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The video provides information about Golden Teacher mushrooms, including their popularity, ease of cultivation, and gentle psychedelic effects, making them a popular choice for beginners and microdosing.
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Golden Teachers are a popular strain of psychedelic mushrooms, known for their golden caps and ease of growth.
They are often considered a gateway mushroom for those new to working with psilocybin mushrooms.
The journey with Golden Teachers is known to be gentle and lasts 3 to 5 hours.
The potency of Golden Teachers is comparable to other strains of Psilocybe Cubensis.
Golden Teachers are medium strength mushrooms with 0.63% Psilocybin and 0.60% Psilocin, making them less intense and suitable for beginners.
Users often report a euphoric and relaxing experience.
Golden Teachers are introspective and can lead to mental clarity.
There is a beautiful afterglow of peace and contentment that lasts for hours after the experience.
Mushroom chocolate with Golden Teachers offers a smoother and more embodied experience compared to higher doses or different strains.
Golden Teachers, a type of psychedelic mushroom, were used in a ceremony in New York City with a facilitator who provided ground-up Golden Teachers in a little bag.
Participants took 1.7 grams of Golden Teachers combined with MDMA for a heart-opening experience.
The use of Golden Teachers, along with sound and music, created a meaningful and cherished experience.
Golden Teachers are known for providing a smoother and less overwhelming psychedelic experience, making them suitable for beginners and microdosing.
Golden Teacher mushrooms are a popular choice for microdosing due to their softness, less nausea, and heart-opening warmth.
Golden Teacher mushrooms are commonly used in microdoses.
They can be combined with other substances like lion's mane, cordyceps, reishi, ashwagandha, and rhodiola.
Microdosing with Golden Teacher mushrooms provides a softness, less nausea, and a heart-opening warmth.
They are a great choice for beginners and for those looking to grow their own mushrooms.
00:00Golden teachers are one of the most
00:02popular strains of psychedelic mushrooms.
00:04And in this video,
00:05we'll take a look at why
00:06and what you can expect on a journey
00:09with this magical type of mushroom.
00:11But before we get into that,
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00:18Golden teachers are a strain
00:21of Psilocybe Cubensis.
00:23And there are dozens and dozens of strains
00:26of Psilocybe Cubensis.
00:27So let's just start with the basics
00:28around Golden Teachers so
00:30you have a sense for them.
00:32First and foremost, Golden Teachers have
00:34golden caps, which is part
00:36of where they get their name.
00:38They are relatively easy to grow,
00:40so they don't get that much mold,
00:42and they stay pretty hardy, which is
00:44a huge reason for their popularity.
00:46In fact, Golden Teachers are often
00:48known as the gateway mushroom.
00:49It's how a lot of people get into
00:52working with psilocybin mushrooms.
00:54Experienced psychonauts say things like,
00:57"you can't go wrong with golden teachers."
00:59Of course, this ignores set and setting
01:01and dozens of other variables,
01:02but it does point to a certain direction,
01:05which is that these are a great starting
01:08medicine for people who are looking
01:10to work with psilocybin mushrooms.
01:12Now let's look at the experience
01:13itself with Golden Teachers.
01:16Golden Teachers are known
01:17for being a little more gentle.
01:19The journey lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 hours,
01:22which is shorter than other strains.
01:24The potency is comparable
01:26to other Psilocybe Cubensis.
01:28It's about medium strength,
01:300.63 % Psilocybin and 0.60 % Psilocin,
01:33which means they are less intense
01:36and it's a great thing for beginners
01:39who are new to mushrooms.
01:40Many people report a euphoric
01:43and relaxing experience.
01:44There's often a familiar and deep sense
01:47of warmth and heart-centered love.
01:49And Golden Teachers tend to be more
01:53leading to a sense of mental clarity,
01:54especially towards the end
01:57of the experience.
01:58There's a beautiful
02:00afterglow, a sense of peace
02:02and contentment that often lasts
02:03for many hours after the experience.
02:05And this has been my experience
02:08with Golden Teachers.
02:09I'm going to tell you a couple of ways
02:11that I've worked with Golden Teachers myself.
02:14The first way is through
02:16mushroom chocolate.
02:17There's a lot of mushroom chocolate
02:19that are now coming on the market.
02:20They're sold in places like Venice
02:23and Vancouver and even in New York City.
02:26Oftentimes, the main strain
02:29that's in those mushroom chocolates
02:31are Golden Teachers.
02:32And that's because
02:33utilizing Golden Teachers allows
02:35for a much more embodied,
02:38warm, glowing experience.
02:41Higher doses of mushrooms or even
02:43different types of strains can
02:45be overwhelming, can be intense.
02:46And with Golden Teachers
02:48being in those chocolate,
02:49it often allows for a much smoother experience.
02:52And this is my experience.
02:53When I worked with Golden Teachers a few
02:54months ago, it was at a
02:56ceremony in New York City.
02:58We were in an apartment in Manhattan.
03:01There were about 35
03:02of us with a phenomenal facilitator
03:04who uses sound and music and then utilizes
03:07Golden Teachers that are ground up.
03:09So he provided those Golden Teachers
03:11in a little bag
03:12and it was three and a half grams
03:14of Golden Teachers that we
03:16had the opportunity to take.
03:18And so we started the experience by taking
03:211.7 grams, about half of those
03:23Golden Teachers, and we combined it with MDMA,
03:26which is often called "hippie flipping."
03:28And so that combination
03:30of the Golden Teachers with the MDMA
03:32allowed for a more effusive,
03:35heart-opening experience.
03:37And when combined with the sound,
03:39the gong, other types of instruments,
03:42a certain type of playlist,
03:43it really was a very meaningful
03:46and cherished experience.
03:48And I really attribute
03:49a lot of the softness of that experience
03:52to the fact that we were using
03:55Golden Teachers
03:56because oftentimes if you have a more
03:58intense psychedelic strain with mushrooms,
04:01it can get very overwhelming quickly.
04:03And again, working with Golden Teachers
04:06allows for a smooth experience
04:09more times than not.
04:11So those are a few ways that I've
04:12worked with Golden Teachers.
04:13Those are a few ways
04:15that they have shown up.
04:16They're soft, they're great for beginners.
04:18The final point to talk
04:19about is with microdosing.
04:21So oftentimes with microdosing supplements,
04:24we're combining Golden Teachers.
04:25They're one of the most common
04:27strains in microdoses as well.
04:28And we're combining them with things like
04:30lion's main and cordyceps and reishi
04:33and ashwagandha and rhodiola.
04:35And again, working with that Golden Teacher
04:38allows for a softness.
04:39There's less nausea.
04:40There's a heart-opening warmth that comes
04:44with microdosing
04:45with Golden Teacher mushrooms.
04:47So next time you're looking for microdosers,
04:50or you're looking to start a microdosing routine,
04:53again, if you're a beginner in this,
04:55looking at how you might work
04:56with Golden Teachers as part of that protocol
04:59could be super helpful, informative,
05:01and easy-going for your
05:03microdosing protocol.
05:05All of this combined make Golden Teachers
05:07a great choice, especially for beginners
05:09and especially if you're looking to grow
05:12your own mushrooms because they're
05:14the easiest strain to grow.
05:15So if you're looking at
05:16growing mushrooms at home,
05:17the Third Wave Mushroom Grow Kit
05:18is the best and most user-friendly
05:20option on the market.
05:21And you can check out our mushroom grow kit
05:24by clicking the link below in the description.
05:26So thank you so much for watching this.
05:28Thank you so much for joining us
05:30to learn all about Golden Teachers.
05:33These are a phenomenal strain, especially if you're new to psychedelic mushrooms.
05:38Thank you so much for watching.
05:39If you want to stay up to date
05:41on the Third Wave of psychedelics,
05:42subscribe to this channel
05:44and visit
05:47where you'll find plenty of free resources
05:50on the intentional and responsible use
05:52of psychedelic medicine.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the effects of Golden Teachers psychedelic mushrooms?

Golden Teachers are known for their gentle effects, making them a great choice for beginners. They are often used in mushroom chocolates for a smoother experience and are also common in microdosing routines due to their softness and heart-opening warmth.

2. Why are Golden Teachers mushrooms recommended for beginners?

Golden Teachers are recommended for beginners due to their gentle effects and softness. They provide a smoother experience and are often used in mushroom chocolates, making them an ideal choice for those new to psychedelic mushrooms.

3. What makes Golden Teachers popular in microdosing routines?

Golden Teachers are popular in microdosing routines due to their softness and heart-opening warmth. Their gentle effects make them suitable for microdosing, offering a milder psychedelic experience for those interested in this practice.

4. How are Golden Teachers mushrooms commonly consumed?

Golden Teachers are often used in mushroom chocolates for a smoother experience. They can also be consumed in their natural form or added to various recipes and beverages for a personalized consumption.

5. Why are Golden Teachers mushrooms a great option for growing at home?

Golden Teachers are a great option for growing at home, especially for beginners interested in cultivating their own mushrooms. They are known for their golden caps and gentle effects, making them an accessible and rewarding choice for DIY mushroom cultivation.

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