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This video demonstrates how to transfer money from your PayPal account to your Binance account using the AirTM platform, as other methods shown in YouTube videos are not effective. The process involves creating an AirTM account, depositing money from PayPal to AirTM, and then transferring the funds from AirTM to Binance through a peer-to-peer trade. While this method may be slightly expensive, it is a reliable way to transfer money between the two platforms.
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To transfer money from PayPal to Binance, use the AirTM website as an intermediary.
Cannot transfer directly from PayPal to Binance if not in the US.
AirTM is a trustworthy website for transferring money between e-wallets.
First step is to transfer money from PayPal to AirTM account.
Create an AirTM account if you don't have one.
The video demonstrates how to add money to an Airtm account using PayPal, including selecting the deposit amount, configuring the payment method, and submitting the request.
Select the appropriate option based on the deposit amount, either less than or more than fifteen dollars.
Enter the desired amount to add to the Airtm account, and configure the payment method by adding the PayPal email address.
Once the request is submitted, wait for the peer to accept it, then send the money from the PayPal account to the provided email address.
After the request is accepted, transfer the money using the PayPal account to the peer's account.
To transfer money from PayPal to Binance, request an invoice from the recipient, pay the invoice on PayPal, confirm the payment on Airtm, and then buy cryptocurrency on Binance's P2P trading platform.
Request an invoice from the recipient and pay on PayPal.
Confirm the payment on Airtm by entering the transaction ID or confirmation code.
Go to Binance's P2P trading platform and buy cryptocurrency.
The process involves selecting a payment method, choosing a seller with a suitable completion rate and transaction limit, entering the amount, and sending the money to the recipient's username or email.
Select a payment method such as Airtm.
Choose a seller with a suitable completion rate and transaction limit.
Enter the amount to be transferred.
Send the money to the recipient's username or email.
The method demonstrated in the video shows how to successfully transfer money from a PayPal account to a Binance account, with a confirmation step and verification process.
Click "send" and "verify" to initiate the transfer.
After sending, confirm the payment to notify the seller.
The video mentions that the method may be a bit expensive but it works 100% of the time.
00:00in this video I'm going to show you how
00:02to transfer money from your PayPal
00:04account to your binance account that is
00:06deposit money into your Finance
00:08accounting using your own paper account
00:09what has inspired me to make this video
00:11is simply because on YouTube there are
00:13so many people making videos on how to
00:15transfer money from PayPal to binance
00:17and what I discovered is that most of
00:20the methods which they are showing are
00:21not working but before we start I want
00:23to mention one thing if you live in the
00:25US here where people support
00:26cryptocurrencies I would encourage you
00:28to just go to your PayPal account and
00:30buy the cryptocurrencies then you'll be
00:32able to transfer them directly to your
00:34binance account from your PayPal account
00:36and if you are seeing me for the very
00:37first time I would draft welcome to my
00:39YouTube channel and it would be glad if
00:41you decide to subscribe to the channel
00:42for more videos just like this one in
00:45order to transfer money from paper to
00:47binance we are going to need the effect
00:49Party website or something like an
00:51exchange the main reason for this is
00:53simply because if you do not read in the
00:55USA you cannot transfer money directly
00:57from your PayPal account to your binance
00:59account and their best website which I
01:02have found that we can use it to
01:04transfer money from our PayPal account
01:06to our binance account is the air
01:08attempt and if you are wondering whether
01:11air team is trustworthy or not let me
01:14just show you when I come to activity
01:16over here you can see like I've done so
01:19many transactions including like as much
01:21as like 300 dollars I use this website
01:23like from time to time you can see
01:26Android 300 like 300 using perfect money
01:30so I usually use the air TM to move
01:33money between e-writs so we are going to
01:35be using it in this way to move the
01:37money from our PayPal account and then
01:39bring it to aitm once it is in air team
01:42then it will be very easy to transfer it
01:44to our binance account so the first step
01:46is transferring the money to your airtml
01:48account and if you don't have what an
01:50airtml account you can easily create one
01:52and I'm going to leave a video up over
01:55there or leave the link in the
01:57description into a video which is going
01:59to walk you through on on how to create
02:01like an airtm account it is very easy I
02:04will leave the links in the description
02:06below so once you have created your
02:08account on airtm here on airtm you just
02:10need to come and press on ADD then over
02:12here you just need to come over here in
02:15the search bar and search like for the
02:17payment method you want to use it to add
02:19money to your airtmo account in our case
02:22it is PayPal so just search for people
02:24in here you will discover that you are
02:27being presented with two options the
02:29first one like if you are depositing
02:31less than 15 dollars and the second one
02:33if it is more than fifteen dollars since
02:35I'm depositing 22 dollars I will go with
02:37the second option over here all what you
02:39need to do is to come and enter the
02:40amount of money you want to add to your
02:43airtml account in my case you can see
02:45that it is around 22 dollars so I'm
02:47going to deposit 22 dollars like in here
02:50you can see that we are going to be
02:52sending 22 dollars from our PayPal
02:54account and we're going to be receiving
02:5618 dollars on our air team account it is
02:59quite expensive possible but what I can
03:01assure you is that this method you wake
03:04C and represent all the time then all
03:06what you need to do is to scroll down
03:07and come and press continue over it then
03:11over here you need to configure your
03:13payment method that easy you simply need
03:15to add your paper email address that
03:18you're going to be using to send money
03:20to your peer so you need to add your
03:22email address you can see that in my
03:24paper email address is already added
03:25over here but if it's not added if you
03:28are transferring money for the very
03:29first time you just need to come over
03:31here it says add new configuration then
03:33you'll be able to add your paper email
03:35address once you avoided your paypoint
03:37address you just need to come and press
03:38only submit request so our request has
03:41been submitted successfully so all what
03:43we need to do is to wait for a peer to
03:45accept this request once it is accepted
03:48then you just need to come to your
03:49PayPal account and send 22 dollars like
03:52send the money to the email address that
03:55you're going to be provided like here in
03:57the air team so in just about two
03:58minutes this space person over here has
04:01accepted like my request so I can go
04:04ahead and transfer money like using my
04:07paper account to this person and you are
04:09going to find the details of your peer
04:11over here so you just need to come over
04:13here and copy let's say the email
04:15address or the name of the person you
04:18want to send the money to then come to
04:19your PayPal account you can just come on
04:22send and then transfer money like to
04:24this person another way of sending money
04:26you can tell the person over here using
04:29chat here like to send you an invoice
04:31like if you want the transaction like to
04:34go as smooth as possible like to avoid
04:36making any mistake you can just tell him
04:38to send you an invoice once he sends you
04:40an invoice then you just need to come to
04:43your PayPal account and
04:45pay the invoice so like if that's what
04:47I've done I told him to send me an
04:49invoice so yeah send me an invoice of
04:50like twenty two dollars you can say I
04:53get invoice received so I'll just come
04:55over here and come and press only there
04:57then I will come and press on complete
05:00purchase over here so as simple as that
05:02you can see that like the invoice has
05:04been paid when I come back to my
05:06dashboard on my PayPal account
05:08uh you discover that like my balance has
05:12reduced like the money has been sent 22
05:15dollars has been sent so all what you
05:18need to do is you come to your airtml
05:20account then here in Air Team you need
05:22to come and scroll down then you need to
05:24come and put the confirmation coordinate
05:26and come and press only I have sent the
05:29money so I will come back here so you
05:31can so by the way it says transaction ID
05:33you just need to copy the transaction ID
05:34or the confirmation code if you are
05:38sending like the normal way then you
05:40need to come and press this transaction
05:42ID in here
05:43even before I could do that you can see
05:45that the person has already confirmed
05:47and I have received the 18 dollars on my
05:51airtml account so like this is the way
05:53you can transfer money from your PayPal
05:55account to your airtml account so the
05:57first step is done which is the most ad
05:59thing of this or entire process so now
06:01what we're going to be doing is to
06:03transfer this money from our Airtel
06:04account to our binance account so here
06:07now what we need to do to transfer this
06:09eighteen dollars to our balance account
06:10is to come to balance like once you have
06:13logged into a binance account you just
06:14need to come over here where it says buy
06:17crypto then you need to come to P2P
06:19trading so we're going to be using
06:21balance peer-to-peer to transfer money
06:23from Air Team to our binance account the
06:27neon balance P2P what we're going to be
06:29doing is to buy the cryptocurrency you
06:31can see like we have got usdt BTC busd
06:34like we've got a number of
06:35cryptocurrencies we are going to be
06:36buying the cryptocurrency using our air
06:39team balance and to do that so you have
06:41to make sure that it is owned by then
06:43then you come under the currents and you
06:46come and search for USD since we are
06:48transferring from our USD balance once
06:52you have selected the currency you need
06:53to come in payment methods come and
06:55press here
06:56then you need to search for airtime or
06:59you just be able to find the ATM and
07:01choose airtm as the payment method
07:03immediately after choosing airtime as a
07:05payment method you're going to avoid a
07:07number of people who are variable like
07:10to trade with so you can trade with any
07:13of these people like to transfer money
07:15from your aitmo account to your binance
07:18account and I recommend it just going
07:20with the ones on top but what you look
07:22for easy like the completion rate over
07:25here and also the transaction limit so I
07:28want to transfer around the 18 dollars
07:30so like the first person over here has
07:33got a limit between 10.29 so it's like
07:36okay to transfer with this person so
07:38I'll just go with the first person so
07:40you just need to command press only buy
07:42usdt over here you can see that this
07:44transaction is likely to take not more
07:46than 15 minutes so all what you need to
07:48do is command enter the amount in here
07:50how much money 18 dollars let's say
07:5418.15 so this is the amount of money
07:57that I needed to send it to my peer over
08:01am then it is going to release the 18
08:04usdt like that is eighteen dollars into
08:07my balance account so you just need to
08:09go ahead and come and press only buy
08:11usdt once more
08:14you can see like the order has been
08:15pressed successfully it just wait for it
08:18to open so all what you need to do is to
08:20come over here it says the email or
08:22username and copy the email address or
08:24username of the person you want to send
08:27money to like in your airtml account so
08:29I will go ahead and copy the username
08:31since he has given us the username then
08:33all what I need to do is to head back to
08:35airtm then here team you need to come
08:38and press on it send or request it so
08:40that you can send this money to this
08:43then so we are sending money to who we
08:47put the username in here after putting
08:50the username then we need to enter the
08:53amount in here so we're sending 18 and
08:5515 cents then over here forget about
08:58this amount this just shows like my
09:00local currency I'm in Turkey so like
09:02this is the equivalency like in my local
09:05currency so forget about this one so we
09:07are sending eighteen dollars and fifteen
09:08cents then over here you need to write a
09:11note like you can just write anything so
09:13for me I'll just say maybe please
09:14confirm because I want him to confirm in
09:17balance as quicker as possible once we
09:20have done this all what you need to do
09:21is to come and press only send over here
09:23then you need to come and press only
09:25verify over here once it is verified
09:28then you can see verification success
09:30the injection command press on send then
09:33this money is on its way like we have
09:36been able to send it like it you can see
09:38that our airtime balance has reduced you
09:41only about five cents since we have sent
09:43this money then after sending this money
09:45you need to come back to your balance
09:46account then here in Balance you need to
09:48come and press only uh transfer you have
09:50to notify the seller that you have
09:51transferred the money so that it can be
09:53made aware so once you press there this
09:56one is going to pop up you just need to
09:57come and press I've made the transfer
09:59and then you come and press C on a
10:01confirm payment that way balance is
10:04going to notify this person that we have
10:06made the transfer then it's going to
10:07release the money into our binance
10:09account so we just need to wait for this
10:11tier we transfer the money with it to
10:13reduce the money into our binance
10:15account so I've received the
10:16notification that the appear has
10:18released the crypto and when I come to
10:20my binance account you can see that this
10:22order has been completed we're able to
10:24send 15.15 and we received the 18 usdt
10:29on our balance account and just to check
10:31our balance it to be sure if we already
10:33received the money so I will come to my
10:36wallet over here and just come and check
10:37the 180 overview remember we only had
10:40this zero dollars on our balance account
10:42so you can see the balance of our
10:44binance account over here that it is now
10:4618 meaning that we have been able to
10:49successfully transfer money from our
10:51PayPal account to our binance account
10:53using aitm the method of showing in this
10:57video might be a little bit expensive
10:58but it does work 100 of the time it is
11:02going to wait I've got another method
11:04the on how to transfer money from your
11:05PayPal account to your binance account
11:07and I'm going to make a video on that as
11:09well and I'm going to leave that video
11:11over here so when you're done watching
11:13this video make sure that you go and
11:15check out this video as well thank you
11:17very much watching this video all the
11:19way to the end I hope it was up to you
11:21if it was make sure that you give it a
11:23thumbs up and if you want more videos
11:24like this one for me in the future don't
11:26forget to subscribe to the channel for
11:27now bye bye see you in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the most effective method to transfer money from PayPal to Binance using AirTM platform?

The most effective method to transfer money from PayPal to Binance using AirTM platform involves creating an AirTM account, depositing money from PayPal to AirTM, and then transferring the funds from AirTM to Binance through a peer-to-peer trade. This method is reliable and ensures the transfer between the two platforms.

2. Why should I use AirTM for transferring money from PayPal to Binance?

Using AirTM for transferring money from PayPal to Binance is recommended as it provides a reliable and secure platform for the transfer. The process involves creating an AirTM account, depositing money from PayPal to AirTM, and then transferring the funds from AirTM to Binance through a peer-to-peer trade.

3. What are the advantages of using AirTM for transferring funds between PayPal and Binance?

The advantages of using AirTM for transferring funds between PayPal and Binance include reliability, security, and the ability to facilitate the transfer through a peer-to-peer trade. It provides a seamless process for transferring money between the two platforms.

4. How can I transfer money from PayPal to Binance through AirTM in a reliable way?

You can transfer money from PayPal to Binance through AirTM in a reliable way by creating an AirTM account, depositing money from PayPal to AirTM, and then conducting the transfer to Binance through a peer-to-peer trade. This method ensures a secure and effective transfer process.

5. Is transferring money from PayPal to Binance through AirTM expensive?

While transferring money from PayPal to Binance through AirTM may be slightly expensive, it is a reliable and effective way to transfer funds between the two platforms. The security and reliability of the process make it a worthwhile method despite the cost.

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