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This video is an unboxing and setup guide for the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel, which can be used with PlayStation consoles and PC, featuring features such as indicator LEDs, brake pedals, and secure mounting for a realistic racing experience. The video demonstrates how to connect the wheel to a PlayStation 5 and shows gameplay with Gran Turismo and Need for Speed.
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This section introduces the Logitech G29 racing wheel, its compatibility, features, and accessories.
The Logitech G29 is a popular racing wheel that can be used with PlayStation consoles, PC, and Xbox.
It has indicator LEDs to show turning direction and features both normal controls and a wheel for driving.
The wheel is compatible with brake pedals, driving pedals, and a shifter for manual gear shifting.
The wheel can be securely mounted with clamps and has dual motor force feedback for a realistic racing experience.
The video shows the unboxing and initial impressions of the Logitech G29 racing wheel for the PlayStation 5.
The racing wheel is of a decent size and has a nice build quality.
It features metal plating at the back and grips at the bottom.
The wheel has various buttons including the PlayStation logo, home button, and L3, L2, and back buttons.
The pedals are made of metal and have different levels of resistance.
The video demonstrates how to connect and set up the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel for the PlayStation 5.
Connect the power supply to the wheel.
Connect the pedals and USB cable to the wheel.
Use the grips on the table to secure the wheel.
Utilize the cable management feature for cleaner cable arrangement.
Mount the wheel on the table and lock it in place.
Connect the wheel to the PlayStation 5 and start playing.
The unboxing and setup of the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel for the PlayStation 5, followed by initial gameplay in Gran Turismo 7.
The wheel feels more locked and the user is excited to play.
The wheel needs to be connected to the PlayStation 5 via USB and the PlayStation button needs to be pressed to connect it as a controller.
Basic controls of the wheel are explained, including the right pedal for driving, the middle pedal for braking, and the left pedal to be figured out.
The reviewer provides initial impressions of the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel and mentions its compatibility with Need for Speed Unbound on the PlayStation 5.
The reviewer mentions that the gear shifter accessory may be required to change gears in the game.
They note that there is resistance in the gameplay when driving on grass.
The reviewer connects the wheel to the PlayStation 5 using a USB connection and confirms its compatibility with Need for Speed Unbound.
They mention that the wheel is sensitive to movement and requires some time to get used to.
The quality of the wheel and steering pads is praised by the reviewer.
00:00this video we are unboxing and setting
00:03up the Logitech G29 so this is a racing
00:06wheel that will connect to your racing
00:08games such as Gran Turismo Need for
00:12Speed and other games so this is made by
00:15Logitech it's super popular it's
00:17probably one of the most popular wheels
00:18that they have in the collection there
00:21is other ones and there's also
00:23thrustmaster that make amazing wheels
00:27too this is my first ever wheel that I'm
00:30unboxing so I'm excited let's look at
00:33the box so it says that can be used for
00:35PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4 even
00:37PlayStation 3 so it is backwards
00:40compatible and also PC so you can
00:43connect it to all sorts of gaming
00:45consoles there's Xbox different versions
00:47and this is the PlayStation version
00:50but it's good to know that it connects
00:52to a PC as well on the back here we can
00:54have a look at some of these things
00:55indicator LEDs so it showed us like if
00:59we're turning left or right which is
01:00kind of cool on real game controls so
01:03basically you have like the normal
01:04controls of the controller plus the
01:07wheels so it's very helpful for when
01:09you're like driving and we also have the
01:12brake pedals as well and the driving
01:14pedals and it's compatible with a
01:18shifter as well so Logitech also has
01:21this extra thing where it's like manual
01:24and you can manually shift into
01:26different gears and stuff like that I
01:28drive Auto so I'm not going to worry
01:30about manual I don't know maybe it will
01:32be helpful for my driving who knows it's
01:35got secure mounting so has these clamps
01:38so I'm going to fit it onto this desk so
01:41when I play the game it'll actually
01:43clamp on which is really good and it
01:46also has dual motor force feedback I
01:48don't know what that is so let's find
01:49out so realistically simulates the
01:52racing experience okay so just it's a
01:55realistic Simulator full of driving
01:57which is really good I'm gonna guess
01:58that's for like vibrations I don't know
02:01if it has vibrations so this is also
02:04made out of real leather and metal
02:05components which is really cool as well
02:07and it also comes with these like foot
02:10pedals you're getting in the Box the
02:13steering wheel pedals power supply and
02:16documents and we just need PlayStation 5
02:18to connect it to which we have in the
02:20back here and yeah let's let's actually
02:23unboxes and delve right in apparently
02:26this was really popular over Christmas
02:27this year because I couldn't actually
02:29get this in store I have to order it
02:31through Amazon so it just shows that
02:35it's still a very popular product so
02:37first things it comes with is power
02:40cables and stuff like that comes with
02:43this cable that we actually use for the
02:46PlayStation 5 in there comes with this
02:48other cable and F1 racing playset so
02:53that's the actual racing wheel and then
02:55we've also got this which is the bottom
02:57component which are the actual pedals
02:59now we've got this instructional manual
03:01hopefully it's pretty easy to understand
03:04and utilize like
03:08all right I'm excited
03:10okay so this is what an actual steering
03:13wheel looks like it's pretty sick pretty
03:16decent build it's a bit like yeah it's
03:19about the right size it is maybe a
03:22little bit smaller than what I
03:24originally expected so the actual
03:26component of it feels pretty nice
03:30feels pretty pretty nice so we got this
03:33metal plating at the back here as well
03:36under the wheel that's not the first
03:38thing I noticed and then we've got these
03:39which are we have the grips there at the
03:42bottom which would just sort of come out
03:45we have this USB cable over here which
03:49would connect to the PlayStation 5. we
03:53have the the x square triangle and
03:56circle and we've got the home button
03:58here options also we have the L3 L2
04:03and the back button here with the style
04:05so and we have the PlayStation logo here
04:10nice it looks actually really good we've
04:13also got that but yeah the actual
04:16component of the wheel it feels quite
04:18nice and soft it feels like a proper
04:20wheel so once you have it properly
04:23mounted which we're going to figure out
04:24how to do it should be pretty good just
04:27got to figure out actually how to mount
04:29it I'm wondering if you need to press
04:31these down the connections so we've got
04:33the USB cable which will connect to the
04:37PlayStation 5 and then we've got HDMI
04:39out sort of connection and then the HDMI
04:41sort of in connection now let's have a
04:44look at the bottom so these are the
04:47paddles so these will go on the floor
04:50which is actually quite a good size so
04:54these are actually made out of metal and
04:57they have pretty great resistance so
04:59this one has the least resistance this
05:01one has a lot of resistance this one has
05:03like a medium sort of resistance
05:05ah so this would input into here
05:11that connects to there oh yeah and then
05:14the other one we have the logos here so
05:16this other connection here would go to
05:20the shifter so we've got the three
05:22different connections there so that's
05:24how that would be
05:26right so there's a power input that we
05:29need to actually connect this to and
05:31that's right next to
05:33right next to the input of the the foot
05:37pedals so that's this power input and
05:42on the power input there is another
05:45input and then that's where we connect
05:47this cable to and then we connect that
05:50to the Logitech wheel and then that's
05:53how we get power to the wheels to be
05:55able to use it
05:56so that would connect there like that
05:58and then we'll connect this other side
06:01to a power supply
06:03oh we now have this connected to power
06:07we put the pedals down below and then we
06:11have the USB cable as well and that will
06:14connect to the PlayStation 5. is there
06:17an on button I'm interested because at
06:20the top there there is a PS3 button and
06:23then a PS4 button but I'm connecting
06:25this to a Playstation 5. so
06:28I don't know uh I'm not going to select
06:31anything for the moment get the grips on
06:33the table basically you need to turn
06:35these parts you basically turn it left
06:38and then to push them back in you do
06:40that and that's when the grips are
06:42locked in so you need to spin that spin
06:45these up these top bits will spin out
06:47more and then that means that these
06:50mountings will come out a bit more if
06:53that makes sense and then you can
06:54actually mount it to a table I was so
06:56confused for a little bit because I was
06:58like hang on this isn't working also
07:01another feature that I've just realized
07:03is there's Cable Management going on
07:05here so through these lines you can
07:07actually put these cables so it stops
07:09from any problems with cables and stuff
07:12and then you can actually run these
07:14cables up here and then that will keep
07:18your cable management a bit cleaner if
07:21that makes sense so that's actually a
07:23really good feature so so that's how the
07:26bottom should look when all the cable
07:28management is all done it's a good thing
07:30that they have these it's really really
07:32good so then you can now pop that on a
07:36like so
07:38and now we can actually
07:41remount these
07:44so you want to go this way
07:47to mount it on the table
07:53there we go boom
07:55now you can lock them in by pressing
07:57them in
07:59here we go
08:01and now the Logitech steering wheel is
08:04mounted to this table so now we can
08:07connect it to the PlayStation 5 now and
08:10play some Gran Turismo let's go all
08:14right so we're going to connect the
08:15Logitech G29 to the PS5 now so what you
08:19need to do you get your USB cable and
08:21literally just pop it in the back to one
08:24of the USB connections
08:26and that will connect it to the
08:28PlayStation 5. as you can see straight
08:31away we have the wheel just like
08:33spinning and now it's connected to the
08:35PlayStation 5. now it's stopped it's
08:37locked the PS4 logo will light up at the
08:42top that's how you know that's connected
08:44it's interesting just like film this for
08:46the first time like the indicators
08:48around the back they click
08:50is interesting getting my first sort of
08:53experience with this it's pretty cool
08:54and the driving wheel feels more locked
08:57now so I'm excited to be connected to
08:59Gran Turismo and and just play it so
09:02let's let's do some gameplay and have
09:04some fun all right so we're connected to
09:06the PlayStation 5 we're all set up so
09:08now let's turn on some Gran Turismo for
09:10the very first time I haven't played
09:12Gran Turismo 7 before so I'm excited to
09:15see what it's actually like so with this
09:18I can't actually control the game with
09:21the wheel yet so probably there will be
09:23some settings that you need to go to to
09:26connect to the PlayStation 5 because
09:29right now you're connected to the back
09:30of the PlayStation 5 because it's an
09:32accessory via USB and yeah we'll we'll
09:37get it working in a minute
09:39we do know it's connected because there
09:41is a light showing ah Okay so we've got
09:45to press the the PlayStation button
09:47right and now
09:49it's working so that's all it took so
09:52basically to get it to work you just
09:54need to press the PlayStation button on
09:57the bottom and now it will connect as a
09:59controller and now you can start using
10:02it as a controller so that's all I had
10:04to do I was very confused before so now
10:06we can actually actually start playing
10:09with the
10:10Gran Turismo so yeah let's have some fun
10:13and just like get started with this all
10:17right we're doing it
10:20so what does this do so
10:24oh there's a bit of resistance there uh
10:27mate this is uh it's quite interesting
10:30to try and do
10:36right okay great
10:42interesting so basic controls just like
10:48just do basic
10:50control C the far right pedal is
10:54to basically
10:56drive and if I want to press that off we
10:59won't drive
11:00and then to break
11:02you do the middle paddle
11:05and then let's figure out what the left
11:07pedal does
11:09a change gear
11:11I don't know what that does
11:12I'm not sure what the far left pedal
11:14does but basically the right pedal at
11:18the bottom
11:19will help you drive and then the middle
11:22pedal breaks
11:24and basically you just drive really it's
11:26it's pretty good the wheel feels pretty
11:30there's no resistance really to the
11:32driving so it's interesting
11:37okay so I've got to beat these times
11:41so it's on the auto drive at the moment
11:43so we don't need to change any pedals
11:46I'm wondering if like the far left one
11:48changes what gear you're in this is four
11:52different gears but there is also that
11:54component where it's like the gear
11:56shifter in the game which will change
11:58the gears for you
12:00so maybe you need the accessory of the
12:04gear shifter to be able to change the
12:08right now we're doing a lot better than
12:09last time
12:11so I need a break here so I need a break
12:19okay so when you go on the grass you
12:20feel a bit of resistance in the gameplay
12:22as well
12:24first impression so far pretty good I
12:28can't wait to actually delve into the
12:29game once all the stuff is fully
12:33okay so the full game is still
12:35downloading I'm wondering if we could
12:37actually connect this to Need for Speed
12:39so basically all you have to do is
12:43put the USB connection in the front of
12:46the PlayStation 5 reconnect it and it
12:48works straight away so yes we can get it
12:50to work with Need for Speed Unbound for
12:52anyone who wants to know and it's quite
12:54sensitive to the movement so you've got
12:56to be really careful to like how you're
12:59playing it
13:04so hold X for nitrous yep and it works
13:10so yeah you can feel some vibrations on
13:12the controller when you're like off the
13:14road and stuff like that if you're
13:15struggling uh once you get used to it at
13:18first I wasn't getting used to it now
13:19I'm sort of used to the driving so I'm
13:21driving in a straight line now but it
13:23does definitely take you a second to
13:25sort of get used to the the driving in a
13:28straight line because it's so sensitive
13:30to the movements of the wheel
13:32uh really good the wheel feels like
13:34really good quality and everything like
13:35that and the definitely the bottom
13:38steering pads they feel really good
13:40quality too
13:42so let me know guys if you want me to do
13:44a comparison between the Logitech G29
13:48and the
13:49g239 and some frostmaster
13:52controllers because I would love to do
13:54that for you guys if you would like to
13:56see it the one thing I noticed is a bit
13:58of resistance when you want to do like a
14:00hard turn so if I want to do like a real
14:02hard turn there's a bit of resistance
14:04with that
14:06so yeah if you guys are ever having
14:07issues with connecting the controller to
14:09the game just reconnected by the USB
14:11cable maybe to a different port maybe
14:13the front port or the back port and it
14:15will work
14:16the hottest thing is like when you lose
14:18control of the car
14:20you guys so much like wheel spin
14:23definitely like And subscribe if you
14:25want to see more content like this if
14:27you want to see some racing wheel
14:29comparisons for the PS5 like And
14:32subscribe for that and let me know what
14:33you want to see next I'll see you guys
14:35next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main features of the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel?

The Logitech G29 Racing Wheel features indicator LEDs, brake pedals, and secure mounting for a realistic racing experience. These features enhance the gaming experience and provide a more immersive racing simulation.

2. How is the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel connected to a PlayStation 5?

The video demonstrates the process of connecting the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel to a PlayStation 5, providing a detailed guide for users to follow. This ensures that viewers can easily set up the racing wheel for their own gaming setup.

3. Which gaming consoles is the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel compatible with?

The Logitech G29 Racing Wheel is compatible with PlayStation consoles and PC, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of gaming setups. This compatibility expands the potential audience for the product.

4. What games are featured in the demonstration of the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel?

The video showcases gameplay with Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, demonstrating how the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel performs in different racing game scenarios. This allows viewers to see the wheel in action and visualize its capabilities.

5. What makes the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel a compelling choice for racing enthusiasts?

With its realistic features and compatibility with popular gaming consoles, the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel provides an immersive and authentic racing experience for enthusiasts. The video effectively conveys the wheel's appeal and value to potential buyers.

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