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This video covers new healer builds for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in New World, discussing the viability of the flail and shield as well as the void gauntlet. The builds focus on maximizing healing output and include tips on ability rotation, gear choices, and consumables. There are options for both PvE and PvP playstyles.
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This section introduces healer builds for the new expansion/season in New World.
Not much has changed with healing compared to previous seasons.
The new weapon introduced is the flail and shield, which provides healing abilities.
Reworks to attribute points include a new bonus at 350 Focus for ability cooldown and extra outgoing healing.
Two different builds are discussed: one for PvE and PvP, and one mainly oriented towards PvP but can also be used in PvE.
The recommended healer build includes Radiance Blessing and Void Gauntlet skills.
Dropping Radiance Blessing can reduce the duration of Beacon.
Radiance Blessing is considered better than Divine Blessing.
Oblivion in the Void Gauntlet skill tree is a must-have for damage boost and weakening enemies.
Refreshing Ripire is ideal for boss fights, providing 20% life steal.
Petrifying Scream is also recommended for the healer build.
Using four abilities instead of three is useful for clearing out big packs of enemies.
The video discusses a new passive called Disintegrate that can be applied to the Life Staff in New World.
Disintegrate is a passive that applies to the Void Blade attack, inflicting 5% weapon damage per second and reducing the target's armor by 10% for 8 seconds.
Disintegrate can stack up to three times.
This allows the Life Staff to become a debuffing weapon, adding a new dimension to its gameplay.
The video discusses different healer builds for New World's expansion/season 3.
Perks like Health and Elemental Aversion provide extra health and reduce magical damage.
Nullifying Oblivion can strip away buffs from enemies.
Enchanted Ward reduces damage from light and heavy attacks.
Health Refreshing and Stamina Recovery are important perks for jewelry.
Two healer builds for New World's expansion/season 3:
Firestorm heart R cleanses all damage over time effects from allies.
Brutal heart Rune of grasping Vines has rening vines and infeeling Vines.
Flail replaces Void Gauntlet in the second build.
Stats wise, intelligence is not needed for the flail build, so strength food is recommended and Constitution should be increased to 150.
This section discusses ability rotation for healer builds in New World's expansion.
The build is designed for both melee team compositions using the void gauntlet and the flail.
For the flail, the rotation includes using Smite, followed by Spin to Win and Arcane Vortex.
For the void gauntlet, the rotation includes using Sacred Ground, Beacon, and either Oblivion Scream or Essence Rupture.
It is important to remember to prioritize healing and maintain buffs while using the secondary weapon.
Tips for healer builds in New World's Expansion / Season 3:
Use Emerald Gems for thrust damage absorption.
Consider using Diamond Gems for damage and outgoing healing while at full health.
Focus on staying at full health to maximize healing effectiveness.
Utilize consumables such as strength food, Constitution food, Focus food, desert sunrise, energizing hot meal, and coatings for extra physical damage absorption.
00:00welcome back friends to another build
00:02SLG guide video for the rise of the
00:04angry Earth expansion today we're going
00:05to be covering heilers and heila builds
00:08now honestly not too much has really
00:09changed with healing uh prior to what we
00:11saw season 1 season 2 and even back in
00:132022 of new world we do of course have
00:16the addition of the brand new weapon
00:18though so there is the uh flail and
00:19shield here which has access to quite a
00:21bit of healing Shenanigans and then we
00:23also have some reworks to the attribute
00:25points as well including a new bonus at
00:27350 Focus which gives us some ability
00:29cool down when we pop a hot Rune we also
00:31get some extra outgoing healing here as
00:33well we have seen some Nerfs happening
00:35to healer um the bless perk on the life
00:37staff was enough but as with all of our
00:39previous build videos we're going to be
00:41going over the weapon Mastery the
00:42attributes the equip Loadout gems you
00:44name it all of that good stuff so let's
00:46kick things off with the weapon choice
00:48we're going to do two different builds
00:49here one's for PVE you can also play it
00:52in PvP and then the other one's going to
00:53be mainly PVP orientated but you could
00:56also bring it into PVE as well one of
00:57the big benefits that we've seen with
00:58the rise of the angry ethics expansion
01:00is they've done away with the resilient
01:01armor uh perk thing and they've done
01:04away with corrupted Ward angry Earth
01:05Ward lost
01:06Ward biscuit Ward you know all of those
01:09Ward perks for like that were sort of
01:10separating separating PVE and PVP those
01:13have been removed so we do have quite a
01:15bit of flexibility now and we can bring
01:17sort of you know you can have a one siiz
01:18fits all but let's start off with the
01:20classic healer build and that is going
01:22to be void Gauntlet and LIF staff so
01:24attributes wise on this build we're
01:25going to be rocking at least 150
01:27intelligence 350 focus and 100
01:29Constitution now you can sort of flex
01:31around with these if you want a little
01:32bit you could drop some more
01:33intelligence down uh to bring up some
01:35more Constitution you could drop a
01:37little bit of focus to bring up some
01:38intelligence if you want the Mana on
01:39crit hit um but I think this is sort of
01:41a good Baseline to build off of and then
01:43weapon Mastery wise for the life staff
01:45we'll Rock in all AOE healing some
01:47people ask me about splash of light or
01:49Divine Embrace or lights Embrace I think
01:51lights Embrace is pretty much only for
01:52PVP it's a very it feels like a very PVP
01:54sort of heal Divine Embrace can be good
01:56if you're rocking some sort of uh Mages
01:58in your team composition or if you have
02:00an Archer that's sort of like single
02:02Target you know you need to Target them
02:04off to the side but a lot of the time
02:06and we're probably going to see this
02:07mattera continue is you have um mainly a
02:09melee based group of sort of bruisers
02:12they have great swords they have Spears
02:14they have sword and shields they have
02:15the new flail weapon so everybody's
02:17going to be kind of stacked up so
02:18rocking the sacred ground and then
02:20throwing a beacon and an OB on top of it
02:22kind of just hits everybody at the same
02:24time and you yourself can even be in The
02:25Fray there as well uh because if we take
02:27a look at the void Gauntlet skill tree
02:29we're going to be running the void Blade
02:31with the idea that we just sort of get
02:32in there while we're stanging our heels
02:33and just start of start swinging also
02:35want to have the Oblivion down as well
02:37uh but we're getting ahead of ourselves
02:38so let's take a look at the weapon
02:39Mastery we'll go back to the lifestep
02:41real quick actually sacred ground you
02:43want to be popping this down first cuz
02:44you get the anointed bonus which
02:45increases the incoming healing by 50% so
02:48all subsequent heals after that 50%
02:49higher uh then typically following into
02:51an orb and then Beacon last ideally you
02:53want to stick a beacon to a teammate if
02:55you can Beacon is a bit of an
02:56interesting one where it actually sticks
02:58to objects it's going to go straight to
02:59through the NPC but if we had a player
03:01in here we could stick it to them and
03:02then the beacon will sort of keep moving
03:04you can also sometimes attach it to an
03:05enemy as well but if you kill that enemy
03:07it's going to fall off or is there as
03:09our sort of reactive heal it's got a
03:11very low cool down and it also provides
03:13a uh 20% fortify as well so 20% damage
03:16reduction actually no it's 20% increase
03:18in armor these days with fortify it's a
03:20good one to sort of get out early Beacon
03:22is usually the last heal that goes out
03:23you will notice that we don't have the
03:25divine blessing it's not because we
03:26don't think it's bad it's just because
03:28of the way that the points sort of divvy
03:29up it's kind of hard to pick it up so if
03:31we just do a sort of Respec here and
03:33I'll show you the problem that we
03:34usually have I really like to get all of
03:36these passives here all you have to
03:38fully Max it out Beacon you want to at
03:39least take it to here and then I think
03:41um protect the strength if you have a
03:43buff which you will do outgoing healing
03:45is increased by 20% whenever you dodge
03:46outgoing healing is increased by 20%
03:49this feels like it's mandatory like you
03:51can't take away anything on this side of
03:53the tree but then the problem is it only
03:54lives us with one point left and that's
03:56not enough to get divine blessing so uh
03:58you could potentially drop Radiance
04:01blessing to reduce the duration of
04:02Beacon um in order to get this but I I
04:04honestly think that radiant's blessing
04:06is probably better than divine blessing
04:08because um if they're below 50% we
04:10already have some ways that we can deal
04:11with that and we'll show that in a
04:12little bit so this is typically going to
04:14be the build I think actually took speed
04:16of life but generally protect his touch
04:17I think is going to be better here
04:18moving over to the void gaunlet skill
04:20tree Oblivion it feels like it's a must
04:21have it's a really good damage boost for
04:23your team gives everybody a 15% damage
04:25boost and it also does damage to the
04:27enemies and if you hit the enemies while
04:28they're inside Oblivion you can weaken
04:30them which makes them do less damage
04:31that's great void blade is basically
04:33just a DPS ability if you do want to
04:35play Pure heiler you can drop void blade
04:37and just take these three abilities
04:39instead and we'll talk about why we have
04:41four abilities in a second refreshing
04:43ripire or Essence ripire is an ability
04:45that we want to put on a single Target
04:46whenever we can this is great in boss
04:48fights it gives everybody 20% life steal
04:50basically it says healing anyone that
04:51hits the target for 20% of the Damage
04:53Done which is pretty bonkus and then
04:55we're also taking petrifying scream over
04:57here as well now you might be wondering
04:58why we taking um four abilities when we
05:01only have three on our skill tree the
05:02idea is typically what I like to do is
05:05we rock something like this when we're
05:07clearing out big packs of enemies so
05:09when we have a lot of mobs together just
05:11imagine this Trading Post is a ton of
05:12enemies uh we're usually going in so
05:15we'll pop down Sac ground or Beacon and
05:18then we're going to go over we'll drop
05:20an oblivion we'll scream at all the
05:21enemies and then we'll go in with a void
05:22blade and the scream um has a bunch of
05:26different Bon aits it can uh bestow upon
05:28us so first of all it gives us for toy
05:29which gives us 30% increase in armor it
05:31also Roots the enemy in place so it
05:33stops any sort of Mages or archers sort
05:35of disbanding from the pack and there is
05:37a perk you can get on your weapon or
05:39armor called putrifying scream which
05:41reduces the enemy healing and that can
05:43be very handy in PvP and also in certain
05:45mutations um so there is a a nature
05:48mutation where enemies start doing a lot
05:49of selfhealing I can't remember the name
05:51of the mutation it's for the life of me
05:53but um the nature mutation which you'll
05:55frequently see you know every every
05:57couple weeks it'll rotate in the enemies
05:59do a lot of he healing so putrifying
06:00scream could be great for that however
06:01when it comes to a single Target boss
06:04when you're doing like a boss fight you
06:05actually want to usually switch out
06:06petrifying scream for Essence rupture
06:08cuz the scream doesn't really do
06:09anything against the boss you can't root
06:11the boss in place you can't reduce
06:13boss's healing most of the time um so I
06:15actually like to switch in essence rure
06:17for single Target fights and then we
06:18quickly switch back over to for scream
06:20uh for AOE fights but again like I say
06:22if you're more of a Just Pure Healing
06:24aspect you don't really want to go in
06:25for too much damage you can drop void
06:26blade and just take Essence rupture and
06:28pick up some upgrades over here I
06:29generally prefer to take the void caller
06:31ultimate over the glimpse of the Void I
06:33feel like this is hard and janky to pull
06:35off and this is just a nice AOE heal
06:36which pops every now again to quickly
06:38recap the attributes I think um 150
06:40intelligence for x-ray Elemental damage
06:42is pretty juicy but you could stop at
06:44100 just damage to light and heavy
06:45Elemental attacks this also does benefit
06:47of both of these benefit your life staff
06:49by the way even though life staff
06:50doesn't scale off of intelligence uh
06:51this is just here to provide extra
06:53damage the void Gauntlet and some of
06:54these benefits uh like I say um the life
06:57staff does do nature damage 350 Focus
06:59obviously focus is giving damage to both
07:01our life staff and void gaunlet and uh
07:03we want to put as many points into that
07:04really as we can but going above 350
07:06we're going to get diminishing returns
07:07and I like 100 Constitution cuz we get
07:0910% extra Max HP but you might want to
07:12consider a little bit more if you just
07:13find you're a bit too squishy especially
07:15going to 150 in PvP can be good let's
07:17take a look at our armor and weapons now
07:19for the build so the first thing we're
07:20going to talk about are the artifacts
07:21these are the most exciting parts of the
07:23build so we do have lifetaker here now
07:25if you guys are interested where to
07:26acquire these artifacts we'll have a
07:28quick little guide at the end end of
07:29this video maybe we'll even have a
07:31separate video but we'll cover that
07:32later on in the video like I say not
07:34don't want to get car away with it right
07:35now um so lifetaker one of the things
07:37that's pretty cool about this is the
07:39negative energy perk so this is the
07:40unique Relic perk that's only available
07:42on lifetaker and it says your ranged
07:44attacks inflict disintegrate for 8
07:46seconds on both weapons with a 1 second
07:48cool down uh and then it scales off of
07:50dexterity we don't really care about
07:51that but the disintegrate thing is
07:53really awesome you might be wondering
07:54what the heck is disintegrate it's
07:56actually a passive that you get on the
07:58void blade attack so you can see uh the
07:59third paragraph down there it says both
08:01attacks inflict disintegrate on
08:03successful hits dealing 5% weapon damage
08:05a second and reducing targets armor by
08:0710% for 8 seconds disintegrate Stacks up
08:09to three times so you can actually get
08:12uh the disintegrate effect because it
08:13says it applies to both weapons you can
08:15get disintegrate to apply on your life
08:17staff so we just fire this off here
08:18we'll get that little Ren symbol so
08:20we're actually reducing the armor of a
08:22mob um just with a LIF staff attack
08:24which is really crazy because one of the
08:26downsides of LIF staff um obviously it's
08:28got access to great heing it doesn't
08:30really have any way to Rend or weaken or
08:33disease it doesn't really sort of
08:35provide any debuffs it's just a buffing
08:37and healing weapon but now we can
08:38actually make the life staff also a
08:40debuffing weapon which is really really
08:42cool so that's awesome value one thing
08:43that I think would be good to do with
08:45the lifetaker I haven't done it here
08:46because it's expensive but we can just
08:48take the lifetaker to the gypsum Kiln
08:50I'm going to have to unequip it from my
08:51character here and here there we go so
08:56if we go to a gypsum Kil and then we
08:58scroll all the way way down to the
08:59bottom we can find life taker somewhere
09:02in here hopefully and we can actually
09:03change the bottom perk on this so I
09:05think the bottom perk right now is
09:06blessed but we could change it over to
09:08putrifying scream so it has Keen life
09:10stealing refreshing move and putrifying
09:11scream and then you know we just have a
09:13nice one-side spit all and even if
09:15you're not using scream it's just you
09:16know like they not in a situation where
09:18you need the the anti-healing just
09:20having this sort of always on the void
09:21gun I feel like is pretty good value but
09:23just bear that in mind you can change
09:25the bottom perk on all relics and maybe
09:27you want to consider changing it from
09:28bless I believe it currently is to
09:31putrifying scream to get that value
09:32there the life staff that we're rocking
09:33has blast refreshing move and fortifying
09:35sacred ground they have introduced a few
09:38new perks that are sort of supposed to
09:39rival blast so there's one where you do
09:40extra healing while you're under 50%
09:42Mana there's another one that heals you
09:45when you cleanse a debuff but they both
09:47feel kind of situational whereas just an
09:49extra 12% outgoing healing even though
09:51this did get NED it still just feels
09:53like it's the better option so maybe
09:55we'll see some changes and one thing
09:56that's worth bearing in mind we got to
09:58this way too too late in the video but
09:59we are playing on the test server by the
10:01way you can see up in the top right this
10:02is the PTR build so there might be a few
10:04changes from now uh and then the actual
10:06live version of the game this was
10:08probably recorded like 2 weeks before
10:09the rise of the angry Earth expansion
10:11actually went live but as of time of
10:13recording I think blast refreshing move
10:14fortifying secret ground is great
10:16fortifying secret ground gets extra
10:18powerful when you put it on the weapon
10:19um in fact any weapon perk when you put
10:21it on the weapon is more powerful than
10:22in your armor but I think the extra
10:24fortify from fortifying secret ground is
10:27that's the one that's most worthwhile
10:28for me but you could also put Keen
10:29Beacon or mending protection on here as
10:31well moving over to our final Relic we
10:33have the Nimble leather coat this is a
10:35medium chest that has a highly
10:37refreshing so reduce Max cool Downs by
10:3910% so it's like a double stack of
10:41refreshing and this does stack on top of
10:44the other refreshing perk as well so you
10:47can now only stack up to four refreshing
10:49so that's 20% coold down reduction but
10:51you can get another 10% so we have a 30%
10:55cool down reduction just from all of
10:56these perks now which is pretty awesome
10:58it also comes with health um and then
11:01the the final perk here I changed to be
11:02Keen Beacon which again we can do in the
11:04old cheeky gypsum Kil over there and I
11:06should mention we're in a light equip
11:08load by the way there has been a bit of
11:09discussion as to whether to be in light
11:11or medium I think for this sort of PVE
11:13healing build at this build for doing
11:14dungeons the light is so good it gives
11:16you it still has a 30% healing bonus so
11:18you can see that second piece of text
11:20there base damage 20% outgoing healing
11:22plus 30 so if we're in medium we lose
11:2530% healing which is pretty significant
11:27you know uh so I still think light is
11:29the way to go plus we get access to the
11:30Dodge roll which still gives us a lot of
11:31Escape so in order to get into the light
11:33equip load we have a light helmet medium
11:35chest light gloves light legs and light
11:37Boots the perks in particular that we're
11:39rocking here are Elemental aversion
11:41health and mending protection mending
11:43protection of course being the weapon
11:44perk you don't need more than one of
11:45these you can see perk Stacks one out of
11:47one Health just feels like a great perk
11:48to have just having extra health is when
11:51it's never bad and then Elemental
11:52version to take a little bit less
11:54magical damage can help a lot in
11:55mutations and other situations we're
11:57already covered our chest piece here the
11:58nimble leather coat looking at the
12:00gloves we have health Elemental evision
12:02and nullifying Oblivion this perk isn't
12:04always going to be necessary but when
12:05it's good it's really good so I felt
12:07like you know I wanted to have a one
12:09siiz fits all so I put nullifying
12:10Oblivion in there um as I mentioned you
12:12don't always need it but it can be
12:14really good to strip away Buffs from
12:16enemies that buff themselves and the
12:18health and Elemental verion that is is
12:19good for the defense we've also got
12:21Health Enchanted Ward and freedom I
12:23decided to not run a full set of
12:25Elemental aversion I did switch over to
12:27Enchanted Ward for a couple pieces as
12:28well 4% less damage from light and heavy
12:30attack so if you've got an Archer
12:31shooting at you or you're in PvP I feel
12:33like this can be pretty good and if we
12:34get caught in a stun we can get out the
12:36stun a little bit faster with freedom so
12:37it felt like it was worth slotting at
12:39least uh one of those and then finally
12:41Health refreshing and Enchanted Ward on
12:43the boots I think any combination of uh
12:45sort of Health refreshing Enchanted Ward
12:48uh Elemental aversion and your weapon
12:49perks that's probably what you typically
12:51want to be aiming for as a Healer I
12:53think those are like the best sort of
12:54armor perks to look at obviously making
12:56sure you don't go above four stacks of
12:58ref refreshing though finally taking a
12:59look at our other jewelry here we have
13:01health refreshing and stamina recovery
13:03on our amulet I actually can't remember
13:04where I got this amulet from um but one
13:06thing that's worth mentioning is this um
13:08refreshing perk here the stamina
13:10recovery you probably want to be
13:11replacing this with a perk called
13:13protection so there is a variety of
13:16different Protections in the game namely
13:17void protection fire protection Frost
13:20protection nature protection those are
13:21all going to be good in a mutated
13:23Expeditions you probably want to be
13:25collecting ideally an amulet for sort of
13:28each mutation that you go into I know
13:30this is like going back to the old ways
13:32where we needed like a different set of
13:33gear for a different sort of fight but
13:35in this case I think having particular
13:38amulets with a corresponding gem that
13:40lines up so for example if we had uh
13:42sort of Health refreshing and then void
13:45protection and then we could also put a
13:48gem that also Stacks up and gives us
13:50more void damage absorption and you get
13:52the idea so then we would have a health
13:55um fire protection and then you would
13:57need a gem that's a ruby and you put the
13:59ruby in the amulet so you're sort of
14:01double stacking up cuz this is giving
14:03you 6% void damage absorption the
14:05protection perk in your amulet I think
14:06it's it's at least 10 but they might
14:08have buffed it now to be even more so
14:10yeah collecting those protection amulets
14:11probably pretty good although the most
14:13mandatory Puck I would say is definitely
14:14Health there and then finally looking at
14:16the ring we do have some new tools to
14:17play with on the ring we have this
14:18healing Breeze perk which is pretty
14:20bonkus it says on heal for 6 seconds um
14:23you heal the target for 20% weapon
14:25damage each second which is really good
14:27that's like the the equivalent heal of
14:28like Beacon but I don't think it scales
14:29off of your focus sadly it's also got a
14:3110-second cool down as well and it can
14:33only apply to a single Target so think
14:34if you pop like or into a big pack of
14:36enemies it's going to Target whoever's
14:38closest to you or whoever's lowest
14:40health I'm not entirely sure how it does
14:41it but I don't believe you can proc the
14:43um healing Breeze effect on like
14:45multiple different people at the same
14:46time sacred obviously for the extra
14:48outgoing healing is something you want
14:49to have and then ideally this refreshing
14:51perk here would be hearty instead so I
14:53think the best ring that we can look for
14:55as a Healer is a hotty sacred and
14:56healing Breeze but that we would have to
14:58craft that one um but yeah that healing
15:00Breeze in sacred feels like it's really
15:01really good um out of these two I would
15:03if you had to only have two perks I
15:05would probably have hearty and healing
15:06Breeze um it's it's sad to give it the
15:08sacred but I feel like that puck is is
15:10really really nice you know it's a huge
15:11addition to healers and a little bit of
15:13extra healing every 10 seconds super
15:15good lastly taking a look at our heart
15:16runes you have a bunch of different
15:17options here if you want to go more
15:19defensive you can take the stalwart
15:20heart Rune of stone form um gives you a
15:22little bit of extra healing reduces your
15:24outgoing damage but you don't really
15:25care about that um so The Mending form
15:26again while you're standing in Sac
15:28ground uh does heal you for 50% more you
15:30also get fortified to increase your
15:32armor and you can't be cced which can
15:34help you not get interrupted with
15:35healing but you could also look to
15:37replace the stone form with one of these
15:40Firestorm heart R so there's one in
15:41particular that says Firestorm cleanses
15:43all damage over time effects from allies
15:45it passes through this is actually
15:46really good like cleansing all dots is
15:48really valuable so from the support
15:50aspect that's good it's also got weaken
15:51on it and it does a little bit of damage
15:53uh another good support option you can
15:55go for is brutal heart Rune of grasping
15:57Vines which has rening vines and
15:58infeeling Vines um if you're not
16:00familiar with where you get heart rins
16:02from I think we're probably going to
16:03make a dedicated video on that that's
16:04going to be for people who haven't
16:06played the game since the brimstone
16:08Sands expansion so I call it expansion
16:11it was basically an expansion but yeah
16:13the the hot runs if you don't know what
16:15those are I'll put a video in the
16:16description down below I'll link up in
16:17the top right to recap on those but um
16:19for people who have been playing
16:21recently obviously familiar with hot RS
16:22and how to acquire them when it comes to
16:23gems and consumables uh we'll cover
16:26those at the end of the video because I
16:28think the gems and consumables are going
16:30to be the same across both builds So
16:32speaking of which let's jump into build
16:34number two which is very similar
16:35honestly you can see that nothing has
16:37really changed here other than we now
16:39have a flail in place of the Void
16:42Gauntlet so stats wise you will want to
16:44be changing these up a bit though we
16:45don't really need any intelligence with
16:47a with a flail it doesn't scale off of
16:48intelligence and again the intelligence
16:50doesn't really benefit our healing and
16:51it benefits our life staff DPS very
16:53minimally so we're actually going to go
16:55ahead and pop some strength food and
16:56just switch this over real quick quick
16:58so I would be looking to rock 100
17:00constitution in fact we're probably
17:02going to go to 150 Constitution with the
17:04flil cuz I think this is more of a PVP
17:05oriented thing we'll get that 350 Focus
17:08again and then the remainder of all
17:10points can go into strength yet just to
17:11give us a little bit of damage with the
17:12old flail it does scale off of strength
17:14and focus but strength is its primary
17:16scaling stat looking at the weapon
17:17Mastery for the flail skill tree we have
17:19Arcane Vortex Arcane eruption and Arcane
17:22Smite funny enough so these are all the
17:24abilities that do provide healing with
17:26the flail you can mix things up a little
17:27bit if you want um in particular for PVP
17:30I think barrage is or barrage barrage
17:32it's definitely barrage um can be really
17:34good as a movement ability you could
17:35probably switch out Arc eruption for
17:37barrage so you can get a little Dash
17:39probably taking it all the way down to
17:40the bottom but just from the raw healing
17:42aspect if you are interested in using
17:43the flail as a Healer um these are the
17:45abilities that you probably want to pick
17:46up cuz there's no real healing utility
17:48provided over here there are some perks
17:50that benefit from you having a shield so
17:51you might have noticed I have decided to
17:53not include a shield here and that's cuz
17:54I still want to stay in the light equip
17:55load now it is worth mentioning that if
17:58you take a light chest um and then you
18:00go for a round Shield you still can Tech
18:03technically be in a light equip load but
18:04I still believe that heila the vast
18:06majority of the time want to be in a
18:07light equip load cuz that outgoing
18:09healing is so good now if you want to be
18:10a bit of like a heila damage hybrid you
18:12can go to a medium equip load and
18:14probably one of the best ways to do that
18:15would be to wear a full set of medium
18:17armor so looking at um a medium helmet
18:20medium chest medium gloves medium legs
18:21medium boots and also a kite shield in
18:23particular I think the Michael kite
18:25Shield is pretty good um for that sort
18:27of combination but yeah going to have to
18:28switch out some of the pieces here so
18:30I'm not going to elaborate too much on
18:31this build because I think it's
18:33something that I still want to play
18:34around with more but effectively we just
18:36changing our intelligence over to
18:37strength we're picking up a little bit
18:39more Constitution and there is some
18:41flexibility with the skill tree if you
18:43want to focus fely on healing to take
18:45all the cleric tree if you want to do a
18:47little bit of PVP and Escape you can
18:48have a barrage here as well and lastly
18:51you could also look to rock something
18:53like the featherweight jacket which
18:54actually doesn't have any equip weight
18:56so it doesn't really weigh anything at
18:57all and then because of of that we can
18:59technically take a kite Shield do I have
19:01a kite Shield somewhere I should do just
19:03take this one for now and we kill we
19:06still can be in a light equip load as
19:07well cuz again this chest doesn't weigh
19:08anything so you could Rock like the
19:10featherweight jacket um a decent kite
19:13shield and that would put you in light
19:15as well you could go for medium and if
19:17you were going to go medium it'd be full
19:18everything medium with a kite Shield I
19:20just basically think whenever running a
19:21tower Shield it's always going to be a
19:22kite Shield here or a round shield with
19:25everything else light as well but I
19:27think I do want to make a dedic ated
19:28video for this sort of Paladin Healing
19:30build so if you're interested in that
19:31one let me know in the comments down
19:32below leave a like subscribe and all of
19:34that stuff uh but let's talk quickly
19:36about ability rotation as well cuz we
19:37didn't really cover that too much in
19:39detail with either of these builds so
19:41effectively this is a build that's
19:43designed in both aspects with both the
19:45void gona and the flail where you have a
19:48a a whole melee team composition so
19:50let's imagine this is just our team here
19:52and they're fighting the boss this is
19:53the boss right here just imagine there's
19:55a boss so you're putting sacred ground
19:56on your team and then hitting them with
19:58an or hitting them with a beacon and
19:59then you're just going in with either
20:01weapon so uh Smite down first for the
20:03flail followed by uh the old spin to win
20:06and the the the slap you do I still
20:08don't know the name of these abilities
20:09Arcane Vortex and Arcane eruption if you
20:11were playing with the void Gauntlet it
20:12would be a similar thing where basically
20:14it's sacred ground or and then into
20:17Beacon uh and Then followed by Oblivion
20:19scream or Essence rupture if it's single
20:21Target and then we're just swinging in
20:23with a void blade for a bit keeping an
20:24eye on our cool Downs as they're about
20:25to come off of cool down we switch back
20:26to the life staff and just reapply one
20:29thing that's worth bearing in mind is
20:30some fights are very intensive in terms
20:33of healing or you might have aggro of an
20:35Archer or something in that case it's
20:36probably best to just stick with the
20:38life staff and just keep on left
20:39clicking I think one mistake that you
20:41can make when you have this sort of a
20:43secondary weapon is to spend too much
20:44time with uh you know swinging around
20:46like this with a void blade and forget
20:48that you are at the end of the day
20:49supposed to be a Healer so make sure
20:50you've always got your sacred ground
20:52down U make sure you've always got
20:53Beacon or you know got you'll have like
20:55all of your Buffs being provided so
20:57Oblivion seems like it's a necessary one
20:59to get down from the uh flail skill side
21:02it's the arane Smite you want to make
21:04sure you got that down as well and then
21:06anything else after that is kind of
21:07surplus one quick tip that I want to
21:09make sure that you're aware of with the
21:10uh life staff as well is your basic
21:12attacks just doing this also heals your
21:14teammates and I think some people like
21:16underrate and and forget about Blissful
21:18touch but just simply doing like a left
21:20click does provide quite a bit of
21:21healing to your team um it also triggers
21:23Revitalize which lowers your cool down
21:24reduction and uh again it also triggers
21:26refreshing move which again lows your
21:28cool down reduction typically before
21:29opening with a heal I like to try and do
21:31a Dodge roll if I can cuz that's going
21:32to activate our uh Bend of light here so
21:35we get a heal that's 20% stronger and
21:37I'll usually try and land a heavy attack
21:39as well because that will also proc the
21:41intensify increasing our healing by 10%
21:44if you can get off multiple heavy
21:45attacks go for it but don't Focus too
21:47much on trying to stack up intensify
21:49just focus on getting that Dodge before
21:50you drop the heals and usually open with
21:52sacred or or is what I would recommend
21:55last thing I want to talk about in this
21:56video is gems and consumables the gems
21:58that you want to run right now I've gone
22:00with all diamonds um because I feel like
22:02one of the main threats that you take as
22:04a Healer is physical damage usually it's
22:06somebody with a sword or a little
22:07skeleton dude that's trying to hit you
22:09and physical is usually the scariest
22:11thing however if you are going to jump
22:14into a mutated dungeon for example if
22:16you're thinking about trying to do a
22:17mutated dungeon with aernal aernal means
22:19there's a lot of void damage you can
22:21also have Hellfire here which means
22:22there's a lot of fire damage there's ice
22:24bound I believe it's what it's called
22:26there's a lot of ice damage and then
22:27there's the nature one which I just
22:28can't remember the name of but it's also
22:30a lot of nature damage to react to that
22:32corresponding Elemental damage the best
22:34thing you can do is take the particular
22:35type of gems so once again we're having
22:37amethyst gems and we're going to put
22:38that in every piece of armor that we can
22:41so don't put these in your weapons um
22:43but you can put these in your armor and
22:44every time that you put one in it'll
22:46give you a little bit more void damage
22:48resistance you can see we're at 31.9
22:50right now we go here and then we go here
22:54and now we're up to 48% void damage
22:57resistance I I believe the cap is 52 so
22:59we're doing pretty good here so maybe we
23:00don't need to get that void protection
23:02on our amulet but this is going to help
23:03you a lot when it comes to doing
23:04particular mutated Dungeons and again
23:06you can imagine these would all be
23:08aquamarine gems if it was Ice ruby gems
23:10if it was fire and Amber gems if it was
23:12nature on the flip side of things we
23:14have PVP so if you're playing some
23:16Outpost rush or 3v3 Arena it's kind of
23:18hard to know what you're going to go
23:19against cuz different players play
23:21different builds but I feel like Spear
23:23and blunderbus are going to be the bane
23:25of healers typically I think the new
23:26spear that pulls you in is very scary
23:28there's also pestilence which is an
23:30absolutely disgusting blender bu and
23:31it's going to be the bane of healers
23:33both of those weapons do a lot of thrust
23:35damage so one way that you can combat
23:37thrust damage again is through your gems
23:39there is a type of gem called Emerald I
23:41think is what it's called and with
23:43Emerald Gems they give you thrust damage
23:45absorption so at least chucking in a
23:46through uh like two to three emeralds in
23:48your armor I think is going to be a good
23:50idea when it comes to your weapons
23:51diamonds are the healer's best friend as
23:53well um I've actually gone for a uh like
23:55a what do you call it a run glass
23:57Diamond here that it's basically 12%
23:59damage not going healing while you're at
24:01full health and then you get this a
24:02little extra damage on top but you could
24:04just slap in a normal diamond for 15%
24:06damage and outgoing healing while you're
24:07at full health and then you just want to
24:09try to the best of your ability to be at
24:10full health you out of everybody in your
24:12party has the best control over who's at
24:14full health so drinking a potion having
24:15a regen potion going um just to make
24:17sure that your heals are extra powerful
24:19going to be the good way to go and like
24:20I say just diamonds and whatever weapons
24:22you can typically the play last thing to
24:24talk about is consumables um if you're
24:26going to be playing with the FLA then I
24:28think having a little bit of strength
24:29food can be good um alternatively
24:31Constitution going to be good for both
24:32builds and also you have the option to
24:34go for some Focus food so this is TOS
24:37Stones this is the new type of food you
24:38also have banana paa banana bread and
24:41then lastly for intelligence we have
24:44fruit salad other consumables that are
24:46going to help you out as a Healer are
24:47desert sunrise this reduces the duration
24:49of damage over time effects on you um
24:51energizing hotty meal to give you more
24:52Mana regenerate is good very very good
24:54when it comes to PVE you want to be
24:56applying Coatings if you caner if you're
24:58going into the Savage divide it's mainly
24:59beasts so Beast Coatings if you're going
25:01into something like Lazarus then ancient
25:04Coatings if you want to know enemy types
25:06we'll try and have a we'll link to a
25:07resource in the description down below
25:09which shows which enemies are in which
25:10dungeons but applying Coatings to both
25:12your weapons applying a honing Stone to
25:14your weapon even though it doesn't
25:15increase your healing just doing more
25:17damage can help out your team and then
25:18you also want to make sure you're
25:19rocking Ward potions for dungeons as
25:21well so again in the Savage divide
25:22mainly beasts so increasing your damage
25:24absorption against Beast by popping that
25:25it's going to be good and you also want
25:26to make sure that you've got health
25:27potions Mana potions and regen potions
25:30optionally you could also take an oak
25:31flesh bomb for a little bit more
25:32physical damage absorption this is like
25:34a shortterm um buff it you know 35%
25:37extra physical damage absorption or
25:39gemstone Elemental damage absorption can
25:41help you out as well now when it comes
25:43to obtaining certain artifacts like the
25:45lifetaker or endless thirst or the
25:48Nimble leather coat newble database is
25:50going to be the best way to do this I
25:52think if we try to Showcase every single
25:53Relic and be farming it is going to add
25:55like another 10 minutes to this video
25:56and it's already probably gone long
25:58enough um but I will put a link to this
26:00resource in the description down below
26:02you can basically go through the list of
26:03all of the autofacts in the game and
26:04click on them so if we go and try and
26:06find the uh Nimble leather coat uh you
26:08can see this comes from the PVP rewards
26:10track now it does require that you have
26:11to be at level 100 plus in the PVP
26:14rewards track so that's pretty brutal
26:16actually with that in mind you could
26:17simply just replace this with a normal
26:19uh sort of medium coat uh and then you
26:22could look to take something like the
26:23Tumbl shoes that you get from the p uh
26:25from the season pass this is only at
26:27level 20 I think these are also pretty
26:29good as well so you're going to lose a
26:30little bit of cool down reduction but I
26:32can you know understand a lot of you
26:33guys uh maybe don't want to go 100
26:35levels in the PVP rewards track if
26:37you're very PVE oriented likewise the uh
26:40lifetaker void gaun which we showcased
26:42for the first build um you can click on
26:44that go down to the dropped by section
26:46and it shows it drops from pugnacious
26:48Peru um who is a is a big monkey that
26:51you can see in the aisle of zervan which
26:53is located down in the bottom of the map
26:56um all the way down here I've actually
26:58even gotten pinged cuz I was trying to
26:59get to him yesterday um so yeah make
27:01sure you check out new world database to
27:02find out where you can get the artifacts
27:03from if you guys enjoyed this video you
27:05want to see more of this sort of stuff
27:06go ahead and click the Subscribe button
27:07we're going to have a lot more build
27:08guides and information coming out about
27:10the rise of the angry Earth expansion
27:12also consider leaving a like on this
27:13video as well if you enjoyed it and I'll
27:14see you guys all in the next
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1. What are the new healer builds for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in New World?

The new healer builds for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in New World cover the viability of the flail and shield as well as the void gauntlet. These builds focus on maximizing healing output and include tips on ability rotation, gear choices, and consumables. They offer options for both PvE and PvP playstyles.

2. How do the new healer builds optimize healing output in New World?

The new healer builds optimize healing output by focusing on ability rotation, gear choices, and consumables. The builds consider the viability of the flail and shield as well as the void gauntlet, providing tips for maximizing healing in both PvE and PvP playstyles.

3. What tips are included for maximizing healing output in the new healer builds for New World?

The new healer builds include tips for maximizing healing output such as optimizing ability rotation, selecting the right gear, and making use of consumables. These tips are designed to enhance healing performance in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

4. What are the PvE and PvP playstyle options for the new healer builds in New World?

The new healer builds in New World provide options for both PvE and PvP playstyles. These builds cater to players who focus on PvE content as well as those who engage in PvP battles, offering versatility in healing strategies for different gameplay experiences.

5. How does the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion impact healer builds in New World?

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion brings new considerations for healer builds in New World, with a focus on the viability of the flail and shield as well as the void gauntlet. Players can explore optimized healing output and strategies tailored to the expansion's challenges in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

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