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The video discusses various celebrities who have been reported to have herpes, both oral and genital, highlighting the fact that celebrities are normal people and can also be affected by medical conditions. The video emphasizes the commonality of herpes and encourages viewers not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about transmission.
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Celebrities with herpes, including Joshua Jackson, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna.
Joshua Jackson has oral herpes and gave it to Katie Holmes.
Kim Kardashian has oral herpes.
Rihanna was involved in a herpes-related incident during the Grammys.
Several celebrities, including David Hasselhoff, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Liza Minnelli, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, and others, have been involved in lawsuits or allegations related to genital herpes.
David Hasselhoff and his former wife were sued for having genital herpes.
Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Liza Minnelli, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and others have been rumored to have genital herpes, with allegations or photographs of prescriptions like valtrex.
Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Kate Moss, Robin Williams, Janet Jackson, and Mary-Kate Olsen have also been connected to lawsuits or rumors related to genital herpes.
The section discusses celebrities who may have herpes and the speculation surrounding their condition.
Billy Idol mentioned having herpes, but it is unclear if it is oral or genital.
Lindsay Lohan is mentioned as having herpes, but the type is not specified.
Derek Jeter is alleged to have given genital herpes to multiple women he dated, including Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Vanessa Milano, Scarlett Johansson, and Adriana Lima.
Speculation is made about the husbands of these women, including Justin Timberlake and Nick Lachey, also having herpes.
Herpes is common among people, including celebrities, as discussed in the video.
Celebrities are commonly affected by herpes.
The speaker invites viewers to join their community to discuss the commonality of herpes.
The speaker mentions a podcast interview with a member of their community discussing the empowerment it provides.
A link to the podcast interview is provided in the video.
00:00hey I'm Alexandra Hart Bush got founder
00:02of life with herpes all right today
00:05we're gonna talk about celebrities that
00:07have herpes
00:08yeah I'm talking celebrity it's pretty
00:11exciting all right we idolize
00:26celebrities we think of them and we go
00:28oh my gosh they're beautiful they're
00:31rich they've they're in the glamour
00:34there in the glitz there I mean they're
00:36celebs right as people we idolize them
00:40well one of the things we don't think
00:41about when we think about them is they
00:43are normal people they their stinks
00:46just like ours they get sick just like
00:48we get sick they even have herpes like
00:51we have herpes so they are common people
00:54I have to say I had a really fun time
00:55pulling out this list and googling it I
00:59felt like I was like TMZ or Joan Rivers
01:01or whatever I mean it was I had a fun
01:03time doing it even my videographer right
01:05now he's like I could not wait for this
01:07episode because he's like I want to know
01:09who it is don't tell me before so
01:11everybody wants to know and I am gonna
01:14read it because I don't want to mess up
01:15on names I don't want to forget anybody
01:17it hasn't broken down into categories of
01:20oral herpes genital herpes and then we
01:23don't know where they have herpes but
01:24they we know they have it so here's the
01:27oral herpes Joshua Jackson um if you
01:30don't know hey well who he was I had to
01:31look him up he was Pacey and Dawson is
01:33Creek but if you're up at that
01:36generation which I am he also gave it to
01:38Katie Holmes cuz they kissed in Dawson's
01:41Creek Kim Kardashian interesting didn't
01:44know that she had it Rianna remember
01:47Rihanna and Chris Brown got in that big
01:49fight over the Grammys and like she
01:53someone hit someone remember that whole
01:55I don't remember the whole story but she
01:56didn't end up going to the Grammys
01:57because someone gave someone herpes
02:00during the whole fiasco
02:02at the Beckham's David and Victoria
02:04Beckham also have oral herpes they've
02:06been photographed with an outbreak
02:09so those like just right there those are
02:12beautiful successful hot people right
02:15all right now let's get the genital
02:17herpes we have her sure uh sure however
02:21you want to say it he always is I just
02:23watch the movie where he's like first
02:24sure baby so uh sure
02:26uh sure has it we all know what would
02:28maybe we don't know but he was just sued
02:30in the last year or two for giving
02:33somebody her be so uh sure sure
02:35uh sure David Hasselhoff if you don't
02:38know who he is he is the Baywatch
02:40lifeguard he's the guy so David and his
02:42former wife I don't know her name they
02:45both have genital herpes okay this is
02:48another good one Dennis Rodman genital
02:51herpes Michael Vick NFL star Michael
02:55Vick and then this was a rate like
02:57random one Liza Minnelli I mean where
03:00does that come from right Liza Minnelli
03:02where did she show up okay these are
03:05people were not sure where they have it
03:07either they've been photographed with a
03:09prescription of valtrex in their purse
03:11or in their you know medicine cabinet or
03:13there's been like he said she said you
03:15know things going on but Paris Hilton
03:18Britney Spears Kris Humphries he was
03:23married to Kim Kardashian he also was a
03:26sued or an allegation of giving her
03:29piece of someone again we don't know
03:31where he has it but he was sued for that
03:34this is a good one Michael Jackson who
03:37knew Michael Jackson had herpes he also
03:39was sued for giving somebody herpes weed
03:42I don't know how it all ended Pamela
03:45Anderson Tommy Lee as we know they were
03:48married at one point so they both had it
03:50as well don't know who where what Kate
03:54Moss she's a beautiful supermodel again
03:57I don't know where another interesting
04:00one Robin Williams pretty successful guy
04:03funny guy he also was in a lawsuit for
04:06my I don't want to quote it I think it
04:10was a I don't want to quote anything he
04:12was in a lawsuit for giving somebody
04:14herpes so not sure Janet Jackson also
04:19the Jacksons are big in the herpes
04:21family mary-kate Olsen remember the
04:24Olsen twins then
04:25her smile anymore after being on full
04:26house the mary-kate has herpes Sheryl
04:29Crow haven't heard that name in a while
04:32Sheryl Crow Billy Idol great guy right
04:36well I don't know but Billy Idol
04:38I think it's genital for him because he
04:40talked about how having herpes has you
04:42know is his way of saying like gotta
04:44come down on my sex life but again that
04:46could be oral herpes as well because of
04:48oral sex I'm not sure it didn't
04:50specifically say Lindsay Lohan right
04:53lemma she was a big party girl in her
04:5520s and she also has it so these are
04:59some people where we don't know where
05:01they have it we can guess we can
05:02speculate all right now here is a big
05:05one I want to cover Derek Jeter he has
05:08his own category all right professional
05:11athlete Derek Jeter he is known for
05:13being a Playboy he's known for dating
05:15also very beautiful women and he is
05:19allegedly given all of these women
05:22herpes now it did not say oral genital
05:25I'm assuming genital because they said
05:28genital herpes but again we can't assume
05:31Jessica Alba Jessica Biel he was big on
05:35the Jessica's for a while
05:36Vanessa Milano as I say that right
05:39Manila whatever I can't pronounce her
05:42name right Vanessa Scarlett Johansson
05:45Adriana Lima right all beautiful women
05:49now when I researched it when I googled
05:51it when I you know research different
05:53articles they all say that these women
05:55have it because they dated him now as we
05:58know for example just cuz you date
06:00someone doesn't mean that you're gonna
06:01give them herpes these are all
06:02speculations so it wasn't saying like
06:04for sure this person has it they're
06:06saying these women have it because they
06:08dated Derek Jeter so for example my
06:10husband does not have herpes and we've
06:12been married leaving together for five
06:14years so like just because you date
06:16someone doesn't have it they also threw
06:17in their husbands so like Justin
06:19Timberlake and Nick Lachey they're
06:22saying that they also have it because
06:23now they're married to people that have
06:25it again that's just speculation I want
06:28to use that as an example to say hey
06:29just because you're with someone just
06:30cuz you're dating someone just because
06:32you have it doesn't mean your spouse
06:34your partner anybody you live with
06:37someone that
06:37you're you share things with doesn't
06:40mean they're gonna pick it up your
06:40children whoever it is right so just
06:43don't speculate
06:44don't jump to conclusion don't assume
06:45you're gonna pass it to them but I just
06:48found this so interesting so I'm curious
06:50to know who surprised you who shocked
06:53you that they have herpes
06:54oral genital all this yeah I just had a
06:58fun time doing it my point in this is
07:01how common herpes really is and how many
07:04people really have it right I want to
07:08get back to that these are these are
07:09people that we see in the spotlight we
07:11see them all the time and the tabloids
07:13are on TMZ whatever it's so common and
07:17this is one of the things that I like to
07:18talk about in our community in our in
07:21our membership we talk about how common
07:23herpes really really really is so if
07:27you're not a member of our community if
07:29you don't know what I'm talking about
07:30I'd like to invite you to do so so head
07:32on over to life with herpes comm check
07:34it out it is a membership we have
07:37hundreds of people in there and it's
07:39just a great place to talk about this
07:41stuff the other night when I was pulling
07:43up the names we were we do our Monday
07:45night calls and like guys you're never
07:47gonna guess who has herpes like again I
07:49got so excited about it anyways I will
07:51see you all in the next video hope you
07:53had fun with this one I certainly did
07:55and I'll see you soon
07:59all right I just got done recording with
08:03Jenna Roberts she is a member of the
08:05secret society and she talks about how
08:08being a member of the secret society
08:10truly empowers her gave her growth
08:12allowed for friendships it is such a
08:16great podcast interview I would love for
08:19you to go check it out if this what you
08:20just watched here on this YouTube video
08:22you want more you want more nitty gritty
08:25you want to know more about the secret
08:27society all that I mean she talks about
08:30how we get stuck in this like whiny
08:32phase and how you know we we take
08:35forever to get over the healing of
08:38learning and just this journey and being
08:40alone anyways I can go on and on and on
08:42but why don't you just go check it out
08:44yourself I have it linked for you here
08:46and go check it out it's such a great
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the common types of herpes discussed in the video?

The video discusses various celebrities who have been reported to have herpes, both oral and genital, highlighting the fact that celebrities are normal people and can also be affected by medical conditions.

2. How does the video emphasize the commonality of herpes?

The video emphasizes the commonality of herpes and encourages viewers not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about transmission.

3. What message does the video convey about celebrities and medical conditions?

The video emphasizes that celebrities are normal people and can also be affected by medical conditions, including herpes.

4. Why does the video highlight the fact that celebrities can be affected by herpes?

The video aims to illustrate that herpes is a widespread condition and affects people from all walks of life, including celebrities.

5. How does the video encourage viewers regarding assumptions about herpes transmission?

The video encourages viewers not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about herpes transmission, highlighting the need for understanding and empathy.

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