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This video is a tutorial on how to install games on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch, including how to dump a game from a cartridge to an XCI file and how to install NSP file games. The tutorial also covers how to install game updates and provides tips for finding the correct update files.
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This section explains how to install games on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch for backup purposes.
The video does not endorse or encourage piracy.
Two formats of games are discussed: NSP and XCI.
The process of dumping a game from a game cartridge to an XCI file is explained.
This section explains how to use the GC dump tool to dump game cartridges on the Nintendo Switch.
Go to the Tools section and select the GC dump tool.
Choose the type of dump you want to do, such as a full xci dump.
Enable the "split output dump fat32 support" option if your SD card is formatted in fat32 format.
You can check the file system of your SD card by plugging it into your computer and checking the properties.
To install game backups on the Switch, you can use the homebrew application Tinfoil or GoldLeaf, but Tinfoil is recommended for ease of use.
The game dump file should be transferred to the SD card and placed in a folder called "games".
Tinfoil can be downloaded from the Tinfoil website and installed by copying the Tinfoil folder from the zip file into the "switch" folder on the SD card.
Once installed, Tinfoil will appear in the homebrew menu on the Switch.
The video explains how to install game backups on the Nintendo Switch using .XCI or .NSP files.
The video shows that the game card for Crash Bandicoot is not working, so it needs to be deleted.
Tinfoil is used to launch the homebrew menu and install the dumped version of the game.
The video demonstrates how to select the game file, choose installation options, and install the game to either the SD card or the internal memory.
To run a game without the game card, install the update as an NSP file using Tinfoil to avoid getting banned.
Running a game without the game card inserted works fine.
Running Shovel Knight without software updates is not possible due to the 90 DNS blocking connections to Nintendo servers.
Flashing the backed up NAND and removing 90 DNS to do the update is not recommended.
Clearing error logs from Atmosphere and removing 90 DNS to do the update is also risky in terms of getting banned.
The safest way to update is to get the update as an NSP file and install it with Tinfoil.
The video explains how to find the title ID and update files for game backups on the Nintendo Switch.
The title ID for a game can be found in the Tinfoil app.
The update file for a game has the same title ID, but the third digit from the right is changed to an 8.
To find the update file, search for the title ID of the game on Google and change the third digit from the right to an 8.
The video also covers installing games on the Nintendo Switch, dumping game cards to the SD card, and installing NSP and XCI files.
00:00what is going on guys it's modern
00:01warfare here welcome to episode 2 of
00:03Nintendo switch jailbreak tutorials this
00:06is the full series on how to get the
00:08most out of your jailbroken Nintendo
00:10switch in the first episode we looked at
00:13how to actually jailbreak the switch
00:14fully using free custom firmware in this
00:17episode we're going to be looking at how
00:18to install games now as a disclaimer I
00:22am not endorsing or encouraging piracy
00:24in this video this is intended for
00:26backup purposes only so please bear that
00:28in mind so make sure you follow the
00:31episode 1 if you haven't already the
00:33playlist link will be in the description
00:35and they'll also be a link at the end of
00:38the video to the playlist as well so
00:40make sure you've watched episode 1 and
00:42you have everything set up to that point
00:43before heading on to this video
00:45installing games on free custom firmware
00:47has always been more complicated than on
00:50paid custom firmware but it is doable
00:52and it's a lot easier than it used to be
00:54we can install xci file games which I'm
00:56going to show you also NSP file games
00:59which are the two formats that the
01:01intent will switch games come in there
01:03either NSP which are like a shop style
01:06games that's like that kind of format
01:08and then there's the xci file games
01:10which are like a full game dump and then
01:13we're also going to look at how to take
01:15a game that you have on game cartridge
01:17and dump that to the SD card so you can
01:19run it on the SD card without the game
01:22cartridge being inserted it's very
01:24useful if you're somebody who travels
01:26and you don't like having to take all
01:28your games with you because these little
01:30cartridges are easy to lose so having
01:32them all on your SD card which is inside
01:34your switch it's just a much safer way
01:36to have all your games when you're
01:38traveling ok so what we're gonna do
01:40first of all is I'm gonna show you how
01:42to dump a game on Gabe cartridge to an
01:45ex CI file so we're gonna do that first
01:47so the xci file that i'm going to
01:49install is going to be one that i dumped
01:52from my game cartridge so the first
01:54thing i'm gonna do is i'm going to
01:55insert my game cartridge i don't worry i
01:58will show you how to install just an NS
02:00an XE i file on an NS p file on their
02:02own so i'm gonna plug in my game
02:05cartridge there's crash bandicoot and
02:07sane trilogy so just to show we'll run
02:10it and show that it works here so
02:13there we go game is running from my game
02:16cartridge so that's loading up and I'll
02:19just close the software and if I take
02:23the game cartridge out and then try and
02:25run it you'll see it says insert game
02:27card so I cannot run it without the game
02:29cartridge being inserted so I'll insert
02:31the game card again and now we're going
02:33to dump this to an ex CI file which is
02:35just a game dump of the entire game into
02:38one file essentially so what we're gonna
02:40do is we're gonna go into album on our
02:43homebrew our free custom firmware we're
02:45going to run the homebrew app store
02:46because there's a certain application we
02:48need to download that will allow us to
02:50dump our game cartridge so I'm going to
02:52go down to tools and then scroll down
02:55until I find the application that I'm
02:58there you go GC dump tool Nintendo
03:00switch game card dump tool so we're
03:02gonna select this and we're gonna
03:03download it to our SD card basically
03:06does everything for you so it's really
03:07really useful so we're gonna go back to
03:09the home screen then we're gonna go back
03:11to album again and now we have GGC dump
03:14tool available so we're gonna select
03:16this and then it says Nintendo switch
03:19game card dump tool and then it's gonna
03:22ask what kind of dump we want to do so
03:24we're gonna do a full xci dump okay so
03:26there's a few additional options in here
03:28you need to check so split output dump
03:31fat32 support you only want to enable
03:34this if your SD card is formatted in
03:37fat32 format now mine's exFAT format so
03:41I don't have to worry about that but
03:43basically fat32 formatted devices can't
03:47have any files on them that are larger
03:49than 4 gigabytes so this will split the
03:52game up into multiple parts that are
03:54less than 4 gigabytes that way it will
03:57fit on your SD card now mine's exFAT
04:00format so I can have files larger than 4
04:03gigabytes so I don't have to enable this
04:05but if you do have fat32 formatted SD
04:09card then you're going to want to change
04:10that to yes using the d-pad on the Left
04:13jaikon so yeah that's basically it now
04:17if you don't know if your SD card is in
04:19fat32 format or X flat format just plug
04:22it into your computer right click on the
04:24SD card in
04:27the Windows File Explorer and go to
04:29properties and then it'll say file
04:32system and it will tell you there if
04:34it's in fat32 or exFAT format so for me
04:38I'm on exFAT so I don't have to enable
04:41that but if you're on fat32 you want to
04:43enable that so then there's this option
04:45down here called trim output dump so I
04:47recommend turning this on this basically
04:49just removes some extra data in the
04:52dumped file that's not really required
04:53so it saves a bit more space on your SD
04:56card so we'll do that and then we will
04:59start the
04:59xci dump process and there you go it
05:03starts dumping the entire game to your
05:05SD card now of course depending on the
05:07size of the game this could take a very
05:09long time or if it's a small game it may
05:12only take you know a minute or so so
05:14just wait for this progress bar to hit a
05:15hundred percent and then we can move on
05:18with the rest of the tutorial ok so here
05:20you go as you can see it says the
05:21process successfully completed press any
05:24button to continue that'll take us out
05:26and then I guess I just keep pressing B
05:28until on A+ to exit okay press the plus
05:31button and then we exit okay so there we
05:34go so now we need to actually install it
05:37so that we can run it because all we've
05:38done is we've taken a dump of the game
05:41and that is now a file a dump file of
05:44the game is now on our SD card but we
05:46need to install it so we need a certain
05:48piece of homebrew for that tinfoil you
05:51can also use golden gold leaf as well
05:53but I've had numerous problems trying to
05:55get that to work many times with various
05:59different things so tin foil seems to be
06:01the easier way to get things working ok
06:04so now what we're gonna do is we're
06:05gonna switch off the switch take the SD
06:07card out and hook it up to our computer
06:09ok so going over to the computer here
06:11I've got my sd card connected and as you
06:13can see we have our game dump right here
06:15the crash bandicoot insane trilogy xci
06:18file so that is the dumped game so what
06:21we're gonna do is I'm going to make a
06:23new folder just called games and I'm
06:26gonna put it in there so I'm gonna cut
06:27and paste it into my games folder you
06:30can just put it in any folder you want
06:32it doesn't really matter but the program
06:34we're gonna use to install it is called
06:36tin foil and you can go ahead and
06:38download this from tin foil I
06:40link will be in the description just
06:41download the latest version there's also
06:43lithium which you can use as well which
06:45is like a simplified version but tin
06:48foil is easy enough to use so we don't
06:50really need lithium so download tin foil
06:52as you can see I've got the latest
06:54version right here so I'm going to open
06:56up the zip file and we install it quite
06:59simply by putting it in the switch
07:01folder so if we go into the switch
07:03folder on the zip file we go into the
07:05switch folder on the sdcard and copy the
07:08tinfoil folder into the switch folder on
07:10the sdcard and then refresh and that's
07:12it installed it will show up in your
07:14home brew menu when you next go on the
07:16switch so the game is an x CI file as
07:18I've already mentioned but there are
07:20also games that come in NSP files so
07:23I've got shovelknight here which is an N
07:25espy file and an update for shovel
07:28shovel knight' as well which is also an
07:30NS P file so just to show you how to
07:32install those I'm gonna copy them on to
07:35the games folder on the SD card and if
07:38you have any other NSP files on your
07:39computer or any xci files then you can
07:42just copy them to your SD card and we
07:44can install them with tinfoil so now
07:47that we have tinfoil installed and we've
07:48got our games on there we can go ahead
07:50and unplug our SD card to plug it back
07:52into the switch so also remember that
07:55you need to have the cig patches
07:56installed in the atmosphere folder so
07:58you need these e.x EFS patches folder
08:00and in the kit patches you need the FS
08:03patches folder you also need to be
08:05injecting the fuse primary payload to
08:07boot into atmosphere not tech etta
08:09if you use the haircutter payload to
08:11boot into atmosphere or you don't have
08:13the cig patches installed then you are
08:15gonna run into issues where you try and
08:17install a game in tin foil and it will
08:19give you an error message or it will
08:21install successfully but when you try
08:22and run the game you'll get an error
08:24message saying that the game is
08:26corrupted so you need to have those cig
08:28patches installed and you need to be
08:29booting atmosphere using the fuse
08:31primary payload that's all covered in
08:34episode 1 again the playlist link is in
08:36the description so re-watch episode one
08:39if you need to ok so back onto the
08:42switch now as you can see I've still got
08:43crash bandicoot on here but it will not
08:45launch because it tells me to insert the
08:47game card I notice I kept calling it
08:49cartridge before for whatever reason I
08:52guess force of habit but
08:53game card is what I meant so we can
08:57delete this now because we're going to
08:58install the dumped version so we no
09:00longer need this one on here so we'll
09:02get rid of that then we'll go into the
09:04album launching our homebrew menu and
09:06will now have tinfoil available to
09:09launch okay the goal we'll get this
09:11error just click OK not sure why that
09:14happened that error appears but it
09:15doesn't seem to affect anything that
09:18I've really noticed so things should
09:20still work so we go into the file
09:22browser then we go down to SD MC which
09:25is our SD card and then look for your ex
09:28CI or n SP files so minor in my games
09:31folder and then we can install it so I'm
09:34gonna select crash bandicoot and same
09:36trilogy RX VI file now you have a few
09:38options in here install all DLC and
09:41install latest update that doesn't
09:43actually download from the internet that
09:44would be that would be great of a bid
09:46but that's actually only if you have
09:48other NSP files like separate game
09:51updates as seperate NSB files then it
09:53will install those automatically for you
09:55and if you have any on your SD card if
09:58not then just say no and the location is
10:02where it's going to install to so you
10:03can either install the games to your SD
10:05card or you can install them to the nand
10:07which is the internal flash memory of
10:09the device so i'm going to install it to
10:12the SD card and then select a for
10:14install and it starts installing the
10:16game so now you just have to wait for
10:18this bar to get to the end and your game
10:20will be installed now you can also
10:22install games using a program called
10:23gold leaf which actually comes with
10:25cosmos but it doesn't allow you to
10:28install xci files at least not directly
10:30from the SD cards you have to kind of
10:32inject it over the USB cable from your
10:34computer and you have to install python
10:37and install a bunch of other programs to
10:40get it up and running so I just found
10:42that this is you know the easier method
10:44really I mean if you can get everything
10:46set up correctly to use gold leaf then
10:48it might be quicker to install in the
10:50long run but in terms of ease of use for
10:52beginners tin foil definitely takes the
10:54cake so the window will close when it's
10:56complete and that's it installed now NSP
10:59files install in the exact same way so I
11:01can install shovelknight just by
11:02selecting a on it again selecting a
11:05location and selecting install
11:07and it will install the game of course
11:09this is a very very small game so it
11:11only takes a few seconds and there we go
11:14so to exit you just keep pressing B
11:16until you get this message and then
11:18click OK and then we can go to the whole
11:21menu and there we go our games now show
11:23up and you notice the crash bandicoot no
11:25longer has a little game card symbol
11:27because you don't need the game card
11:29inserted to run it so if we try and run
11:30it you'll see that it works no problem
11:34the game runs just as it did when I had
11:37the game card inserted but I do not have
11:39the game card inserted anymore and the
11:42game is running absolutely fine no
11:44issues there so ok so let's just close
11:46out of this and try and run shovel
11:48knight and oh here we go now we're
11:52running into an issue so it won't let me
11:54run the game without software updates
11:57and that becomes a bit of a problem
11:59because we can't really do a software
12:03update because even if I try and do one
12:04it's not gonna work because we installed
12:08the 90 DNS which blocks all the
12:11connections to Nintendo servers so we
12:12can't download updates from Nintendo
12:14servers so this is where this becomes a
12:17bit of a problem so now what you can do
12:19of course is you can you know reflash
12:21your backed up NAND back onto the system
12:23boot back into original firmware remove
12:2690 DNS and then do the update for the
12:28game although that's still not really
12:30recommended or you could not do that and
12:33you could just clear your error logs
12:35from atmosphere and then hop on original
12:38firmware and then remove 90 dns do the
12:41update at the dns server back in as soon
12:43as you've done the update again these
12:45are run risks of you getting banned so
12:47if you definitely don't want to get
12:48banned then the best thing to do is to
12:51get the update as an NSP file and
12:53install it with tinfoil which i as you
12:56probably noticed before i had to shovel
12:58knight' files that I copied over to my
13:00SD card one of them was the actual game
13:02the other one was an update for the game
13:04so if I go down to SD MC I go down to
13:07games I've got the shovel knight update
13:10NSP file that I can install and if I do
13:14that you'll see that if I go back now
13:17after installing it when I try and run
13:19the game
13:23there you go it runs without any issue
13:25so yeah that's the safest way to update
13:27your games as an NS P files you install
13:30the game as an NS P file and then you
13:33also get an NS P file for the update and
13:35install that and then you'll be able to
13:38run your NS p file games so it's not I'm
13:42not gonna lie it's a bit difficult
13:43sometimes to find the update n SP files
13:47online and I can't tell you where to go
13:49to find them because Nintendo will
13:51probably clean the video or take it down
13:53via DMCA takedown because they're you
13:56know they're hypersensitive to anything
13:58so I can't really tell you where to go
14:02you know what specific website to go to
14:04to download the game updates but I can
14:06give you hopefully something that will
14:08help in your search to find the updates
14:11so if we head back on to tin foil and we
14:17go down to tickets and then we look at
14:21our game right here so as you can see it
14:24gives me the name of the game and the
14:26title ID so you can see for shovel
14:28knight we've got zero one zero zero five
14:30seven D 0 0 - 1 e eight zero zero zero
14:34that is the title ID of the game now the
14:38update for a game is the same as the
14:40title ID for the game but one digit is
14:43different so you can see the one
14:45underneath that doesn't have a name
14:46that's the update for the game it's
14:48called the same title ideas shovel
14:50knight except right at the end the third
14:53digit in from the right is 8 instead of
14:57a zero so right here at ends eight zero
14:59zero zero and this one ends eight eight
15:02zero zero it's the same for Super Mario
15:04Party even though I don't have that
15:07installed it still shows up in tinfoil
15:09for some reason but you can see that the
15:11one for Super Mario Party is for 0 0 0
15:14and then the update file is for eight
15:16zero zero so all the update files have
15:19that third digit and from the right
15:20change to an eight so if you are
15:23searching on Google for you know a game
15:26update as an NS P file then find what
15:29the title ID of the game is in tinfoil
15:31so then type that title ID into Google
15:33and change
15:34the third digit in from the right to an
15:36eighth it's so instead of zero zero zero
15:38it's eight zero zero at the end and
15:41search for that and you'll have a much
15:44better chance of finding the update file
15:46that way unfortunately that's all the
15:49help I can really give you in that
15:50regard so yeah that is how you install
15:53games on the Nintendo switch on free
15:55custom firmware and how to dump your
15:56game cards to the SD card so you can run
15:59them from the SD card without the game
16:01card being inserted and how to get
16:02updates and install NSP and xvi files
16:05all covered in this video so the
16:07playlist link will be in the description
16:09to the previous episode and check out
16:12the next episode which will be coming
16:14out in a few days which is going to be
16:15about how to install emulators so you
16:18can run all your favourite games all the
16:20way from you know way back to the
16:23original Sega Master System and original
16:25NES all the way through to PlayStation 1
16:28games and GameCube games and tendo 64
16:31games you can run all those games from
16:33all those different systems from you
16:35know the early 80s to the early 2000s
16:37all on your Nintendo switch which is
16:40pretty awesome so that's going to be
16:41covered in the next episode so thank you
16:43guys for watching if you liked the video
16:45or found the information useful please
16:46leave a like and subscribe and I'll
16:48hopefully see you guys in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the process of installing games on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

The process of installing games on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch involves dumping a game from a cartridge to an XCI file and installing NSP file games. It also includes installing game updates and finding the correct update files.

2. How can I dump a game from a cartridge to an XCI file for a jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

To dump a game from a cartridge to an XCI file for a jailbroken Nintendo Switch, you can use specialized tools and follow step-by-step instructions. It's important to ensure that the process is performed accurately to avoid any errors.

3. What are NSP file games and how can I install them on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

NSP file games are digital copies of Nintendo Switch games that can be installed on a jailbroken console. The installation process involves using a custom firmware and following specific guidelines to ensure successful installation.

4. Where can I find the correct update files for game updates on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

Finding the correct update files for game updates on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch requires accessing reliable sources and forums within the gaming community. It's crucial to verify the authenticity of the update files to avoid any potential risks.

5. What are some tips for installing game updates on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch?

When installing game updates on a jailbroken Nintendo Switch, it's important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the custom firmware developers. Additionally, staying updated with the latest news and developments in the jailbreaking community can provide valuable insights for the installation process.

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