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This video showcases every way to stun an overload champion in Destiny 2, including exotic weapons, armor, intrinsic weapon perks, and abilities tied to subclass verbs. It provides detailed explanations and gameplay footage for each method, making it a comprehensive guide for players. The video also highlights the effectiveness of jolt as a method for stunning overloads.
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This section discusses the different ways to stun an overload champion in Destiny 2.
Initially, the only way to stun a champion was with certain artifact mods.
Exotic weapons like Divinity gained intrinsic overload capabilities, but were mainly useful for team play.
Intrinsic stunning capabilities are now tied to subclass abilities, with Arc, Stasis, and Void having different effects.
Other ways to stun overload champions include gear with intrinsic overload traits and seasonal artifact perks.
There are various ways to stun overload champions in Destiny 2.
Divinity is effective for keeping overload rounds on the target.
The Lament Arc requires a perfect draw to stun a champion, with a slight delay.
Thunderlord is a powerful machine gun that can easily defeat overload champions.
The Salvation's Grip is a stasis exotic trace rifle that can indirectly stun champions.
There are several weapons in Destiny 2 that can stun overload champions, such as the Wave Splitter, Collective Obligation Pulse Rifle, and Delicate Tomb Fusion Rifle.
The Wave Splitter with the Supercharged Battery perk can continuously apply suppression to overload champions, preventing them from regaining health.
The Collective Obligation Pulse Rifle can leech volatile rounds, weaken, and suppression from enemies affected by those debuffs, allowing it to stun overload champions.
The Delicate Tomb Fusion Rifle, when buffed with Tempest Cascade, can jolt targets on hit, making it effective against overload champions.
The Two-Tailed Fox with its Catalyst can stun overload champions with its third rocket, and the void rocket it shoots can also suppress them.
There are several exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2 that can stun overload champions.
The Stasis Glaive Winter Bite can stun and overload with melee hits.
The Tractor Cannon can suppress, stun, and apply a weakened debuff to overload champions.
The Icefall Mantle Titan arms emit a slowing field that can stun overloads when using Stasis.
The Hrofroz Z chest piece turns the barricade into stasis crystals that can stun overloads.
The Sequent Filaments allow almost any weapon to stun overloads, except for Exotics with intrinsic stunning capabilities.
Jolt is a strong method for stunning Overload Champions, lasting longer than suppression or slow, and can be re-proc by doing damage.
Jolt perk rolls on sidearms, Scout rifles, Fusion rifles, and pulse rifles.
Jolt prevents Overload Champions from regenerating health and can stun them twice in Legend content.
Other effective methods for stunning Overload Champions include Winter Shroud, Dusk Field grenades, Withering Blade, Titan Shiver Strike, and Hunter and Titan supers.
Void abilities like Shield Bash Melee on Titan and suppression grenades can also stun Overload Champions.
00:00what's going on Guardians it's tizzle
00:02here and in this video I'm going to be
00:03showing you every way to stun an
00:05overload champion in Destiny 2. now way
00:08back when Champions were introduced the
00:10only way of stunning a champion was with
00:11certain artifact mods there were no
00:13Exotics with intrinsic overload
00:15capability I think the first exotic to
00:17get this treatment was Divinity and even
00:19then that was only good for team play
00:21and not solo nightfalls so you're
00:24basically stuck with using whatever the
00:25artifact mods were available for a given
00:27season so in the case of this season
00:29that would have been overload bow and
00:31overload autos and SMGs in the past if
00:34you wanted to stun overload you
00:36basically had to use one of these two
00:38weapon classes but over time more and
00:41more exotic weapons gained intrinsic
00:42ways of stunning all types of Champions
00:44and in lightfall Bungie made one of the
00:47greatest changes to the game in terms of
00:48build crafting and build flexibility
00:50intrinsic stunning capabilities being
00:52tied to our 3.0 subclass verbs so before
00:55we go any further let's talk about the
00:57changes that Bungie made if we hover
01:00over the overload icon on the character
01:01menu it shows all the ways to stun an
01:04overload so from our subclass verbs we
01:06have the jolte effect from Arc the slow
01:09effect from stasis and the suppression
01:11effect from void and then we also have
01:13Gear with intrinsic overload traits and
01:15the seasonal artifact perks this video
01:17will be broken up into four main
01:18sections exotic weapons exotic armor
01:21intrinsic weapon perks that activate
01:23subclass verbs and abilities these will
01:26all be time stamped below so you can
01:28better find out the information that
01:29you're looking for but if you want to
01:31see every possible way to stun an
01:32overload then just watch the video the
01:34whole way through
01:35overload has more ways of stunning than
01:37anti-barrier but less than unstoppables
01:39a lot of work went into the testing of
01:42every single form of stunning and
01:43overload so if you find this video
01:45helpful then leaving a like and
01:47subscription would be greatly
01:48appreciated it did extremely thorough
01:50testing and tested everything that was
01:52theoretically possible so hopefully I
01:54didn't miss anything at the end I will
01:56also include some things that you think
01:58might work but do not anyways let's get
02:01into it first up we have exotic weapons
02:04we'll start in the kinetic slot and work
02:06our way down and there are actually no
02:08kinetic weapons with intrinsic overload
02:10capabilities so we'll move down to the
02:12energy slot and talk about the OG
02:13overload stunning weapon Divinity this
02:16weapon is great for stunning overloads
02:18as you only need to land a single shot
02:20to apply the stun overloads are
02:22notorious for jumping around and being
02:24annoying to stun weapons like autos and
02:26SMGs require sustained damage to proc
02:29the overload shot so it can be tough to
02:31keep them from regening Health weapons
02:33like autos and SMGs have an overload
02:35shot every so many rounds so you have to
02:37lay on the Target and hope you don't
02:39miss when the overload bullet comes up
02:40this can make it tough to keep them from
02:42regening their health and overload bows
02:45require a full draw and overload
02:47minotaurs and captains often blink
02:49through your shot which can be very
02:50frustrating but Divinity is great for
02:52keeping overload rounds on the target to
02:54keep them from regening their health
02:56speaking of overload bows let's look at
02:59the next weapon Layman Arc this weapon
03:01has overload built into its poison arrow
03:04so it actually doesn't stun on hit but
03:06when the poison is applied so you need a
03:08perfect draw to stun a champ and there
03:10is a slight delay which can be the
03:12difference between life and death
03:13sometimes one trick to note is on
03:16Seasons with overload bow you can run
03:18overload bow and that will apply
03:20overload without a perfect draw which
03:22makes it more forgiving and with the new
03:24surge modifiers it will also apply surge
03:26to the bow lemon Arc is great for
03:29keeping overloads stunned especially at
03:31a distance you can Peak shoot and the
03:33Damage over time from the poison allows
03:34you to have some time to dip back behind
03:36cover rather than needing to sustain
03:38fire like with an auto rifle or SMG it
03:41is great for solo GM play and I actually
03:43use this bow to solo the glassway GM
03:45last season
03:46and lastly for the weapons with
03:48intrinsic stunning capability we have
03:50the ultimate overload stunning machine
03:52thunderlord the background gameplay
03:54isn't a master loss sector without
03:56arcburn and this was before Bungie's
03:58latest patch that reduced combat
04:00difficulty and enemy health and it
04:02absolutely chews through this Champion
04:04I've been using machine guns pretty
04:06regularly since season of The Haunted
04:08and with lightfall they gotta buff to
04:10their reserves so they are the best
04:12they've ever been in my opinion but even
04:14still I have totally been sleeping on
04:16thunderlord until this season and more
04:18specifically until I saw this thing melt
04:20a master champion with no arcsinge when
04:22Arc surge presumably comes back next
04:24season this gun should be high on your
04:26radar I will definitely be using it now
04:29onto the weapons that can stun thanks to
04:31subclass verbs first in the kinetic slot
04:34is the stasis exotic Trace rifle egg
04:36receptor this weapon cannot directly
04:38stun an overload but if you kill an
04:40enemy near an overload it will spread
04:42slow to the surrounding area and if that
04:45slow hits an overload Champion it will
04:47get stunned also if you have the
04:49Catalyst then the will given form that
04:50drains your super will also apply the
04:52slow effect to an enemy but this does
04:54use up your super energy so it is not
04:56the most reliable weapon to use for
04:58stuns especially if there are a lot of
05:00overloads to stun like in The Exodus
05:01crash Grand Master however in this mode
05:04it can take out an overload pretty
05:06easily up next we have an old favorite
05:09of mine the void Trace rifle ruinous
05:11Effigy I actually love this weapon
05:13because it is so unique and now it can
05:15suppress overloads with the big slam
05:16dunk attack the melee from the orb and
05:19the life drain do not stun a champ but
05:21if you dunk on a champ it will apply
05:23suppression and stun it it's pretty cool
05:25but not the best for high-end nightfalls
05:28where getting into The Fray can often
05:29get you killed and unless you kill the
05:31overload in one go you will not be able
05:33to keep it from regening its Health
05:35after the initial stun which is true for
05:37a lot of these weapons the problem with
05:40overloads is that they regen health over
05:42time so a lot of these intrinsic ways of
05:44stunning aren't all that great for solo
05:47play because if you can't kill it in one
05:49cycle really quickly then it will just
05:50regen its health
05:52anyways speaking of exotic void Trace
05:54rifles the wave splitter is also capable
05:56of melting overload Champions when it
05:58has supercharged battery perk going
05:59simply collect an orb and now the beam
06:02will apply suppression to a target with
06:04void being a seasonal Surge and the
06:06artifact perk volatile flow applying
06:08volatile rounds on orb pickup this
06:10weapon has never been stronger and the
06:12good thing about this is as long as you
06:14have that perk going then it will
06:16continuously apply suppression which
06:18will prevent the overload from Gaining
06:20its Health back next we have the
06:22collective obligation pulse rifle from
06:23the vow of the disciple raid this weapon
06:25can leech volatile rounds weaken and
06:28suppression from enemies affected by
06:29those debuffs it can then spread those
06:32debuffs to other enemies so if your
06:34teammate has a way of suppressing an
06:35enemy say with Shield bash on Titan or a
06:38suppression Grenade on any class then
06:40you can shoot that suppression round at
06:42an overload and stun it this weapon is
06:45already quite strong in the right build
06:46and this interaction just made it even
06:49and for the last energy weapon we have
06:51the delicate tomb Fusion rifle when you
06:54collect an ionic trace this weapon gets
06:56a buff called Tempest Cascade which will
06:58jolt Targets on hit Now we move on to
07:00the heavy weapons and I want to start
07:02with two-tailed Fox first the Catalyst
07:04gives this a third rocket which applies
07:06jolt and is capable of stunning and
07:08overload but the void rocket it shoots
07:10also suppresses so that can also stun
07:13and overload however as I mentioned
07:15overload minotaurs like to Blink around
07:17a lot and overload captains are
07:19notoriously Shifty always teleporting
07:21around and this weapon shoots very
07:23slowly so personally I hate using it as
07:26a means to stun overloads overload
07:29hobgoblins are Chieftain sure it can be
07:31decent there because they are less
07:33mobile but use at your own risk if you
07:36do get the stun though this rocket hits
07:37very hard and if it applies jolt to the
07:40Target then you are in luck because it
07:42lasts a while and keeps the overload
07:44from regening Health while the jolt is
07:47next we have a weapon that is sort of
07:48the opposite of two-tailed fox a heavy
07:51weapon that is great at applying the
07:52stun but doesn't do great damage it is
07:55the Darcy sniper rifle its Target
07:58acquired perk causes jolt which will
07:59stun the overload it is a fast firing
08:02sniper so it can easily hit an overload
08:04at pretty much any distance but it
08:06leaves a lot to be desired in the damage
08:09next we have the new exotic stasis
08:11glaive winter bite when you have this
08:13weapon loaded melee hits will apply slow
08:15which will stun and overload however
08:17melee based options are not the best in
08:19high-end nightfalls but you could still
08:21make it work if you know what you are
08:23doing as the glaive blocks keep you from
08:25dying to pretty much anything also the
08:28projectile that it shoots pretty much
08:29always applies freeze and not slow so
08:32the melee is the only way I was able to
08:34stun an overload and finally we have an
08:36extremely strong weapon in the tractor
08:38Cannon this not only suppresses an
08:40overload and stuns it but it also
08:42applies a 30 weakened debuff to it it's
08:44very good with the right builds and that
08:47is it for the exotic weapons that can
08:48stun overloads now let's move to the
08:51exotic armor
08:52first we have the icefall mantle exotic
08:54Titan arms these give you an overshield
08:56in place of your barricade I tested
08:58these on a non-sacist subclass and was
09:00not able to get a stun but when you run
09:02stasis it emits a slowing field that can
09:04stun overloads however the radius on
09:07this slow wave is very small so you have
09:10to pretty much be right next to the
09:11overload so it's not great for higher
09:13end content in my opinion next we have
09:16another stasis based Titan exotic the
09:18horfroz Z chess piece this exotic turns
09:21your barricade into stasis crystals
09:23these crystals will freeze enemies but
09:25they seem to slow them first resulting
09:27in a stun again not the best option to
09:30use but it can stun an overload finally
09:33we have the best exotic for stunning
09:34overloads the secant filaments this will
09:37allow almost any weapon to stun
09:38overloads including things like rocket
09:41launchers it won't work with Exotics
09:43that have intrinsic stunning
09:44capabilities like the lament with
09:45built-in anti-barrier and it is bugged
09:48it seems with the medieval Champion
09:50artifact mod
09:51but it does seem to work on pretty much
09:53everything else in the background
09:55footage I have an Unstoppable Scout on
09:57and when I am in my empowering Rift it
09:59allows me to shoot overload rounds with
10:01my Scout rifle very cool this does not
10:04work with healing riffs and it says it
10:06grants devour but that is only when you
10:08are running a void subclass sadly but
10:10overall a great exotic piece for dealing
10:12with overloads next let's take a look at
10:15some weapon perks that can stun
10:17overloads starting with my favorite
10:18chill clip chill clip applies slow on
10:21the top half of the magazine so in a
10:24breach loaded grenade launcher every
10:26grenade will apply slow allowing you to
10:28stunt overloads easily with one shot
10:30from the lingering dread it also works
10:32very well on Fusion rifles with chill
10:34clip specifically the riptide
10:36another fun perk that applies slow is
10:39the Cold Steel perk on the Zephyr sword
10:41from the dawning it can apply slow on
10:43light or heavy attacks I absolutely love
10:45swords so this is like having overload
10:48sword built into your legendary sword
10:50and finally we have the ark perk vold
10:52shot reloading after a kill will allow
10:55your next shot to apply jolt this rolls
10:57on the sidearm and Scout rifle from
10:59season of the plunder the new arc
11:01neomena Fusion rifle and pulse rifle
11:03among a few other weapons these are all
11:06great options for stunning overloads
11:08jolt is a very strong method for
11:10stunning them as it seems to last longer
11:12than suppression or slow and it can
11:14re-proc Itself by doing damage as
11:17mentioned earlier when an overload
11:18Champion is jolted it will not regen its
11:21health and in Legend content the jolt
11:23actually lasts long enough to get a
11:24second stun off however you cannot proc
11:26a second stun on master and Grandmaster
11:28overloads because their stun cooldown
11:30lasts longer so it's a pretty deadly
11:32option to use and it's an amazing option
11:35considering it can roll on legendary
11:36weapons so that's it for weapon perks
11:39let's move on to abilities so as
11:41mentioned before the abilities that
11:42consent overloads are suppression jolt
11:44and slow Bleak Watcher is great as it
11:47supplies slow for a long time but if
11:49many enemies are around your turret May
11:51Target other enemies instead of the
11:53overload regardless it is still a fairly
11:55strong option
11:57other effective methods in the stasis
11:59kit include winter shroud the aspect on
12:01hunter that allows your Dodge to slow
12:03enemies dusk field grenades apply slow
12:05over a pretty long period the hunter
12:07withering blade and Titan shiver strike
12:10are also capable of applying slow the
12:12Titan and Hunter supers can also apply
12:15slow so overall stasis can actually be
12:18quite effective at dealing with
12:19overloads now
12:20for void we only have a few abilities
12:22that work the shield Bash Melee on Titan
12:25is one way to stun and suppression
12:27grenades can also work both Hunter
12:29tethers will stun an overload and
12:31interestingly The Shield Bash Melee
12:34while in a sentinel super will not stun
12:36an overload just the shield Bash Melee
12:42and finally that brings us to Joel the
12:45fragment spark of shock allows our
12:47grenades to apply jolt to targets which
12:48will stun overloads this works with any
12:51type of grenade I did a full breakdown
12:53of all the abilities that can stun every
12:56Champion so if you want to see literally
12:58every Arc grenade sun and overload check
13:00out that video but in the interest of
13:02saving time I'll just be going over the
13:04abilities that work more quickly here
13:05the Warlock aspect lightning surge will
13:08allow your melee ability to drool to
13:10enemies and two of the hunter aspects
13:12will also apply jolt lethal current will
13:15allow your melee to apply jolt after
13:17dodging and Tempest strike turns your
13:19melee ability into an AOE uppercut that
13:21can also apply joule additionally both
13:24Hunter supers can apply jolt the
13:26Gathering storm super is very consistent
13:28for applying it where with Arc staff it
13:31seems you have to be up close to the
13:32enemy to apply the jewel the heavy
13:34attack was more consistent for me so my
13:37recommendations would be to a heavy
13:39attack to stun and then follow up with
13:41the light light heavy combo attacks as
13:43you can see in the testing jolt was very
13:45strong for dealing with overloads but
13:47one problem with Jolt is it is not
13:49always immediate which can sometimes get
13:51you killed or cause you to miss a stun
13:54if the enemy gets away from a jolt
13:55grenade too fast or something which can
13:57be very frustrating it can be slightly
14:00inconsistent if you watch my video on
14:02exotic sick and stun Champions you'll
14:04know the bombardiers are pretty much
14:05useless when it comes to stunning Champs
14:07so even though it says when running a
14:09void or stasis subclass that your bomb
14:11from the bombardiers will apply slow or
14:14suppression yes it does apply that but
14:17it does not stun overload champions for
14:19some reason this is very unfortunate and
14:21hopefully Bungie fixes this another
14:23weapon perk that I tested was flash
14:25counter melee blocked immediately after
14:27guarding disorients and weakens the
14:29attacker this one also does not work
14:32disorient is not a 3.0 verb and it also
14:35does not work on disorienting grenades
14:36on GLS and lastly we have the Warlock
14:39melee chain lightning it says it applies
14:42jolt but it does not show jolt as a
14:44subclass verb in the menu and it does
14:46not stun overloads personally I think it
14:49should because it does apply jolt as you
14:51can see here on Carl so I'm not sure
14:54what is up with that but I just wanted
14:55to point out that it does not work I
14:57wouldn't mind seeing one of the Titan
14:59melee's applied jolt but that might be a
15:01little too strong maybe they can make
15:03Thunderclap applied jolt with the point
15:04contact Cannon brace who knows but
15:07that's it for stuff that doesn't work
15:08and finally that brings us to artifact
15:11mods the artifact mods this season are
15:13overload bow and overload Auto meaning
15:15ARs and SMGs can stun overloads these
15:19are honestly two of the best artifact
15:20mods for overloads overload bow must be
15:23drawn back fully to proc and overload
15:25shot but it does not need to be a
15:27perfect draw an overload Auto requires
15:29sustained fire and every few bullets you
15:31will get an overload shot in the past we
15:34have had overload hand Cannon which
15:35procs on like every fourth hand Cannon
15:37shot which is not great but explosive or
15:39time payload could make it proc every
15:41two shots and you probably already know
15:43this but Osseo strigo with overload SMG
15:46is pretty much a cheat code it's
15:48insanely strong
15:49anyways that was a comprehensive list of
15:52every way to Sun an overload champion in
15:53lightfall maybe some new ways will be
15:56added in the future and I might just
15:57make individual videos on those and Link
15:59them in the description of this video if
16:01that time comes but for now I hope this
16:03video was helpful and informative and if
16:05you learned something then a like and
16:06subscription would be greatly
16:07appreciated and if you watch all the way
16:09to the end then I thank you so much for
16:11doing so as always happy Champion
16:13stunning and take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different methods to stun an overload champion in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, there are various methods to stun an overload champion, including the use of exotic weapons, armor, intrinsic weapon perks, and abilities tied to subclass verbs. Each method comes with its own unique advantages and gameplay strategies, making it crucial for players to understand and utilize them effectively.

2. How can exotic weapons be used to stun overload champions in Destiny 2?

Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 offer distinct capabilities for stunning overload champions. Their unique perks and attributes provide players with a range of options for effectively countering these formidable foes. The video showcases detailed explanations and gameplay footage to highlight the effectiveness of exotic weapons in this regard.

3. What role does armor play in stunning overload champions in Destiny 2?

Armor plays a crucial role in stunning overload champions in Destiny 2, as it offers specific enhancements and bonuses that aid players in their engagements. The video provides insights into the use of armor and how it complements other methods to effectively stun overload champions in various gameplay scenarios.

4. How do intrinsic weapon perks contribute to stunning overload champions in Destiny 2?

Intrinsic weapon perks play a significant role in stunning overload champions in Destiny 2, as they provide unique modifiers and benefits that cater to different playstyles and preferences. Understanding the impact of intrinsic weapon perks is essential for players looking to excel in countering overload champions, and the video offers detailed explanations and demonstrations of their applications.

5. Why is mastering subclass verbs important for stunning overload champions in Destiny 2?

Mastering subclass verbs is essential for stunning overload champions in Destiny 2, as they offer diverse abilities and synergies that can be leveraged to gain the upper hand in combat situations. The video highlights the effectiveness of jolt as a method for stunning overload champions, emphasizing the significance of subclass verbs in the overall strategy of countering these formidable foes.

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