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This video recommends the best Zelda games for both new and veteran players. For beginners, the 2D games "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" are suggested. For experienced gamers, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" are recommended.
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This section provides recommendations for the best Zelda games to start with, excluding Breath of the Wild.
Breath of the Wild is not included in the primary recommendations as it represents a new direction for the series.
The video is divided into two categories: 2D games and 3D games.
The 2D games are especially recommended for beginners or those with little gaming experience.
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a great beginner Zelda game with a welcoming intro, easy gameplay, fun art style, simple story, and shorter length.
It is recommended for beginners to learn how traditional Zelda dungeons work.
The game has a unique mechanic where Link can shrink down to minish size and interact with a civilization of small people.
The Minish Cap is not too intimidating and a great place to start without worrying about the greater Zelda story or timeline.
"A Link Between Worlds" is a great Zelda game for new players, with the ability to go inside walls and choose your own items and dungeon order.
Any model of the 3DS or 2DS is acceptable for playing this game.
The game is inspired by "A Link to the Past".
The unique gimmick of the game is the ability to go inside certain walls to solve puzzles.
In this game, you can choose which items to use in dungeons and the order in which you do them.
Ocarina of Time 3D is recommended as a good starting point for newcomers to Zelda due to its accessible gameplay, great dungeon experiences, and iconic status.
Ocarina of Time 3D has one of the best dungeon experiences and a cool mechanic of time manipulation.
It is easy to find and not too expensive, making it accessible for new players.
Although some may see its age, it still holds up in many ways and is considered one of the greatest games of all time.
00:00are you curious about the legend of
00:01zelda series but don't know where to
00:03it can be a little intimidating to
00:05figure out which game to play with 16
00:07mainline games across
00:0835 years in this video i'm going to
00:11detail which are the best zelda games to
00:13start with
00:13whether you're a gamer or someone who's
00:15never played video games
00:17so let's get started
00:21hey what's going on guys it's ryan here
00:23from game essays this channel is all
00:24about covering some of my favorite video
00:26game series including the legend of
00:28zelda and pokemon so if that sounds like
00:30content that might interest you
00:32please make sure to both like this video
00:34and hit that subscribe button
00:36so getting into today's topic i am
00:38recommending which
00:39are the best zelda games to start with
00:42whether you
00:42are someone who's never played video
00:44games or very little video games
00:46or long time gamers who just haven't
00:48really touched the zelda series
00:50of course this is also for longtime
00:52legend of zelda fans who just want to
00:54know the games i picked
00:55let's be real here first things first is
00:58breath of the wild is not going to be in
01:00my primary recommendations
01:03just because it is the starting point
01:05for a new direction for the legend of
01:08the sequel to breath of the wild coming
01:10out in hopefully 2022
01:12is going to be similar to that game so
01:14if you are interested in the new
01:16of the legend of zelda definitely play
01:18that game but this video is for people
01:21who maybe want to
01:22look at the old backlog of all the other
01:25previous zelda games
01:26and where to start with those types of
01:29so i've divided this into two categories
01:32the 2d games
01:33and the 3d games i especially recommend
01:37the 2d games for people who are brand
01:40new to video games
01:42or have very little video game
01:43experience that might surprise some
01:45people because people might think
01:47the 3d zelda games are a little bit
01:51but i would say for someone who hasn't
01:53played a lot of video games sometimes
01:55interacting in a 3d space can be a
01:58little intimidating and i think
01:59the 2d games are a great place to start
02:03just because it will give you a great
02:04feel for the zelda style
02:06in a sort of ev easier to navigate
02:09environment now my first recommendation
02:13for the 2d games is going to be the
02:15legend of zelda
02:17the minish cap now this game was
02:19originally released for the game boy
02:22so it can be a little tricky to track
02:25a game boy advance nowadays and track
02:27down a cartridge of the game because
02:29if you want to play an authentic
02:31cartridge of diminished cap it can be a
02:33little bit pricey
02:35but the great news is the best way to
02:37play this is on
02:38the wii u virtual console and the wii u
02:42in general
02:43is actually one of the better machines
02:45to easily access
02:47many many zelda games so my
02:50recommendation for the legal way
02:51to play diminished cap would be to pick
02:55a wii u and download it on the virtual
02:58console before they eventually shut down
03:00that virtual console of course there are
03:02other ways to
03:02access the legend of zelda diminish cap
03:05but you won't find me telling you how to
03:07do that
03:08you can go do your own research and
03:10figure that out
03:11now why am i recommending the legend of
03:14zelda the minish cap
03:15i just think it is a great beginner
03:18zelda game
03:19it has a pretty welcoming intro
03:23i think it's very it's on the easier
03:25side i'm just going to say it straight
03:27it has a nice fun art style it is a very
03:29simple and easy to understand story
03:32and it's on the shorter side so it's not
03:35going to drag on too long
03:37that someone's going to give up with
03:39this game i think
03:40it is you know a nice short fun
03:43zelda game not too intimidating and i
03:46just think it's a really great place to
03:48um people like to get into the whole
03:50like canon and story
03:52of all the zelda games and to just
03:56i want to kind of put all that to the
03:58side the whole timeline stuff as much as
04:00i love to talk about it
04:01don't worry about any of that don't
04:03worry about you know
04:04figuring out the greater story of the
04:06legend of zelda just play the minish cap
04:08it's a great game to just learn how you
04:11know traditional zelda dungeons work
04:14there's only you know there's maybe what
04:16like six or seven
04:17dungeons in the whole game so like i
04:19said it's on the shorter side
04:21it's a very enjoyable game and the
04:24you know each zelda game has its own
04:26unique little
04:28mechanic or gimmick to it in the legend
04:30of zelda the minish cap
04:33it is sort of legend of zelda's honey i
04:35shrunk the kids
04:36type of situation link can shrink down
04:40to what is known as minish size where
04:43there are these little people known as
04:45uh as diminish and they have their whole
04:48whole like civilization
04:50and you sometimes do dungeons entirely
04:53in minish form
04:55but you get to meet all these little
04:57minish people that live in other
04:59people's houses up in the attics and
05:01stuff like that
05:02it's really really cool and a very
05:04charming game so i think that is one of
05:06the best
05:072d games to start now the other 2d game
05:11that i would recommend is much more
05:14accessible in my opinion
05:16and that is the legend of zelda a link
05:18between worlds
05:19now this can be easily picked up for the
05:22nintendo 3ds
05:24for a you know pretty much retail price
05:26or less
05:27um you know they discontinue the 3ds but
05:30i think it's still
05:31new enough um or still recent enough i
05:34should say
05:35that it's not too hard to track down
05:37copies of this game because they've made
05:40millions of copies of this game and it's
05:42not too expensive to pick up a used 3ds
05:45or even you can probably still find some
05:46new 3ds
05:47hanging around whatever you want to do
05:49any model of the 3ds or the 2ds is
05:52perfectly acceptable for playing this
05:55but a link between worlds is a fantastic
05:59game it is inspired by a game you might
06:01have heard of known as a link to the
06:04now the unique gimmick of a link between
06:07is that you have the ability to go
06:09inside of certain walls
06:11to solve puzzles so you'll kind of walk
06:13along a wall
06:14um it's very very cool and amazing for
06:18solving puzzles
06:20the you know the concept of link between
06:22world is pretty close to the traditional
06:25zelda style of going to dungeons and
06:28solving them throughout the game what's
06:31different is normally in zelda games
06:33you'll get a unique item in a dungeon
06:35and then you'll use that unique item to
06:37solve the rest of the dungeon
06:39in a link between worlds they they
06:41change things up a little bit
06:43and that certain items are not
06:47certain items are not as required i
06:49would say you can go to a shop
06:51and pick whichever items you want you
06:53want to use for these dungeons
06:55it's not the case with all of them but
06:56nevertheless it gives you a little bit
06:58of freedom
06:59in not only what items you want to use
07:01in dungeons but also what order you want
07:03to do the dungeons
07:04now that might be a little intimidating
07:06having that much choice for a new player
07:08but i do think it's handled in a very
07:10user friendly way
07:12and i do think the dungeons are
07:15for the most part you know they there's
07:17a lot of thinking involved but i don't
07:19any of the dungeons are are overwhelming
07:21or way too intimidating
07:23for new players so that would definitely
07:25be my
07:26second recommendation for new players
07:30on the 2d space now for
07:333d games i would obviously recommend
07:363d games to people who are long time
07:40that just have not given um given the
07:44zelda series a chance yet
07:46so for those veteran gamers maybe you've
07:49been playing
07:50xbox or playstation most of your
07:53you know life just growing up with those
07:55systems and you haven't really focused
07:57on nintendo
07:59and you want to get into zelda now i
08:01would say
08:02that 3d games are the way to go because
08:04you're already used to them and
08:06it might immerse you more than the 2d
08:08games off the bat but hey if you love
08:10the style of the 3d games and you
08:12then you play through them all i would
08:14say hey go check out the 2d games as
08:16now the first recommendation for the 3d
08:19games that i would say
08:21is the legend of zelda twilight princess
08:24again the best way to play this one is
08:27on the wii u
08:28there is an hd remaster it's a little
08:30bit pricey for a physical copy
08:33it's i want to say it's probably around
08:3480 now
08:36which is definitely pricey but i do
08:38believe you can just download it from
08:39the virtual console
08:41for i think fifty dollars correct fifty
08:43or sixty dollars i'm not sure which
08:45um so that's probably if you don't care
08:48about collecting games like me where i
08:50always want the physical copy
08:52um if if that doesn't matter to you and
08:55you're okay with digital then i would
08:56say go get the digital version
08:58now the reason i'm recommending twilight
09:01um as the first 3d game is i do think
09:03it's um
09:04it is on the easier side that i think
09:06it's user friendly
09:08um people might ask why not the recently
09:11released skyward sword hd
09:13i just as much i do think skyward
09:15towards a decent zelda game
09:18not to get into it too much but i don't
09:19think it's a great
09:21game to hook people into the series i
09:23could be wrong there
09:24but that's my personal feelings twilight
09:26princess i think
09:27started a whole new generation of zelda
09:30fans and i think it is a
09:32fantastic place to start because it's
09:34not too old
09:36um but it's not too new either that i
09:39think it has a lot of
09:41what people really liked about kind of
09:43the old and new styles of zelda
09:45but twilight princess i think hands down
09:47has just one of the best dungeon
09:50experiences in any zelda game and that's
09:53the main reason i'm recommending it
09:55on top of like i said it's more beginner
09:58friendly than some of the other zelda
10:00and so if you don't like the dungeon
10:04in twilight princess you're probably
10:06just not gonna like zelda dungeons at
10:08the end of the day and i think the
10:09dungeons are
10:10like the core of what makes many many
10:12zelda games
10:14really good and twilight princess i
10:16think is just one of the best examples
10:18of that
10:18so if you want to really know hey
10:22is zelda my thing i think twilight
10:24princess is one of those games now the
10:26intro to the game
10:28is a little slow and you just have to
10:31give the
10:32game time uh it probably has one of the
10:34worst beginnings
10:36of uh i should say not the worst but one
10:38of the slowest beginnings to any zelda
10:40game so
10:41um maybe if you're like a jrpg fan that
10:43may not bother you
10:44but for other people who are used to
10:47just getting right into the action
10:48you got to give this game a little bit
10:50of time but it it does pick up i promise
10:53the main gimmick of this game is that
10:56you turn into a wolf
10:58so you kind of have your mode as a wolf
11:00and your mode as link
11:01at the beginning these are designated
11:04kind of sections of the game
11:05where you are as the wolf or you are as
11:08linked but then eventually it does
11:10open up that you can transform to you
11:13know back
11:14and forth between regular link and as
11:16the wolf
11:17as you see fit so that makes the
11:20experience a lot better so don't be
11:21worried that you're going to be
11:22stuck in designated sections every time
11:25i mean obviously there's going to be
11:26puzzles you need to solve as the wolf
11:28and some you need to solve is link
11:30but once you have the freedom to move
11:31back and forth uh the game gets
11:34even more fun to play so twilight
11:36princess is probably my
11:38number one recommendation for people new
11:40to zelda that want to play a 3d
11:42game now my second recommendation
11:46for a zelda game is
11:49ocarina of time 3d again this is pretty
11:53it is on the 3ds it's not too expensive
11:55to just go and find a copy somewhere
11:58of of this game it's very very easy to
12:02and the reason i am recommending this
12:05is that it again has one of the best
12:08dungeon experiences it has one of the
12:10cooler mechanics
12:12of you know going forward and backward
12:15through time
12:17it's not way super confusing with puzzle
12:19solving and time manipulation don't
12:21worry about that
12:23but you've probably heard this cave if
12:25you're watching this video
12:26it's almost impossible for you to have
12:29not heard about ocarina of time
12:31but it you know even though this 3ds
12:34version is a kind of a remaster
12:38that cleans up some things makes the
12:40graphics look better
12:41improves upon the n64 version um some
12:44people do still see its age a little bit
12:47so i think twilight princess i'm kind of
12:49putting ahead of it
12:50just because it it just feels a little
12:53bit more new
12:54and that's you know for people who are
12:57new to games they don't want to go back
12:58to something that feels
12:59a little bit on the older side then i
13:01think twilight princess might be a
13:03little bit of a better fit but you
13:04honestly cannot go wrong
13:06with ocarina of time as old of a game as
13:09it is
13:10it still holds up in many many ways and
13:13like i said
13:14there are some very very memorable
13:16dungeons the music
13:17is incredible and it's just one of the
13:21greatest games of all time so why why
13:24not give that one
13:25a shot to see hey do i like zelda
13:28ocarina of time is never a bad place to
13:31start so those
13:32are my choices for places to start for
13:34new zelda fans
13:36i hope you guys found this video helpful
13:38and if you do
13:39end up starting based on these
13:41recommendations let me know what you
13:43thought of the game just leave a comment
13:45whenever you get to playing the game let
13:47me know i'd love to hear about it
13:49and for zelda fans who just wanted to
13:51see what my picks are
13:53um let you know let me know what you
13:55would have picked for both 2d and 3ds
13:58all the games for people to start with
14:00so anyway i hope you guys enjoy what i
14:03find to be
14:04an incredible video game series that is
14:06absolutely my favorite series to play
14:09and hey get started and uh enjoy the
14:12world of hyrule
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the best Zelda games recommended for new players?

For beginners, the 2D games "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" are suggested as the best Zelda games for new players.

2. Which Zelda games are recommended for experienced gamers?

For experienced gamers, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" are recommended as the best Zelda games for experienced gamers.

3. What makes "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" a great option for beginners?

"The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" is a great option for beginners due to its immersive storyline, engaging gameplay, and perfect introduction to the Zelda series.

4. What sets "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" apart for experienced gamers?

"The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" stands apart for experienced gamers with its immersive world, challenging dungeons, and realistic graphics making it a top choice for seasoned players.

5. How does "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" appeal to new players?

"The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" appeals to new players with its innovative gameplay mechanics, non-linear progression, and captivating world, making it a perfect introduction to the Zelda universe.

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