💫 Summary is a browser-based AI object remover tool that seamlessly removes objects and even reconstructs missing backgrounds with impressive accuracy and detail, making it one of the best programs of its kind available to everyone. The tool respects shadows and depth of field, using AI to recreate the background based on the surrounding context, resulting in high-quality and realistic edits. It offers a free version with lower resolution output and a paid version for higher resolution results.
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Magic Eraser is a browser-based program that excels at removing objects and replacing backgrounds using AI.
Magic Eraser is a browser-based solution or a cloud-based solution.
It is considered the best program for removing objects.
It uses AI to replace things behind objects, not just merging close pixels.
It offers the ability to remove backgrounds, although the speaker is not too impressed with this feature.
The pricing model allows users to choose between low resolution for free and paying for higher resolution.
The AI object remover can remove objects from an image while preserving shadows and even reconstruct missing elements like water.
The AI removes a person from an image while preserving the shadows of the remaining three people.
The AI can also reconstruct missing elements like water based on AI assumptions.
The AI object remover respects other shadows even after removing its own shadow.
The AI object remover can accurately remove objects from images while maintaining the background's depth of field.
The AI recognizes the different backgrounds and recreates them accordingly.
The object removal process is quick and does not require precise edge selection.
The speaker highly recommends the AI object remover tool for its ability to erase objects while maintaining the surrounding features.
The product uses AI in a way that preserves blur features and other details.
It can easily remove logos and objects from images.
The speaker considers it one of their top five applications.
00:00I often get very excited when I come
00:02across a program that just works well
00:04and is available to everybody so this is
00:08one of them this is Magic Eraser and
00:11it's on the site magic I can
00:15open it up on my mobile device in the
00:17browser and it operates really
00:19seamlessly there it's like you're
00:20working on the desktop but it's
00:22practically a a browser-based solution
00:25or a cloud-based solution
00:27there are many programs that are able to
00:30remove objects
00:32Etc and do some do it better than others
00:34but nothing does it as good as this
00:37program and that's a big and tall order
00:39for me to make I'm not sponsored by
00:41these guys
00:42but I think they've hit the nail on the
00:45head and this little room for
00:46improvement but it's incredible they've
00:49been able to replace things behind
00:51objects with AI and not just using kind
00:55of close pixels to to merge in so it's a
00:58really really cool concept they also
01:01have the ability to remove backgrounds
01:05it's one of the features that they have
01:07or rather another program that they run
01:10but I'm not too impressed with this that
01:12I've still got a while to go this others
01:14that I use usually so when it comes to
01:17the pricing
01:18this model really works well in that
01:21they give it to you like background dot
01:23or was it they give you the
01:25option to do what you need to do but you
01:28get a low resolution result and if you
01:30want higher resolution you pay for it
01:32okay so let's get into the nitty-gritty
01:35and see an example or two of this but
01:38before I go there just have a look at
01:39this card demo on this site
01:42the lines are at the bottom of the car
01:44but when the car is removed the lines
01:46are reconstructed really cool
01:49so the first image we've got here is of
01:52four people on the beach
01:53the one person on the right they have a
01:55shadow and the three together they have
01:57their own shadow just look at what
01:59happens we're going to select this first
02:01person here
02:02it's going to remove them and look how
02:05it preserves the shadow of the other
02:07three in that section by them
02:15when I click erase
02:17check that out the shadow is still kept
02:21intact of the three and the one person
02:23is gone that is really incredible so if
02:26I remove these three now they are
02:28occluding the water behind them so there
02:31is no water to Define except that the AI
02:35will assume there's water there and
02:36reconstruct and look what it does
02:39so this is just not content filling it
02:42is using a look at the water
02:44it's using AI to assume that there was
02:46water at the back and then puts it in
02:49I'm going to just do this for all four
02:51of them we could do it in in one go and
02:53you could see how it gets done I was
02:55just doing it separately to show you the
02:57power that it respects other Shadows
03:00even though its own shadow has been
03:02removed so yeah we'll go again and
03:05just do this as a selection and you can
03:07see it's a rough selection it's not like
03:09quite on the edges of these things click
03:12and look at that
03:16then you can download your your one that
03:19you get for free or if you want to have
03:21the paid version you can get your high
03:23resolution one
03:24okay let's just get another object open
03:26or another image and have another peek
03:29at how it works
03:30so I'm going to open an image now where
03:33we're going to have a girl against a
03:37background okay so she's standing
03:40against two types of backgrounds one is
03:43a vibrate wall and the other one is just
03:45a white wall with a downpipe right sort
03:48of above it
03:49so in normal circumstances if you had to
03:52do an object to remove
03:54um it would kind of give you a mushy
03:56experience at the back because it
03:57doesn't have to recreate the back area
04:00yeah the cool thing is is that it uses
04:03the AI to know that that's a Viber Creek
04:06wall at the back and it is now going to
04:10with a I replace those objects and keep
04:13the blur like it easier the depth of
04:15field that we have
04:17with the actual photo so it won't make
04:21the background clear all of a sudden
04:23you'll see it will take look at that
04:26incredible it's taken the object away
04:28reconstructed the downpipe reconstructed
04:31the vibe recreate wall
04:33just using AI
04:36I'm going to just oh I made a mistake by
04:39clicking the erase there let me just
04:42redo this and I'm going to do it quickly
04:43make the brush a bit bigger
04:46and you can see there's no due concern
04:49given to the edges being exact I'm
04:51literally just going far over the edges
04:54look at that I go to the original that's
04:57what it is
04:58and then if I go to the erased
05:01this is totally incredible and that's
05:04why I think this product is really ahead
05:06of the curve because it's it's using AI
05:09in the correct way maintaining you know
05:12blur features everything like that so
05:15I think if you really want to benefit
05:17maximum subscribe to them it's like ten
05:19dollars and you'll get your high quality
05:22images converted
05:23maybe let me just try one more year
05:27uh okay I'll maybe go for this one
05:33there open it
05:36let me show you I mean the usual is when
05:37you go take logos of
05:40you know tablets and so forth that's the
05:42easy part and it does it without
05:44thinking look at this watch here
05:47remove the watch isn't that incredible
05:54okay if I go in and remove the watch it
05:58takes the watch away leaves the arm
06:00doesn't influence that
06:02well folk um I truly truly recommend you
06:06get onto this it's free first of all up
06:08to 600 pixel images so go fiddle around
06:11with it and then if you like it support
06:13the developers they are doing an
06:16incredible job this is my one of my top
06:20five applications that I keep using it
06:23is incredible and it does the job really
06:26really well
06:28so have a great day and be blessed and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is is a browser-based AI object remover tool that seamlessly removes objects and even reconstructs missing backgrounds with impressive accuracy and detail. It's one of the best programs of its kind available to everyone.

2. How does remove objects? uses AI to respect shadows and depth of field, and recreate the background based on the surrounding context, resulting in high-quality and realistic edits. It seamlessly removes objects from images.

3. What features does offer? offers a free version with lower resolution output and a paid version for higher resolution results. It also reconstructs missing backgrounds with impressive detail and accuracy.

4. How does use AI in editing? leverages AI to remove objects, recreate backgrounds, and ensure accurate and realistic edits. It uses AI to consider the context and surrounding elements for high-quality results.

5. Why is considered one of the best object remover tools? is considered one of the best object remover tools due to its impressive accuracy, detail, and realistic edits. It seamlessly removes objects and reconstructs backgrounds, making it accessible to everyone.

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