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The video tutorial shows how to use a higher quality stretched resolution option in Apex Legends compared to the in-game options, which can be blurry at long distances. The custom resolution of 1728 by 1080 is demonstrated, along with steps on how to create and apply it in the game. Tips for maintaining a native resolution outside of the game are also provided.
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This section explains the benefits of using a stretch resolution in Apex Legends and compares it to the native resolution.
The stretch resolution, specifically 1728 by 1080, provides better quality than 1680 by 1050.
When using the stretch resolution, the width of the screen becomes wider while the height remains the same, making hitboxes appear bigger and aiming easier.
The stretch resolutions available in the game only go up to 1680 by 1050.
Stretched resolution in Apex Legends can result in blurry visuals and difficulty in identifying enemies and moving pixels.
Using a stretched resolution reduces the number of pixels on the screen.
To use a stretched resolution of 1728 by 1080, close the game and go to the Nvidia Control Panel.
In the Control Panel, navigate to Display and then Change Resolution.
Scroll down to the PC section and select your highest resolution and refresh rate.
To create a stretched resolution in Apex Legends, adjust the vertical resolution to 1080, match the refresh rate with your monitor, create a custom resolution, apply it, switch to 16:10 aspect ratio, and select the desired resolution.
Adjust the vertical resolution to 1080 and match the refresh rate with your monitor.
Create a custom resolution and apply it.
Switch from 16:9 to 16:10 aspect ratio.
Select the desired resolution.
By following the steps mentioned, you can keep a higher quality stretched resolution in Apex Legends while maintaining native resolution for your desktop.
Change the resolution settings in Apex Legends and hit apply.
Launch Apex Legends again and notice that the game resolution remains the same.
The only downside is that alt-tabbing out of the game may take a few seconds instead of half a second.
If you don't want to wait, you can change the resolution back to stretch before launching Apex Legends.
00:00yo what is up fellow apex enjoyers today
00:03i have a different kind of video for you
00:06um i have a tutorial on how to use the
00:09highest quality stretched reds option
00:11which is not in uh it's not in the game
00:15um but it definitely looks better than
00:171680 by 1050
00:19it is 1728 by 1080
00:23and is the stretch res which holds the
00:25most quality while still being a stretch
00:28rez so uh yeah i'm going to show you a
00:32direct comparison of what
00:34normal and stretch res looks like just
00:36so you know what the difference is
00:40why you should use a stretch resolution
00:42so first of all
00:44we're going to go on to native which is
00:4669 aspect ratio 1920 by 1080
00:52and this is what it looks like in the
00:53practice range
00:55you know everything looks very normal as
00:57you'd expect
00:59and when i swap to a stretch resolution
01:01the width of the screen
01:03becomes wider
01:05and the height stays the same so
01:08basically what this means
01:10is the hitboxes appear to be bigger as
01:14you can see the dummy
01:16and these training boards are wider than
01:19the original and therefore it makes it a
01:22little bit easier to aim at your targets
01:24so that would be a reason to use stretch
01:26resolution but the ones in game
01:29only go up to 1680 by 1050 if you're on
01:32a 1080p monitor and this option looks a
01:34little bit blurry
01:36if you watch
01:38the video at full quality on youtube you
01:40can probably tell
01:42that things are a little bit blurry and
01:44i found that long distances away it's
01:47kind of hard to tell
01:49where your enemies are it's hard to tell
01:50if the pixels in the terrain are moving
01:52or if you're actually seeing a player
01:54running around
01:55um this is the biggest downfall of using
01:58a stretched res because you have less
02:00pixels on the screen
02:04i'm going to show you how to use 1728 by
02:08so first of all you want to close your
02:10game and go to your desktop
02:13right click and go to nvidia control
02:16and in this list of options
02:19you want to go to display and then
02:20change resolution
02:23and then scroll down
02:25ignore the ultra hd options
02:28just scroll down to where it says pc and
02:29see what your highest resolution is mine
02:32is 1080p and you want to figure out what
02:34your highest refresh rate is as well or
02:36whatever you use
02:38mine's 144 yours could be 60 120 144 165
02:44and so on so mine's 144 so we'll be
02:47using that we want to go down to
02:51and create a custom resolution i already
02:53have one here but for the sake of the
02:55video i'm going to create a new one
02:57so come down to create custom resolution
03:01and then change your horizontal pixels
03:03to 1728
03:05leave vertical at 1080 and make sure
03:08your refresh rate matches the heights of
03:10your monitor all of this stuff is fine
03:12and then click test
03:14if everything is fine then you want to
03:16click yes
03:18and then okay
03:22so now you've created a custom
03:23resolution you want to scroll to the top
03:26and click on your new resolution hit
03:30and now you would notice a difference in
03:34how your resolution looks is definitely
03:37stretched and now you want to launch
03:39apex also if you have any questions
03:42by the end of this video make sure to
03:45stop by my twitch link in the
03:47description or leave a comment in the
03:49youtube comments now you want to hit
03:51escape and go to settings and video
03:54and then swap from 16 9 to 1610 and you
03:57should have the option 1728 by 1080
04:00or this might even be just set because
04:03it's now your native resolution or your
04:05change native
04:07make sure you hit apply
04:11and now you have the stretch res
04:13but there's also a few other things that
04:15you might want to do because you might
04:18not want your desktop resolution to be
04:20stretched for when you're watching
04:21videos or just consuming any other
04:23content whatsoever so
04:26as long as you've got your resolution
04:28set to this in game
04:30you can now close your game let's go
04:33and then right click on your desktop go
04:35to nvidia control panel again now you
04:37want to scroll down to your actual
04:39native resolution which is 1920 by 1080
04:42and hit apply and then everything should
04:44just be as it was
04:46before you did any of the steps that
04:48i've told you to do
04:50and then launch apex legends again okay
04:52so now that you're back in game
04:54you should notice that your game
04:57resolution has stayed exactly the same
05:00i won't say native here but you'll keep
05:03the higher quality stretch resolution
05:06and your desktop resolution will be
05:08native so this way you can enjoy other
05:11content without having to sacrifice
05:14having your monitor constantly at a
05:16stretch resolution the only downside to
05:19this is that when you alt and tab out of
05:21your game it takes like a few seconds
05:24opposed to being like half a second but
05:27that is literally the only downside and
05:29if you don't want to do that
05:31when before you launch apex or if you
05:33launch apex you know whenever
05:35you can just change your resolution to
05:37the stretch
05:38again and then it will act like it's
05:43and that's all there is to it so i hope
05:45you enjoyed the video
05:47uh make sure you leave a like if it was
05:50helpful and uh if you want more of these
05:53types of videos as well let me know in
05:54the comments and uh
05:56yeah if you have any problems also let
06:00me know and i'll try my best to figure
06:02out and respond to you
06:04and uh yeah hopefully
06:06this was uh
06:08a insightful and helpful video thank you
06:10for watching peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the benefit of using a higher quality stretched resolution option in Apex Legends?

Using a higher quality stretched resolution option in Apex Legends provides a sharper and clearer image at long distances, compared to the in-game options which can appear blurry.

2. What custom resolution is demonstrated in the video tutorial for Apex Legends?

The video tutorial demonstrates a custom resolution of 1728 by 1080 for Apex Legends, which offers improved clarity and visual quality.

3. How can I create and apply a custom resolution in Apex Legends?

To create and apply a custom resolution in Apex Legends, you can follow the steps demonstrated in the video tutorial which provide a clear guide on the process.

4. Why is it important to maintain a native resolution outside of the game?

Maintaining a native resolution outside of the game is important to ensure consistency in visual quality and to prevent any issues with screen display or scaling.

5. What are the tips provided in the video tutorial for maintaining a native resolution outside of the game in Apex Legends?

The video tutorial provides tips for maintaining a native resolution outside of the game in Apex Legends, offering valuable insights and best practices for optimizing display settings.

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