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This video is an in-depth comparison between the Remarkable 2, the Supernote A5X, and the Boox Note Air 2, discussing their features, usability, prices, and accessories, ultimately leaving the choice up to the viewer based on their personal preferences and professional needs.
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The video compares the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2, highlighting that the Remarkable 2 is the most user-friendly, the Supernote A5X requires some learning, and the Boox Note Air 2 offers a more advanced tablet-like experience.
Remarkable 2 is easy to use without reading the user manual.
Supernote A5X requires a bit more learning but still straightforward.
Boox Note Air 2 aims to provide a full tablet experience with more features and possibilities.
The choice depends on how comfortable one is with technology and the desire to learn and customize settings.
The video discusses the writing experience and note-taking capabilities of different e-ink tablets.
The Remarkable tablet offers handwriting recognition, but it requires a subscription and the converted text can only be emailed.
The SuperNote A5X provides a writing feel more like pen and paper compared to the Remarkable's pencil and paper feel.
All the devices are excellent for note-taking, with the SuperNote A5X allowing users to create a table of contents as they go.
The Remarkable tablet is the best for drawing due to its pencil tool, tilt function, and ability to export layers as vector files.
The Remarkable tablet has a file structure for organizing content, while the other devices lack a digital table of contents.
The pencil tool on the Remarkable tablet allows for a wide variety of marks and uses tilt, unlike the other devices.
The Remarkable tablet can export drawings as vector SVG files, allowing for later editing.
The Remarkable tablet provides a pencil and paper-like drawing experience and is suitable for use as a sketchbook.
The high price of these e-ink tablets is mainly due to the expensive e-ink screens.
The larger size e-ink screens used in these tablets are not produced in large volumes, making them more expensive.
The Boox devices follow a model similar to Apple and Samsung, releasing a new device each year.
Price-wise, the Remarkable is currently the cheapest, followed by the Supernote and then the Boox Note Air 2.
The Supernote accessories, such as the Heart of Metal pens and folios, are highly regarded.
In terms of design, Supernote and Remarkable have better accessories than Boox Note Air 2.
Supernote and Remarkable have more cutting-edge accessories.
Boox Note Air 2 accessories are not as advanced.
In the apps category, Boox Note Air 2 has a wide range of apps available in its store, including access to the Google Play Store.
Some apps may not work as smoothly or be perfectly synced with the stylus on Boox Note Air 2.
Supernote and Remarkable have built-in and optimized apps, such as a screen recorder, split screen, and screen sharing options.
The update for the device improved the writing latency and page turn speed, and added features based on user feedback.
The update focused on improving the user experience.
Writing latency and page turn speed were made quicker.
Quick access to the eraser was added, but requires buying the Remarkable pen.
The device prioritizes listening to user feedback and improving software.
Remarkable ranks third out of the three devices in terms of features and apps.
The speaker does not disclose which device they would personally buy, as the choice depends on the user's needs and preferences.
Remarkable is objectively considered the worst device among the three.
00:00in this video i'm going to compare the
00:01remarkable 2 the supernote a5x and the
00:04onyx books no air 2 because if you're
00:06looking at buying a ink tablet right now
00:09this is probably your choice these are
00:11the latest and the most popular of the
00:14ink devices
00:15if this video is a bit too long didn't
00:17read it for you then go ahead and see my
00:19short just the conclusions video and i'm
00:21going to tell you them right now
00:23essentially they're remarkable too you
00:24could pick that up and use it without
00:26reading the user manual supernote a5x is
00:28going to take a little bit more learning
00:29but they've only added simple
00:31professional tools and it's still pretty
00:33much straightforward like a notebook
00:34whereas the note2 is trying to be as
00:36close to a full tablet experience as it
00:39can get and that makes it quite a techie
00:41experience it can do more the
00:43possibilities are greater but this
00:45learning curve is steeper so for me
00:47that's how you're going to make the
00:48choice how comfortable with tech are you
00:49are you wanting something that you can
00:50just pick up and use or are you happy to
00:53learn and mess about with settings and
00:54be able to get the most out of the
00:56technology just to say i use all of
00:58these for work for at least two weeks
00:59before i go ahead and review them and so
01:01i'm trying to give you the benefit of my
01:04experience with my professional use case
01:05please give your own opinions in the
01:07comments below or ask any questions that
01:09might come up i'm gonna compare them in
01:10all these categories and well your use
01:13case might vary and one category might
01:15be more or less important to you and i
01:17really just hope this helps you make the
01:18choice so of course subs for more deets
01:20coming in the new year and questions or
01:22comments if you've got them and ideas
01:24for more comparisons that you'd like to
01:25see are always welcome
01:28let's get straight to it with the
01:30reading then the thing about the books
01:31is that you've got such a choice of
01:33different apps so even in just the books
01:36app store you've got huge different
01:38choice of reading apps that you can go
01:41for with the supernote you can first of
01:42all you can natively read more files on
01:45here but you can also have the kindle
01:48reading app and that's a really good
01:49addition because a lot of us will have
01:51the majority of our reading library on a
01:52kindle the remarkable two will only let
01:55you read epubs and pdfs but they do look
01:58fine and you can annotate them on the
02:00screen wait though because there's one
02:01more thing about the remarkable in its
02:02favor which is that the chrome extension
02:04is actually brilliant so if you're ever
02:06looking at a web page that you need to
02:07read you can just click and it sends it
02:09straight to the remarkable and you can
02:11read it on the ink screen here that's
02:12really powerful and of course you can
02:14annotate it as well so for this because
02:17it's got so many apps i'm i'm going to
02:19give the reading category to the note
02:21air 2
02:22and i'm going to give the super note one
02:25point because of the different file
02:27formats that you can use
02:29and i'm going to give the remarkable so
02:32none not that it's bad for reading but
02:34it's more limited than the other two
02:39so writing next the feel of writing on
02:42the super note
02:44is different to anything else
02:47because they actually use ceramic nibs
02:49and a surface which actually indents as
02:51you write it feels like a ballpoint on
02:54some premium paper it's also got a word
02:56out so you can actually start word
02:58documents on here on the supernode
03:01device and it is really accurate to use
03:02the handwriting recognition press edit
03:04and it can do the handwriting
03:06recognition without being connected to
03:07the internet i think that's really
03:09powerful you can also use a bluetooth
03:12keyboard on it and just to say that the
03:14update has made it even faster now it's
03:17a really great device for writing on the
03:19books you can have your choice of so
03:21many different apps right you can have
03:23full word app on here which is great
03:26because you can link it to all your
03:27different files in your onedrive and you
03:29can go ahead and type either using the
03:31on-screen keyboard you can change that
03:32to a google board so you can feel right
03:34at home on android or you can use a
03:36bluetooth keyboard as well but
03:38word apps aren't quite optimized and one
03:41reason for that because these options
03:43would be different colors on an lcd
03:45screen and so it's hard to see the
03:47difference between them on the actual
03:50eating screen but what i would say is
03:51because you have those options if you're
03:52a writer that likes to use a particular
03:54app for your writing then you'll find
03:57that here on the book lastly the
03:58remarkable you can do your handwriting
04:01recognition but it will only do it with
04:03the subscription model and you can only
04:04email it to yourself so you can take a
04:06whole page you can turn it to text and
04:07it's pretty darn accurate but then you
04:09can just email it to yourself so you
04:11then have to get a computer and do
04:12something with that there's not many
04:13options to actually edit that text you
04:15can clean it up and check the spelling
04:16etc but you can't really edit that text
04:18to use it straight from the device the
04:20thing that people love about remarkable
04:22is that pen latency is the kind of
04:24champion it does have the best pen
04:26latency of the whole bunch although the
04:29other two are absolutely no snouch and
04:31it does have a great writing feel
04:33although i'd say the feel of this is
04:35more like pencil and paper and i feel
04:36the supernote is more like pen and paper
04:39and so i'm going to give this category
04:42writing to the super note no air is
04:44going to get a point
04:46and the remarkable is still on zero
04:50note taking that's the primary use for
04:52all of these devices and they're all
04:54brilliant for that i'll start with the
04:55super note because the supernote can
04:57have a table of contents that you build
04:59as you go so if i go back to that screen
05:02i would like this to be a title so i can
05:08press the table of contents function and
05:10now you can see it's one of my titles
05:12here and i can navigate to any of those
05:17the table of contents pretty cool right
05:19not only that i can also add keywords
05:22and you can see some of these are
05:24keywords that i've asked it to recognize
05:25in the device and lastly i can add star
05:28marks and a star mark if i could draw a
05:30star a bit more accurately than that
05:33there we are i just have to make sure
05:35the tips line up and a star mark is
05:37something that i can leave as a kind of
05:38to-do checklist and i can go to any page
05:41with that style mark on
05:44do the task and then clear it and i
05:47think if you're anybody who like makes
05:49to-do lists then you'll find a use for
05:51that i think that's a really excellent
05:52use for this device so
05:54really the notes are outstanding on the
05:57supernova the thing which makes the note
05:58air too outstanding though for me is
06:00this you can actually add audio notes
06:03within your notebook and once you've
06:04done that you've saved it
06:07you can give it a name and you can click
06:09at any point and it will play it back
06:10that's probably i've got the sound off
06:16which is a really powerful feature and
06:18again if you look at that and you think
06:20i know where i can use that you'll find
06:22that really useful the pen tools are
06:24great your way around the notebook is
06:26perfectly fine you've got these sort of
06:27page views everything is
06:30fine and the feel of the pen on the
06:31paper is really good as well the
06:33remarkable is still great but they're
06:35just notebooks there isn't really many
06:37other digital features what i would
06:39suggest you do when you use remarkable
06:41is that you actually always leave big
06:43bold headings on each page so you can
06:45see your way around so you have to be a
06:47little bit conscious of the remarkable
06:49to actually organize things in a way
06:51that you can navigate otherwise it will
06:53get a bit messy and you will be
06:55scrambling around through notebooks to
06:57try and find where you wrote down a
06:58particular note there's no way to search
07:00across the whole device there's no
07:01digital table of contents apart from a
07:04file structure that you can build within
07:06there so just make sure that you do
07:07actually build that file structure in a
07:09logical way i'm going to give two points
07:11to the super note just one point to the
07:14note air again
07:16nothing for the remarkable it's not to
07:18say isn't good at these things but out
07:20of these three it's not winning
07:23drawing though is where the remarkable
07:25comes into its own i've got several
07:27videos on drawing with the remarkable
07:30which i'd encourage you to check out if
07:32you're interested it's a fantastic
07:33device for drawing not only because of
07:36your ability to use layers
07:38but it's the pen tools really that make
07:41it what it is i just love the pencil
07:43tool and it's the only one of the three
07:46devices that actually uses tilt
07:50the pressure levels are very good
07:53and so the same pencil can give you such
07:55a wide variety of marks like a good
07:57pencil itself the way to draw with it is
07:59to build up in layers and you can of
08:02course also export those layers to
08:05vector svg files and edit them later
08:07you've got every single bit of vector
08:09information from every single stroke to
08:11play with it's a fantastically powerful
08:13device for artists not only that the
08:15fact that it now with the remarkable
08:16nibs and the screen actually feels like
08:20a pencil and paper is now a strength i'd
08:22be happy carrying this around as a
08:24sketchbook and using it just as that
08:26drawing on the books is really good as
08:28well i've already really enjoyed drawing
08:31on this device as well but i think if i
08:32was to go for a books just for drawing
08:34i'd be looking at one of the larger
08:35screen devices so the no air does have a
08:38really good range of tools you can
08:40customize them massively but it doesn't
08:42have the tilt function so it's good for
08:44drawing but not quite as good as the rm
08:46you can draw with a super note but it's
08:48just not what it's designed for and a
08:50bullet point pen in reality is never
08:53going to feel as good for drawing as a
08:54pencil will it's nice for a change but
08:57it's not really what you're going to
08:58reach for when you want to do some
08:59serious artwork the tools are also
09:01limited you've essentially just got
09:03three different types of markers a fine
09:05liner or a pressure sensitive pen or a
09:08chunky highlighter so you're pretty much
09:10always going to be using this pressure
09:11sensitive one you've got some different
09:12colors of grays and different
09:13thicknesses but really that's not where
09:15it strength lies so we're not getting
09:17any points for the supernote this time
09:19the books is picking up a point
09:23is getting two this time
09:31it's workflow next and you've got to
09:33give that to the books because it can
09:34fit in more workflows you can use any
09:37app but you know i'm still more likely
09:40to use something like gmail on my phone
09:42for instance or in a browser than i am
09:45on the ceiling tablet
09:46nice that it's there if i did want to
09:48use it that way though so you can use
09:50any app that doesn't mean that you
09:51necessarily should use any app but for
09:52example things like trello which i write
09:54all my scripts in
09:56that's a useful thing that you can have
09:58on this device but you can't possibly
10:00have on any of the other two but i
10:01wouldn't think of any of these as
10:02replacing a full tablet like an ipad or
10:05a computer but if you're somebody whose
10:07workflow involves using a notepad or a
10:10filofax then actually the supernode has
10:12just the right things to fit into your
10:14workflow it does have email it does have
10:17a calendar so if your workflow involves
10:19a notebook a planner or a filofax and if
10:23it always will involve one of those
10:24things then the supernote can replace
10:26those that's a good fit into your
10:28workflow so the remarkable is just a
10:30replacement for your notepad or a
10:31planner and it does that really well
10:33especially now with the use of things
10:34like the pdf hyperlinks that you can
10:36have so you can download and make your
10:38own hyperlink pdf which can be a daily
10:40planner throughout the whole year or
10:42just as i use it like a two weekly
10:44planner where i can skip forward or
10:46backwards 20 days jot down what i'm
10:48supposed to be doing on each day what my
10:49lessons are when my meetings are things
10:52like that i think it's really useful for
10:54fitting into my workflow it does just
10:56enough do things like keep your files
10:59well organized use big bold headings and
11:01it will be great in your workflow be
11:02really useful but in this case compared
11:04to the other two it's not going to get
11:06any points and the supernotes gonna get
11:09no air is going to get to
11:12ease of use is the next category and the
11:14remarkable is designed with that in mind
11:16the remarkable was designed with a
11:18minimalist single purpose mentality and
11:20it's the simplest and so it's the
11:22easiest to learn it's the one that i'd
11:23recommend for less techie people the
11:26super no has more to learn it's got more
11:28functionality but it's a very shallow
11:30learning curve and you'll pretty much
11:32pick it up and everything will be where
11:34you expect to be follow the little
11:35tutorials you'll be fine it's not a
11:37difficult device to use by any means the
11:39note though
11:40is a really complex device and there's
11:42lots that it can do and so there's lots
11:44of different functions
11:46including you can add loads more
11:48different functions
11:49to this sidebar or get rid of it all and
11:52sometimes you're thinking to yourself
11:54where is that function that i wanted
11:56among all these different things you can
11:57optimize all the different apps there's
11:59just so many different options and that
12:02does make it a bit more complex to learn
12:04how to use read the manual you'll
12:06benefit from that the thing about it is
12:07if you want a thing then it can probably
12:10do that which is great but it's not
12:11gonna get any points in the easiness of
12:13use category supernote is gonna get one
12:17i love that new gesture erase by the way
12:20remarkable is going to go to
12:24remarkable's catching up now
12:27the price is the next one and um i'm the
12:30nerd about this a little bit because
12:31there's different kind of pricing
12:32structures now i've just looked at what
12:34the just the device cost so none of the
12:37accessories although the books pen comes
12:40bundled in so you can't not buy that and
12:42i'm not really sure whether i'm going to
12:44give this to anyone at all and maybe
12:46just make it a tie the remarkable right
12:48now you can buy the device for 300
12:50pounds which i think is a really good
12:51steal you don't then get the folio and
12:54the remarkable pen but if you've got any
12:56emr markers already like this is the
12:58lamy emr marker for wacom screens then
13:01that works it as will any books pen and
13:03you can definitely buy cheaper than this
13:06and this is a magnetic folio which is a
13:10lot cheaper than the one that remarkable
13:11sell although i'm sure the mark one is
13:13really nice so that's 300 pounds you
13:15have to give the connector trial then
13:18you can cancel after about three months
13:20and that deal will change as we go
13:22forward i'm sure but if you're happy to
13:23get away with our subscription that's
13:25actually a pretty good price the
13:26supernote you can't currently buy it in
13:28the uk so you have to import it price
13:30right now is 419 for the a5x without any
13:33pen or folio at all remember that you
13:36probably want those things and i'll talk
13:38about those in the accessories and you
13:39have to import it there's their import
13:41taxes to add in there as well however
13:43while i say well the super note is the
13:44updates are frequent and they're lavish
13:47that's what i've written down here what
13:49i mean by that is that supernote clearly
13:51are committed to
13:52looking after their customers going
13:54forward and giving updates to make sure
13:56the customer experience is great even if
13:58you bought a device a few years ago the
14:00no air 2 on paper is the most expensive
14:03it's 449 pounds you can buy on amazon
14:05links below this is a brand new devices
14:08this is like totally up to date tech
14:11they've added in so much more and do so
14:14every single time there's an iteration
14:15there are so many things that make this
14:17the more on paper expensive device the
14:19up-to-date processors more ram more
14:22storage all of those things the real
14:24thing that's making these expensive is
14:26all this same e-ink screen that they've
14:28got the e-ink screen is the vast
14:31majority of the price that you're paying
14:32because these larger size a5 screens are
14:36just not made in the volume
14:38of the smaller kindle screens or indeed
14:41lcd panels of this size and that means
14:43that for a while at least they will be
14:45more expensive than a standard lcd
14:47tablet one thing i'd say about the books
14:48devices you are going to find they're
14:49going to release one every single year
14:50and you're going to end up thinking oh
14:52do i need to upgrade to the new one for
14:54this new feature it's a kind of apple
14:56and samsung kind of model they've got
14:58going on okay i'm going to actually go
15:00for it i'm going to um i'm going to call
15:02it i'm going to say price-wise the
15:04remarkable is going to win because it is
15:06on paper now the cheapest which is quite
15:09the supernote is going to get a point
15:11for being
15:12the next
15:14and the new air 2
15:16is a little bit more expensive but
15:18really you know what you're getting into
15:20in terms of price here you're buying
15:22into something which is currently a
15:24niche and expensive market
15:31accessories then the supernote
15:33accessories are some of its strongest
15:34things these are called the heart of
15:36metal pens and they're really really
15:38good they've got these ceramic nibs and
15:40they work really really well on the kind
15:42of regenerative film screens they put
15:44onto these supernode devices
15:46also the folios are lovely this is the
15:49top cowhide folio
15:52has an automatic wake up it's a really
15:54premium feeling folio also the
15:57entry-level cloth folio and entry-level
15:59pens are also really really good have
16:02the same ceramic nib
16:05yeah they're wonderful accessories look
16:06on the website as well there's so many
16:08different colors to choose from it's
16:09brilliant you can get them engraved with
16:11your name lots of things to like about
16:13the supernote accessories the company
16:14clearly have some talented designers
16:16they're remarkable that you can buy
16:19beautiful folios covers they're all
16:21really nicely designed i know from
16:23having used the actual remarkable
16:24markers and marker plus is a really
16:26nicely designed kind of well-weighted
16:29pen the nibs are excellent and this
16:31thought that's gone into the nib and the
16:33screen and this is the lamy marker but
16:34it's got a remarkable nib in it is
16:36really good but there's much less choice
16:39everything about remarkable has an apple
16:41yeah we're not going to give you a lot
16:42of choice but you want it because well
16:44we say you want it the folio that i
16:46bought is magnetic it's from amazon it's
16:48about 30 quid it's a toyo um it's
16:51perfectly good
16:53i'll put a link to that in the
16:54description if you're interested and i
16:55suggest go with the lamy marker which is
16:57about 45 quid from amazon as well
16:59there's nothing wrong with the books
17:00accessories the new pens are really
17:02quite good the new nibs are really quite
17:04good the screen feel is really good as
17:06well the accessories certainly this is
17:08for the nova air and i like the
17:10direction of travel having the buttons
17:11on it so maybe there are some
17:12accessories coming that make use of the
17:15connection ports on the sides of the
17:19that could be really interesting to see
17:20and a bit more of that magnetic snap
17:22will be really good so they do have
17:23quite a plasticy feel at least in the
17:25ones that i've experienced i would say
17:27that books they don't really lead in the
17:30design category they more follow and
17:33you'll see that in their design
17:35this one follows from the design of the
17:37remarkable a little bit absolutely
17:38nothing wrong with their accessories are
17:40perfectly good choices out there they're
17:42just not quite as cutting edge as the
17:44remarkable and the supernatural so for
17:47i'm going to give supernote the two
17:51and the remarkable
17:53just one
18:02it's pretty close
18:03apps is the next category and it's not
18:05even a competition i mean before you
18:07even get to the google store you've got
18:10the third party books note store that's
18:13excellent i mean the range of apps that
18:15you can get in all of these different
18:16categories is fantastic it's a really
18:19good app store
18:20those are all apps that you should trust
18:22have been optimized for books devices so
18:24you'd expect them to work a little bit
18:26better on the ink screen then you've got
18:28access to the entire play store and
18:29anything that you could want from there
18:31everybody this is going to win this
18:32category the world is at your fingertips
18:34just remember that not every single app
18:36is going to work as smoothly as it
18:37should do on any lcd android tablet
18:40there though or it might not be
18:41perfectly synced with the stylus so for
18:44example i would certainly love it if one
18:47note was perfect on here it does not
18:49work on the book's device sometimes you
18:52know palm recognition can see what i'm
18:54left with now not perfect getting better
18:56i think they know that people want
18:57onenote to work really well on here i
18:59think if they can crack microsoft office
19:01apps working on the note then i think
19:02that they will be really well away but
19:04as i said the built-in and the optimized
19:06apps are really good so for example
19:07built-in there's a screen recorder built
19:09in their split screen built in their
19:11share your screen to any kind of
19:12miracast device they were just lots of
19:14good options baked into the device so
19:16the super note the professional use apps
19:18are there they made a kindle app they
19:19made a calendar app they made a mailbox
19:21app they made a perfectly good word app
19:23which is great for just starting any
19:25kind of professional written document on
19:26it there's a good range of what you'd
19:28want to do as a professional you can't
19:30like play games like you could on the
19:31note 2 though and the remarkable you've
19:33basically just got notes but that's okay
19:37i think we'll have to see what happens
19:38with their subscription model because
19:40they're talking about an expanding
19:42universe of digital tools and that could
19:44be really useful we'll wait and see if
19:46they're remarkable but for now two
19:47points is going to go to the node air 2
19:51and one point the supernatural
19:54so that's the opportunities well the
19:56books it tries to do everything and they
19:58are committed to working on it they will
20:00get closer and closer to making this
20:02just as useful as any android tablet but
20:05with the benefits of the ink screen the
20:07great battery life the low eye strain
20:09all of those good things and the
20:10opportunities on the remarkable are
20:11interesting we'll have to see where this
20:13subscription model thing takes them they
20:15need that kind of income they're
20:17committed i think to making one device
20:19every sort of three or four years and
20:21improving it they are starting to really
20:22listen to what people want and improve
20:24on things so let's wait and see they do
20:27have the user base they've invested in
20:29the marketing people love using their
20:31device and so if they leverage that they
20:33can really make it something fantastic
20:36and when they listen to people out there
20:38in the professional workspaces about
20:39what they want the device to do more of
20:41then i think you'll find that actually
20:43the remarkable has the opportunity to go
20:46somewhere really fast opportunities on
20:47the super mode don't get me wrong it's
20:49fantastic there's loads you can do with
20:51it i find it a really really useful tool
20:53at work and what they do as well is they
20:55listen to their users really really well
20:57they develop their device and they
20:58develop their features so when i talked
21:00about an update of this device that's
21:02just come out they actually update the
21:03entire kernel of the operating system so
21:05they didn't just add a few things on top
21:07and presume it's good enough and start
21:09working on the next device that they're
21:10going to sell to you for an even higher
21:12price they worked on making this a
21:14better experience and the things that
21:16users often complain about is the
21:18writing latency they've made that
21:20quicker the page turn speed they've made
21:22that quicker
21:24all of the kind of speed of the device
21:26things like giving you quick access to
21:29the eraser which remarkable you have to
21:31buy their pen it won't they won't allow
21:33you to use the
21:34the buttons that exist on markers to be
21:37an eraser you have to buy their pen
21:39otherwise you were stuck going into the
21:42toolbox to pick out an eraser loads of
21:44things that they get right about
21:46listening to their user base and
21:48improving their software so they are
21:50committed to adding the right features
21:51and the right apps
21:53just third in this category out of these
21:56three two points
21:58in their air too one point
22:00believe it or not
22:02two than remarkable
22:04and that's all
22:11i'm quite surprised because um i know
22:14which one that i would buy out of these
22:16three i'm not gonna say because this
22:18video has been all about you making a
22:19choice and you having the information to
22:20make the choice between these three
22:22devices yourself oh go and then it's
22:24no no have a guess in the comments and
22:27maybe we can work out if i can tell you
22:29which one i'd buy because it's about
22:31what type of person are you what type of
22:34professional are you what are you going
22:36to get most out of out of these three
22:38devices they're all great they all work
22:40well but i've tried to judge this
22:42objectively against a bunch of criteria
22:44and you can see that it's really really
22:47surprisingly the market leader the
22:52objectively the worst device out of
22:53these but that's objectively you might
22:56think to yourself no actually the lead
22:58on their marketing has always been the
23:00world's finest tablet you might think
23:01that's something that's more important
23:03for you so go ahead and buy the
23:05remarkable you won't be disappointed if
23:07those are the key things for you
23:10i love using it it's a premium device
23:12it's got that kind of attractive
23:14aesthetic tech
23:15like an apple device does it's simple
23:18it's for visual thinkers it's an
23:20aspirational aesthetic tech device it's
23:23a really nice device well done great
23:25design by remarkable
23:27the supernote does it for professional
23:29people because it does more professional
23:31jobs it does your email it lets you
23:33start word apps it lets you organize
23:35your calendar you can use this really
23:37powerfully for professionals there's a
23:39little bit more that it can do so
23:40there's a little bit more to learn as
23:41well but remember this is really geared
23:43up for people who write people who write
23:47lines people who write prose writers
23:49essentially and it's closest to feeling
23:51like a premium notebook it's a really
23:54nicely designed device the note air 2 is
23:57the more complex and it's for the more
23:59techy people
24:00like if you're happy to go into those
24:02settings and fiddle about with them
24:04until you're happy with the device then
24:06i think this is the device for you
24:08there's reasons to buy each one it's
24:10really going to come down to your own
24:12tech preferences and your own use case i
24:15really hope that's been useful let me
24:16know in the comments which one you're
24:17going to go with if any and let me know
24:18the reasons why and let me know if
24:19you've got more questions or if you've
24:20got ideas on comparisons you'd like to
24:23or tech that you'd like to see then
24:25please do leave them down in the
24:26comments below and don't forget to
24:28subscribe for more videos just like this
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the features of Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets?

The Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets offer a range of features including e-ink display, stylus support for note-taking, PDF annotation, cloud synchronization, and support for reading e-books.

2. How do the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets compare in terms of ease of use?

The Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets differ in terms of ease of use based on their user interfaces, software integration, and gesture controls. Each device has its unique approach to provide a user-friendly experience.

3. What are the drawing capabilities of the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets?

The drawing capabilities of the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets vary in terms of pressure sensitivity, pen response, compatibility with drawing apps, and precision. Each device caters to different drawing needs of users.

4. How do the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets compare in terms of note-taking capabilities?

The note-taking capabilities of the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets differ based on features like handwriting recognition, organization of notes, template support, and integration with productivity apps. Each device has its strengths for different note-taking preferences.

5. What are the price points and accessories availability for the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets?

The price points and accessories availability for the Remarkable 2, Supernote A5X, and Boox Note Air 2 ink tablets vary based on the package offerings, warranty, additional accessories like screen protectors, stylus options, and protective cases. Each device provides different value propositions for users.

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