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The video features an interview with Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke, two top OnlyFans models, discussing their experiences in the industry and their journey to success. Topics covered include starting out on TikTok, the support of their families, creating content together, dealing with weirdos online, and the positive impact of their newfound lifestyle.
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Two successful OnlyFans models, Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke, share their experiences and tips for those interested in the industry.
Belle Olivia started doing OnlyFans at 18 while still in school.
Alaska Clarke has been doing OnlyFans for about 2 years.
The more effort you put in, the more money you can make.
Marcus Hustle, an OnlyFans management agency owner, hosts the discussion.
Belle Olivia is proud of her content and her mom was supportive when she revealed her work as an OnlyFans model.
Belle kept her work a secret from her mom for a year.
Her mom was completely supportive when Belle told her about it.
Belle enjoys her work and feels grateful to have found like-minded people in the industry.
Belle Olivia shares some of the unusual requests she receives from customers and talks about the time commitment involved in being an OnlyFans model.
One customer asked her to stamp on her photos with her foot as if she was stomping on his head.
She used to spend hours messaging people and making costumes from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
During the lockdown, she had a busy schedule and would wake up at 6 p.m., make TikToks, go to the gym, and then do her messages.
She eventually quit school because she couldn't balance it with her late-night messaging sessions.
Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke discuss filming public content for OnlyFans
Filming public content can be challenging due to noise and lack of privacy
Finding a good spot can take time, and unexpected interruptions can occur
Some locations prohibit outside content, but filming on private property is usually allowed
Belle Olivia had videos removed from OnlyFans for filming in school
The conversation revolves around creating content, networking with other OnlyFans creators, and planning to go out for drinks and events.
They discuss how creating content together helps them generate ideas and improve.
They mention having friends who are also OnlyFans creators and discuss marketing strategies.
They talk about going out for drinks and planning to attend raves and events in the future.
Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke discuss the pros and cons of being social media influencers.
One con is dealing with weirdos who stalk you.
They have more time for self-care and hobbies since becoming influencers.
They have met more open-minded and accepting friends through social media.
They have noticed people trying to enter their lives for financial gain.
Belle Olivia shares a story of editing a sex tape in the back of a taxi and getting kicked out
Belle Olivia was editing a sex tape on her phone in the back of a taxi
The taxi driver saw it and asked her to get out, calling it Haram
Belle Olivia argued with the driver, but eventually got kicked out of the taxi
00:00like when you start going viral on Tick
00:01Tock like it's game over yeah
00:04have you always like had this ambition
00:07to just make more money we should film a
00:09better video like next week
00:11it's like the more you do the more you
00:14grind out it like the more you're gonna
00:15make that's just
00:16that you guys literally don't give a
00:17[ __ ] ER I'm like you're not gonna go
00:19home and cry about it oh ladies and
00:21gentlemen welcome to today's video this
00:24is a very very special one whether
00:26you're looking to get into the only fans
00:28industry or you're an active Creator or
00:31an only fans management agency this is
00:34going to be an absolutely incredible
00:35video for you to watch we have two very
00:38very special guests who are genuinely
00:40one of the top creators in the whole of
00:43Europe of this side of the world about a
00:45further Ado we're gonna get straight
00:46into it just really really quickly if
00:48you have no idea who I am and it's the
00:50first time you're seeing me my name is
00:51Marcus hustle and I run and only fans
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01:00below without any further Ado let's jump
01:03straight into it this is going to be
01:04absolutely wild episode
01:06um so yeah ladies if you want to
01:07introduce yourself Bell if you want to
01:09go first so I'm by Olivia and I'm 20 and
01:13basically I've been doing only fans
01:14since I turned 18 and I was in school
01:17what I was doing it and yeah that's me
01:21I'm Alaska Clark and I've been doing
01:23only fans for about two years go I I
01:26think what we'll do is obviously go into
01:27how you girls got started right so I
01:29think Bella you said you started when
01:31you was 18. Yeah so basically I'm like
01:33in Ireland we are in school like pretty
01:36like late we finish at like 18 or 19.
01:39and I've been waiting for like years to
01:41start this ever since I heard that only
01:42fans I was like right that's what I'm
01:44gonna do so basically the day of turned
01:4618 I just signed off and I was still in
01:48school like some people were like you
01:49should have waited but I was not wasting
01:51any time so I just started straight away
01:53and I've just been going at it since
01:55then really and what made you want to
01:57like really get into it was it more so
01:58the money side of it the fact that
02:00you're always interested in kind of like
02:01I thought that industry was quite fun to
02:03be honest I just feel like it was
02:04something I do I didn't really want a
02:06normal job and I just wanted a totally
02:08bigger way of making money so I was like
02:10I'll give it a shot I wasn't sure if I
02:11wanted to do like actual porn and then
02:13obviously I heard it only fans I was
02:14like that is perfect does it mean it's
02:17cool yourself so I actually started off
02:19by just selling my knickers that was how
02:22I started and I was looking
02:27quite photos and then from there and
02:29then before you know it you're filming
02:31orgies and taking two o'clocks at once
02:33and how did you get into that Motorway
02:35pause pause because I haven't heard a
02:38story like that before how girls got
02:40into it starting by selling knickers
02:42right so how did that idea came about
02:44how did you
02:46um I I feel like I probably just got
02:48asked by someone like you know on
02:49Instagram and I was like yeah and then
02:52you just and then it just grew from
02:54there and like the thing that the thing
02:56that made me want to do only patterns
02:58and that Drew me to all of that kind of
02:59thing is I've always drawn to being
03:01quite bad I like like being a bit
03:03naughty like even at school I was never
03:06behaved so I just like doing what you
03:09shouldn't do really yeah I can get a
03:11kick out of it yeah and did you already
03:12have a following before you started I'm
03:15assuming um
03:16really know because at first it was very
03:19secret for me like even when I used to
03:21sell my knickers no
03:23has known a little secret right so
03:25somebody just DMS you hey can I buy it
03:27yeah [ __ ] it yeah and how much were you
03:29selling them for
03:30um like well when I first started it was
03:32like 30 pounds but then you just pull
03:34the price up yeah yeah and then you like
03:36yeah you just to learn start making some
03:39side income what was she doing at time
03:41by the way yeah so I used to work at JD
03:43okay yeah
03:45um and I would literally like go to work
03:46come back from work and then all night
03:49I'd just be doing my only fans like in
03:51my bedroom and my mom actually didn't
03:53even know about it for like a year so I
03:55was just sneaking around I don't know
03:57how I got away with it it's all for all
03:59night in my bedroom doing it yeah and
04:01you guys started about two three years
04:03ago right yeah about two or three years
04:05nearly three years now
04:06was that yeah pretty much when covid
04:08started right about 2020. it was just a
04:10perfect time and it was like and I think
04:11that's when the massive boom happened
04:12where everyone's just at home horny
04:14doing [ __ ] all oh yeah it was perfect
04:15we're going on only fans cool cool okay
04:19um so your first couple of months then
04:22um when you're initially starting out
04:23because a lot of creators obviously they
04:25have their ups and downs and typically
04:26the first month is always the hardest
04:28pretty much anything that you do
04:29um so how did you girls find like your
04:31first month well I the the Ops were that
04:34I did really well getting loads of
04:36followers loads of subscribers like
04:38really quick but the downside was I see
04:40I was still in school I wanted to keep
04:42this a secret life I didn't want anyone
04:43to know I lived in Dublin which is like
04:46it's a small town like everyone knows
04:49everyone and everyone's so judgy so I
04:51was like okay how am I gonna do this
04:52without like anyone figuring out that
04:54I'm doing it and that's why she got off
04:56my school would probably go mad if they
04:57had found out because yeah anyway so I
05:00remember I made a tick tock and it came
05:04up on my best friend's little sisters
05:06for page she was like 12 and she texted
05:10me and she was like what the actual [ __ ]
05:11is going on like because I remember I
05:13said to all my group of friends before I
05:15started I just wanted everything I was
05:16like oh I should see only fans like what
05:18you think of that like it's like a good
05:19thing and they're like now what the [ __ ]
05:21like such a [ __ ] if you do that I would
05:23never do that I imagine stupid to that
05:25level and I was just say like
05:26like I was I knew already I was starting
05:28I was like okay [ __ ] I'm gonna have to
05:30keep it as a secret and then
05:32anyway all my friends had found out
05:33they'd pass on to everyone in my school
05:35I literally remember it it was apparent
05:36the last few weeks of school I just
05:38remember like walking in just everyone
05:40in my class like just looked at me and I
05:41was like half of them subscribed you
05:43know see I wasn't an all-girl school oh
05:45okay okay annoyingly but yeah and then
05:48how my mom found out was
05:50I used to do my messages like every
05:52night on the family laptop like
05:55I don't know the top pros this behind
05:58this at all but anyway I'm sometimes I
06:00lack brain cells yeah for surprises Yeah
06:03just something I want to do on anyway
06:05one day I was obviously tired I forgot
06:07to log off I was remember going down for
06:10breakfast that morning and my mum was
06:11just like what the [ __ ] and she just
06:14like she's like what is going on like
06:16what is this and she just turned and
06:18like on the screen was just me shouting
06:20aloud I was like yeah I've like I've
06:23really put like
06:24it was just one thing I could have
06:26slogged off but obviously I just had to
06:28sit down and explain to her I'm not
06:29gonna lie like this is what I've decided
06:31to do and she was just like too far like
06:33she's like at least because I told her
06:35that I was starting to sell like bikini
06:37pics but I never told her I was like
06:39doing the whole shebang so before she
06:42found out obviously right yeah yeah so
06:43she she'd known of it because I was like
06:45getting money in and she was helping me
06:46with my bank and so she saw a bikini
06:48pics or something or like I was telling
06:50her I was like getting brand deals with
06:51like bikini companies not just oh yeah
06:53like I had a loophole I thought but
06:56anyway I put my foot on it and yeah
06:58she's been found out from there pretty
07:01uh yeah I probably scarred her for life
07:03I actually feel really bad like I just
07:05feel like imagine that like it's waking
07:06up it's going down to log on to your
07:08work in the morning check your morning
07:09emails and you start just shocking
07:11someone it just comes up on the screen
07:14okay sorry Mom we have a awkward morning
07:17then right for your family okay I'm all
07:19about yourself so did you tell your
07:21family no see the first the first few
07:24months or the first year for me like I
07:26was really sneaking out because I was
07:27the opposite like I think everything
07:28through and I'm quite sneaky like that
07:30so I was being very sneaky and I was
07:31like I was like this hell no way I'm
07:33walking through the office and people
07:34have seen my flaps so I was keeping
07:37everything on the dealer like I didn't
07:39even do Tick Tock at first so it was
07:41really slow for me until I actually
07:42thought started doing Tick Tock and like
07:44started like when you start doing well
07:47as well like it's no longer a secret to
07:49hide because you're actually proud like
07:51I'm proud of my content like if anyone's
07:53seen any of my videos they'll know why
07:55like I'm pretty proud of my performances
07:57but yeah I didn't I kept it from my mom
08:00for like a year don't know how at all
08:03really don't
08:05um but then when I did tell her like she
08:07was completely supportive of it and she
08:09didn't mind at all and then obviously
08:11like I'm fabulous so you don't have to
08:12worry about that and you was obviously
08:14making a good living at that point right
08:16so you can kind of justify yeah well
08:18this is what I was saying all along to
08:19everyone like well
08:25yeah and when you girls were first
08:28starting out I know Bill you said like
08:29you always wanted to [ __ ] get into it
08:32um did you girls ever have like second
08:33thoughts about no [ __ ] you didn't know
08:37not really I mean at first like it is a
08:40bit scary but not second thoughts if
08:43anything that just drives me even more
08:45yeah I just wanted to do more and more
08:47and more you're getting a thrill out of
08:48like sneaking around kind of really and
08:50I think girls I think this is why you
08:52guys have done so [ __ ] well is
08:54because you genuinely love it oh yeah oh
08:56yeah you enjoy it oh we do yeah it's
08:57like it started with solo and then I was
08:59like did it with one guy and then I did
09:00it with two guys and now we're making
09:01three guys and then doing with girls
09:03girls and guys just they're so grateful
09:06to have found each other like yeah
09:08find people that love it as much yeah
09:10did you do me by the way it was actually
09:11true one of our friends that was doing a
09:13collab I was doing the collab with the
09:16girl she was already friends with Belle
09:18and she literally just she was like
09:19she's like
09:21friend that I think you would get on
09:23really well with I don't think you
09:25should see her and then we met and then
09:28the rest of History that's how Berlin
09:31Alaska was made
09:33you guys have made a lot of content
09:35obviously at this point as well too lots
09:37more to come yeah so uh going back then
09:41because I want to keep this kind of in a
09:42chronological order because I'm sure a
09:43lot of people are interested because
09:44this is the first podcast you guys have
09:45done yeah yeah
09:46um and I think this is the first podcast
09:48in Europe that has an only fans Creator
09:50on it like like a proper one yeah quite
09:52funny so your first couple of months
09:55then your it just worked it just was
09:56going really well by the sounds of it
09:58yeah straight away
09:59um in terms of kind of keeping it as a
10:02secret you guys kind of covered a little
10:03bit about you you definitely kept it a
10:05secret for a year oh yeah at that point
10:06was it already like completely public
10:08and everyone knew or was it then you
10:10moved to Manny and it was obviously a
10:11new environment and then you were kind
10:13of more confident kind of you know
10:14creating online content on social media
10:16that is
10:18well I was living in Dublin for like
10:20time and like
10:21then eventually I was just I was in
10:24college actually doing a course and like
10:25because I just felt like I had to do it
10:26everyone was saying oh you should go
10:28College as a backup plan I knew I didn't
10:29need to I was making enough money and
10:31but I still just gave into it you know
10:33my mom wanted me to do it so I just
10:34wanted to keep her happy I had nothing
10:36else to do like all my friends were in
10:37college in Dublin no there's not that
10:39many other creators in Ireland so I was
10:41like well if I don't be bored and sit at
10:43home all day like I'm just gonna go to
10:44college like [ __ ] it but then I got to
10:45the point like I hated it like I was
10:47just sitting in that class like wanting
10:48to take the piss but like you're not in
10:49school anymore like you can't mess
10:50around like everyone's ready to be
10:52serious so I was like and I hadn't the
10:54only thing that was going to keep me I
10:55like literally one friend I had a
10:56boyfriend at the time but then when me
10:58and my boyfriend I kind of fell apart
11:00because I just wasn't working I was like
11:02well there's nothing holding me back so
11:03I'm just gonna [ __ ] it and move to mind
11:05well I wasn't actually because I just
11:06did I was going over to do a collab with
11:09one of our friends and when I got there
11:12I was like you know what I'm not leaving
11:13here to Manchester yeah so then I went
11:16back to Ireland got my [ __ ] one week
11:17later and I was like yeah I haven't left
11:19since I just dipped and I was working
11:21decision and yeah I mean by that point
11:23you're also all in already yeah everyone
11:26already knew so and you can connect with
11:28a lot of people here exactly like you
11:29don't understand Ian Dublin there's no
11:31one there like it's just so like drive
11:32by here you can just so many creators so
11:35many opportunities like it's just the
11:36best move really I'm yourself well
11:39that's you yeah well I feel like I feel
11:40like everyone started to find out from
11:47you never know whose screen that's gonna
11:49pop up on everyone's yeah but I just
11:52moved to Manchester because I just
11:53wanted to move to like a big city and
11:55like meet new people and stuff yeah did
11:57you think about London or no I did but I
12:00just love driving my car too much in
12:02London you can't really drive around you
12:03have to go on them smelly little tubes
12:05and we hate them yeah oh for me that I
12:08just want to drive around in my
12:09comfortable car yeah I hate going
12:11underground yeah and I asked somebody
12:13else's question as well because I think
12:14this is a common misconception that a
12:16lot of people have outside who aren't
12:17obviously doing only fans a lot of
12:19people think that oh you know these
12:20creators they their life is easy they
12:23just post a couple of pictures and they
12:25make a lot of money but at the end of
12:26the day that it's actually a [ __ ]
12:28business right like you girls even here
12:30whilst we're saying all of this up you
12:32girls were literally just on your phone
12:33working like you can see it we're just
12:36editing a video to send out on threesome
12:38so and have you always like had this
12:42ambition to just make more money you
12:44know just actually just it's addictive
12:46yeah it's like the more you do the more
12:48you grind on it like the more you're
12:49gonna make that's
12:51and for you in particular about because
12:52you mentioned that before you start of
12:54you is always already like I just can't
12:56wait to turn it yeah I know I had my
12:58game plan I was like the second 2018
12:59it's going down yeah yeah it was the
13:02same with yourself like you started
13:03making that money online selling
13:04anything for yeah
13:06yeah and then obviously when the money
13:08money's coming in you're like all right
13:10let me just go [ __ ] yeah let's just
13:11go mad all right we're good cool so you
13:14guys met you girls moved to uh
13:18um I think the the thing that I'm really
13:20curious about is was there ever a
13:22certain point because you your girl's
13:24story is definitely different to most
13:25people that I've spoken to most people
13:27they have like there's not a breaking
13:28point but just essentially a point where
13:29they're like right this is where it just
13:31went crazy but by the sounds of it as
13:33soon as you go started it was just going
13:34great straight away not for me for me
13:37okay yeah and was that after the year
13:40yeah that was probably like like after
13:42like that was within the first year yeah
13:50okay right I'll quit my job right now
13:52couldn't keep it a secret as well
13:55and that's amazing as well you're able
13:56to quit your job and do this full time I
13:58mean it's a literally bar Department my
14:00job and moved to Manchester like yeah
14:03that's [ __ ] sick all right cool and
14:05um what's kind of your lifestyle now
14:07than the girls like you're obviously
14:09making a good amount of money a good
14:12um do you guys travel much what do you
14:13guys do outside of burning fans before
14:14we jump all into kind of so in summer we
14:17were traveling a lot I feel like we're
14:19more like Travelers in summer and then
14:20we're a bit more grind in the winter
14:22months right so we're kind of like
14:23because we know for a fact when like
14:25Festival season and like our beef season
14:27comes up like we're going to want to go
14:28away so that's why we're just kind of
14:29getting as much content as we can done
14:31like these ones I feel like but yeah we
14:33just kind of
14:34yeah go to the old wave oh yeah let's
14:37party yeah
14:39that's the one thing you can't keep on
14:42yeah and you guys do a little content as
14:44well right
14:47yeah it's like if you travel like we
14:48might meet up with
14:52it's great
14:54just telling us about some of them
14:55they'll viewers um talking about some
14:57was it ibifa oh God basically we were a
15:01bit Wilder that was definitely some
15:04questionable actions happening there
15:06first okay we got there like we got a
15:09message from our friend Brad Greenmore
15:12yeah yeah yeah and he was and we were
15:13all thinking about
15:15um filming because I'd already filmed
15:16with him before with another guy so a
15:19boy boy girl but he wanted to get the
15:22Bell on Alaska experience yeah yeah he
15:24did so obviously we have to yeah so he
15:27brought a friend and like he came round
15:30to our hotel and we had a thought so I'm
15:33like fresh on the club yeah we became
15:37fresh off the plane yeah right we were
15:38fresh off the plane they were fresh from
15:40the club
15:41it wasn't it was a bit yeah anyway
15:44wasting time
15:54and it gets progressively worse as well
15:57like it was just as just mad Clips like
16:00that we were just doing yeah day two and
16:03Ibiza then gets even worse that's when
16:05we had a few more of our friends some of
16:08the lads they do only fight as well and
16:09I was planning on clapping all of them
16:11anyway and actually two of them I was
16:12found on a couple of two of them but
16:13separately anyways we get to oh Beach
16:16and I I see the mild Hall group in the
16:19VIP and including two of the ones that I
16:21was planning on collabing with and so I
16:23obviously go in and they're friends so
16:26we're all obviously full like we're out
16:28of it we're drunk and I can't remember
16:30how we got into it but I was like I'm
16:32supposed to film with both years at some
16:34point and then I just feel like
16:36something clicked in all our heads were
16:37like well let's just all fill them
16:38together the three of us right now like
16:41in a reach I was like yeah you know when
16:44you're like drunk you're just like yes
16:45so obviously I'm up for anything like
16:47let's go I mean that I beat the spirit
16:48so we're like [ __ ] where we do it in the
16:50toilets whoever owns our beach like I
16:53actually am genuinely sorry but we're
16:55going to the toilets I wrote Beach the
16:57dead boy we tried to go into the girls
16:59but it's too too sketchy like it's too
17:01obvious but once we just ran into the
17:03boys I say it was happening for like one
17:14those videos
17:16offer going on in the cubicle next you
17:18know the [ __ ] door starts banging
17:19open the door opens there's three
17:21security guards just grab all three of
17:23us and kick us out everyone's in the
17:24toilet like so you're [ __ ] the
17:26cubicle [ __ ] in the cube recording it
17:28recording it three security guards open
17:31the door I felt like I was actually in a
17:33movie scene it just happened so fast and
17:35like we just dragged out thrown out so
17:37when I opened the doors I'm watching a
17:43the things we do for Arcana anyway but
17:45that wasn't over yet so we were like
17:46[ __ ] we're kicked out what do we do so
17:47we just went back to the hotel and
17:48finished the video off finish the video
17:50and yeah
17:52also a pretty pretty
17:54fan favorite so yeah fantastic do you
17:57feel like sometimes now that you travel
17:58or goes like festivals for example
18:00because you've done some Festival
18:00concerts as well which I can talk about
18:02do you sometimes feel like whilst you're
18:04booking a trip you're kind of already
18:06thinking about what content can I do who
18:08to do it with yeah and it kind of pays
18:10for the trip right the trip
18:13sometimes you think about it sometimes
18:14it's just unplanned and it's just like
18:16the opportunity it arises and it's like
18:17just get the phone out and film it yeah
18:19it's so easy you sometimes feel film
18:21like real life yeah yeah sometimes she's
18:23like should we just film this sometimes
18:25just that works better as well because
18:26yeah it's so it's so natural oh yeah
18:29yeah yeah yeah okay okay so let's talk
18:31about kind of the types of content we
18:33spoke a little bit about just one there
18:35um what's been some of the craziest
18:37content that you guys have created on
18:39any fans oh God so I take the craziest
18:41thing I've ever done was like I was
18:43probably going through a mid-life crisis
18:45so when I flocked a taxi driver and
18:48everyone a kid actually was a fake taxi
18:51no it was real
18:52like but but like an actual real life
18:54one yeah
18:55yeah not planned
18:58fight with my boyfriend and basically
19:00and I went out to like a party and
19:02drinking and when I
19:04be like I started doing some mad [ __ ]
19:05like I go off the rails just because I'm
19:07a weirdo anyway so I go to this party
19:09I'm so drunk and I'm like I'm just gonna
19:12walk home and then I started walking on
19:14I was actually [ __ ] on it I'm not
19:15gonna walk let's get a taxi so I called
19:17the taxi and you know when like you're
19:19just so like off your head you're such
19:20an over share it like you know the taxi
19:22driver knows my whole life story you
19:23know it's all about my job and I was
19:25like oh yeah like I was actually
19:26supposed to be filming because me and my
19:27boyfriend at the family were supposed to
19:29film content that day and he just
19:30ditched me off and I was so we'd got in
19:32a fight so I was annoyed I was like [ __ ]
19:33say I was supposed to be sending a new
19:34video out so it's like yeah I know I was
19:36supposed to be filming content but he
19:38bailed on me and the texture I was like
19:40oh really like I can't no I can't
19:42remember it gets blurry but one thing
19:44led to another one conversation uh to
19:46another and we just came to the
19:48conclusion that we're gonna film
19:49together and
19:51this tax Drive was like literally 45
19:53it's not even a fake video like this
19:54literal proof for anyone that doesn't
19:56believe me this is the worst part I
19:58think we literally pulled in I swear I
20:01got 30 seconds around my house like just
20:02around the corner from my house get into
20:04the park in the taxi film the video this
20:07text around last 30 seconds long it was
20:10the shittest video but like
20:12and it was actually discussing as well
20:14I'm not gonna lie it was pretty
20:15traumatizing it wasn't the greatest
20:17actor I just think he took his
20:23for 30 seconds he enjoyed it anyway he
20:25just I feel like he actually like
20:27fulfilled his taxi man's like fantasy so
20:31much anyway it's just like it was
20:33embarrassing but you know what I just I
20:35tell the story [ __ ] it it was something
20:37that happened and yeah this is my past
20:40but was that your former payment for the
20:41taxi or the direction no I paid I paid
20:44it was it was already paid for you know
20:45on these Uber apps like there were
20:48it's the funny thing is I was when I got
20:51out of the tax I was like well maybe we
20:53should film a better video like next
20:54week and he gave me his number
20:57and have you and he texted no and then
20:59and then I woke up sober the next
21:00morning I was like there is no [ __ ]
21:03way and he texted me said had a good
21:04night let me know when you want to film
21:06it next
21:09the taxi drivers I just feel so bad like
21:12my parents could have been like
21:12literally like out just walking around
21:14like imagine just seeing that your
21:16daughter's getting her back blown out in
21:17the taxis
21:18did you [ __ ] as well or did you just oh
21:21no we [ __ ] I sucked you off and then
21:24we [ __ ] but at least she was like 30
21:25seconds like he just couldn't hold it in
21:27it was a very very short video so yeah
21:30anyway that's me that's your that's your
21:33story [ __ ] her yeah I mean it's a
21:34story and a half yeah I haven't heard
21:36that before yeah so sometimes it has to
21:38be done you know someone has to deliver
21:39the stories to tell the kids do you as
21:43well like what kind of crazy fetishes
21:44like the craziest ones sure you kind of
21:46get obviously your feet your ass your
21:47tits but is there anything so many of my
21:50subscribers want me to share for them
21:51it's a bit weird
21:53I haven't done it but like piercing as
21:55well so someone wanted me to piss into
21:57my own mouth and they like gave me a
21:59proper guide on how to do it pull my
22:01legs back and just like directly into my
22:03mouth I was like um you know what nah I
22:06don't think my flexibility will go that
22:08well I had to deny that one usually but
22:10I'm pretty open like I'm pretty like
22:12there's not a lot I won't do another one
22:14that was really weird that that well no
22:16offense to if the guy was watching this
22:17but this guy was like I want you to do a
22:19costume with a dildo but it's a very
22:21specific dildo and I was like no problem
22:23he's like I'll buy you the dildo by the
22:24way so he's like I'll just send you the
22:25link and you send me them you know
22:27whatever it was a dog dog steak dildo so
22:30this is a specifically shaped dick of a
22:34dog like a big dog too like a German
22:36Shepherd type of vibe anyway I was like
22:39did you actually buy it I don't think I
22:41could do this you know I was no this is
22:42this is when I used to do my messages in
22:44Dublin and I'd sit there I'd do my
22:45messages sometimes my dog will sit
22:47beside me so my dog was sitting beside
22:49me and I was like
22:51or imagine your mom's just like oh Bill
22:52you've got a package I've just opened it
22:54I just wish I was just absolute horse
22:56and what the [ __ ] that wasn't this on
22:58the family laptop on Amazon which felt
23:01so uncomfortable like my dog beside me
23:03and this guy's trying to get me to ride
23:04his dog so I was like now show up the
23:06pass I can't do this what about yourself
23:08I'll ask her some mad requests the man
23:10is like one that I've actually done it's
23:15it's like this guy just wanted me to
23:16literally like lay my photos out and
23:17like like stamp on it with my foot so
23:19that he could pretend that I was like
23:21stamping on his head and he bought quite
23:23a few videos and he's just doing the
23:24same thing which was that
23:28for the collection
23:30I could just get more like he'd be so
23:33over the moon with it as well like this
23:34is perfect
23:35like just stamping on the phone I'm like
23:38yeah crazy yeah very good and I I just
23:42want to touch that Bella you mentioned
23:43about how you was on your laptop like
23:45doing all the messages to like late
23:47crazy like I think that's another really
23:49common misconception I know we're just
23:50having a laugh but I think a lot of
23:52people again just couldn't like think oh
23:54These Girls
23:55the time that really goes into it is
24:00longer hour yeah I used to do it from
24:02like 10 p.m till like literally 6 a.m
24:04because it's just addictive like people
24:06are still online and want to chat and
24:07you want to make costumes and do video
24:09calls well I'm gonna still be on Jim
24:12would you say the busiest period was
24:13probably during that lockdown right oh
24:15yeah yeah then what was your kind of
24:17typical day-to-day looking like well I'd
24:19be waking up at like 6 p.m because I'd
24:21be asleep for so long because I'd be up
24:24for so long because just in the middle
24:26of the night is when everyone's online
24:27chat so I do that and then I'd go and
24:29make my tick tocks I'd actually go to
24:32the gym and then come back and do my
24:33messages and yeah I didn't really have
24:35much life and how long did you do that
24:38for like like a year and then I I pretty
24:40much quit school because I couldn't like
24:42when school started back and I was doing
24:44my message to like five six seven a.m
24:46sometimes like I'm just having school at
24:48like 8 A.M I can't count
24:50I couldn't do that like one hour asleep
24:52so I just ended school then I was gonna
24:55say you must have been being in [ __ ]
24:56school yeah working so much last two
24:58three months I was like I'm gonna dip
24:59yeah so I just didn't come in are you in
25:01college no this was my last year in
25:03actual school yeah yeah in college as
25:05well then that's when I I was kind of
25:07back doing my messages like after summer
25:09it was fine because I didn't have to go
25:10in anywhere but then I started college
25:12again that was up early I was like nope
25:13did you have a similar story I'm
25:15assuming right yeah well yeah because I
25:17was really busy as well like through the
25:18night working but I didn't find it that
25:21hard because like I'm quite I've got
25:23quite a high sex drive anyway I'm quite
25:24a holy person so doing sex scene and
25:27video calls was no bother to be when I
25:28was at work all day like you've got to
25:30come and blow off some steam anyway yeah
25:32so then I'd just do that all night
25:33that's actually funny that you say that
25:34too because like when I was doing my
25:36messages like I'd actually have to blow
25:37off steam as well I just feel like when
25:38you're in the environment of everyone
25:40being like really horny like it just
25:41definitely rubbed off for me so yeah and
25:44again it goes back to the conversation
25:45the fact that like you guys are just
25:46enjoying it like you actually [ __ ]
25:48love it yeah it's not you can't this
25:50video you can't do it if you don't love
25:52it like you can tell when someone
25:53doesn't love it that's and they're the
25:54girls that don't do well yes soft Force
25:57you know like you clearly don't like it
26:00have you obviously got a lot of
26:01connections now do you do a lot of
26:02collabs with younger girls here in the
26:04UK or do you yeah we haven't gone really
26:06abroad yet but in the UK there's loads
26:08of girls to do clubs right now and guys
26:10there's loads more of boys and how does
26:12that typically look like do you girls
26:14reach out to them when they reach out to
26:16yeah because the reason why I'm asking
26:19is I'm sure there's a lot of girls or
26:21guys even watching this who would want
26:22to start only fans
26:24um any advice or tips kind of you you'd
26:25give them or just like don't half-ass it
26:28you're either gonna go all out and like
26:30just know that once you start like
26:31there's no going back your tits new
26:33fannies gonna be on the internet forever
26:34or a video You're Uncharted so yeah I
26:37feel it's not hard to eat anymore though
26:41um yeah yeah just make sure you're
26:44comfortable with it and I was gonna ask
26:45so you girls what's your because there's
26:48so many people whenever I do a podcast
26:49and something like somebody's
26:50interviewing me everyone's always like
26:52oh but what about these girls in the in
26:53the future like you know have they not
26:55considered this and that you know when
26:57they have a family what's your thoughts
26:58on that if somebody wants to ask you
27:02well when I have a family like they're
27:05going to be my family so they're going
27:06to support me what I do and they're
27:08going to understand that it is just this
27:10work so my family's gonna be living a
27:13luxurious lifestyle so I don't care
27:15they're gonna be loving it everyone's
27:16like yeah everyone's saying oh well your
27:18kids will be bullied yeah bullied in
27:19their lovely house with their little
27:21holidays all the time and their mouth as
27:24a mum so that was by the time we're
27:25having children we're probably not doing
27:27it anymore so then the you know people
27:28are looking at bullied at school people
27:30at school are not going to know I want
27:31to be a MILF though because I don't I
27:33want to Rebrand for ages
27:40do you guys have kind of uh other things
27:41going on inside as well or is it just
27:43only fans full-time only fans full-time
27:44yeah full-time yeah both of you yeah
27:46yeah okay because I I spoke to another
27:48girl just before you guys and she does
27:50kind of Glamor modeling I believe it was
27:52called is that something you yourself
27:53explored or webcaming or anything no I
27:56used to do webcoming so I feel like I'm
27:58quite good at doing video calls because
27:59I used to do that a lot
28:03just I
28:06I've slowly fans because it's like
28:07you've got you can stay in touch with
28:09like certain people like it's always the
28:12same people so you can build like
28:13relationships with your subscribers kind
28:15of thing it's not just different people
28:16every day yeah you build like
28:18connections yeah and kind of come back
28:20to them talk to them each day so yeah
28:21exactly you have some subscribers that
28:22have been with you for quite some time
28:23oh yeah 100 yeah and you Skype them and
28:26kind of call them yeah like some people
28:28even have my number
28:31just the best subscribers sorry I don't
28:35mean best subscribers but like the most
28:37occurring reoccurring and what would
28:40your girl say is like the biggest owner
28:42for you girls in terms of kind of
28:43everything from cost I'm assuming
28:45Customs but everything from live streams
28:47Customs calls anything like that well I
28:50take like just boy girl content makes me
28:51the most money just getting chugged yeah
28:56is that as they've been like I mean I
28:58know for you the taxi one oh God but I
29:00was gonna say that has made me so much
29:01money I swear to God everyone wants to
29:02see it like I don't blame them if I was
29:04if I was hard like I'd show me that
29:06video right now some random girls shout
29:08out to Taxi Driver I'd be like what that
29:10actual [ __ ] is wrong is everything all
29:11right at home like what possessed but
29:14anyway yeah I mean maybe it's money so I
29:17was gonna say if there's been some like
29:18absolutely like horror stories but I'm
29:20assuming the uh the taxi one is that
29:22there's loads of horror stories are over
29:24definitely it's a winner whenever I tell
29:27people it's like there's no way you've
29:28done that like people like look at me
29:31actually half of where I was filming
29:34with a guy in my car like a car sex tape
29:37and obviously I sent it out to all my
29:39subscribers and it's actually still
29:40available now but a few of my
29:42subscribers were basically like you do
29:43know there's people walking past and
29:45looking in the car and I obviously had
29:48not like washed it properly before I'd
29:49like sent it out and I was just like oh
29:52she showed me this is your man's head
29:55just like in the window I was like how
29:56did you not see that she's just going at
29:58it too busy yeah I was just too yeah
30:01well exactly I couldn't pretty much I
30:02just walk on your dog
30:04in the moment you just not paid
30:06attention to surrounded this phone like
30:08it's just a bit more fun as well it's a
30:10bit more risky isn't it in public so
30:11well yeah definitely in public that one
30:13we love that
30:15um what about in Marvel and me and you
30:17we feel that was we filmed like solo
30:20public ones and we were supposed to be
30:21like you can watch from each other
30:22whilst we're like
30:25you know doing it because we found a
30:27nice spot on the beach on the beach it
30:28wasn't that hidden it's almost like
30:30beach bar yeah and when Belle was like
30:34meant to be like watching that no one
30:35was going to walk past you I went off on
30:37the phone she's on the phone she's not
30:39she's not to be trusted and I'm the legs
30:41up making myself squirt an absolute
30:43Fountain coming out this might look up
30:45there's a man walking his dog just
30:46strolling back and like hell
30:51no there's no job there no I just got so
30:54distracted I can't remember the next
30:56thing you know I'm having a great
30:57conversation she's making it rain now
30:59we're in the [ __ ] beach bar
31:01I'm so serious you guys do a lot of
31:04public content then yeah yeah try but
31:06it's like
31:07it's like loud
31:10there's ways around it like if
31:12you know yeah it's in a outdoor kind of
31:15like I remember when I beat that like I
31:16was trying to film a video and like you
31:18know if you know if you've been to my
31:19beauty like the features aren't very
31:21hidden like I was actually walking for
31:22ages trying to find a good spot
31:24it like San Antonio like quite aware
31:26like wikiwoo was you know those like
31:28Cliffs not Cliffs but like rocks you
31:30know there's rocks I went over there and
31:32I was going wow there was no one out
31:33there but the next you know someone come
31:34zooming on their little jet ski I was
31:36like off in the sea because I was like
31:39facing out to the Sea and I was just
31:40there like legs over and I was like had
31:45so embarrassing yeah because that's what
31:47he's gonna say there's a real one LF
31:49where they really don't like outside
31:51content no even if it's in your garden
31:53yeah no I think that's I think it's okay
31:56there's certain ones that are okay yeah
31:59I emailed them as long as they said it's
32:01in your private property uh no one's in
32:04it so yeah I'm just gonna have to go by
32:06the rules have you had much like trouble
32:07with only fans like have you ever put
32:09anything out there that was maybe only
32:11fans reached out and saying oh don't do
32:13that you might get your account band or
32:14yeah when I was in college
32:16I took a few videos in college and
32:18they're just like yeah in school
32:29oh God
32:32and got removed because apparently not
32:35allowed to do that
32:39yeah I probably didn't know the actual
32:42story they just thought yeah okay this
32:44is not destruction
32:48anyway you're not even allowed
32:51to remember when uh only fans on on
32:53Twitter they announced that oh oh I
32:55really had a heart attack yeah Valerie
32:57sent me to a grave and if it was like
32:59for like three days they they genuinely
33:01like said look all your explicit content
33:04yeah what was you girls kind of thinking
33:06for those things bricks I wasn't
33:08actually concerned because I just
33:09thought everyone's just gonna go to
33:10somewhere else like yeah where does
33:12where does demand of the supply so you
33:15know the just being you only finds
33:17another one would take the opportunity
33:19and be the main yeah like platform so
33:21for example like found you and things
33:23like that yeah exactly what's your
33:24girl's thoughts on that do you have them
33:26no no no just staying on no fans just
33:29like you want all your content in one
33:30place I want to mix it off and plus if
33:33we if we were like having more than one
33:34then we wouldn't be putting enough
33:36effort into it like yeah because we want
33:38to put all our effort into one so we can
33:39give it our rolls yeah it's just we
33:40don't have the time because we like to
33:42do everything ourselves yeah yeah yeah I
33:44think as well everyone's so used to the
33:46word only fans on the platform I think
33:47people from the subscribers point of
33:49view they're comfortable putting their
33:50details in them yeah it's kind of like
33:53everyone just has an account it's just
33:55like another social media anyway it's
33:57funny if we were talking whilst we're
33:59driving here like the amount of new
34:01craters that have come about it's for
34:03like the last I mean even the beginning
34:04of this year 2023. yeah there are
34:06absolutely tons I think it's quite hard
34:09time to come into it because there's
34:10already people that are so established
34:12if you're like we're lucky because we've
34:14already made our names we even started
34:16from time so I don't feel like we're
34:17fine but definitely if someone was just
34:19right now like have fun you know it's
34:21gonna be hard but you'll get there like
34:23if you really work at it like yeah
34:26I mean even for you guys for example
34:27you've been doing it for about two three
34:28years two three years is actually not a
34:30short amount of [ __ ] time running
34:31around scheme of things short is is a
34:33tiny amount of time but yeah two three
34:35years to stick out something constantly
34:37I mean by the sounds of you girls have
34:39story after Story God never at all day
34:42how much how content you guys have done
34:44um have you got anything else that
34:45sticks out by the way in mind in terms
34:47of content oh yeah or what else have we
34:51anything that uh comes to mind like a
34:53particular person oh well we actually we
34:55were one of our friends it's a very
34:57close friends he's like our boy best
34:59friend my best friend like we used to
35:01take turns with Sharon him and like and
35:05then well then we will start we'll just
35:06have a threesome and yeah
35:08yeah we were in actually a little bit of
35:10a relationship as well all over Tick
35:11Tock triangle it was like a little love
35:13triangle like and then eventually when
35:14that ended we were just like
35:16like it wasn't even weird
35:19photos people online probably think like
35:22you guys were in a relationship with Ed
35:24yeah I think was it yourself though it
35:26was me yeah but then yeah I thought
35:29obviously I just decided we'd be better
35:30as friends so then that's why like me
35:33and Alaska and Ed we was like let's all
35:34film together and how did you meet Ed by
35:37the way oh of course
35:39and then we went on a double day and I
35:42went on it Alaska went on a day with Ed
35:44and then I went on a date with Ed's
35:45friend I think you were actually on a
35:48date with Ed's friend you were supposed
35:49to be with Ed Ed yeah and I was with his
35:51friend but then we like to swim switched
35:53on the due in the actual date and then
35:55and then the other guy just he was out
35:58in the picture and then you kind of had
36:00it in bed
36:02uh Bell and Ed so it was like it before
36:05we hop from it yeah it didn't end up
36:08enforcing that that
36:11yeah we don't know about that guy's
36:12sexuality to be honest yeah
36:14zesty guy
36:17I've heard something
36:20I've heard some mad stories about guys
36:22on of who are straight oh yeah oh God
36:25yeah is that something you've seen I've
36:27seen too much yeah I've seen too much
36:30I've seen half my loud best friends bend
36:33over with their asses gaped but you know
36:35what they're making money so
36:37I mean even Ed was making a good amount
36:39of money on it I used to do I think I
36:41don't know if you saw those now but like
36:42he had made a good amount of money yeah
36:44I remember he was I think it was him
36:46that was saying about the uh balloon
36:47request did he tell you about it no oh
36:49yeah he's holding he told me about that
36:50he was telling me
36:52like someone wanted him it was like a
36:54specific color of balloon and all I had
36:57to do was it was eating he had to pop
36:58the balloon
37:00it was like a specific balloon like
37:03fix to it no that's [ __ ] yeah have you
37:06guys had like requests like that like
37:08rubber gloves and sure some of our
37:09models get like latex requests and sure
37:12oh yeah oh I had a weird one to get
37:14stick of butter and put it in my ass and
37:16let it melt out
37:18so yeah I did it anyway yeah not gonna
37:21lie so basically it was really hard I'm
37:24not even gonna lie like it was almost
37:25hard to think because like how the [ __ ]
37:27was this I just caught I got my butter I
37:29went to the shop my mom's like what are
37:30you getting from the show I was like
37:31don't ask questions come back with my
37:35no no no no no no I just tried to get my
37:38nail and just like I tried to like
37:40obviously open the sale and put the
37:43butter in and I the guy wasn't actually
37:45not happy with the custom because
37:46apparently I didn't do it right because
37:48it didn't melt out properly because I
37:49couldn't get enough in
37:51I tried my best
37:53oh yeah I also had to do a course
37:55tomorrow so I slap myself in the face
37:56those Norms with what I just like to
37:58slap myself along my body just with your
38:00hands yeah for like five ten minutes
38:03you've done that yeah I actually had one
38:05where it's quite a bit embarrassing I
38:07actually did this one as well but I
38:09actually tired myself to a chair with
38:11that what's that tape that's like
38:13Matthew one the gray one industrial one
38:17I had to like tie my legs together with
38:19this tape and then myself to the chair
38:21and put it over my mouth and bear in
38:23mind I was fully clothed here I wasn't
38:25even naked but he had specific requests
38:27about the outfit
38:29a bit strange but then I had to just
38:31pretend that I was like trapped and just
38:40they help you like get out I'm just
38:42imagining uh I I know it was a bit I
38:46mean I was a bit too embarrassed to oh
38:48get somebody
38:49was this before you two met I think
38:52yeah it was yeah I was gonna say
38:54actually to be honest that probably does
38:55help a lot both of you creating content
38:58together film for each other sometimes
39:00yeah and I've been in that same
39:01household is like one
39:08yeah at the end of the day exactly even
39:11like I mentioned earlier before we
39:12started this podcast you guys were
39:13literally here talking about oh how much
39:15should I send this out for yes always
39:18just kind of because I've been in the
39:19environment like we can just trade ideas
39:21what we think could do better just like
39:23well I'll get each other yeah do you
39:25outside of creating content with girls
39:27do you actually network with a lot of
39:28girls or guys that do only fans like in
39:31terms of like sharing ideas oh yeah
39:34loads loads of loads of friends yeah
39:36that kind of chat way too like everyone
39:38in my friend group pretty much does
39:39zombies There's a few of the don't but
39:40like majority people have done Tick Tock
39:42yeah and do you kind of talk about
39:44marketing and things like that as well
39:46is it really just like going out for
39:47drinks and stuff you do yeah what would
39:48you have to go out for drinks a lot yeah
39:51a bit of both yeah exactly and we
39:53mentioned earlier that you guys just
39:54love going out right yeah
39:56can't wait to go out again you guys
39:58don't even plan soon like a Trip Away
40:00abroad or something I feel like the next
40:02thing will probably we should we're just
40:03going to go into a few Raves here and
40:05there we're not going to go too crazy
40:06because the amount of stuff we have
40:07planning somewhere is like mad we're
40:10going to be excited for Hideout
40:12just basically like a full week of just
40:15getting out to eat out your tree I
40:17wouldn't have it any other way like it's
40:18not better
40:23I feel like I read this like you will
40:25see when everyone's over there and
40:27everything every trip we take like we're
40:29always we're still even though we're
40:31like having fun we're still always
40:33thinking about oh yeah on the plane to
40:35hide out I think we literally filmed a
40:37video in the play on the plane in the
40:38playing toilet yeah yeah and she we
40:41actually made one in O Beach and we were
40:43like under the influence of a certain
40:44something and we couldn't really walk if
40:47you can't seem to I don't know if I'm
40:49allowed to say it but like we were
40:50trying to get someone was like trying to
40:52take a video of us going into the pool
40:53like from behind but we were so like
40:55immobile trying to walk down the stairs
40:57you know what I'm talking and this was a
40:58tick tock by the way this is not oh yeah
41:00thing going on no no you can imagine
41:03what you're so at the video is still off
41:05I'm pretty sure yeah I think so the
41:08plane just gave me an idea what places
41:10I've been like the craziest oh yeah
41:12venues where you've taken some content
41:14I've done videos on the plane toilets
41:15train toilets pick you up to yeah I
41:18think and just outside you know getting
41:21a facial while you're just outside in
41:23the woods yeah if you do yeah initially
41:26like forests that initially scared the
41:28[ __ ] out of you doing things in public
41:29or is it no it's fun like we love
41:36like I remember I was there she like you
41:38know this was like in Dublin and like I
41:40literally went out on my own like such a
41:41loner just like Beach area really early
41:44didn't think anyone would be out there
41:45because it was kind of public but this
41:46is the only like public place that I
41:48could do it so I was like [ __ ] I just
41:50need to go for it and then next you know
41:51like I hear this noise and this dog just
41:53comes running around and then the next
41:55thing on this van Gogh's chasing the
41:57block he's like oh I'm so sorry I was
41:59like oh no I like kind of like tried to
42:00hide it off as I was just taking a piss
42:02like as if I went behind the bushes to
42:04take a piss but like there's me like my
42:06whole ass set up in tripod he was
42:07probably like what the actual because
42:10did I actually see that like there's no
42:13way yeah that's for me my first ever sex
42:16tape I actually went and filmed part of
42:19it out on my balcony this was in my um
42:21first apartment where I'd like a balcony
42:22but the way the apartment is is like
42:24there's other buildings like so close
42:26it's had like a weird shape so there's
42:27all these other apartments here and like
42:29halfway through I'm just like look up
42:31and I just see Soul meet my neighbors
42:32just like looking over at the balcony
42:35and just like oh God
42:38yeah and that was like no that was my
42:41first ever sex tape I went all out like
42:44I wasn't playing games I guess it's uh
42:46easy to do content after that one it
42:48doesn't really get yeah it's been seen
42:51through so many like traumatic
42:53experiences film and it's like surely it
42:55can't get worse
42:59no not at all yeah it's really
43:01interesting that you guys literally
43:03don't give a [ __ ] yeah like you're not
43:05gonna go home and cry about it
43:07when we get loads of hate and like do
43:10they actually think we care right like
43:12we're making money and we're having
43:13living our best lives like people like
43:15are just wasting their time commenting
43:17these things at us well that was a
43:19question when you girls first started
43:20right because I'm assuming well you said
43:22before that you didn't really have an
43:23online massive presence right so I'm
43:25assuming you probably never had like any
43:26hate comments any hate messages
43:30before I started no right right I didn't
43:33even have social media barely right
43:35right yeah I was just in school so so
43:39now obviously going into it and being on
43:42a spotlight especially you say blowing
43:43up on Tick Tock brings [ __ ] millions
43:45of eyeballs right obviously you get some
43:47[ __ ] outages some [ __ ] so jealous
43:51initially did it kind of get to you a
43:53little bit or straight away you've
43:54always kind of had this attitude of who
43:56the [ __ ] are you that's just my
43:57personality even before
44:01about my whole life like if I think
44:03something I'll say it yeah like it's
44:05just the way I am so I'm not really yeah
44:07offended by people's opinions yeah
44:10you're the same not as long as making
44:12money like the jokes on them and it's
44:15interesting like I would say I'm pretty
44:16much the same ever since like young I've
44:18always been creating like YouTube videos
44:19and share and just putting myself out
44:20there granted not what you guys are
44:22doing okay but still putting myself out
44:23then I still get a lot of people saying
44:25are you doing this you're doing that but
44:26I don't know we've kind of always had
44:28this mentality of like who the [ __ ] yeah
44:30at the end of the day like was that is
44:32it really that deep no like why do
44:33people care why is their opinion like
44:35just focus on your own life and I bet
44:37you you probably have never had somebody
44:38in person come up to you and say
44:39something negative
44:44it's never like they never act she likes
44:46anything rude yeah you know you just
44:48wouldn't ever have the ball so to say to
44:50your face it's embarrassing if anything
44:51like we read the comments and we're
44:53embarrassed for these people yeah if
44:55they're going out of their way like to
44:58say this to us and just spending their
44:59time spend their time at like it's funny
45:02if anything like leave a comment it's
45:03amusing we actually live rent free in
45:05some people's heads and it's like their
45:07lives are like literally revolves around
45:08hating on us and it's just so you're not
45:10[ __ ] crazy it's so mad it's like
45:12reading it's like I've flattered that
45:14you think I'm this important in your
45:16life that you need to come out to get me
45:18and like ruin me have you had some like
45:21strange stories of somebody like pretty
45:22much stalking you or seeing you I have
45:24one right now like some guy literally
45:26just outing at me just like trying to
45:28like take me down I had a really weird
45:30one as well like when I was live on Tick
45:32Tock someone was like oh I saw you I see
45:34I saw you walking to the gym by yourself
45:36last night and I literally was and they
45:37were like if you're gonna do that again
45:39tonight make sure you're watching your
45:40back like it was and they were saying
45:42like the exact like location yeah like
45:44when the gym was and stuff and it was
45:45just really crazy I literally felt like
45:48I just stopped walking the gym because
45:49of that which so that's kind of annoying
45:51when you have to actually change stuff
45:52because of it I feel like as well in our
45:55aware like the apartments like we live
45:57in like we got so many messages I'll be
45:59like I live
46:00floors upper slashed down from you like
46:02I'll pay this much to meet up and [ __ ]
46:04I'd come down and see me I just saw you
46:07walking out of the thing just like as if
46:09we're gonna be like yeah come on now all
46:11the good things about everything the
46:12security oh yeah really high security
46:15which is why we like it though yeah
46:18I guess that is one con I'm not even
46:21just only found just a social media
46:22presence is you will have some weirdos
46:24that will kind of you know literally
46:26stalk you just where the guys think that
46:28that's gonna get it out I think it is
46:30I'll talk for the most part though yeah
46:32but I guess everything has pros and cons
46:36um this is just one thing but the the
46:37pro is look at the life that you guys
46:39are living right things I've heard worse
46:41stories of people with normal jobs yeah
46:45this is true yeah yeah talking about
46:48your life including your lifestyle now
46:49is it changed I mean I wouldn't say has
46:52it changed a lot but obviously but you
46:53just went straight into it yeah she just
46:55left school I was like that's
47:01I guess there probably has been
47:03obviously quite a bit of a change right
47:04going from working at JD to full time
47:07definitely in lots of ways like I feel
47:09like I can just take care of my health
47:10more now because I can actually get a
47:12good night's sleep and I can focus on my
47:14gym like I love going to the gym I've
47:15got more time for that and
47:18um I've met so many
47:19friends since that are just alike like
47:23the friends we used to have are just so
47:24judgy and like different and like
47:27close-minded but like I feel like people
47:29in social media are just so open and
47:31like foreign
47:33yeah like love everyone we're friends
47:36right now do you also from one point of
47:38it now that you are at the level where
47:40you're at not only just online but also
47:41obviously financially do you kind of see
47:44and sense that there are certain people
47:45looking to come into your life when you
47:47can see that they're yeah oh yeah oh my
47:49God that's so good yeah I've had a few
47:52guys as well like that 100 we're so used
47:56to it now we can see through it at the
47:58start I couldn't like when I first moved
48:00here I got 100 like I was blindsided I
48:03had that many friends so I was kind of
48:04grateful for any friends I had and let
48:07people in way too easily trusted people
48:08way too easily and it [ __ ] me over it
48:11big time but now it's like I had a bit
48:14of a reality check and we can just tell
48:16straight off the bat when someone's not
48:17being genuine and it's just embarrassing
48:19for them because like they think we
48:21don't know what we know it's a hard
48:23lesson you learn like yeah the hardware
48:24it's a learner lesson like not everyone
48:26is who you think they are and like it's
48:28just those people that are just perhaps
48:30to [ __ ] lives and it's not gonna work
48:32out for them so yeah do you feel that as
48:35well yeah when somebody like straight
48:37away they just have a [ __ ] intention
48:38to just get something from you yeah yeah
48:40I think something that I've spoken about
48:42for me it's a little bit different
48:43because obviously I don't create content
48:45in my life but I'm still in the business
48:47so just business in general I think
48:49obviously the more money you make the
48:51more of a status you get everything is
48:53an exchange everything in life even in
48:55like relationships like a guy and a guy
48:57and a girl right like as in a
48:59relationship everything is in exchange
49:01and I think if you have somebody
49:02messaging you girls saying hey let's
49:05even if it's another girl right hey
49:06let's go for a coffee or let's go for a
49:08drink if it's just a random girl that
49:11just goes if we had this it's like why
49:13do you think you have the right to like
49:14our energy or like I'd meet friends like
49:17for one time and the next thing they're
49:18like oh let's collab on only fans can
49:20you shout out to me yeah yeah what no
49:22yeah and it's so like oh my God you
49:24could have made it a bit less obvious
49:25like come on if you're trying to like
49:27you could have played the game a bit
49:28better no it's like I got you once and
49:31then then it's when those questions
49:33start getting asked it's like oh yeah I
49:35see what you're doing because you girls
49:37put the [ __ ] hard work in for
49:39literally two three years
49:46it's not
49:48do you know a lot of creators that have
49:50been in the industry for like you know
49:52quite some years or most of your friends
49:54kind of early started around the same
49:55time I could feel a few yeah yeah have
49:58they noticed like a massive change as
50:00well recently or yeah yeah I feel like
50:01when we all can tell when it's a bit
50:03more dead or when it picks up a little
50:05bit or like what would you say have you
50:07noticed like a pattern each year yeah
50:08someone's are just a bit more quieter
50:11and then someone's just picks up and
50:12it's doing really well it's completely
50:15just hit or miss it just you can never
50:16really tell if it was interesting
50:18because you've got Valentine's Day but
50:20then it's also only 28 days so it's like
50:22you can make a lot of money but
50:24technically the month is going to be
50:27less of an income do you find as well
50:28obviously mums are kind of spiking 100
50:31yeah just like that's what everything
50:33it's gonna have gold ones is it
50:35obviously depending on social media yeah
50:37especially on tick tock
50:40it's been a bit of a sticky on for us
50:42yeah they're just like all sorts to it
50:45really but
50:46because obviously we have to put out
50:48content that's not very Tick Tock
50:50friendly sometimes and it gets a bit
50:52annoying but like at the end of the day
50:54we're going against their rules so we
50:56just have to do what we can did you find
50:58that really [ __ ] annoying when you're
51:00first starting out like social media
51:01marketing social like I had two
51:03Instagrams deleted one was like 150k or
51:06there was that like 9k and it's just
51:07like oh my God like come on yeah it
51:11doesn't have to restart but like that's
51:12something going into it you have to know
51:14you're gonna have to restart it like a
51:15billion times it's like so I can't get
51:18attached to any account when you after
51:20we start first it's like frustrating but
51:22then it's almost like it's almost a push
51:24of motivation if anything yeah you work
51:26harder you like yeah because I need to
51:28like get back what I lost kind of thing
51:29yeah interesting so yeah we've spoken a
51:32lot already and some very very
51:33interesting stories I think one thing
51:36that everyone's probably curious about
51:37as well because when the conversation
51:40about only fans comes about everyone
51:42instantly thinks about money right
51:44whenever somebody says only events
51:45especially to people outside of our they
51:47just instantly assume all these girls
51:49are making crazy amounts of money which
51:51sure some of them are boom
51:53um but you guys obviously have worked
51:54very very hard for it
51:55um so I'm just curious when you girls
51:57first started making you know some
51:58really really good money
52:00were you financially smart or did you
52:02buy some crazy stuff that you maybe
52:04regret or uh
52:06I regret yeah I think my cup
52:12and then my private reg that was a big
52:15purchase but I mean it was perfect it
52:17was my name perfectly is it publicly
52:20well I'm not gonna say my exact smile
52:23but it was five figures okay yeah is it
52:26public the reg or um what does that mean
52:28like have you spoken about it oh no okay
52:30no no yeah
52:33um and then my apartment and
52:36um and then I also my sister like she's
52:38like studying she's still a student
52:40she's like studying law and she's like
52:41studying abroad so I support her a lot
52:43too yeah nice yeah really nice what
52:46about yourself well
52:47um well to start like I'm just like so
52:48just save it like when I was living in
52:50Dublin I had nothing to spend my money
52:51on because I had no life literally but
52:54then when I moved to Manchester
52:55obviously like the apartment now I just
52:57like whenever on holidays like I just
52:58don't hold back I'll just go all out or
53:00if I'm going like hotels or something I
53:02was sort of scared but most of
53:03experiences right exactly that is the
53:05one thing I want to spend my money on
53:06like experiences other items like any
53:08day of the week not only just to be able
53:11to do something but do it in the best
53:12way yeah because I have the best
53:14experience of it and like with people
53:17and I just love the way like if I want
53:19to go on holidays I can just go the next
53:20day with a click of my fingers or if
53:22you're having a bad day you love to just
53:23go have a little shopping trip
53:25yeah if I'm having a bad day I'll
53:27literally like it yeah yeah it's just I
53:29know what's going down it's the retail
53:31therapy needs to go again soon because I
53:33actually left one of my Christian Dior
53:41did you message him
53:43um well it was a funny story because the
53:45coxy actually canceled on the app
53:47because Bill wanted to do some detours
53:50to go and pick something up so the room
53:54got changed I'm like it's okay you can
53:55pay me directly so we had to cancel the
53:57thing on the app so we could pay him
53:59directly so there was no way of trading
54:00yeah it was just an Unlucky One I should
54:04have told him about the bell I know I
54:07could have uh
54:08he will be right back with two bags I'm
54:12always like I want to do when I get
54:13taxis do any taxi drivers like just know
54:16that spread
54:20and I was editing one of my videos it
54:24was me and another girl like a sex tape
54:25and I was just on my phone editing it
54:27because you know why not I'm the Taxi
54:30man like obviously he he returned to me
54:32at one point and he was like why are you
54:34doing that in my taxi that's Haram and
54:36like I'm like you should be looking at
54:38the road why are you looking at my phone
54:39in the first place like I'll do one like
54:42did you see your phone you're sitting in
54:43the back no I was sitting in the front I
54:45hate sitting in the bathroom
54:51but yeah he was like he was like you're
54:53gonna have to get out and I was like I
54:55was like sorry what so what of course I
54:57gave him a piece of my mind and of
54:59course he'd go over to my destination
55:00shut his mouth and I continued it in my
55:05I'm sure you can imagine yeah
55:14you guys are good with your money yeah I
55:16was expecting to be like yeah we bought
55:18this we bought that but no actually no
55:20not really no that's he very good with
55:22your money have you started investing or
55:23not really my mom like does that all for
55:25me because I'm not actually that level
55:26of smartness yeah she's like my little
55:28like she's like my Christian I know she
55:31just does everything for me really but
55:34circle around on that conversation and
55:35with your parents right so because
55:37obviously we've spoken about it at the
55:38beginning when you get when you guys
55:39first started now what are they like
55:41they're such a contrast because yeah
55:43like say Belle's mom is so involved yeah
55:46whatever whereas my mom she doesn't ask
55:50questions like yeah at all like he's
55:52just he's out of bounds we don't talk
55:54about it we're both fabulous twins so
55:56yeah that's good
55:58it's interesting and if you're if you if
56:00I don't if you don't mind me asking kind
56:01of your backgrounds
56:03um how did you you born in were you born
56:06yeah yeah um kind of your upbringing you
56:09until all girls sport yourself yeah and
56:12by the way just for Content it's the
56:12reason why I'm asking this is obviously
56:14I'm just trying to imagine like your
56:15parents point of view right yeah
56:17um but they just yeah yeah my parents
56:20were like probably University people
56:22like really smart like everyone's
56:23probably expecting me to go to
56:25university too and be like some but like
56:27I was a [ __ ] school like I was
56:29actually in the like disabled people's
56:30class I'm not even lying like I was
56:33all the disabilities like I was just so
56:36dumb like even in like the lowest of
56:38levels like I still fell down my test
56:40like I just wanted to take the piss all
56:42the time I took it serious no I was just
56:44there forever fun like especially when
56:46you're in the the kind of not stupid
56:48well you want the dumb people class like
56:50there's a few were there like no I'm not
56:52normal people people that aren't
56:53actually like have disabilities so like
56:55we're just stupid naturally it's like
56:57they'd kind of just want to take the
56:59piss as well so we'd all take the piss
57:00together and you just wouldn't learn a
57:01thing and then next that's why I was
57:03like a bit concerned I was like [ __ ] if
57:05I don't do it I don't know any fans like
57:07what are we gonna do that sounds like
57:09for you you already had a game plan yeah
57:10at that point I feel like school was
57:22I was always bad like I was always is
57:24behaving like I was really smart I was
57:26like always top of my class I was like
57:28in the top sets I got really good grades
57:30like A's but I just I don't I didn't
57:32want to do anything boring like I like
57:34to I just get a thrill out of like being
57:36bad so my mom kind of she's obviously
57:39always known that like my school when I
57:41was at school they literally said to me
57:42like if you didn't get such good grades
57:44you'd be kicked out a long time ago we
57:46need you because you make this [ __ ]
57:48school look good
57:49yeah I'm like that's literally what my
57:51head teacher sat down and said to me so
57:53yeah I was in like such a like Christian
57:56Catholic School like it was such a high
57:58school like everyone rated so highly
58:01like it was such a strict school and I
58:04feel like I've just come out of it and
58:05everyone's just because obviously we're
58:07at Travelers like everyone in my old
58:08school probably all my teachers know now
58:09it's just like what the [ __ ] came out
58:11with that like I feel like they were
58:13that was the last thing anyone was
58:14expecting to come out because everyone
58:16always goes to college from that school
58:17and like it becomes like doctors and
58:19[ __ ] and then I'm just here to get my
58:20tits out and like getting shagged on
58:22camera having orgies now and teachers
58:24are just like what the [ __ ] are you
58:26going to visit back home by the way both
58:27of you yeah where you grew up how was
58:29that yeah yeah you're still friends with
58:31a lot of the people oh no not really
58:34yeah they uh yeah it's interesting I
58:37think I think everybody in business when
58:38you maybe not even busy having just life
58:40in general in it when you just [ __ ]
58:42get older you move you just grow apart
58:43from people correct I feel like
58:45especially since they have different
58:47jobs like it's just different now like
58:48they don't really understand what we do
58:50it's hard to have conversations yeah
58:52it's like what you even talk about
58:54I think um at least for me it's like
58:57and I heard there's somewhere on a
58:59podcast it's like whenever you grow up
59:01with people in the same place you both
59:03have the same opportunities but then if
59:05one person does really really well in
59:06life and the other person maybe doesn't
59:08do so well they almost naturally have
59:11this not hatred but jealousy I think
59:13yeah definitely see that's that when you
59:15go home 100 I just feel like like people
59:18that are used to be friends who are like
59:19seeing what they're doing now it's just
59:21like I've predicted that yeah I can see
59:24that coming I feel like if I hadn't
59:26continued hanging around that kind of
59:27type of people that would have been me
59:29but I'm so glad I just like took the
59:31risk I was like [ __ ] it I'm gonna do
59:33this and I'm gonna just do the only fans
59:35and then like here I am it's really
59:36[ __ ] worked out yeah
59:38awesome do you moving forward do you
59:41have uh kind of you know by the sounds
59:43of it you're like [ __ ] you got a
59:44mindset you've got no keep portion at it
59:47and just keep doing every opportunity do
59:49you have any girls don't have anything
59:50planned anything in particular like
59:52right this is the thing that I really
59:54want to work for in the next five years
59:55or is it just really just keep growing
59:57we just like to enjoy in the moment yeah
01:00:00yeah I don't like to think too far ahead
01:00:03because things can always change yeah
01:00:09and we just take opportunities to stay
01:00:12calm I love it I honestly think I think
01:00:14especially with a lot of only fans
01:00:16creators and I'd take this like in the
01:00:19lightest way possible like in the best
01:00:20way possible I think a lot of people
01:00:21have the wrong perception of people yeah
01:00:25all the time and they're like oh you're
01:00:28actually okay yeah people meet me and
01:00:30they're like I thought you were so weird
01:00:31weirdo yeah obviously because we do take
01:00:35the pace a bit on social media but like
01:00:37we're not actually it's just marketing
01:00:39right yes and the amount of only fans
01:00:41creators I've spoken to now that it's
01:00:43just it's just all I realize now is at
01:00:46least for me the the girls I work with
01:00:47are earning Thirty forty fifty thousand
01:00:49a month they just think of it look it's
01:00:52a business sure obviously they enjoy it
01:00:54same as you girls they're passionate
01:00:55about it but it's a [ __ ] business
01:00:57they have to wake up they have to create
01:00:59content reply to messages so on and so
01:01:01on and so on it's literally just a
01:01:03business that's where a lot of people
01:01:04struggle to it's all about consistency I
01:01:06think me and Belle are very consistent
01:01:08yeah I think a lot of
01:01:14a couple of weeks off and you can't do
01:01:16that because then you're just taking big
01:01:18steps back I wouldn't want to do like I
01:01:20love it so much like I just feel like
01:01:21I'm not working half the time yeah
01:01:25absolutely love it girls thank you very
01:01:26much for coming on the podcast
01:01:28it's been great um if you guys want to
01:01:31find all of their socials down below
01:01:33I'll link everything down below yeah I'm
01:01:35sure you guys do so uh go ahead and
01:01:37check it out
01:01:39um and yeah thank you so much I'll see
01:01:40you guys the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke start out on TikTok?

Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke started out on TikTok by creating engaging and provocative content that quickly gained them a large following. Their bold and confident approach to their content helped them stand out in a crowded space.

2. How did the support of their families impact Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke's journey to success?

The support of their families played a crucial role in Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke's journey to success. It provided them with the encouragement and positivity they needed to pursue their career in the adult entertainment industry.

3. How do Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke deal with weirdos online?

Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke have developed a strong and empowering mindset to deal with weirdos online. They focus on setting boundaries, staying positive, and not allowing negative interactions to affect their mental well-being.

4. What positive impact has the newfound lifestyle had on Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke?

The newfound lifestyle has had a positive impact on Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke by providing them with financial independence, confidence, and a sense of empowerment. They have embraced a life that allows them to thrive on their own terms.

5. How do Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke create content together?

Belle Olivia and Alaska Clarke create content together by leveraging their individual strengths and unique personalities. They collaborate on ideas, develop creative concepts, and showcase their chemistry to deliver engaging and provocative content to their audience.

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