💫 Summary
This video tutorial shows how to use the Language Reactor Chrome Extension for language learning, allowing users to toggle on/off subtitles and change translation languages on YouTube videos.
✨ Highlights📊 Transcript
The tutorial shows how to add and use the Language Reactor Chrome Extension for language learning.
Go to Google and search for "Language Reactor Chrome Extension" and add it to Chrome extensions.
Once added, the extension appears as a puzzle piece icon where you can toggle it on or off.
You can click "Turn On Sync" to enable the extension on all synced devices.
The extension provides access to different resources, including recommended videos and channels for language study.
The tutorial demonstrates how to use the Language Reactor Chrome extension on YouTube and Netflix videos.
The extension is compatible with specific YouTube videos and shows a CC symbol on them.
It allows toggling between different subtitle languages and provides a full transcript of the video.
Users can experiment with different settings and languages for subtitles.
The video demonstrates how to change the translation language and activate subtitles for different languages using the Language Reactor Chrome Extension.
You can change the translation language to any language you want.
Chinese (simplified) subtitles and transcriptions can be displayed while watching videos.
English subtitles can be activated for dramas that do not have them.
The Language Reactor Chrome Extension is a great tool for practicing language skills while watching entertaining content.
00:00Hi, Inspirlang here.
00:01My name is Jade.
00:03Many of you have been asking about the Language Reactor Chrome Extension
00:07we have mentioned in our "List of Cantonese Resources Blog Post"
00:11which will link below for you to check out if you're interested.
00:15So we have decided to make a quick tutorial to show you how to use it
00:18for your Chinese learning journey or any language journey in general.
00:23So first, you will obviously have to add it to your Chrome extensions.
00:27So we will go to Google and we will search for "Language Reactor Chrome Extension.
00:34Click on this first one that belongs to,
00:38and then click on Add to Chrome, then Add extension.
00:42And you will have it successfully add it to your Chrome browser.
00:48It will bring you to the site
00:50where you can find different resources to use with the extension.
00:55Once you add the extension,
00:56you can see it up here under this small tab that's shaped like a puzzle piece.
01:02You can toggle the extension on or off
01:05depending on when you want to use it.
01:08You can also click Turn On Sync to allow for all synced devices
01:12to also have the extension available.
01:16Click on these tabs on the side.
01:19There are different videos and channels recommended to you to help you study your selected language.
01:25So you can play around with this yourself.
01:28There are both YouTube and Netflix resources recommended.
01:33Going down to Settings,
01:35we usually don't touch the settings here,
01:38but you can experiment with it if you want to.
01:41As you can see, there are a bunch of languages you can choose from.
01:46Now let's see how you can use this extension on different videos.
01:52Moving over to YouTube,
01:53we will first show you which videos the extension is compatible with.
01:58If we search for a show or channel that you want to watch,
02:01such as Buzzfeed Unsolved or Modern Family,
02:05you can see the CC symbol showing up on certain videos.
02:10These are the only videos that can work with the extension.
02:14For example, we click to watch this clip of Modern Family.
02:19We can see the Language Reactor icon at the bottom for us to toggle on and off
02:24and the Settings icon on the side.
02:28There's also a full transcript of the video on the side.
02:33As you can see, the video now has two lines of English subtitles.
02:38If we want to watch it with Chinese subtitles to practice our reading,
02:42we can click on Settings.
02:46As you see, we have both YouTube subtitle language and Translation language.
02:52We simply change the translation language to whatever language you want.
02:57For Inspirlang, we will want a line of Chinese (simplified) subtitles.
03:01And when you close settings,
03:02you can see there is a second line of Chinese subtitles we want.
03:07Also, when you point at the transcript lines,
03:10another line of Chinese transcription will appear beside it.
03:15This is great for practicing your reading comprehension.
03:18You can also practice your listening skills and vocabulary
03:22by watching Chinese dramas and activating English subtitles.
03:27For example,
03:28if we want to watch this great drama episode that does not have English subtitles,
03:33we can do almost the same thing and go to change the Translation language.
03:38But instead this time we will change it back to English.
03:43Now there you have it.
03:45This is a great tool to practice language you are learning.
03:48while watching something you find entertaining.
03:52In our next blog, we will be providing a list of dramas we recommend.
03:56that you can watch on YouTube or Netflix with the Language Reactor Chrome Extension.
04:02We love discovering and sharing fun ways to learn the language.
04:06The best way to learn is the fun way to learn.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the Language Reactor Chrome Extension used for?

The Language Reactor Chrome Extension is used for language learning and allows users to toggle on/off subtitles and change translation languages on YouTube videos.

2. How can I use the Language Reactor Chrome Extension for language learning?

You can use the Language Reactor Chrome Extension for language learning by installing it and then toggling on/off subtitles and changing translation languages on YouTube videos.

3. What are the features of the Language Reactor Chrome Extension?

The Language Reactor Chrome Extension features the ability to toggle on/off subtitles and change translation languages on YouTube videos, making it convenient for language learning.

4. Why is the Language Reactor Chrome Extension useful for language learners?

The Language Reactor Chrome Extension is useful for language learners as it provides the flexibility to toggle on/off subtitles and change translation languages, enhancing the language learning experience.

5. How does the Language Reactor Chrome Extension enhance language learning on YouTube?

The Language Reactor Chrome Extension enhances language learning on YouTube by allowing users to easily toggle on/off subtitles and change translation languages, creating a more immersive and customizable learning environment.

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