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The video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for Lovense toys, including the Lovense Max 2 and the Lush Free. Soap is not recommended for cleaning the toys, and specific cleaning tools like a baby's bottle brush are used to clean the inner parts. The video also mentions using cornflour or cornstarch to prevent stickiness after cleaning.
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This section is about how to clean the Lovense Max 2 toy.
Use a baby's bottle brush to clean the inside of the Max 2.
Do not use soap to clean the Max 2.
Close the air vent at the bottom of the toy while cleaning.
The video demonstrates how to clean Lovense toys, including the inner sleeve and the Lovense Lush Free.
Cleaning the outer part of the toy with warm water is recommended, without using soap.
Toy cleaner specifically designed for cleaning toys can be used for the outer part.
Cleaning the inner sleeve is done using a bottle cleaner, starting from the bottom end.
Lovense Lush Free can be cleaned using baby soap or mild soap.
A damp sponge can be used to clean the charging port area.
After cleaning, the toys can be air-dried on a clean towel or dried with a microfiber cloth.
00:00hi guys and welcome back to another 11th episode  in today's video i'm going to show you how i clean  
00:06my lovings max 2 the sleeve and my lush free  some of the cleaning techniques can be adopted  
00:12on all lovense toys don't forget to like  and subscribe and let's get into the video
00:19hi guys i'm uk daz as always so a lot of people  have asked me in the comments box how to clean  
00:25their lovings max 2 and the rest of their toys  it's also something i've noticed being asked a  
00:30lot on reddit well in today's video i'm going  to show you how i clean mine i'm going to start  
00:35off by cleaning my max 2 and the sleeve it is  important when cleaning the max 2 to close the air  
00:42vent on the top and unfortunately you can't use  soap to clean it it's something i repeatedly say  
00:48throughout the video so i apologize but it is very  important as you don't want to damage the sleeve  
00:54here we go okay guys so as you can see inside  my max 2 it is a little bit grubby my method  
01:00for cleaning it is using a baby's bottle brush  to clean inside the reason i use a baby's bottle  
01:07brush is because it's a lot softer than regular  brushes as the max 2 is not fully waterproof it's  
01:13only water resistant i've found this the easiest  way to get to the bottom of the toy to clean it  
01:19without using too much water lovins do recommend  that you close the air vent at the bottom  
01:24whilst cleaning i won't use any soap whilst  cleaning the max 2 as it's not recommended  
01:30in the instruction manual i'll clean it like this  until there's no more dirt or residue inside now  
01:36i'm going to move on and clean the inner sleeve i  will always start off by cleaning the outside with  
01:41warm water making sure to clean all the nooks and  crannies again lovins don't recommend to use soap  
01:48whilst cleaning the sleeve but you can buy toy  cleaner that is designed to clean your toys once  
01:54the outside is dirt free i use my bottle cleaner  to clean inside i always like to use the bottle  
02:01cleaner from the bottom end up the reason for  this is because the bottom end is wider meaning  
02:06it's easier to clean and less chance of damaging  the sleeve so as you can see it's a fairly easy  
02:12process to clean your lovense max 2 and the inner  sleeve i'm going to move on now to how to clean  
02:18your loving slush free this is a technique  that you can use on all the other loving toys  
02:23you are able to use soap with the loving slush  free and all the other toys in their range to  
02:29clean my loving slush free i like to use baby soap  lovins do say in their instruction manuals that  
02:34you can use a mould soap to clean your toys i will  normally wash like this for two to three minutes  
02:41around the charging pool i do like to use a damp  sponge to clean it although it is fully waterproof  
02:47i do just like to air on the safe side around the  charging port never really gets that dirty but you  
02:52can sometimes get a build up of lube to dry the  toys i like to place down a clean towel leave  
02:57the lovins max 2 upside down on it and to dry the  sleeve and the lush 3 i also like to place them on  
03:04the clean towel i normally leave them there until  they're air dry or i'll use a microfiber cloth to  
03:10dry inside with the handle of the bottle cleaner  it's also probably a good idea now to also open  
03:17the air vent on your max2 case it doesn't provide  much airflow whilst drying but it must help a  
03:22little bit another comment i have seen come up a  few times is that when someone has cleaned their  
03:29sleeve or their fleshlight it becomes sticky this  is a common problem and a way around it is to use  
03:36a sprinkling of cornflour for us brits or for  the americans cornstarch once your fleshlight  
03:43all your loving sleeve is completely dry then give  it a quick dusting this will bring it back to its  
03:49original state so as you can see it's really easy  to clean your toys it's a technique that you can  
03:55use on other brands and other sex toys if you  have found this video inspiring enough to buy  
04:01a loving's toy then please do use the link in  the description below it is an affiliate link  
04:06it doesn't cost you any more to use but it does  give me a very small percentage of love it's his  
04:12profits if you buy something any money i do earn  from it goes back into buying more toys that i  
04:17can show to you guys that's it for this video i  really hope you found it useful and interesting if  
04:23you've got any questions come and hit me up in the  comments box below on my blog or come and find me  
04:28on social media all those links are listed in the  description below until next time guys peace out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the proper cleaning techniques for Lovense toys demonstrated in the video?

The video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for Lovense toys, including the Lovense Max 2 and the Lush Free. Soap is not recommended for cleaning the toys, and specific cleaning tools like a baby's bottle brush are used to clean the inner parts. The video also mentions using cornflour or cornstarch to prevent stickiness after cleaning.

2. Why is soap not recommended for cleaning Lovense toys?

Soap is not recommended for cleaning Lovense toys because it can leave residue and may not be suitable for the delicate materials of the toys. Instead, specific cleaning tools such as a baby's bottle brush are suggested for effective cleaning.

3. Which Lovense toys are mentioned in the video for cleaning techniques?

The video demonstrates cleaning techniques for Lovense toys, specifically mentioning the Lovense Max 2 and the Lush Free. These toys are highlighted for their proper cleaning methods using specific tools and materials.

4. What specific tools are recommended for cleaning the inner parts of Lovense toys?

Specific cleaning tools like a baby's bottle brush are recommended for cleaning the inner parts of Lovense toys. These tools are effective in reaching the inner areas of the toys for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

5. How can stickiness after cleaning Lovense toys be prevented?

After cleaning Lovense toys, stickiness can be prevented by using cornflour or cornstarch. The video mentions this method as an effective way to maintain the toys' texture and prevent any stickiness after cleaning.

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