it's a way that people forget
06:39about themselves and pain brings you
06:41into the physical body and into the
06:44present moment also it's like you know
06:46physiologically pain wakes up the body
06:49making it more sensitive to pleasure so
06:53spanking and biting and dripping wax is
06:55all elements of foreplay which builds
06:57that anticipation to even higher levels
06:59than a regular like Main Event again a
07:02lot of this is about control and
07:03relinquishing control
07:05so I just I want to be really honest
07:07with you all because I feel as though I
07:08am the conduit or a woman that can be
07:11the voice for many women and there are
07:13women that really aren't truly able to
07:15talk about this because there's a lot of
07:17shame or they grew up in a very
07:19religious family and you know they
07:22didn't grow up around boys they didn't
07:24they don't know how to talk about these
07:25things without men like judging them so
07:28I just really encourage you to have
07:30these conversations because women right
07:33like we are told to be good girls and to
07:37have this Persona that if she's a classy
07:39lady right she wants to have that outer
07:42appearance of her being saintly with the
07:45sundress and you know she's not showing
07:47a lot of skin and that's very
07:48respectable and I oftentimes promote
07:51that type of woman on my channel but the
07:54caveat that when the bedroom door closes
07:57there is something that a woman wants
07:59and very few men can really bring it out
08:01so my challenge to you is to help her
08:03bring that out if you do you
08:06a lot of times that woman is not going
08:08anywhere so just even talking about your
08:10fantasies can be enough to elicit
08:12foreplay which leads to hot sex I'm just
08:15all about being very open and
08:17talking through these things and not
08:19taking it personally fantasies when
08:21engaged appropriately can be a whole
08:23level of sexual satisfaction that you've
08:26never had before and
08:28I just think you need to be open and of
08:32course the research is the research
08:34there's many other fantasies that women
08:36have but I wanted to provide the top
08:38ones but I think that there's there's a
08:40lot of room for conversation here so be
08:43open with it be open with your partner
08:46talk about this without any shame have
08:48it be curious and I really do believe
08:52that women women can have it all we can
08:55be modest we can be respectable we can
08:59even love Jesus and God but we can also
09:03want to be a freak in the bedroom so
09:04that's just my personal opinion take it
09:07for what it's worth and I'll see in the
09:09next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top five sexual fantasies of women?

The top five sexual fantasies of women include being dominated, having a threesome, engaging in public sexual encounters, having sex with strangers, and mixing pain with pleasure.

2. Why do women often feel shame or embarrassment about their sexual fantasies?

Women often feel shame or embarrassment about their sexual fantasies due to societal stigmas and lack of open communication. It is important to create a safe and accepting environment to openly discuss and explore fantasies without judgment.

3. How can open communication about sexual fantasies lead to a more satisfying sexual experience for women?

Open communication about sexual fantasies can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience for women by promoting understanding, trust, and intimacy with their partners. It allows for exploration and fulfillment of desires in a consensual and respectful manner.

4. What are the benefits of accepting and embracing women's sexual fantasies?

Accepting and embracing women's sexual fantasies can lead to improved sexual satisfaction, deeper emotional connections, and a stronger sense of intimacy. It can also lead to increased sexual confidence and empowerment.

5. How can partners support each other in exploring sexual fantasies?

Partners can support each other in exploring sexual fantasies by creating a non-judgmental space for open communication, respecting boundaries, and prioritizing consent and mutual pleasure. It is important to prioritize emotional connection and intimacy while exploring fantasies together.

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