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This video explains how to set up a free trial account on FTMO, including filling in personal details, setting a password, and configuring account settings. It also shows how to access the trading platform, monitor trading progress, and view account analysis after the trial expires.
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To start your free trial account on FTMO, sign up on their homepage, provide personal details, agree to privacy policy terms, and verify that you are not a robot.
Click on the blue box on the FTMO homepage to create a registration.
Fill in personal details like name, email, phone number, and country of residence.
Agree to the privacy policy terms and confirm the use of a real name.
Receive a welcome email from FTMO for access to the client area.
Set a password and use it to log into the client area.
In the free trial, the trading objectives are reduced by 50%, including the required trading days and profit target.
The duration of the free trial is 14 days.
The trading journal records all trades for photo analysis.
After the free trial, a shortened version of the account analysis will be provided.
00:00hello traders today we will look at how
00:02you can start your free trial account
00:04which you can use to master your trading
00:13here we are on our ftmo homepage first
00:16you have to sign up and create a
00:18registration by clicking on the blue box
00:20to access the client area
00:22now fill in all the necessary personal
00:24details to create the account
00:26we will need your name
00:32phone number
00:34and your country of residence
00:36finally you will be asked to agree with
00:38the privacy policy terms as well as
00:40confirming that the name used is real
00:42and correct receiving the newsletter is
00:44optional but highly recommended
00:47don't worry we will not spam you with
00:49annoying ads we use the newsletter
00:51simply to keep our traders updated
00:53and finally please verify that you are
00:55not a robot
00:57now you will receive a welcome email
00:59from ftmo which grants you access to the
01:02client area where you can later set up
01:04your first free trial this is where you
01:05can set your password so let's click on
01:08that once the password is set you will
01:10be moved to the login page which you
01:12will be using to access your client area
01:14by entering your email address and your
01:16recently created password
01:19once you log into your client area there
01:21are among others two base options you
01:24can either start a ftmo challenge right
01:26away or you can go for a free trial
01:29which is what we are going to do and
01:31which we also recommend to all traders
01:33that are new to ftmo
01:35now configure all the aspects of your
01:37free trial account the choice is
01:39completely up to you so choose your
01:41income currency
01:43risk type account balance account type
01:47and the trading platform as well once
01:49again please don't forget to agree on
01:51processing the personal data according
01:53to the privacy policy and now the
01:55account has been created the login
01:57credentials are generated and are
02:00available in the client area
02:02you can also download the trading
02:03platform using the provided link in this
02:06case we went for metatrader4
02:09once the platform is installed the
02:11terminal will finally show up
02:13down here is where you can find the
02:15connection icon so just click on that
02:17and press login
02:19this is where you are supposed to enter
02:21your login credentials from the client
02:22area so you can just copy paste them
02:26make sure to select the demo server
02:28and there you go you're now successfully
02:30logged in and you can start trading
02:33to follow your progress go back to the
02:36client area and press the account matrix
02:38icon on your selected account
02:40the account matrix is where you'll be
02:42spending quite a lot of time while
02:44trading with ftmo as it allows you to
02:46follow your current results using
02:48various indicators such as your balance
02:50screen for example as you can see i have
02:53already placed a few trades and i can
02:54monitor my trading objectives of minimum
02:575 trading days
02:59max daily loss
03:00max loss and profit target as you may
03:03have also noticed there is a slight
03:06change in the trading objectives
03:07compared to the ftmo challenge
03:09as the duration of the free trial is
03:11only 14 days the minimum of required
03:14trading days and the profit target are
03:16reduced by 50 as well below the trading
03:19objectives section you can see the
03:21overall statistics of your trading as
03:23well as your trading journal which
03:25records all of your trades for photo
03:29once the free trial expires you will
03:31receive a shortened version of the
03:33account analysis in which we will
03:35summarize the basic data of your past
03:38during the evaluation process and on the
03:40ftml account you will be provided with a
03:43full expanded analysis
03:45alright traders that's all for today's
03:47video and i hope you have enjoyed the
03:49video and i wish you all the best and
03:51trade safe
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What does the video explain about setting up a free trial account on FTMO?

The video explains how to set up a free trial account on FTMO, including filling in personal details, setting a password, and configuring account settings. It also shows how to access the trading platform, monitor trading progress, and view account analysis after the trial expires.

2. Why is setting up a free trial account on FTMO beneficial?

Setting up a free trial account on FTMO is beneficial as it allows users to explore the platform and its features without making a financial commitment. It provides an opportunity to experience live trading and assess the account analysis before deciding to open a funded account.

3. What are the key steps for accessing the trading platform in the video?

The video demonstrates the key steps for accessing the trading platform, which include logging in with the created credentials, navigating the platform interface, and accessing the trading tools and resources available for analysis and execution.

4. How can the trading progress be monitored during the free trial period?

During the free trial period, users can monitor their trading progress by accessing the live trading platform, reviewing trade history, analyzing account performance, and utilizing the provided tools for risk management and trade optimization.

5. What insights can users gain by viewing the account analysis after the trial expires?

After the trial period, users can gain valuable insights by viewing the account analysis, which includes performance metrics, trading patterns, and risk assessment. This data can aid in decision-making for future trading activities and account management.

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