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Dark Secrets You Didn’t Know About Captain Kangaroo: The video discusses the long-running children's show, Captain Kangaroo, and reveals a dark secret about the behavior of host Bob Keishan towards his on-screen sidekick, Mr. Green Jeans. This revelation could potentially be a scandal surrounding the show.
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Captain Kangaroo, a long-running children's television show, had some dark secrets and unique success throughout its 29 years on air.
The show aired from 1955 to 1984, making it the longest-running children's show of its time.
The first choice for hosting the show was Al Lewis, but he couldn't be released from his contract with another popular children's show.
Bob Keishan, who played Captain Kangaroo, was previously on another show called Howdy Doody, where he played the character Clarabel the Clown.
Captain Kangaroo show was successful for nearly three decades, despite some potential red flags, and Bob Keeshan's involvement in congressional hearings and his health issues.
Bob Keeshan hired a new agent for himself and other workers on the show, which could have been a red flag for some.
Keeshan participated in congressional hearings against video game violence and criticized shows that didn't educate children about the real world.
He received thousands of good wishes from fans when he suffered a near heart attack and had to undergo triple bypass surgery.
The show was loved by many, but if the new accusations about Keeshan's behavior on the show are true, it could be a major scandal.
The dark secret of Captain Kangaroo involves Bob Keishan's behavior with his on-screen sidekick Mr. Green Jeans.
The show's format was irregular and the opening sequence changed over time.
The show followed Captain Kangaroo's activities in the treasure house, which was later renamed the Captain's Place.
The show had competition from other children's shows with similar formats, including the Mickey Mouse Club.
According to a book by CBS stage manager Daniel B. Morgan, Bob Keishan would show Mr. Green Jeans what was in his pants before going on stage, which was considered extremely weird and possibly illegal.
Hugh peed on Bob's legs while he was behind the stage, which is considered harassment.
Hugh peed on Bob's legs while he had a smirk on his face.
There were hardly any kids on set when this happened.
Flashing someone without their consent is considered harassment.
00:00books are wonderful
00:01i'm going to prove it to you now
00:03by reading you some very nifty stories
00:06that'll take you to all sorts of places
00:08so join me and relax
00:11while i read you some wonderful
00:13wonderful stories 29 years is a long
00:16time for any show to last on air and yet
00:19captain kangaroo managed to do it this
00:21is a day i've been waiting for for a
00:23long time the show aired from 1955 to
00:261984 making it the longest running
00:28children show of its time by far right
00:31now it's the second longest running
00:33children's television show ever made and
00:35is only surpassed by sesame street for
00:38show to last for that long it probably
00:41had some dark secrets that no one knew
00:43about that's exactly what i mean in fact
00:46today we're gonna do all that and more
00:48and this is definitely not a board
00:51nothing to do day and those dark secrets
00:53are precisely what this video will be
00:55about what made captain kangaroo last
00:58for so long on tv why was the show so
01:01uniquely successful and what were the
01:04secrets the show tried to keep under
01:05wraps throughout its 29 years of being
01:07on air let's find out to start with
01:11let's look at captain kangaroo itself
01:13what was the show about well the premise
01:16of the show is pretty simple it was
01:18loosely about the close relationship
01:19that children had with their
01:20grandparents in the show bob keishan
01:23played the titular captain kangaroo
01:25character one interesting fact about
01:27this show that very few people know is
01:29that the first choice for hosting the
01:31show wasn't bob keishan instead when the
01:34show was in its planning phase the
01:36showrunners had planned to go with al
01:38lewis however at the time lewis was
01:40hosting a pretty popular children's show
01:43and the network he was with refused to
01:44release him from his contract thankfully
01:47bob keishan had no such commitment by
01:50the time he was hired for the show bob
01:51was just coming off another show called
01:53howdy duty in that show bob played a
01:56character named clarabel the clown the
01:58character was a silent august clown who
02:01communicated by honking several horns
02:03attached to a belt around his waist one
02:05hunk meant yes two meant no while bob
02:08wasn't extraordinarily popular for
02:10playing that role the role attested to
02:12his talent as an actor and so in tune
02:14with his comedic instincts the only
02:17reason why he eventually left the show
02:19is that he disagreed with his partner in
02:21the show buffalo bob smith for some that
02:24misunderstanding could have been a red
02:26flag since bob immediately hired a new
02:28agent for himself and other workers on
02:30the show some networks might have been
02:33wary of hiring bob after that show
02:35because it meant that he could screw up
02:36their production too and take workers
02:38from their show but the showrunners of
02:40captain kangaroo didn't think of that
02:42and that turned out to be a great choice
02:45in 1993 keesham participated in
02:48congressional hearings against video
02:50game violence before that he was also a
02:53powerful voice against shows that didn't
02:55teach children about the real world
02:57according to him such shows were merely
02:59for entertainment and did nothing about
03:01the education of children which was
03:03meant to be a huge part of programs that
03:05targeted children all of this and more
03:08was what made fans adore him in 1981
03:11after he suffered a near heart attack
03:13keishan got thousands of good wishes
03:15from his fans he eventually had to go
03:18through a triple bypass surgery to stay
03:20alive and throughout that process
03:22thousands of adults and children who'd
03:23fallen in love with captain kangaroo
03:25stayed by his side wishing him all the
03:27best while bob keishan was indeed loved
03:30by all and sundry when he was alive and
03:33during the captain kangaroo show it may
03:35appear that that love was a little
03:37misplaced especially if the new dark
03:39secrets about the captain kangaroo show
03:41and the behavior bob keishan on the show
03:44turned out to be real if these new
03:46accusations are real it could very well
03:48be the biggest scandal surrounding a tv
03:51show host since the bill cosby situation
03:54but before we talk about these new
03:56revelations let's look at the show
03:57itself and talk about what made it so
04:00great after all the dark secrets that
04:02the show holds don't take away from the
04:04fact that it made thousands of children
04:06happy for nearly three decades and what
04:09was the ingredient of this successful
04:11run by the show
04:12well since bob keishan was the only
04:14constant it may appear that it was
04:16indeed him anyway the show itself was
04:19pretty flexible and was only loosely
04:21based around a few important things the
04:23first staple of the show was a treasure
04:26house it was the stage for the show and
04:28it was where almost everything that
04:29happened in the show happened
04:31happy saturday to you welcome to
04:34saturday treasure house
04:36asides from the presence of captain
04:38kangaroo in the treasure house the show
04:40didn't have anything that resembled a
04:42format everything about it could change
04:44from time to time and that included the
04:46opening sequence of the show the show's
04:48format was so irregular that people
04:50genuinely had a hard time figuring out
04:52what was next with it good morning
04:54captain good morning captain
04:57good morning most of the show followed
04:59the activities of captain kangaroo as he
05:01came to the treasure house told stories
05:04met guests and indulged in silly stunts
05:06with regular characters a few seasons
05:09into the show the treasure house was
05:11renamed the captain's place but a lot of
05:13people still stuck with the name
05:15treasure house at the time that the show
05:17was being premiered it had competition
05:19from other children's shows with the
05:21same format while it would be wrong to
05:23call that era of television the
05:25children's era it's quite vital to know
05:27that children's shows hosted by a single
05:29character were quite popular at the time
05:32in fact on the first day of captain
05:34kangaroo another children's show 2 was
05:36making its debut the name of that show
05:39was the mickey mouse club both shows
05:42premiered on that day but on different
05:44networks so what is the dark secret of
05:47the show that could only be told after
05:49the show had been over for decades and
05:51bob keishan himself had long passed on
05:54bob's dark secret well this secret had
05:57to do with bob keishan's behavior with
05:59this on-screen sidekick mr green jeans
06:02and yes mr green jeans wore green jeans
06:05because what's the point if he doesn't
06:08anyway here's the thing according to a
06:11book by long time cbs stage manager
06:13daniel b morgan bob keishan used to do
06:16something peculiar before going on stage
06:18and by peculiar we mean something
06:20extremely weird and probably illegal in
06:23some states he used to show mr green
06:26jeans what was in his pants that's right
06:29you're hearing me correctly your ears
06:31aren't deceiving you oh come on this is
06:33ridiculous what are we gonna do i can't
06:35be a telephone i don't even have my own
06:36number or anything according to daniel
06:39morgan this wasn't just a one time or
06:42two time thing it wasn't just a result
06:44of a drunken fit by bob keishan it was
06:46something that he did every time and
06:50like with stories like this it does get
06:52worse how much worse well here's the
06:55thing it appears that mr green jeans
06:58whose real name was hugh brennan didn't
07:00love this but he endured and endured and
07:03endured till he simply couldn't endure
07:05anymore he had to do something back and
07:08that's precisely what he did after a
07:10long day of shooting hugh decided that
07:13he would show bob who was truly boss
07:15while bob was behind the stage going
07:17over his lines again and reading his
07:19final voiceover hugh came over and did
07:21the most extraordinary thing he decided
07:24to pee on bob's legs if you think the
07:28place looks terrible on the outside
07:30you should see it on the inside morgan
07:33doesn't talk a lot about bob's reaction
07:35after that in his book but we kind of
07:37wish we were there yes we know it's
07:39somehow disgusting and weird and
07:41horrible and lots and loads of other
07:44synonyms but can you imagine the shock
07:47on bob's face when he saw hugh walking
07:49over to him with a huge smirk on his
07:52face and then proceeding to urinate on
07:55his legs it would have been pure horror
07:58and possibly comedic gold okay let's be
08:01serious here this may not sound like a
08:04big deal because it's been so long ago
08:07and bob keisha never did this in front
08:09of any kids but that doesn't mean it's
08:11not messed up flashing someone in
08:14whatever form without their consent is
08:16harassment and it sucks that bob keishan
08:19one of the biggest tv stars of his time
08:22engaged in that act
08:24now does this make bob keishan a
08:26horrific person we suppose that's up to
08:29you to decide but there are a few things
08:32you should keep in mind when making that
08:33decision the first is that there were
08:36hardly any kids on set when bob keishan
08:38did this yes that may make you think
08:40that this isn't as serious as we're
08:42making it out to be and that's fair but
08:44here's another thing to consider he
08:46should host a children's tv show think
08:49about your kids if you have one or your
08:51future kids if you ever plan on having
08:53one would you ever want them to watch a
08:56children's show hosted by a tv host that
08:58flashes his co-host probably not but
09:01again times have changed and who knows
09:04maybe flashing was an acceptable pastime
09:07in the 80s you can never really tell can
09:09you in any case captain kangaroo and bob
09:12keishan are now relics of the past and
09:15the accusations of morgan's books may
09:17not carry as much weight today as they
09:19would have done maybe 30 years ago
09:21perhaps we should just let sleeping dogs
09:24lie or what do you think
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the dark secret revealed in the video about Captain Kangaroo?

The video discusses a dark secret about the behavior of host Bob Keishan towards his on-screen sidekick, Mr. Green Jeans, which could potentially be a scandal surrounding the show.

2. Who is the host of Captain Kangaroo?

The host of Captain Kangaroo is Bob Keishan, who is known for his role in the long-running children's show.

3. What is the significance of the show Captain Kangaroo in children's television history?

Captain Kangaroo holds a significant place in children's television history as a long-running and beloved show that entertained and educated generations of kids.

4. Did Mr. Green Jeans play a significant role in Captain Kangaroo?

Mr. Green Jeans was a beloved on-screen sidekick in Captain Kangaroo and played a significant role in entertaining and engaging the audience, especially the children.

5. How did the dark revelation impact the legacy of Captain Kangaroo?

The dark revelation about the behavior of host Bob Keishan towards Mr. Green Jeans could potentially impact the legacy of Captain Kangaroo, casting a shadow on the show's previously positive reputation.

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