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The video discusses the use of gaming laptops for programming, highlighting their performance capabilities, cooling systems, durable keyboards, and high-resolution displays. It emphasizes that gaming laptops can be a good option for developers, although they may come at a higher cost and may have a more flashy design compared to non-gaming laptops.
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The speaker discusses the use of gaming laptops for programming, highlighting their high performance and suitability for tasks like machine learning.
Gaming laptops are not just for game developers, but also for other developers who need high-performance machines.
The speaker uses the ASUS Rogue Strix G15, which has a Ryzen 5900HX processor and an NVIDIA RTX 3070 GPU.
The gaming laptop allows for faster machine learning tasks compared to other available options, including the Intel MacBooks.
Gaming laptops come in a wide range of prices and specs, and you don't need to spend $5000 for programming.
Gaming laptops can range from $1500 to under $2000 for mid-range models, while top models can cost around $5000 or more.
Entry-level gaming laptops can be around $1000, but their specs are different from high-end ones.
Gaming laptops offer common traits regardless of price range.
For programming, you don't need to spend $5000 unless you have specific requirements.
When programming, it is recommended to have at least 16GB of RAM, especially if you are doing mobile development or using docker or virtual machines.
The more RAM you have, the more it will be consumed.
Having multiple docker containers and virtual machines running simultaneously can require higher RAM.
The speaker uses various tools and applications like web development, mobile development, machine learning, 3D printing, writing in Google Docs, and Adobe tools.
Programming on a gaming laptop offers better cooling for handling heavy workloads and a more durable keyboard.
Gaming laptops have a beefed-up cooling system that can handle heavy workloads and higher temperatures without throttling.
The downside is that gaming laptops can be loud, but headphones can solve this issue.
Gaming laptops have more durable keyboards that are less likely to have rubbed-off keys.
Keyboard feel is subjective, so personal preference may vary.
A gaming laptop with a high refresh rate is not necessary for developers, but a higher resolution is important.
60hz screens are still common and sufficient for most non-gaming laptops.
The resolution is more important than the refresh rate for developers.
The appearance of gaming laptops with LEDs and logos may not be professional for client meetings, but developers can still decorate the shell with stickers.
Using a high-end gaming laptop as a programmer is not much different from a regular laptop, but it may offer better performance.
00:02take that loser i don't know what he's
00:04doing in there
00:06but he better be building some code die
00:10i think i better go in there and see
00:11what's going on
00:14let's just go and see
00:23i need that code built yeah yeah okay
00:25i'll have that built okay don't worry
00:27like yesterday i have the project right
00:30here i'm just taking a little break i
00:32hope so
00:42why would any programmer want to use a
00:44gaming laptop like this one for
00:46programming this video is not sponsored
00:48actually it's sponsored by me i bought
00:50all these laptops
00:52if you're developing games it's probably
00:54a no-brainer for you that you want to
00:56test what you're building right so in
00:58that case sure get a gaming laptop but
01:00what about the other 99 of developers
01:03out there all right i just made up 99 i
01:05don't know how many developers are not
01:07game developers but i would guess it's
01:09the majority so for the rest of us
01:10gaming laptops are just called high
01:12performance laptops like this one for
01:14example i bought this machine this is
01:16the asus rogue strix g15 it's got a
01:205900hx processor in it it's a very good
01:23performing machine i don't use it for
01:25gaming i have kids but i bought it to do
01:27some comparisons with the m1 macbooks
01:30for this channel and also because it has
01:32an nvidia rtx 3070 gpu in it which
01:35allowed me to do some of the machine
01:37learning tasks much faster than anything
01:39i have available to me at that point the
01:41intel macbooks were pretty terrible at
01:44gpu tasks because they didn't have a gpu
01:47really they were doing everything on the
01:48cpu and while the m1s did have an 8 core
01:51gpu it still wasn't enough to compete
01:53with an rtx 3070 this is before of
01:56course i had the macbook pro the m1 max
01:59chip in it i could probably use that one
02:01from now on to do my ml tasks but i
02:04still prefer using this gaming machine
02:06for my related work because i use
02:08pytorch and not tensorflow and pytorch
02:10doesn't yet support apple silicon while
02:12tensorflow does it's a long story i
02:14recently did a video on this i'll link
02:16to it up here or down below most of my
02:19development work i do on my macbook and
02:21when it's time to do the heavy lifting
02:22that processing i'll still transfer it
02:25to the gaming laptop to do that
02:27processing now that's just my personal
02:28weird workflow with this gaming laptop
02:30but if you were another kind of
02:32developer why would you want to use a
02:34gaming laptop if you are not doing
02:36machine learning or game development by
02:38the way i'm curious to know if you are a
02:40developer do you use a gaming laptop or
02:42a non-gaming one let me know in the
02:44comments so when the adjective gaming is
02:46used most people tend to think and then
02:48jump to the conclusion that we're always
02:50talking about a super laptop that's
02:52expensive and noisy and so on in reality
02:55gaming laptops are a wide range of
02:57laptops there's gaming laptops and then
03:00gaming laptops yes it's got the funky
03:03look to it and it's geared towards
03:05gamers but at this point this one costs
03:08about fifteen hundred to under two
03:10thousand dollars the top models the
03:12super gaming laptops will cost around
03:14five thousand dollars and more and then
03:16there's entry-level gaming laptops also
03:18that around maybe a thousand dollars now
03:21they're not the same not even close
03:22their specs are entirely different but
03:24they're all still gaming laptops and
03:26there are a few traits that the gaming
03:28laptops offer that are common whether
03:30you use a high-end one or a low-end one
03:33i wouldn't exactly call any gaming
03:34laptop a low-end laptop but on the lower
03:37end of gaming laptops and these are the
03:39kind of points i want to discuss today
03:41in relation to programming so the first
03:43question is do you need to spend five
03:45thousand dollars on a laptop for
03:47programming definitely not unless you do
03:49unique stuff you wanna have uh the type
03:51of machine for whatever reason that
03:53appeals to you right it's not a crime
03:55and uh you do what you want with your
03:56money it's like driving a ferrari uh
03:58more on that later in general gaming
04:00laptops are going to be more expensive
04:03than non-gaming laptops so it really all
04:05boils down to your budget if you have a
04:07larger budget then you can certainly opt
04:09for a high-end gaming laptop that'll get
04:11you more ram more cpu and gpu juice and
04:14it also matters what kind of developer
04:16you are if you're a web developer you
04:18probably don't need anything more than
04:19an eight gigabyte machine although these
04:22days i'd actually highly recommend 16
04:24gigabytes at least because your needs as
04:26a developer will typically grow the
04:28longer you practice your craft
04:33here's kind of my rule of thumb for ram
04:35okay get 16 gigabytes or 32 gigabytes
04:38they're all great range for developers
04:41and you can't go wrong right now if you
04:43don't know how much ram you need and
04:44this is a really common question get 16
04:47and get 32 if you can spare the extra
04:49change but if you're asking whether you
04:51need a 64 gigabyte machine only get a 64
04:54gigabyte machine if you know you need a
04:5764 gigabyte machine and now i'm gonna
04:59amend that rule of thumb by saying that
05:01get an eight gigabyte machine only if
05:04you know you need an eight gigabyte
05:05machine here's an example if you don't
05:07have 50 chrome tabs open and use vim
05:10then you're likely going to use the 8
05:12gigabyte machine now if you're doing
05:13mobile development or if you're using
05:15docker or virtual machines you'll want
05:17to skip the 8 gigabyte machine and go
05:19for at least 16 and i'd even go higher
05:21than that when writing code you're
05:22basically doing text editing and you can
05:24just use an old android tablet worth of
05:27machine power for that but typically
05:29these days with the environments and all
05:30the stuff going on and the setups for
05:32any developer really that's not all
05:34you're going to ever need is it on one
05:36extreme you may even have three to five
05:38docker containers running at any given
05:40moment and several different virtual
05:42machines configured under virtualbox
05:44that may or may not be running i'm just
05:46giving an extreme example here but hey
05:48could happen and then you can be like me
05:50and have 30 000 tabs open in chrome i do
05:53a lot of different things so i have
05:54let's see web dev mobile dev machine
05:57learning 3d printing writing in google
06:00docs i have a couple of slack tabs open
06:03for the different groups that i'm in
06:05yeah so i have a lot of tabs open i
06:07don't know how i got here just a bad
06:09habit i think but i also don't think
06:10it's that uncommon these days i also
06:12have another monitor with a bunch of
06:14code editors open
06:16as well as some adobe tools scattered
06:18around photoshop audition and i don't
06:20have premiere pro open all the time but
06:22sometimes i do when i'm editing my main
06:24machine now is 64 gigabytes of macbook
06:27pro and right now somehow it's showing
06:29that i'm using 29 gigabytes of ram i
06:31have no idea what's using all that but
06:32it seems to me like the more ram you
06:34have the more it'll be eaten up right
06:36now i can try to purge some of that
06:38using this tool although i'm using this
06:40free memory tool by parallels it comes
06:43with a parallels toolbox along with a
06:45ton of other tools that i use every day
06:47this is not a sponsored video or
06:48anything but i'm just saying that i
06:50really like this toolbox and when i
06:51bought parallels i didn't even know that
06:53i was getting this toolbox with it and
06:55to be honest i use this parallels
06:56toolbox more than i use virtual machines
06:59it's got this uh screen splitter thing
07:01it's got downloading videos recording
07:04screen areas window manager free memory
07:07those are just some of them that i use
07:09all the time by the way if you want to
07:10pick up parallels for yourself there's a
07:12coupon code down below with an
07:13expiration date and click my link that's
07:15an affiliate link many of our popular
07:17tools these days are also built on top
07:19of electron including visual studio code
07:22and electron is known to be a memory hog
07:24when you open five instances of vs code
07:26you're gonna quickly eat up all that
07:27memory so to summarize the ram
07:29requirements i think as a dev you really
07:31need at least 16. if you do mobile dev
07:33like me then you'll need even more for
07:35running device emulators and the ide
07:37that you're going to use to build the
07:39project and debug the projects so at
07:41that point go with 32 all right let's
07:44get off a ram and talk about cooling
07:49now i spend a lot of my time compiling
07:51projects a lot of my work has to do with
07:53mobile builds that take a while to run
07:55but i also do a lot of testing on this
07:57channel with c plus java go and compile
08:01languages like that and those generate
08:02heat especially the builds that have
08:04multi-core support a gaming laptop will
08:07have a beefed up cooling system that
08:09will be able to handle those kinds of
08:10workloads pretty well as opposed to a
08:12sleek and skinny little laptop like a
08:15dell 13-incher so that's a really big
08:17bonus for performance as well since the
08:19system will be able to handle higher
08:20temperatures before throttling and
08:22slowing down the processor so it doesn't
08:24melt of course the downside is that many
08:26of these gaming machines would be very
08:30but it's uh nothing that over the year
08:32headphones won't be able to solve right
08:34but if you're coding locally and then
08:35offloading your build process to a ci cd
08:38pipeline then you don't have to worry
08:40about cooling of course and you'll work
08:42okay with any laptop really
08:47now the keyboard many programmers i know
08:49aren't exactly delicate touch typists
08:51now these stats are a little bit old but
08:53inside any given year there's usually
08:55about 20 percent of the keys that are
08:57rubbed off this used to be the case
08:58anyway now they make keycaps a little
09:00bit differently but the point is having
09:02a more durable integrated keyboard is
09:05pretty nice to have gaming laptops dave
09:07might have the keyboards that have
09:08carved out letters and they have a
09:10backlight like that right there so they
09:13definitely won't rub off any letters and
09:15since gamers are expected to pound on
09:18their keyboards you'll typically get a
09:20sturdier keyboard on a gaming laptop
09:22than let's say on a business oriented
09:24laptop so if you're developing on a
09:26gaming laptop you'll likely not have any
09:28issues with the durability of the keys
09:30but keyboard feel is such a personal
09:32choice that you might like one keyboard
09:34over another and perhaps you'll even
09:35want to have a separate standalone
09:37mechanical keyboard but that's a whole
09:38different video
09:42now your eyes will appreciate hd display
09:46with good resolution believe me the
09:47first time i tried a macbook pro with a
09:49retina display i was blown away i could
09:52actually sit at the computer for 8 hours
09:54a day without stopping well that's not
09:56really good for you in general but it's
09:58not bad for your eyes anymore remember
10:00those old screens where you can see
10:01every single pixel probably not good
10:03staring at those all day right and we
10:04used to just accept that now 4k and 5k
10:07displays are pretty common the refresh
10:09rate of the screen also plays a role
10:11here and determines how long you can
10:13stare at the screen gaming laptops tend
10:15to have higher refresh rate screens like
10:17120 hertz 144 hertz those are pretty
10:20common now and some even go up to 300
10:22and 360hz as well now these latter ones
10:24are the top-tier gaming laptops and will
10:26cost a premium price of course but
10:28historically a 60hz screen is what's
10:31still common even today to find most
10:33non-gaming laptops and it's typically
10:35what developers will ever need so having
10:37a gaming display refresh rate is a bit
10:39overkill here the more important thing
10:41to look for is the resolution in my
10:43opinion i use two 4k displays they're lg
10:47monitors here connected to my macbook
10:49pro and they're operating at 60 hertz
10:51and they do great for my work
10:56now as far as looks go i don't care too
10:58much for the crazy leds everywhere and
11:01the logos and all the sexy angles that
11:04are part of the designs of the laptop
11:06cases that are gaming laptops taking one
11:08of these to a client's meeting kind of
11:10looks unprofessional but on the other
11:11hand we developers like our stickers
11:14don't we so we're gonna decorate the
11:16shell anyway at that point
11:17professionalism goes out the window
11:19anyway if you care about looking good in
11:21a meeting take your shell off all right
11:23final consideration for the day is a
11:25ferrari good for driving i told you i'll
11:28come back to the ferraris i don't know
11:29i've never driven a ferrari but i would
11:31imagine the answer is yes and it's
11:33probably way more fun than a regular car
11:35right although if you get stuck in
11:37traffic it's not fun at all but despite
11:40all that you get to be seen driving
11:43around in a ferrari if you care about
11:45that sort of thing then that's great
11:46using a high-end gaming laptop is not
11:49that much different in my opinion
11:50basically it's more of a laptop than
11:52most developers really need but it's not
11:55a sin to own one so can you use a gaming
11:57laptop as a programmer of course you can
11:59and you'll probably find that it's gonna
12:01perform really well for you it's gonna
12:03do all the things that a regular laptop
12:05can do and more it'll cost you a little
12:07bit extra and if that's the price you're
12:08willing to pay for extra performance
12:10then it's a good deal for you i guess as
12:12for me i'll continue using this laptop
12:14whenever i need a windows machine i also
12:16have linux installed here as well and
12:18whenever i need the gpu related work
12:20done but i will still continue using my
12:22tesla i mean my macbook for most of my
12:25development and other computing needs
12:27anyway just wanted to share some
12:28thoughts about gaming laptops especially
12:30because there's such a hype about them
12:32whenever you hear about new laptops
12:33coming out usually all the new
12:35technology gets landed in a new laptop
12:37like the intel 12th generation alder
12:39lakes they landed in the gaming laptop
12:41first so i thought i'd talk about that
12:43for a second and if you like this kind
12:45of video i'd appreciate a thumbs up
12:46subscribe to the channel for more
12:48content and developer related tests
12:50we're going to be testing maybe some of
12:51them will be gaming laptops this year
12:53we'll see thanks a lot for watching i'll
12:55see you in the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are gaming laptops recommended for programming?

Gaming laptops are recommended for programming due to their high performance capabilities, efficient cooling systems, durable keyboards, and high-resolution displays. These features contribute to a smooth programming experience and enhanced productivity.

2. What are the advantages of using gaming laptops for programming?

The advantages of using gaming laptops for programming include excellent performance for running development tools and applications, efficient cooling systems that prevent overheating during intensive coding sessions, durable keyboards that can withstand long hours of typing, and high-resolution displays for better visual clarity and coding precision.

3. Are gaming laptops a good option for developers?

Yes, gaming laptops can be a good option for developers due to their high performance capabilities and advanced features. They offer the power and efficiency required for running demanding development tools and applications, making them suitable for professional programming tasks.

4. What should developers consider before choosing a gaming laptop for programming?

Before choosing a gaming laptop for programming, developers should consider factors such as the cost, design, portability, battery life, and compatibility with development tools. While gaming laptops may offer exceptional performance, developers need to evaluate whether the higher cost and potentially flashy design align with their specific needs and preferences.

5. How do gaming laptops compare to non-gaming laptops for programming?

Gaming laptops offer superior performance, efficient cooling systems, durable keyboards, and high-resolution displays, making them suitable for programming tasks. However, they may come at a higher cost and feature a more flashy design compared to non-gaming laptops. Developers need to weigh the benefits and costs to determine the most suitable option for their programming requirements.

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