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This video discusses the privacy concerns and security features of various wireless home security cameras, recommending the Eufy system as the best option due to its strong privacy policy and encryption measures. The video advises against using cameras inside the home and highlights the invasive data collection practices of other popular brands like Blink and Ring.
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The video discusses the popularity of inexpensive Wi-Fi based camera systems for home security, highlighting the potential privacy and data security concerns associated with some brands.
Many people opt for Wi-Fi based camera systems due to their affordability and ease of setup.
Some companies subsidize the cost of these cameras by selling personal data.
The video aims to identify the best security surveillance system that protects privacy and data.
The Blink camera, owned by Amazon, is mentioned as an example of a popular but potentially data-collecting option.
It is advised not to place wireless home security cameras inside your home due to privacy concerns.
Cameras should be placed outside to monitor areas like doors and driveways.
Privacy policies should be carefully reviewed before purchasing a camera.
Pay attention to the information collected by the camera and how it is secured.
Be cautious of vague overviews in privacy policies that may hide concerning details.
Both Blink and Ring are not recommended for home security due to privacy concerns and invasive data collection practices.
Blink collects a significant amount of personal information, including IPs, login emails, passwords, device metrics, and location data.
Ring is highly subsidized and popular, but it has been criticized for its massive data collection and privacy invasion.
Ring has been known to use security camera footage without consent and harvest pictures of people's faces for sponsored ads.
Ring's terms of service give them unlimited rights to reuse, distribute, and modify footage taken from your front door.
The speaker discusses the importance of due process in criminal cases and expresses concerns about the invasion of privacy and security when giving police or companies access to camera footage without proper investigation.
People can be wrongly accused and imprisoned based on camera footage without due process.
The speaker supports the police but emphasizes the need for warrants and actual investigations.
Arlo and Nest are mentioned as other options, but the speaker finds their data collection and privacy policies concerning.
The speaker recommends Eufy as the best security camera option with a strong privacy policy.
This section discusses the privacy and security features of the wireless home security camera.
The company emphasizes their dedication to privacy and has received certifications for data handling.
The device offers local storage and end-to-end encryption.
The built-in AI enables face detection locally on the device to avoid false alarms.
The camera can store up to three months of recording.
The video recommends investing in a more expensive but feature-rich security camera system like Eufy for better privacy and security.
Eufy cameras have 4K resolution and AI software.
They allow for local storage of recordings and optional cloud storage.
Eufy offers alerts, alarms, and solar power options.
The video suggests selling other security systems like Ring and investing in a system that prioritizes privacy and security.
00:00welcome to dos geek now this is an
00:02important one for all of you to watch
00:05because i know that there's a lot of
00:07temptation out there to go and get these
00:11wi-fi based camera systems and the
00:14reason why so many people want to use
00:16these things for their doorbells or hang
00:18in their house is they're operated by
00:20battery usually they last a really long
00:23time on battery you don't have to pay an
00:24electrician to run wires all throughout
00:26your home to do a dvr based recording
00:29security system you just simply mount
00:32these you connect them to your wi-fi and
00:34boom you're ready to go so they have
00:36simplified the security business heavily
00:39with these type of cameras here and
00:41there are a lot of companies that have
00:42come out to make them the problem is a
00:45lot of these are subsidized and the cost
00:48of them is so low because they're using
00:51and selling your personal data so what i
00:53wanted to do is yes the best solution is
00:56to have a wired system that you control
00:58that records to a dvr that you set up
01:00through your own personal cloud but
01:02those cost lots and lots of money which
01:04is why these things are selling like
01:05crazy so i wanted to go through all of
01:07the options out there that i have seen
01:10on the market that are popular and tell
01:13you which one actually has the best
01:15security surveillance and
01:18protects your privacy and your data
01:20there is one system out there that i
01:22found that comes close to checking all
01:24of those boxes and we're going to get
01:26into that right now so this is not the
01:29device i will recommend by the way but i
01:31want to start with it because it's very
01:32popular blink is owned by amazon that
01:34should be your first red flag there
01:36because we know amazon is heavy in the
01:39personal data collection realm these are
01:41very inexpensive which means they're
01:43subsidized so this is very attractive to
01:46a lot of people who want to save on
01:48their budget because you can get these
01:49cameras for near nothing compared to
01:51other security solutions out there it's
01:53very easy to set up and it's going to
01:55open a hole in your firewall so that you
01:57can access this thing outside of your
01:59network so if you were going to get one
02:01of these type security systems the first
02:03thing you want to do is make sure that
02:05you're creating a separate virtual lan
02:07uh easy way to do this for users who are
02:10not technical is to turn on guest
02:12network and then connect your things
02:14through a guest network in your router
02:16so that's the easiest for most people to
02:18do a vlan or some routers don't have the
02:20options to create vlans virtual lands
02:23in that case so you want to separate
02:24this from the rest of your equipment
02:26another thing i want to mention right
02:27off the bat with these cameras is never
02:29put them inside your home these have
02:31microphones they have video they can be
02:33hacked that is extremely
02:35invasive to have something like this
02:37inside your home this at the very
02:40least should be outside so you're using
02:42as a security measure outside have it
02:45looking at a door outside have it
02:47looking at your driveway outside but
02:50never put these things inside your home
02:52where they could be recording audio and
02:54taking pictures and things like that now
02:56they're still going to get pictures of
02:57you potentially uh being outside and
03:00they'll hear some conversations that
03:01you're having outside but that's much
03:03that's usually not as private as the
03:06conversations you would be having inside
03:07your home and things like that so i
03:09would never no matter which one i talk
03:11about here put these cameras inside your
03:14home period so the first thing you
03:16should do before you buy one of these is
03:19look at the privacy policies now i'm
03:21gonna quickly go through these but if
03:23you're gonna buy one of these cameras
03:24don't just take my word for which one i
03:26settle on go yourself and look at the
03:28privacy notices and read them this is
03:31the information before you look at price
03:33or anything else that should be the top
03:36of your decision tree because you don't
03:38want these cameras to be doing the very
03:40opposite not providing you security but
03:42taking away your privacy and security
03:45and that's what a lot of these cameras
03:46can do so some of the things we want to
03:48look for because obviously this video
03:49would be two hours long if we read
03:51through all of this legal jargon and
03:53nonsense is what information are they
03:55collecting which kind of details here
03:58but you have to be careful with these
03:59because a lot of times they'll kind of
04:00give you a brief overview which sounds
04:02okay and then when you get into the
04:04details it starts to get scarier so
04:06looking at blink here
04:08does blink share your personal
04:09information they give this nice little
04:11clause that we care about your privacy
04:13everywhere of course and how secure is
04:15the information they talk about some
04:17pretty basic
04:19level of encryption and things that
04:21they're using here to safeguard your
04:22data they talk about choices that you
04:25have that you could contact them to have
04:27them stop processing your personal
04:29information potentially we know some
04:32companies actually fulfill that others
04:33don't but then if you go in here and see
04:36information or examples of information
04:38they collect place an order through
04:39blank services download stream view or
04:41use content on a device through service
04:43or application provide account
04:45information configure settings so any of
04:48this stuff you're doing they're going to
04:49collect information on you complete
04:51questionnaires upload images videos or
04:54other files to blank services so there
04:56is no storage offline with blink this
04:59all goes into amazon cloud and they're
05:01not charging you for that which is
05:02another red flag how are they able to
05:05afford to give everybody free storage
05:07for their video and security there
05:09that's a problem here's some of the
05:11automatic information that they're
05:13collecting your ips your login emails
05:15and passwords computer device and
05:17connection information device metrics
05:21blink service metrics such as technical
05:23errors interactions backup information
05:27location of your device running on the
05:29application so if you're the location of
05:32your phone for instance as you are using
05:34the blank services your phone numbers
05:36all of this stuff so right away
05:38blink is out the door this is a terrible
05:40security solution i wouldn't even put
05:42them outside my home avoid at all costs
05:45what's the other one a lot of people
05:46like to use
05:47ring this is probably the worst of all
05:51is ring and unfortunately it's probably
05:53the most popular of all because it's
05:55highly subsidized it's very inexpensive
05:58and it's highly advertised here but
06:00right off the bat look at the
06:02information they're obtaining about you
06:04i mean this section is just
06:06massive here and then they have
06:09automated means of things how they're
06:11using your information is all over the
06:15i'm not going to go through in detail
06:16because ring is a privacy disaster it's
06:19been talked about all over including the
06:22eff which i highly trust you don't have
06:24to believe me look at eff out here they
06:27talk about here in this article earlier
06:29this year social media users pointed out
06:30the ring was using actual security
06:32camera footage of alleged
06:35wrongdoers and sponsored ads amazon
06:37harvested pictures of people's faces and
06:40posted them alongside accusations that
06:43they were guilty of a crime without
06:45consulting the person pictured or the
06:47owners of the camera according to their
06:48terms and service ring and its license
06:50have an unlimited irrevocable fully paid
06:53and royalty free perpetual worldwide
06:56right to reuse distribute store delete
06:58translate copy modify display cell
07:00creative derivative works in relation to
07:03the footage taken from your front door
07:07so this is highly privacy invasive ring
07:11is a complete disaster if you have it
07:14get rid of it sell it to somebody else
07:17somebody who hasn't seen this video get
07:19rid of the doorbell solution get rid of
07:21their cameras they are a mess ring is
07:24the worst of them all you only have to
07:27do five minutes of digging on ring to
07:29know that you know the relationships
07:31with the police the ability to grab
07:33information without warrants and how
07:35dangerous this can be there are so many
07:37people sitting in jail their entire
07:40organizations dedicated to it that
07:42weren't guilty of the crime but they're
07:43in the wrong place at the wrong time and
07:46there's many people who get released out
07:48of jail every year when they find new
07:49evidence and things come to light who
07:50sit in jail for 20 plus years because of
07:53things like this where
07:55camera footage will pick up somebody
07:57walking by at the time that a crime
07:59happened so it's obviously got to be
08:01this person and that's the rest of the
08:03story i don't want to help with that we
08:04want to have due process in criminal uh
08:08crimes and for the police departments
08:09and detectives they need to do due
08:12process they need to get warrants they
08:14need to do actual investigations i
08:16support the police i'm very happy they
08:19exist and can protect their homes and
08:20things but at the end of the day there's
08:22a process for a reason it needs to go
08:24through and getting through that process
08:26by getting neighborhoods and things to
08:27sign up and give police access to all
08:29the footage in your cameras or giving
08:31ring access to sit there and make
08:33alleged uh videos and ads and things
08:36using people that are alleging of a
08:37crime that haven't gone through due
08:38process is absolutely a horrible
08:41invasion of your privacy and security
08:44all right so real quick let's take a
08:46look here at arlo
08:48arlo is kind of the same boat here there
08:50was way too much information that they
08:53at the end of the day you can look
08:55through this yourself but to me
08:57i wasn't comfortable with what arlo was
09:00gathering but they were a little better
09:01than some of the others at least how
09:03their statement was written and then we
09:06have nest which is also very popular
09:09again not something i felt comfortable
09:11with looking through this the amount of
09:13information that they're gathering the
09:15complexity of their privacy policy look
09:17how long
09:18this thing is should give you pause for
09:22wondering what the heck is actually
09:24happening here so the one i really want
09:26to focus this video on is yuffie because
09:28they have in my opinion the best privacy
09:31policy out there and is the security
09:33camera that you should put outside your
09:35home not inside again i would put none
09:38of these inside i was gonna do inside
09:39i'd pay an electrician have it hardwired
09:42and have my own dvr system but outside
09:44your home i would trust ufe to be there
09:47number one they don't do cloud storage
09:49by default it stores locally on their
09:51home base and the home base is actually
09:53a significant piece of equipment with
09:55the blink module you get this little
09:58tiny tile nothing is stored there really
10:00all it is is a device to open a
10:03forwarding port and send all the video
10:05and stuff up to the cloud whereas with
10:08the ufe device it actually has the
10:10ability in a significant home base to
10:12store the information locally you can
10:15pay for a service extra if you want
10:17that's a good thing because you know
10:19that they're not selling your data if
10:21you're paying for it at least that's a
10:23good sign that they're not doing that
10:25when you're paying for these services
10:26instead of getting them for free and so
10:28you can store your data locally or you
10:30can pay for that extra service but this
10:32is again a device that i would feel
10:34comfortable putting outside my home you
10:36can also see just by the web page that
10:38they're putting a lot of attention to
10:39the fact that they are focused on
10:41privacy it's very important to them this
10:43is a differentiator between them and all
10:46these other companies out there and i
10:47have no affiliation with any of these
10:49none of them sent me any free equipment
10:51none of them ever contacted me this is
10:53my own personal research here so proof
10:56of privacy the in-depth measures we take
10:58handling your data has been recognized
11:00by the british standards institute
11:02awarded us with the iso 27001
11:05and iso
11:0627701 certification
11:09these talk about their dedication
11:12to the laws that they comply with as
11:14well as the gdpr there this means every
11:17facet of our technology and process that
11:19we adopt has been tested and proven to
11:21protect your data under eu and u.s laws
11:24that's a much better opener than you've
11:26seen with any of those other security
11:28devices out there they keep your privacy
11:31safe local storage for your eyes only
11:33and to end encryption uh peaking
11:35prohibited on device ai everything in
11:37house so they have ai that will
11:40basically be able to detect faces and
11:42things like that so that the device
11:44isn't going off every time a car passes
11:46let's say if you have it facing your
11:47driveway and cars pass by but that's
11:50done locally on the base itself so
11:52you're going to pay a little bit more
11:53for this device but you're actually
11:55getting something that's not selling
11:57your personal information you're getting
11:58a security system that's actually secure
12:01imagine that
12:03how do we keep your recording safe
12:05plenty of space thanks to built-in 16
12:06gigabytes of emmc home base securely
12:09stores up to three months of recording
12:11video authorization access in your hands
12:13you have complete control i can have
12:15other people in my family have access to
12:17it but i can also turn off their access
12:20to certain cameras if i want or only
12:22give them access to the ring the not the
12:24ring obviously uh the eufy doorbell as
12:27an option so they don't have to have
12:29access to everything in the camera so
12:30they allow you to kind of break out the
12:31security in many many ways and then they
12:34talk about two-step verification to get
12:36into your account grant access to your
12:38family and guests and account data
12:40safety only for those that you trust
12:43this privacy policy when you actually go
12:46their full details here was something
12:48that i trusted much more i didn't see
12:50anywhere where they're selling your data
12:52or profiting off of it so if i was going
12:55to get a device it would absolutely be a
12:58youthful one inside or outside my home
13:01that is now you can get several kits
13:02you're going to notice right away hey
13:04these are way more expensive than
13:06getting a blink system and then you get
13:07these like for fifty dollars these
13:09cameras with the module maybe a hundred
13:11dollars or something but again there's a
13:13reason why and the cameras are much
13:16more significant than this little thing
13:18here you can just see from this picture
13:20above these are awesome 4k cameras they
13:23have great footage again you have ai
13:25software built into the home base and
13:27you're saving your recordings locally if
13:29you want and you can serve them on the
13:31cloud if you would like to you have
13:33alerts you have alarms you have solar
13:35power you have all of those options
13:37yuffie also has a refurbished section so
13:39that may be something to check out if
13:40you want to save some money but at the
13:42end of the day hopefully what this video
13:44does is help you take a look at your
13:46current solution for security if you
13:47have one of these rings or other things
13:50get rid of them sell them on ebay get
13:51your money and invest in something that
13:54actually is a security system that's
13:56private that actually you know
13:58exemplifies what we would want in a
14:00privacy security system that we're
14:02placing in our homes to protect our
14:04families and to be able to have
14:06surveillance of what's happening around
14:07our home if we're on vacation or other
14:09things so
14:10check those out let me know what you
14:12think in the comments below what other
14:13solutions have you found i know synology
14:15has some or you can buy some licenses
14:17and some cameras you could course go for
14:19full wired dvr which is probably your
14:21best bet when you think about uh
14:23security and privacy but a little more
14:25difficult to set up but i'm interested
14:26in what you think a huge shout out to
14:29our sponsors digitalocean go to
14:33and check out their amazing cloud
14:36services that they offer out there a lot
14:39of the servers and things that i set up
14:40utilize digital ocean also check out bit
14:43warden bit warden dot com slash dln
14:45they're the best password manager you
14:47talk about security you got to talk
14:48about bit warden best password manager
14:50on the planet loved them before they
14:52ever sponsored huge thanks to them and a
14:54special thanks to my patrons for always
14:56supporting all the work that i do and
14:57we've got a new security once a week
14:59podcast that i send out as well that's
15:01just for patrons so you can check that
15:03out it's very casual and a lot of fun
15:05until next time get out there and fill
15:07your brains
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the privacy concerns associated with wireless home security cameras?

Privacy concerns with wireless home security cameras include the risk of unauthorized access to camera feeds, potential data breaches, and the collection of personal information without consent.

2. What are the security features to consider when choosing a wireless home security camera?

When choosing a wireless home security camera, it's important to consider features such as strong encryption measures, secure data storage, and regular security updates to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

3. Why is the Eufy system recommended as the best option for wireless home security cameras?

The Eufy system is recommended as the best option due to its strong privacy policy, advanced encryption measures, and commitment to protecting user data. Its focus on privacy sets it apart from other popular brands in the market.

4. What makes using cameras inside the home a concern?

Using cameras inside the home raises concerns about invasion of privacy for household members, including the risk of unintentional recording in private spaces. It's important to consider the ethical and legal implications of indoor surveillance.

5. What are the invasive data collection practices of popular brands like Blink and Ring?

Popular brands like Blink and Ring have been criticized for their invasive data collection practices, including the collection and potential sharing of user data without clear consent. This has raised privacy concerns among users and privacy advocates.

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