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This video tutorial demonstrates how to install mods for PAYDAY 2 using Super BLT and mod_overrides mods, including instructions for installing Microsoft Visual C++ package and downloading and placing the necessary files in the correct directories.
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This section explains how to install Super BLT and mod_overrides mods for Payday 2 in 2020.
Go to the properties of Payday 2 on Steam and open the local files.
Delete the old mod folder and the old version of BLT.
Install Microsoft Visual C++ package if you don't already have it.
Download the latest release of Super BLT and open the zip file using a program like 7-zip.
This section explains how to install Super BLT and mod_overrides mods for PAYDAY 2.
Extract the archive to the mods folder.
Check the front page to see if any additional mods are required.
Copy and paste the downloaded custom weapon into the mod_overrides folder.
Launch PAYDAY 2 and check if the custom weapon is working properly.
Installing custom heists in Payday 2 is as simple as copying and pasting the downloaded files into the maps folder of the game.
Custom heists are stored in the maps folder within the Payday 2 directory.
After downloading a custom heist, open the zip file and copy/paste the files into the maps folder.
Once the transfer is complete, the new heist will be available to play in the game.
If you have any questions or need help with mods, it is recommended to visit the mod workshop or the Discord server for assistance.
00:00hi guys Master India here in this video
00:03I'll be showing you how to install
00:05payday 2 mod in 2020 the last episode
00:10version of the modding tutorial is since
00:13a little bit outdated
00:15since whole Steam library here is a
00:18little bit different looking than it was
00:20some websites where the much were hosted
00:24are down and we are transferring from
00:29blt to super busy so if you want to
00:32install mods and don't worry about them
00:34working just take a look at this so in
00:38order for you to install the mod just go
00:40to your payday - on Steam right click at
00:43the bottom its properties whatever in
00:46your language this window will appear on
00:49the third tab its local files and you
00:52click the first option here in English
00:54Prost local files it will open the
00:56payday to install directory it might go
00:59down here but this is what we are going
01:02to do and where we are going to be
01:04installing things if you have previously
01:08installed blt and your much are no
01:12longer working
01:12make sure to delete the mod folder which
01:15has bass inside so just delete that and
01:19also the old version of blt comes with
01:23this IP HL poppy dll file make sure also
01:28to delete that one so those are like the
01:31relics of the old PLT hook that made
01:34much much work previously but these days
01:38we are using the newer version which is
01:40super blt it's like improved version of
01:44that as the name would suggest with the
01:47super so in order for this to work we
01:50need to install microsoft visual c++
01:52package some modern games might already
01:56have this
01:57come with them so you might have this
02:00installed if you don't just install it
02:03and I already have this installed so it
02:07will just say that this area setup has
02:09failed and that's fine if you don't have
02:11it installed it will just complete the
02:14installation and you can close the tap
02:17after that you can download the latest
02:20released this is the super beauty and
02:23it's it's a zip file so you shouldn't
02:27have any trouble opening it but some
02:29other mods do require might require some
02:34sort of program that can open compressed
02:39files and I highly recommend 7-zip
02:43because that has the best compression
02:45rates if I'm not too too mistaken so
02:49right now I can also link the 7-zip page
02:52it's not required right now but it looks
02:57like this so you're gonna download your
03:02installation here for windows and that
03:05might be needed for some other mods
03:08depending on how whoever has created the
03:11mods has used a different program or
03:13whatever so we are here in the super PLC
03:17we have these two windows open side by
03:20side so the new new version of the BLT
03:24is not called IB HL puppy
03:27it's called V sub 32 and we need to copy
03:31paste this into the payday 2 install
03:33directory and that's it we don't have
03:36payday 2 mods installed yet but that's a
03:39lot a lot simpler than it used to be now
03:42we just launched payday 2 and it will
03:45prompt us to download payday 2 BLT base
03:50this is required in order for the most
03:53work and week like yes and the comment
03:56from appears here and it takes like one
03:59second installation complete please
04:01restore payday 2 so most likely your
04:05game will shut down anyway like minded
04:07but if it didn't just close it down then
04:10we can
04:11launch the game and see if our
04:13installation actually actually was
04:16successful it should be there shouldn't
04:18be anything and now we can see up to
04:22date none of your mods need updating so
04:24we have successfully installed the super
04:28blt and we can continue the next step
04:31and many mods custom heists at least
04:35require you to download bird live this
04:39is from mode workshop and we can press
04:43here the big green download button and
04:45it will download bird live just like
04:49with many other mods this page here is
04:53quite important it will tell you where
04:56to put your mods and what to do with
04:59them but mostly just follow this page so
05:05you know what to do so that goes to beta
05:082 / mods so that folder goes there just
05:14a second and it has been there that's
05:16that's John so we can once again check
05:21out if it has been completely installed
05:25properly it just hope it pasting so it's
05:27not too hard and here we have we have
05:30successfully installed being live well
05:33super blt is almost always required but
05:37be it lip is mostly required as well the
05:41other type of months it takes to remote
05:44and everything like that that doesn't
05:46really require you to do too much with
05:49scripting and some custom weapons or
05:52most custom weapons also use this way so
05:55in order to do this go to pay date -
05:58well this install directory you have the
06:01assets folder open that and right there
06:04just create a new folder and name it mod
06:09underscore / right so if you don't have
06:13this many mods already have it
06:18coming with them but it's just a simple
06:21empty folder where you will put your mod
06:25so I also do suggest you to download
06:29weird lip editor it's I don't think it's
06:32necessary for most things but if you are
06:36live this out of date with github just
06:40take the branches master clown or
06:46download and download save that way you
06:49can download a bread label editor this
06:52is mostly for map editing if you want to
06:57create custom heist and so on but I do
06:59believe somehow some different mods
07:03might require this so just install it to
07:06be sure and this also goes into the mods
07:10folder you can't just copy paste it like
07:12that takes a few seconds depending on
07:14the file size of the mod obviously and I
07:17will show you a few a few much and how
07:22to install them we will check how they
07:24have been installed that everything
07:26works so here we have and one quite new
07:31custom weapons custom weapon that has
07:34been updated
07:3517 hours ago it's an older mod it came
07:38out one year ago but at least we know
07:40this should be working but it because
07:42it's so recent as always check this page
07:46some uploaders have what is required
07:51here some jones but we do need bird lip
07:55be it leaf sorry we have that installed
07:58this one also requires weapon lips so
08:01open that in under the tap download and
08:07weapon lip also goes into the mods
08:11folder and now we can close that we also
08:14have something else required with these
08:16modern sites extract archive to content
08:21to mods so this also calls goes to mods
08:25modern science so check this page for
08:30wherever its gilt its if it's going to
08:33mods or remote override so right now we
08:36have everything that should be required
08:38and there so also some optional weapon
08:42modifications so if you want custom
08:45attachments different weapon style icons
08:48you can check these but only these are
08:51required so now we can install the
08:52custom custom weapon which is a little
08:55bit different so be back soon
08:58alright our custom weapon has downloaded
09:01so now we just open mods folder and go
09:06back to the assets and mode overrides
09:08folder and copy paste this here and
09:11takes a few seconds once again custom
09:14weapons custom maps and everything like
09:17that it's a little bit bigger of file
09:19size than something like scripts and now
09:22we can launch payday 2 and if this is a
09:25check if this is working so so we just
09:28go into our inventory go buy a new
09:31weapon and here we have em like a r8c
09:36ATM purchase just like a new weapon in
09:39the base game you're gonna have custom
09:42colors with the dlc or others that
09:46you're too sure how these work with
09:48custom weapons I don't think they to
09:51work too well but they have some custom
09:56attachments often to make them look a
10:00little bit different and they are well
10:03more weapons to the game some have
10:07difference that's like slow reload
10:09speeds faster reload speeds and it's
10:13really cool to have more content so as I
10:17said it's quite important you check this
10:20front page at least what is necessary
10:25you don't need to install the optional
10:26mods at it as as it says it's optional
10:30but the required modes are often
10:32necessary in order for them to work
10:35few don'ts install all the required ones
10:38the mode might not work at all your game
10:42might be crashing right whenever you
10:44start it or sometimes it might work just
10:48fine until you start a heist or right
10:52when you press fire on your weapon click
10:54your mouse then what the game will crash
10:56so make sure everything required is
11:00installed and it's different for every
11:02mode so right now I'm gonna check custom
11:06heists so custom heists are almost the
11:10same thing they just go into a different
11:12fold if you open house nightmare here a
11:14custom heist like the download being
11:17open the beta 2 directory and you can
11:20see the maps folder this is where custom
11:23heists will go so you just hope it based
11:26there open the zip file first and
11:29copy/paste it folder right so and then
11:34you can open them whenever this transfer
11:36is complete and you should have the game
11:39with a new heist ready to go so it's not
11:42harder than that if you go the concert
11:44broker we do have events I believe many
11:50custom fights obviously come with a
11:52different new contractor payday 2 maps
11:55pain with RP but we do have we do have
12:08this yes else nightmare I have played
12:12this previously three months ago I just
12:15have it installed kind of forgot what's
12:18the main game version of the heist but
12:23it's prison nightmare Health's nightmare
12:25is kind of like a modded version
12:27different map and so on but it's a kind
12:30of new heist another night so let's see
12:35if our game will work just point and yes
12:37here we have we have completely
12:40successfully loaded into a custom heist
12:43so so if you have any questions you can
12:47ask me in the comments I'll try my best
12:49to answer them but the best place would
12:53be to go to mod workshop the place where
12:56you download the modest under this code
13:00server they actually have a payday help
13:03channel where you can actually ask for
13:06help with your mods on creating them or
13:09installing them and the community is
13:11more than helpful
13:12with your problems anyways I hope this
13:15tutorial was helpful and you got your
13:18game installed with mods successfully if
13:22not I'll try my best to help you and
13:25that this code server is open for you as
13:29it's also linked down in the description
13:30so you can join there and if you want
13:34you can also join my disco server which
13:36is quite frankly in need of a revival
13:40anyways I hope you guys are all having a
13:43good day I'll see you next time master
13:45indigo signing out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the purpose of this video tutorial?

This video tutorial demonstrates how to install mods for PAYDAY 2 using Super BLT and mod_overrides mods, including instructions for installing Microsoft Visual C++ package and downloading and placing the necessary files in the correct directories.

2. What are the benefits of using Super BLT and mod_overrides mods for PAYDAY 2?

Super BLT and mod_overrides mods enhance the gaming experience by allowing players to customize the game with additional features, graphics, and functionalities.

3. How can I install Microsoft Visual C++ package as mentioned in the video tutorial?

To install Microsoft Visual C++ package, you can visit the official Microsoft website and download the necessary package based on your system specifications. Follow the installation instructions provided by Microsoft to complete the process.

4. Where can I find the necessary files for installing mods in PAYDAY 2?

You can find the necessary files for installing mods in PAYDAY 2 by visiting reputable modding platforms or communities dedicated to PAYDAY 2. Look for specific mod repositories or websites recommended by the PAYDAY 2 community.

5. Are there any precautions to consider while installing mods using Super BLT and mod_overrides mods?

When installing mods using Super BLT and mod_overrides mods, it is important to ensure that the mods are from trusted sources to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, always follow the installation instructions carefully to prevent any compatibility issues with the game.

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