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This video provides a guide on how to obtain different badges on Discord, including Hype Squad, Nitro, Boost, and Partnership badges. The process for each badge is explained in detail, with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain them. The video also mentions the Moderator Program Alumni and Discord Staff badges, which are no longer obtainable.
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This section explains how to earn the Hype Squad badges and the Discord Nitro and Boost badges.
Hype Squad badges can only be earned on the desktop version of Discord.
To earn Hype Squad badges, go to account settings, scroll down to Hype Squad, and take a five-question quiz.
The three Hype Squad houses are Balance, Bravery, and Brilliance.
To obtain the Discord Nitro badge, go to user settings, then Nitro.
To obtain the Discord Boost badge, click on "Server Boost" and select the number of boosts.
The video explains how to get the Boost badge and the Partnered Server Owner badge on Discord.
The Boost badge evolves as you boost the same server for a long period of time.
To get the Boost badge, you need to be the owner of at least one active bot with a recent slash command used within the past 30 days.
The Partnered Server Owner badge is given to owners of partner Discord servers.
To apply for the Partnered Server Owner badge, go to your server settings and scroll down until you see the partner program.
This section discusses the Discord staff badge, applying for partnership, the moderator program alumni badge, and the requirements to obtain it.
Applying for partnership with Discord has been unsuccessful for the speaker.
The Discord staff badge is only given to Discord employees.
The moderator program alumni badge is no longer obtainable.
To obtain the moderator program alumni badge, one must study at the moderator Academy, pass an exam, and be active in a moderator server.
00:00I'm aware I'm very late to this but all
00:02right I might as well do this badge
00:04thing let's start off with the hype
00:06Squad badges so this only works on the
00:09desktop version of Discord I've noticed
00:11a ton of people have asked if it's
00:13possible to earn them on mobile sadly
00:16not you have to be on the desktop
00:18version to find these so go to your
00:20account settings and scroll all the way
00:22and down until you see hype Squad
00:25oh let me quickly get out of here
00:28if you have not taken the quiz already
00:30click on join hype Squad Discord will
00:33give you a five question quiz just
00:35answer them you're on your way
00:42depending on how you answer Discord will
00:44assign you to one of the three following
00:46hype Squad houses in order from most
00:49common to rarest the three hype Squad
00:51houses are balance bravery and
00:56the way of achieving the Discord Nitro
00:58badge is very self-explanatory but if
01:02you don't know I'll show you right now
01:05user settings
01:09oh there's the answer the way of
01:12obtaining the Discord boost badge is
01:15also very self-explanatory but I will
01:17still show you how to do it
01:20right here server boost boost This
01:2535 for a single boost
01:30are you out of your if you proceed to
01:33boost the exact same server for a long
01:35period of time the Boost badge will also
01:37evolve with it
01:39here are the current variations of the
01:42Boost badge I currently have the oh boy
01:45which one is the square I gotta look at
01:48this thing again
01:51ah three quarters of a year so nine
01:53months is what I have
01:55despite the fact the active developer
01:57badges listed on discord's blog about
01:59the badges that it is a rare badge
02:01that's further than the truth it's in
02:04fact stupidly easy to get this badge
02:06well I'll let my older self explain it
02:09with this badge one simply needs to be
02:11the owner of at least one active bot and
02:13by active it needs to have a recent
02:14slash command used within the past 30
02:16days if you meet the following criteria
02:18head on over to developers
02:21and there should be a box at the bottom
02:22left corner telling you that you can
02:23claim a badge if it's not there follow
02:26the link you see on the screen then
02:27simply fill out the application
02:29following this I can't show any of this
02:30as I'm not actually eligible for the
02:32badge submit it reload your client with
02:34control r or command R depending on what
02:36operating system you used and there you
02:38go the partnered server owner badge is
02:40also very self-explanatory but it is
02:42given to owners of partner Discord
02:44servers you might be wondering how the
02:46hell can I get my Discord server
02:48partnered well go to your server
02:51settings and scroll down until you see
02:53partner program if you meet the fall
02:55following criteria you can apply for
02:57partners oh boy
02:59two thousand members and it's not active
03:02huh fun fact I've actually tried
03:05applying for partnership four times
03:08yeah I bet you can guess how that has
03:11worked out with me spoiler alert I have
03:13been denied every single time the
03:16Discord staff badge is also very very
03:19self-explanatory people who work at
03:21Discord have this badge no one else to
03:24apply for a job at Discord even though I
03:26highly doubt they will accept you go to jobs to apply
03:31the moderator program alumni badge is
03:34literally the exact same thing as the
03:36certified moderator badge it is no
03:38longer obtainable but since I am lazy I
03:41am not going to tell you how it used to
03:43be obtainable well I am but I'm just
03:45going to use old footage because I am
03:47first you'll have to study over the
03:49moderator Academy and then take an exam
03:51if you are accepted you will have to be
03:53active in a moderator server you are
03:55invited to if you pass the exam just
03:58because you are active in the server
03:59doesn't guarantee you will get the badge
04:01that is the end of this probably short
04:04video If you enjoyed it and or found it
04:06helpful be sure to hit the Thumbs Up And
04:08subscribe to the channel and turn on
04:10post notifications as well as join my
04:12well pretty much dead Discord server
04:15this is Stacks out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I obtain the Hype Squad badge on Discord?

To obtain the Hype Squad badge on Discord, you can join the HypeSquad program by going to the Discord website and completing the application form. Once accepted, you will receive the Hype Squad badge in your Discord profile.

2. What are the steps to obtain the Nitro badge on Discord?

To obtain the Nitro badge on Discord, you need to subscribe to Discord Nitro, which is a premium subscription service. Once you have subscribed, the Nitro badge will automatically appear on your profile.

3. How do I get the Boost badge on Discord?

To get the Boost badge on Discord, you can support a server by purchasing a server boost. Once you have boosted a server, the Boost badge will be displayed on your profile.

4. What is the process for obtaining the Partnership badge on Discord?

To obtain the Partnership badge on Discord, you need to be a partner of Discord, which involves meeting certain criteria set by Discord. Once you become a partner, the Partnership badge will be added to your profile.

5. Are the Moderator Program Alumni and Discord Staff badges still obtainable?

No, the Moderator Program Alumni and Discord Staff badges are no longer obtainable. These badges were available in the past, but they are no longer accessible for new users.

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