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This video explains how to jailbreak a PlayStation 4 console, allowing users to install homebrew, run cheats and patches, and emulate various systems. The jailbreak is not permanent and requires accessing a specific URL through the console's internet browser. The video also demonstrates how to install custom themes using a USB drive.
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This section explains the importance of the system software version for jailbreaking a Playstation 4.
Jailbreaking allows the installation of homebrew and video games.
The system software version can be found in the settings under system information.
The jailbreak is not permanent and needs to be accessed from the internet each time the console is turned off or restarted.
This section explains how to run games, enable patches, and use emulators on a jailbroken PS4.
The speaker mentions enabling patches to unlock the frame rate of games.
They discuss using emulators created through the RetroArch frontend to emulate hundreds of systems.
The speaker shows examples of arcade games, collections, and various systems that can be emulated.
They mention that Linux can be installed on the console to enable playing Nintendo Switch games, but won't cover it in this video.
This section explains how to flash a file onto a USB drive for the PS4 jailbreak.
The kernel exploit is implemented through a pendrive.
A 200 megabyte USB drive is needed to flash the file.
An application like win32 disk image can be used to flash the image onto the USB drive.
The USB drive does not need to be formatted in any special file system.
The video explains that the PS4 jailbreak is not permanent and does not modify any files on the console.
The hack can be enabled through a URL accessed via an internet browser on the console.
Games and applications are locked and cannot be executed without the hack.
Games can be played locally from a PC or mobile device.
This section explains how to run a host and install the hack on PS4.
Running the host is easy, just go to the specified address.
Insert a USB that has been flashed on a computer.
The hack can be found in the settings or through the package installer.
This section explains how to download and install themes on a PS4 console.
Insert a pendrive into the console and download the necessary files.
Unzip the files and drag them to the root of the USB.
Go to the console's settings, navigate to Package Installer, and install the themes.
Select a theme from the installed options and apply it.
00:00Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
00:01gardeners to a new
00:04Playstation 4 video in which today we are going to
00:05do something updated, we are going to make a
00:07clean video in which I am going to teach you
00:11everything you need to know in 2023 and
00:14if it is the first time you want
00:16jailbreak your Playstation 4 So
00:18you know in a very understandable way
00:22how you can do it and well if it is
00:25worth it and what can be done here as
00:29you are seeing on the screen I have my
00:31Playstation 4 in which I have a lot of
00:34video games installed I have a
00:36lot of homebrew that you can install
00:38on your console when it is
00:40jailbroken, notice that a lot of
00:43homebrew ends, especially the purpose of
00:45anyone who jailbreaks
00:48a system is obviously to install
00:50and load video games, which can also be
00:52done on Playstation 4, something that
00:55has not yet arrived to Play 5 but I think that
00:57one day it will arrive and as you see in the
01:00latest games that are coming out, they
01:03patch them so that we can
01:04run them and that
01:06is the most important thing you need to
01:08know here on Playstation 4 with the issue
01:10of the jailbreak of the release of the
01:13game consoles
01:15because the most important is the version of the
01:17system software that your
01:20console has, okay if you go if you don't know it, you just
01:22know what version
01:24your console has so you go to settings and
01:27you go to system and in
01:29system information because obviously the
01:32information and one of them is the
01:34system software, as you can see, it gives me
01:37Gen 9.00 and that Gen is because this
01:41console is already running Gen, which is a
01:44hack that is not permanent, okay, there is no
01:47permanent hack for the console, we
01:49always have to access those from the
01:51internet go to a URL and execute okay
01:55once you turn off the console or restart it it
01:57is as if we had not done it on the
01:59console so it practically has no
02:02risk it does not put the console at risk
02:04under any circumstances
02:06and it is extremely stable within the
02:09what fits no And as you can see I'm on 9.00
02:12the hack is worth the hack today that I'm recording This
02:15video on January 14, 2023 is the
02:18latest version or the highest version
02:22which can do all this on the
02:25console it's worth 9.00 on the 960 no in the 10
02:30something or so No yes in the future they will release
02:33something to make bigger places well you
02:36will find out in this video So
02:38subscribe give the bell and above all
02:41like this video if you like the
02:42information that I am giving you super
02:44important to support
02:46ok Is it worth it or not worth it to hack
02:49a console well in this case because
02:50obviously we are in a version of the
02:52Software that does not have psn since to
02:55log in to psn you need to be on the
02:56latest version of the system there is no online
02:59obviously it limits you only to playing
03:01offline No, and you can do anything,
03:05run games, run cheats, menus in
03:09games, I know how to enable patches
03:12that allow you to unlock the frame
03:14rate of games, well, emulators,
03:17emulators that I
03:19have created myself through the retro
03:22arts frontend, for example, I feel here in
03:23retroarch you can have a machine
03:26that emulates hundreds of systems,
03:30for example, so you can see it above,
03:33it could hide everything that is arcade
03:35capcom cps 1 cps 2 cps3 final Boot
03:40game button with your covers, your overlays,
03:42your shaders, everything ready.
03:44Just install it You can see how to
03:46plug it in and it's super mega. And yes, you
03:50can have it for all of this. I won't show you everything
03:52in this video because otherwise it would take
03:53a long time how to do everything, but I will
03:57show you things, not as you can see, snkapsico,
04:00these are the developers,
04:02my topic has been separated by developer.
04:04fatal Fury These are already collections of
04:07games metalas lag Run and gun chatemaps
04:11anyway There are a lot of the top 100 I think
04:14the best top 100 arcade games
04:16here in the same list
04:18tie and all the systems that is, all
04:20the systems that you see here game Boys,
04:23look, it's wonderful, even PlayStation
04:261 is worth all this, it can be emulated and
04:29it works really well. You could
04:32put GameCube and Wii But you already need to
04:34enable Linux, put Linux on the
04:37console since from here there
04:38are no cores with which
04:40to start, not other emulators Well, we would
04:43go through
04:45Linux, you can even play
04:47Nintendo Switch, okay, but those are
04:49bigger things and I won't show them in this
04:52video. Well, all of this is a lot of
04:54information for your heads if
04:56you are newbies and have never had a
04:59console. Well with jailbreak or what do I know,
05:00well, in short, all this is what can be
05:03done is wonderful and the topic that
05:05I mentioned is Linux. Well, toggle from
05:08this operating system of the Play 4
05:10to Linux, you do it in a matter of 5
05:13seconds okay. super easy
05:15obviously once you have your USB with
05:17Linux flashed and so on it is extremely
05:19simple Well, toggle in this case
05:23we are going to go to our
05:24mastodon computer and I will show you obviously before
05:28as an affiliate of Instant Gaming as
05:30always you already know that I know that Many of
05:32you buy here through a thousand links and I
05:34thank you very much here you will get
05:35the key games of steam games
05:38for PC platforms like Rockstar I
05:40know a lot more because always the best
05:42price Okay and we are not the games that
05:45are to come reservations subscriptions
05:47PlayStation balance for PlayStation
05:49always at the best price ok So the
05:52link, as you always know, cracks
05:53will be in the description
05:55of all my videos and you can access it in a
05:57super mega easy way and you are
05:59supporting me without realizing it OK
06:02now yes people how we execute this hack
06:05on our game console well this comes
06:08here okay it is this repository which
06:11between chendocha and specter Def Well
06:14through the latest publications of
06:16The Flow they implemented what the
06:19kernel exploit is completely well
06:21implemented And it works through a
06:24pendrive okay So here as you can see
06:27here my screen in my hand I have a
06:29small pendrive simple pendrive of 2
06:32gigabytes I think Well you need one of 200
06:36since we need to flash a file
06:39that would be this one that says here that says
06:41exfat bar low peak dot img
06:45just enter here okay You click on
06:48Download and as you can see it will download ok you
06:51locate it very
06:53important we spend it here on
06:55our desktop
06:57at this point obviously you are going to
07:00click this USB on your computer it
07:04tells me that it is not there because it is already
07:06flashed but I will show it anyway
07:08ok It's simply the letter h, keep
07:11the letter Ok, open it and you're left
07:14with the letter of your USB,
07:16you need an application that allows you to
07:19flash this type of images, okay,
07:22it could be this one that I have, which is win32
07:24disk image, or it could be, okay, atcher or
07:28Any application that you
07:29know that allows you to flash this
07:32type of images to a pendrive is worth it, the
07:35pendrive does not have to be formatted
07:37in any special file system
07:39since this will do it
07:41automatically So we run this
07:46accordingly once executed Well you
07:48will see it very small since
07:49the application opens very small I will make it a
07:51little bigger
07:52and nothing here simply where is
07:55this little folder here that you will see it very
07:57small you open it okay And
08:00obviously select the image that we have on the
08:01desktop which is This is okay, open it
08:04and we just press ride obviously
08:07the letter okay here we display this and
08:09select the letter I say this because
08:12you are not going to You are not going to format the
08:15Windows drive or something like that be careful So in my
08:18case I mark the H okay make sure which
08:21is the letter that plays and simply right
08:23click will tell us that this is going to delete everything
08:26yes And it is OK And as you can see seconds ok
08:30we would already have our USB that I am going to
08:33take out
08:35prepared this USB contains Well a little
08:37file that starts the hack on our
08:40console If we go to the console,
08:43mine already has a hack started. So I
08:45'm going to restart it with pleasure so
08:49that you can see that when I pay for it.
08:51Hello, the beginning, well, this hack is no longer
08:55present. The truth is that I would like it
08:56on this console, well. They will release a kind
08:59of dense So to speak that I don't know if
09:02one day it will arrive or not but that it
09:05was permanent not that you turn on the
09:06console and then it is with the hack and you don't
09:10have to be clicking all the time
09:12because no type of USB or what I'm
09:15very sorry for this black background but
09:17you already know that the console
09:18takes a few seconds to restart, it
09:21's not so instantaneous. But hey, I hope
09:24you understand and you like this
09:26video or subscribe, so I refresh you that it's
09:29only free and it simply costs us nothing.
09:31like subscription and
09:34leave me a comment If you want
09:35information or what you would like to see later
09:40and nothing the console restarts and as you can
09:43see I no longer have access to any
09:46hack and everything that I have installed my
09:48console obviously remains but you go
09:50Let's see that everything has a lock
09:52and if I try to run it it would tell me that I ca
09:54n't, okay, that is, it's going to give errors and
09:57nothing can be used, okay. So
10:01the hack, as you can see, is not permanent, the
10:03console is because we haven't installed anything
10:05inside. that is, the applications Yes, but the
10:08hack does not install any files or
10:10modify anything on the console,
10:11absolutely nothing, what does it is
10:14this USB that you will see now how it works,
10:16as you can see, everything I have games,
10:18everything It is locked,
10:19absolutely nothing can be executed since if
10:21we try to start a game it tells us
10:23that you do not have permission, please go
10:26to the checkout to buy it okay
10:29So nothing to hack it We need to
10:31go yes or yes at least have
10:34internet on the console once we need to
10:36try on the console to access
10:39Well a URL that will enable this
10:42exploit that we can put in. This is okay.
10:45There it can be done via local Host without
10:48having internet on the console but
10:49I will not include so much information in this video
10:51because, as I say, it would be very long and
10:54perhaps you are only interested in how
10:55easy it is. go to an internet browser,
10:57run it every time you understand the
10:59console and that's it, but you can play
11:01games locally from the PC and from a
11:04mobile device, even wherever you want,
11:07in this case we will pull the computer from the
11:10internet, we obviously have to have
11:11a WiFi connection or by cable it doesn't matter
11:13So we start the internet and here we
11:16enter the url
11:18I have my Host updated okay you can
11:21use my Host which would be the simplest
11:24of all which is that it directly enables
11:26you to put this and you can already install
11:29what are games and what If you want, if
11:32you want
11:33another page that is not mine,
11:35you also have, for example, this Host, which I
11:38have a bookmark. Here it is important
11:40that when you know the ones you like the most, then
11:43you write them and then
11:45add them in bookmarks as I have done, I will
11:47keep them. for example I have the multi
11:49Host In fact I have my page that is my
11:53Host and I have the chameleon one too
11:56and well this Host is simply brutal
11:58because you go inside and you have, for
12:01example here in Play 4 you have 1 2 3 4 5
12:056 you even have the dele full ok
12:07you have this one and this one but if it's the first
12:11time you do it I'm a beginner and
12:12here in these games there are so many options
12:14to do many things and many of them you won't
12:17understand ok so yes I
12:20'll leave you the link look above you have the
12:22address here You simply have to put
12:25this in the love of the internet and
12:27you will have this Host you save it in
12:29bookmarks How to do it then you click
12:31Start and I am up there Add bookmark
12:33okay I don't do it because I already have it so
12:35good once you have understood
12:38that It is a Host that there are many options,
12:40if you are newbies, don't get involved because
12:42maybe you are going to get involved. But anyway, let's get to
12:45how easy it would be, for example, to run
12:47my Host, which is very easy. It is a
12:50Left full base and well, it works really
12:53well. I also have to emphasize that all
12:55this does not mean there is no danger of being banned,
12:58much less since there is no psn and many
13:00people wonder if I am bannable or not
13:02valid. So there is no danger of being banned
13:05under any circumstances since we are not
13:06using Sony servers or anything
13:08so we run this Host you simply
13:11have to go to the address that it says
13:12up here okay Up to 9.00 and that's it you don't
13:16need to put Index dot html
13:18since it will be done automatically and you
13:21just have to wait for
13:22this to run Host here It should be noted that
13:25sometimes, either it doesn't always
13:26work the first time or it means you have a
13:29memory error, you can have a kernel panic,
13:31which doesn't happen much anymore because it is very
13:32stable, but it can happen Okay, and
13:36simply when I put this to you,
13:38It says insert the USB, then take your
13:40USB that we have flashed on a
13:41computer, insert it okay
13:45and a notification will appear at the top
13:47left that this USB that we have
13:48clicked is not compatible
13:50etcetera and there is the magic here is
13:52where the hack once it's gone, okay, we
13:55press the
14:10the hack today and here
14:13you have the golgen okay, you can
14:16find it both here and if you go to settings
14:19Well, also at the top you can
14:21find it here are all the settings
14:23that you have to, that is, it
14:26unlocks this hack that from here this
14:28first option wall settings there is an
14:31action called pakage Installer that
14:34from here is where you can install
14:36the things that if you want I will
14:40show you quickly on our
14:42computer obviously not with a
14:43video game at all since it will be
14:46violating the rules of YouTube
14:48but here I have a I mean, people have
14:51uploaded a repository here and look at
14:54how many beautiful themes there are from the
14:58community, we are going to do it with a theme, the
15:00test is okay, for example, here you can
15:02put whatever you want, for example,
15:04we put The Last, we give it to intro and we
15:07should look for themes that are from The
15:10Last of Us, there are static ones, there are dynamic ones,
15:12there are more than 10,000 themes. I mean, there are
15:15many, for example, I want this
15:18The Last of Us part 2, it's so beautiful,
15:20you can see the preview, just preview
15:23okay And well we close and it would be
15:27good The Last of Us
15:31we give it and the topic would be I think this
15:34dinamic here So we would give it
15:36here Download normal okay
15:40and obviously we wait for it to
15:46we will insert a pendrive in our
15:49console remember that here at
15:51this point the That pendrive that you have
15:53flashed to launch the hack on the
15:55console would not be functional, ok
15:59leaving that pendrive only for that
16:02so nothing has already been downloaded what
16:04is the topic in this case I have it here
16:07we are going to unzip it Now we will illustrate
16:09here for example and here it would be okay,
16:13we will take the two tolls since the
16:15themes are always two tolls and
16:17we will drag it to the root of our USB
16:20in this case for the Play 4 USB
16:24I recommend that the file system
16:26be as you see expat ok There are no
16:30limitations you can Put the size
16:31you want, once set, obviously what
16:34we are going to do is click on this USB
16:38so what do you want me to tell you in our
16:41console We will go to our console And
16:45if I go to Debut settings You will see in
16:47Pakage Installer that I already have both
16:51one and two would have to be installed first
16:52and then 2 or you click install
16:55and it will install both ok
16:59and he tells us here we say yes in the
17:01topics we have to say yes
17:04and that's it we're going back. let's go
17:07back we would go to themes okay
17:10here we will select a theme and as you see
17:15Here it is installed the first one there
17:17has a padlock but don't pay attention to it you
17:18open it and apply it
17:22and that's it people and if we leave
17:26tachan we already have the theme
17:28of Eli from The Last of Us Although
17:31personally and I have to spam
17:34this one because personally the one
17:36I like the most is this one here guys
17:40called jart in City you will find it in the
17:43link that I will leave you from that
17:45Mega repository okay there are all the You're afraid to
17:47catch this one because this is what I've
17:50seen in this whole video. For me, it's
17:52very beautiful, very beautiful because it's in a
17:54retro pixelated style. And what do you want me to
17:58say to me? I like this topic.
18:01Okay. And that's it for the video. I hope you
18:03liked it. Any questions. Well, I
18:06will be delighted to read your
18:07comments, all the links of what
18:09we have used, remember that they will be in
18:10the description of this video,
18:12possibly the links will not be directly,
18:14but they will take you to a site where you can
18:16take them because sometimes there are many
18:20links and I put them directly on
18:21YouTube. They can also penalize me
18:23although I don't leave games at all and
18:25don't ask me where you can Download
18:27video games, you are
18:29smart enough to go to Google and put
18:32games from Play 4 pkgs etc. And you will
18:35surely find millions and
18:37trillions of video games OK So nothing
18:41people if you liked the information from this
18:43video I would greatly appreciate it I repeat,
18:45subscription like this video
18:48have a good day see you in the
18:49next captains
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the process for jailbreaking a PlayStation 4?

To jailbreak a PlayStation 4, users need to access a specific URL through the console's internet browser, allowing them to install homebrew, run cheats and patches, and emulate various systems. However, it's important to note that the jailbreak is not permanent.

2. Can a jailbroken PlayStation 4 console install custom themes?

Yes, the video demonstrates how to install custom themes using a USB drive on the jailbroken PlayStation 4 console.

3. What are the benefits of jailbreaking a PlayStation 4?

Jailbreaking a PlayStation 4 enables users to install homebrew, run cheats and patches, and emulate various systems, providing them with more flexibility and control over their gaming experience.

4. Is the jailbreak for PlayStation 4 permanent?

No, the jailbreak for PlayStation 4 is not permanent and requires accessing a specific URL through the console's internet browser in order to activate it.

5. How can users access the jailbreak URL on a PlayStation 4 console?

Users can access the jailbreak URL on a PlayStation 4 console by using the console's internet browser and entering the specific URL provided for the jailbreak process.

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