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This video provides a comprehensive overview of every known Hunger Games victor, spanning from the 10th to the 75th Hunger Games, including their strategies, skills, and notable moments in the Games. The video also explores the significance of each victor within the storyline and their contributions to the overall narrative.
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This section discusses the winners of the 10th and 11th Hunger Games.
The winner of the 10th Hunger Games was Lucy Gray Baird, who was helped by her mentor Corey Elena Snow's cheating tactics.
Lucy Gray used the snakes in the arena to her advantage and also poisoned the remaining tribute named Reaper.
The winner of the 11th Hunger Games was Mags Flanagan, who used her fishing skills and fish hooks as weapons.
Several victors from different districts won the Hunger Games between the 26th and 53rd games.
District 3 had a victor who used electronic supplies from the Cornucopia and crafted an electric trap.
District 2 had two victors, one male and one female, both of whom were career tributes.
District 5 had two victors, one male and one female.
District 9 had a female victor.
District 4 had a male victor.
Several victors from different districts are mentioned, including Beetee and Haymitch Abernathy from District 3, Blight from District 7, the District 4 male, a District 5 female, a District 6 female, the female Morphling, a female tribute from District 10, and Cecilia from District 8.
Beetee from District 3 married a fellow District 3 Victor.
Haymitch Abernathy won the 50th Hunger Games by using the force field to his advantage.
The District 1 female tribute was killed by her own ax when it rebounded off the force field.
The female Morphling won the games using camouflage and later became addicted to painkillers.
Peta was saved by the female Morphling in the 75th Hunger Games.
Gloss and Kashmir, siblings from District 1, both won the Hunger Games by showcasing their skills with throwing knives and gaining sponsors.
Gloss won the 63rd Hunger Games and Kashmir won the 64th Hunger Games.
Finnick Odair, a 14-year-old from District 4, became the youngest Victor in history in the 65th Hunger Games by displaying exceptional physical skill with a trident.
The male morphling won the 66th Hunger Games by hiding and using camouflage throughout the competition.
August Brawn, a tribute from District 1, won the 67th Hunger Games with his immense strength and patriotic persona.
The Hunger Games Victors and their strategies for winning.
Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta fell in love and started a relationship.
Joanna Mason hid her skill with an ax and pretended to be weak until the final competitors were left.
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark teamed up and killed the career tribute Cato to win the 74th Hunger Games.
The 75th Hunger Games, known as the third quarter quell, had multiple victors, including Katniss, Finnick, Johanna, Peeta, and Enobaria.
00:05Hunger Games books only covered three
00:07Hunger Games we actually know a lot more
00:10about many more of them in this video
00:12I'm going to go over every single Victor
00:14from every single Hunger Games that we
00:16know of now let's get the video started
00:19we don't know who won the first 9 Hunger
00:22Games but we do know who won the 10th
00:24and I'm going to put a spoiler warning
00:26here for the new Ballad of songbirds and
00:28Snakes movie if you haven't read the
00:29book and don't want to know who won the
00:31games in that movie skip to the time
00:32that's on screen
00:34the victory of the 10th Hunger Games was
00:36Lucy gray Baird she hid for most of the
00:39games and she had a Little Help from her
00:41Mentor Corey Elena snow as he cheated he
00:44made the vicious snakes that were going
00:45to be released in the arena recognize
00:47her sen meaning they did not attack her
00:49they took out several other tributes and
00:51Lucy gray herself even used the snakes
00:53at close range snow also cheated by
00:55giving Lucy gray rat poison which she
00:57put in a puddle of water knowing that
00:59the only other remaining tribute named
01:01Reaper would drink out of it which he
01:03eventually did and it killed him it was
01:05only after Lucy gray closed his eyelids
01:07covered his body and sat to wait for 30
01:10minutes before the game makers finally
01:12announced her the victor of the 10th
01:13Hunger Games and after this there would
01:16not be a District 12 Victor for another
01:1840 years just one year later we have the
01:2211th Hunger Games and it was again a
01:24female Victor as the District 4 tribute
01:26named mags Flanagan came out Victorious
01:28we knew Max when she was much older but
01:31a 16 year old mags used the fishing
01:33skills she had learned in District 4
01:34which of course is the district whose
01:36industry is fishing and to use your
01:38skill with fish hooks to wield it like a
01:40weapon and she used that to win mags was
01:43then the first Victor to go on a victory
01:45tour going from District to District
01:46after winning which would of course
01:48become common practice after that for
01:50every single Victor somewhere between
01:52the 12th and 23rd Hunger Games The
01:54District 8 tribute named wolf was Crown
01:56Victor between the 20th and 30th Hunger
01:59Games we know that a District 4 male won
02:01the games this was around the time that
02:03career tributes were formed meaning that
02:05he was the first of many who trained and
02:08volunteered for the games during the
02:10stretch from the 20th to the 30th Hunger
02:12Games we know that a district 6 male was
02:15Crown Victor as well Cedar a district 11
02:17tribute was the next victory that we
02:19know of that won The Hunger Games and
02:21this happened somewhere between the 26th
02:23and the 33rd Games District 3 got
02:25evicted when BD ladier was reaped and
02:28won the games between the 31st and the
02:3043rd Hunger Games he got electronic
02:32supplies from the Cornucopia to begin
02:34beginning of the games and he crafted an
02:36electric trap similar to the one that he
02:38planned to make in the 75th Hunger Games
02:40and with that he killed the six
02:42remaining tributes immediately crowning
02:44Beatty the winner between the 35th and
02:4640th Hunger Games a district 2 male 1
02:49marking another career tribute Victory
02:51again meaning that he probably trained
02:53leading up to the games and volunteered
02:55to try and win in this time period
02:57between the 35th and 40th Hunger Games
02:59we also know that a District 9 female
03:01one and she did this mainly by using a
03:04very unique weapon a pitchfork between
03:06the 35th and the 53rd Hunger Games we
03:09have two District Two female tributes
03:11winning both of whom add to the tally of
03:13career tributes winning the games the
03:1538th Hunger Games saw the District 5
03:17tribute Porter Millicent trip come out
03:19as the winner she came out very injured
03:21though as she received a spinal injury
03:23on the final day and she was forced to
03:25wear a neck brace for the entirety of
03:27her Victory Tour between the 40th and
03:29the 49th Hunger Games a District 5 mail
03:32tribute was crowned the Victor and in in
03:34that time period another male tribute
03:36was crowned Victor but he was from
03:38District 9. between the 40th and 53rd
03:41Hunger Games lime who would later be
03:43known as Commander lime brought home the
03:45victory for district 2. she was another
03:47career tribute to win meaning she
03:48probably volunteered and after the games
03:51she was one of the more popular Victors
03:53in the capital despite being a career
03:55though she eventually joined the
03:57Rebellion to put a stop to the Hunger
03:59Games the thing that got her all of that
04:00notoriety in the same time period as
04:03lime that being between the 40th and the
04:0553rd Hunger Games another career tribute
04:07won as a district 4 male was Crown
04:09Victor Brutus was another career tribute
04:12to win during that time period as he
04:14brought home the victory for district 2
04:15and he most likely volunteered for the
04:17games as well waiting for his moment to
04:19compete and he stepped up when that
04:21moment came the 45th Hunger Games saw
04:23chaff a district 11 tribute participate
04:26during his time in the arena he lost one
04:28of his hands and after winning he
04:31refused to receive a prosthetic
04:32replacement from the capitol doctors
04:34between the 48th and the 53rd Hunger
04:37Games wyriss a District 3 tribute came
04:39out Victorious and afterwards she went
04:42on to marry a fellow District 3 Victor
04:44Beatty for the 50th Hunger Games or the
04:46second quarter quell hamitch Abernathy
04:49took home the victory when they were
04:50double the amount of tributes as normal
04:52he teamed up with Mason Lee Donner his
04:54fellow District 12 tribute only to watch
04:56her die but in the end he used the force
04:59field around the arena to his Advantage
05:01when there was only two remaining
05:02tributes the district one female threw
05:05an ax at him but he ducked and knowing
05:07the force field was right behind him and
05:09knowing it would send whatever it hit
05:11flying back he stayed down and when it
05:14did come flying back it missed him and
05:16hit the district one female instead
05:18which killed her Haymitch won the game
05:20in that moment but he was seconds away
05:21from Death as he was fighting to keep
05:23his intestines inside of his cut up
05:25stomach but he did survive and he became
05:27the first District 12 Victor since Lucy
05:30gray 40 years ago between the 54th and
05:3359th Hunger Games the the district 7
05:35tribute named blight one who if you
05:37remember was the person killed by the
05:39force field in the 75th Hunger Games and
05:41who was with Joanna that's what
05:46between the 55th and the 61st Hunger
05:49Games we have a winner that was a
05:50District 4 male and he probably
05:52volunteered given the fact that he was a
05:54career we also have a District 5 female
05:56in that time period and a district 6
05:59female as well on top of that in that
06:01time period we also have the female
06:03morphlang who won our games by using
06:05camouflage after the game she got the
06:07name morphling because she became
06:09severely addicted to the painkiller of
06:11said name also if you remember in the
06:1375th Hunger Games she was the person who
06:15saved Peta from that monkey as she was
06:17part of the plan to get Katniss and Peta
06:19out of the Arena at any cost between the
06:2257th and the 61st Hunger Games a female
06:25district 10 tribute was crowned Victor
06:27and in that time period Cecilia a
06:29district 8 tribute one as well enoberia
06:32a district 2 tribute won the 62nd Hunger
06:34Games which again given the fact that
06:36she was a career she most likely
06:38volunteered for she became famous for
06:40ripping another tributes Throwdown with
06:42her bare teeth which ultimately won her
06:45the games and after she got out of the
06:47Arena she altered her teeth into sharp
06:49point-like fangs and even had gold
06:51encrusted in them and she would use the
06:53sharpened teeth when she was reaped for
06:55the 75th Hunger Games years later the
06:5763rd Hunger Games saw gloss a district
07:00one tribute winning the games he too
07:02volunteered to go into the arena and he
07:04showed off the training he had gone
07:06through beforehand when he wielded
07:07throwing knives which was the difference
07:09that made him come out Victorious one
07:11year later gloss's Sister Kashmir
07:13volunteered and she too showed off her
07:16skills with throwing knives however the
07:18thing that really won or the games was
07:20her brother's Fame from the year before
07:21which got her a ton of sponsors meaning
07:24she got sent food water weapons and
07:26anything else they would give her the
07:28edge and she brought home the victory
07:29for both District 1 and her family for
07:32the second year in a row one year later
07:34a 14 year old Finnick Odair was crowned
07:37Victor for the 65th Hunger Games and he
07:39was the youngest Victor in history he
07:42won because of his extraordinary
07:43physical skill especially when wielding
07:45a trident however over he also had an
07:47edge because of his good looks and
07:49popularity with the capital which like
07:51Kashmir granted him many sponsors that
07:53sent him anything he needed which
07:55included the Trident that made him
07:56deadly between that and his skills with
07:59Nets from living in the fishing industry
08:00of District 4. he completed the victory
08:03in a glorious way that made him one of
08:05the most beloved Victors in pan am's
08:07history one year later in Hunger Games
08:09number 66 the male morphling came out
08:12Victorious he had been mentored and
08:14trained by the female more fling who
08:15taught him the art of camouflage which
08:17ultimately won him the games he just hid
08:19the entire time unfortunately he would
08:22follow in the female morphling steps
08:23after the games as well as he too turned
08:26to the morphling drug and got severely
08:28addicted the following year August Brawn
08:31a district one career tribute won the
08:3367th Hunger Games using his immense
08:35strength he gained from years of
08:37training for this moment after winning
08:38he was beloved by those in the capital
08:40for being patriotic and he was nicknamed
08:43pan am's favorite son as well as the
08:45Cavalier career a year later for the
08:4868th Hunger Games a district 10 male
08:50came out Victorious It's unknown who won
08:52the 69th Hunger Games or even what sex
08:55or District they were from but Andy
08:57Cresta won the 70th Hunger Games after
08:59watching her District partner get
09:01beheaded right in front of her she was
09:03incredibly traumatized and she isolated
09:05herself for the rest of the games
09:06eventually an earthquake broke a dam
09:09flooding the entire Arena and he
09:11survived because she was the best
09:12swimmer and he was severely broken
09:14afterwards though and she was never
09:16quite the same but she did go on to fall
09:18in love with and start a relationship
09:19with Finnick Odair another district for
09:22Victor moving one year ahead Joanna
09:24Mason won the 71st Hunger Games she was
09:27very skilled with an ax having grown up
09:28in the lumber industry in District 7.
09:30however she hid this from everyone
09:32instead pretending to be weak which made
09:35the careers not make her a priority once
09:37it got down to just a few competitors
09:39left Joanna finally stopped pretending
09:41to be weak and she slaughtered the final
09:43competitors in a brutal way until she
09:46was the last last one standing the 73rd
09:48Hunger Games Was Won by a district 2
09:50male who had presumably volunteered and
09:52they added to the long list of career
09:54tributes taking the victory the 74th
09:56Hunger Games Was Won by both Katniss
09:58Everdeen and Peter malark as the two of
10:00them teamed up and in the end killed the
10:02career tribute Cato while he was being
10:04ripped apart by the capital's mutts Peta
10:07and Katniss then decided to eat
10:08poisonous berries meaning there would be
10:10no Victor but before they did they were
10:12stopped by the game maker Seneca Crane
10:14who crowned them both Victors they were
10:16the first District 12 Victors in 24
10:19years and were only two of four District
10:2112 tributes to survive the Hunger Games
10:23the 75th Hunger Games or the third
10:26quarter quell reaped existing Victors to
10:28go back in the arena and this time
10:30multiple people came out alive as
10:32Katniss Finnick BD Joanna Peta and
10:35annoberia all survived after Katniss
10:38blew the arena up either because they
10:40were taken by District 13 in the
10:41Rebellion or because they were taken by
10:43the capital but it marked six tributes
10:46technically winning the games after the
10:4875th Hunger Games the games were
10:50disbanded meaning that there were no
10:52more Hunger Games and no more Victors so
10:54that's where this video comes to an end
10:57thank you so much for watching guys I
10:58hope you enjoyed the video you can
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The video covers the notable moments of every known Hunger Games victor from the 10th to the 75th Hunger Games, highlighting their remarkable strategies, skills, and memorable moments in the Games.

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The video delves into the significance of each victor within the storyline, discussing their contributions to the overall narrative and how they impacted the Hunger Games series.

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The video provides a comprehensive overview of every known Hunger Games victor, spanning from the 10th to the 75th Hunger Games, including their strategies, skills, and notable moments in the Games.

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Apart from the victors' skills and strategies, the video also explores the significance of each victor within the storyline and their contributions to the overall narrative of the Hunger Games.

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The video helps in understanding the Hunger Games storyline better by exploring the significance of every victor, spanning from the 10th to the 75th Hunger Games, and their contributions to the overall narrative.

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