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The video is a tier list of the best hard supports in Dota 2 7.34b, including heroes like Warlock, Nature's Prophet, and Vengeful Spirit. The speaker discusses their strengths and item builds, as well as the current meta favoring melee heroes. The overall ranking goes from A-tier to C-tier, with lower tiers being less desirable picks.
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The speaker provides a tier list of hard supports in Dota 2 7.34b.
Warlock, Nature's Prophet, and Vengeful Spirit are considered top tier hard supports.
Nature's Prophet is strong in the laning stage and can teleport around the map to join fights.
Warlock is recommended to focus on maxing Fatal Bonds and getting points in Upheaval.
The speaker suggests buying a Solar Crest for all these heroes and potentially a Midas for Warlock.
Sand King has been heavily nerfed but still has a high win rate, mainly due to his ultimate dealing pure damage in the late game.
Sand King's ultimate dealing pure damage is a significant buff in the late game.
Sand King is more popular in pub matches due to players struggling to deal with his abilities.
Treant Protector has dropped off a bit due to changes in the map, but recent buffs have improved his viability.
Treant Protector's Nature's Grasp now acts as trees, allowing for more mobility and escape options.
Treant Protector and Undying are strong melee supports due to their effectiveness against melee heroes and their ability to win the laning stage.
Treant Protector is easier to use with melee heroes on the team and against melee enemies.
Nature's Grasp is more annoying for melee heroes as ranged heroes can use BKB or Hurricane Pike to counter it.
Undying is still great at winning the laning stage against popular melee offlaners despite the nerfs.
Clockwork and Dawnbreaker are also strong melee hard supports with good laning presence and useful abilities throughout the game.
The speaker discusses the tier list for hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b.
B category heroes are considered good picks for the speaker's team.
C tier heroes are acceptable as long as the player knows how to use them effectively.
Some heroes in lower tiers like Marcy 5 have seen more play in the pro scene than higher-tier heroes, but may be harder to pull off in pub games.
Heroes like Enigma, Spirit Breaker, and Clinks have been nerfed and are not preferred as fives (hard supports) anymore.
Heroes like Hoodwink, Ogre, and Tusk can be played as fives, but are generally better as fours (soft supports).
00:00Hello friends and welcome today we've
00:01got a tier list of the best hard
00:02supports in my opinion of course we can
00:05move some Heroes up and down a little
00:06bit but I pretty much have everyone
00:07where I roughly think they go I'll just
00:10have the complete tier list here this
00:12will be quick and Casual because uh the
00:14the qualifiers of TI are almost done and
00:16then there might be a patch after that
00:17so I don't go too much into detail plus
00:18we've already got some guides out for
00:20several of these Heroes so for example
00:22warlock Nature's profit and veg I think
00:25are all top tier hard supports you can
00:27go ahead and first phase pick them or
00:29ban them if you don't want to play them
00:30because I think they're just that good
00:32Nature's profit has the Sprout damage
00:34which allows him to trade really well in
00:36the laning stage and then teleport
00:37wherever on this giant new map so we can
00:39just harass all over the place join all
00:42these fights get a big lead for his team
00:43and participate item wise he just builds
00:46like whatever his team needs solar Crest
00:47has been a great item for everyone all
00:50these Heroes like buying a solar Crest
00:51actually so uh just all around a Great
00:54Hero I think he's fantastic you can play
00:56warlock in the old warlock way with the
00:58heels and all that but I think that's
00:59boring ring I think maxing fatal bonds
01:01and getting points in upheaval is really
01:04good right now possibly even a Midas I
01:06didn't mention that in my guide but if
01:07you're having a really good game off of
01:09the Fatal bonds you can get Midas scale
01:11up really quickly because I think he he
01:13has everything he needs just in his base
01:16toolkit and I do like buying The Shard
01:18early but that's at 15 minutes so I
01:20gotta wait if I'm super rich and maybe
01:22I'm buying a Midas in that time I don't
01:23know you know maybe and it's it's worked
01:26a couple times since I've tried it so I
01:27do like that build if you guys want to
01:28give it a go uh many games go late
01:31anyways where warlock excelled and now
01:33his early laning stage is great vengeful
01:35Spirit has had a series of Buffs over
01:37time so she's a universal hero she gets
01:39a lot of early trading value out of
01:41cheap stats she has armor reduction plus
01:44damage reduction on her W that makes her
01:46trading really good and helps her scale
01:48into the late game by just reducing the
01:50enemy's physical damage output by 30
01:52from their right clicks every time you
01:54hit them that's great her stun duration
01:56got buffed significantly and then she
01:59has damn introduction on her swap as
02:01well so when you use it to save people
02:02they're just very tanky in that time
02:05it's only three seconds but sometimes
02:06that's all you need to keep your carry
02:08alive let them pop bkb satanic whatever
02:10they're back in the fight good to go so
02:13you will see these Heroes quite a lot at
02:15the pro level in pubs warlock has not
02:17been as favored or sorry in Pro matches
02:19uh warlock's not been so favored but in
02:21Pub matches you all know warlock is
02:23great so these three Heroes I already
02:25have videos for if you want to check
02:26that out witch doctor came out of 7.34
02:29with one of the highest win rates in the
02:30game tied with sand King at nearly 60
02:33which is pretty insane he has since been
02:35heavily nerfed now only sits at a 55 win
02:39rate which is still one of the highest
02:40in the game so he is fantastic the main
02:43change that he got is his alt does uh
02:45pure damage so in the early game not so
02:48noticeable but as people pick up more
02:50armor and especially in the late game it
02:52is a massive buff to the damage which I
02:54talked about in some brief uh like recap
02:56videos of the patches in the past so I
02:58won't go over it again here but long
03:01story short it is very very good right
03:03now into the mid to late game it is
03:05better in Pub matches another reason you
03:07don't see them too often in Pro you're
03:08like why is he anest here we are Pub
03:10players people are not so good at
03:12dealing with the bouncing casks with uh
03:14keeping their distance from maledict
03:15from the death Ward you get time to farm
03:18up the agatams you get this crazy high
03:20damage all that allows you to win like
03:22one late game fight and then you just
03:23run it down mid with your team and then
03:25you use your alt again there to win the
03:26fight and then you end the game then
03:28we've got train protector who is kind of
03:29in a decent spot but the the trees in
03:31the lane became awkward for him because
03:33they added that Lotus pool and so it
03:35kind of took out a chunk of trees plus
03:37you used to always just be able to like
03:38hug the edges of the maps but now with
03:41that extra extra space on the sides it
03:43became easier to hunt him down so he
03:46kind of dropped off a little bit but
03:47he's been getting some Buffs and now his
03:49Nature's grasps acts as trees so if you
03:52have The Shard for example you can walk
03:53in viz in your own queue or in the
03:55laning stage you can use it and in the
03:57past it was a little dicey to leave the
03:59trees because if you got hit you're
04:01passive broke and now you're really slow
04:02you can't get away but now you can use
04:04Nature's grasp and run through it and
04:06you're in the trees you know technically
04:07the whole time so even if they hit you
04:09and you're like oh this looks like a bad
04:10trade you can just run away full speed
04:12get back into the trees because your
04:13passive never broke now some people
04:15aren't even getting the cue right away a
04:17very common build is like w and then qw
04:20is ideal if it if it's looking like a
04:22good trading Lane but sometimes it's not
04:24so they go like w-e-w to like have more
04:27sustain Max E uh usually at least one
04:29point in Q at some point and uh this
04:32build it's kind of like what he used to
04:33do in the past but it's just it it feels
04:37better again because your laning stage
04:39got improved through the Nature's grasp
04:40so uh out of the laning stage you just
04:42like show up to all these different
04:44fights either you're at the fight with
04:46leech seed keeping everyone healthy to
04:47keep fighting or like there's a fight
04:49going on somewhere else because you're
04:50like deep pushing a dead Lane you're
04:52like here have this Max Living Armor
04:54buddies you you win that fight with that
04:56extra armor and heal I'm down here
04:57farming so he's been doing really well
04:59for himself if you want to give him a
05:01shot he's pretty good oh and Trent is
05:03also better with more melee Heroes it's
05:05much easier to get value out of leech
05:07seed when you have melee Heroes on your
05:08team it's also easier to use against the
05:10enemy when they are melee Nature's grass
05:13is more annoying for melee Heroes
05:14usually who really their only answer
05:16would be to have bkb ranged Heroes could
05:18have bkb or a hurricane Pike if it made
05:21sense in their build and they're further
05:23back so it's harder to use it on them
05:24same with your ultimate so in general
05:25Triant is actually just better when
05:27there's more melee heroes in the meta
05:28because it's easier to use your
05:30abilities for the a tier I think these
05:32are all great supports as well
05:33especially after these supports get
05:35banned out and so if you want to play
05:37any of these it's totally fine undying's
05:39been getting nerfed but he's still great
05:40at what he does which is to win the
05:42laning stage against many melee matchups
05:44and there's a lot of popular melee
05:46offlaners right now so when you want to
05:47give your carry a good Lane you just
05:48pick undying and it's still kind of the
05:50same despite the Nerfs obviously he's a
05:52little worse at it than he used to be
05:54but it's still good enough so he's still
05:56up here in the a tier in terms of melee
05:59supports actually let's do those real
06:00quick because there's Trent undying
06:02Clockwork and Dawn breaker these are
06:04pretty much your strongest melee
06:05offlaners or melee hard supports right
06:08um they're just good at laning and then
06:10offer stuff throughout the game so like
06:12clockwork right very powerful against
06:13melee matchups and then you got the the
06:15hook shot initiate e for scouting lots
06:17of useful things there Dawn breaker that
06:19Global rotation offer alt along with
06:21some several Buffs like uh extra bass
06:23armor allowed her to be more tanky to
06:25absorb more damage as she runs in as a
06:27melee hero so these are kind of like
06:30your melee Heroes if you want to play
06:31them everyone else is kind of a ranged
06:32hero because there's a lot of popular
06:33melee carries right now with the chain
06:36changes to bkb being able to remove
06:39disarms with the slow resistances stuff
06:40like that so more melee Heroes have uh
06:43Arisen as a popular carries and usually
06:47you don't want like a double melee
06:48matchup that's very abusable if you get
06:50a poor draft so that's why there's so
06:52many ranged Heroes popular right now
06:53along with just like the numbers working
06:55out silencer and jakiro aren't really
06:57different Heroes since the last patch as
06:59supports you kind of just do the same
07:01stuff and you're just still strong at it
07:02of course shakiro has that new agonyms
07:04and that's great but you're not usually
07:06rushing that as a support shakiro
07:07anyways so really they're just good at
07:09the laning stage and then good in these
07:11early fights grimstroke did get a change
07:14so now you can manually activate your
07:16stun whenever you want and that gives it
07:18a lot more usability the the duration
07:20also got extended so you don't have to
07:22pop it at three seconds where you had no
07:24control before so if you're like say you
07:27used it on your carry they try to run up
07:29they get stunned and the other means
07:31walk away and it's like oh sad like I
07:33get no value out of my stun but now you
07:35can make it choice you can say you use
07:37it you see that stun coming out so you
07:39pop your stuns now both people are
07:41stunned and that means both stuns fade
07:43and then you like resume the fight and
07:44you're still next to each other and you
07:45at least got value out of your stun or
07:47if your carry has a way to continue to
07:49Gap clothes then they get stunned but
07:52you just keep waiting because now the
07:53duration is long enough the stun Fades
07:54and then they like bling forward maybe
07:56it's an anti-mage and then you pop your
07:58stun after that so there's a lot more
08:00ways to use his ink swell which made his
08:02lighting stage a lot more consistent and
08:05of course after the laning stage you
08:06want to participate in these fights and
08:08that's where e is still great it's still
08:10a stun that you have more control over
08:11and so it's just become a lot more easy
08:14to use Phoenix got mischance on Sun Ray
08:16which is great again thinking about all
08:18these melee Heroes that have started to
08:20become more popular it means it's easier
08:21to heal your own melee carry while
08:24damaging the enemy melee carry and
08:26making them have some mischance that
08:28also means your egg is easier to use
08:30against these melee Heroes who have a
08:31harder time getting to it compared to
08:33ranged Heroes who just like pop it from
08:35far away and then you're a sad Phoenix
08:37is your eggs dead snap fire also got
08:39nerfed heavily so she's not so popular
08:41anymore as a core or support and she's
08:43one of the the biggest counter picks to
08:45Phoenix so all of this has made Phoenix
08:46much better as a support you can
08:48actually also play it four if you want
08:50but as a five phoenix is pretty solid
08:52The Last Hero in this category is Oracle
08:54uh who I haven't seen too much in Pro
08:55play maybe I've just missed some games
08:57but in the pub scene doing pretty well
08:58for himself especially the higher up you
09:01go on MMR because I think he is a bit of
09:02a complicated hero plus a teammates need
09:04to know how to play with him so Arcon
09:06and up I think he's at like 54 win rate
09:09which is good and even down in Harold
09:10he's above 50 which is uh also good so
09:13the more you learn Oracle and the more
09:15you can explain to your teammates what
09:17you do the more you can get out of him
09:18and right now with all these melee
09:20Heroes it's easier to get value out of
09:22Fortune's and hit multiple Heroes with
09:24the AOE and with your disarm when
09:26there's a lot of ranged carries it's
09:28kind of hard to use it on them of course
09:30you don't have to use it that way but
09:31it's kind of nice to have that option
09:32when you think it's a good but if it's
09:34an enemy drow way over there there and
09:36you're way back here because you're a
09:37backline support you never really get
09:39that interaction but now with more melee
09:41carries they kind of come up to you to
09:43your carry to your off laner whatever
09:45it's a lot easier to disarm them in
09:47these fights which is of course Great
09:49Value and then of course you have your
09:51ultimate which is still still great when
09:53Pub games you know people dive way too
09:54hard not expecting it and you just get
09:56to save them and turn around a team
09:58fight for the rest of the heroes we
09:59don't have to go into exact detail for
10:00all of them just to save time but as
10:02long as you know what you're doing
10:03they'll be they'll be fine going in
10:06decreasing order so like anyone from the
10:07B category I'm perfectly happy to see on
10:09my team maybe you need a little bit of
10:11luck for the the draft to look great for
10:13you compared to some of these Heroes
10:15it's a little easier to pull it off but
10:18it'll be fine right I have no complaints
10:20if you pick any of these C tier
10:22this is somewhat the same but I'd kind
10:25of prefer you know any of these Heroes
10:27but as long as you know what you're
10:28doing you can make it work uh you'll
10:31actually see some of these Heroes a bit
10:32more in the Pro scene than the pub scene
10:33so for example Marcy 5 has been seeing
10:36some play even more so than like some of
10:38these heroes in the higher categories
10:39but I think it's just harder to pull off
10:42in a pub game and I always try to
10:44balance like uh like seeing the pro meta
10:46versus what we can do in the pub meta
10:48that's kind of like IO I think IO is
10:50actually pretty decent but just hard in
10:52the pub in the pub scene I might even
10:53move IO lower down because of how
10:55classically difficult it is to get
10:57people to work together with an i o
11:00um but as you move down and rather not
11:03see these heroes in my team but I'm not
11:06one to complain uh these like especially
11:09uh like Enigma uh he used to be a
11:12support in the last patch because of
11:13demonic conversion but that got changed
11:15so it's just not very good right now
11:16from what I've seen and then like Spirit
11:18breaker and clinks I think were so good
11:21in the last patch that you could play
11:22them as fives and still get away with it
11:24but now they've been nerfed and I think
11:26they are still fine as fours but as a
11:28five like I'd rather see someone else
11:30and that kind of applies for many of
11:32these Heroes they're just better fours
11:33in general or they uh are just kind of
11:36like Nerf like Hoodwink and ogre can
11:38play five uh so has Tusk in the past but
11:41just right now uh as fives I don't think
11:43it's great uh Tusk is probably the best
11:45out of all these maybe maybe Tusk could
11:47move up as a five
11:49um they're better than like if you want
11:51to do Shadow fiend five or something uh
11:54pick one of these Heroes please but if
11:56you're actually willing to play any of
11:58the typical hard supports then I would
12:00typically recommend like one of these
12:02higher categories unless you're like a
12:04one-trick pony kind of player that's all
12:06I've got for this tier list let me know
12:07if you think I am overestimating
12:09underestimating someone I try to play
12:11all the the supports I think are the
12:13best but I I don't have time to play
12:15every single support here so if you are
12:17you know like a winter wyvern spammer
12:19and you think she should be a tier you
12:20let me know that I will uh try to give
12:22it a shot before the next patch and see
12:24if you're right and maybe we'll you know
12:25we'll get a video out I will have the
12:27position four tier list out soon so keep
12:29an eye out for that as well thank you
12:31for watching and I'll see you in another
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b tier list?

The best hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b tier list include Warlock, Nature's Prophet, and Vengeful Spirit.

2. What strengths do Warlock, Nature's Prophet, and Vengeful Spirit offer as hard support heroes?

Warlock, Nature's Prophet, and Vengeful Spirit offer strengths such as crowd control, global presence, and strong laning presence as hard support heroes.

3. What are the recommended item builds for the best hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b tier list?

The recommended item builds for the best hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b tier list include items like Glimmer Cape, Force Staff, and Urn of Shadows, focusing on utility and survivability.

4. How does the current meta favor melee heroes in Dota 2 7.34b?

The current meta in Dota 2 7.34b favors melee heroes due to their ability to sustain and contest in the early game, as well as their effectiveness in team fights.

5. What is the overall tier ranking for hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b?

The overall tier ranking for hard support heroes in Dota 2 7.34b goes from A-tier to C-tier, with lower tiers being less desirable picks.

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