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The video teaches a trading strategy using the SMC concept, where higher time frames are analyzed for trend direction and lower time frames are used for entries. The strategy involves marking out auto blocks near price action and entering trades during specific hours. Examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy.
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The SMC trading strategy involves using a higher time frame of 4 hours and a lower time frame of 15 minutes for entries, with the rules being to look at the autoflow and mark out every single autoblock near the price action.
The higher time frame used is 4 hours.
The lower time frame used is 15 minutes for entries.
Look at the autoflow and mark out every single autoblock near the price action.
Autoblocks are just support and resistance levels.
The strategy involves looking for a shift in market structure, marking out the 15-minute auto block, and timing the entry between 2 am to 6 am and 7 am to 11:30 am New York time.
Look for a shift in market structure and mark out the 15-minute auto block.
Entry timing is crucial, between 2 am to 6 am and 7 am to 11:30 am New York time.
Take profits quickly and target the closest area without holding the trade for long.
The speaker recommends signing up through their link for a bonus, and then explains how to identify auto blocks and take entry from them in trading.
The speaker suggests signing up through their link to get a total of 100 USDT bonus.
They analyze a trading example on the USD on a four-hour time frame, identifying a bearish trend.
The concept of auto blocks is explained as the last consecutive bullish candles before a move to the downside.
The speaker demonstrates how to mark out auto blocks and explains the concept of supply areas.
The speaker discusses a trading strategy using market structure shifts and auto blocks, emphasizing the importance of market structure shifts during Killzone hours.
Look for market structure shifts and use the first candle of the auto block as an entry point.
Market structure shifts during Killzone hours are more significant.
Example given where the strategy is successful in hitting the take profit.
The best SMC trading strategy involves looking for market structure shifts during Killzone RS, entering during Killzone hours, and aiming for 1-2 take profit levels.
Entry must be during Killzone hours.
Look for consecutive bullish candles as an entry point.
Avoid JPY pairs to increase win rate.
Train your eyes to see the trend and confirm with dxy.
This section demonstrates how a trading strategy can still be successful even if there is a market structure shift outside of the Killzone hours.
Market structure shift is shown outside of the Killzone hours.
Entry is taken based on the last bearish candle to manage risk.
Stop loss is set below the entry level.
Take profit is achieved in three hours.
00:00hey guys what is up Faz here in this
00:02video I will teach you the easiest SMC
00:04training strategy that's going to help
00:06you become profitable okay so let's get
00:09straight on with the video so for this
00:10tragedy we are going to use two time
00:12frames so one is going to be the higher
00:14time frame and the other one is going to
00:15be the you know the lower time frame
00:17used for your entries and all
00:19so for higher time frame and I use the
00:22four hour time frame so my higher time
00:24frame is for hours and my lower time
00:27frame is 15 minutes so I'm going to use
00:30the 4r time frame for my higher time
00:31from analysis and 15 minutes for my
00:33entry and all okay so here are the rules
00:37on the four hour time frame first of all
00:40you want to look at the autoflow so on
00:43for our time frame
00:47look at the Overflow so if the autoflow
00:51is bullish you want to take Longs if you
00:53if the autoflow is bearish you want to
00:56take shots so if you're new to the SMC
00:59Concepts oh my God I just wrote other
01:01flow to order flow so if you are new to
01:04SMC Concepts it simply means if the
01:07trend is bullish or bearish if the trend
01:09is bullish you keep taking long list of
01:10trend is bearish you keep taking shots
01:12okay so on our four time frame look at
01:15the autoflow so let's say if the auto
01:17floor is bullish what you want to do is
01:19you have to mark out
01:20every single Auto Block near the price
01:23section okay
01:24so Mark out
01:28every single auto block
01:31near the price action okay
01:36what I mean by every autoblock is a res
01:40support level and what is a support
01:42level is basically an Autoblog Okay so
01:45you know you might hate me for saying
01:47this but an autoblock is just a support
01:49and resistant refined support and
01:51resistance levels so our very first step
01:54is on four hour time frame which is the
01:55higher time frame we have to look at the
01:57autoflow then the second rule is Mark
01:59out every single Auto Block near the
02:01price action yeah so let's say if price
02:05here you know there could be an
02:07autoblock here
02:09there could be an auto block right there
02:11could be an autoblock right there yeah
02:13so you want to Mark out this auto block
02:15you want to Mark out this auto block and
02:16you want to Mark out this auto block so
02:18essentially before we even begin with
02:20the strategy you want to understand what
02:22is an autoblock right so the body of the
02:26candle so let's say we had a push down
02:28and then we have a push up right so the
02:31last bearish candle the body of the last
02:33bearish candle is going to be your auto
02:36block or consecutive bearish candles
02:38before a move to the upside
02:41could be your auto block as well so your
02:42auto block could be the body of the
02:45start of the consecutive bearish candle
02:47before price went ahead and did a market
02:49structure shift yeah so now that these
02:52concepts are clear let me get straight
02:54into the strategy so the rule number
02:56third is
02:58you wanna
03:00once you have marked out your Autoblog
03:02so let's assume that this is your
03:04autoblock on a four hour time frame yeah
03:06so you have marked out the auto block
03:08which is going to be somewhere around
03:10you want to wait for price to come back
03:12into your auto block so let's say price
03:15comes back into your auto block you want
03:16to drop down to 15 minute time frame so
03:19when you drop down to 15 minute time
03:20frame the structure is going to look
03:22something like this okay so you simply
03:24want to look for a shift in Market
03:27structure once you have a shift in
03:29Market structure you want to Mark out
03:31the 15 minute auto block okay so there
03:33could be consecutive bearish candle
03:35before move to the upside or it could be
03:37it could just be a single candle okay so
03:40you just Mark that single candle the
03:41body of the single Kettle out remember
03:46says that for auto blocks Wix we do not
03:49Mark out the Wicks we only Mark out the
03:51body if you mark out the wigs what's
03:53what's gonna happen is sometimes price
03:54can you know give you an inducement so
03:56what's going to happen price gonna tap
03:58into Wick of the auto block push back up
04:01and then stop you out at break even or
04:03something like that when it mitigates
04:05the body of the candle
04:08we have our four hour auto block we know
04:11that the trend is bullish right so we
04:13wait for price to come back into our POI
04:15we drop down to 15 minutes we look for a
04:17shift in Market structure on 15 minutes
04:20and we Mark out the Autoblog now this is
04:24very important we have to take time into
04:26consideration so your entry is only
04:28going to be during these hours so let me
04:31tell you what is the timing so
04:33essentially for this strategy
04:36specifically you can take your entry
04:38from two
04:42uh till six
04:46my bad
04:47M New York time
04:5811 30 a.m New York time
05:04yeah so this is the timing guys remember
05:08that okay 2 am till 6 AM and then 7 AM
05:13till 11 30 a.m New York time so make
05:17sure you set your timezone to New York
05:18and this is going to be the time okay
05:21your entry must be doing that level so
05:23let's say the time is now 2 10 or 2 15
05:27am price comes back into your auto block
05:29boom you take your entry you simply go
05:33if there's any fairly Gap Mark that out
05:35you target the closest area okay you
05:39don't want to hold your trade okay
05:41you're simply just taking profits and
05:43just getting out of the trades okay so
05:45essentially you take your profit at
05:47minimum one to two risk to reward and
05:50you can hold you know you could take
05:52like eighty percent of the trade off at
05:54one to two risk reward and then you're
05:56gonna hold your trade till this extreme
05:58favorite Gap so this is basically the
06:00whole strategy guys you mark on every
06:03single Auto Block near the price action
06:04you wait for price to come back into
06:05your POI you wait for Market structure
06:07share from 15 minutes time frame and you
06:09look for your entry uh during kills on
06:11ours so I will give you guys three to
06:14four examples and then this is gonna be
06:17crystal clear to you guys all right guys
06:19before moving on to the examples I want
06:21to let you guys know about the crypto
06:23exchange bit get uh this is the exchange
06:25that I currently use to trade crypto uh
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06:37and on top of that if you take
06:40or open five positions that exceed five
06:43thousand dollars uh volume in volume
06:46right you will get 50 usdt extra bonus
06:50as well so 100 usdd bonus in total I
06:54highly recommend that you sign up
06:56through my link and trade crypto on this
06:59exchange from now once anyways let's
07:01move on to the examples alright guys so
07:03here's example number one as you can see
07:04I'm looking at your USD on a four hour
07:06time frame so as you can see the
07:09autoflow till here was bullish but then
07:13we had this huge displacement we broke
07:16this structure right there
07:18and we also broke these structures here
07:21as well and after breaking these
07:23structures we also have a break of
07:24structure so that gave me a sign that we
07:27could be bearish for now so what I would
07:30do at this point is I would Mark out
07:32every single Auto Block near the price
07:34action you don't have to mark out this
07:35one or this one
07:36but uh somewhere around here okay so
07:39what essentially is an Autoblog okay my
07:43definition is the first candle yeah of
07:46the fair value Gap but
07:49uh ICT says the last consecutive bullish
07:54before the move to the upside uh before
07:56we move to the downside okay so
07:59um an example would be these bullish
08:02consecutive candles yeah and
08:05price breaks this you could take your
08:07entry from this level however uh we want
08:11to Mark always on a markout the last
08:13candle of the move right so we have this
08:15auto block this is the last candle of
08:17the auto block so this would be your
08:19auto block right
08:20and similarly this right here could be
08:23your auto block as you see these are two
08:26candles right so you want to choose the
08:28last one here okay so this is your auto
08:30block essentially we could also say that
08:32these are Supply areas supply and demand
08:35okay so this could be Supply areas
08:40another example of autoblock would be
08:41this right there you can see we have
08:43this candle and this candle right here
08:46so I would choose this as an auto block
08:47on the four hour time frame okay but on
08:50the 15 minute timer when we're going to
08:52take our confirmation entry uh we have
08:55to take our entry from this Scandal okay
08:57so we have to take our entry from the
08:59beginning of the auto block on the
09:01higher time frame we want to you know
09:03refine our entries
09:06anyways we have this auto block we have
09:08this auto block we have this and this we
09:11also do have this auto block right here
09:13okay this is an autoblock as well
09:16but as you can see price did not respect
09:18these levels so now what I have now at
09:21this current level
09:22you know price did not even have a break
09:25of structure at the moment but I can
09:27still look for shift in Market structure
09:29to the downside because I know the trend
09:31is bearish okay and for this strategy
09:33you don't have to even look for breakup
09:35structures you can just simply Mark out
09:37every single auto block uh above the
09:41price action since we are bearish right
09:44so we simply wait for price to come back
09:47into one of our zones so as you can see
09:49okay there's still some Gap left so I
09:52would wait for price to you know
09:55actually mitigate the auto block so once
09:58price hits this level
09:59what I would do is that would drop down
10:01to 15 minute time frame so as you can
10:03see we touched the auto block this is
10:05the auto block level and we have this
10:08structure mini structure right here so
10:11we have higher high higher low higher
10:13high we broke the structure that that is
10:15a confirmation for us that the trend is
10:17Shifting we have a shift in Market
10:18structure and as you can see we have
10:21this green candle as our auto block so
10:23let's say there were like three bullish
10:25candles I would take my entry from the
10:27very first candle of the other block
10:28because since we are on 15 minutes if
10:30you were on four hour I would only
10:31choose the last candle of the autoblock
10:34so what essentially I would do is I
10:36would look for my entry but before that
10:38I want to look at the time what is the
10:39time it's 4 45 so we are good at the
10:43so I would put my start right there I
10:45would go for one to two as per my rules
10:48but you can Target the liquidity levels
10:50fairly Gap it's really up to you okay
10:53and as you can see we got our entry at 5
10:5615 which is a beautiful sign so and also
11:00there's one more thing
11:01if you get a market structure shift on
11:0415 minutes time frame during kills on
11:06hours uh it's gonna make that setup even
11:09more you know it's gonna help it play
11:12out even better okay let's say you had a
11:14marker structure shift uh not in the
11:17kilton hours then that market structure
11:20shift could could be a weak one okay but
11:23if you get a market structure shift
11:25uh during Killzone hours that is a plus
11:27Point okay so let's say that as you can
11:30see right there this is a beautiful
11:32example so let's assume that the price
11:35touched the auto block right here right
11:37and we had a ship in Market notice that
11:39the market structure shift happened uh
11:42before Killzone RS and that's why this
11:44auto block did not get respected however
11:47we have electricity sweep and then we
11:49have a shift in Microsoft during kills
11:51on ours so this right here is our entry
11:53so let's see how this plays out
11:56and as you can see our take profit was
11:58hit so this is like the best SMC and
12:03easiest SMC strategy that you can use to
12:05become profitable so let me give you
12:07guys a couple of another examples all
12:08right guys so here is example number two
12:11I'm looking at AUD USD on a four hour
12:13time frame and as you can see the
12:15autoflow is bearish so I would only be
12:18looking for shots this right here is not
12:21enough for two can enough price action
12:23to convince me that the trend has not
12:26shifted into a bullish uh autoflow okay
12:29this simply mean it could just be a
12:32liquidy sweep okay so
12:34um as you can see I have this auto block
12:37marked out even though we do not have a
12:40break of structure this is still a
12:42resistance point for me okay so as soon
12:46as you see this candle right here it
12:49broke below the body of this auto block
12:54a supply Zone okay so even then that
12:58level is valid you trust me on this go
13:00back test it okay and you're gonna be
13:02shocked because price is fractal and
13:05this right here was a market structure
13:07shift on a smaller time frame I don't
13:08know but once the body closes like that
13:11below this candle green candle this
13:13becomes your um POI okay so let's see
13:17what happens so I skip ahead and you can
13:19see we touched mitigated this auto block
13:21let's go back to 15 minute time frame
13:23and as you can see we have higher high
13:26higher low higher high and this right
13:29here is a structure so I want to wait
13:30for price two
13:31break that level by closing
13:36below this level so as you can see we
13:37have a marker structure shift here and
13:40we have a market structure shift during
13:41Killzone RS now it is not totally
13:44necessary to look for Market structure
13:46shifts during kills on ours but it's
13:49gonna you know make the setup work out
13:52even better as I said before okay your
13:55entry although must be during kills on
13:58ours so you can see we have a shift in
14:00Market structure so now our entry would
14:02simply be these consecutive bullish
14:05candles so I would take my entry from
14:07this consecutive bullish candles right
14:08here because that is an auto block so I
14:12would simply just go long here put my
14:14stop right above this High over here
14:16giving me a 10.7 pip stop loss and I
14:19would just aim for one to two
14:23and let's see how this plays out so we
14:26got our entry right there and if I play
14:28this through you're gonna see that we
14:30hit our take profit level quite nicely
14:32Okay so
14:36yeah this is like honestly the best SMC
14:38strategy that you can use it's pretty
14:40easy and you might be wondering like for
14:42our time frame is a big time frame you
14:44you might think that you will only get
14:46like one to two setups guys this is a
14:49strategy work on every single pair here
14:53try to avoid JPY appears I have seen
14:57them not working that well I mean they
14:59do work I promise you okay they work but
15:02if you want to like increase your win
15:04rate stick with any other pair except
15:06the ones with the audjp like sorry JPY
15:11so as you can see let's just repeat this
15:14example we can see that the
15:17autoflow was bearish and the thing is
15:21guys you have to train your eyes to see
15:23the trend okay now this right here a lot
15:25of people would assume that this right
15:27here is a market structure shift and of
15:30course it is okay
15:31but overall look at the trend okay so
15:35and also to even sorry guys uh even to
15:40even confirm it further what you can do
15:42is look at the dxy if you're looking at
15:43USD Pairs and if the dxy is bullish
15:47right you can stay bearish
15:50okay so in the end of this video I'm
15:53going to give you guys a couple of
15:54improvement tips that you can use to
15:56increase your winter even further okay
15:58so that's it for this example let's move
16:01on to the last example all right guys so
16:03here is the last example so this one is
16:06going to be different from every other
16:08example that I've shown you before so
16:09let's look at the autoflow first so
16:11overall the market structure is bullish
16:14uh however however we did have a bearish
16:17trend uh and then now we are making
16:20higher highs and higher lows Again by
16:24um you know mitigating this auto block
16:26right here with for everybody Gap so my
16:29bias has now switched to being bullish
16:31because we can see we have we are making
16:34higher highs and higher lows so right
16:35here what I have is an autoblock so on
16:39the 4i time frame you see these
16:41consecutive rare scandals we choose the
16:42last one the body of the last candle not
16:45the wick okay so Wick does not count
16:47and let's assume that price
16:50comes down while it's the low of the
16:53order block and then gives you a market
16:54structure shift no do not take it that
16:57could be a trap okay if price comes back
16:59and you know reacts from this level
17:01around here no do not take it
17:03your you should see a market structure
17:06shift inside within the auto block okay
17:10remember that so let's play ahead and
17:12you can see that we have a reaction here
17:14so now this example is going to show you
17:16that even if you get a market structure
17:18shift uh when you're not in a Killzone
17:21RS the trade can still work out okay and
17:24there is a variation in this example so
17:26watch carefully so let's drop down to 15
17:27minutes now this right here is our high
17:31that needs to be broken
17:36as you can see we have a shift in Market
17:38structure right here and that is outside
17:41the Killzone hours it does not matter
17:43however if you look at this here this
17:46auto block is way too big so you have
17:47three consecutive bearish candles okay
17:50so if you take your entry from this
17:52your stop loss is going to be huge so in
17:54this scenario what you can do is choose
17:57the last bearish candle okay and
18:00remember when I say that you can improve
18:03the win rate of the strategy if you wait
18:05for a buildup of this liquidity like
18:08you know before your entry that even is
18:10a plus point I'm not saying that you
18:12should always look for this type of
18:14setup but if you do it that is even even
18:17better okay so our entry zone is the
18:21body of this auto block we put our entry
18:23here put our stop right below this level
18:25and you can see the stop loss is already
18:2628 Pips so let's just decrease it to
18:29actually let's just not let's stick with
18:3128 let's keep our stop here just to be
18:33on the safe side and let's target one to
18:36two as usual this would be 56 Pips okay
18:39so our entry now must be doing the kills
18:42on ours and as you can see we got our
18:43entry at 6 30 so that is perfect and
18:47boom voila we hit our take profit
18:51in like three hours and that's about it
18:55so it's really really crucial to you
18:59know know what a trend is like what is
19:02the autoflow okay
19:04because sometimes what you can what can
19:06happen you can be stuck in the wrong
19:08direction you could be taking trades in
19:10the long Direction you could and you
19:11could experience losses the best way to
19:14avoid it is let's say if you lose two
19:16trades in a row then ask yourself this
19:18question re-analyze the chart okay what
19:21is happening uh are we really bearish or
19:24bullish do we need to switch our
19:26narrative it really comes down to you
19:28okay all I can say is you have to train
19:31your eyes to look for these setups or if
19:34you're a beginner you can use the 200
19:36EMA okay that even works uh but yeah you
19:40got to look for and you can see how
19:42perfectly the setup played out okay we
19:44have a liquidy build here we tapped here
19:47per look at the Precision guys and we
19:50hit our take profit level
19:53so that is gonna be it for today's video
19:56I really hope you did enjoy this video
19:58if you did make sure you hit that
19:59subscribe button we are really close to
20:0150K subscribers and I will do the face
20:04reveal at 50k subscribers as well and
20:08maybe you can expect uh you know my face
20:11videos in the future so yeah anyways
20:13hope you guys have a great day if you
20:16want to join the community the link is
20:17in the description it's only 97 per yeah
20:20one time payment and you're gonna get
20:23access to all of my strategies and a
20:25beautiful community of successful
20:27Traders goodbye take care bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the SMC concept used in the trading strategy?

The video teaches a trading strategy using the SMC concept, where higher time frames are analyzed for trend direction and lower time frames are used for entries.

2. How is the trading strategy's effectiveness demonstrated in the video?

The video demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategy by giving examples of marking out auto blocks near price action and entering trades during specific hours.

3. What is the key focus of the trading strategy?

The key focus of the trading strategy is to analyze higher time frames for trend direction and use lower time frames for entries.

4. How does the strategy involve marking out auto blocks near price action?

The strategy involves marking out auto blocks near price action to identify potential entry points for trades.

5. What is the significance of entering trades during specific hours in the trading strategy?

Entering trades during specific hours is significant in the trading strategy as it aligns with the specific conditions and criteria for successful trades.

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