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This video is an updated guide on Ningguang in Genshin Impact 2.3, focusing on her abilities, playstyles, weapon options, artifact sets, and team compositions. It covers advanced tips, animation cancelling, and showcases a Geo quick swap team for floor 12. The guide provides detailed insights on maximizing Ningguang's potential as a powerful Geo DPS.
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Ningguang is a powerful Geo DPS who has become more popular due to her advantage against new enemies in the Spiral Abyss.
Her elemental skill, Jade Screen, is a powerful damage dealer and generates Geo particles.
The skill also casts a barrier that blocks enemy projectiles.
Her elemental burst is another high-scaling damage option in her kit.
The video will cover advanced tips, animation cancelling, and play styles to help players use her efficiently.
Depending on how you play her, Ningguang's talent priority varies, with maxing normal attacks first for main DPS and burst for burst support/quick swap teams; animation cancelling can be done by holding W during normal attacks and letting go during charge attacks.
For main DPS, max normal attacks first, then burst, then skill
For burst support/quick swap teams, max burst first, then normal attacks and skill
Animation cancelling can be done by holding W during normal attacks and letting go during charge attacks
Different artifact sets for Ningguang's DPS build and their pros and cons.
Bolide set increases normal and charge attack damage when shielded, ideal for main DPS Ningguang paired with someone like Zhongli.
Four Beast Reminiscence set buffs normal and charge attack damage but makes you lose 15 energy on your skill, not recommended unless you have energy recharge or a Geo team.
Archaic Petra set buffs elemental damage of the crystallized reaction you pick up, useful when running Ningguang with elemental sub DPS characters.
The Wood Set artifact has good stats and buffs, but the elemental mastery buff is useless for Ningguang.
The Wood Set artifact has a crit damage of 55% at level 90.
The buffs from the Wood Set can give attack percent or elemental damage, which are great for Ningguang.
However, the elemental mastery buff is useless for Ningguang as it only strengthens the crystallized shield.
The Solar Pearl weapon is also a good option as it buffs all aspects of Ningguang's kit except for her charge attack.
The Dodoco Tales weapon is a free-to-play option that increases attack percent and charge attack damage for Ningguang.
Ningguang's elemental skill has a bug that only allows it to generate particles every six seconds, but her constellations, particularly C2 and C6, are highly recommended.
C2 allows for AoE normal attacks.
C6 grants seven star jades, boosting charge attack damage and eliminating stamina cost.
C3 and C5 constellations are also beneficial, providing burst count levels.
Ningguang pairs well with other geo characters, especially Albedo or Zhongli, for geo resonance and increased damage.
Geo resonance increases shield strength, damage dealt by 15%, and decreases opponents' resistance.
Ningguang can be used as a burst support, and the showcased team includes a healer and a flex character, with Ningguang using a R5 Sith with two Petra and two Reminiscence artifacts.
Ningguang can be used as a burst support with her skill and burst.
The showcased team includes a healer and a flex character.
The recommended artifact set for Ningguang is two Petra and two Reminiscence.
The showcased Ningguang uses a R5 Sith with a ratio of 63 to 205 for sub stats.
00:00hey what's up guys today we have to talk
00:01about ninghuang a powerful geodps who
00:03actually got better in this patch or
00:05rather better with the new spiral abyss
00:07as they added these annoying dog enemies
00:09that can be very difficult to fight but
00:10that do actually have a geo weakness
00:13which makes ninh a much better option
00:14because of that a lot of people are
00:16turning to ninghuang and other
00:17geocarries which is why i think it's
00:19important for me to release an updated
00:20guide on ninghwang since so many people
00:22want to play her on top of that she got
00:23some new options both in weapons and
00:25sets that i want to cover in this video
00:27so what i'm going to be doing is
00:28covering everything you need to know
00:29about ninghwang in as much detail as
00:31possible without wasting any of your
00:33time with that being said i want to
00:34remind you guys that i do stream most
00:35nights on twitch link in the description
00:36if you're interested and with that being
00:37said let's get into it now as always
00:39with every guide video i make i'm going
00:41to start by giving you guys a rundown on
00:42how to play this character and how their
00:44kit works with someone like ninghuang
00:45though who's been in the game for a
00:46while i'm always unsure in how much
00:48detail i should go as a lot of people
00:50already know how ninghung works but what
00:51i'm going to do is give you guys a quick
00:52recap on her abilities but also cover
00:54some advanced tips animation cancelling
00:56and play styles that you need to know to
00:58play her efficiently so that i can
01:00hopefully help as many people as
01:01possible with this section first of all
01:03i want to specify that ninguang is a
01:04character that does a lot of damage
01:06through basically every part of her kit
01:08her elemental skill is a jade screen
01:10that has a very good scaling does a lot
01:12of damage and will also generate some
01:13geoparticles for you this jade screen
01:15casts a barrier that's a geo construct
01:18and that can also block enemy
01:19projectiles and stuff which is kind of
01:21niche but it's mainly used for its high
01:22scaling and then your elemental burst
01:24star shatter is really good it does a
01:26ton of damage based on the amount of
01:28gems that you create and the main thing
01:29you need to know with this ability is
01:30that you will generate more you'll deal
01:32more damage generate more gems if you
01:34use your burst when you have a jade
01:36screen active because of this you always
01:37want to use your skill first and then
01:39your burst as it will just increase the
01:41overall scaling of this ability
01:43something to keep in mind with your star
01:44shatter though is that it is single
01:45target and so while it does do a lot of
01:47damage if you're fighting multiple
01:48enemies it can be annoying uh using this
01:51burst as it will focus one but that's
01:53when other characters or other abilities
01:55can come in to go into a bit more detail
01:57your burst fires six gems initially and
01:59then if you cast it when a jade screen
02:00is active it'll fire another six by
02:02shattering or destroying that jade
02:04screen that you have i do wanna point
02:06out that sometimes her burst is a bit
02:07wonky though some star jades can like go
02:09into the ground or can have weird
02:11targeting and some randomness involved
02:12but in general it's a pretty
02:13straightforward burst that does a lot of
02:15damage something else you should know is
02:16that ning wong's charge attacks are
02:18really good not only is the scaling high
02:19but she also has a mechanic unique to
02:21her which is her star jades the way this
02:23works is that when you normal attack on
02:25ninh wang you'll generate a star jade
02:27after that when you fire a charge attack
02:28with ninghuang it's gonna fire those
02:30star jades as well which will do even
02:32more damage right as you can see here
02:33there is this extra damage per star jade
02:36that you are dealing and on top of that
02:37her charge tax will not cost stamina
02:39when you are using them with star jades
02:42because of this while there's different
02:43play styles for ninghang as a main dps
02:46when you are spending time on field with
02:47her you do want to make sure to weave in
02:49some normal attacks between your charge
02:51attacks to get those star jades and then
02:53fire them with your charge attacks also
02:55for your star jades they are counted as
02:56charge attack damage so do keep that in
02:58mind any set bonus or weapon that buffs
03:01your charge attacks will also buff your
03:03star jade's damage something else you
03:04need to keep in mind is that ninghung
03:06has another passive talent that
03:07increases the geodamage of whichever
03:09character you're using that passes
03:11through the jade screen and so if you're
03:12running a geo team or just for ninhuang
03:14herself you can be sure to run through
03:16that jade screen so that your next
03:18abilities your burst your charge tax
03:19whatever will deal more damage with this
03:21passive and lastly before i move on to
03:23some more advanced tips i do want to
03:24point out that for your talent priority
03:26it depends on how you play her in fact
03:28ninghuang has two main playstyles either
03:30as a main dps where you're on field auto
03:32attacking and then just using your
03:33supports as backup to buff your ning
03:35wong or to deal off field damage as well
03:37in that sort of traditional dps sense
03:39you want to be maxing your normal
03:40attacks first and then your burst and
03:41then your skill however if you're using
03:43ninghuang as a burst support or in a
03:45quick swap team which is how i play her
03:46where i'm constantly swapping between
03:48characters using my ninghuang yes to
03:50deal a lot of damage through her skill
03:51her burst and some charge attacks but
03:53not spending too much time on her not
03:55doing too many normal attacks in this
03:57instance your burst can actually be your
03:58most important talent to level and then
04:01after that your normal attack and your
04:02skill are both important to level if you
04:04have your six constellation i would
04:05advise getting the normal attack up
04:07first as this increases your charge
04:08attack and star jade scaling and if
04:10you're nazi six then going for your
04:11burst and your skill and your normal
04:12attacks and in case you're confused
04:14here's a recap on the screen as your
04:15talent priority heavily depends on how
04:17you play her also regarding ninguang's
04:19animation cancelling first of all to
04:20make her attack faster with her normal
04:22attacks this is the normal attack speed
04:24but if you hold your w key or just
04:25forward right as you can see i'm
04:27attacking much faster now this is me
04:29holding my w key and then this is me
04:31letting go of it as you can see the
04:32attack speed drastically changes now
04:34regarding your charge tax though this is
04:36where things can get a bit more
04:37complicated in fact generally what you
04:39want to do is just hold w during your
04:40normal attack and then when you're
04:42casting your charge attack when the
04:43animation starts you can let go of that
04:44w key and then hold it again for your
04:46next normal attack now the reason why
04:49some charge attacks like the two i just
04:50did can go out at different speeds is
04:53because and this is probably the most
04:54misunderstood thing with ninghung is
04:56that her normal attacks have different
04:57ways of being casted as you can see she
04:59can shoot it either by spinning around
05:01like that or from her left hand or from
05:03her right hand and all three of these
05:04have a different casting time that will
05:05make the charge attack after either come
05:07out faster or come out slower this is
05:09why ninghuang can feel a bit clunky or
05:11weird to play and why you might notice
05:13some inconsistencies before you actually
05:15get used to how ninghuang works and the
05:18different animations of her normal
05:19attacks that being said i will put a
05:21link to a more detailed guide regarding
05:23animation cancelling in the description
05:24down below just in case you need more
05:26information all right now regarding
05:27niguang's builds for her artifact sets
05:29it's honestly very flexible and this is
05:31one of ninghuang's biggest strengths the
05:32reason for this is because there's a lot
05:34of good two pieces that you can run on
05:35your ninghuang the best one and the two
05:38piece that i recommend is the two-piece
05:39archaic petra that gives you a 15
05:41geodamage bonus buffing the entirety of
05:43your kit making your ninghwang just deal
05:46more damage once you have this two-piece
05:47petrol though the other two-piece you
05:49run with it can honestly be
05:51many different options atp's no blessed
05:53large giving you 20 burst damage is very
05:55good and can be the best option in a
05:57quick swap style team where you're
05:58swapping around between characters and
06:00primarily using ninghuang for her skill
06:02and burst something like the two-piece
06:03reminescence or two-piece gladiator
06:05right both of them being the exact same
06:07can also be a good two-piece especially
06:09for a main dps ninghuang where you're on
06:11field auto attacking and it's also just
06:13a good two-piece in general as once
06:14again it buffs the entirety of your
06:16ninghung's kit alongside the two-piece
06:18petra and so the two-piece that's best
06:19for you depends on both your playstyle
06:21and the sub stats you have whichever
06:23two-piece you have that has better stats
06:25on it is what i would recommend
06:27something i want to add though is that
06:28other sets can be very viable for
06:30example the bolide set which i don't
06:32have a good one right now but if you
06:34have the four-piece bolide there are
06:36situations where this can be good but it
06:37isn't always good in fact what this set
06:39does is when you're shielded it gives
06:41you 40 normal and charge attack damage
06:43increasing your shield strength which is
06:44especially good when you're running
06:45ninghuang as a main dps spending a lot
06:48of time doing normal and charge attacks
06:49and are capable of getting a shield with
06:51her ideally by pairing her with someone
06:52like zhang li that being said a lot of
06:54ninghuang's damage comes from her skill
06:56and her burst as well to where i don't
06:58like bolide as much but in certain team
07:00comps certain playstyles bullied can
07:02definitely be viable if you do have
07:03better sub stats on this set also
07:05regarding the four beast reminescence
07:06while the set is viable it's not my
07:08favorite because it makes you lose 15
07:10energy on your skill and therefore
07:11becomes only really viable as a main dps
07:14like sustained auto attacker and even
07:16then it's typically not the best because
07:18of this 15 energy that you're losing in
07:20fact while this set does greatly buff
07:22your normal and charge attack damage by
07:2350 for 10 seconds it does make you lose
07:25out on 15 energy which therefore makes
07:27it hard for you to get your burst back
07:28on cooldown which will lower your
07:30overall dps unless you have energy
07:32recharge or just a geo team that can let
07:34you use your burst non-stop overall it's
07:36viable but not recommended and lastly i
07:38wanted to point out that the 4-piece
07:40archaic petra while this set doesn't
07:41buff your ninghun herself because what
07:43it does is give a damage bonus to
07:45whichever crystallized reaction you pick
07:47up let's say you pick up an
07:48electroshield it'll buff your electro
07:49characters and same with any other
07:51element while this won't buff your geo
07:53damage because you can't crystallize geo
07:55the set does have potential that people
07:56don't talk about if you are running
07:58ninghuang with elemental sub dps's like
08:00fischel or xingchu to where you can pick
08:02up the crystal on your ninghwang and
08:04then buff your off field supports damage
08:06which can actually be good but it is
08:08very niche and not what i recommend to
08:09most players as typically two-piece
08:11petra with either two-piece no bless or
08:13reminiscent slash-glad is the way to go
08:15now for your artifact stats it's
08:16honestly super straightforward for
08:18ninguang so i'm gonna make this very
08:19fast for your substance in general
08:21you're looking for crit rate crit damage
08:22and attack percent the three ones that
08:24give you the most damage and then for
08:26your main stats you want attack percent
08:27on your sands geo damage bonus on your
08:29goblet as oliver damages geo and then
08:31either crit rate or crit damage on your
08:32circlet depending on whichever you need
08:34more of now moving on to ninguang's
08:36weapons she has a lot of really good
08:37options so basically everyone can find a
08:40good one for them the one thing i want
08:41to say however is that a lot of nikon's
08:43options are actually very similar in
08:45strength and so it can depend on your
08:46play style and artifact stats which one
08:48is right for you generally though all 5
08:50star weapons are amazing for her the
08:52skyward atlas is an amazing choice
08:54overall for the very high base attack
08:56the attack percent on the stat and the
08:57elemental damage bonus on the effect
08:59which makes it my personal favorite for
09:01most play styles as it just gives you a
09:02ton of stats the lost prayer is also
09:04really good although this catalyst wants
09:06you to be on field a bit longer for the
09:07effect to actually stack up which makes
09:09it better for a main dps and it also
09:11gives you crit rate on the effect which
09:12can make it easier for you to get a good
09:14ratio and lastly for the geocatalyst
09:16this one is good too but it does require
09:18you to run a shield so running ninguang
09:20with zhong li and it also just gives you
09:22a ton of attack in my opinion it's the
09:24worst of the three five star catalysts
09:26but it is still a good option with atlas
09:28being my favorite overall but lost
09:30prayer being really good too and
09:31sometimes even better when you're like a
09:33sustained dps now other than just five
09:35star options though ningwon has some
09:36really good four star and even
09:38free-to-play options the first weapon i
09:40want to talk about is actually the
09:41witsith because at high refinement and
09:42depending on your playstyle this can be
09:44one of the best catalysts for you and
09:46potentially even the best in fact when
09:48you want to do one quick rotation one
09:50burst rotation the width can give you
09:52the most damage inside of that rotation
09:54the problem with the width it though is
09:56that while the effect is really good one
09:58of the three buffs that it gives you is
10:00pretty useless so if you don't know what
10:01the wood set does first of all it has
10:03really good stats with a crit damage of
10:0555 percent at level 90 which is really
10:07really good then the effect can either
10:08give you attack percent which is great
10:09elemental damage which is also great or
10:12elemental mastery which for ninhuang is
10:13useless as it only makes your
10:15crystallized shield stronger these buffs
10:17last for 10 seconds and can occur once
10:19every 30 seconds and so this book is
10:20insane for buffing your burst damage and
10:22for team comps where you're swapping
10:24constantly while getting the elemental
10:26mastery sucks overall on average this
10:28weapon is still amazing and is one of my
10:30favorites for ninghuang i do also want
10:31to point out though that solar pearl is
10:32about as good as with sit as well this
10:35weapon is great because it gives you
10:37crit rate and also will buff every
10:39aspect of your kit except your charge
10:40attack pretty much because when you
10:42normal attack it'll buff your skill in
10:43your burst and when you use your skill
10:45or your burst it will buff your normal
10:46attacks which just makes it a good
10:48overall option i also wanted to point
10:50out that dodoko tails were the
10:51refinement which is a free-to-play
10:52weapon that we got during an event a
10:54while ago that you could refine for free
10:56is also a good option as it gives you a
10:57lot of attack percent and increases your
10:59charge attack damage when you normal
11:00attack and also your attack percent the
11:02numbers here are doubled at refinement
11:04five so it's 32 percent to your charge
11:06attacks and 16 attack which are very
11:08good and this weapon is competitive with
11:10solar pearl and widseth although once
11:12again it does depend on your playstyle
11:14in fact while widsith is still my
11:15favorite four-star for my type of
11:17playstyle what i use the most and tend
11:19to recommend where you're swapping
11:20around with ninghuang using her as a dps
11:22but swapping to another character after
11:24one complete rotation of you using like
11:26your skill your burst and maybe some
11:27charge attacks that being said dodoko's
11:29charge attack increase and attack
11:30increase is also very good and will be
11:32the better option for a long fight a
11:34sustained dps increase and so while
11:36dodoko's the best free-to-play option if
11:38you compare it to the four stars how
11:40good it is does depend on your playstyle
11:41with it just generally being a good
11:43option and this is partly why it's so
11:45hard to precisely rank ninghwang's
11:47weapons as a lot of them are good and
11:48similar and depend on you the one thing
11:50i want to say regarding dodoko vs solar
11:52pearl however is that they are very
11:53similar in strength solar pearl gives
11:55you crit rate which can make it easier
11:56for you to build your ninghung and this
11:58weapon also increases your skill and
11:59burst damage after your normal attack
12:01which can make it better once again for
12:02a quick swappy style with deroko being
12:04favored if you are spamming your charge
12:06attack which can be a good idea on
12:07ninghwang as a main dps and lastly for
12:10the free to play options other than this
12:11book if you have star glitter you can
12:12get the black lift a gate although it's
12:14not my favorite weapon and if not you
12:15can use a blacksmith catalyst like the
12:17mafamare which is decent for the effect
12:19and the base attack overall as you can
12:20see ninghuang has really good options
12:22with amazing five star catalysts that
12:23are all very good and usually the best
12:25options and also really good four stars
12:26with wid sith solar pearl and dodoco as
12:28well a question i get asked regularly is
12:30regarding ninguang's constellations how
12:32good they are and whether or not
12:34ninghuang is dependent on them now while
12:36i don't think she's necessarily
12:37dependent on them as especially when
12:38paired with other geocharacters she can
12:40do well even at lower constellations she
12:43does have some key ones that make her a
12:44lot better notably her second one which
12:46is a pretty accessible constellation
12:48because it's only the second one and it
12:50is very strong because of that i want to
12:52go over her constellations and talk
12:53about the most important ones as i
12:55mentioned her c2 is insane because it
12:57resets the cooldown of your jade screen
12:59when it is shattered and as we saw
13:00earlier since your elemental burst
13:02shatters your jade screen if there is
13:04one up what this allows you to do is use
13:06your skill then use your burst get the
13:08bonus damage on your burst as well and
13:09then use your skill again for just an
13:11extra cast of your skill which obviously
13:13will make you do a lot more damage in
13:15your rotation do keep in mind though
13:17that for some reason your elemental
13:18skill has a bug that makes it only able
13:20to generate particles every six seconds
13:22or so to where usually when you're doing
13:24eqe and an optimal rotation skill burst
13:26skill your second one won't generate
13:28particles unless you wait although even
13:30despite that this constellation is
13:32amazing and is one that you should try
13:33to go for another really good
13:35constellation for her is her sixth one
13:36as this one gives you seven star j's
13:38when you use your burst which basically
13:40means your charge attack will do a lot
13:41more damage after and also not cost
13:43stamina and so if you have your c6 be
13:46sure to weave in a charge attack after
13:48your elemental burst seven star jades is
13:50pretty huge so this is definitely a
13:52really good constellation your c2 and
13:53your c6 being your two best ones that
13:56being said c3 and five especially three
13:58giving you burst count levels are also
14:00nice and your c1 makes your normal
14:02attacks aoe which was a pretty overrated
14:04constellation as it only makes your
14:06normal attacks do some aoe and your
14:07normal attacks aren't the biggest part
14:09of your kit on ninghwang but it is
14:10pretty nice to have now moving on to
14:12ning wong's teams it's actually very
14:14straightforward because ninghwang is
14:15someone who doesn't really depend on too
14:17many other characters the main thing i
14:18want to say though is that she does pair
14:20very well with other geo characters and
14:22so having a geo support especially a
14:24five star one like albedo or zhong li if
14:26you do have them with honestly even a
14:28geo traveler being viable can be a
14:30really good option as they do provide
14:32you with this geo resonance that greatly
14:34just buffs your team by giving you more
14:36shield strength increasing your damage
14:37dealt by fifteen percent and also
14:39decreasing the gres of opponents which
14:41is absolutely huge to both your ninghang
14:43and your other jio character this is why
14:45i believe ninghuang with albedo or
14:47zhongli or just geocharacters in general
14:49is really good and should be at the
14:50heart of your team if you do have any of
14:53these characters on top of that the
14:54geocharacters will generate geoparticles
14:56for one another regardless of which
14:58geocharacter you're using they will all
14:59be generating geoparticles which will
15:01help your geocharacters get their burst
15:03back on cooldown also in case you're
15:04wondering regarding ito and goro i
15:06recorded most of this video before they
15:08came out so i'm just adding a bonus
15:09section now since i delayed the editing
15:11basically while ninghuang can fit in ito
15:14team because they're both jio she isn't
15:15the best pick for ito because he
15:17typically has better geo supports that
15:19have more synergy with him like goro who
15:21buffs his defense or albedo he'll
15:23generate passive particles and deal a
15:24lot of damage as an off-field support
15:26that being said ninghuang can be a
15:27viable option in an ito team as a burst
15:30support option who will deal a lot of
15:31damage and can run a more supportive
15:33catalyst although number one that won't
15:35be a team centered around ninghuang and
15:37number two it's not what i recommend as
15:39much as the other teams i've mentioned
15:40both for ningwon's teams and for ethos
15:42teams other than that though the rest of
15:44your team can be very very flexible
15:46while i right here am using this geo
15:48quick swap team that i'm showcasing in
15:49the next section of this video clearing
15:51the abyss with it very rapidly your team
15:53is honestly extremely flexible by
15:55basically running let's say two
15:56geocharacters and then whichever
15:58supports you want or need for example
15:59you'll usually want a healer unless
16:01you're running like ninghwang jong li
16:02and don't need healing you'll typically
16:04want a healer someone like bennett can
16:05work really well as he just gives you
16:07insane amounts of damage and is just
16:08insane in any team and other than that
16:10you just want to pair strong supports
16:12with nguong someone like fishel or
16:13xingchoo both give you a ton of really
16:15good off-field damage someone like shang
16:17ling especially if you're running
16:18bennett in a geopyro team can be good
16:21for off-field damage someone like beto
16:23with fiscal can also give you that aoe
16:25damage that you might be lacking and
16:26honestly there's just a lot of good
16:28options for ninghwang there's a lot of
16:29teams that you can make just by pairing
16:31her with ideally another jio support and
16:33then if you need a healer i would
16:34recommend a healer as well and then your
16:35last character can be a flex character
16:37whatever you need do keep in mind though
16:38that ning wang can also be ran as a
16:40burst support where you can fit her in
16:41most teams by using her skill and her
16:43burst which can be a pretty good option
16:44especially if you have her
16:45constellations like c2 and c6 alright
16:47with that being said this is the team
16:49i'm using for my showcase i'm going to
16:50do a floor 12 clear or showcasing floor
16:5212 clear that i recorded on my stream
16:54using a geo quick swap team i put my
16:56ning wang on a r5 with sith with two
16:58petra two reminescence now in this
17:00specific team two peas in a blessed
17:01large probably would have been better as
17:03i am quick swapping but my sub stats are
17:05a lot better on this set as you guys can
17:07see with a ratio of 63 to 205 obviously
17:10my crit rate should be higher but i just
17:12haven't farmed petra in forever and my
17:13petra pieces kind of don't have any crit
17:15rate so it's hard for me to get more but
17:17this is still a really good night i am
17:18on level 7 10 10 talent wise c6 with a
17:21four star weapon that is r5 though with
17:24that being said i hope you guys enjoyed
17:25the guide and i hope you'll enjoy the
17:26showcase let's go
19:39so yeah that's about it ning wang is a
19:41pretty great geocarry who i really enjoy
19:43playing especially in the current abyss
19:44as jio is so strong if you have any
19:46questions be sure to leave them in the
19:47comments down below feel free to join
19:48the discord sub if you're new and with
19:50that being said i'll catch you guys in
19:51the next one peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What does the updated guide on Ningguang in Genshin Impact 2.3 cover?

The updated guide on Ningguang in Genshin Impact 2.3 covers her abilities, playstyles, weapon options, artifact sets, and team compositions. It also includes advanced tips, animation cancelling, and showcases a Geo quick swap team for floor 12.

2. What insights does the guide provide for maximizing Ningguang's potential?

The guide provides detailed insights on maximizing Ningguang's potential as a powerful Geo DPS, offering valuable strategies and tactics to enhance her performance in the game.

3. What is the focus of the updated guide on Ningguang?

The focus of the updated guide on Ningguang is to provide in-depth knowledge about her character, abilities, and how to utilize her effectively as a Geo DPS, particularly in the 2.3 version of Genshin Impact.

4. How does the guide showcase Ningguang's potential as a Geo DPS?

The guide showcases Ningguang's potential as a Geo DPS by highlighting her abilities, playstyles, weapon choices, artifact sets, and team compositions, offering a comprehensive understanding of her role in the game.

5. What can viewers expect to learn from the updated guide on Ningguang?

Viewers can expect to learn about advanced tips, animation cancelling, and effective team compositions, as well as gain detailed insights into maximizing Ningguang's potential as a powerful Geo DPS in Genshin Impact 2.3.

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