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This video provides a list of seven websites where you can watch movies and TV shows for free without signing up. The websites mentioned include Pluto TV, Sling TV, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Popcornflix, Zumo Play, and Vudu. Some of these websites require a USA IP address or a VPN for access.
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The first two websites mentioned in the video are Pluto TV and Sling TV.
Pluto TV offers a clean layout with a menu for live TV and on-demand content.
Sling TV has a completely free tier called Sling Free Stream, which offers a variety of movies and TV shows without requiring sign up.
This section highlights two websites to watch free movies and TV shows without signing up.
The first website features a program guide with a wide range of content and categories.
The second website, Crackle, offers a large library of movies and TV shows, categorized by genre.
The third website mentioned is Crunchyroll, which is recommended for those interested in specific genres.
Crunchyroll offers a wide range of free manga and anime content with various genres available.
Users can browse popular and new content, as well as filter by genre.
Popcornflix is a popular website with a vast library of movies and TV series, categorized into different genres.
Zumo Playay is another streaming platform that offers free content.
This section introduces three websites where you can watch free movies, TV shows, and live TV without signing up.
One of the websites mentioned is Zumo Play, which offers a large library of movies, TV shows, and live TV with a program guide.
Another website mentioned is, which has both premium and free content.
These websites provide a variety of genres and constantly update their content.
This section of the video discusses websites that offer free movies and TV shows without requiring registration.
The websites have sections dedicated to different genres such as movies, TV, comedy, and horror.
One of the websites mentioned is House Kitchen, which offers free TV content without registration.
Some of the websites may require a USA IP address, which can be obtained using a VPN like IP Vanish.
00:00so top seven movie streaming websites
00:03where you can watch movies TV shows live
00:06TV absolutely free and without requiring
00:09any kind of sign up so let me not waste
00:12any more of your time and first up in
00:14the list we have Pluto TV now this
00:17website and application have been out
00:19for a while theyve recently added lots
00:22more video on demand content lots more
00:25live TV content that you can enjoy
00:27absolutely free now the website has a
00:30really nice clean layout we can see the
00:32menu on the left where we have a section
00:34for live TV we have on demand if I click
00:37on live
00:38TV and we can see straight away we are
00:40taken to a massive list of live TV
00:43channels and we also have a fully
00:46working program guide which is the EPG
00:49Now using the electronic program guide I
00:51can see exactly what's on now what's
00:53coming up next here on the left for
00:56example if I'm only interested in uh
00:58True Crime I can click on that
01:00this will then filter out the content
01:02and only show me True Crime content and
01:05literally just pages and pages of
01:08content we have living we have music
01:11news kids all of your favorite content
01:15if I go to the top we have on demand
01:17this is basically your VOD video on
01:19demand section so for example we can see
01:22lots of different movies we have drama
01:24we have entertainment lots of different
01:27things next up we have sling TV now
01:30although they do charge for various
01:32different premium tiers they do have a
01:34completely free tier called sling free
01:37stream and although it's not that
01:38obvious on the homepage because
01:40everything seems like it costs a
01:42subscription you have to pay or you have
01:43to sign up if you look at the top right
01:46just behind my head we can see there's
01:48actually a section called sling free
01:50stream and this is their 100% free tier
01:52so if I click on that you can see no
01:54sign up no registration no login I can
01:58click on stream free and you you can see
02:00guys sling free stream always free TV
02:04lots of movies lots of great content in
02:06here so a recommended section we have
02:09featured shows lots of different things
02:12I can scroll to the right lots of
02:13different content at the top here I can
02:15go to um guide here we have that fully
02:19working program
02:20guide and honestly in terms of a
02:23completely free website this really has
02:26lots of great
02:28content lots of channels lots of
02:30categories here for example we have uh
02:33ghost stories let's click on that just
02:36to show you that everything is working
02:38straight away I didn't have to create
02:40any kind of account no
02:43registration and we are straight in
02:45there so let me quickly mute that that's
02:47working great let's back out for that if
02:49I'm interested in sports I can click on
02:51that this will then filter out the
02:53content and show me the sports channels
02:55only and lots and lots of different
02:58sports channels in here if I go to on
03:00demand and here we just have a massive
03:03library of
03:05movies that we can enjoy on any device
03:09with a browser without requiring any
03:11kind of sign up next up we have crackle
03:14now most of you guys know crackle do
03:16have a dedicated app for your Amazon
03:18devices for Android TVs but you can also
03:21access all of the content just by
03:23opening up a browser and going to and they really do have a
03:27large library of movie and TV shows
03:30bundled in this
03:32application here we can see newon
03:34crackle lots of different things in here
03:37you've got popular TV you got popular
03:39movies you got epic disasters British
03:42programs Comfort TV Classics action uh
03:47hip-hop artist in
03:49movies uh dramatic stories Western True
03:53Crime you can also click on TV
03:55shows and we can now see all of the
03:57categories on the left and you can see
03:59see the shows in there so for example if
04:01I'm interested in uh British click on
04:03that this will then filter out the
04:05content and show you all of the British
04:09uh TV series in here lots of different
04:13things next up we have crunchy roll so
04:16great website if you're interested in
04:18the manga or anime or that kind of
04:20content it really does offer lots of
04:23great free content so I can go to
04:25browser at the top here see some popular
04:27content see some new content I can also
04:30browse the genres so if I'm only
04:31interested in uh sci-fi I can click on
04:34that this will then filter out the
04:36content for sci-fi only I can click on
04:38one of these click on start watching
04:40season 1 episode one give that a second
04:44and again we are straight into the uh
04:48episode and that's working great let's
04:50just mute that for a
04:52second working absolutely fine so again
04:54lots of different genres lots of
04:56different content all of that's inside
04:59crunch g roll next up we have popcorn
05:01flick now this is actually a very very
05:04popular website it has a vast library of
05:07movies and TV series that again you can
05:09enjoy just by opening up a browser and
05:12going to let's go to
05:15movies now we can see guys so here's
05:17some of the popular content on the
05:21homepage you got Thrillers you got
05:23comedy sci-fi uh martial
05:26arts uh mystery uh pops monsters you got
05:33collections um lots of different
05:35collections you got drama you got horror
05:42zombies uh lots of different things in
05:44here you can also go to the top you can
05:45also filter the content here so if I'm
05:47only interested in uh comedy let's click
05:49on that and this will then quickly
05:52filter out that content and show you the
05:53comedy movies only so lots of different
05:56things in here we can also go to series
06:01and again we've got access to lots of
06:03different series again all properly
06:05categorized and broken down into the
06:07different genres so we can see comedy
06:10crime documentaries drama horror
06:15sci-fi Sports so very nicely laid out
06:18very easy to access and a vast library
06:20of both movies and TV shows that you can
06:23enjoy directly on then we have Zumo playay
06:28now this is one of my favorite streaming
06:30applications I previously reviewed but
06:32we can now access all of that content
06:35just by opening up a browser you don't
06:37have to install any application you
06:38don't have to download anything you
06:40don't even have to log in and you can
06:42now access one of the largest libraries
06:45of both movies TV shows and even live TV
06:49with a fully working program guide so
06:51here on the homepage we can see some of
06:53the popular
06:54content we can see everything in here
06:58you can go back and can see the
07:00exclusives you can see the originals you
07:03can see editor picks you can see
07:06recently added now the reason why this
07:07is popular is the content is being
07:09constantly cycled new things are being
07:11added things are being moved around so
07:13it's always worthwhile coming back and
07:15see what new things have been added to
07:17Zumo play we can see leaving soon so
07:21this the stuff that will be coming off
07:22to make room for the new stuff that
07:24they'll be adding in we have Western we
07:26have action sci-fi black experience
07:29suspense mystery drama Adventure black
07:32Cinema documentaries kids Classics
07:36biography you got Spanish content you
07:38got Asian
07:40content you can just see guys you can
07:42scroll to the right there's lots of
07:43things in here you have Bollywood you
07:45have faith I can also go to TV shows at
07:49top and we can now see another great
07:52library of TV shows that are included in
07:55zuma play and lastly you have the live
07:58guide now this is a fully working
07:59program guide with more than 350
08:03channels that you can access directly
08:05from a
08:06browser and with that fully working
08:08program guide we can see exactly what's
08:10on now what's coming up next so that's
08:13Zuma play with that large library of TV
08:15series movies and of course all of these
08:18live channels with that fully working
08:21program guide and lastly and by no means
08:23least we have now this
08:26website does have multiple premium TI is
08:30but they also offer a very large free
08:32section so we can see here
08:36under we can see right at the top we
08:38have a section dedicated to free content
08:41including movies TV comedy horror all of
08:45that content is included if I click on
08:47TV for example I can see all of the free
08:50TV content let's try this house
08:54kitchen and you can see guys without
08:57requiring any registration
08:59this is season 16 I can go ahead and
09:02enjoy all of these episodes so really
09:05guys as you've seen today great websites
09:07open up any browser no registration and
09:10you can go ahead and enjoy lots of
09:12different movies TV shows some of them
09:15do require you to have a USA IP address
09:18so if you are in USA then you can go
09:20ahead and access them if you're not in
09:22the USA the easiest way to get a USA IP
09:25address is to use a VPN as you can see
09:28the V and I've been using on the bottom
09:30right of the screen which is IP vanish a
09:32super fast VPN which unlocks content
09:35from all over the world and right now
09:37they actually do have a very special
09:39offer just for the next two weeks as you
09:42can see this is an exclusive price where
09:44you can get that Total Protection you
09:46can cover every device in your household
09:49all of your Fire Sticks all of your fire
09:50TVs all of your Android TVs all of your
09:53phones tablets Windows PCS laptops all
09:56of your devices will be covered with
09:58this single charge of just
10:00$22.99 so it is 76% off it is a superb
10:04deal as you've seen with the VPN it does
10:07give you very very fast speeds even
10:10faster speeds when you use the wgard
10:12protocol it does support unlimited
10:14devices there's no bandwidth limits they
10:17have a zero logs policy and as you've
10:19seen today you can easily access all of
10:21your favorite geed content you can
10:23access different Netflix libraries you
10:25can basically unlock any content from
10:28anywhere in the world
10:29using IP vanish using my link does help
10:32support the channel so many thanks if
10:34you want to do that do have a look in
10:36the video description and pinned comment
10:37if you want to take up this special
10:39offer it is only just for the two weeks
10:41I definitely recommend you check it out
10:43do leave me a comment below let me know
10:44what you think and I'll hopefully catch
10:46up with you guys real soon thanks
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 7 websites to watch movies and TV shows for free without signing up?

The top 7 websites to watch movies and TV shows for free without signing up include Pluto TV, Sling TV, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Popcornflix, Zumo Play, and Vudu. These platforms offer a wide range of content without the need for a subscription or sign-up.

2. Are there any free websites to watch movies and TV shows without the need to provide personal details?

Yes, there are several free websites where you can watch movies and TV shows without the need to provide personal details or sign up. Pluto TV, Sling TV, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Popcornflix, Zumo Play, and Vudu are some of the platforms that offer free content without requiring personal information.

3. Do these websites require a USA IP address or a VPN for access?

Some of the websites mentioned, such as Sling TV and Vudu, may require a USA IP address or a VPN for access due to regional restrictions. However, platforms like Pluto TV, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Popcornflix, and Zumo Play can be accessed without the need for a USA IP address or a VPN.

4. Which website offers a diverse range of movies and TV shows without the need for a subscription?

Crackle is a popular choice for accessing a diverse range of movies and TV shows without the need for a subscription. It offers a wide variety of content across different genres and is available for free without the requirement of signing up.

5. What are the key advantages of using Pluto TV for watching movies and TV shows?

Pluto TV is a great option for watching movies and TV shows as it offers a diverse range of content across various genres. Additionally, it does not require any subscription or sign-up, making it convenient for users to access free entertainment.

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