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This tutorial shows you how to set up Red Dead Redemption 1 on your PC using Xenia, including downloading the emulator, configuring settings, and running the game successfully with recommended patches.
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This section of the video explains the setup process for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia.
Xenia requires a powerful computer, preferably with a better CPU than an Intel i5.
The video demonstrates the setup using Xenia Canary.
The user is instructed to download Xenia Canary and create a new folder on the desktop named "Xenia 2".
The downloaded files are then placed in the "Xenia 2" folder.
The video also shows how to edit the config file using Notepad++.
The speaker mentions that typically there is no need to worry about the settings for a game like Red Dead Redemption 1.
This section explains how to adjust the draw resolution scale in Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia.
Clicking control F and searching for "draw" allows you to adjust the draw resolution scale.
Setting the draw resolution scale to a higher value makes the game clearer and less blurry.
It is recommended to keep the draw resolution scale at one if you have a low-end or medium-end computer to avoid lag.
To save the settings, click control S or go to File and then save.
The video demonstrates how to download and install patches for Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia.
Click and select all the files in the Google Drive folder, then right-click and download them to create a zip file.
Open Xenia and navigate to the patches folder, then copy and paste the downloaded files into the patches folder.
Search for the Red Dead Redemption ISO file and open it with a text editor like Notepad++.
Modify the "unlock FPS" setting to "true" to remove the frame rate cap.
Different modes in Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia can increase FPS, but may cause black screen stuttering, disabling sunflare prevents clipping issues, no trees performance mode might not provide significant performance boost, skip intro should be set to true.
Different modes can increase FPS but may cause black screen stuttering.
Disabling sunflare prevents clipping issues.
No trees performance mode might not provide significant performance boost.
Skip intro should be set to true to skip the legal intro.
This section explains some hacky patches for Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia, including enabling horse stamina, bottomless clip, and infinite ammo.
Enabling horse stamina is recommended.
Enabling bottomless clip and infinite ammo is not recommended.
Instructions are provided on how to save the patch and open the game.
00:00hey everyone Eclipse here welcome back
00:02to my first Reddit one tutorial and in
00:05this tutorial I will be basically
00:06showing you whole setup of Red Dead
00:08Redemption 1 on your PC so first of all
00:11you're going to need Xenia now with
00:13Xenia you also need a pretty good
00:16computer so I'm gonna show you my specs
00:17right here
00:18so the specs will be on the screen right
00:20now and as you can see my CPU is an
00:22Intel i5 and Xenia is a very very very
00:26CPU intensive device now I can run Red
00:29Dead perfectly fine with my Intel i5
00:32hopefully you guys have a better CPU
00:34than me because my CPU isn't really that
00:36good so so this is the Xenia Canary so I
00:38don't know the difference between the
00:39Xenia Canary and the Xenia Master but
00:43I'm running it just fine I'm running
00:44Reddit just fine on Canary so I'm gonna
00:47download Canary save it so here it is
00:49right here so we're gonna grab these two
00:51files and then we're gonna go to the
00:52desktop so on the desktop we're gonna
00:53make ourselves a new folder and I'm
00:55gonna name this Xenia too I already have
00:56folder name Xenia which I didn't know
00:58but I had to find it out the hard way
01:00and then we are going to open Xenia 2 or
01:03whatever folder it's called and then
01:04we're gonna drop them in there so now
01:07what we're going to do is double click
01:08Xenia canary
01:10um don't worry about this
01:12and then as you can see it's all working
01:14it's all Dandy it's all good but now as
01:16you can see we have a config file so
01:18this is kind of cool so we're going to
01:19right click and we're going to edit with
01:21notepad plus plus if you don't have
01:22notepad plus plus please get notepad
01:25plus plus it is a very annoying tedious
01:28thing if you don't have it so typically
01:30you won't have to worry about the
01:31settings with a game like Red Dead one
01:33although sometime if you watch the
01:35tutorial video you know there might be
01:37some videos that kind of tell you to
01:39swap some settings so it's good to kind
01:40of get familiar with this text file over
01:43here but right now we're gonna click
01:46Ctrl F and we're going to look up vsync
01:51um typically I have vsync off and I
01:54typically Run the game a lot better now
01:55this is very specific if your computer
01:57can run Reddit one very well you know if
02:01your CPU and graphics card is the same
02:03or better as mine go ahead you know turn
02:05it off but if you have a low end system
02:07please please please I cannot say it
02:10enough keep vsync on it caps the FPS it
02:13keeps the game more stable and overall
02:15it's just a great way way way way better
02:18to have okay so I'm gonna click control
02:20s that's all you need to swap although
02:22there is something I do want to show you
02:24really quick so if you do control F and
02:26you look up draw you can see right here
02:30draw resolution scale X draw resolution
02:32scale y now for me I have them at one if
02:35your computer has a good CPU okay now
02:39please please please don't go down in
02:41the comments and say it's laggy because
02:42if you make this any higher than one you
02:45could lag if you have a low end or even
02:47a medium and computer I personally have
02:49to keep these settings at one but if you
02:52swap them to two
02:54the resolution gets way way more scaled
02:58up which means the game's gonna be more
02:59clearer clearer less blurry and
03:02everything but like I keep saying I
03:04cannot stress this enough if your
03:06computer is low end or medium and please
03:07please keep them at once I have to keep
03:09them at once so I'm going to set it to
03:10one and click Ctrl s to save or you can
03:13go up a file and then save I already did
03:15though so now you need to download your
03:17first game so first of all in the Xenia
03:19folder we're gonna easily just make a
03:22folder called games now the reason why
03:24we're doing this is to easily organize
03:26our game so all of the folders all the
03:28isos that we download will be in here
03:30now I am going to tell you where to get
03:32Red Dead one and the reason for that is
03:34because I don't know how much trouble
03:35I'll get in overall I don't know no one
03:37else does it it seems so I'm just going
03:39to be safe and I'll do it too so I have
03:41my Red Redemption Game of the Year ISO
03:44right here so this is the file this is
03:45where Red Dead 2 is all taken place so
03:48for me I'm just going to copy it and
03:50then I'm just going to paste it into
03:51here so there we go now it's complete
03:53and now my game is in there so right now
03:55if I went to Xenia Canary and I click
03:59file I click open and then I click
04:01desktop and then I click Xenia 2 and I
04:04click games and then I click my ISO it
04:06is going to load as you can see
04:08there we go as you can see it's loading
04:10it will work perfect and that should
04:13kind of be all but no we need one more
04:16step I know I know guys one more step so
04:19we're gonna right click we're gonna
04:20click new and then we're gonna type in
04:23patches for a folder it needs to be all
04:24lowercase it needs to look like this
04:26okay you need to go in a link down below
04:28and as you can see there is a lot of
04:30files here okay let me tell you what to
04:32do so click on one scroll all the way
04:35down hold shift click oh wow wait
04:37there's more hold shift click the last
04:39one so all of them are kind of blue
04:41right click download and what's that
04:44going to do is it's going to zip the 140
04:46files that are in this Google doc and
04:48it's gonna download them so what this is
04:50is its patches for every single playable
04:52game and you might just be thinking why
04:54don't I just download the Red Dead patch
04:55well there might be some games you might
04:58want to download so it's good to just
04:59download all of them they're not that
05:00big on your space it's really no reason
05:02not to download them so you can see it
05:03popped up I'm Gonna Save I'm gonna go to
05:05my Xenia too I'm a double click Pat
05:06shoot I'm gonna open my File Explorer to
05:08the Google Drive and as you can see I
05:11have all these all these text files so
05:14we're going to click on one control a to
05:16copy all and drag the 140 into the
05:18patches right here and it shouldn't take
05:21that much because it's only like a
05:22couple whole couple gigabytes so now
05:24that we're here we're going to click on
05:26the top right and we're going to click
05:27up we're going to type in Red Dead and I
05:29forgot the D
05:31and so you need to find what your disk
05:34ISO ISO is named so I have disk one I
05:38have game with your disk one so I'm
05:39gonna right click this one I'm gonna
05:41edit with notepad plus plus now as you
05:43can see you have a lot of mobile jumbo
05:45don't worry I'll help you out with it
05:47right here unlock FPS typically I mean
05:50you you're going to want your FPS to be
05:52on cap so of course you're gonna go with
05:54true on this one what these are are
05:55settings so it has the name has a
05:59description of the setting has the
06:00Arthur and has the false or true enabled
06:03now make sure the space between the
06:04equals and the true or the equals and
06:06the false so you have the unlock FPS
06:08that's the first setting that you
06:10definitely want to turn to true
06:12now you have disabled depth of field
06:14and motion blur you can either keep this
06:17on false or you can make this true now
06:20for me I'm just going to put it through
06:22really quick you have 16x and sift
06:25Tropic filtering I I know I just said
06:27that completely wrong now I believe this
06:30is a hundred percent something that you
06:31don't want to enable unless you have a
06:33good CPU this is definitely a
06:34performance type of thing and I'm Gonna
06:36Keep It false you have 360p mode now be
06:39careful with these okay so what I just
06:42highlighted is 360p mode 480p mode and
06:46540p mode so what these do is it kind of
06:49downgrades the game and then upscales it
06:52to 720p which in turn will increase your
06:55FPS depending on what mode you do now
06:58the problem I had with doing this is it
07:00causes a black screen to kind of stutter
07:02on and it's basically Unstoppable
07:05uncontrollable and it's just overall
07:07annoying when a black screen just keeps
07:09fading or not even fading just cutting
07:11in and out in and out and in and out
07:12really distracts you from the game so so
07:15I I'm gonna have to say to never turn
07:17these ones on so you have disable
07:18sunflare and it seems to disable a
07:20effect that sometimes will affect other
07:22people so you can see this prevents the
07:24sunflare effect which Clips through
07:25buildings of props me personally I never
07:27ran into these issues so I keep this on
07:29false no trees performance mode now this
07:32is a very debatable topic when it comes
07:35to Red Dead 1 and Xenia so people will
07:37actually turn on the no treats mode
07:39because they say it gives you a big
07:42boost in performance but that's not
07:43typically the case now it could save a
07:45couple FPS you know maybe you know five
07:48to ten FPS but overall in the end I
07:51think it's more important to have the
07:54game uh foliage you know and more than
07:57just have five less FPS so personally
08:00I'll keep on false even my game couldn't
08:02run I'll still keep it at false skip
08:03grass occlusion let's keep down what it
08:06is high quality post-processing now
08:07again just like the uh 16x whatever
08:12filtering I would recommend keeping this
08:14on false unless you can you know you can
08:16run a game at high settings skip intro
08:18no this is something you want so skip
08:20intro of course you're going to want to
08:21put to true what this does is Skips the
08:24legal intro so second you launch the
08:27game you're just into the main menu and
08:29you're ready to go you're ready to start
08:30it and that's what you want to do
08:32alternative script timing and asset
08:34garbage collection now it says may
08:36provide a small performance boost for
08:38CPU limited systems so clearly it seems
08:40like a good thing to do I'm gonna turn
08:41it on I don't exactly know what it does
08:43I'm pretty naive on that but it seems
08:45like it does only good things use
08:47separate audio Heap I don't recommend
08:48that one aspect ratio I don't know
08:50exactly what that does it says to read
08:52whatever it is in the readme but of
08:54course there isn't one so now infinite
08:56Horse Stamina this is kind of cool so
08:57this is kind of a hacky type
09:00um patch but personally I did enable it
09:03because the Horse Stamina is really
09:04difficult to get used to after playing
09:05Reddit too so personally I enabled it
09:08you don't have to of course but I just
09:10did bottomless clip infinite gun
09:11magazine size I don't have this on
09:14shocker I recommend you keep it off
09:16infinite ammo I recommend you keep that
09:18off too of course but of course you want
09:20you can enable it and that's everything
09:22for the patch so what we're going to do
09:23is we're going to click control s or
09:25file and then save exit out that's going
09:28to save the patch we don't need to do
09:29anything and so now you want to double
09:31click as in your Canary and then we want
09:33to click display post processing
09:34settings and turn on the Nvidia fast
09:37approximate and anti-li analyst aliasing
09:40God I cannot say that normal quality
09:42just click the second one now people
09:44have turned this setting on and put it
09:46to 1 000 stops and you know all this
09:49stuff and apparently it gives you more
09:50FPS me personally it actually ruined my
09:52game more so I keep it on none
09:55um and uh yeah you can just click F6 to
09:58close it or just click this display post
10:00processing so when we click file we're
10:02gonna click open we're gonna double
10:03click Reddit Redemption ISO and as you
10:05can see it's going to load up just fine
10:09now as you can see there was no initial
10:11legal screen now you can full screen it
10:13by clicking display and full screen or
10:15just clicking f11 so I'm going to click
10:19now a save cannot be found of course so
10:21I'm going to create a new game save and
10:23you can download saves for this game now
10:25as you can see the loading bar in the
10:26top left is very very fast and the
10:28bottom left as you can see it is super
10:29super fast
10:31and that is because of the FPS being on
10:33capped now don't worry your game's fine
10:35it says the loading screens that are
10:39so as you see in my game the game is
10:41fairly good now there might be some
10:42stuttering my FPS might go from you know
10:45a solid 60 to like 40 but other than
10:48that it's pretty much really really good
10:50and you shouldn't have to worry about
10:51anything any problems
11:00so yeah that's how you install Red Dead
11:03Redemption for uh PC
11:06soon I'll be making more videos and uh
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to set up Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC using Xenia?

To set up Red Dead Redemption 1 on your PC using Xenia, you will need to download the emulator, configure settings, and run the game successfully with recommended patches. This tutorial will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth setup and gameplay experience.

2. What are the recommended patches for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia?

The recommended patches for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on Xenia ensure optimal performance and compatibility. This tutorial will cover the necessary patches and updates to enhance the gameplay experience and address any potential issues.

3. What are the essential settings for configuring Xenia to run Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC?

Configuring Xenia with the essential settings is crucial for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on your PC smoothly. This tutorial will walk you through the specific configurations required to optimize the emulator for the game, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

4. Where can I download the Xenia emulator to run Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC?

Finding a reliable source to download the Xenia emulator is essential for setting up Red Dead Redemption 1 on your PC. This tutorial will provide the necessary information and guide you to the official website or trusted sources for downloading the emulator safely.

5. What are the system requirements for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC using Xenia?

Understanding the system requirements for running Red Dead Redemption 1 on PC using Xenia is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. This tutorial will outline the recommended hardware specifications and any additional software dependencies to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

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