💫 Summary
This video is a comprehensive beginner's guide for No Man's Sky Waypoint, covering obtaining resources, upgrading technology and cargo, obtaining ships and multi-tools, building bases, and interacting with NPCs like Nada and Polo. The guide provides tips on finding locations, surviving environmental hazards, collecting valuable items, and making money through various methods such as cargo pod scavenging, grave robbing, and frigate module farming. Additionally, it demonstrates navigating the space anomaly, trading, and customizing ships and bases.
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This section introduces the No Man's Sky Waypoint beginner's guide, which includes tips on making money, upgrading technology and cargo, obtaining an S-Class ship and multi-tool, getting a free S-Class capital ship, and building a base on a freighter.
The guide will not contain any storyline spoilers.
The Waypoint update allows players to change the difficulty settings.
The player will start on a random planet or moon with damaged equipment and will need to find oxygen, sodium, and carbon for survival.
After obtaining a planetary chart, it is possible to go to a different location marked on the chart; looting rust early on in the game is helpful for obtaining ferrite dust.
Interacting with the red globe gives a planetary chart in the inventory.
The marked location can be bypassed for a closer building on the chart.
Rust can be turned into ferrite dust early game.
Sodium and slime are useful resources to refine.
To locate and open cargo pods, use the analysis visor and dig them out from the ground; be cautious of radiation and move away quickly after repairing.
Cargo pods can contain nanites, money, or random items.
Multi-tool expansion slots can be found in cargo pods.
After exploring the crash freighter, head back to space and scan for the antimatter trace.
Look for a building near the antimatter trace.
Farm whispering eggs using the terrain manipulator and build a diagonal path to the center of the building.
Scraping better ships like BA and S class will get you better modules to make more nanites.
Scraping ships is an easy way to make nanites.
Claiming a crash ship will trigger a contact from NADA.
Space anomaly is helpful but can be overwhelming.
Talking to Nada, Polo, and Aries will give you nanites and milestone data.
Tips for making money in No Man's Sky
Keep plotting your route if you don't find the exact building type you're looking for
Nuke Supply Depots with your ship, land, and run away from Sentinels to avoid damage
Look for ancient bones on planets to make the most money
Blue bones are not worth much, but sometimes up to three can be found in one location.
Tracking down the graves of Travelers in No Man's Sky Waypoint 2023 can provide useful technology upgrades.
Opening Traveler packages gives you technology upgrades that you don't already have.
These upgrades can be for your ship, multi-tool, or exosuit technology.
There are two main types of capital freighters: the Sentinel version and the Super Star Destroyer version.
Reloading your save can help you find a different capital ship skin if you don't like the one in the system.
Hunting in three-star systems increases your chances of finding an S-Class freighter.
The player is building storage units, searching for frigate modules, and buying primary colors using nanites in No Man's Sky.
The player is building storage units and calls it the "Chariots of Fire Corridor."
They are searching for frigate modules to make their task easier.
The player buys yellow and blue primary colors using nanites.
They are also building a galactic trade room and a scanner room.
00:00I guarantee you traveler that this is
00:02the best no man's Sky Waypoint new
00:05players beginner's guide that you are
00:07ever going to see on the internets from
00:10a fresh save we are going to moneycap
00:11make hundreds of thousands of nanites
00:13upgrade a ton of our technology as well
00:16as all of our cargo slots I'm gonna
00:18teach you how to get an awesome S-Class
00:20ship as well as Max out the technology
00:22and cargo I'll show you where you can
00:24get your very own death cheddar and
00:26S-Class multi-tool you can actually
00:28change the skins on this thing I believe
00:30you can change it to five different
00:31skins I'm even gonna teach you how you
00:34can get yourself a guaranteed free
00:36S-Class capital ship I went with the
00:39Sentinel version you can also get it in
00:40the Super Star Destroyer like in Star
00:43Wars we're also gonna build an awesome
00:45base on this freighter this new players
00:47beginner's guide for No Man's Sky
00:49Waypoint will contain absolutely no
00:51storyline spoilers so as a new player
00:54you're free to discover those on your
00:56own the awesome thing about the Waypoint
00:58update is at any time time you are able
01:01to change the settings on the save
01:02making it more difficult or easy if you
01:05prefer on this fresh save I'm going to
01:08be playing in normal mode which is about
01:10what 90 percent of pretty much everybody
01:11plays when they play No Man's Sky I'm
01:14not going to be changing any of the
01:16settings whatsoever we're just going to
01:18be playing regular normal mode which I
01:20heard is slightly more difficult so
01:22let's check that out alright let's do
01:28all right traveler in the beginning
01:30you're gonna spawn on some random planet
01:33or Moon all your stuff's gonna be
01:35completely busted up and you're gonna
01:37need to find oxygen and sodium as soon
01:39as possible so you know you don't fall
01:41over and die once you stop spinning the
01:44direction that you are facing is the
01:46direction of your cross ship
01:49not only do we have to worry about
01:51survival we need to farm some carbon as
01:54well as some ferrite dust so we can
01:56repair our multi-tool our scanner and
01:59our analysis visor is broken and those
02:01are two handy pieces of technology to
02:03get sorted out and fixed early on they
02:05will definitely help you to survive now
02:08if you noticed I'm not freaking out too
02:10much about my sodium and oxygen right
02:12now although my daggone Hazard
02:14protection is falling rapidly and if
02:16that gets to zero I'm going to start
02:17taking damage I found what I saw looked
02:20like a cave nearby right over there to
02:22my left caves will refresh your hazard
02:24protection and they're also hazardous
02:26floor in there those will give you all
02:28kinds of oxygen and sodium so I'm hoping
02:31I'm going to be able to get that sorted
02:32all right well that kind of sucks
02:34doesn't look like this is a cave I hope
02:36I can at least hide under the very edge
02:39of the lip that will at least stop me
02:41from taking all this Hazard damage Ching
02:44that worked let's see what we can do
02:45about getting this scanner fixed looks
02:47like I need a little bit more ferrite
02:49dust for that we're going to have to
02:50install new technology for the analysis
02:52visor and for that we only need one
02:54carbon nanotube so that should be super
02:56duper easy to whip up at this point
02:58there we go now all we have to do is hop
03:01back over to our multi-tool and get that
03:03carbon nanotube plugged into our broken
03:05analysis visor cha-ching now we can
03:08actually scan for secondary elements the
03:10other cool things that you can find in
03:12these cable locations are something like
03:14these humming sacks or Vortex cubes go
03:17ahead and loop these these will give you
03:19lb and Pearls right here you can sell
03:21these for a decent amount of starting
03:23cheddar out in the world you're going to
03:25run across these crates over here
03:26they're going to help you to survive
03:28that white one there will actually
03:29replenish your health the green one
03:31inside will give you random items you're
03:34also going to want to keep that rusted
03:35metal in the beginning mostly because it
03:37can be turned into ferrite dust we won't
03:40be able to loot any of those cylinder
03:41containers for now don't worry I'll show
03:43show you how to get the volume 1 Atlas
03:45pass later since ain't nobody got time
03:48for wasting their time let me show you
03:50how to actually mine faster it is really
03:53important because overall you're going
03:55to be doing a lot of mining early on in
03:57the beginning and if you can do that
03:58faster well you're going to get more
04:00materials much quicker notice how I'm
04:02trying to keep the beam at the very top
04:04end just before it overheats I let go of
04:06the trigger then heat it back up again
04:08just before it overheats I'll let go of
04:10the trigger I keep doing that over and
04:11over this is the ultimate way to farm
04:14well you know as long as you totally
04:16don't screw up and overheat your beam
04:17because then you have to stand around
04:18with your thumb and your nose waiting
04:20for it to cool down yeah this little lip
04:22I'm hiding under is coming in totally
04:24clutch night and getting my scan
04:26repaired haven't even worried about
04:27getting any sodium or oxygen yet
04:29generally I would definitely be a dead
04:32traveler right now since we got the
04:34scanner fixed let's pop off the scan so
04:36we can see if we can find any sodium or
04:38oxygen that in a in the background is
04:40the sodium and that H right there is
04:42dihydrogen well unfortunately we did not
04:45see any Oxygen floating around out there
04:47so I'm going to be using my analysis
04:49visor to scan absolutely everything all
04:52the minerals all the plants and all the
04:54animals and since I'm under the safety
04:56of this lip right here I don't have to
04:57worry about losing any Hazard or oxygen
05:00so that's you know a plus the other
05:02thing you want to keep your eyes peeled
05:04for when you're running around out in
05:05the worlds are these pieces of damaged
05:07Machinery they'll either give you
05:09straight up nanites modules you can sell
05:11for nanites and they'll always have this
05:13slime that can be refined down into
05:15nanites the hydrogen is used to craft
05:17Rocket Fuel as well as other crafting
05:20recipes you want to make sure that you
05:21have a half decent amount of this on
05:23hand because you know if you can't take
05:24off you can't explore the Galaxy finally
05:27looting our very first piece of the
05:30we made it to our crash ship location
05:32each and every time you make a new save
05:34that will always be four oxygen plants
05:37just chilling out right next to your
05:39ship so you can always count on that
05:40traveler if you have never played no
05:42man's sky but before this is where
05:44you're going to encounter your very very
05:46first piece of the story so yeah we'll
05:49just skip that technically we're
05:50supposed to hop on our ship and get that
05:52Quest started but instead I'm gonna go
05:54check out this cave over here oh sweet
05:56it actually looks like a cave we're
05:58gonna be able to farm up a bunch of that
06:00marrow bulb which can be turned into
06:01sodium I'm also going to need a half
06:03decent amount of cobalt silver gold and
06:06platinum but before we do that we're
06:07going to need to scan all the
06:09stalagmites and stalactites after we
06:11scanned all the stalagmites and
06:13stalactites I found out that the
06:14secondary element for this Cobalt here
06:16is silver and since we need a bunch of
06:18silver later on that is totally and
06:20completely glorious this is a prime
06:22example of why you use the analysis
06:24visor on everything as soon as possible
06:27we found a big giant patch of these
06:29hazardous Flora might as well take the
06:31opportunity to stock up on as much
06:33oxygen and the sodium as I can you
06:36definitely want to kill each and every
06:37one of these things because they're
06:39totally and completely evil so make them
06:41pay for being evil whenever you're out
06:43here Farm for Cobalt you're going to
06:44notice you're going to get these geodes
06:46here you just need to analyze them
06:48you're going to either get cobalt or
06:50ionized Cobalt which is worth even more
06:52so you know it's kind of nice hopping
06:54back into your ship will start you on
06:56your quest to get your launch thrusters
06:58and pulse engine completely fixed and
07:00sorted now this doesn't have any
07:02storyline spoilers in it so I'm going to
07:04go ahead and show this part right here
07:05but ultimately you just need to repair
07:07your ship systems before you can really
07:09proceed further now there are a few
07:11things we can't make on our own like the
07:13metal plating and the dehydrogen jelly
07:15although we cannot get that hermetic
07:17seal until we complete the quest first
07:19things first I'm going to make a metal
07:22plating not to repair my ship but to
07:24actually make a portable refiner that's
07:26a piece of technology that you can turn
07:28the ferrite dust into pure ferrite which
07:31is something we need to repair our ship
07:32your portable refiner does require fuel
07:35so you can put either condensed carbon
07:37or regular carbon in there in order for
07:39it to work then all you have to do is
07:40plop some ferrite dust in there hit the
07:42begin button and will turn into pure
07:44fairy farmed a little bit while that was
07:46cooking up looks like my pure ferrite
07:49dust is totally good to go cha-ching
07:51let's get the launch slusters repaired
07:53with that pure ferret we just made and
07:55that the hydrogen jelly can be crafted
07:56from just regular dihydrogen crystals in
07:59order to fix the pulse engine as much as
08:01we can all we need to do is craft a
08:03metal plating we'll get that sorted
08:04we're going to be able to get the
08:06Hermetic seal in just a bit once you
08:08have repaired three out of the four
08:10broken parts you just need to hop back
08:12into your ship and it's going to start
08:13the very next part of your quest which
08:15is going to help you find the Hermetic
08:16seal once you request assistance it's
08:19going to recommend that you go back out
08:21there and talk to that totally and
08:23completely psycho red glowing orb this
08:26time it won't contain any storyline but
08:28what it will contain is a planetary
08:30chart that you need to use in order to
08:33locate the building that the Hermetic
08:35seal was in once you finish interacting
08:37with the red globe and get all that red
08:39electricity and orb juice all over you
08:41you will have a planetary chart that you
08:43can examine inside of your inventory
08:45examining it will throw you way up in
08:48the sky the cool thing is is if you see
08:50another building that's closer than the
08:52one that's marked you can actually go
08:53there and I saw one that's about halfway
08:56there so we're gonna go there instead
08:57all right here we are at the other
08:59location this is the big test to see if
09:01you can still get it at another location
09:04and the one that's marked so you know
09:06guess we're gonna figure that out here
09:07in just a second and yep sure enough in
09:10the Waypoint update you can still get it
09:12at a different location it's just
09:14whatever location you go to first I
09:16guess and check the little what's
09:17supposed to be a nanite machine there
09:18well we're at it might as well learn
09:20another word never hurts to know as many
09:23words as you possibly can in no man's
09:25Sky another handy bit of information if
09:28you are going to go to the marked
09:29location about halfway there there's
09:31going to be a totally and completely
09:33horrible storm so make sure that you
09:35prepare for that with enough sodium made
09:38it back to my crash ship location this
09:40storm is still blazing like crazy before
09:42we get that her mouth seal plopped in
09:44there let's turn this rust into some
09:46ferrite dust yeah definitely gonna hop
09:48into my before all my doggone skin
09:51falls off from this radiation now let's
09:53get this pulse engine fixed there we go
09:55our ship is 100 ready to take off I will
09:59generally only loot that rust early on
10:01in the game so I can turn it into ferret
10:03dust after I get all that sorted I don't
10:05bother with it anymore now let's get
10:07that mirror bulb turned into sodium
10:08because we're gonna need boatloads of
10:10that let's now refine down to much of
10:12the Slime we've been collecting through
10:14our gameplay this stuff is you know can
10:16be turned into nanites but it's a long
10:19convoluted process that takes forever
10:21there's so many stages of it I generally
10:24don't worry about it yep I'm just gonna
10:26farm and scan things until that stuff
10:28refines and finally the viscous slime
10:31turned into living slime so I can now
10:33process all of the living slime I have
10:35into runaway mold and since that's going
10:37to take a month the Sundays and I don't
10:39feel like just standing around I might
10:41as well upload some of my Discover is
10:43that I've made during this gameplay for
10:45nanites at this point I'm going to
10:47upload all of the Flora all of the
10:50minerals and all of the animals that
10:53I've found so far during this
10:54playthrough now it's not going to be a
10:56lot of nanites but every little bit of
10:58nanites helps what seems like 10
11:00lifetimes later The Runaway mold is
11:02finally done of course I ran out of fuel
11:05because this stuff takes for freaking
11:06ever to process all of that work for 45
11:09nanites and just think we didn't even
11:12refine any of that base green slime that
11:14I have a little bit in my backpack that
11:16would have taken even longer so yeah as
11:18long as the slime's concerned don't
11:20bother it is now time to make like a
11:22tree and leave we have our ship totally
11:24and completely sorted I have a half
11:26decent amount of supplies so let's take
11:28off and fly straight up through the
11:30atmosphere let the hand holding begin
11:32something that no man's sky does really
11:35good right now it's trying to teach you
11:37how to fly your ship properly once we
11:40complete all three stages you can start
11:42the first part of your way awakening's
11:44quest after you complete a little
11:45storyline dialogue you will be given
11:47some coordinates that you need to fly
11:49towards now we're not going to worry
11:50about that quite yet first of all we're
11:52going to find an asteroid field which
11:54they're pretty much everywhere in no
11:56man's Sky we're going to be blowing up a
11:58whole bunch of them in order to get gold
12:00and silver as well as tritium now I'll
12:03generally do this for about 10 to 15
12:04minutes just to make sure I have all the
12:06resources I need all right farming's
12:08done mostly wanted to make sure I had
12:10enough tritium and speaking about
12:12tritium we'll get these hyper clusters
12:14which will turn into more tritium which
12:16is pretty handy and I also got this gold
12:18nugget here which obviously turns into
12:20golden a little bit of platinum if you
12:22don't want to piss off your fat cells
12:24instead of Landing over there at the
12:25signal Source just look for a little
12:28building that has a piece of damage
12:30Machinery nearby this is most definitely
12:32the location this is going to save you
12:34from running all over the daggone place
12:36you know saving you time and keeping you
12:38nice and fat included all the containers
12:40and I'm like bro I can't find the dog on
12:42piece of my Machinery it looks like I
12:44landed directly on top of it a little
12:46bit of storyline later you will unlock
12:48the base computer as well as your
12:49terrain manipulator
12:51um yeah definitely gonna get that
12:53terrain manipulator put in there as soon
12:55as possible in order to do that we just
12:56needed the hydrogen jelly as well as two
12:58carbon nanotubes the terrain manipulator
13:01is actually a pretty handy piece of
13:03technology it can manipulate the ground
13:05around you either take it away or add to
13:08it we're going to be taking it away here
13:10in just a little bit to farm a whole
13:11bunch of these buried technology modules
13:13a great way to get oxygen is farming
13:16these gassy pods on these exploding
13:18plants just make sure that you're not
13:20near that one it kind of blows up and
13:22after you're done you can totally nuke
13:24it with your mining laser to get even
13:25more oxygen just make sure to keep your
13:28eyes on a swivel because this new normal
13:30mode is kind of brutal the drop you get
13:33from killing aggressive animals like
13:34that feline liver is actually worth
13:36quite a bit all right time to dig a big
13:39giant hole in the ground so we can get
13:40this buried technology in order to kill
13:43two birds with one stone we're going to
13:45be looking for damaged Machinery you can
13:47always find buried technology near there
13:49yep the
13:50even struggles for life I am always
13:53getting attacked by these aggressive
13:54animals it's like they're just bringing
13:56me units I really appreciate it guys
13:58alright so the damage Machinery is right
14:01there and see what I mean there's always
14:03buried technology nearby so we get to
14:05come over here and mooch that up really
14:07quick and then run over here and see if
14:09it has an antide module for us now I
14:11know I said earlier you can always get
14:13slime when you open up these damaged
14:15machiners but you can also get Space
14:16turds as well and for every Barrett
14:19technology you find you will find at
14:21least one to four Salvage data well
14:24looks like I need to get a little
14:25scanning on sodium is Live Well you know
14:29unless I create some ion batteries which
14:32I guess I'll show you here in just a
14:33little bit but first we are going to
14:35mine up this copper deposit here with
14:37our terrain manipulator and it's really
14:40important that you use these small
14:41bubbles no on keyboard and mouse in
14:44order to get the small bubble you're
14:45going to be pressing R and in order to
14:47increase the size you can press e the
14:50smaller the bubble you use on the
14:52terrain manipulator the more resources
14:54you will gather from where you're trying
14:56to gather them although it will take
14:58longer it is definitely worth using the
15:01smaller bubble it is also most
15:03definitely worth your time to create
15:05some life support jellies I should have
15:07done this much earlier in this
15:09playthrough so I didn't piss away a
15:11whole bunch of my oxygen although I
15:12didn't use a whole lot now it only takes
15:14the hydrogen jelly and carbon to make
15:17the life support gel so it is worth
15:19making them as soon as you possibly can
15:21you need to conserve oxygen in quickly
15:24as possible men like no joke this was
15:27legit the biggest copper deposit I have
15:30ever mined in my no man's Sky life like
15:33here in just a second you're gonna see
15:35the literal hole that I'm in I might
15:37even be all the way down to space China
15:39at this point no just need to clean up a
15:42few of the scraps here and there and
15:44check that out look at the sky like this
15:48sheer volume of copper we have I almost
15:51have 3 000 Copper from this one deposit
15:53that's totally and completely ridiculous
15:56back on the hunt for more damage
15:58Machinery this next tip will help you
16:00travel around faster so make sure you're
16:02running master attack key then hold down
16:04your space bar for your rocket pack just
16:06make sure you have enough rocket boost
16:08at the end or you can kill yourself
16:09another damage Machinery later and it
16:12looks like it totally and completely
16:13hooked us up fat with an S-Class bolt
16:15Caster module got an A-Class movement
16:18freaking slime get the hell out of my
16:20bag got all these Crystal fragments from
16:23forming up the dihydrogen crystals the
16:26glowing mineral came from a buried
16:27mineral formation and wow we got super
16:30lucky with the iridescite oh yeah and
16:32this happened on the very next damage
16:34Machinery that is an awesome upgrade and
16:37S-Class mining beam module we're gonna
16:39stuff that right into our multi-tool
16:41right now when placing new modules
16:44anywhere you always want to make sure
16:46that you place similar modules next to
16:49each other because you'll get an even
16:50bigger bonus notice when they're placed
16:52together they light up that means
16:54something so yeah kind of embarrassing I
16:57haven't made these ion batteries yet and
16:59it only takes Cobalt and ferrite dust
17:02which is totally all over the freaking
17:03place so yeah make these as soon as
17:06possible in order to conserve as much
17:08sodium as you possibly can ion batteries
17:11are all about charging your hazard
17:12protection every now and then you're
17:15going to be using your analysis visor
17:16and you're going to come across these
17:18two star points of interest this one
17:20happens to be organic rocks and boy did
17:22I screw the pooch on that one make sure
17:24that you have plenty of inventory space
17:26before you mine these because in most
17:28cases the stuff you're going to be
17:30mining like this chlorine here is going
17:32to be worth half decent amount of money
17:34for a noob like you in the beginning
17:35unfortunately the No Man's Sky Waypoint
17:38update did Nerf pretty much every item
17:40in the game when it comes to selling it
17:42and its value just like this chlorine
17:44here now it's still going to be worth a
17:46half decent amount and we're getting
17:48tons when we're mining these so yeah
17:49gonna mine it all up the very first
17:52planet or Moon you start on you're not
17:53going to get attacked by aggressive
17:55animals but I tell you the moment you
17:56leave you're just going to get freaking
17:57attacked all the time and while looking
18:00there I found myself a nice salt deposit
18:02I'm going to mine all this up for this
18:04doggone mean aggressive animals you know
18:06they're so freaking salty plus this
18:08stuff's worth a half decent amount of
18:09money I might as well mine up this
18:11phosphorus too oops I used the big
18:13bubble I need to use the smaller bubble
18:15yeah this stuff is actually going to
18:17come in handy later in the video and
18:19since it's here I'm gonna mine it up
18:21before we build our very first base said
18:23just need to hop over here at the space
18:25station sell a whole bunch of crops so I
18:27can have room in my bags man you're
18:29going to be struggling with backspace in
18:31the beginning the first thing I'm going
18:33to do is sell all the freaking
18:34bajillions of feline livers that I have
18:37from getting attacked by aggressive
18:38animals I have some on myself in my bag
18:41and I even stuff some in my ship as well
18:43let's quickly switch over to my ship's
18:45inventory and looky there I have a
18:47hundred of them on my ship let's Pawn
18:49off that iridesite man that was such a
18:51great score and we'll get rid of this
18:53mordite you get that from killing those
18:55animals last but not least make sure
18:57that you have a total of five
18:58microprocessors we're going to need
19:00those in just a bit in the very early
19:02game these struggles to make money is
19:04actually pretty real so you need to be
19:06open to all the opportunities that you
19:09can possibly come across this is going
19:10to be one of them here if you have the
19:13extra space shutter make sure that you
19:14buy these Metals at a discount like the
19:16aronium and the dirty bronze mango gold
19:19stuff like that you're gonna be able to
19:21actually refine that and then turn it
19:22over for a profit now unfortunately we
19:25don't have the personal refiner yet so
19:27we can't refine this right here and
19:29right now but we are going to be
19:31building a base here in just a little
19:33bit so I'm going to refine it all there
19:34hunting for your very first base
19:37location is generally key I like to
19:39either build by a minor settlement or a
19:41trading post and that little antenna
19:43right there is going to help me find a
19:45minor settlement so why build next to a
19:48minor settlement or a trading post well
19:50it's quite simple my dear Watson both of
19:52those locations have Galactic trade
19:54terminals you're going to be able to buy
19:57and sell much easier before you actually
19:59get the trade rocket most important
20:02though a lot of the technology that you
20:04need to build early on well you're going
20:06to need microprocessors and those are
20:08easily found on trade terminals the
20:10other cool thing about Minor settlements
20:12is well you can buy all kinds of
20:14Technology blueprints here early on yep
20:17we are most definitely buying that
20:18advanced mining laser I'm pretty much
20:21gonna probably buy most everything else
20:23here except for the bolt Caster ionizer
20:25I don't really use the bolt Caster that
20:27much but you know I'll buy everything
20:29else let's get that advanced mining
20:31laser installed now I just need two more
20:33wiring looms to finish it up stuff that
20:35I was able to buy right off the galactic
20:37terminal there see what I mean here's an
20:39S-Class scanner module that I found
20:41while I was farming all those damaged
20:43machineries now I'm just gonna stuff it
20:44in there every time we scan stuff now
20:46I'm gonna make a lot more money while
20:49we're at it we might as well get the
20:50waveform recycler all sorted that's
20:52going to actually extend my scan range
20:54as well as shorten the scan recharge
20:56that's pretty awesome it's finally that
20:58time travelers we are going to create
21:00our epic bob box base but first we must
21:03claim the territory with a base computer
21:05now this just makes sure that no other
21:07Travelers are in the area you know and
21:09have already claimed it because if they
21:11did you're not going to be able to build
21:12here Honestly though the chances of that
21:14happening are super duper Mega slim I
21:17would say like 99.99 repeating forever
21:20you know you barely run into anybody in
21:22the the very beginning stages of the
21:25game even though it's multiplayer but
21:26hey it looks like this location is free
21:28so this is where we're going to be
21:30building our base before we build our
21:32epic bob box base let's plop down a
21:34portable refiner really quick I want to
21:37refine that aronium down to Silver that
21:40way we can at least get that sorted and
21:42out of the way before I forget and then
21:43you know I'm up on the space station and
21:45I can't do it then once you interact
21:47with your base computer again after
21:48you've already claimed the territory
21:50it's going to have a little bit of
21:51storyline so we'll skip that once you
21:54complete it you're going to be getting
21:55all your wooden base parts that you need
21:57to build your epic bob box so yeah Bob
21:59and I are good at a lot of things in no
22:01man's sky but you know building is just
22:04not for us that's why we build the Epic
22:06bob box while you're building your very
22:08first bob box it is worth noting that
22:11the second you place your very first
22:13piece you're going to get a notification
22:14of a storm here it goes right now you
22:16better have enough Hazard protection or
22:18a place to hide if you can't build your
22:20base quick enough there we go bob box is
22:22now complete alls we need are some space
22:25pole dancers interacting with your base
22:27computer again will give you the
22:29construction Research Unit it only takes
22:31magnetized ferrite and carbon nanotubes
22:34to make the construction Research Unit
22:35and you can make that magnetized ferrite
22:37from Pure fairing now at this point it's
22:40going to tell you need to go out in the
22:41world to find buried technology but
22:43since you're a prepared traveler like
22:45myself you already have all that stuff
22:46sorted at this point you want to buy
22:49absolutely everything except for the
22:50health and the hazard station the first
22:53piece of technology we're going to build
22:55is the base teleport module after that
22:58we will build the biofuel reactor and
23:00right next to the biofuel reactor we're
23:02going to place at least one to two
23:04batteries next you can do a little
23:07wiring now what you want to do is make
23:09sure that you wire your biofuel reactor
23:11to your battery and then wire that other
23:14battery to the other battery from your
23:16back battery wire that directly to your
23:18teleport module next head outside and
23:21hop on the top of your bob box where
23:23going to be building at least two or
23:25three solar panels that way we'll be
23:27able to supply our base with power once
23:29you have all your solar panels plopped
23:31down you can get them all wired together
23:33then run that one wire on the inside if
23:35you kind of care what wires look like
23:37you can try to hide them along the wall
23:39then make sure you wire it into your
23:41battery a whole bunch of storyline later
23:44after you interact with your base
23:45computer again now it's going to want
23:47you to go to a space station in order to
23:49talk to three different NPCs we're going
23:51to be doing that in just a bit as soon
23:53as we get our biofuel reactor all
23:55charged up because you know it's night
23:56time and my solar panels don't work
23:58right now so as long as you landed on
24:01the space station before you built your
24:03teleporter you're going to be able to
24:04teleport directly there this is going to
24:06save you a little bit of time of flying
24:08there which is totally and completely
24:10awesome before we talk to any of the
24:12NPCs I'm going to sell some of the
24:13silver here to recover my money back
24:15let's sell a few of these Salvage data
24:18just so I can have a little extra space
24:20cheddar I'm about to talk to three NPCs
24:22now it's super important that you don't
24:24talk to any of them that are in the
24:26booths or you'll never be able to talk
24:28to them again just finish talking to the
24:30three random NPCs that are not in the
24:32booth taking the time to stock up on a
24:35little bit of this erroneum again so we
24:37can make a little more space bones and I
24:39seriously can't believe I didn't do this
24:41the very first time I was here every
24:43single time you come to a new system
24:45you're able to upgrade your exosuit
24:47slots to free up more backspace let's
24:49hit the cell tab over here on this
24:51module vendor I'm going to get rid of
24:52that bulk Caster end movement module
24:54just so I can have some more nanites and
24:56while looking there they even have a
24:58life support module for sale let's get
25:01that stuff right in there and making
25:02sure that I'm putting it right next to
25:04my other oxygen tank interacting with
25:06your base computer again will let you
25:08know that life signs have been detected
25:10in order to appease your inner fat
25:12traveler instead of landing at the
25:14signal Source location you know that
25:16it's going to be a crash fader so just
25:18land here now let's run over and have a
25:21chat with the pulsating red ball all
25:23once again doing so will reward you with
25:26the hyperdrive blueprint in order to
25:28install the hyperdrive you are going to
25:30need chromatic metal as well as five
25:32microprocessors chromatic metal can be
25:35created by refining copper so like there
25:37is a bunch of containers you can Farm
25:39here generally they're not worth it but
25:41you know for posterity I'll go ahead and
25:43show you all just you know how worthless
25:45they can totally and completely be
25:48you can locate all these cargo pods
25:50using your analysis visor and most of
25:52them are going to be buried in the
25:54ground so you're going to have to dig
25:55them out the other thing you want to
25:57make sure you do just before you open it
25:59up is you get just about as far away as
26:02you possibly can you can see that I'm
26:04just like not wanting to be near this
26:06thing the main thing is once you repair
26:08it after you take all the Slime and
26:10other crap that's going to be in there
26:11you're going to be hit with a massive
26:13massive dose of radiation and if you
26:16don't get your little traveler butt out
26:18of there you're going to get totally and
26:19completely nuked and you know you could
26:21probably die from it see what I mean
26:23that radiation dose is no joke so get
26:26away as quick as you can now we only got
26:2820 nanites on that last one so let's try
26:30once again for posterity usually these
26:33pretty much suck generally they just
26:35give you nanites or money or some random
26:37item and that right there is actually
26:39pretty good that's a multi-tool
26:41expansion slot man I'm gonna like take
26:44back all the horrible things I've said
26:46about these cargo containers once you're
26:48done fooling around there at that crash
26:50freighter head back up into space do a
26:52scan then you're going to be directed to
26:54go to the antimatter trace the same
26:57method as before once you get near the
26:59trace what you're going to be looking
27:00for is an actual building so make sure
27:02you keep your fat cells happy you don't
27:05want to piss them off man skinny people
27:07piss off fat cells before we head inside
27:09we're going to be farming up these
27:11Whispering eggs so make sure that you
27:13have your tray manipulator out then get
27:15the biggest bubble set and build a
27:17diagonal path all the way to the very
27:19center of the building right underneath
27:21of it we're going to be doing this to
27:23absolutely every single eight cluster
27:25that we find that goes around this
27:27little abandoned building I have all my
27:29downward sloping tunnels all set up
27:31might as well just come in here and get
27:33the antimatter blueprint after I destroy
27:35all this disgusting green slime that
27:37completely and totally wastes our time
27:39to refine a little more storyline later
27:41we have received our any matter
27:43blueprint time to firm up these
27:45Whispering eggs I'm right in the very
27:47middle under underneath of the building
27:49there now most of these creatures on the
27:51initial spawn are going to spawn above
27:53ground if any of them spawn underground
27:56just buck them with extreme prejudice
27:57then they'll respawn above ground now
28:00you should be totally safe at this point
28:02all you have to do is shoot the egg
28:04sacks the actual egg will roll down to
28:06you then you can loot the larval core
28:08these are worth a lot of money or
28:10nanites so they are most definitely
28:12worth farming unfortunately I only
28:14received 13 Louisville cores this was a
28:16small building so if you find a big one
28:18you can get twice as many if you're
28:20lucky enough to find a big building I
28:22highly recommend that you plop down a
28:24saved Beacon this will make it so much
28:26easier to find this place again and then
28:28you can Farm either a bunch of money or
28:30nanites or both the game is gonna want
28:33you to create a Warp cell so in order to
28:35do that you're going to need to create
28:36in any matter housing make sure that you
28:39haven't any matter on you then you can
28:41create The Warp cell once you feel your
28:43hyperdrive the next part of the quest
28:45can begin and I might as well you know
28:47recharge my launch though
28:48it's time to open up your Galaxy Mac
28:50traveler we are going to be making our
28:52very first hyperdrive jump and since we
28:55started in a Geck system we're either
28:56going to want to look for a viking or a
28:59corvak system to hop to next I like the
29:01Viking for so many reasons they're the
29:04complete and total hookup so let's just
29:06go there first as soon as you arrive in
29:09your system you'll be contacted by some
29:11strange traveler immediately accept
29:13their guidance this will give you
29:15directions to the fuel source hop onto
29:17the space station and either upgrade an
29:19exosuit slot or a technology slot the
29:22struggles are real right now for cargo
29:24space so I'm going to upgrade that let's
29:26check the NPC to see if he has any
29:28useful modules and oh my goodness like I
29:31said the Viking or the total and
29:33complete hookup I got really lucky here
29:35this is pretty much every single upgrade
29:37that I really need right in the
29:39beginning yep I'm definitely going to
29:41rename this place right now to the
29:43hookup not gonna lie we got really lucky
29:45this is a special system here now if you
29:47want to find any other nanites or
29:49navigational data just Loop the blue and
29:52orange globes as well as the black
29:53plates that you find the other reason
29:55why the Viking or the total and complete
29:57hookup is they will have these nanite
29:59machines in the back room there's one
30:01here and one on the other side I'm
30:03feeling broke as a space joke right now
30:05so I'm gonna sew a few odds and ends
30:07like the deck Relic and all that silver
30:09and stuff we'll also get rid of the
30:11Platinum that's probably a big mistake
30:13now we could sell the larval course but
30:15you know I think I'm gonna hold on to
30:17those just a little while longer before
30:19heading out to the fuel source I decided
30:21to talk to these little ship guys here
30:23and I found a dude selling mango gold at
30:25a discount well we can refine that down
30:28to gold in its base form and then make a
30:30profit on it later so you know can't
30:32help myself I need to buy it all right
30:33now we're almost to the fuel source I
30:35just need to get through these daggone
30:37clouds and why looky there that's a
30:39trading post now that is a really
30:41awesome find and considering it's right
30:43next to where we're going might as well
30:44land right here brace yourselves fat
30:47cells this probably means I'm gonna have
30:49to run to find the fuel source refine
30:51down a whole bunch of crap and also made
30:53this base without walls here pretty much
30:55has everything I need if I ever want to
30:56come back to the trading post again oh
30:58yeah I'm all sweaty and my fat cells are
31:01totally pissed off now but if you want
31:02to be able to actually find the place
31:04like the game wants you to find it you
31:06just need to whip out your analysis
31:07filter so instead of running look for
31:10the big giant black alien looking
31:12monolith while you're at it after you
31:14land you might as well come over here
31:15there'll be three knowledge Stones
31:17you'll be able to learn at least three
31:19words of that specific race once you
31:22have finished up learning all the free
31:23words that you possibly can head over to
31:25the main section of the monolith where
31:27you can interact with it and complete
31:29the quest if you answer this question
31:31wrong that the monolith is about to ask
31:33you you will need to reload your safe if
31:36you answer it correctly like I did off
31:38camera you'll get a Warp cell time to
31:40head to another system we're gonna hit
31:42up the corvax which are the bleeding
31:43hearts of the Galaxy buy my freaking
31:46liver bro you know you want to buy my
31:48liver even though you're a machine
31:49you're probably gonna eat it let's
31:51totally and completely upgrade another
31:53cargo slot because you know can't have
31:55enough room especially when it comes to
31:57Cargo once you head back outside you're
31:59going to be contacted by a mysterious
32:01alien and as soon as you finish up that
32:04little bit of the story you're going to
32:06be directed to finally finish the very
32:08Last Leg of the Awakenings Quest when
32:11flying into this location what you're
32:13looking for is a crash ship with a
32:15signal Beacon there'll also be a damaged
32:17piece of Machinery nearby and when you
32:19interact with these things you also have
32:21a really good chance of getting a piece
32:23of technology which is great it looks
32:25like this time we got the pulse splitter
32:27which is basically my favorite weapon
32:29for the multi-tool yeah I totally forgot
32:31that I put that S-Class upgrade for my
32:33scanner in there let's just see how much
32:35I get for fauna now that's not bad
32:38that's 114k for one single skin I'd buy
32:42that for a dollar all right let's check
32:44out and see if this ship is even worth
32:46it unfortunately it's a C-Class of
32:48course they're always going to be
32:50completely busted up but it's free let's
32:52claim this ship now it should have some
32:54technology on it I think I saw at least
32:56one piece that I can destroy so we're
32:57gonna destroy that that'll give us some
32:59free resources then we can just repair
33:02the launch thrusters as well as the
33:04pulse engine and then we can get that
33:06thing flown up to the space station and
33:08scrap up for a whole bunch of space
33:09cheddar time to do one of my favorite
33:11things I love to do in no man's sky and
33:13not scrapping ships now when you claim
33:16this scrap on your ship it's not going
33:17to just straight up give you all the
33:19money right in your bag instead it's
33:20going to give you a bunch of scrap items
33:22that you can sell the little ship guys
33:24as well as some modules time to sell
33:26some of this gold now I'm gonna eat a
33:28little bit into my profit margin by like
33:30saving some of this I made the mistake
33:32of sewing on my silver and I'm not going
33:34to make the mistake of selling them like
33:35gold so we're going to keep a little bit
33:36of that yeah nanites are really nice
33:39those are easy to get but right now I
33:41need money so I'm just gonna sell these
33:43larval course when you know it when I'm
33:45totally poor one of these awesome
33:47S-Class Exotics flying man I think
33:49that's a Mac slot one too all right took
33:52the time to completely and totally
33:54repair absolutely everything that I
33:56could now just a note to you in the
33:58future don't repair the technology
34:00section because that doesn't increase
34:02the value of your ship before all the
34:05repairs it was worth 1.3 mil I think now
34:07that all the repairs are completed it's
34:09worth 3.2 now that's pretty good
34:11although I could have saved some of
34:13those materials by not repairing the
34:15technology section but you know past me
34:17didn't know about that right now me he
34:20knows about it looks like we ended up
34:21with four C-Class modules that we can
34:24sew over here on this vendor that's
34:25another reason why I like scrap and
34:27ships it's such an easy way to make
34:29nanites now it goes without saying the
34:31better ships you scrap like ba and S
34:33glass you're gonna get better modules to
34:35make more nanitics let's sell the ship
34:37scrap that we got on this little ship
34:39guy here oh yeah feeling a lot less poor
34:42right now once you claim that crash ship
34:43you're going to be contacted by some
34:45dude named NADA now I've been putting
34:47this off for a little bit because he's a
34:48total and complete stalker after you
34:51talk with them you're free to summon the
34:53space anomaly now this place is totally
34:55completely awesome it's gonna really
34:57really help you during your gameplay
34:59with that said it can actually be a
35:01little too much help to your gameplay if
35:03you happen to fly in there and some
35:05person gives you like billions of
35:07dollars worth of stuff for free so
35:09that's why I have multiplayer turned off
35:11right now you know I don't want to be
35:12tempted to get a bunch of stuff for free
35:15leave that out of the footage and then
35:16go hey guys look how rich I am I'm
35:18totally awesome and Rich right so I'm
35:20gonna turn that on later once we get a
35:22little bit more established
35:24once you get here head upstairs and talk
35:26to Nada after that he's gonna want you
35:28to go over there and talk to Polo after
35:30you chew the fat with Polo head
35:32downstairs and talk to Aries he is going
35:34to want all of your Milestone data and
35:36at this point you should have quite a
35:38few Milestones you're just about to be
35:40hooked up bat with a whole bunch of
35:42nanites less but kind of least you want
35:45to head over to Helios he is going to
35:47want all of your planetary data and at
35:50this point we haven't gotten a lot of
35:52that so we're not going to get hooked up
35:53very fat right here yeah
35:55only 120 nanites head to the back of the
35:59anomaly and talk to Celine here we're
36:01going to be getting a few Exo Suit
36:02upgrades first by the Hazmat Gauntlet
36:05even though you'll never really need to
36:07use it you most definitely want to snag
36:09up the personal refiner then if you want
36:11grab the trade rocket the other awesome
36:14thing about the anomaly is you can
36:15upgrade your excess suit slots and you
36:18know the struggles are still real so I
36:20think I'm gonna get another cargo slot
36:22hit up the construction unit there are
36:24definitely a couple things we're going
36:26to want to get here and look for the
36:27place that is going to sell the medium
36:29refiner and then right after you do that
36:32purchase up the large refiner hook up
36:34with the Roamer Geo Bay and this thing's
36:37actually really awesome at being an
36:39extra storage unit once you have all
36:41those upgrades locate the teleport
36:43terminal it's super duper hard to miss
36:45once you get there you're going to be
36:47heading right back to your base at this
36:50point we are going to start trying to
36:52make some real money not just the nickel
36:54and dimes we've been making so far from
36:56now on I will not be progressing the
36:59main storyline any further I'm only
37:01going to be focusing on these
37:02computer-based archive quests which give
37:05you like modules and also useful
37:07technology that you can build and use
37:09much like this really awesome storage
37:11container we get for free I just placed
37:13three medium refineries we're gonna
37:15finish everything up here by placing two
37:17large refineries this will help us make
37:19a little bit of money and the last batch
37:21refining with oxygen made a whole
37:24boatload of money unfortunately in this
37:25patch you can't really buy any Oxygen
37:27anyways with that being said I still
37:30farmed up a half decent amount of oxygen
37:32I think I have just under 2 000 worth
37:34now I'm going to turn some of the salt
37:36here into chlorine which will make it
37:37worth more although with oxygen you know
37:40being really hard to get on not exactly
37:42convinced quite yet that this is really
37:44worth it we'll be turning as much of our
37:46Cobalt as we can into ionize Cobalt and
37:49while we're at it we'll turn more of
37:51that chlorine into you know even more
37:53chlorine wasting all of our oxygen ended
37:56up with an okay amount of chlorine as
37:58well as ionized Cobalt you know guess
38:00I'm not going to complain too much
38:02before we become space Daddy Warbucks I
38:05want you to head over to the Stellar
38:07cartographer here we're going to be
38:09buying some charts first you want to
38:11check what random chart they drop
38:13because they're not really random
38:15they'll always drop that exact same
38:17chart it's just each Place drops
38:19different charts that one is a red
38:20building that's a commercial building
38:22we're not really looking for that one
38:24right there if you use navigational data
38:26you can actually purchase a specific
38:28chart that you want we want the crash
38:30ship location that's the chart that
38:32we're going to want it's the second one
38:33down from the top buy as many of these
38:36as you can afford of course it'd be
38:38really nice if you can find a system
38:39that just randomly always sells you
38:42these I'll take the time to track down a
38:44system just like that but for now we
38:46have a bunch of navigational data so I'm
38:48just going to burn those I mean I just
38:50had to know this place is called the
38:52hookup after all let's see what kind of
38:54chart he's gonna drop I'm willing to bet
38:57this is the hookup he's gonna drop
39:00exactly what we want and of course he
39:02does so yeah now we found a really cool
39:04place to buy a whole bunch of these
39:06charts might as well head over to the
39:08ultimate hookup vendor and buy one of
39:10these S-Class movement modules you know
39:12just because let's get that slapped in
39:15there because you know you can never
39:16have too much rocket boost I've heard
39:19great things about the trade rocket so
39:21we might as well get that thing totally
39:22and completely installed into our extra
39:24suit of course I'm probably not even
39:26going to use this thing because I'm
39:27going to forget that I have it using
39:29these charts are super duper easy all
39:32you have to do is just plot the course
39:33on the actual charge itself and it'll
39:36bring up a random location an abandoned
39:38building is not what we're looking for I
39:40mean they're really good money but
39:41you've already seen that already for now
39:43we're gonna be using spaceship dealers
39:46where we scrap all the biggest pieces of
39:48crap spaceships Across the Universe if
39:51you get here and you see a little space
39:53dude walking around that means you're
39:55not going to be able to claim this ship
39:57for free ultimately he's just going to
39:59want to be a freeloader and get you to
40:00fix it for them so if you see anybody on
40:02the ground
40:03just fly over it and then pop another
40:06chart this is another one of those kill
40:08two birds with one stone methods I'm
40:09trying to make money by scrapping ships
40:11also getting nanites but I'm also trying
40:14to get free technology like this awesome
40:16economy scanner here now Fighters are
40:18generally worth quite a bit of money so
40:20let's hope it's not a C class which
40:23totally sucks because the C-Class isn't
40:25worth near as much now well I guess it
40:28is what it is we'll just claim this ship
40:30because you know it's for free and all
40:31yeah decided not to repair anything on
40:34this one since it's a C-Class we'll just
40:36you know hook it up with 2.6 million
40:39that was pretty quick ended up finding a
40:41cadmium drive when we claimed this ship
40:43since it was a b-class I decided to go
40:45ahead and fix everything except for the
40:47technology section because I finally
40:49learned my lesson and then it happened
40:51it was love at first sight an
40:53eight-class shuttle even though it was
40:55completely and totally ugly on the
40:57outside she was totally beautiful on the
41:00I'm not also faced with another awkward
41:03decision now I can run over here and
41:06claim my ship right back for free
41:07because you know old bugs that's never
41:10been fixed in like forever and ever
41:11whatever I'm gonna sleep really good at
41:14night knowing that I made all that money
41:16to earn that very first ship and you
41:18know now this is just the bonus the
41:20icing on the cake
41:22good night radiant pillar good work
41:24sleep well I'll most likely scrap you in
41:26the morning oh wait
41:28today sorry man since we're a little
41:31more powerful in the safe Class Shuttle
41:33I decided to try my hand at a little
41:35piracy since I don't really care too
41:37much about corvax and what they think
41:39about me blowing up their dog on
41:40Freighters I decided to beat up on them
41:42since I'm here you know in this system
41:44right now now I could be testing this
41:46out in a black market system I heard
41:48it's a bit more profitable in the
41:50Waypoint update you're also not having
41:52these daggone Sentinels constantly
41:55attacking you when you're trying to blow
41:56up all these little cargo pods no no
41:59we're out there for about four or five
42:00minutes we didn't do too bad the
42:02Glorious thing is we got a salvage
42:04frigate module that's going to come in
42:05clutch later in the video
42:07anyways yeah we're gonna stop doing the
42:10piracy at least for now we'll worry
42:12about doing it later when I need more of
42:13those frigate modules it can be a pain
42:16in the butt say like you forget to
42:18recharge your Shields like I do until
42:20they go down and the next thing you know
42:22some of your modules are all blown up
42:23then you have to repair them it's a big
42:25pain in the butt so I'm not going to
42:27bother besides don't want to piss away
42:29my sodium and then run out so I farmed a
42:31little bit more marrow Bob gonna Infuse
42:33it with some carbon so I can get even
42:35more sodium yeah because I use it all
42:38trying to do piracy and it was a big fat
42:39waste of time you know sure would have
42:42been nice if I would have remembered to
42:44buy that ship battery right there next I
42:46wanted to try making money a different
42:48way although I didn't have high
42:49expectations we're going to need these
42:51green charts right here when you're
42:54plotting your route if you don't get the
42:55exact building type that you're looking
42:57for just keep plotting your up and if it
43:00ever happens to you at some point in
43:01time where it doesn't let you because it
43:03says there's the same building type up
43:05just plot again over and over until it
43:07lets you our Target is going to be these
43:09Supply Depots here now the very best way
43:12I've found to beat them up is just to
43:14totally nuke them with your ship then
43:16quickly land before the actual aerial
43:18support gets there quickly hop out of
43:21your ship and then just run away from
43:22the Sentinels you won't have to run very
43:24far they'll lose track of you once they
43:26do you can either run back to your ship
43:28or just just summon it to you as long as
43:29you have fuel then go back and do
43:31another one of these Supply Depots
43:33realistically though that's not going to
43:35make us daddy space Warbucks anytime
43:37soon so I decided to try to be a grave
43:39robber now if you can try to find an
43:42ancient bones planet or moon when you're
43:45trying to look for the buried technology
43:46modules then you can just you know in a
43:48way kill free birds with one stone out
43:51of all the methods I've shown so far to
43:53make a little bit of space cheddar I
43:55would say that grave robbing looking for
43:57ancient bones was probably the very best
43:59amount that I got paid out from my time
44:01investment that's not too bad see some
44:03of these phones are actually worth quite
44:05a bit most of the time though you're
44:07going to be finding these blue bones and
44:09as you can see they're not worth a lot
44:11but you know it's really easy to find
44:13these and sometimes you can find up to
44:15three of these bones in one location
44:17that thematicon to say it came from one
44:19of those Supply Depots we ran you know
44:21see it's not too bad money right there
44:23doing those either although you know
44:25bones are seeming to be a little bit
44:27better let's quickly we saw the other
44:29odds and ends that keep clogging up my
44:31freaking backpack all the time look at
44:34the bones yep I even stuffed a bunch of
44:37bones inside of My Starship too all
44:39right Travelers time to stop fiddle
44:41farting around making money it's time to
44:43make the real space bucks to perfectly
44:45balanced gameplay mechanics you saw me
44:48do this before when I traded in my
44:50radiant pillar we're gonna negotiate the
44:52price and then we are going to exchange
44:54our current ship for this hauler here
44:56now haulers are the very best to do this
44:58with because they're worth so much now
45:01I'd say You have about a minute before
45:02this NPC gets in your ship and flies off
45:05so if you can get there walk over and
45:07communicate with him you'll actually be
45:09able to buy it back for free you know
45:11perfectly balanced gameplay mechanics
45:13just before you head up to the scrapping
45:15terminal just make sure to scrap any of
45:18the extra technology that's in there
45:19you're going to be farming up a bunch of
45:21wiring looms sodium and chromatic Metal
45:24by the time we're going to be doing this
45:26over and over again until I get my
45:28yourself into a nice ass Clash ship
45:30hopefully that doesn't take very long
45:31mostly I just need to build my bank
45:33rolls quickly as possible because it
45:35sure would be a shame if one of those
45:37really nice S-Class hallways flew in and
45:39it didn't have enough money to buy it
45:41like I literally just bought that
45:43A-Class version over there and looky
45:45here and S-Class version flies right in
45:47yeah as you can see I'm pretty excited
45:49it's pretty safe to say you know how the
45:51rest of the story is gonna pan out like
45:54it is seriously one ship after the other
45:56like I'm finally getting around to
45:58selling some of these scrap items and
46:00that was a huge chunk of money oh my God
46:02man feeling a lot like Daddy Warbucks
46:05right now scrapped a few more ships I'm
46:08really starting to stock up on these
46:10storage augmentations those are going to
46:12be really nice we're going to add so
46:13many slots to our S-Class ship our first
46:16freighter encounter should be coming up
46:18here pretty soon within the next few
46:20warp jumps once I actually get off my
46:22butt and go there so I really need to
46:23start thinking about upgrading her as
46:25quickly as possible launch Duster trades
46:28are totally awesome I'm gonna get this
46:30thing upgraded so much that I almost
46:32basically take off for free now don't
46:34forget to put like upgrades next to each
46:36other for the bonus if you didn't know
46:38this you can now hop out of your ship
46:40which will create a brand new restore
46:42point now what you'll want to do is just
46:44reload that restore point and all the
46:47vendors will be restocked I use that
46:49method to get three of those S-Class
46:51Thruster upgrades now we might as well
46:53get these efficient thrusters upgraded
46:55as well we'll also install that free
46:57cadmium Drive I got earlier for free now
46:59we can go to any red star systems
47:02economy scanners are the very best thing
47:04since peas and carrots so let's get that
47:07started now we're going to be working on
47:09the teleport receiver this is definitely
47:11a quality of life upgrade we'll also get
47:14my favorite weapon put in there the
47:16positron ejector use the reloading
47:18method a couple times to buy a bunch
47:20more modules here in the system I'm just
47:22finishing out the upgrades time to start
47:25warping a whole bunch so we can upgrade
47:26all of our cargo and Tech technology
47:28slots in our suit now the only systems
47:31that we're going to be going to are
47:33three star systems those are the ones
47:35that have the very best economies from
47:38this moment on every single space
47:40station we come to we're going to be
47:42upgrading an exosuit slot it's either
47:44going to be a technology or a cargo
47:46right now I'm kind of hurting on
47:48technology so I think we're going to
47:50upgrade that if you feel like it check
47:52this vendor for upgrades then run over
47:54here to this desk right here there's
47:56almost always a pod that has nanites or
47:59a navigational data if you still need
48:01upgrades for your ship just check this
48:03MPC to see if they have any good S-Class
48:06modules that you like if you don't see
48:08anything you want head over to the
48:10cabinet over here and always check to
48:12see if this is an S-Class multi-tool if
48:15it is I'll cover that when it happens in
48:17the video because it does I find an
48:19S-Class multi-tool after that head back
48:21into this back room what we're looking
48:23for are Travelers they're very odd
48:25looking aliens definitely don't see one
48:27back here so head back out of this room
48:30and go to the other side and look for
48:31travelers it's also worth noting that if
48:34I ever happen to come across a
48:36worthwhile ship to scrap then I'm gonna
48:37scrap it if you don't find any Travelers
48:39some in the anomaly then go to the back
48:41and upgrade another backpack slot I'll
48:44be running this route over and over and
48:46over again and every single three-star
48:48system that we work to now it looks like
48:50we finally made it to our very first
48:52freighter encounter how awesome
48:53ultimately we don't want to bother
48:55getting one of these little tiny baby
48:58Freighters we want to make sure that we
48:59get a capital freedom and in order to
49:02get one for free we need to beat up all
49:04these space bad guys land on the
49:06freighter and tell the captain sorry bro
49:09you're stuck with your hunk of junk for
49:11a while longer the game really wants to
49:14give you your very first freighter that
49:16you actually accept to be totally and
49:18completely free so yeah you won the
49:21capital ship trust me and I'm going to
49:22show you exactly how to get a free
49:24S-Class Capital Trader you know having a
49:28really overpowered S-Class hauler really
49:31does make beaten up the space scumbags
49:33really easy if you want to see what kind
49:35of Freddy you're dealing with just hop
49:37out of your ship and use your analysis
49:39visor on the deck and it'll tell you if
49:41it's worth it this one's a piece of crap
49:43if you're hell-bent on buying it though
49:45you will get it for free works just like
49:47ships just go ahead and expect the
49:49freighter and if you like it you can buy
49:51it and if you don't you know like I
49:53don't like it I'm not getting this thing
49:55you can just leave instead just request
49:57payment you'll get some reputation
49:59random items elements you'll even get
50:01nanites it's pretty awesome the very
50:03next system when you know it there's a
50:05traveler right there see how they look
50:06all weird and stuff the first question
50:09you ask them will contain story lines so
50:11I skipped that but the second one paid
50:13the 100 nanites for the grave location
50:15whenever I find a traveler I'll summon
50:17the anomaly before I get here then get
50:19my exit suit upgrade after that we'll
50:21come over here and get the actual glyph
50:23now the glyphs are used for portal
50:25locations you can go absolutely anywhere
50:28in the Galaxy as long as you have all
50:30the glyphs these grave locations will
50:32include story lines so I skipped that
50:34but yeah once you get it done there's
50:36your glyph now we only need 15 more
50:38witness the exact moment when Hawks
50:41gaming becomes a complete and total
50:43newbie bonehead finding an S-Class
50:46multi-tool on a station means that you
50:49can actually manipulate it into other
50:50multi-tools that are on other planets
50:53and moons in that system I basically had
50:56six chances to check and see if any of
50:58these Skins are multi-tool or
51:00experimental but yeah instead I just
51:02completely and totally blew the pooch
51:03this is the portal address I gave
51:05beeblebum he actually came over here and
51:07checked out all the skins for me
51:09unfortunately none of them are alien or
51:11experimental but hey if you want to get
51:13your inner Sherlock Holmes on come on
51:15down to S-Class multi-tool the system
51:18head over to any one of those planets
51:20and moons create a save point reload
51:23your save then fly back up to the space
51:24station that's how you change them in
51:26the cabinet the other awesome side
51:28effect of tracking down the grave
51:30locations of Travelers is they will give
51:32you some really useful technology so you
51:34check this out really really liking that
51:37grease shell upgrade that it just hooked
51:39me up with each and every time you open
51:41up one of these traveler packages you
51:43will get a piece of technology that you
51:45do not have so you're never gonna get
51:47duplicates of something it's just one
51:50upgrade after another I mean here's one
51:52from my ship you can get them for your
51:54multi-tool you can get them for your
51:55exosuit technology I mean it's always
51:57going to give you something you can use
51:59it's starting to feel a lot like
52:04every upgrade we click I mean is it
52:08wrong to celebrate Christmas early I
52:11guess that totally depends on when
52:12you're watching this video wow how time
52:15flies we've been doing the traveler hunt
52:17and the suit upgrades for so long that
52:20it is now our second freighter encounter
52:22usually it's four hours after your last
52:24freighter encounter as long as you made
52:26five warp jumps there are two main
52:28capital freighter types there is the
52:30Sentinel version which is this one and
52:32the Super Star Destroyer kind of looks
52:34like a star destroyer in Star Wars if
52:37you warp into a system and you don't
52:38like this skin immediately just reload
52:41your save and fly to a different system
52:43and check and see if it has the other
52:44skin there hop out of your ship to
52:47create a restore point then hop right
52:49back in we're gonna fly right back out
52:51there and go to that capital ship now
52:53don't worry there won't be any space bad
52:55guys to fight so this is going to be
52:57really really fast it is worth noting
53:00that three star systems give you a
53:02better chance to spawn an S-Class
53:04freighter I mean it's not much better of
53:07a chance but it is a little bit better
53:08so yeah do all your hunting in three
53:11star systems I mean of course we're not
53:13gonna get lucky and find it on the very
53:15first attempt so right now all you have
53:17to do is just reload your restore point
53:19I think this is my 9th or tenth reload
53:22trying to get an S-Class and there she
53:24is a Max slot S-Class freighter year
53:27these new teleporters are so totally
53:30awesome they promote being a fat guy of
53:32course I'll offer to buy your glorious
53:34S-Class freighter my good man although
53:37your choice of color scheme is a little
53:39bit ugly and grotesque but hey we can
53:41change that with nanites that's no
53:43problem especially when the price is
53:46zero this actually happens quite a bit
53:48when you're using your pulse engine
53:50around the system and you drop out just
53:52before you get to the space station it
53:54triggers all these Freighters to spawn
53:56then totally by accident because you
53:58know you don't do this on purpose you
54:00fall asleep at the wheel you
54:02accidentally leave your finger on the
54:04trigger button randomly your ship just
54:06kind of flies exactly where it needs to
54:08go and you blow stuff up then when
54:09you're done you wake up and fly right
54:11back into the space station
54:14I could be wrong I think that's a
54:17hundred and twenty slots for your cargo
54:19whatever it is the cargo is 100 maxed
54:23out about a boom bada bing this is the
54:25very last grave location we have all 16
54:27glyphs now after getting that last glyph
54:30I've really been focusing on scrapping
54:32ships now I've been holding on to all
54:34the stuff like all the modules we can
54:36sell for nanites and all the scrap
54:38itself I'm fixing to get filthy rich
54:40here both the nanites as well as units
54:43looks like we went from 19k all the way
54:45up to 43k nanites that's pretty sweet
54:48it's awesome scrapping ships when you
54:50have all kinds of inventory space you
54:52don't have to worry about running out at
54:53any time so you hold on to all your crap
54:55and do one big gigantic sale for the big
54:58scrap cell we went from 613k all the way
55:01up to 2.1 billion that's totally
55:04ridiculous all right this is totally and
55:07completely glorious right here Travelers
55:09this is a first wave guaranteed S-Class
55:13exotic that you can get as long as you
55:14have the portal glyphs here's the portal
55:17address and I know there's going to be
55:18probably thousands of you coming to get
55:20this one how did I find it totally and
55:22completely by accident which is totally
55:25awesome I was just trying to shop around
55:26for some materials after you take the
55:29portal to get here fly to the space
55:30station then hop out of your ship to
55:32create a restore point if she doesn't
55:35fly in on the very first wave or the
55:37second just reload the restore point
55:40happy little accidents or really cool
55:42accidents when you find first wave
55:44exotic spawns because they're so daggone
55:46rare now just for posterity I'm gonna
55:49hop in and out of this because it always
55:51spawns on the first wave whenever I
55:53teleport here but I want to show you if
55:55you create a restore point it's going to
55:57work for you as well here she comes she
56:00is the fifth ship in on this wave so I
56:03think I'll spend the next hour to hour
56:05and a half scrapping these guaranteed
56:07exotic ships I mean I really can't help
56:09myself it's super duper easy money as
56:11well as nanites along this journey to
56:14upgrading my S-Class hauler all the way
56:16to Max cargo as well as Max technology I
56:20thought this was going to be over a long
56:22time ago I had absolutely no idea that
56:25it is a 120 slots for cargo and 60 slots
56:29for technology that's um a little bit
56:32ridiculous yeah most definitely a lot of
56:35work but well worth it probably won't be
56:37doing this again anytime soon brace
56:40yourselves for our last massive sale of
56:43modules for nanites this is going to be
56:45completely and totally ridiculous
56:47basically I have so many Starship ad
56:50valves the games bugging you also have
56:51to sell a little bit less so I don't go
56:53over the money cap oh man we're getting
56:55super close I could probably sell a few
56:57more of these AI Valves and we'll be
56:59right at moneycap just throwing it out
57:01there I did give up on upgrading my
57:03technology slots all the way because
57:05holy crap man after 50 it was stupid
57:08time to find one of the alien portals
57:10and put those glyphs to work time to hit
57:13up the Stellar cartographer we're going
57:14to be buying a specific map we're
57:16looking for the alien Maps the ones that
57:19are purple right there once you have
57:21some maps again just plot your route
57:23you're gonna keep doing that until you
57:25find yourself an alien monolith the
57:28alien monolith is the only alien
57:30building type that will actually direct
57:32you to the portal before we head to
57:34location I'm going to summon my
57:36freighter really quick then talk to
57:38these little ship guys the little guys
57:40here and down at the Trading Post will
57:42sell you the key that you need in order
57:44to unlock the portal once you get here
57:46you're gonna be asked two questions the
57:48first one you must answer correctly or
57:51you're gonna have to reload your save
57:52you will now have the opportunity to
57:55interact with the monolith for the
57:56second time when you do so it is going
57:59to require the race specific item for
58:02Geck it is the Geck Relic now you have
58:05the location for the portal I made a
58:07little portal base off camera just so I
58:10can come back here whenever I want to
58:12let's get this portal charged up so we
58:14can actually use it the cool thing about
58:16having all 16 glyphs is like I said
58:19earlier you can go anywhere within that
58:21Galaxy as long as you know the portal
58:24address once she is fully charged up you
58:27can actually activate the portal plug in
58:30the portal address even if you want to
58:32do a random one and you can just go
58:34where that location takes you if you
58:36ever want to stop by and say hi maybe
58:38drop a combo here's the portal address
58:40this is the bestest portable box base
58:43ever located in the very exact same
58:46system that has the guaranteed first
58:48wave exotic spawn at this point it's
58:51getting really close to time to build
58:53our Epic Base on our freighter so we're
58:55gonna need to get our hands on a little
58:56bit of plant material now you can buy
58:58this stuff right up at Trading Post like
59:01I'm doing right now or you can do this
59:03on on your freighter buying it from the
59:04little ship guys now if you want you can
59:07track down the specific worlds that have
59:09the right environment for each one of
59:11these plants and then pick them with the
59:13Hazmat Gauntlet ain't nobody got time
59:15for that you won't need a lot because we
59:18can create more as long as you have the
59:20corresponding elements time to start
59:22building our epic freighter base you
59:24want to locate the green looking Archway
59:27usually I get rid of the cute little
59:29hopping blob creature there this time I
59:31think we'll keep them for posterity
59:33definitely going to remove that table
59:35and I'll probably remove at least one of
59:37these rooms as well before we go all out
59:40on our Epic Base build I'm gonna need a
59:43lot more of those frigate modules right
59:45now I believe I only have one or two on
59:47hand and as you can see I'm definitely
59:50gonna have to farm more modules now well
59:52only had one forget module in my storage
59:55container I guess we're gonna get the
59:57double cultivation chamber and before we
01:00:00go far more forget modules because
01:00:02that's going to take forever let's just
01:00:04start placing down some things I can
01:00:06actually build already which wasn't a
01:00:08lot besides a single storage container
01:00:11now we're gonna go to the black market
01:00:12systems you just need to look for the
01:00:15skull icon oh wow has it been four hours
01:00:17already oh my God my wife's gonna stab
01:00:20me in the face for playing all night you
01:00:23guess it is that time to once again let
01:00:25our bloodthirsty pirate out we're gonna
01:00:27need to farm a boatload of these frigate
01:00:30modules and I can't believe it's another
01:00:31freighter encounter this is gonna make
01:00:33it so much easier unfortunately the big
01:00:36giant Capital freighter didn't have any
01:00:38juicy frigate modules on board but it
01:00:41always seems like these little ones
01:00:43right here totally hooked me up finally
01:00:45back again with 42 Salvage frigate
01:00:49modules this time you do not want to
01:00:51know how long that took me totally and
01:00:54completely feel like a little kid
01:00:55trapped in a gigantic candy store right
01:00:57now yep just gonna be snagging up
01:00:59everything that I possibly can which I
01:01:02hope is basic basically everything
01:01:04because my goodness my fingers are
01:01:06little teeny tiny bloody stubs right now
01:01:09and this is how you waste ten thousand
01:01:11nanites I'm gonna be buying yellow as
01:01:13well as blue my primary colors now the
01:01:16very last page this is what concerns me
01:01:19a lot of those engines right there start
01:01:21getting super duper expensive but bro
01:01:25I'm gonna have to go farm those modules
01:01:28again aren't I screw that noise right
01:01:31now let's just put down a Teleport
01:01:33chamber you know like do this every
01:01:35single time I make a freighter I go and
01:01:37build all of these storage units in a
01:01:40row I call this my Chariots of Fire
01:01:49might as well plop down this orbital
01:01:52exocraft materializer definitely gonna
01:01:55need a galactic trade room I'm gonna
01:01:58plop down one of these scanner rooms as
01:02:00well they're pretty cool unfortunately
01:02:02it looks like I'm going to have to
01:02:04delete both of these rooms when laying
01:02:07out my double cultivation Chambers I
01:02:09like to have enough room for my plants
01:02:11but I also like to ring the entire
01:02:13outside of my planting area with a whole
01:02:16bunch of those large refiner rooms that
01:02:18way we don't have to have a massive Farm
01:02:20planting farms and harvesting that plant
01:02:23material is a huge part of the overseer
01:02:26as well as the scientist quests so
01:02:28having all this stuff set in place
01:02:30before you even start those quest lines
01:02:33is going to save you like a whole bunch
01:02:35of time that way you won't be time gated
01:02:37behind anything God that's like a lot of
01:02:40freaking refineries time to build our
01:02:43Stellar extractors now I usually build
01:02:45about 12 to 15 of these they constantly
01:02:49Harvest stuff for you depending on what
01:02:51type of star class system that you're in
01:02:53in a system with the yellow star you're
01:02:56going to be collecting a whole bunch of
01:02:57chromatic metal and if you want to go to
01:02:59the other star types you'll be able to
01:03:01collect the gases as well you can be the
01:03:04commander of an epic Fleet of frigates
01:03:06if you don't build a whole bunch of
01:03:08Fleet Command Center rooms I'm gonna
01:03:10build about six or seven of these yeah
01:03:12really surprised you can't build a save
01:03:14point on a freighter so I had to come
01:03:16down here hopping out on my ship to
01:03:18create a restore point went back to that
01:03:20black market system once again farming
01:03:23frigate modules and finally I have every
01:03:28single upgrade that you can possibly
01:03:30have on an S-Class freighter totally and
01:03:33completely feeling a huge sense of
01:03:35accomplishment at this point I am going
01:03:37to be changing my freighter colors to
01:03:39blue and yellow yeah I think blue and
01:03:41yellow not yellow and blue that's a
01:03:43little bit too much cheese for me head
01:03:45back to the space anomaly and buy the
01:03:47hydroponic trays as well as every single
01:03:50one of these flower blueprints after
01:03:53that hit up each and every one of these
01:03:55NPC vendors and buy every single one of
01:03:58the upgrades once you're done catch the
01:04:01teleporter back to your freighter now
01:04:03that we have over plant blueprints we
01:04:05can almost start planting our Farms but
01:04:07first of all we need to make more plant
01:04:08material in order to make more Frost
01:04:12Crystal you're going to need to actually
01:04:13put Frost crystal in there as well as
01:04:15dioxide to make more gamma root you'll
01:04:18need to put gamma root in there as well
01:04:21as uranium to create more star bulb
01:04:24you'll need star bulb as well as
01:04:26paraffinium you can create more fungal
01:04:28mold by adding fungal mold as well as
01:04:30ammonia to create selenium you just need
01:04:33to add selenium in there as well as
01:04:35phosphorus Cactus flush will of course
01:04:37take more Cactus flesh as well as pyrite
01:04:40this last one's a little tricky we're
01:04:43going to need space turns for one plant
01:04:45and we're going to need more diet for
01:04:46the next so we're gonna need to make
01:04:48more space turrets you want to keep
01:04:50growing your plant material like this
01:04:51until you have enough to start planting
01:04:53your garden now that we have some space
01:04:56turds on hand I'm gonna start turning a
01:04:58little bit of it into mordite this handy
01:05:01little conversion here is going to save
01:05:02you a bunch of oxygen so say you
01:05:05converted some of the space turns into
01:05:07moradite and you want to go ahead and
01:05:08make some more space turds well you can
01:05:11just add mordite and carbon or more
01:05:13dieted and condensed carbon to make a
01:05:15whole bunch of space poop
01:05:17with all those freaking refineries
01:05:19constantly running we're able to get to
01:05:21the planting stage pretty quick the very
01:05:24first thing we're going to plant is the
01:05:25frostwork this is the main component
01:05:27that you're going to use to make glass
01:05:29you're going to be making all kinds of
01:05:31glass when you start building a base on
01:05:32a planet or a moon I'm going to plant
01:05:35some gamma weed right next to this Frost
01:05:37wart it has a couple of uses one of
01:05:40those being living glass you'll need to
01:05:42live in glass to build biodomes on your
01:05:44super epic omnibase besides every
01:05:47traveler should have a huge stalk of
01:05:49lubricant on hand you know just in case
01:05:51for meditation purposes fungal mold is
01:05:55one of the ingredients in acid the
01:05:57second ingredient is going to be a
01:05:58mordite plant notice how I'm not really
01:06:01going ham on placing like a bajillion of
01:06:04each type of certain plant because you
01:06:06don't really need to when you have
01:06:07refineries true story mordite is
01:06:10supposed to smell like a whole bunch of
01:06:12rotten flesh which kind of makes sense
01:06:14since we created this from a whole
01:06:16pocket full of poop it's almost like I
01:06:19feel like I need to go wash my hands or
01:06:21put on some gloves or something this is
01:06:23disgusting had a Howie mandelma and I
01:06:26had to go wash my hands profusely now
01:06:27I'm back let's plant some star ball if
01:06:30you have this and some Cactus flesh you
01:06:32can make a poly fiber and if you combine
01:06:35that poly fiber with a heat capacitor
01:06:37you can make circuit boards go figure
01:06:40space turds or gut rot flowers are the
01:06:43very last ingredient to make our
01:06:45boatloads of lubricant I mean that
01:06:47sounds totally disgusting but it's not
01:06:49going to stop me from amassing a huge
01:06:52supply of this stuff Cactus flesh can be
01:06:54used to craft poly fiber it can also be
01:06:57crafted into unstable gel then combined
01:07:00with acid to make explosives keep in
01:07:03mind when you're planting Cactus flesh
01:07:06and selenium that stuff takes a freaking
01:07:08month Sundays to grow and since they
01:07:10take so long I'm just going to plant an
01:07:12extra room of each now the main reason
01:07:15you're going to want to plant solar Vine
01:07:16is if you want to combine that with
01:07:19frost crystals in order to make heat
01:07:21capacitors for circuit boards all my
01:07:24Farms are done let's build a
01:07:26construction specialist room hopped over
01:07:28to the space station in the exact same
01:07:30system you can come to the very very
01:07:32back room over here this is where you're
01:07:34going to find the overseer once you hire
01:07:37them he is going to report back to the
01:07:39exact same police that you made that
01:07:41specialist room so he's going to be on
01:07:43my freighter right here when you
01:07:45interact with the overseer for the very
01:07:47first time he is going to give you a
01:07:49little bit of glass for free although
01:07:50you know you can make all kinds of that
01:07:52at this point since you have a farm not
01:07:54too far away next you will want you to
01:07:56build a science terminal then you'll be
01:07:58able to hire a scientist now I know
01:08:00you're going to have a whole bunch of
01:08:02chromatic metal at this point so yeah
01:08:04you know what I think we'll end it right
01:08:06there there is so much to do so much to
01:08:09explore and so much to figure out on
01:08:11your own at this point traveler I've
01:08:13given you all the tools to max out all
01:08:15your technology cargo as well as money
01:08:18cap make hundreds of thousands of
01:08:20nanites find really cool S-Class
01:08:22multi-tools get a free S-Class freighter
01:08:27and you know blue cheeses totally badass
01:08:29really it is although I have to admit it
01:08:32does taste and look completely
01:08:33disgusting don't you agree don't forget
01:08:36to like comment and subscribe peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is No Man's Sky Waypoint beginner's guide about?

The No Man's Sky Waypoint beginner's guide covers obtaining resources, upgrading technology and cargo, obtaining ships and multi-tools, building bases, and interacting with NPCs like Nada and Polo. It also provides tips on finding locations, surviving environmental hazards, collecting valuable items, and making money through various methods such as cargo pod scavenging, grave robbing, and frigate module farming. Additionally, it demonstrates navigating the space anomaly, trading, and customizing ships and bases.

2. How does the No Man's Sky Waypoint guide help in obtaining valuable items?

The No Man's Sky Waypoint guide provides tips on finding locations, surviving environmental hazards, collecting valuable items, and making money through various methods such as cargo pod scavenging, grave robbing, and frigate module farming. It offers valuable insights and strategies to obtain valuable items in the game.

3. What are the key features covered in the No Man's Sky Waypoint beginner's guide?

The No Man's Sky Waypoint guide covers obtaining resources, upgrading technology and cargo, obtaining ships and multi-tools, building bases, interacting with NPCs like Nada and Polo, finding locations, surviving environmental hazards, collecting valuable items, making money through various methods such as cargo pod scavenging, grave robbing, and frigate module farming, navigating the space anomaly, trading, and customizing ships and bases.

4. How does the guide assist in interacting with NPCs in No Man's Sky Waypoint?

The guide provides assistance in interacting with NPCs like Nada and Polo, offering valuable insights into how to effectively engage with non-playable characters, seek rewards, and enhance gameplay experiences through interactions.

5. What are the different methods demonstrated in the No Man's Sky Waypoint beginner's guide for making money?

The guide demonstrates various methods for making money in No Man's Sky Waypoint, such as cargo pod scavenging, grave robbing, and frigate module farming. It provides practical tips and strategies to help players earn currency within the game.

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