💫 Summary
This video discovers every single hidden feature and Easter egg on Google, from playable games to search tricks and AI assistance in tasks like writing a script or an essay about dogs. It showcases interactive experiences like a virtual fidget spinner or a soundboard of animal noises, as well as informative tools such as Google Trends or deforestation maps.
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The video uncovers hidden Google features, including a playable ball when searching for "Katamari" and an interactive Tetris Easter egg.
Searching "Katamari" reveals a playable ball that can be rolled on the screen.
The "Zerg Rush" Easter egg features attacking elements that can eliminate search results.
Google Tetris Easter egg displays falling Tetris blocks on the screen while searching.
There is also a Google Mirror feature that flips and mirrors the search results.
Google has a feature called Google Gravity where you can move around the O's and play with the Google logo, and there's also a game called 2048 available.
Google Gravity allows you to move around the O's in the Google logo and play with the Google logo.
The game 2048 is a number game where the goal is to combine numbers to reach 2048.
In the game 2048, the old strategy was to keep everything in the bottom right to keep track of the numbers.
The video mentions a Wizard of Oz Google Easter egg.
This section shows various Google Easter eggs, including a Super Mario Bros game, a Google guitar, and a Google fan.
Typing "Super Mario Bros Easter egg" allows you to collect coins.
Google guitar is not functional but is a clever Easter egg.
Typing "Google fan" displays a virtual fan that can be rotated and adjusted.
The video section discusses playing the 3D dinosaur game on Google and using Google Trends to compare search terms.
The speaker finds the 3D dinosaur game easier and less taxing on the browser than the original game.
They express concern about the storage requirements of the game.
The speaker sets a goal to beat everyone watching the video in the game.
They mention using Google Trends to compare search terms, such as "sambucha."
The speaker notes that not many people are searching for "sambucha," but gives a shoutout to New Jersey for their searches.
This section discusses deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia, as well as the Engram Viewer tool to track the usage of words over time.
Deforestation in Brazil and Bolivia is shown over a 25-year period.
The Engram Viewer tool allows users to track the usage of words in books dating back to the 1800s.
The word "hello" started being used frequently in the 1920s, possibly due to increased interaction with people from Europe during World War II.
YouTube has experienced significant growth, but there was a small bump in usage in 1880, which may be attributed to a time traveler's Easter egg in a book.
No evidence of time travelers for Facebook, but there was a mention of Instagram in 1820 and Twitter.
Google search reveals fidget spinners, animal sounds, breathing exercises, and a dice roll feature.
Google provides fidget spinner when searched.
Animal sounds can be found on Google with a soundboard.
Breathing exercises can be accessed on Google.
There is a dice roll feature on Google.
This section includes random fun facts, a memory game, and a Google Santa Tracker game.
New York was named by the British to honor the Duke of York.
People rub their chopsticks together in a practice called warabashi.
There is a memory game where you have to remember the sequence of colors.
Searching "anagram" on Google yields a result that is an anagram of the word itself.
There is a Google Santa Tracker game where you can play music with the elves.
The video section shows how Google can provide recommendations, essays, and even scripts upon request.
Google can provide recommendations for food in Paris within seconds.
Google can generate an essay about dogs.
Google can also generate a script for a one-minute funny movie.
The video presents a script example about a man being interrupted in a library by a small dog.
00:00today is a big day because we are going
00:01to uncover every single hidden feature
00:04on Google every Easter egg every secret
00:06whether it's Google search Chrome
00:08whatever it may be it is all contained
00:10in this video so let's do this all right
00:13so the very first one is Katamari which
00:15apparently if you search this then this
00:17ball is playable
00:19I don't know what to do with it oh it is
00:21look at that
00:22and I could roll it on screen so what
00:24it's a Japanese video game franchise so
00:27I wonder how much money they paid for
00:28this oh and it's like interactive it
00:30could pick up things on screen wait
00:32that's pretty cool actually I can see
00:33Barbie movie like doing that for like
00:35their Big Marketing efforts they should
00:37have just like put an interactive Barbie
00:38on screen just like talking to you with
00:40an AI voice about like each search
00:42result that's a pretty decent idea
00:44actually okay I tried to search
00:45something else and now it's just like
00:47taking over the search bar so I I guess
00:49I have to just restart this all right so
00:50next up is uh Zerg Rush Oh okay so
00:53there's these things that attack your
00:55Google page and you have to like kill
00:58them so let's say I'm looking up
01:00and it's like just frustrating because
01:03these things will just come on screen
01:04and look what happens so if they end up
01:06getting pretty close what they will do
01:12they will just literally just completely
01:15yeah just go at it and they can actually
01:17eliminate some of your search results
01:19which is actually kind of crazy so wait
01:21a second
01:22get out of here okay and then you can
01:25just clear it uh but yeah all right the
01:27next Easter egg is Google Tetris so
01:30while you're searching there's just
01:31Tetris falling down on screen like the
01:33logo to make it flip
01:36all right that's kind of fun can I still
01:37like search normal things can I search
01:42okay I still could
01:45this is Google Mirror by the way which I
01:47guess we just stumbled upon which will
01:48just keep flipping and mirroring if you
01:50type in Google mirror and by doing that
01:53well I mean it's not the nicest thing in
01:55the world because it's kind of hard to
01:56search but nonetheless a feature okay so
01:58next up is Google underwater
02:03oh and and you can manipulate the water
02:06so that it affects your Google search
02:10so you can kind of start I guess when
02:12you search too it's cool because like
02:13you don't know where it's gonna be it's
02:15somewhere underwater so you could type
02:16in like tacos
02:19I think
02:26oh so I lied so you could actually only
02:27type in more fish please and when you
02:29search more fish just come up and So
02:32eventually there's just a sea of fish
02:33how about I'm feeling lucky
02:36oh I got a coin
02:38I don't know what that does can't like
02:40use it for anything aha this one as old
02:43as time itself this is the offline
02:45dinosaur game which I think I've
02:46actually played in the other video it's
02:48like the thumbnail of my other video so
02:50I won't spend too long playing this I
02:51didn't know he could duck I thought he
02:53was just able to jump
02:54all right what an athlete oh yeah I
02:56guess he has to duck under those things
02:57this game is incredibly addictive though
02:59so whenever you go offline and you have
03:02a page where it's like oh not connected
03:03to the internet uh all you do is just
03:06get this page so it's kind of fun it's
03:07like they built in just a little game
03:08that you could just use in the meantime
03:11yeah okay so this is called Thanos snap
03:14not sure what happens but if you type in
03:16Thanos snap
03:21oh I see so it eliminates some things it
03:25shouldn't eliminate roughly half of the
03:26Google Searchers oh that's what it's
03:30wow okay that's kind of cool
03:33now that's the Thanos I think he's right
03:35okay next up is Google Space Invaders so
03:39you can actually just like literally
03:40play Space Invaders feels like a little
03:42disruptive that the Google logo is in
03:44the way of me trying to actually kill
03:46these people I kind of Camp right here
03:48shoot right between the O and the G and
03:49probably hit the aliens though you could
03:51do that if that's something you want to
03:52do play Space Invaders so next up is
03:55Google so if you type in Google with
03:58this many O's I think it's like 15 then
04:00Google will basically give you this
04:02screen in which you could have some fun
04:04with the O's you could just move them
04:06I don't know I'm still getting ads on
04:08the bottom of the screen but yeah look
04:10you have some fun with this you stretch
04:11it out because how many times are you
04:13typing Google and then you like put an
04:15extra o so they just made it fun that if
04:16you put too many O's and you'll get
04:18booted to this screen which
04:20you know I mean limited functionality
04:23but nonetheless pretty fun all right so
04:25this is called Google Gravity okay and
04:27that happens so it looks like uh
04:31yeah you can your Google thing Falls and
04:34they're still clickable elements so if
04:36you wanted to type like tacos and see a
04:38Google image you can type that in you
04:41just have to find where it was and in
04:43this case it's right here and you can
04:44even play around with it I could throw
04:46this everywhere I could keep the Google
04:47logo all the way here
04:49and it's all still clickable and nice
04:51I'm feeling lucky oh and even the search
04:53results fall
04:54though this is just one of the only
04:57thing that doesn't fall the ads because
04:58Google is incredibly good at showing
05:00those ads all right next up we have 2048
05:02which I remember this game I used to
05:04play this on my phone in class spend so
05:06many hours doing this uh this is the
05:09game I feel like you guys do you even
05:11know what this is I don't want to date
05:13myself but it's just a number game so
05:15what you want to do is just combine
05:17numbers and basically get to 2048
05:20although you can go much further so the
05:22the goal is just simply that so it's
05:25really it's not too intense
05:27in fact I would argue it's zero intense
05:31there's way more intense things in the
05:33world the old strategy was just to keep
05:34everything in the bottom right because
05:36if you do that then
05:38uh it's just easy to kind of keep track
05:40of what's going on
05:45I already messed it up
05:49so go ahead and kill some time on 2048.
05:53Google all right so this is called The
05:55Wizard of Oz Google Easter egg
05:58so they transport us to oh a
06:07okay makes sense so The Wizard of Oz was
06:09the first movie In Color I believe and
06:12so they basically make it black and
06:14white or in this case it's kind of like
06:16creamed out
06:17uh so go ahead and search The Wizard of
06:19Oz and I think you get a search result
06:21like that
06:22you could also click on this tornado
06:24that pops up and does it take you back
06:26you're going back to Kansas now yeah and
06:29then it becomes normalized next up is
06:31Google snake is it just literally a
06:33snake oh it plays Snake are you able to
06:36interact with it oh yeah you could look
06:38at that
06:39so you can end up actually playing
06:44it looks kind of intense this is harder
06:46than any snake game I've ever played
06:51I guess he can't eat the dynamite all
06:53right so do with this what yo dim sum
06:55ugh I wonder if anything happens at the
06:57end like if I get a high score
07:00only one way to find out eight seconds
07:01oh now I'm going the opposite direction
07:03I might have hit like a mirror I think
07:06and there he is is he served on food I
07:09got 80 points not bad all right so next
07:11up is Google Matrix and I've never
07:13actually watched The Matrix so whenever
07:14I see stuff like this I really don't
07:16have any idea what it's kind of alluding
07:17to I know it's like this world that like
07:22the slave you have like a slave mind to
07:24The Matrix and so you have to choose
07:25like the red or the blue pill Freedom or
07:28you can continue your life as is
07:30um I don't know if there's anything
07:32beyond just showing a bunch of binary
07:34code on screen but that's the Matrix
07:36alright so this one is do a barrel roll
07:38which if you just search it as you can
07:40see you just do a barrel roll uh and you
07:42can do it as many times as you want I
07:44think you could do it like 20 times you
07:46could do it a thousand a 10 000 times so
07:51just I guess motion sickness warning if
07:55yeah and then it just does that you can
07:58do it 5.6 times
08:02and then it okay so it's pretty
08:04straightforward right do a barrel roll
08:06after that we have a Super Mario Bros
08:09Google Easter egg so if you type in
08:10Super Mario Bros Easter egg oh you can
08:13just collect coins that's fun I wonder
08:16if you could run out like in the normal
08:17game or can we just be like greedy
08:19capitalists just take as many as we want
08:24oh it tells us what happens every 50
08:27clicks I guess you get like a new life
08:31that's nice it would be cool no it would
08:33be great and they should do this if
08:34you're watching this like a Google
08:35engineer or something you should allow
08:37me to move Super Mario Bros and the
08:40search results should be like the Super
08:41Mario Bros level just like that
08:43scrolling feature horizontally
08:46I think that'd be fun but not as fun as
08:48Google guitar which apparently isn't
08:53and it's kind of sad
08:55uh very clever though so I don't have no
08:57idea how to play guitar I'm not
08:58musically inclined but if I did I would
09:00be strumming this right now playing like
09:02Stairway to Heaven or some song that
09:05like people learn on guitar what's that
09:06one song that everybody who picks up a
09:08Guitar knows I think it's Smoke on the
09:11Water is that what it's called I don't
09:13know if you play guitar let me know if
09:15that's the first song you learned
09:16there's like probably 100 chance it's
09:18true but yeah let me know now we have
09:20Google fan
09:22they just make anything now so if you
09:25type in Google fan
09:27I don't really feel the cooling effects
09:28but it's still there
09:30what I could turn it off on I can rotate
09:33it oh I can put it super high starting
09:35to look like the Shell logo
09:37those are sort of blending for me I'm
09:39feeling crazy let's do it
09:43oh yeah this is crazy this is one of the
09:45craziest things I've ever partaken in
09:50oh now we're going crazy we're going
09:52absolutely bonkers
09:56somebody stop us we are absolute Mad Men
09:59oh my gosh what are we doing on this
10:01thing all right next up is Google black
10:05all right next up is Google's zipper
10:07drag to unzip Google
10:10I put it back together is the question
10:13and okay what if I search something
10:15let's say I type in like Zip Zip Zip Zip
10:19Zip Zip Zip I'm just trying to get cross
10:21it okay and now if I zip let's see
10:24oh well nothing really crazy it's kind
10:27of a letdown next up we have let it snow
10:29so if you type in Let It Snow then you
10:31will be getting a bunch of snowflakes
10:33that come down on screen which I think
10:35that's kind of nice oh and it starts to
10:36get a little snowy so it starts to
10:38accumulate on the ground and you can no
10:40longer see your search results however
10:41you can still click through them which I
10:43do like I also hate others like constant
10:46ads from this company called taboola
10:49which it's I looking for a high school
10:51yearbook who was looking for their High
10:52School yearbook like one why don't you
10:54just have it on hand two like why do you
10:57want to go through it memories they
10:58don't exist uh next up we have Google
11:01inverted so it's like Google Mirror but
11:04there's just like a bunch of different
11:06things it does so
11:08okay then after that we have Google
11:10terminal so I don't know what to do here
11:15because I'm not like really inclined
11:17when it comes to uh coding and whatever
11:20this you'd consider this to be
11:22page back and forth using the arrow keys
11:24okay welcome back all right uh okay so
11:28if I want to search something
11:30Google search sorry the Google search
11:33API has been shut down in May 2016. so I
11:36was misled I don't feel great about that
11:38I thought this was going to be something
11:40fun and interactive and I guess I was
11:42wrong so goodbye okay so there's
11:44actually a 3D version apparently of that
11:46Chrome T-rex dinosaur game
11:49oh my gosh how do I jump and duck wow
11:52okay I don't know if this is gonna be
11:54easier or harder
11:57why didn't anybody ever tell me about
11:58this I always thought it was like cool
12:00enough that they had just that like 2D
12:02one and now it's 3D
12:05not sure I love this angle I guess it's
12:06the only angle you could use that is 3D
12:10I forgot how this works like do I go
12:12faster as I go through or is it just
12:15infinitely like this because this is
12:16much easier than the original one
12:19I also feel like this is way too much uh
12:22like cookies and everything to sort of
12:24like load up
12:26but like if you can't load up a web page
12:28I don't think that you're going to get
12:31like this game it's just it's too taxing
12:33you know on the browser like they're not
12:35just gonna give this to everybody for
12:36being offline I feel like that's a
12:38really big like
12:40issue with storage okay we're getting a
12:42lot faster my goal I think is to get to
12:46actually my goal is to beat you wait why
12:48is it getting dark
12:50no I can't see anything
12:53oh and here comes like the birds and
12:55stuff birds and the bees on their way
12:57all right so my goal is to beat
12:59everybody watching this so if you play
13:01the 3D dinosaur game right now since I
13:03think I'm the only person to ever play
13:05this I'm probably setting a world record
13:06I'm sure you'll actually see a short
13:09from me shortly after this video comes
13:11out where it says
13:14I got a world record in the dinosaur
13:17game but I guess that's not true I
13:19didn't even reach a thousand but let me
13:21know if you do beat this
13:22868. this was a lot of fun really big
13:25fan of this all right so this is called
13:27Google Trends I'm sure a lot of people
13:29are aware of this but there's some cool
13:30things you can do with it so you can
13:32basically compare things like certain
13:34topics to see whether or not they're
13:36popular so for instance you can explore
13:39unless I wanted to look up the term
13:40sambucha and see who's Googling that the
13:43search term
13:47okay not many people are searching me oh
13:50look New Jersey shout out to you guys
13:52and then let's say I want to compare
13:53this to
13:55I don't know let's say like James
14:02these are the search results
14:04he's uh clearly outpaced pacing me a lot
14:07okay wait what did I peek for here July
14:0916th to the 22nd what did I do that was
14:11notable on the 16th to the 22nd I don't
14:14know if you have any idea what that
14:15could be let me know because that's when
14:16I was like absolutely peeking I was
14:18getting almost as many as James Charles
14:20in terms of searches
14:23um yeah I don't know since then I'm
14:24going steadily up it's good to see for
14:26sure maybe one day we'll pass him but
14:28the point is like it allows me to figure
14:31out things about myself and other topics
14:34you can compare so like for instance
14:36what's something that just became really
14:37popular so look you could look up like
14:39covid for instance right let's remove
14:41James Charles and if you want to see the
14:43interest over time so we could see even
14:45like from 2004 onwards right so nobody's
14:49ever searched that word ever leading up
14:52to 2020 Bam Bam Bam and now all of a
14:54sudden since it doesn't exist again back
14:56down to basically zero let's say
14:58somebody said the word like what's up so
15:01there was like a random like I don't
15:03know why but people were like what's up
15:04and it was the most popular it's ever
15:06been I'm guessing maybe like the movie
15:09Scream came out like 2011 where he was
15:11like what's up and then you know
15:13people in Greece love saying what's up
15:15all right so this one's cool it's called
15:17Google time lapse so you could find a
15:20particular place so in this case we're
15:22looking at the Columbia Glacier Retreat
15:24and you can see it on the bottom how uh
15:26the terrain sort of evolves over time uh
15:30you could also go to find like the
15:31construction of what is this the Berlin
15:34bradenburg airport Brandenburg I don't
15:37know why I even misspoke there because
15:39I've been to this airport but yeah so
15:41let's see it being built out oh here it
15:44shows human achievement just live I mean
15:47that wasn't really like a spectacular
15:48one what's something cool Coastal
15:50expansion in Dubai I think this is going
15:52to be wild okay so Dubai this is going
15:55to be crazy actually because Dubai was
15:56just a desert and then all of a sudden
15:58yeah there's like the Palm islands that
16:00have come up and all of a sudden it is a
16:02city a major city here's some
16:04deforestation in Brazil uh this one's in
16:07Bolivia actually
16:08oh there's
16:10all the green right around the Amazon
16:13this happens over the course of 25 years
16:17oh wow
16:19okay that is a fair amount of
16:21deforestation when you look at the
16:22before and after thank you to Google
16:24okay this one is called engram viewer
16:27and what you can do with this is you
16:29could basically look up kind of similar
16:31to Google Trends how relevant certain
16:34topics have been but you can go all the
16:37way back to the 1800s because you can
16:39see how many people said it in like a
16:40book so let's say the word like hello
16:47was used not that frequently it probably
16:50was like not even a word up until like
16:53the 1920s and then all of a sudden hello
16:55my guess if you want me to be deductive
16:57here I would think that people started
16:59saying hello because I think hello
17:01originated from Europe and again like we
17:04were mixing obviously a lot with other
17:05countries and allies from Europe during
17:07World War II as a result of the war we
17:09sort of adopted like hello as like our
17:11main thing to greet people because we
17:13were interacting with so many more
17:15International people I think that to be
17:16true if if that's right let me know if
17:18somebody's like a history buff that
17:20would be my guess it's kind of falling
17:21off since then but yeah let's see the
17:24word like YouTube
17:27so interestingly YouTube obviously it's
17:31at its peak right now it's going to keep
17:32growing but there was like a little bump
17:35in 1880
17:37you see that little hump so there might
17:39have been somebody who was time
17:41traveling and they snuck in a little
17:43Easter egg in one of their books that
17:44they wrote maybe like William
17:45Shakespeare maybe he's a time traveler
17:47and he's like
17:48YouTube they're like what he's like nope
17:50that's it and then the word was never
17:52heard of again I wonder if that works
17:54for all social media Facebook no so
17:56there's no Facebook Time Travelers
17:57Instagram 1820 there was a time traveler
18:00there you say a little blip right there
18:02and then Twitter
18:08did Twitter used to be a word
18:11why was Twitter always a word okay I
18:14have to see this now what did Twitter
18:15what does Twitter even mean oh so I
18:18think Twitter is just an actual Oxford
18:20language word that means giving give a
18:23call consisting of repeated light
18:25tremulous sound so what Twitter is like
18:26a bird chirp
18:28my mind is blown I thought that was very
18:30specific to just like the social media
18:33app see how much you could learn from
18:34the engram viewer so have some fun with
18:36this go through it you know do what you
18:38got to do you can probably learn a bunch
18:39okay so I copy and pasted this
18:44which I don't know what this
18:46mathematical function is I don't know
18:47what's about to happen however
18:49it is a legitimate thing I hope I'm not
18:52getting scammed right now but if you
18:53click enter after typing this exact
18:55thing in they said it's going to be one
18:57of the best Google Easter eggs
19:02okay that's pretty cool that's actually
19:04that's genuinely cool so using like the
19:08Google calculator and like functioning
19:10mapping features you can actually create
19:12a Google Easter egg same color same
19:16shape okay that's cool and in that same
19:19vein if you type in squirt cosine X all
19:23this gibberish together there's also
19:25something else that they said is worth
19:27checking out so I'm of course going to
19:29do that because that's the name of the
19:30video Let's search it
19:35all right so if you type in
19:37teapot oh it's a 418 okay so it's kind
19:40of like similar to the dinosaur game so
19:42if you get led to like a 418 error it
19:44just says I'm a teapot the requested
19:46entity body is short and stout tip me
19:48over and pour me out can I do anything
19:49with it oh that's fun
19:52thank you can I fill it up even more
19:56let's see how crazy we can get with this
19:59all right reach its top that's fun you
20:01know how like when you're searching on
20:02Amazon and there's no search results or
20:04no internet you get like the dogs that
20:06pop up this is Google trying to rival
20:08that all right so if you type in fidget
20:10spinner I'm guessing Google's just gonna
20:12give to you a fidget spinner yeah that
20:15all right spin it baby oh yeah oh my
20:18gosh this goes fast
20:20have you guys ever used a fidget spinner
20:22like in real life are there any like
20:24real people out there who use fidget
20:27still I think they were pretty amazing I
20:29know this one person I won't say who it
20:31is but there's like this YouTuber that
20:33made millions of dollars from reselling
20:35fidget Spinners you may even know who it
20:37is but yeah okay so now we have animal
20:40sounds if you look up animal sounds on
20:42Google there's a soundboard with a full
20:45exotic Barn worth of animals so let's
20:48listen to it let me get my headphones in
20:49prepare your ears for this melody of
20:52sound that's about to happen so a cat
20:55a b
21:02that's a zebra cheap
21:05okay rattlesnake
21:12that is not a hedgehog there's a
21:14hedgehog in my house I've never heard
21:15that once in my life
21:20okay uh giraffe
21:26giraffe eating swan
21:30kind of fun and then chicken
21:35oh they have more sounds too oh an ape
21:40nice a whale
21:47I always love hearing that an alligator
21:48what sound does an alligator make
21:52there's no way if you live in Florida
21:54just tell me if that's true or not I I
21:56don't believe that all right so now if
21:57you type in breathing exercises okay
22:00let's go through this wow this is nice
22:01all right let's just decompress a little
22:03bit everybody just decompress a bit one
22:06minute of breathing exercises bring
22:08awareness to your breath
22:12breathe in
22:29okay I feel great very nice that they do
22:31that now we do roll a die all right if I
22:34get any of these right I will make
22:37a video that you guys will
22:41be like what how did he make that
22:43because I don't think the odds are gonna
22:45fall in that favor but I will do
22:46something crazy
22:48let's say in November
22:50if I guess this right so this is
22:53four-sided right all right so I'm gonna
22:54say two I don't want to be right so two
23:0525 chance I liked my odds there right
23:08who wouldn't right a majority of the
23:10time I'm right I'll see you guys in
23:12November do I even do the next one so
23:14it's a six-sided die
23:16I'm gonna say four
23:21are they listening to me how is it
23:24possible that I guessed the four-sided
23:27and the six-sided one on my first
23:28attempts that is mathematically not
23:31supposed to happen unless they're just
23:32hearing me all right let's spin the
23:34wheel I think it's gonna land on six
23:39this is crazy
23:41which I buy like a lottery ticket right
23:55this is not edited like
23:57this is just four moments of just in a
24:01row probability just being on my side
24:05what else can I what can I do with this
24:07all right next up is fun facts who
24:09became the first one all right so they
24:11just give us a random fun fact why is it
24:13called New York it was named by the
24:15British to honor the Duke of York it was
24:16actually kind of useful so if you're
24:18just hanging out let's say you're just
24:21chilling and you want to just be like ah
24:23let's get smart just go to this what
24:26year was the first lighthouse built
24:281716. this is incredible
24:31why do people rub their Chopsticks
24:33together well it's called warabashi and
24:37yeah it just means that okay
24:42and they also have memory games so let's
24:44do a very quick one
24:46I need sound on for that
24:49okay got him right
24:51we got yellow red yellow red
24:55yellow red yellow so why are why why are
24:59why why or why
25:01a y-r-y-y why ryy why are why why
25:07are y-r-y-y-r
25:11wait Point
25:13y y r y
25:17all right so they said to search up
25:19anagram and you'll get something fun
25:22oh okay
25:24I don't know what nerd thinks this is
25:26funny but nagaram get it like did you
25:30mean nagaram because that's an anagram
25:32of anagram
25:35all right next up we have Google Santa
25:37tracker so there's a Santa Tracker so
25:39121 days until the good man himself
25:44uh comes through traveling at the speed
25:47of light to deliver presents globally to
25:50eight billion people so let's play this
25:54what do we do here
25:56oh it's like a little fun game that the
25:59the elves are effectively slaves so they
26:01gotta somehow find
26:03some fun in their day
26:06and I guess they just I'm not playing
26:07this entire thing but it's cool to see
26:09that they're having fun
26:11I know that it's pretty rough for them
26:12during this time of the year people are
26:15starting to put together their Christmas
26:16lists and all
26:17right kind of fun all right I don't know
26:19what this entails
26:26so I play some notes
26:29and they do at me
26:32okay so we can create music together all
26:51are we creating a symphony right now or
26:52are we just making absolute trash
27:01so close
27:29can you now he's messing with my brain
27:31and I can no longer operate with him
27:33we're gonna be like the Beatles You're
27:34Gonna Be John Lennon and I'm gonna be
27:36Paul McCartney and I think we're
27:37breaking up officially I'm gonna be
27:38Harry Styles you're going to be Zayn and
27:40I think we're done because you have just
27:42completely messed with all of my musical
27:43capabilities you're done AI I'm done
27:46with you no more of this all right so
27:48now we have Google bard which is their
27:50direct competitor to chat GPT and I
27:53guess that one like Snapchat AI thing so
27:55you can enter a prompt and then it could
27:57yeah so I could say like
28:00create me a YouTube video idea around
28:05Google Imagine they say this video
28:07that'd be insane
28:09I promise I didn't get it from here
28:12sure here are some YouTube videos a
28:13behind the scenes tour of Google
28:15headquarters no a video about the
28:16history of Google Now the different
28:18products and services no latest Google
28:21Innovations okay so now let's say let's
28:24say I want to say like uh give me
28:27recommendations for food in Paris
28:32and then this is what they'll give to me
28:34within the matter of seconds they could
28:36tell me grapes macarons baguette
28:39although you get to search this on
28:40Google so let's get a little more
28:41interesting write me an essay that's a
28:45hundred a thousand characters long about
28:51they're gonna be like oh we can't do
28:52that we're only gonna help you with the
28:54searches watch I know they're gonna bail
28:56on this oh sure here's an essay about
28:58dogs dogs are one of the most popular
28:59pets in the world they're loyal friendly
29:01and intelligent creatures oh my gosh
29:02this is great
29:04this is great then they give me
29:05additional facts about dogs too write me
29:07a script
29:09to a funny movie that's one minute long
29:16let's see if they're funny the moment AI
29:18is funny I think that's when it all goes
29:21seen a man is sitting in the library
29:23trying to read a book he's being
29:24constantly interrupted by the sounds of
29:26people talking
29:27can't anyone be quiet I'm trying to read
29:30I can't believe it's so hot in here oh
29:33come on I'm bored I'm going to lose my
29:35mind the man gets up and he walks over
29:37to the librarian excuse me can you do
29:39something about the noise in here I'm
29:40trying to read of course I'll ask
29:42everyone to be more quiet
29:45man sits down finally able to
29:47concentrate again
29:49few minutes later what was that the man
29:51Hears A noise coming from the corner of
29:53the library he looks over sees a small
29:54dog and the dog's wagging its tail hello
29:57little guy the man gets up walks over to
29:58the dog he Pets the dog on the head
30:00what's your name roof I guess that's
30:03your name the man of the dog played
30:04together for a while the man is no
30:06longer bothered by the noise in the
30:07library he's just happy to be spending
30:09time with his new friend the end there's
30:12no way that's where AI is at this point
30:15in time that they think that that's a
30:17funny script I will never ever in my
30:20life trust AI to write a joke for me
30:22that's insane that's actually insane all
30:26right and then last but not least is DVD
30:28screensaver which I don't know what's
30:29about to
30:32oh that's pretty cool
30:35don't tell me first try we're gonna hit
30:39that would have been insane
30:40all right I'm not leaving until we hit
30:42the corner I have all day I'm just gonna
30:44sit here we hit it great we don't hit it
30:47fine with me too
30:49because I got nothing to do so I'm gonna
30:51cross my leg right now
30:52I'm going to um
30:56just chill because we're hitting this
30:58the video will end when I hit this
31:01so however long this video is that's how
31:03long it's gonna take
31:31that was so close I'm trying to predict
31:33when it's gonna hit I'm trying to like
31:36mathematically just calculate this
31:53I'm going to record my outro in the
31:57all right guys that's the video thank
31:58you so much for watching if you want to
32:00see more content make sure to click here
32:01click here otherwise I'll see you next
32:03time peace don't tell me that just hit
32:08I'm done with this video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some hidden features and Easter eggs on Google showcased in the video?

The video showcases every single hidden feature and Easter egg on Google, including playable games, search tricks, AI assistance in tasks like writing a script or an essay about dogs, interactive experiences like a virtual fidget spinner, a soundboard of animal noises, as well as informative tools such as Google Trends or deforestation maps.

2. How does Google assist in tasks like writing a script or an essay about dogs?

Google provides AI assistance in tasks like writing a script or an essay about dogs, showcasing the advanced capabilities of Google's AI in content creation and assistance.

3. What interactive experiences are showcased in the video related to Google?

The video showcases interactive experiences like a virtual fidget spinner, a soundboard of animal noises, providing an engaging and interactive aspect of Google's offerings.

4. What informative tools related to Google are highlighted in the video?

The video highlights informative tools such as Google Trends and deforestation maps, demonstrating the diverse range of informative resources available through Google.

5. How does the video uncover hidden features and Easter eggs on Google?

The video uncovers hidden features and Easter eggs on Google by exploring and showcasing the various playful, interactive, and informative aspects of Google that are often hidden or lesser-known.

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