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The video showcases the best weapons to use Deep Sight Harmonizers on in Destiny 2, which are only available through Banshee. The recommended weapons include Retrofit Escapade, Calus Mini Tool, and Beloved. Other viable options are mentioned, but the focus is on the personal favorites of the presenter for the current season.
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The video discusses the best weapons to use Deepsight Harmonizers on in Destiny 2.
The weapons mentioned are not current seasonal or raid weapons.
Retrofit Escapade is recommended due to its effectiveness in DPS and end game content.
The Callous Mini Tool is a highly used solar SMG with perks like unrelenting and incandescent.
Other solar SMGs like Bug Out Bag are also mentioned as viable options.
The video discusses the best weapons to use Deepsight Harmonizers on in Destiny 2.
The Red Maw SMG is recommended for its effectiveness in both PvP and PvE.
The Ostringer hand cannon is good but not a must-have due to the availability of other hand cannons.
The Drang sidearm is a reliable choice for both PvP and PvE.
The Beloved sniper rifle with Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights is highly recommended for its smooth feel and accuracy.
The video suggests using Path of Release Resistance and Hollow Denial as good options for Deepsight Harmonizers in Destiny 2.
Path of Release Resistance is a strong legendary Trace rifle with perks like Shoot to Loot, Subsistence, and Triple Tap.
Hollow Denial is a good void Trace rifle option.
Bump of the Night is not recommended for Deepsight Harmonizers, as there are better rocket options available.
00:00if you want to know the best weapons to
00:01use your t-site harmonizers on in
00:03Destiny 2 I'm going to be going over
00:04that quickly here in this video now
00:06these are going to be weapons that you
00:08can't Farm anymore so current seasonal
00:10weapons as well as raid weapons won't be
00:11on this list these weapons I'm talking
00:13about are only available through Banshee
00:15ands are selling them and to also
00:16mention if you have a gobble of a weapon
00:18already don't waste your deep State
00:19harmonizers on trying to craft one the
00:21enhanced perks don't make a huge
00:22difference to be honest but his perks
00:24are still good but I mean there's really
00:26no point in wasting the only six
00:27harmonizers you get on a weapon you
00:29already have a good roll for starting
00:30off first we have retrofit Escapade now
00:32this is what I tell people to say
00:33they're deep harmonizers on the most
00:35just because of how good this machine
00:36gun is if you pair fourth time to charm
00:38with Target lock on this thing it makes
00:40it a really good option for DPS as well
00:42as end game content for when you want to
00:43mount Champions and queer through ads
00:45this machine gun is one of my favorites
00:47in the game and pairs really well with
00:48void builds especially when you pair it
00:50with your Falcons on hunter weapon
00:51hasn't been sold yet so we're waiting
00:53for that day to come but when it does
00:54definitely consider using your decent
00:56harmonizers on it and buying all five
00:58weapons you need in order to craft it
01:00next we have the callous mini tool this
01:02is a really good solar SMG and is one of
01:04my most used weapons in my energy slot
01:06my favorite perk combination is
01:07unrelenting and incandescent this SMG is
01:09an act like machine and pairs really
01:11well with solar builds especially when
01:12I'm on my solar Titan it's just one of
01:14the more better feeling SMGs for PVE if
01:17that fits what you're missing definitely
01:18consider crafting the countless mini
01:20tool there are other solar SMGs in the
01:22game right now like bug out bag that you
01:23can get they have good perks like the
01:25calcium mini tool but cos mini tool is
01:27always a good option at the end of the
01:28day speaking of SMGs there is also I
01:31keyless SMG but you can still get red
01:32borders to drop before I kills SMG it is
01:35just very very very very rare and very
01:37grindy you could go months without even
01:39getting a red motor if you do want an
01:40arc SMG especially with how good Arc is
01:42the season you can try to get your red
01:43border to drop instead of spending your
01:45deep sight harmonizers on this but this
01:47SMG was too good not to mention and I
01:49want to give a heads up that red borders
01:50do still have a chance of dropping for
01:51this weapon I love this SMG it's really
01:53good for PVP as well as PVE and is very
01:56reliable when it comes to those Arc
01:57builds if you are into PVP the opioid
01:59weapons aren't always going to be a good
02:01choice We want a good hand Cannon
02:03there's ostringer but there are so many
02:04other hand cannons out there right now
02:06that this isn't a must-have but it is
02:08still really good it has decent perk
02:09options in the first slot it has either
02:11storm Outlaw and snapshot sights as well
02:13as in the second perk slot it has
02:15Rangefinder and opening shot drank is
02:17another really good opulence weapon and
02:18it's one of the most powerful signups in
02:20the game that we have right now has
02:21decent perk options for both PVP and PVE
02:24however I don't find myself ever using
02:26it in PVE at all if you play PVP often
02:28you definitely have Ryan into your fair
02:30share of dragons I've been like yeah I
02:31definitely need to get that so if you're
02:33looking for a good sidearm and a
02:34reliable Saturn not only for PVP but
02:36maybe for PV as well I could consider
02:38getting drank and adding that to Your
02:39Arsenal and our last opulence weapon to
02:41talk about is beloved now I don't know
02:43if it's just me or what but this sniper
02:45with quick draw and snapshot sites make
02:46me feel like a god when I'm sniping the
02:48scope and the feel of this weapon for
02:50some reason just feels so smooth to me
02:51and I suck at sniping but when I have
02:53this sniper on I actually feel like I
02:54can hit a shot definitely consider
02:56getting this weapon when you're looking
02:57to spin your deep side harmonizers if
02:59you enjoy PB P there are other really
03:01good sniper rifles right now that you
03:02can get pretty easily like a door
03:04there's the new comp sniper there's a
03:06lot of sniper rifle options out there
03:07but beloved is just a personal favorite
03:09of mine if you like Trace rifles and you
03:11want a really strong legendary that will
03:12mesh well with your Arc builds path of
03:14release resistance will be a really good
03:16option for you with how good double
03:17special is I always find myself running
03:19a trace rifle this season this weapon
03:21has some really good perk options on it
03:22for PVE worth mentioning in the first
03:24slot they're a shoot to loot subsistence
03:26and triple tap as well as in the second
03:27perk slot there's Vault shot and
03:29dragonfly this pairs really well with a
03:301-2 punch shotgun in your kinetic slot
03:32for those Hunters out there with their
03:34assassins cowl or large handshake build
03:35hello denial is also a really good void
03:37Trace purple but I found myself using
03:39path of least resistance more than that
03:41but if you want a good void one hollow
03:42denial is a good option as well in for
03:44Rockets there is Bump of the night but
03:46truthfully there are so many other
03:47rockets that you can get right now I
03:49wouldn't even bother wasting your deep
03:50sight harmonizers on a bump in the night
03:51but if you are set and having a chill
03:53clip rocket you can focus this one Rizza
03:55goes to the Deep dungeon that rocket
03:57does have chill clip on it as well and I
03:59don't really want to waste my deep State
04:00harmonizers on on for the night you
04:02probably won't use it too much strictly
04:03with how many other Rockets are like
04:05blowout hot head the list goes on
04:07there's other good Rockets out there
04:08that you can use instead of this one and
04:10that is going to be it for my list now
04:11there are always other good options like
04:13firefight we have disparity Peace of
04:15Mind these are just weapons I find
04:16myself using the most right now this
04:18season I want to make a video going over
04:20my personal favorites that's it for the
04:21video if it did help be sure to like
04:23comment and subscribe I'll see you all
04:24in the next one all right peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best weapons to use Deep Sight Harmonizers on in Destiny 2?

The best weapons to use Deep Sight Harmonizers on in Destiny 2 are Retrofit Escapade, Calus Mini Tool, and Beloved. These weapons are only available through Banshee and are recommended for their performance with Deep Sight Harmonizers.

2. Where can I obtain the recommended weapons for Deep Sight Harmonizers in Destiny 2?

The recommended weapons for Deep Sight Harmonizers in Destiny 2, including Retrofit Escapade, Calus Mini Tool, and Beloved, are only available through Banshee. You can obtain these weapons by visiting Banshee and checking his inventory regularly.

3. What are the alternatives to the recommended weapons for Deep Sight Harmonizers in Destiny 2?

In addition to the recommended weapons for Deep Sight Harmonizers, there are other viable options available. While the focus is on Retrofit Escapade, Calus Mini Tool, and Beloved, other alternatives are mentioned based on their performance with Deep Sight Harmonizers for the current season.

4. How do I optimize Deep Sight Harmonizers on the recommended weapons in Destiny 2?

To optimize Deep Sight Harmonizers on the recommended weapons, it is important to understand their unique attributes and how they complement the perks of Deep Sight Harmonizers in Destiny 2. This optimization can enhance the overall performance and effectiveness of the weapons.

5. What makes the recommended weapons stand out for the current season in Destiny 2?

The recommended weapons, including Retrofit Escapade, Calus Mini Tool, and Beloved, stand out for the current season in Destiny 2 due to their exceptional performance with Deep Sight Harmonizers. The unique combination of perks and stats makes them favored choices for many players.

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