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The video shows a challenge to break Tristan Tate's world record of drinking nine cans of Red Bull in under three minutes, with the YouTuber successfully drinking ten cans. The challenge involved consuming over 700 milligrams of caffeine, and the YouTuber encourages viewers not to try this at home.
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Attempting to break Tristan Tate's Red Bull drinking world record of 9 cans in 2 minutes 36 seconds.
Each can is 8.4 fluid ounces of Red Bull.
The challenge is to drink as many cans as possible in 3 minutes.
All cans are sealed and the challenge is not recommended to be tried at home.
The person drank 10 cans of 8.4 fluid ounces of Red Bull in under three minutes.
He mentioned being able to do 12 but not wanting to be flying for the next six years.
It took under three minutes to drink the 10 cans.
The video ends with the creator thanking the viewers and signing off.
The creator mentions the high caffeine content of the drink.
He asks for video suggestions from the viewers.
He promises a shoutout to anyone whose video idea he chooses.
The creator concludes the video by thanking the viewers and saying goodbye.
00:00there's no way that it's the record it's
00:02just too simple today we're gonna be
00:03seeing how many red bulls we can
00:05challenge in just three minutes the
00:07world record holder is known by the name
00:09of tristan tane i believe that's andrew
00:11tate's brother i'm not exactly sure
00:12apparently the world record for red
00:14bulls in three minutes it's nine cans in
00:16two minutes 36 seconds i believe is
00:19tristan time um i believe i can destroy
00:21that because you guys already know your
00:22boys the king of energy drink trucks on
00:25youtube you guys know my loyal fans out
00:27there you guys know each of these cans
00:29are about 8.4 fluid ounces of red bull
00:32i've been entered for competition lately
00:34so we're going to beat my again but make
00:36sure you guys go down below and smash
00:37that like button for this video this is
00:39the world record for rebels in three
00:41minutes however many we can do smash the
00:43like button tristan tate uh goodbye but
00:46before we even begin i just want to say
00:48do not try this at home at all just
00:50please do not try this just leave it to
00:51me all cans are sealed yeah three
00:53minutes in a class once your timer's up
00:55we stop here we go challenge start three
00:57two one
00:59i'm so nervous but we got it we got it
01:00all right and go
01:29oh my god
03:37i could do 12 but i'm not trying to be
03:39flying for the next six years oh my god
03:42there we go we beat it
03:4410 cans 10 cans of 8.4 fluid ounces
03:47of red bull in under three minutes it's
03:50like over 700 milligrams of caffeine oh
03:51my god but if you guys are not already
03:53subscribed make sure you guys are
03:54subscribed and turn on the post
03:56notification bell so you guys never miss
03:58a video you guys already know what it is
03:59this was the world record for rebel i
04:02hope this is an official record i'm not
04:03exactly sure i feel like eight cans was
04:04like too simple and if you have any
04:06other video suggestions you guys want to
04:08see me do whether to chug or food
04:09challenge or beating other world records
04:11span the comments down below if i choose
04:13your video idea i will give you guys a
04:14shout out in the next video but it has
04:16been real for this job we're gonna go
04:17fly for the next six years or whatever
04:19that is gonna wrap it up this video i'm
04:21gonna end up the video right there hope
04:22you guys enjoyed like this video if you
04:23enjoyed also share subscribe if you're
04:25new stay late and as always see you guys
04:26next one and we are out
04:51thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How many cans of Red Bull did the YouTuber drink in the challenge?

The YouTuber successfully drank ten cans of Red Bull in the challenge, breaking Tristan Tate's world record of drinking nine cans.

2. What was the duration of the challenge to break the world record?

The challenge to break Tristan Tate's world record lasted under three minutes, during which the YouTuber drank ten cans of Red Bull.

3. How much caffeine did the challenge involve?

The challenge involved consuming over 700 milligrams of caffeine, which is a high amount and not recommended for others to try at home.

4. What warning did the YouTuber give to the viewers regarding the challenge?

The YouTuber encourages viewers not to try this at home, emphasizing the significant amount of caffeine consumed in the challenge and its potential risks.

5. What was the outcome of the challenge involving Red Bull consumption?

The YouTuber successfully completed the challenge by drinking ten cans of Red Bull, surpassing the previous world record and showcasing an impressive feat of caffeine consumption.

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