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This video provides a comprehensive guide on choosing classes in Black Desert Online for different playstyles, including meta, solo, group PvP, speedy grinding, AOE damage, support, ranged assassins, combo-oriented, and extra gameplay experiences. The video also mentions the top ten classes based on various sources, as well as the top five most fun and easiest classes to play.
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There are three main types of classes to consider in Black Desert Online: those that don't require high AP and DP, group PVP classes, and fast characters.
Classes that don't require high AP and DP are good for exploring new areas without constantly using potions.
Group PVP classes like ninja, sorceress, valkyrie, striker, berserker, ranger, wizard, and witch have unique playstyles and excel in group battles.
Fast characters like woosa, dracanya, Musa, mewa, ranger, Tamer, Archer, lawn, hashishin, and Corsair are great for grinding mobs quickly and escaping when needed.
AOE exploders like wizard, witch, Dark Knight, and Berserker are effective at taking down large groups of enemies.
This section discusses different classes in Black Desert Online and categorizes them based on their roles and playstyles.
Supportive classes include the wizard, witch, shy, valkyrie, warrior, Nova, Berserker, Corsair, and Tamer.
Ranged assassins include the Ranger, Archer, wizard, witch, Sage, Russo, and Sorceress.
Combo Kings include the striker, Mystic, ninja, kanoichi, hashishin, lawn, wizard, witch, Corsair, and Woosa.
The "extra extra" category includes the shy, who is popular among life skill players.
This section discusses different classes in Black Desert Online and their playstyles.
Tamers have a doggo mount that adds an extra safety net in 1v1 PVP.
Berserkers have a unique Spin to Win playstyle mixed with large-scale disruption.
Sage Awakening allows players to become an actual Zeus.
Top 10 classes based on various sources include Musa, Wizard, Berserker, Ninja, Hashishin, Warrior, Striker, Dracania, Mystic, and Dark Knight.
According to community feedback, the top five most fun classes to play are WUSA, Lawn, Ranger, Dracania, and Shy.
The easiest classes to play, according to the community, are Guardian, Shy, WUSA, Striker, and Wizard.
00:00any class can be considered in all
00:02categories I tried my best to fit them
00:04in properly but don't let me tell you
00:06that you can't play sage just because
00:07they're not in a specific spot I hope
00:09you find this video useful if you do
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00:14support anything goes a long way to help
00:16YouTube know that this video is helpful
00:18so it can get shown to more people like
00:20yourself I'll be sure to release more
00:22videos like this in the future for you I
00:25always like to start out with the most
00:26controversial The Meta
00:31many changes over time but there has
00:33been some clear winners over the years
00:35and I figured I should lay them out for
00:37you in PVE Guardian has always been the
00:40PowerHouse at clearing logs quick and
00:41never needing assistance they're my
00:43favorite class but other than Guardian
00:45Striker is also one of the best right
00:47now the Berserker is amazing too
00:50Musa is really really good at clearing
00:52mom's fast
00:54ninja is great all around
00:56the two harder classes that I would add
00:58into meta would be the lawn and the
01:00Mystic there's a bit more combos
01:01involved with them to make them more
01:03effective but they definitely are near
01:05the top tier right now another really
01:07good class for 1v1 PVP is the Sorceress
01:09Busa and hasherson have great end game
01:12PVE as well
01:13the next group I'm going to show the
01:15classes to solo with so these are the
01:17classes that have great tools for
01:18grinding moms fast while being able to
01:20sustain on their own as well
01:22so these are classes like the guardian
01:24the dracania the striker the wizard The
01:29Witch the lawn the woosa the Musa and
01:33the Nova
01:35all these classes make it easier to
01:37level up when you're on your own and
01:38they don't require insane amounts of AP
01:40and DP just to ground new areas mostly
01:43so you're not spamming potions the whole
01:45time the next group I'm gonna bring up
01:47are the group PVP classes so if you
01:50really like to do group PVP you may want
01:52to consider these classes for a fun and
01:53unique playstyle things like the ninja
01:55who can zip in and out of fights really
01:57easily the Sorceress who's amazing at
02:00dueling and exploding groups the
02:02valkyrie he's really great at pushing
02:04the front line and supporting their
02:05teammates that way the striker who can
02:07release devastating combos on groups
02:09same with the Berserker they have that
02:10disruption for large group PVP classes
02:13like the ranger really excel at pushing
02:15people out and keeping them in their
02:17territory and then you have the wizard
02:19and witch who are great for group PVP
02:21because they can help AOE heal and they
02:23can do massive explosions on the enemies
02:26getting back to the groups of the
02:28classes the Speedy soldiers these are
02:30the fast characters and fast characters
02:31are always one to play it's great for
02:33grinding mobs fast and getting away if
02:35you ever need to these are classes like
02:37the woosa
02:38the dracanya
02:40the Musa the mewa
02:43the ranger the Tamer the Archer the lawn
02:48and the hashishin I put in Corsair in
02:51here as well because they do have some
02:53features for boats and that leash makes
02:55them a pretty fast class as well
02:57now moving on to the AOE exploders these
03:00classes are great at tearing down big
03:02sets of mobs really quick people love
03:04having them in their Guild missions or
03:06their group grinding areas
03:08so these are classes like the wizard The
03:10Witch The Dark Knight the Berserker the
03:14sage the dracania the woosa and the
03:18next I'm going to go over the supportive
03:21classes people love having a stellar
03:23supporter on their side and these
03:24characters can help you do that
03:26the healing supports are the wizard The
03:28Witch and the shy the tank supports are
03:31the valkyrie the warrior and the Nova I
03:33added in Berserker Corsair and Tamer
03:36into the supportive classes because they
03:38can support by disrupting their enemies
03:40very well I'll move on to the ranged
03:42assassins these are the classes that
03:44deal damage from afar and dealing damage
03:47from far away in BDO is super satisfying
03:50the Ranger's succession and the Archer
03:52do really quick attacks from very far
03:54away really well
03:55the wizard witch and Sage have really
03:58long range spells that can explode a ton
03:59of enemies
04:01the Russo and the sources may require it
04:03to get a bit closer but they can still
04:05deal a ton of damage to you when you
04:07least expect it
04:08the next group I'm going to bring up are
04:10the combo Kings these classes have some
04:12of the best players playing them because
04:14they have a ton of skill options during
04:16combat which makes them a bit harder to
04:18play more perfectly but nonetheless
04:20these are really fun classes to play as
04:21you have a ton of skill options and you
04:23can still help play your opponents
04:25pretty easily
04:26these are classes like the striker the
04:28Mystic the ninja the kanoichi the
04:32hashishin the lawn the wizard The Witch
04:35the Corsair and the WUSA
04:39the last group I'm gonna put together is
04:40the extra extra group
04:42and then we'll move into some top tens
04:44and top fives so the extra extra
04:46category provides something more to the
04:48game experience the most notable would
04:51be the shy who is beloved by all life
04:53skill players they have by far the most
04:56for all life skills in the game
04:58of course that has way more stuff around
05:00the water as well as they love to debuff
05:02their enemies which makes for a really
05:03fun playstyle
05:04Tamers have a doggo mount which is
05:07really fun to explore with and gives you
05:09an extra Safety Net in 1v1 PVP
05:11the Berserkers Spin to Win play style
05:13mixed with the large-scale disrupt has
05:16always been a really unique class to
05:18and with the sage Awakening you can
05:20become an actual Zeus
05:23I don't have much experience in the
05:25arena but I looked up the top 10 and I
05:28gathered it from various sources
05:30and in general the top 10 that I've seen
05:32from various sources are the Awakening
05:35Musa succession wizard Awakening
05:38Berserker succession ninja Awakening
05:41Warrior succession hashishin Awakening
05:45Striker succession dracania succession
05:49Mystic and the succession Dark Knight
05:55and same thing Gathering From various
05:58sources more than 120 answers in this
06:00one Community said that the top five
06:02most fun to play were the WUSA the lawn
06:06the ranger the dracania and the shy
06:10and in this same 120 answers
06:13they said that the easiest classes to
06:15play were the guardian the shy the woosa
06:19the striker and The Wizard
06:22what do you think are these lists right
06:24leave a comment down below and let me
06:26know what you think don't forget to like
06:28And subscribe and I'll be sure to
06:29release more content like this soon have
06:31a great day cheers
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top ten classes in Black Desert Online based on various sources?

The top ten classes in Black Desert Online are determined based on various sources, taking into consideration the game's meta, solo and group PvP, speedy grinding, AOE damage, support, ranged assassins, combo-oriented, and extra gameplay experiences. These classes are ranked for their overall performance and effectiveness in different playstyles.

2. Which classes are considered the most fun and easiest to play in Black Desert Online?

In Black Desert Online, the top five most fun and easiest classes to play are identified based on player experiences and feedback. These classes provide an enjoyable gaming experience while being accessible for players looking for a more relaxed and enjoyable gameplay.

3. How to choose classes in Black Desert Online for different playstyles?

Choosing classes in Black Desert Online for different playstyles requires a comprehensive understanding of the game's mechanics and the unique characteristics of each class. This video provides a guide on selecting classes suitable for meta, solo and group PvP, speedy grinding, AOE damage, support, ranged assassins, combo-oriented, and extra gameplay experiences, catering to various playstyles.

4. What are the key factors to consider when choosing classes in Black Desert Online?

When choosing classes in Black Desert Online, players should consider factors such as the class's performance in the meta, its effectiveness in solo and group PvP, grinding speed, AOE damage capabilities, support roles, ranged assassins, combo-oriented skills, and the overall gameplay experiences it offers.

5. What is the comprehensive guide for selecting classes in Black Desert Online based on playstyles and preferences?

This video provides a comprehensive guide on choosing classes in Black Desert Online for different playstyles, including meta, solo, group PvP, speedy grinding, AOE damage, support, ranged assassins, combo-oriented, and extra gameplay experiences. The guide aims to assist players in making informed decisions based on their preferences and playstyles, promoting an enjoyable and fulfilling gameplay experience.

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