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This video is a tutorial on how to download and configure the best PlayStation 2 emulator, PCSX2. The tutorial covers the installation process, including downloading and configuring the BIOS files. It also provides guidance on optimizing the emulator settings for optimal gameplay.
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The video introduces how to download and configure the best PlayStation 2 emulator for playing classic games.
The tutorial explains the need for subscribing and liking the video for support.
Differences between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 emulators are highlighted, with emphasis on the universal configuration for the latter.
Instructions are given to download the 64-bit Windows version and extract the emulator folder.
The BIOS folder within the emulator folder is noted as crucial for the PlayStation 2 emulator.
This section explains how to download and install the BIOS for PCSX2 emulator and provides configuration settings.
The BIOS download link is provided in the video description.
After downloading the BIOS, it needs to be unzipped and placed in the BIOS folder of the emulator.
The interface settings include options to change the emulator theme, update channel, and start in fullscreen.
In the BIOS tab, the emulator should recognize the downloaded BIOS. If not, the user can refresh the list.
The emulation tab provides universal configuration settings for most games, but some specific games may require additional adjustments.
To configure PCSX2 emulator for PS2 games, select NVIDIA GeForce card as adapter, choose aspect ratio as per preference, activate V-sync, and increase resolution up to 4K based on PC capabilities.
Choose NVIDIA GeForce card as adapter
Choose aspect ratio as per preference
Activate V-sync
Increase resolution up to 4K based on PC capabilities
This section explains how to configure the visual settings and add game covers in PCSX2.
You can activate TV shaders and add scan line and diagonal filters for a better visual experience.
Deactivating the Show SDS tab prevents messages from appearing on the screen while recording gameplay.
In the Gamelist tab, you can add games to the emulator by selecting the folder where they are located.
Games will be recognized and listed, but you can change the view to blocks and add cover images for a more aesthetic layout.
The emulator automatically recognizes the controller, but manual configuration is also available for specific games.
In the emulator, you can click on "automatically" to let the system recognize and configure the controller model.
If automatic recognition doesn't work, manual configuration by matching controller buttons with directional inputs is possible.
Some specific games may require individual settings, which can be adjusted by clicking on "owners" and making changes specific to that game.
Certain games, like Mortal Kombat Shaolin Max, may need specific settings adjustments for smooth gameplay.
00:00Guys, a while ago I made a
00:02video teaching you how to download and
00:04configure the best
00:06Playstation emulator of all time, including
00:09thank you very much for your positive feedback,
00:11which I saw helped a lot of people,
00:13but now the time has come for us to
00:15progress and this This time I'm going to teach
00:17you how to download and configure the
00:19best PlayStation 2 emulator so
00:22we can revisit classic games
00:24that really marked our childhood, but
00:27before we start I wanted to
00:28kindly ask you to subscribe to the
00:30channel if you haven't already. subscribed and
00:32leave your like at the beginning of the video
00:34because this helps me a lot closed
00:44first of all let me just explain
00:46something to you different from the
00:48Playstation 1 emulator which is
00:50compatible with practically all
00:52existing Play 1 games The
00:54Playstation 2 emulator is not that optimized
00:56and although it works like this, many
00:58games, some others may have
01:00graphical bugs or poor performance, but this
01:03configuration that I am going to teach
01:04you today is basically the
01:06universal configuration to run well in practically
01:08all games. That's it,
01:12we'll need to go to the PCs
01:28Just click on the little arrow down here and
01:30then download the version of Windows that
01:31is 64 bit qt when you go to
01:34download and it may be that this version here
01:36is different from mine because this here
01:38updates daily at the moment that I
01:40'm recording this video this here is the
01:42latest update
01:44download just right click and
01:46extract the folder to your computer
01:47then distract You can even delete
01:50the compressed folder and let's open the
01:54pcsx2 folder here which is the emulator folder the
01:57emulator application is this from here,
01:59x2-qt PCs, when you click on it, it will open the
02:03emulator, but at the bottom, you will
02:05notice that other folders were created in the emulator folder,
02:07including an
02:10extremely important folder, the
02:12BIOS folder, if you play the
02:14Playstation 1 emulator, you know that this is not the case. It's a
02:15Play 1 emulator. It's also necessary to
02:17install the Bios on the emulator for the
02:19games to work, but I can't do
02:21the step-by-step instructions here in the video on how to
02:22download the BIOS because this goes against
02:25YouTube's rules, but I'll leave it here
02:26in the description. in the video the link for you
02:29to access these Bios and download beauty
02:31beauty after downloading the BIOS it will
02:33come in this compressed file you will
02:34unzip the Bios and move it
02:37exactly inside that BIOS folder in the
02:39emulator folder right so
02:42we just click inside here from the Bios folder and
02:44here ready BIOS is installed now
02:47we can close the emulator folder
02:49And focus here on what matters which is the
02:57in settings and then let's
02:59start here with the interface in this
03:01first interface tab You can
03:03change the emulator theme, right, it comes by
03:05default this Dark Fusion Ray Dark we
03:07can put it in the native one and it stays all
03:10Light and such but here it is very much to taste right,
03:12I prefer to leave the default here in the
03:16update channel. You can leave it at nitely and
03:18leave this enable of
03:20magic updatec box checked because then whenever
03:22you open the emulator it will look for
03:24updates and keep your emulator up to date,
03:26if you want you can
03:28check it too here the start for screen
03:30so whenever you open the emulator it
03:31will open in full screen and in this part of the
03:33interface that's all for now we
03:35will skip this game list tab and here in the
03:38BIOS tab you will just confirm if the
03:40emulator recognizes that BIOS that you
03:42downloaded a few seconds ago, if it's
03:44showing up here, fine, it's closed. If it's not
03:47showing up, confirm that you
03:49actually put the BIOS in the right folder
03:50and press this refresh list so it can
03:53search again, ok, here in the
03:55emulation tab, here's the thing, these
03:57settings here practically
03:58work for most games,
04:00some specific games need to change
04:02one little thing or another, but this
04:04configuration that I'm showing is the
04:06most Universal possible, the widest possible
04:07to work Practically every type of
04:09game, so just confirm that these
04:11boxes are marked the same as here in
04:13my emulator, right? it's the enabel Multi
04:15trade v1 and the email or Instant see a
04:18right let's jump to the next tab
04:20let's go to graphix this here is the best
04:22part which is where you will leave your
04:24game there handsome guy first of all here
04:26in Hendry you it will take from altamérica and
04:29if you have an NVidia video card
04:31you can leave EM Direct 3D 11
04:34if you have an AMD card you
04:37can close it invokes beauty in general I
04:40will dog it works well for both cards
04:42But in my tests the direct 3D Eleven
04:45works best for NVidia As my
04:47nvid card I'm going to leave Direct 3D 11
04:49and here in the adapter I'm going to put my
04:51video card which is the NVIDIA GeForce
04:54rtx 3060 beauty down here in the
04:57aspect tab you can leave it in High
05:00Standard if If you want the
05:01experience to be the same as on the Playstation
05:032, that is, with those black bars on the
05:06side because the game at the time wasn't
05:08in widescreen, right, it was in a
05:10four by three aspect ratio. But if you prefer
05:13the game to be in full screen, right?
05:15Don't have these black bars on the
05:16side, you can click here and change it to
05:18White screen. Personally, I prefer to
05:20leave it on automatic because I
05:22like the same experience as before
05:24in these Tabs below, you can
05:26leave it as default and I only advise
05:29you to activate the v yes, here below
05:31why activate the v like this because then you wo
05:33n't have a problem with tiui right
05:35basically in this display tab That's all
05:37you need to do now you
05:39'll jump here to the Renner tab And here
05:42the magic happens because it's just
05:44internal Brazil, you will
05:46improve the game's graphics if you
05:48keep Native Playstation 2, it will
05:51run with the same graphics as the
05:53original game, that is, those graphics that
05:55looked good on those old
05:56tube televisions, but as you are going to play on
05:59your monitor, I advise you change
06:00here and increase the resolution I usually
06:03play here at 3x Native which would be the
06:06equivalent of 1080p, right full HD but if
06:09you want you can put even more
06:11than that like 2K 4K or as far as
06:14your video card can handle the more
06:16you increase but it will require your PC
06:19or if even 1080p is too much for you,
06:21try going up to PRO 720 as the graphics
06:24are already very beautiful, put it here in
06:261080p and otherwise you don't
06:28need to change anything in this next
06:31test tab you can change the textures from the
06:34game to textures that the fans create,
06:37which are in HD and everything else, I
06:39personally don't touch that, but if
06:40you want to download these textures in
06:42HD from the fans, here you just have to leave
06:45the load testers and brakes box activated
06:49and in that root folder from the emulator you
06:51will install the textures that you downloaded
06:53here in the test folder which at first doesn't
06:56have anything right going back here to the
06:58emulator here in the possession processing tab
06:59you can click and you can activate
07:01some effects just like I showed
07:03you in the Playstation emulator
07:05which are those horizontal lines to
07:08appear Old TV is connected here it's
07:10a lot of taste but if you want to
07:12activate this you will click on TV shader
07:15here where it is in the name and you can
07:17add in the Scan Line Filter diagonal
07:19Filter anyway you can click on them and
07:22test in your game there to see if it's
07:24cool, I usually leave it in my name and
07:26now we're going to jump to tabs here
07:29in USD, I just deactivate this tab here,
07:32Show SDS because every time you
07:35save the game or do something in the
07:37emulator it will A
07:38message appears in the corner of the screen and for those who
07:41record mainly this is not so
07:42cool so it's just this first
07:44XD messages box that will deactivate
07:47these messages appearing on top of your
07:49game in these last two tabs here you
07:51don't need to touch anything at all
07:53and now let's go back to that
07:56gamelice tab that we skipped, alright
07:58here, no one melist, we're going to show it
07:59to the emulator Where our
08:01games are on the computer, I'll leave it there in the
08:03description of the video, sites for you to
08:05download the games to add them
08:07here on PCs
08:23just click Yes because then
08:26it will find the game not only in that
08:27folder but also in subfolders And you
08:30can already see here at the bottom that the games
08:32have already been recognized, right, just take a
08:35close look here in the settings and here the
08:37games appear in the list But you you can
08:40change this to make it more beautiful you
08:42can change the list to blocks
08:44when you put them in blocks the games
08:46will appear like this but everything is still
08:48ugly because they don't have the covers
08:49You can even reduce it a little here the
08:52size and how do you do it add
08:54the cover of each game just
08:56right click on it click here
08:58on set cover image and then you can search on
09:01your PC Where is the cover of the game I
09:03won't do that here in the game tutorial
09:05for the game because otherwise It would take a
09:06long time but all you have to do is Google it and
09:08look for the cover of the game and add it
09:10game by game so the layout here looks
09:12really nice, right, but I'm going to keep it
09:14here on the list at first oh and Another
09:17very important factor that we didn't change It's
09:18still about configuring the controls
09:20considering that you already have a controller
09:22plugged into your PC, in my case I'm
09:24using a PlayStation 5 controller, you
09:26go here to the settings controllers tab and
09:30here we go to the second tab which is the
09:32controllerport and a dualshock 2 right
09:34here in this first tab If you are
09:37in Connect and you will change to
09:39dualshock 2 and generally the emulator already
09:41recognizes which control you are using
09:44for this you click here on
09:45automatically and then you click on the
09:48model of your control here you have control
09:50of the Playstation 5 Playstation
09:514 control Hello and as soon as I click all the
09:54commands will be automatic,
09:56that is, I don't need to click button by
09:57button to configure but if your
10:00control is not showing up here
10:02automatically you can do the
10:04manual configuration And what do you mean? do for
10:06example you will click here on up and on
10:09your control you will also click here on
10:10the directional up left You will
10:13click on the Direction left
10:14bright right and so on right
10:17after configuring the controls your
10:19emulator is ready for you play
10:21Remembering that some specific games
10:24need specific settings
10:26to run, the ones I remember off the top of my head,
10:28Mortal Kombat Shaolin Max is one where you
10:30need to change a setting and not
10:32use this Universal one here for it to run
10:34without graphical bugs, in which case you
10:36won't change it here the General settings
10:39and yes the specific configuration only for
10:41the game how do you do this you click
10:43on the button in the game and click on
10:45owners clicking on owners everything
10:47you change here will change only
10:49for this specific game and not for
10:51all in this case of Shaolin Max for example
10:53you need to go here emulation and remove
10:55this option to enable multi trade v11 if
11:00you remove this from here it will run the
11:01game without graphical bugs But as I told
11:03you there are only some
11:05specific games that require
11:07specific settings And that's if If you search on
11:09Google you will find the best
11:11configuration for your game that is
11:13buggy, in general, most games will
11:16work very well with these
11:17settings that I taught here in the
11:18video, I'm going to leave
11:21some games with these
11:22settings running in the background. which I showed you
11:23here to see how much more beautiful they are
11:26than when running on the native Playstation 2,
11:28remember to always keep your
11:30emulator updated because with each
11:32update that launches it is easier for the
11:34game to run with these
11:36universal settings than you need keep
11:38changing specific settings guys,
11:40I hope you enjoyed the
11:42tutorial, take the opportunity to leave a like
11:44if you didn't leave it at the beginning of the
11:46video and subscribe to the channel if you
11:48're not already subscribed, I intend to bring
11:50more tutorials for you, I'll stop
11:52here so Thanks and see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the best PlayStation 2 emulator for PC?

The best PlayStation 2 emulator for PC is PCSX2, and this video tutorial explains how to download and configure it for optimal gameplay.

2. How can I download and install PCSX2 emulator?

The video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on downloading and installing the PCSX2 emulator, making it easier for you to start playing your favorite PS2 games on your computer.

3. What are the BIOS files and how to configure them for PCSX2 emulator?

The tutorial covers the process of downloading and configuring the BIOS files for the PCSX2 emulator, ensuring that you have the necessary files to run PS2 games smoothly on your PC.

4. How can I optimize PCSX2 settings for the best gameplay experience?

The video tutorial includes guidance on optimizing the emulator settings for the best gameplay experience, allowing you to adjust the settings for smooth and enjoyable PS2 gaming on your PC.

5. What makes PCSX2 the top choice for PlayStation 2 emulation on PC?

PCSX2 is the top choice for PlayStation 2 emulation on PC due to its compatibility, performance, and the ability to provide an authentic PS2 gaming experience on your computer.

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