💫 Summary
The video compares and analyzes the top five Minecraft launchers - Mojang, Curseforge, MultiMC, GDLauncher, and ATLauncher. Each launcher has its own unique features and benefits, catering to different user needs. The video emphasizes the stability and trustworthiness of these launchers, urging users to avoid cracked versions.
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The video compares the top five Minecraft launchers, including Mojang, Curseforge, MultiMC, GDLauncher, and ATLauncher.
Mojang launcher is good for playing vanilla versions of Minecraft but not ideal for modded versions.
Curseforge launcher (formerly Twitch launcher) is integrated into the Mojang ecosystem and supports Dungeons.
MultiMC, developed by a Mojang developer, is stable and trustworthy.
GDLauncher is a powerful launcher despite being the youngest of the group.
ATLauncher has been around for a long time and is stable and trustworthy.
The Minecraft launcher can be confusing when it comes to installing mods and optifine.
Optifine creates its own profile in the Minecraft folder but doesn't run as a mod.
The launcher is good for playing snapshots and the latest releases.
It's recommended to separate game directories to avoid confusion with saves and mods.
Keeping profiles separate in a separate game directory is a good practice.
The launcher supports mods from Curseforge, allows for browsing and updating mod packs within the launcher, and has the ability to create custom profiles.
It can import zip files or export/import custom profiles.
The launcher does not natively support Fabric but can load Fabric mod packs using a mod called Jump Loader.
It is advantageous for creating mod packs tied to Curseforge and allows for sharing them with others.
The launcher uses the embedded Mojang launcher and requires logging in with a Mojang or Microsoft account.
MultiMC is a portable launcher available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, with the ability to run multiple versions and profiles.
It does not put anything in your system start menus.
The developer of MultiMC also works at Mojang on the official launcher, making it stable and powerful.
It has early features that are being developed for the official launcher.
To access the full range of features, users need to be in the development version.
GD Launcher is a powerful launcher that supports modding old versions of Minecraft and has a small memory usage.
It allows you to easily mod old versions of Minecraft by adding mods directly to the Minecraft jar.
GD Launcher doesn't support Microsoft accounts yet, but it uses regular Mojang accounts.
MultiMC is a powerful launcher that supports multiple versions and has a small memory usage.
MultiMC instance takes up 4.7 MB on disk and 15.4 MB of memory in the task manager.
GD Launcher is a new launcher available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, with a full feature set for each platform.
The video discusses different Minecraft launchers, including Curseforge, GDLauncher, and ATLauncher.
Curseforge and GDLauncher are Electron apps that run a Chrome-type web browser inside.
GDLauncher is 99.4 megabytes on disk and 41 megabytes when running.
GDLauncher supports exporting profiles to the Curseforge format and allows for uploading packs to the Curseforge website.
ATLauncher is a portable launcher that contains everything within its folder and supports running server packs.
The section provides information about the size and memory usage of different Minecraft launchers, as well as their features and purposes.
The launcher being discussed has a size of 13.5 MB on disk.
Its memory usage is 539.6 MB.
Different launchers have their own unique features and purposes.
Curseforge is used for creating and testing packs, while MultiMC is used for playing multiple versions of packs and organizing them.
00:10hey hey everybody it's scott motto back
00:12for another minecraft video hope
00:13everybody's having a great day guys i'm
00:15having a great day in this video we're
00:17going to compare
00:19the top five launchers for minecraft and
00:22look at the features of each one as it
00:24compares to the other one all right
00:26so we're going to look at the official
00:28launcher from mojang
00:30look at curse forge from overwolf which
00:33was the twitch launcher but it's now the
00:35curseforge launcher
00:36we'll look at multimc which is from one
00:38of the developers
00:40that works at mojang on the official
00:42launcher but he developed multi-mc prior
00:45that job at mojang and he still develops
00:48it all right
00:49we'll look at a ged launcher which is
00:51the youngest of the group
00:52here uh but it's quite powerful in
00:55itself all right
00:56and we'll look at the at launcher which
00:58has been around for quite a long time
01:00and guys each one of these launchers is
01:03and trustworthy you need not worry about
01:06entering your account
01:07information in them these are not
01:08cracked launchers
01:10you do need to own minecraft to play
01:12each one of these
01:13uh none of these are cracked launchers
01:16don't trust crack launchers with your
01:17information guys
01:18it's not free all right so let's take a
01:22look at that first we'll look at the
01:24mojang launcher which again is uh
01:27listed as the minecraft launcher uh in
01:30comparison to the regular windows 10
01:32version so
01:33when you buy minecraft you will download
01:35this to
01:36uh initially play the game and it's good
01:39for playing vanilla versions of
01:41not so good for modded and i'll point
01:43out why quickly but
01:45the good thing about it is it's fully
01:46integrated into the mojang ecosystem
01:49now it has dungeons as well support so
01:52this is the unified launcher that's
01:54playing uh
01:55all of the minecraft titles uh for java
01:58this uh video is about java stuff so
02:01for your installations you're able to go
02:04through and browse any of the versions
02:06of minecraft that are available from
02:08and install them as vanilla profiles
02:12and you're also able to place snapshots
02:14it's especially good for playing
02:15snapshots because
02:17you can see embedded patch notes where
02:19you can get information on those so
02:21you can get my mojang news and all that
02:23kind of stuff inside of it
02:24and again you can play dungeons all
02:26right now its weakness
02:27is also you can do your skins you can
02:30manage your skins easily inside of here
02:31upload new ones
02:33select amongst the library of them and
02:35things like that all right
02:36it's disadvantages and modded uh because
02:40if you uh play modded now for this and
02:43many of the other launchers it has its
02:45own version of java inside of it so you
02:48don't need a system java necessarily
02:50if you're going to play minecraft you
02:52just need to download the launcher and
02:54it'll have java
02:55installed and configured already inside
02:56of it all right but
02:58if you're going to play modded then you
03:00would need to install
03:01forge as a profile it would create a
03:05in here that's named the version of
03:08forge and then you would add your mods
03:10to that all right
03:11now that can get really hard to manage
03:13after a while if you have a bunch of
03:15forged profiles
03:16because this launcher tends to depend
03:19upon your system minecraft folder all
03:21right and that's
03:22located in a percent app data percent
03:26right here okay and so that's going to
03:29all of your profiles and versions inside
03:32of it unless you separate them now we'll
03:34have your versions for sure
03:36um but other mods tend to put data in
03:39here too like some of the persistent
03:41stuff like persistent from astral
03:43or persistent from psi so this is your
03:47system minecraft folder
03:48and if you install a bunch of forge
03:50inside of there then
03:52it can get confusing now another thing
03:53that's confusing is if you install
03:55optifine it'll create its own profile in
03:58here for optifine
03:59but not run it as a mod all right
04:01optivine is normally
04:03uh or can be used as a mod a forge or
04:06fabric mod
04:08but the way that optifine installs in
04:10here it patches
04:11minecraft itself and so that's an
04:13unusual way of doing it
04:15so generally modded is not the best
04:19place to play this sorry but you can now
04:21filter for
04:22modded profiles if you have them alright
04:25again it's good for snapshots because
04:28it will let you play the latest release
04:29right from a button it'll let you play
04:31the latest snapshot
04:33right from a button once you have the
04:34snapshots enabled okay
04:36but again it tends to put those into
04:39that minecraft folder
04:42under version so once you install new
04:44snapshots it'll leave the old ones on
04:46there and you need to get rid of those
04:47another thing to quickly mention is that
04:50you want to
04:51separate the game directories because
04:53one of the disadvantages and
04:55really silly things about that launcher
04:58is that it once
04:59about the minecraft launcher is that it
05:01wants to put all your saves
05:03in the global saves folder that's not
05:05good if you're playing a bunch of
05:06different minecrafts
05:08same thing with mods it wants to put
05:09them all into a central folder and you
05:11can see some mods
05:13will put their stuff in this folder some
05:15of the data
05:16um and the folder can get to be a mess
05:19after a while and you can get confused
05:21worlds that won't launch if you have
05:22different mods from different versions
05:24different resource packs different all
05:26of that so generally you want to keep
05:28your profile separate from each other
05:31by creating a separate game directory
05:34out on your disc somewhere i use a
05:36folder in documents
05:38that's called mojang launcher profiles
05:40that i put all my profiles in
05:42and that's a good practice to keep these
05:45separated from each other
05:46but otherwise very solid launcher it's
05:50in size if we look at it out on disk
05:54its size is basically three megs in size
05:57when it's running memory wise it's using
06:01um 99.4 megs
06:05about 100 megs so not too bad it's it's
06:08much better over time uh as patrick's
06:11came on to develop it and of course the
06:12other members of the mojang team as well
06:14so it's a very solid launcher and you'll
06:16want it on your system
06:18just to play minecraft now it will do
06:20microsoft and mojang
06:22accounts as well and of course we'll all
06:24be rolling into
06:26microsoft accounts eventually and it
06:27would come here
06:29um maybe not first but you know very
06:32all right so let that is the minecraft
06:34launcher right
06:35now let's take a look at the curse forge
06:38launcher all right
06:39and again cursed forge used to be the
06:41twitch launcher at first it was cursed
06:43forged then it was twitch
06:45now it's cursed forged again twitch had
06:48and they had a bad reputation for the
06:51launcher because it had a lot of
06:53problems in it
06:54it was very bloated but i'm happy to
06:56announce that overwolf has taken that
06:58over and they've streamlined the
07:00launcher getting back to how it was in
07:02the old days and adding some new
07:04features to it
07:05and it's very stable and and pretty uh
07:08sleek and useful launcher at this point
07:11all right so
07:12the advantage of the curse forged
07:14launcher is that it is tied directly
07:16to the curseforge website which is
07:18mainly the official site for
07:20mods for minecraft all right so if you
07:22go to curseforge
07:24uh overwolf purchased cursed forge along
07:27with the launcher
07:28and so you're able to get your mods and
07:30stuff from here
07:31but within the launcher itself uh and
07:34other launchers that support mods
07:36they're drawing from curseforge so
07:38you're easily able to browse the online
07:40mod packs
07:41add them directly update them directly
07:44within the launcher
07:46and manage them as profiles you're also
07:48able to create custom profiles
07:51you can either import zip files that you
07:54you could download those on the curse
07:56forge site or you can export and import
07:59your own profiles that you made or
08:01create new ones so just create a profile
08:04select your minecraft version it'll
08:05install forge now a disadvantage of this
08:08is that it doesn't natively support
08:10fabric all right
08:12it can load some fabric mod packs inside
08:15of it like all the fabric but they have
08:17to use this mod called jump loader
08:20that basically skips the forged loading
08:22process it's a forged mod but it skips
08:24the forge
08:24stuff and loads fabric all right so
08:27that's kind of a workaround
08:28for people that are putting uh fabric
08:31mod packs on curse forge and you can't
08:33play them inside the launcher but
08:35played with jump loader right you
08:37probably wouldn't notice the difference
08:39overall so this launcher has a major
08:42in creating your own mod packs that are
08:45tied in with curse forge all right
08:48directly tied in so
08:49you go through and you make your own my
08:50pack then you're able to go through and
08:54different versions of the mods read the
08:56mod pages
08:57stuff like that add them to your pack
09:00and then
09:01export that pack to share on cursed
09:03forge with other people with your
09:04friends or whatever
09:05now it uses the embedded mojang launcher
09:09all right so
09:10when you launch it it's actually going
09:12to launch that same launcher that you
09:13see from mojang except it's going to
09:15have a modded profile
09:17already set up for it and that's the
09:18advantage to it so you need to log in
09:21through minecraft with your mojang
09:23account or microsoft account i believe
09:25i don't have a microsoft account at this
09:27time but since this is the official
09:31it probably would work i'm not sure let
09:33me know in the comments what you think
09:34so there's some major advantages to this
09:36let's look at its
09:37size overall and then i do want to
09:40one additional thing about it that will
09:42come from that so
09:44it is actually known as the overwolf
09:46launcher although it's branded curse
09:48and you can see the launcher itself is
09:5099 megs so it's about the same size as
09:53the other one
09:54but it has this other additional uh
09:57ones that it adds for a total of nearly
09:59400 get
10:00400 megs that it's running but again
10:03that that's not too bad on your system
10:05you can choose to uh close it when it
10:08launches the game all right but if
10:09you're tight on memory you need to be
10:11aware of of launcher sizes
10:13but it also runs this overwolf tray
10:16app along with it all right and that is
10:19from overwolf and it has an app store it
10:21can do overlays and stuff like that
10:22now unfortunately the app store stuff um
10:25because different from other launchers
10:27the curse forge launcher is a multi-game
10:30launcher not
10:31just minecraft but a bunch of other
10:33games that it can manage all right
10:35whereas the other ones we're looking at
10:37are simply minecraft launchers
10:39so it has other widgets and stuff that
10:41are available but not much that applies
10:43to minecraft itself all right so you
10:45need to be aware of that
10:47but you can choose in the settings for
10:49the launcher
10:50to exit curseforge and over wolf when
10:54exit the launcher so overwolf will only
10:56be active
10:57when the launcher is active and that's
10:59nice it does have its own embedded
11:01version of java
11:03that you can use here inside of it or
11:06you can select a system
11:07java all right you can't really get a
11:08custom java path
11:11without maybe some workarounds or
11:12whatever but you could choose to close
11:14the launcher when the game starts and
11:16all that to save yourself from
11:17memory but i'm very excited about this
11:20launcher because i think it's gotten
11:22solid for what it does overall okay so
11:26that that's something to
11:27keep in mind all right so let's uh go
11:29ahead and close on that one and let's
11:32look at multi-mc
11:33all right so multi-mc is a portable
11:36application by the way
11:38one of the disadvantages of curse forge
11:40is that
11:41it is available only for mac and windows
11:44all right it is not available for linux
11:46at all
11:47has never been available for linux so
11:49that is one of its weaknesses that you
11:51cannot get it on leak
11:53on linux each one of these other
11:55launchers you can get on all three
11:57platforms mac
11:58windows and linux all right so multi-mc
12:02is kind of a power user launcher uh it
12:05is a portable application
12:07it does not put anything in your system
12:10start menus or anything like that
12:12it operates on itself so you'll want to
12:14put it somewhere on the disk when you
12:16install it
12:17that you uh can get to it now you can
12:19also have multiple
12:20versions of the launcher that are set up
12:23to different profiles that's one of the
12:25reasons it's a power user app
12:26uh so it'll just have this multimc.exe
12:30and you can name it different things and
12:32run multiple versions of it all right
12:34so it's a very small sleek powerful
12:37launcher now
12:38there's some weird stuff about it now as
12:39i mentioned earlier
12:41the developer for this launcher also
12:43works at mojang on the official launcher
12:45so it's as stable and it's powerful and
12:48it actually has some of the early
12:50features that are being developed for
12:52the other one as well
12:53but you want to be in the development
12:56of it if you want to see the full range
12:58of features you do that by going into
13:01and choosing the update channel here to
13:03be develop all right
13:04and then once you do that you choose
13:06update to update the launcher
13:08and then you're going to see all the
13:09newest features and there's a lot of
13:12that are in the development channel that
13:14don't come into the
13:16main channel for quite a long time so
13:19you can see now like if i add an
13:21i can go through and browse mod packs
13:23from all of the major services like
13:26which is overwolf basically now but if i
13:29search for like all the mods
13:31then i can go through and add that mod
13:33pack directly inside multi-mc
13:36i can choose ftb packs so i can get like
13:38direwolf the newest one inside of there
13:40i can get technic packs as well so it's
13:44again supporting all the launchers uh
13:47you know just choose any technic pack
13:49and install it
13:50i get ftb legacy packs which are the old
13:53prior to when they switched over and i
13:57import zip files so if i again download
14:00something from curseforge or a friend
14:02to me or whatever i can import it there
14:04multimc has its own
14:06pac format so you can export mod packs
14:10so if you have a my pack that you've
14:11made you can export it
14:14but it creates its own format all right
14:16and that format
14:17is not importable by um most
14:21launchers a t launcher can import or
14:23outlaunch or can import it
14:25i'm not sure uh if gd launcher can or
14:28but uh cursed forge i don't believe
14:30can't all right so
14:32again a lot of features that are nice
14:34inside of here
14:35and you can install forge and fabric
14:37directly inside of it so if you create a
14:39new instance
14:40like this and you right click on it
14:42choose edit instance then i'm able to
14:44install forge directly
14:46inside of it install fabric directly now
14:49of course you can't have both of them
14:50they're not
14:51you know compatible with running both
14:52together the disadvantage of this
14:54launcher is that
14:56you cannot install mods directly
15:00uh and to update mod packs and stuff you
15:03basically need to
15:04copy the instance like right click copy
15:07the instance
15:08install the new version of the modpack
15:11and then copy over your mods and
15:12settings and stuff
15:13again it's kind of a power user um
15:17launcher in that way one of its major
15:20is that you're able to easily mod
15:24old versions of minecraft like beta
15:27adding stuff to the minecraft jar
15:30itself rather than the mods folder which
15:32is how it's done in the past so
15:34with this add to minecraft jar button
15:35you can go through and add mods directly
15:39to the minecraft jar which is how it was
15:42done in the past so
15:43it doesn't support microsoft accounts
15:45yet it does use your regular mojang
15:49but it will support them pedric
15:51certainly knows how to do it
15:53he just kind of operates on his own
15:55speed on rolling out certain features
15:57all right
15:58so there's multi-mc very very powerful
16:02it can be used in a very much a power
16:04user way by having multi versions
16:06multiple versions of multimc
16:08actually let's go ahead and look at the
16:09memory usage so a multi-mc
16:12instance is basically 4.7 uh
16:15mags on disk and in the task manager
16:19its memory usage is 15.4 so it's
16:23really really small overall very very
16:27and efficient and that's why i tend to
16:29use it
16:30on a daily basis to run mod packs that
16:33i've already
16:34developed and i just want to run them
16:36okay so that's multi-mc
16:38all right so let's take a look then at
16:40gd launcher
16:41all right again gd launcher is one of
16:43the newest launchers
16:45uh and it is available for mac windows
16:48and linux
16:49and uh it has a full feature set for all
16:52of those so on linux especially if you
16:53want to build your own mod packs and all
16:56you're probably going to be interested
16:57in this launcher now i've stripped down
16:59this launcher a little bit to where it
17:02mojang news and stuff for minecraft news
17:05i've turned all that off discord
17:06integration turn that off
17:08because i don't want animations and
17:10stuff on the screen
17:12in background apps all right but you're
17:14able to go through and easily play mod
17:17import my pack so let's hit the plus
17:20sign here
17:20i can select a version to play vanilla
17:22it'll do
17:23forge and fabric the newest version so
17:26it'll even do snapshots
17:28of fabric which is nice you can
17:31browse on twitch for my packs so you can
17:33get all the major ones that you want and
17:34install them directly inside of there
17:36or you can again import zip files all
17:39right so
17:40i believe it'll only do the twitch ones
17:43you we could try it with multi-mc all
17:45right but if you go through and you
17:47create a new mod pack
17:48uh let's go for instance and we'll make
17:50it just a new forge one here
17:52uh choose the latest version of forge
17:54hit the arrow to install it name it what
17:57you want
17:57uh i'll just name it test pack like such
18:01and it'll go ahead and install forge for
18:03you uh
18:04download the game files all that it has
18:07an embedded version of java
18:09that is open jdk all right so if you go
18:12into your settings and you go under java
18:14you'll see that now you could turn that
18:16off and browse for another java path if
18:18you wanted
18:19but it does use open jdk for its
18:22installation all right
18:23so when i have installed there i can
18:25right click on it and choose manage
18:27and then see mods so this is the mods
18:29area i don't have any mods added so i'll
18:31go ahead and add a mod
18:32and then it'll show you all the mods on
18:34cursed forge right
18:36and then you can browse them by feature
18:37popularity all that kind of stuff
18:39and then you can get information
18:41embedded in a window
18:43so this is the sleekest uh graphical
18:46looking like the most modern looking
18:48browser overall and you can also go to
18:50the website page and all that kind of
18:53but it's actually the largest as well
18:56all right so
18:57let's let's take a look at that this is
18:59an electron app much
19:00i believe curseforge is two uh where
19:04it's basically running
19:05chrome type web browser inside of it so
19:08let's see let's take a look at where
19:10it's at this is overwolf
19:13yeah here's gd launcher right here so on
19:16it's a hundred or 99.4 megabytes on disk
19:21all right
19:21and then when it's running it is
19:25let's see 41 megs so not
19:28huge when it's running uh you can see
19:31that you know it
19:32spawns a few processes when it's running
19:35but if you're on linux especially
19:38this is an excellent launcher and
19:40generally it's an excellent launcher too
19:42and when you can export profiles as well
19:45so if you export a pack
19:46it'll export out to the curse forge
19:50format you can
19:51x you can import it into curse forge and
19:53i believe you could probably upload that
19:57to the curseforge website if you wanted
19:59to make it public as well
20:01all right so that is going to be and it
20:04supports microsoft accounts
20:06in the beta version so you need to be
20:09sure that
20:10in your settings here that you're in uh
20:13the beta channel
20:14it says at the bottom here uh
20:18somewhere let's see
20:21preferred release channel beta alright
20:24so if you do beta
20:26then you'll be able to log in with your
20:28microsoft accounts as well okay
20:30so there's that one all right so finally
20:33then let's take a look at the at
20:35launcher and the at launcher is like
20:38in the sense that it's a portable
20:40launcher okay
20:41so uh portable in the sense that
20:45contained with inside its folder you can
20:47have multiple versions it's not in your
20:49start menu or anything like that
20:52but let's take a look at it now the ad
20:54launcher has been around for quite a
20:55while it would run server packs and all
20:58and it's generally implements features
21:01first quicker than other launchers so it
21:04a microsoft account supported natively
21:07with inside of it
21:09and you're able to create vanilla packs
21:12fabric just regular vanilla or even
21:15alpha beta packs that you can have along
21:17with it all right
21:18it has its own set of my packs that are
21:20unique to the launcher
21:22but then you can also add curse forge
21:24packs along with it so you could
21:26go through and browse for cursed forge
21:27packs add them directly
21:30and a big advantage of this launcher is
21:32that you can
21:33install server packs inside of it so if
21:35you wanted to run local
21:37servers on your machine or prepare
21:40server packs test
21:41and prepare server packs or a deployment
21:45then this is an excellent launcher to do
21:47that inside of it you could play both
21:49the client
21:50a version and the server version and
21:52connect to them
21:53all right so it does allow you to create
21:56your own mypacks quite
21:57easily and go through for instance let's
21:59do this forge pack right here
22:01so we'll create a new instance just name
22:03it it'll pull down forge
22:05i already have that so let's just go
22:07ahead and take a look at it when i do it
22:09install it it'll put it in the instances
22:11tab right here
22:12and so here's the forge and then i can
22:15go through and choose to add mods to it
22:17all right it'll bring up a browser at
22:20curse forge
22:20you can choose cursed forge or mod rent
22:23which mod rent
22:25is a site for fabric mods that's growing
22:28uh i'll do some future videos about that
22:30but you could choose your fabric mods
22:32from there if you wanted to as well
22:34all right and you just go through and
22:36add the mods and you can view
22:38information on them online it'll take
22:40you to the online page
22:42rather than an embedded browser which is
22:45generally just as useful so you can go
22:47through and manage and add your mods
22:49through there both forwards and fabric
22:52uh so quite nice all right
22:54so this is a nice launcher uh let's look
22:56at its size
22:58uh see what we got size wise on disk
23:00okay so the launcher itself
23:02is 13.5 max so not bad
23:06let's look at its memory usage
23:09uh it's under the java platform here so
23:13it's a java app
23:15and it is 539.6 megs
23:19all right is what it's saying so that
23:22may be the java
23:23platform itself of course nothing's
23:25loading along with that
23:26it does use its own launcher
23:30and multimc uses its own launcher uh
23:33whereas curseforge uses the official
23:36mojang one and of course mojang uses the
23:38official mojang one
23:40and gd launcher uses its own launcher as
23:42well okay
23:44so those are just things to keep in mind
23:46but this one as far as memory usage
23:48appears to be the largest
23:50and how it's doing so that's just
23:53something to keep in mind
23:54anyway guys each one of these launchers
23:56is very stable
23:58and they all have kind of their
24:00strengths to them i personally use each
24:02one of these
24:04for different purposes i use curseforge
24:08create my packs from and to test my
24:11packs and to
24:12prepare them for ones that i want to
24:14upload but of course you're able to do
24:16that in the gd launcher as well
24:18i use multi-mc to play
24:22multiple versions of different packs
24:25that i've already made
24:27and it's kind of my day-to-day launcher
24:29where i store and
24:30organize all my different stuff because
24:33it's portable
24:34see one of the things about like curse
24:37forge is that
24:37everything goes into one folder all
24:40right gd launcher
24:42everything goes into one folder multi mc
24:45and at launcher are able to be isolated
24:48with different versions of them thus
24:50portable applications okay whereas the
24:52mojang launcher is
24:54uh all in one folder but you can select
24:56separate you know profile folders that
24:58you want so to go into
25:00you can select separate profile folders
25:02and stuff in here as well
25:03uh gd launcher is embedded in your
25:07like kind of deep a little uh
25:10much like in your app data folder is
25:13where its folders are
25:15at launcher is self-contained multi-mc
25:18is self-contained
25:19curseforge i think depending upon how
25:22you set it up
25:23but it is residing in your documents
25:26folder in curseforge and all that and
25:28then of course
25:29the uh official mojang launcher is
25:32inside your system folder in uh the app
25:36but it's also uh has versions of program
25:38files and
25:39and all that stuff as well anyway guys
25:41this is going to just be a brief
25:42comparison between them
25:44they all have their strengths i'm not
25:46going to say one's better than the other
25:49but as far as end usage of the one that
25:53tend to fall back on for final usage of
25:56stuff it's multi-mc
25:57and cursed forged to create mod packs
26:00anyway i hope that was helpful to you
26:01and this is scott olamado thanks so much
26:02for watching guys i do so much
26:04appreciate it
26:05have a great day if this helped you in
26:07any way leave a like
26:08and consider subscribing to the channel
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top five Minecraft launchers compared and analyzed in the video?

The video compares and analyzes the top five Minecraft launchers - Mojang, Curseforge, MultiMC, GDLauncher, and ATLauncher.

2. What are the unique features and benefits of each Minecraft launcher?

Each launcher has its own unique features and benefits, catering to different user needs.

3. What is the emphasis of the video regarding the stability and trustworthiness of the mentioned launchers?

The video emphasizes the stability and trustworthiness of these launchers, urging users to avoid cracked versions.

4. How does the video suggest users to choose a Minecraft launcher according to their needs?

The video suggests that users choose a Minecraft launcher according to their specific needs, as each launcher caters to different user requirements.

5. What message does the video convey regarding the usage of cracked versions of Minecraft launchers?

The video conveys a message urging users to avoid cracked versions of Minecraft launchers in favor of stability and trustworthiness.

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