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This video provides in-depth Yuzu settings guide, covering options for improving performance and reducing RAM usage. Recommended settings for Tears of the Kingdom are provided. Advanced graphical settings, graphical settings, and GPU and CPU settings are discussed.
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This section discusses various settings in Yuzu and their impact on performance and rendering accuracy.
GPR currency settings impact performance and rendering accuracy.
ATSC recompression reduces vram usage but may cause some issues.
Async presentation can improve performance in some games.
Enable active flashing improves rendering accuracy but may affect performance.
Best settings for Yuzu emulator to improve performance and reduce RAM usage.
Builder codes shaders Out of Water using CPU threads to reduce Shader building stuttering.
Fast GPU time hack improves performance and prevents dynamic resolution switching.
Vulcan pipeline forces Vulcan shaders to save in storage, improving Shader building and loading speed.
Anisotropic filtering improves texture quality with no performance impact.
Sync frame rate of video playback to ensure correct speed.
API Vulcan is recommended for better game rendering, while OpenGL may be more stable for older games.
This section discusses the recommended settings for Tears of the Kingdom in the Yuzu emulator.
The Vulkan open GL back end is experimental and unstable.
The pipeline cache saves and awards shaders instead of building them every time.
Enabling ATC texture decoding uses the GPU instead of the CPU for decoding.
00:00hey guys this was Breton here today
00:02we're going to talk about all the
00:03settings in Yuzu this video is going to
00:05have a few different sections the first
00:07section is Advanced graphical settings
00:09first we are taking a look at GPR
00:11currency normal should give about 10 to
00:1420 better performance or sacrificing
00:16accurate some gains may not render
00:18normally while using normal but tears of
00:20the Kingdom runs just fine sometimes
00:22high is needed to render the game
00:24properly extreme should never be used
00:26it's only there for debugging
00:28now we're taking a look at atsc
00:30recompression this reduces the amount of
00:33vram used by this GPU it should help for
00:35lower vram cards but it may cause a
00:37little bit of work we're working about
00:391.5 gigabytes of Iran reduction on the
00:42RTX 3080 carts above 8 gigabytes of
00:45video memory should use their own
00:46compressed setting anything else to use
00:48bc3 or bc1 now we're taking a look at
00:50the async presentation what this setting
00:52does is moving the presentation into its
00:55own separate thread this in theory could
00:56improve performance but in some games it
00:58may introduce stuttering tears of the
01:00Kingdom seems to actually improve
01:01performance in here the timeline works
01:03way clearer with acing presentation on
01:05course maximum clocks what this setting
01:07does is making sure your GPU are always
01:09runs at its maximum performance
01:10sometimes high-end gpud May don't cook
01:13because users is not pushing them hard
01:14enough this setting is supposed to fix
01:16that enable active flashing turning this
01:18off causes tears of the Kingdom grass
01:20will disappear and many other issues it
01:22improves rendering accuracy for the cost
01:24of performance they call it ATC textures
01:26asynchronously uses the CPU to decode
01:28agency textures eliminates ATC decoding
01:31stuttering at the cost of visual box for
01:33tears of the Kingdom should be turned on
01:34for other games a synchronous Shader
01:37Builder codes shaders Out of Water using
01:39out the CPU threads to reduce the Shader
01:41building stuttering having this setting
01:43turned on breaks fuse icons for tears of
01:45the Kingdom two the suttering is reduced
01:47is not that much this is what broken
01:49icons look like it's probably not worth
01:51to use this setting use fast GPU time
01:53hack these settings should improve
01:55performance and reduce RAM usage it also
01:57makes sure the game never switches
01:59resolution dynamically this should
02:01always be left on it's mandatory for the
02:03Xenoblade series and Luigi Mansion 3. so
02:05I believe that this causes the game to
02:07crash but I never had a crush with this
02:09on use Vulcan pipeline forces the Vulcan
02:12shaders to save in the storage instead
02:13of saving in the GPU drivers this option
02:15improves Shader building speed and
02:17loading speed an isotropic filtering
02:19drastically improves quality of textures
02:21on the ground with no performance impact
02:23applying an isotropic filtering for our
02:25MIP map modes this setting improves an
02:27isotropic filtering for the following
02:29games Legend of Zelda tears of the
02:31kingdom and breath of the world could
02:32introduce artifacts to several games
02:34such on her automata by United 3 Fire
02:36Emblem three houses and Xenoblade
02:38Chronicles sync the frame rate of the
02:40video playback this ensures that the
02:43video is always playing at the correct
02:44speed and not slowing down or speeding
02:47up section 2 graphical settings
02:50first we have API Vulcan is a default
02:52option it should always be used as fast
02:55reliable and renders the game better
02:57opengl is the Legacy API all the games
03:00may be more stable on opengio but newer
03:02games will always be better on Vulcan
03:04opengl options glsl is a default backend
03:08for opengio it has fast performance but
03:10bad Shadow rebooting go awesome is only
03:12available for NVIDIA it has less
03:15performance but better Shadow building
03:16and less accuracy spear V is a Vulcan
03:19open GL back end it's very experimental
03:22and very unstable this pipeline cache
03:25this makes it so the shaders are awarded
03:27and saved instead of being built every
03:29single time as includes GPU emulation
03:31this uses an extra CPU thread for
03:34rendering should always be left on aux
03:36relate ATC texture decoding enabling
03:39this uses GPU to decode the ACC textures
03:42instead of Co CPU some other gpus like
03:44the Pasco and Maxwell series may have a
03:47problem with this setting it's
03:48recommended to always have this on
03:50Windows adapting filter uses personal
03:52preference I recommend to use FSR or
03:55bilinear gaussian is going to make your
03:57image look very blurry anti-alazing
03:59method is a personal preference I would
04:01recommend using smaa if your GPU can
04:04handle it FXAA is a little bit less
04:06costly but it should not affect
04:08performance regardless vsync method
04:11mailbox is the recommended setting
04:12before standard vsync intermediate is
04:15missing of turning missing off causes
04:17screen tip CPU section
04:19there's only one settings GPU Accuracy
04:22Auto is the recommended setting you
04:23should probably not never change it
04:25accurate makes your performance very bad
04:27unsafe some people can make improved
04:30performance but from everything I try to
04:32unsafe does not improve performance even
04:33if you turn on on fuse FMA now we're
04:36going to talk about what are the
04:37recommended settings these are the
04:39recommended settings of Tears of the
04:40Kingdom feel free to pause the video to
04:42check them out thank you guys for
04:43watching if you like this kind of
04:44content feel free to subscribe to the
04:46channel if you want to support me I have
04:47a coffee Link in the description if you
04:49want to join the emulation Community you
04:51can always join our Discord server in
04:52the description down below
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What does this video cover in terms of Yuzu settings guide?

This video provides in-depth Yuzu settings guide, covering options for improving performance and reducing RAM usage. Recommended settings for Tears of the Kingdom are provided.

2. What are the main topics discussed in this video?

The main topics discussed in this video include advanced graphical settings, graphical settings, and GPU and CPU settings.

3. Why is it important to optimize Yuzu settings for performance?

Optimizing Yuzu settings for performance is crucial to ensure smooth gameplay and enhanced gaming experience. It helps in avoiding lags, frame drops, and other performance issues.

4. What are the recommended Yuzu settings for Tears of the Kingdom?

The recommended settings for Tears of the Kingdom are provided in this video, offering specific guidance for optimal gameplay and visual experience.

5. How can Yuzu settings be adjusted to reduce RAM usage?

This video provides insights on adjusting Yuzu settings to effectively reduce RAM usage, optimizing the usage of system resources for an improved gaming performance.

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