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The video discusses how to stack testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar for men, with recommended dosages and duration. It covers both short ester and long ester cycles, with the inclusion of ancillaries and post-cycle therapy.
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This section discusses the proper dosage and cycle of testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar for men.
Women should not use trenbolone and testosterone.
Proper dosage is based on getting the most out of the cycle with the least amount of side effects and the best longevity.
Short Esters should be used with test propionate, tren acetate, and anavar.
Anavar dosage should not exceed six.
The recommended cycle for stacking Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Anavar is 8 weeks of Test Propionate and Trenbolone, and 6 weeks of Anavar.
It is advised not to go over 8 weeks with Trenbolone on the shorter Ester.
The dosing recommendation is 100 milligrams every other day for Testosterone and Trenbolone.
The preference is to keep the doses equal, around 250 to 300 milligrams per week for each.
To minimize side effects, keep the dosing of Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Anavar equal or within 25mg, use a protectant on cycle, and have an aromatase inhibitor on hand.
Dosing should be equal or within 25mg of each other to provide the least amount of problems
Use a protectant on cycle for any toxic oral steroid
Need ancillaries on cycle such as an aromatase inhibitor for testosterone which converts to estrogen
Monitor blood work and adjust accordingly
00:27here today with a brand new video for
00:29you today we're going to talk about how
00:30to stack testosterone Trend alone and
00:33anavar but before we get into that just
00:35a big shout out and thank you to
00:36everybody out there supporting the
00:37channel I cannot thank you enough if you
00:39haven't yet please like share subscribe
00:41anything that you can do to interact
00:43with the channel it's going to help the
00:44channel to grow and it's going to allow
00:45me to produce more and more content for
00:47you each and every day alright so let's
00:50dive into this one now I'm going to
00:53long Esters and short Esters now women
00:57don't get upset with me but this cycle
00:59is not for you no woman should ever be
01:01using Trend and I don't see the reason
01:02for testosterone it's a different
01:04discussion for a different day so anavar
01:06would be the only thing on here for a
01:08woman that and I still don't really like
01:09women using any steroid but I have
01:11discussed women with anavar and so
01:13that's been covered but sorry
01:16um this is really just for for the men
01:19on this cycle and I want to talk to
01:22everybody about
01:25when I say the proper dosage okay I I
01:28sound like a know it all but this is
01:30what I feel is the proper dosage based
01:33upon me worrying about you getting the
01:36most out of the cycle with the least
01:37amount of side effects and the best
01:39longevity and the most capability of
01:41gains because I could throw out bigger
01:43dosing you could get a bigger hit on
01:46cycle in terms of gains keep a lot less
01:48deal with a lot more problems in your
01:50recovery and just have an overall
01:52terrible experience just for eight weeks
01:54of satisfaction when you're not thinking
01:56long term so
01:58um that's where I come at with my doses
02:00so let us talk about short Esters first
02:04so we would be going with test
02:07Trend acetate and then your anavar's
02:10your anavar we would not exceed six
02:13weeks with anavar no matter what Esther
02:16we're going with in terms of test and
02:18Trend so short Ester long Esther you're
02:20still only going to use anavar for six
02:22weeks period
02:24um so
02:25I would take your test propionate
02:27trembolone annotate eight weeks you
02:30don't really want to go over eight weeks
02:31with trend on the shorter Ester one you
02:33can I'm not saying you can't but look
02:36you're only going to create more and
02:37more problems for you the longer that
02:39you use it a lot of people will do this
02:42cycle and they'll go the test prop for
02:44eight weeks in the trend for only six
02:46and that I like that a lot I really do
02:49and um you know
02:52you could just kick kick them both at
02:55the start on week three because weeks
02:58one and two you would you would kind of
03:00wait to use the anavar so then you've
03:02got three four five six seven and eight
03:04which comes out to your six weeks on
03:06anavar and you know once you stop the
03:09trend you still got the anavar going for
03:11you so you've still got something else
03:12going with your test so it works out
03:14really nicely and I I really like that
03:16option regardless the dosing is not
03:18going to change
03:20um my recommendation would be a hundred
03:22milligrams every other day because
03:23you're injecting every other day with
03:25shorter Esters of test and Trend 100
03:27milligrams every other day that's going
03:29to come to a about 350 milligrams per
03:32week for each now
03:34I also and that's more for an
03:37experienced person writing a cycle my
03:39preference is to get that lower
03:41um I always like to be in the 250 to 300
03:46range with with test and Trend I have
03:48spoken about you know testosterone to
03:51Trenbolone and testosterone just to Deca
03:55um 190 hours
03:57and I am a
04:00proponent I guess of keeping the doses
04:03equal you're going to have some people
04:04that will always tell you to run tests
04:06way higher and some people that will
04:07always tell you to run Trend and deca
04:09either way higher or on their own I am
04:11not one of those
04:12um that is to hit and misfire what I
04:16mean by that is it works for some
04:18extremely well but it works for so many
04:20not well and to me the the most tried
04:24and true method
04:25to alleviate or mitigate a lot of the
04:28side effects that people run into is to
04:29keep the dosing equal or within 25
04:31milligrams of each other that's my
04:33method you should always do what you're
04:35comfortable with or what your body tells
04:38you because I am not a psychic and I am
04:40I I can't know what each and every
04:43person's body you know is
04:46going to take that kind of thing because
04:48it's such a wide variety of things that
04:52I see I just know that through so many
04:56years of study coaching Etc this is
04:58what's always worked out to to provide
05:01the least amount of problems so my
05:03would be anywhere from 75 milligrams to
05:06100 milligrams every other day depending
05:08on your experience and of our 40 to 50
05:11milligrams per day for the six weeks and
05:13then always with any toxic oral steroid
05:16you make sure that you've got some sort
05:18of protectant on cycle that's got not
05:20just for your liver because liver care
05:24does not care about your kidneys it
05:27doesn't care about your blood pressure
05:28it doesn't care about your cholesterol I
05:32mean all of these other areas that need
05:34a dress is not going to be taken care of
05:36by liver care so just keep that in mind
05:39also keep in mind that you're going to
05:41need some ancillaries on cycle so with
05:44testosterone it converts to estrogen so
05:46you're going to want an aromatase
05:47inhibitor on hand I don't know what
05:49you're going to technically need because
05:50everybody's different in terms of the
05:52dose but you're going to need to have
05:53one on hand you're going to need to
05:54monitor your blood work and I'm assuming
05:56by the time you're running a stack like
05:58this most of you are going to be well in
05:59tuned to the amount of testosterone and
06:02how much it converts to estrogen and I
06:04don't know the dose that you're going to
06:05use I don't know your personal
06:07backgrounds Etc just aromasant or
06:09Arimidex is what you're going to need
06:11for estrogen control now with Trend it
06:14can increase prolactin so your it also
06:18depends on your Trend dose now I always
06:20recommend having caber or promi at least
06:22on hand
06:24and that's going to be your harder core
06:27drugs to treat high prolactin which
06:30you're probably not going to get too
06:32much of with the lower dose of trend
06:34that I recommended running so for that
06:37vitamin B6 should be just fine to use if
06:41if you want to be extra careful
06:44and control any sort of jumps in
06:46prolactin so B6 vitamin B6 perfectly
06:49fine to use and to utilize uh but with
06:53the anavar 40 to 50 milligrams per day
06:55for those six weeks and your gold now
06:58with the longer Ester what my preference
07:01is testosterone cypionate and intake I'm
07:04just a cypionate trt person so I just
07:06always preferred it either way
07:10um you're and Sustanon is fine here I
07:13would say 300 milligrams to 350
07:15milligrams of test 12 weeks Trend and in
07:19date 10 weeks and once again 250 to 350
07:24milligrams per week depending upon your
07:27cycle experience but you really if
07:30you're using n and Theta it should be at
07:31least your second time using Trend
07:33because you should always use acetate
07:34your first time through and I've covered
07:36that several times and then your anavar
07:38your last six weeks
07:4050 40 50 milligrams per day that that is
07:44it now with with the end of our the last
07:46six weeks of this cycle here's how I do
07:48it your test is going to stop after 12
07:51weeks weeks 13 and 14 you have your
07:54Esters clearing before you start PCT in
07:56week 15 and you go 15 16 17 18. well
08:00with the anavar you're going to have
08:02that 13 and 14 weeks of clearance time
08:04you can run the anavarth through that
08:06time because it's in and out of your
08:08body so fast the reason that you've got
08:10to take the two weeks after using
08:12testosterone cypionate or anything no
08:14longer Ester is to allow it to get out
08:16of your body or start you know
08:19you have to let the Esters clear and if
08:23you don't do that there's no point in
08:24running your PCT yet because you're not
08:26ready for it so what you can do with the
08:29anavar is go weeks 9 10 11 12 13 14 and
08:34then your PCT starts 15 through 18. so
08:36that way you still got something going
08:37on while your Esters are clearing from
08:39your testosterone and your Trend dose
08:41then you're going to run your PCT and
08:44that is it so that's the stack
08:47um testosterone trembolone and Antivirus
08:48that's your short Ester stack that's
08:50your long Ester stack that being said
08:52stay tuned for plenty more to come Dylan
08:55Gemelli signing off
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the recommended dosages for stacking testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar for men?

The recommended dosages for stacking testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar for men vary depending on the individual's experience, goals, and tolerance. It is essential to start with lower dosages and gradually increase to assess the body's response and minimize side effects.

2. How long should the testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar stack cycle last?

The duration of the testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar stack cycle typically ranges from 8 to 12 weeks. However, it's crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a knowledgeable fitness advisor to determine the most suitable cycle length based on individual factors.

3. What are the differences between short ester and long ester cycles when stacking testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar?

Short ester cycles have a faster onset of action and shorter half-life compared to long ester cycles. This may impact the frequency of administration and overall treatment duration. Understanding the differences is important for optimizing the effectiveness and safety of the stack.

4. What ancillaries are recommended when stacking testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar?

When stacking testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar, the use of ancillaries such as aromatase inhibitors, anti-estrogens, and liver support supplements may be recommended to manage potential side effects and promote overall health. Proper ancillary support is crucial for a well-rounded stack cycle.

5. What is the importance of post-cycle therapy after the testosterone, trenbolone, and anavar stack cycle?

Post-cycle therapy (PCT) plays a vital role in restoring the body's natural hormone production and minimizing the potential negative effects of the stack cycle. Implementing a well-structured PCT regimen is essential for a successful recovery and maintaining the gains achieved during the stack cycle.

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