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This video covers the best perks to look for on weapons, armor, and jewelry, as well as where to farm them in the game New World. It focuses mainly on PvE content and offers suggestions for different weapon types. Additionally, it explains how to use the Gypsum Kiln to turn good items into perfect ones.
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This section discusses the best perks for weapons, armor, and jewelry in New World, focusing on PVE content.
The video acknowledges that not all perks are suitable for every scenario, but mainly focuses on PVE.
The video mentions that health is a universally good perk for armor.
Refreshing is suggested as another important perk for armor.
The video discusses the best perks for weapons and armor in New World.
Take perks that modify your abilities on your weapons, such as leeching, cyclone, fortifying, perforate, infeeling, skew, keen, vault kick.
Freedom is more useful for PvP, while harnessing perks are good for specific builds (e.g., ice harnessing for fire staffs or ice GA).
Health, Enchanted Ward, Grit Ward, Elemental Aversion, and Refreshing are recommended as the main perks on your gear.
For jewelry, health is a must-have perk for the amulet, and hearty is a perk you always want to see on the ring.
The video discusses the best perks for earrings, rings, and weapons in New World.
Refreshing Toast and Regenerating Toast are good perks for earrings.
For tanks, despised or beloved perks can increase or reduce threat respectively.
Healing Breeze and Sacred are great perks for healers.
Keen is a universally good perk for tanks, healers, and DPS.
Enfeebling, Infected, Crippling, Burning, and Blood Liting are not highly rated perks.
Leeching can be a solid perk.
Health is always good on armor and amulets, but there isn't a universally good perk for weapons.
The best perks for a one-handed sword in New World for tanking are Refreshing Move, Trenchant Ren, and Enchanted/Vicious/Keen/Life Stealing.
Refreshing Move helps lower cooldowns and taunt more often.
Trenchant Ren is always present but not highly recommended.
Enchanted/Vicious/Keen/Life Stealing perks help with survivability.
The Life Ring sword is an alternative with Enchanted and Vicious perks but no guaranteed Refreshing Move.
The best perks and weapons in New World and where to farm them.
Blunderbuss is recommended for PvP, with Net Shot as a good perk.
The Corrupt Brena Fire Staff is the best and freely farmable fire staff, with Keen, Jagged, and Vicious as desired perks.
The Corrupt Progenitor Life Staff is the best for Life staffs, with Blessed and Refreshing Move as the top perks.
The Synchronic Ice Gauntlet is recommended, with Keen, Jagged, and Vicious as desired perks.
For the Void Gauntlet, the Syncratic Ice Gauntlet with Refreshing Move and Enchanted is a good option.
The third perk for the Void Gauntlet could be Purifying Scream or Keen.
Tower Shields are not mentioned in this section.
To add perks to your items in New World, remove the item from your gear set, go to a Gypsum Key location, scroll down to the bottom of the menu, select the desired perk, and craft the item with the necessary materials.
Equipped items or items in gear sets won't show perk options.
Gypsum Keys are found in endgame towns.
Chromatic Seals, the materials needed for crafting, can be purchased from faction vendors.
00:00friends today we're going to talk about
00:01the best perks to look for on your
00:03weapons armor and jewelry and where you
00:05can also acquire a few decent pieces of
00:08gear and then we're going to go over if
00:10you get something that's pretty good but
00:11not perfect how you can turn it into the
00:14perfect item via the gypsum kilm if
00:16you're interested in a particular
00:17section whether it's the Arma the
00:19weapons the jewelry or anything else
00:20that we cover in this video you can
00:22scrub along in the uh like the
00:24timestamps down below one thing that I
00:25do want to acknowledge before we go any
00:27further in this video is there is you
00:28know it's not going to be a one SI fits
00:30all uh some perks are going to be better
00:32for certain scenarios than others and we
00:34are going to be mainly focused on PVE
00:36rather than PVP because they did remove
00:39resilience you know you don't need that
00:41that set perk to do PVP anymore and they
00:44also remove the corrupted Ward angry
00:45earthward lost Ward this gear will work
00:48across multiple different pieces of
00:49content but it will be more focused on
00:51the PVE aspect of New Wealth but as I
00:53said we do have a lot of people asking
00:55like what should I put in this third
00:56perk down here baggin on my
00:58featherweight what should I be put
00:59putting as my final perk on my you know
01:02artifact uh flail my artifact void
01:04Gauntlet so we're going to be covering
01:06which perks are good and as I say
01:08particularly for the weapon section
01:09where you can go out and farm some of
01:11them so let's kick things off with armor
01:13perks that I recommend you always have
01:15on your armor are health I think health
01:16is universally good I've tried to get it
01:18on as many pieces as gear as I can here
01:20we got the health we got the health um
01:22adding these all up it just gives you a
01:23nice big fat Health pool here and the
01:25more Health you have the less likely you
01:27are to die and not dying is good in my
01:30opinion so health is the number one perk
01:32I think this is as close to mandatory as
01:34it gets when it comes to perks on your
01:35armor and like I say it is good in both
01:37PVE and PVP the next most important perk
01:39and a perk that you always want to have
01:41and it is a specific amount you want to
01:42have refreshing if you have refreshing
01:44on four different pieces of gear and it
01:46can be your jewelry as well this will
01:48give you up to 16% coold down reduction
01:51cuz we have 4 8 12 16 so the refreshing
01:54perk also a pretty solid one and one you
01:57want to aim for as well but you want to
01:58stop at the four stack after that you
02:00have a choice between Enchanted Ward or
02:03Elemental aversion I think both of these
02:04perks are pretty good Elemental aversion
02:07even though it looks very specific it
02:08says uh you receive less damage from
02:10ranged Elemental attacks so You' think
02:12like oh when I'm getting attacked with a
02:13fire staff why is that so good baggin it
02:15does actually work on a number of
02:17different abilities in the game as well
02:19so although again you would think it's
02:20just ranged attacks it also works on
02:22abilities it works on damage conversion
02:24gems for PVP so you know muskets often
02:27use ruby gems um to convert damage to it
02:30would reduce that damage and it does
02:32work on various aspects of mutated
02:34Expeditions as well cuz mutated
02:35Expeditions use Elemental damage uh as
02:38their modifiers so Hellfire for um
02:40Tempest up here and then we've got
02:42icebound which is ice damage for Star
02:44Stone so Elemental aversion Works
02:46particularly good for mutated Dungeons
02:48and it does have a few applications as
02:50well uh whereas physical aversion which
02:52is like the opposite side that is
02:54actually just ranged attack so that only
02:55really works on like a bow or a musket
02:57or something so Elemental version pretty
02:59solid but but also Enchanted Ward a good
03:01one here as well people ask me with
03:03Enchanted Ward is this just a PVP thing
03:05cuz do only players do light and heavy
03:07attacks there's the light there's the
03:09heavy um no AI also do light and heavy
03:12attacks as well so if you're fighting
03:13against just some random mobs they will
03:15hit you with light and heavy attacks
03:16along with abilities also another
03:19important perk that can slot in in place
03:20of Enchanted Ward or Elemental aversion
03:22is grit Ward now this is mainly just for
03:24tanks or players playing with 300
03:28Constitution because your basic melee
03:30attacks gain grit so um if you're
03:32running a melee weapon and you have 300
03:34Constitution I highly recommend going
03:36for the grit Ward uh grit W just
03:38basically makes you take less damage
03:39while you have grit which is basic
03:41that's when you're glowing white and
03:42you're uninterruptible so you can't
03:44really be CCD um and having this on
03:46every piece of armor is pretty solid so
03:48grit wall definitely want to go for also
03:50and then the final sort of musthave perk
03:52that I would recommend is your weapon
03:55perks so um these are perks that modify
03:57your abilities for example mending prote
03:59action is a very good one for me as a
04:01Healer it increases my outgoing healing
04:03if I heal somebody below 50% fortifying
04:06per rate if you're playing with a spear
04:07in feeeling Poison shot basically just
04:09take a look at whatever abilities you're
04:11rocking on your weapons and you
04:13generally want to be taking the perks
04:15that modify them so leeching Cyclone
04:17fortifying perforate infeeling skew Keen
04:19Vault kick whatever abilities you guys
04:20are running for it's usually a good idea
04:23to take the abilities that modify and
04:25make these uh Stronger when you get the
04:28perk on your armor so that's another
04:29like sort of musthave perk as well after
04:32this things get a bit situational
04:33freedom is generally more of a PVP thing
04:36there's harnessing perks can be good if
04:38you're playing with a particular build
04:39so ice harnessing or fire harnessing for
04:41fire staffs or ice GA that's probably
04:43something that you should go for these
04:44conditioning perks are a bit situational
04:46but can be okay as well but in general I
04:48would say that Health Enchanted Ward or
04:51grit Ward Elemental aversion weapon
04:54perks and refreshing will want to make
04:56up the bulk of perks on your gear
04:58sharking energy can be something you
04:59look for on your legs if you're in a
05:00light equip load and maybe something
05:02like shocking fortification could be
05:03good in medium and heavy as well um any
05:06other perks that we didn't cover like
05:07Vigor and invigorated they're not
05:08necessarily bad but this is you know for
05:11the purposes of keeping this video
05:12concise I'm going to recommend Health
05:14the uh Enchanted Ward grit Ward
05:16refreshing obviously weapon perks that
05:18you care about and then maybe if it
05:20applies to you also going for some of
05:21this harnessing perks if you're playing
05:23some sort of mage build moving over to
05:25jewelry and must have per on the jewelry
05:27when it comes to the amulet I think
05:28health is a must have perk this is just
05:31really really good just having extra
05:32Health again benefits everybody when it
05:34comes to the ring hearty is a perk that
05:36you always want to see there as well it
05:38gives you access to an extra Dodge roll
05:40without my hearty ring if I dodge and
05:42Dodge I'm out of stamina I'm exhausted
05:44and I have to wait quite a while until I
05:46can dodge again um but if we put the hty
05:49ring on we can now Dodge one two three
05:52times which you know can be sometimes
05:54the difference between life and death if
05:56you if you really need to get out of
05:57there hty is is super good for everybody
05:59benefits even tanks who don't spend a
06:01lot of time dodging because it gives you
06:02extra blocks sort of stamina and then a
06:05must have perk on the earring is
06:06refreshing toast after this everything
06:08is kind of up to you I believe stamina
06:10recovery is a great perk to go for these
06:12protection perks if you know you're
06:14going into a particular sort of uh
06:16environment so if I was going to jump
06:18into let's say difficulty three of uh
06:21Tempest ha there's going to be a
06:22tremendous amount of fire damage so I'd
06:24probably want to look to take an amulet
06:26that gives me uh flame protection if I
06:28was going to jump into a nature mutation
06:30having nature protection can be pretty
06:32good um obviously these are a bit more
06:34situational uh but those protection
06:36perks definitely don't underestimate how
06:38powerful those can be another perk to
06:40keep your eye out for on amulets is this
06:42uh recovery perk as well refreshing
06:43recovery when your health drops below
06:4550% all ability coold Downs are reset
06:47that's pretty powerful 90c cool down um
06:50versus the 30C cool down on stamina
06:51which is also very powerful as well
06:53giving you back your full stamina I
06:54think both of these are pretty awesome
06:56choices uh the empowered the Fortified
06:58the rest of the uh amulet perks that we
07:00didn't talk about I think they're all
07:01pretty good um you know the the sharing
07:03dot cleanse and stuff but I definitely
07:05would like to see Health on my amulet um
07:08probably one of the recovery perks and
07:09then generally the protection perk on
07:11what I'm going in for that's that's the
07:12amulet perks that I'm looking for a tank
07:15maybe wants to opt to go for that Divine
07:17option for the extra incoming healing
07:18though and when it comes to earring
07:20pucks here's all the earring pucks that
07:21we can uh allegedly have we have
07:23refreshing toast healthy toast I do very
07:25much like these pucks as we covered
07:27refreshing toast being able to use your
07:28potions more often pretty damn awesome
07:30healthy toast I do really rate this P
07:32quite highly I think it's more of a
07:33Healer thing for me um but when you
07:35drink a Mana potion you get a percentage
07:36of your max health I'm drinking lots of
07:38Mana potions so this is good even if you
07:40don't have a Mana pool you can still
07:41just drink a Mana potion and get a heal
07:43so that's pretty solid um DPS maybe
07:46wants to look for empowering toast
07:47purifying toast can also be a nice
07:49option or even the fortifying toast all
07:50of the toast perks I think are fairly
07:52solid other than duplicating toast this
07:54is a stinky perk um ignore this one I I
07:56just think it's it's very Niche and
07:58doesn't really work too often so yeah
08:00typically you want to be looking for
08:01that sort of um refreshing toast and
08:03healthy toast I think regenerating which
08:05we don't actually see in this list is
08:07another good perk Nimble don't really
08:09rate that one too highly disp despised
08:11can be good for tanks though um beloved
08:14is good on the opposite side but as I
08:16say that the perk sort of pull for
08:18Effective earrings is pretty limited um
08:20refreshing toast and regenerating
08:22refreshing toast healthy toast and then
08:24maybe looking for that sort of despised
08:26or beloved to increase your threat as a
08:29tank or reduce your um threat as a
08:31Healer probably good perks to go for as
08:33well don't really rate The Healing Heart
08:35too highly but if you guys enjoy that
08:36one uh go for it but as I say quick
08:38recap on the earrings it's it's
08:39refreshing toast and then you can kind
08:40of go with what works after that and
08:42then lastly moving over to the ring
08:44perks um we've already covered it but Hy
08:46is a great one to have other pucks that
08:48you can sort of uh push in there
08:50depending on what you're playing healing
08:52Breeze great for healers sacred also
08:54excellent for healers Keen is kind of
08:56good all around um for both tanks
08:58healers and even DPS do I just have a
09:00bit extra crit I think this is also like
09:02a universally good perk and then it gets
09:04a bit more Niche after that depending on
09:05what sort of weapons you're playing with
09:06so great swords could benefit from slash
09:08damage quite highly fire staffs could
09:10obviously benefit from fire damage so
09:11you can slot these in the perks that I
09:13generally don't you know like get too
09:15excited about are enfeebling infected is
09:17a bit more Niche can work in some
09:19situations but not great crippling not
09:20good in PVE burning and blood liting I
09:23just don't really rate this sort of
09:25section up here but if you want to go
09:26for those that's your own prerogative
09:28leeching can also be a pretty solid perk
09:30as well okay so that covers armor
09:32jewelry um now we're going to move on to
09:35weapons and this is where things get a
09:36bit more Nuance then a bit harder to
09:38sort of universally say just get this
09:41you know like we talk about health is
09:42always good on your armor health is
09:44always good on your amulet but there's
09:45not really a perk that is always good on
09:48your weapons you know if you're playing
09:49for a LIF staff for example blast or
09:51savior is really good um but Keen not
09:54really that great you don't really care
09:55too much about crit chances of healer
09:57cuz there's no critical heals the same
09:58could be said if some something like
09:59refreshing move this is a great perk to
10:01have on a one-handed sword and a flail
10:03cuz you you like to sort of rotate
10:04through your cool Downs as a tank or a
10:06Healer pretty often but for something
10:07like a bow uh refreshing move actually
10:10not that great so what we're going to do
10:12here bearing in mind that artifacts do
10:14exist and generally the artifact
10:15equivalents of of each weapon are going
10:18to be better and by the way if you're
10:19curious about artifacts we'll link a
10:21video up in the top right description
10:23down below and at the end instead we're
10:25going to hop over to New World database
10:27and we're going to talk about the sort
10:28of different weapons that Amazon have
10:30added in uh they have these categories
10:32so we have the tangle Vine version of
10:34every weapon we have the soul shroud
10:36version of every weapon we have the Deep
10:38River we have the syncratic so you guys
10:40might have heard about these but we're
10:42going to talk about the particular perks
10:43on them why they're good and we're also
10:45going to cover how you can turn an item
10:47like this which doesn't look too
10:48impressive 630 gear score two fairly
10:51decent perks for the bow how you can
10:52bump it up to 700 gear scull and make it
10:55the best possible weapon in the game so
10:57this hopefully is going to pretty be a
10:59pretty exciting section uh we'll cover
11:01the weapons and then after we cover all
11:03the weapons we'll talk about where you
11:04can Farm each type so we here on new
11:07database uh if you guys haven't seen
11:08this website before incredibly good
11:10website for New World information um
11:12I'll link to it in the description down
11:13below if you're interested but what I
11:15wanted to talk about is these different
11:17versions we covered it in my inventory
11:19there but you have the wood grain
11:20version of every sort of weapon in the
11:22game you have the te version of every
11:25weapon you have the life ring version
11:27and some are better than than others so
11:29what we're going to do is I'm going to
11:31go through my top picks for each weapon
11:34and then sort of later on in the video
11:35I'll cover how you can upgrade them cuz
11:37a lot of the time you will get these
11:38items they'll only be like 630 gear
11:40score 650 but you can upgrade them all
11:43the way to 700 and you can sort of slot
11:45a third perk of your dreams onto these
11:47items and in a lot of cases this will
11:49make a best and Slot item however most
11:52of the time they're not going to be
11:53better than their artifact equivalent so
11:55generally like a great sword for example
11:57artifact great sword hands down down is
11:59just one of the best the artifact rapia
12:01hands down again just one of the best
12:02but considering you can only have one
12:04artifact weapon if you're playing with
12:06the artifact spear for example then
12:07you'll need a non-artifact version of
12:09the great sword and that's what we're
12:11going to cover here and then later on in
12:12the video um we'll cover quickly where
12:15you can Farm them like the easiest mobs
12:16to farm them and also how you can
12:17upgrade set items so kicking things off
12:20my weapons of choice for the one-handed
12:22sword and this is bearing in mind that I
12:24typically think one-handed sword is a
12:25tank weapon and usually weapon ability
12:27that you always want to have as a tank
12:29is refreshing move because every time
12:30you hit an enemy you can lower your cool
12:33downs and then you can taunt more often
12:35and uh keep your defenses up so
12:36refreshing move is baked in it's always
12:38on this weapon trenchant Ren which isn't
12:40that great is always there and then the
12:42third perk that you'd be looking for is
12:43probably going to be something like
12:44Enchanted or vicious or Keen or life
12:46stealing something that's going to help
12:47you take stay alive or maybe even hated
12:50um we can take a look you can get all of
12:52these perks in here as well if you're
12:54not a big fan of that trenchant Ren uh
12:56sort of perk there and I'm not too much
12:57of a big fan either there is is life
12:59ring now this one doesn't have
13:00refreshing move guaranteed but obviously
13:03um it does appear if you get this uh
13:04sword at 675 gear score or higher um
13:08then there's a 2.74% chance that it
13:10would be there but the other perks that
13:11are present on it Enchanted and vicious
13:13are pretty solid as well but you
13:15definitely want to be putting refreshing
13:16move as the third perk on this bad boy
13:18for uh for tanking moving over to the
13:19Rapier now obviously we covered the
13:21artifact Rapier is kind of just like
13:22hands down better than anything else we
13:24can find but if you're using an artifact
13:25great sword and rapia as your secondary
13:27you can't have an AR effect rapia this
13:29would be the one that I would go for out
13:31of all the life ring keratin you know
13:33that this is the one uh it has Rogue and
13:35keenley Jagged and then third perk that
13:37it would put on here would probably be
13:39omnidirectional evade I think
13:40omnidirectional evade for the extra
13:42damage is pretty solid so that has a is
13:46it even here yeah that there's a 4.72%
13:49chance of uh being active but you can
13:51obviously put that on there um through
13:53the gypsum kill which we'll cover later
13:54on when it comes to flails I again
13:56consider this to be more of a tank
13:58weapon and must have perk for tanks is
14:00the refreshing move um the mle power
14:03maybe not too great here but you know
14:0415% extra damage for 20 seconds when you
14:06kill something not too bad and then the
14:08third perk that you'd be slapping on
14:09this bad boy would probably be something
14:11like vicious Keen or Enchanted I think
14:13those would also be pretty uh excellent
14:15options for the the te flail on the
14:17speia this was hounds down the best pick
14:19for me um this one comes with vicious
14:21and keenly Jagged um if you get it at
14:24675 GE scar higher and you roll in
14:26feeeling skua congratulations that's
14:28best in SL but again we do have the
14:30option to sort of modify and make that
14:32our own for great ax is we're back at
14:34the te section of things T te te i'
14:37might have been saying this wrong the
14:39whole time refreshing move and Enchanted
14:40uh gr X is generally a very ability
14:43Centric weapon so being able to activate
14:44your abilities more often with
14:45refreshing move is great the third perk
14:48that you want to slap on this bad boy is
14:50uh enfeebling malstrom this has some
14:52great utility reducing all the enemies
14:54damage that it hits uh by by 27% for 8
14:57seconds pretty solid perk there for
14:59warhammers the best option that I could
15:01see was the tanglevine Warhammer this
15:03has keen and trench and Strikes it is
15:05pretty often that you can get a fully
15:06charged heavy off with the Warhammer and
15:08they do hit really hard the third perk
15:10that I would slap on here or hope to see
15:12come out would be sundering clear out or
15:14sundering shock wave I think the both of
15:15these have a lot of value for the amount
15:16of Ren that he had suering clear out a
15:19little bit stronger at 25% versus the
15:2115% for great swords it is a bit of a
15:23tough one again the artifact great sword
15:25just beats this 1 million per hands down
15:28but trench and strikes is a must have
15:29perk on the great sword and then the
15:30only other option we had was Shing Abyss
15:32so trench and Strikes Shing abyss and
15:34then I think the third perk that I'd be
15:35looking for here would be like
15:37refreshing move or keenly Jagged I think
15:39those are Al also like pretty excellent
15:41options for the great sword for bows the
15:43syncratic bow seems to be hand down the
15:45most popular choice uh fellow streamer
15:48New World content creator aroli is a big
15:50fan of the syncretic bow it's got
15:51keenley Jagged and Enchanted which are
15:53great perks for the bow and then the
15:54third perk usually what you going to be
15:56going for is Attunement which just
15:57doesn't actually appear here in the list
15:59so you will have to do this one through
16:00the gypsum kill but the achievement
16:02perks are all pretty awesome in
16:04particular aoral achievement for a
16:05little bit of extra nature damage um
16:07good for high single Target DPS it's the
16:10same for the musket as well keenly
16:11Jagged and there's that aoral
16:12achievement that we just talking about
16:14with the bow third perk that I would go
16:15for on the musket would probably be
16:18vicious or empowering shooter stance but
16:20I will warn you I'm not much of a musket
16:21player so uh I'm just going with what I
16:24think would be good vicious third perk
16:26if you upgraded this that the Kiln would
16:28probably be an excellent choice for the
16:30blunder bus keenly empowered and
16:31Enchanted seems to be the best perks
16:33that I could find out of the sort of
16:34Deep River life ring te sort of items
16:37third perk that you would put down here
16:39depends what sort of play style you
16:40would want to go for netsh shot is
16:42pretty good for PVP and probably
16:44something you want to look at otherwise
16:46maybe just Attunement for a little bit
16:47of extra DPS whenever you hit that left
16:50Mouse button the best and freely
16:51farmable fire staff you can find out
16:53there is the corrupt Brena to fire staff
16:55this has Keen keenley Jagged and then
16:56the third perk you'd be looking for
16:58vicious which comes out a lot of the
16:59time or you could slap on a fireball
17:02accelerating flamethrower or even
17:04atunement depending on what sort of play
17:06style you're going with for Life staffs
17:07it's a hands down no BR for me it is the
17:09corrupt progenitor LIF staff this has
17:11blessed and refreshing move guaranteed
17:13these are the two absolute best and Slot
17:15perks that you want to have on your life
17:16staff and then the third perk you'd be
17:17looking to take a weapon ability so
17:19mending protection or refreshing Divine
17:22Embrace or fortifying sacred ground
17:23depending on which one's your favorite
17:24heel that's what I would choose to put
17:27on this puck in the gyps kill but ice
17:29gauntlets there wasn't really a clearcut
17:30winner in my opinion so I went with the
17:32syncratic ice Gauntlet this has keenly
17:34Jagged and vicious third perk that I put
17:36on this would probably be unending Thor
17:38or the um pylon burst perk for the void
17:41Gauntlet I really like to have
17:42refreshing move on my void gaunlet and
17:44although the artifact void gaunlet does
17:45exist if you're pairing it with
17:47something else is an artifact then this
17:48is a pretty good option refreshing move
17:50Enchanted third Puck could be putrifying
17:52scream it could be Keen which is good as
17:54well for lowering void gaone the coold
17:56Downs just probably not blessed when it
17:58comes to Tower Shields I opted to go for
17:59the wood grain Tower Shield it has
18:01refreshing and sturdy the third perk
18:03that you want to have here is sturdy
18:04energy or a fortifying Shield Rush is a
18:07pretty excellent option as well provided
18:08obviously you're playing with a sword
18:10and shield anyway and then from the
18:11round Shield option uh if you are
18:13playing with a sword and shield and
18:14you've been a bit more aggressive you're
18:15in like a light equip load rather than
18:17playing tank I think Keen keenly
18:19empowered and then the third perk
18:20vicious would Al also be like pretty
18:22excellent here on the soul shroud round
18:23Shield right now as promised we're going
18:25to briefly go over where you can Farm
18:27each one of those categories of items so
18:30if you're interested in any of the life
18:32ring items which in this particular
18:34guide the LIF ring item that we
18:35recommended was the spear and a
18:38one-handed sword LIF ring items can be
18:40farmed with entropy malevolence and
18:43abiogenesis I think I'm saying that last
18:45one right um all of these can be found
18:48in the clip that was showing here on the
18:49on the screen so you can get them in
18:51Eden Grove there's actually a little
18:52sort of circle Arena area where they
18:54spawn and you can get all of the
18:56different LIF ring items just by sitting
18:58here um on my server there was like a
19:00raid sitting there pretty much 24/7 just
19:02farming these items so a pretty good
19:04area to go and like I say you can find
19:06all of the life ring items here the name
19:07of the point of interest is if you're
19:09curious is T to Riven I think I'm saying
19:12that right uh T to Riven which you can
19:14find sort of uh kind of south of this
19:16fast travel here yeah alian Shrine just
19:19going south of there um that's where
19:20you're going to find the little party
19:22going on if you're interested in any of
19:23the te items like the great Axe or the
19:26void gaunlet one of the best spots that
19:27I found to farm those items was up in
19:30the north of eban scale so there was
19:32sort of a little Loop that you could do
19:34um over an eban scale it's in what is
19:37the name of the area I'm going to have
19:38to look it up live here while the
19:39footage plays it's called skyon Crypt so
19:41in skyson Crypt there are a variety of
19:44different enemies um Ivan the Terrible
19:47Folly and I think it was morti mortius
19:51something like that uh he's got a big
19:53you know uh coffin on his back those
19:55were the enemies that all have the
19:56chance to drop the te items so again if
19:58you're interested in any of those that's
20:00where you want to go Sky Sun Crypt north
20:01of eban scale for keratin items such as
20:04the rapia which we showcased the best
20:06place you can go to is heliopolis in
20:08fact it's really the only place you can
20:10go to this is a bit of a difficult one
20:12to farm CU all of the enemies are like
20:14super high level elites with lots and
20:15lots of health I did manage to take down
20:17a couple of cats for the purpose of
20:19making footage for this video but it was
20:21quite a difficult fight and I did have
20:22to sort of utilize just standing in
20:24sacred ground a lot but if you're
20:26interested in getting some keratin items
20:27you want to keep an eye out in
20:29recruitment chat for anybody saying plus
20:31Helio or X Helio depending on which
20:33server you if you type X Helio plus
20:35Helio into recruitment chat hopefully
20:37you can find a group that is going to
20:38heliopolis and then you'll be able to
20:40farm out some of these keratin items
20:42including the Keratin rapia for Deep
20:44River items such as the blunderbus which
20:46you covered and also this bow here the
20:49best spot to go to is in rater um there
20:52is the sirens brute who has a really
20:54fast respawn time of whatever whatever
20:56reason he comes back really quickly this
20:58typically a lot of people farming him
20:59cuz he has a couple of other nice drops
21:00that people want to go for so the sirens
21:02brute area is located in rater it's in
21:04the siren sort of stand if you type plus
21:07siren in or X siren into recruitment
21:10chat you'll be able to find people to go
21:12in there as well it is an elite area and
21:13he sort of chilling uh behind a big gate
21:16that you have to go you know he he blows
21:18it up so if you're trying to get through
21:20the gate you might have to wait till it
21:21blow up it's a little bit of a tricky
21:22run to get there but uh the Deep River
21:24items are pretty good as well for tangle
21:26Vine items such as the Warhammer one of
21:29the best spots to go to is Vach um Vach
21:32is located in the cave he's the guy that
21:34drops Odo which is the artifact flail
21:37you can find Vach down at the bottom of
21:38the cave however if you can't get there
21:41for whatever reason or you want to do it
21:42solo I recommend going to El frry pryo
21:46I'm probably pronouncing that wrong elry
21:48pryo is located in Elian Wilds um a
21:51bunch of enemies around here like there
21:52the little plants there is adana's
21:54chosen beast at the back um you can get
21:56tangle Vine items from from these
21:58enemies for syncratic items including
22:01the syncratic bow and syncratic musket
22:04your best bet is to take on a few
22:06enemies uh located in the sort of this
22:08area on Brimstone Sands so we have a
22:10little bit of footage here I'll also
22:12show it live in the video so you have
22:14this kind of area with atom's way and
22:16Forge of P so there's a bunch of
22:17different enemies around here that can
22:19drop them rafik of bishara and then I
22:22think it's AO aois I don't know how I
22:24say it it's a big brute guy he can also
22:27drop some syntic items as well so you
22:28want to be sort of farming this area
22:30outside of heliopolis to get syncratic
22:33items from the named enemies when it
22:35comes to corrupt progenitor items such
22:37as the life staff your best bet really
22:39is to get yourself into a MC guard run
22:42so it's very common on um my server at
22:45least here on Barry that people are
22:46typing plus portal in the chat very
22:49often um or plus MC so getting yourself
22:51up into merard there are various enemies
22:53in merard that drop the corrupted
22:55progenitor items such as the life staff
22:57however one of the option if you're you
22:59just hate the idea of going near other
23:01people um there is thankfully a solo way
23:03to farm it as well and it is at spra
23:06Tower so in spra Tower you can find a
23:08angry earth called Fay and Fay also can
23:11drop some of the corrupt progenitor
23:13items as well when it comes to wood
23:15grain items the best place to farm these
23:17is good old Baines Baines is super easy
23:20to kill you can do it solo but when I
23:22went to him there was a bunch of people
23:23farming him like just constantly he
23:25seems to respawn really quickly as well
23:26so good way to get a bunch of these wood
23:28grain items including the tower Shield
23:30which can be quite good for tanks so
23:31just going to this spot on the map which
23:33is located in Eden grve it's um kind of
23:36outside where old malevolence used to be
23:38so the spot is called spy paralus you
23:40can find wood grade down from Banes just
23:42outside the front here and again he's a
23:44very easy solo Farm but usually you're
23:46going to find groups sort of killing him
23:47as well lastly for soul shroud items
23:49such as the round Shield which we
23:51covered you want to be killing uh big
23:52priest enemies in MK guards so one of
23:55the best spots to go to is right up at
23:57the top of Merk guard over here you have
23:58Arch magest vocus there's people farming
24:00this guy 24/7 on my server because he
24:03also has like a mount attachment and a
24:05bunch of other items as well but any of
24:06the big sort of priest um corrupted
24:08priest enemies in merard can give you
24:11the soul shroud items as well now lastly
24:13as promised we're going to talk about
24:15how you can take these items and bump
24:16them up to 700 gear score and choose
24:19your third perk of your choice um cuz
24:22again you might be wondering well this
24:23isn't Bast and Slot bagin it's it's a
24:24really low gear score um if you're
24:26wondering which is the third perk you
24:28want to put on we did cover that in each
24:30individual section with each weapon so
24:31if you're looking for perk
24:32recommendations of which third perk to
24:34go for check uh check out you know the
24:36previous bit of the video but all you
24:38got to do friends is have the item in
24:40your bag so have it in your bag you
24:42could maybe have it in the starage shed
24:43as well but we're going to say have it
24:44in the bag uh make sure it's not
24:46equipped to your character if it's
24:47equipped to your character it won't show
24:48up as an option if it's in a gear set it
24:50also won't show up as an option so take
24:51it out the gear sets take it off your
24:53character and then go to the gypson K
24:55with the item in your bag and what we're
24:57going to do is we're going to scroll all
24:58the way down to the bottom of the menu
25:00here and by the way for those of you not
25:02familiar gypsum Ks are located in all of
25:05the endgame towns so Eden grve Brimstone
25:07Sands Evan scale reach um even great
25:10cleave shatted Mountain the only one to
25:12be wary of is the gypsum kill in um what
25:15is this place called last Light it's
25:17actually bugged it doesn't it's there
25:18but it's not there so watch out for that
25:20one but all the other gypsum kill should
25:22be working and again we want to scroll
25:24all the way down to the bottom and
25:25here's all of the named items that I
25:27currently have in my inventory there's
25:28deeper of a bow and what we can do is
25:31Click over here click to add the perk
25:33that we want we're going to add
25:34Enchanted here for example and then when
25:36we hit craft provided we have the
25:38materials we will make a 700 gasar bow
25:40with frost achievement ke empowered and
25:42Enchanted the only reason it doesn't
25:43show us legendary here is cu it doesn't
25:45know like it's it's not able to predict
25:48what craft mod you want to put on it so
25:50it just shows a 700 g version but it
25:52will have that third perk there as well
25:53and it's really that simple one other
25:56thing obviously that you guys might have
25:57the question is well how do I get these
25:59materials so chromatic seals you buy
26:01these from your faction vendor so if you
26:04are Covenant it's obviously your
26:05Covenant faction vendor if you are
26:08Marauder The Marauder faction vendor
26:09Syndicate you you guys get the idea
26:11they're located on the bottom tier of
26:13the faction vendor so you will have to
26:16max out your faction ref and you can
26:17only buy one of these a day so I'll give
26:20you guys a quick little example here we
26:21go to rewards and then we go down to the
26:24bottom tier for me all the way down and
26:26there is the chromatic seal you can buy
26:28one of these um the the ability to buy
26:30them resets at 5:00 a.m. server time
26:32every day so uh it costs 20,000 marks of
26:35Fortune 5,000 gold there's no other way
26:37to get these and I do recommend that you
26:38put gold aside and faction tokens in
26:40order to buy them you can also buy
26:41gypsum uh orbs from the faction vendor
26:43as well um gyps and Ms are generally
26:45pretty easy to come by if like people
26:47ask me what is the purpose of gyps and
26:49Ms this is probably one of the biggest
26:50purposes what it comes to Dark Matter
26:53your best bet for getting dark matter is
26:55doing chest runs and then salvaging
26:56items you don't want want you can also
26:59go and do mutated Expeditions every
27:01mutated Expedition you do will give you
27:02a chest at the end that you can pop open
27:04to get some Doc matter as well but I
27:06think in order to keep this video from
27:07going too long we will make a dedicated
27:09video on how to get dark matter and then
27:11lastly you're going to need a weapon
27:13Matrix now weapon Matrix you can craft
27:15these or you can buy them off the
27:16trading post if you search for weapon
27:18Matrix in the trading post you can buy
27:19them they're also available through your
27:22trade skills as well so we have weapon
27:24smithing if we go all the way down to
27:26the bottom there's the weapon matx so we
27:28can make this at the forge and it's also
27:30available through engineering as well so
27:32we go all the way down to the bottom
27:33there's the weapon Matrix and we can
27:35make it at the workshop to my
27:37understanding the workshop version of
27:38the weapon Matrix with engineering is
27:40actually a bit cheaper to make so bear
27:41that in mind as well right this video
27:43has gone quite long um I'm sure there's
27:46still more questions that you guys have
27:47and you might be asking well what about
27:49this situation what about that situation
27:51again there's a lot of nuance in New
27:53World there is really no true one size
27:55fits-all you might be running a very
27:56unique build with with uh with you know
27:58all your points in Focus using heavy
27:59armor Warhammer musket in which case you
28:02know there's going to be some different
28:03perks good for you but what I wanted to
28:05talk about here was generalizations and
28:07uh just give some good examples of some
28:09weapons that you can Farm if you're not
28:10able to get any ARs and uh you know a
28:13lot of these um pieces of gear that we
28:15talked about there is also an armor
28:17equivalent as well so whilst there is
28:19the sort of Deep River bow that we took
28:21a look at there's also the Deep River
28:23Ring as well so there is again quite a
28:25bit of an advantage to going farming the
28:26mobs that we talked about right we're
28:28going to end the video here if you guys
28:29got any further questions leave them in
28:30the comments down below or come into the
28:32stream I am streaming almost every day
28:34over on Twitch you can find the link in
28:36the description down below
28:38bagginstv hopefully you guys have found
28:40this video useful um I will catch you
28:43guys all in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best perks to look for on weapons, armor, and jewelry in New World?

In New World, the best perks to look for on weapons, armor, and jewelry vary depending on your playstyle and the activities you engage in. For weapons, perks like increasing damage against specific enemy types or providing buffs to specific abilities can be beneficial. For armor, perks that increase your survivability or enhance specific weapon types are popular choices. When it comes to jewelry, perks that boost critical damage, increase healing effectiveness, or provide cooldown reduction for abilities are highly sought after.

2. Where can I farm the best perks for weapons, armor, and jewelry in New World?

Farming for the best perks in New World can be done through various activities such as expeditions, elite mob farming, and chest looting in specific regions. Different perks can be found in different areas and from different sources, so it's important to research and strategize where to focus your farming efforts based on the perks you're aiming for. Additionally, participating in faction missions, completing territory resource runs, and engaging in PvP content can also yield valuable perk items.

3. What types of weapon perks should I consider for PvE content in New World?

When focusing on PvE content in New World, weapon perks that enhance crowd control abilities, provide bonus damage to PvE-specific enemy types, or offer buffs to healing or support abilities are recommended. Additionally, perks that reduce cooldowns on impactful abilities, improve resource management, or increase overall damage output are valuable for PvE encounters. Experimenting with different weapon perk combinations and adapting them to the specific PvE activities you engage in can optimize your gameplay experience.

4. How can I use the Gypsum Kiln to turn good items into perfect ones in New World?

The Gypsum Kiln in New World allows players to upgrade their items from good to perfect quality using Gypsum, which is obtained from various end-game activities such as elite mob farming, expeditions, and outpost rush. By using the Gypsum Kiln, players can select a specific item and upgrade it to perfect quality, enhancing its stats and perks. It's important to prioritize which items to upgrade based on their rarity and usefulness in your preferred playstyle. Utilizing the Gypsum Kiln effectively can significantly improve your overall gear power level.

5. What suggestions do you have for different weapon types in New World PvE content?

For different weapon types in New World PvE content, it's important to consider the unique playstyle and strengths of each weapon. Weapons like the Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet are popular choices for their healing and crowd control capabilities. Other weapons, such as the Great Axe or Fire Staff, excel in dealing high damage to PvE enemies. Players can experiment with weapon combinations to synergize their perks and abilities for optimal PvE performance. It's recommended to explore different weapon types and their respective perks to find the most enjoyable and effective playstyle for PvE encounters.

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