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The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to fix game crashes, DirectX errors, and Dev errors in Warzone Season 2, including uninstalling the game, deleting cache files, and doing a disk cleanup. Following these steps and restarting the computer should result in a working game.
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The video provides a solution to fix Warzone Season 2 game crashes, DirectX crashes, and Dev errors.
The first step is to ensure that all Windows updates, graphics card updates, and driver updates are installed.
Uninstall the game completely and then locate the game folder where it is installed.
Delete all the files in the game folder and reinstall the game.
To fix Warzone 2 Season 2 Game_Ship.exe error and DirectX crashing, you can delete cache files from specific locations on your computer.
Delete cache files from C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\AMD or Nvidia.
Look for cache folders from Nvidia Corporation and delete them.
Check for cache files in the Documents\Call of Duty folder and delete them to fix the issues.
Steps to fix Warzone 2 Season 2 Game_Ship.exe error and DirectX crashing:
Delete the Call of Duty folder and cache file folder locations for AMD/Nvidia and DirectX.
Use disk cleanup to dump DirectX cache Shader cache.
Restart the computer and reinstall the game.
00:00Hey There YouTube Welcome to Drake
00:01already gaming today I'm going to show
00:02you how to fix all your problems with
00:03Warzone uh season two when it dropped
00:05created a lot of issues with people
00:07having game crashes DirectX crashes Dev
00:09errors you name it it's not as simple as
00:12a scan repair or uninstall and reinstall
00:13I'm going to show you the tricks right
00:15now as usual no BS no fluff here we go
00:24with your Windows updates your graphics
00:25card updates everything you need to do
00:27your windows you know all the driver
00:28updates for GPU et cetera et cetera
00:30um after AMD or Nvidia card whatever
00:32you're going to do make sure you're not
00:33having any hardware system issues make
00:35sure that's all ruled out please uh do
00:36the Baseline but if you're sure you
00:38don't have any issues and and the only
00:39thing that happened was you're starting
00:40to have these crashes and experiencing
00:42those crashes since uh the season two uh
00:45came out uh I also started having issues
00:47a lot of other people started having
00:49issues and um it's not as simple as an
00:51uninstall in reinstall so what you
00:52actually have to do is you can go into
00:54here and click the gear icon once you're
00:56on Warzone or slash Modern Warfare 2
00:58click the gear icon go to show and
01:00Explorer which is Windows Explorer find
01:02out where you have it installed I have
01:03it installed in a custom spot e Call of
01:05Duty this for my game resides and lives
01:08so this is one of the locations where
01:09the game is so uh you can go ahead and
01:11what you want to do the first thing you
01:12want to do is uninstall the game here so
01:14completely uninstall it
01:16once that's done you know that you have
01:18that foldering that we just looked at in
01:20E Call of Duty this is just my Windows 7
01:22menu this is my Windows 10 menu it's
01:24just a scan so ignore that what you need
01:26to focus on is going to where you have
01:28the game installed so I have a Call of
01:30Duty right so here it's still here after
01:32you install some files what you want to
01:34do is just right click delete that
01:35there's a bunch of other locations that
01:37I wrote down
01:39um because there's cache so once you
01:40install the game there's cache files
01:42everywhere all over the place that the
01:44game leaves behind not only the game but
01:46DirectX has Shader slash cache files so
01:48not only that but DirectX has Shader and
01:50cache folders and files left everywhere
01:52as well as uh Battlenet and the game and
01:56a few other locations so one of the
01:58locations that you want to check
02:00um if you're on AMD or Nvidia it can
02:02depend but uh so one of these locations
02:04is C users your username app data local
02:07and then AMD or Nvidia so what that
02:09actually is if you go to your C drive
02:11you go to users my name Draco you go to
02:15app data and you go to local
02:17you're going to see all these files like
02:19this cache folder here which I'm not
02:20sure which belongs to but you'll see you
02:21may see some Call of Duty cache files
02:23here which you can delete go ahead and
02:24get rid of those you're also going to
02:26find some other ones like from Nvidia
02:31um and if you have any cash folders in
02:32here we're going to delete them you can
02:35see right here Nvidia has there's a
02:36DirectX cache location so Nvidia DX
02:38cache right here so that's one of the
02:40main ones too you're going to want to
02:41delete if you're having I was having the
02:42DirectX cache file folder location so I
02:44went ahead and deleted that one again if
02:46you have AMD you'll have an AMD folder I
02:48just have ryzen Master software but you
02:50may have also a cache file folder
02:52location here for your GPU so that goes
02:54ahead and clears the game
02:57and the cache files for
02:59um your graphics card there also may be
03:01some in documents so if you go to
03:03documents Call of Duty you may want to
03:05delete this folder as well this will
03:07delete your single player campaign
03:09progress if you care I believe uh but
03:11you want to delete this folder as well I
03:13would delete the Call of Duty folder
03:14there the cache file folder locations
03:16for your AMD or Nvidia your DirectX
03:18location here make sure blizzard and all
03:20these applications are closed when you
03:22are going in here to delete the files or
03:23you'll get you'll get some type of error
03:25or file and use error what we're going
03:27to actually do now is we're going to hit
03:29the windows art key
03:30we're going to type in
03:32I'm going to type this one right here
03:34you can just type program data or
03:36navigate to it
03:37and so once you're in here see program
03:39data you can go to Blizzard
03:43Blizzard Entertainment Battlenet and
03:45there's a cache folder location here so
03:46that location is C program data Blizzard
03:48Entertainment Battlenet Cash go ahead
03:51and delete that cache file folder
03:52location two we're also going to delete
03:55um we're going to go to this PC we're
03:57going to right click on the drive where
03:59you have the games installed and then
04:01click properties and then we're going to
04:02do disk cleanup now disk cleanup they
04:04have an option to dump your DirectX
04:06cache Shader cache so the Shader caches
04:08for the games and stuff like that so go
04:09ahead and check that box click OK you
04:11can delete all that get rid of it
04:14um those are the majority of the
04:16locations that you need to worry about
04:17and then what we're going to do we're
04:18not going to go ahead and reinstall the
04:19game right here yet we're going to
04:21restart the computer I'm going to shut
04:22down restart or for Windows 10 power
04:25button restart and then after a fresh
04:27restart and you dump your memory and
04:29your system's fresh again then you're
04:31going to want to go ahead and reinstall
04:32the game and your game is going to work
04:33perfectly I hope this video helps you
04:35out I know it will I'm Draco Ray here to
04:37help The Gaming Community enjoy your
04:39error-free games in Warzone and I'll see
04:41you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to fix game crashes in Warzone Season 2?

To fix game crashes in Warzone Season 2, you can follow the step-by-step guide provided in the video. This guide includes uninstalling the game, deleting cache files, and doing a disk cleanup. Following these steps and restarting the computer should result in a working game.

2. What are the steps to fix DirectX errors in Warzone Season 2?

If you are encountering DirectX errors in Warzone Season 2, the video provides a detailed guide on how to fix them. It includes troubleshooting steps and solutions to resolve DirectX errors effectively.

3. How to resolve Dev errors in Warzone Season 2?

The video offers a comprehensive walkthrough on resolving Dev errors in Warzone Season 2. It covers troubleshooting methods and specific steps to address Dev errors, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

4. What is the recommended solution for game crashes in Warzone Season 2?

For resolving game crashes in Warzone Season 2, the video recommends following the step-by-step guide that includes uninstalling the game, deleting cache files, and performing a disk cleanup. This should effectively address the issue.

5. What are the troubleshooting methods for fixing game crashes and errors in Warzone Season 2?

In the video, you will find detailed troubleshooting methods for fixing game crashes, DirectX errors, and Dev errors in Warzone Season 2. Following the provided steps and restarting the computer can help in resolving these issues.

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