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The video discusses various hidden secrets of the Vatican, including the eccentricities of the Cadaver Synod trial, the church's continued support for exorcisms, their involvement with Nazis and war criminals, the mysterious Book of the Red Dragon, the Vatican leaks scandal, allegations of child abuse within the church, and the controversial claim of a female pope, among others.
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The Vatican City is a small, independent nation-state that holds many dark secrets.
The Vatican City is an enclave within Rome and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church.
It is the world's smallest entirely independent nation-state, covering only 49 hectares and with a population of 453 people.
The Vatican has been suspected of hiding sinister secrets, and there have been unsettling incidents in its past that need to be addressed.
One of the strangest trials in human history, known as the Cadaver Synod, took place in the Vatican in 897, where Pope Formosus was tried by Pope Stephen VI.
The Catholic Church still practices exorcisms and believes in demonic possessions, with the former Chief Exorcist performing around 130,000 exorcisms in his lifetime.
Vatican City holds an annual exorcism school and believes that demonic possessions have increased in recent years.
Pope Francis has advised people to seek out exorcists for spiritual disturbances and there are rumors of him performing exorcisms himself.
The Church has carried out many exorcisms, including an account of Pope John Paul II attempting to exorcise a woman who was brought to him screaming and drooling.
The section discusses a mysterious book called the Legrand grimoire and the Vatican leaks scandal.
The Legrand grimoire is a powerful occult book written in Biblical Hebrew or Aramaic.
The book contains instructions on crafting magical talismans, conjuring spells, and communicating with spirits and demons.
The most terrifying spell in the book is the method to summon Lucifer.
The Vatican leaks scandal involved the leaking of documents exposing corruption and financial wrongdoing within the Vatican.
This section reveals secrets about the Vatican, including the controversial claim that Jesus was married and had children.
The Vatican has a stolen relic, the Obelisk, which is the only one still standing since ancient Roman times.
There are rumors that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, supported by a manuscript called "The Lost Gospel" from the 6th century.
The Vatican has a secret court, an elite squad of bishops, to investigate and try people accused of certain crimes.
The section discusses the downfall of the Knights Templar and the history of child abuse within the Catholic Church.
Pope Clement initiated an investigation against the Knights Templar, leading to their destruction.
The Catholic Church has faced numerous sexual abuse allegations, with cases reported from various countries.
The church had no policy to protect children, and the accused perpetrators were often moved around instead of being held accountable.
A church report revealed that thousands of priests had been accused of sexual misconduct in the past 50 years.
The Vatican keeps secret records and there are claims of a nuclear bomb being detonated, but no evidence has been provided.
There are claims that our ancestors may have been in contact with aliens.
The Vatican will not confirm or deny the existence of these records.
Pope Joan was a woman who allegedly ruled the Vatican as a pope during the Middle Ages, but scholars now believe the story was fake.
Pope Joan disguised herself as a man and rose rapidly through the ranks before being discovered when she went into labor during a procession.
It is unclear whether Pope Joan was killed or died of natural causes, but the Vatican removed her from the official list of popes and established a ritual to ensure future popes were male.
The chronoviser is a device that supposedly allows its user to see through time, and Father Pellegrino or Nettie claimed to have assisted in its invention.
00:00Scandal and controversy has been
00:02associated with every religion but it
00:04seems like the T just keeps spilling
00:06from the Vatican the walls of this
00:08powerful City have kept a lot hidden
00:10from the world but some stories still
00:13squirmed their way out and wreak havoc
00:15around the globe the Vatican City is an
00:18ecclesiastical State famous for being
00:20the seat of the Roman Catholic Church it
00:23is an enclave inside Rome and is
00:25situated on the West Bank of the Tiber
00:27River if you look at a map of Rome you'd
00:30be surprised there's a tiny little
00:31country within this extraordinary City
00:33it's the home of the Holy See and is
00:36also the world's smallest entirely
00:39independent nation-state the Vatican
00:41covers only a meager area of 49 hectares
00:44and his total population is 453 people
00:48this formidable historic and spiritual
00:51city is as powerful as it is sacred and
00:54no one should underestimate the
00:56influence of the Vatican despite its
00:58incredibly small size and popular
01:00station for a while now the world has
01:02been suspecting that behind all that
01:04extravagance power and influence there's
01:08something sinister the Vatican has been
01:10sitting on a treasure Trove of dark
01:12secrets that are slowly beginning to
01:14reveal themselves there have been many
01:16unsettling incidents in the nation's
01:18past that need to be addressed today
01:21we're going to tell you all about the
01:23terrifying Secrets this Splendid and
01:25prestigious nation is hiding so make
01:28sure you stick around until the end
01:31number one trial of the Dead
01:34one of the strangest trials in human
01:36history was carried out in the Vatican
01:38it's an incident that proved how
01:40eccentric and Petty some religious
01:42figures can be the trial is called
01:44cadaver Synod it was an ecclesiastical
01:47trial conducted by the Basilica of Saint
01:49John lateran and the person who was
01:52tried was no ordinary man it was Pope
01:55formosus in the year 897 the pope
01:59Stephen VI who became Pope after
02:01formosis proposed the trial this was an
02:04uncertain period in the city's long and
02:06glorious history a rapid secession in
02:08pontiff occurred during this time just
02:10between 872 and 996 more than 20 popes
02:15were appointed Pope formosis had been
02:18accused of perjury illegal assession to
02:20papacy and he was also accused of ruling
02:23over two places at one time but these
02:25accusations weren't made when he was the
02:27pope in fact these came nearly seven
02:30months after his death on orders of Pope
02:33Stephen VI for formosis's body was
02:36exhumed from the tomb and was brought to
02:38the papal courts and was propped up on a
02:41throne because dead people could not
02:43speak for themselves a deacon would be
02:45appointed to do so for him as expected
02:48formosis was deemed guilty his body was
02:51stripped of its papal vestments and the
02:53three fingers of the right hand that
02:54formosis used for blessings were cut off
02:57by Stephen himself the acts of the
03:00ordination by the dead Pope were also
03:02invalidated his body was then reburied
03:05in a graveyard for foreigners but even
03:07that did not satisfy Stephen who had the
03:10body dug up again and then thrown into
03:12the Tiber River with weight tied to it
03:14many believe that this was just Revenge
03:17that was served cold by Pope Stephen who
03:20was unhappy with formosis as he invited
03:22arnoff of Corinthia to become emperor
03:25and betrayed Lambert of spolito some
03:28people later reported that the body of
03:30Pope formosis washed up on the banks of
03:32the river and the Roman population was
03:34not happy with his vengeful and
03:36downright Petty trial and they turned
03:38against Pope Stephen soon a public
03:40Uprising erupted and Stephen was
03:43imprisoned later in the year at 897 he
03:46was then straggled to death
03:48number two Exorcist Army science and
03:52psychology can say whatever they want
03:54the Roman Catholic church has a mind of
03:57its own most of us know exorcisms from
03:59horror movies like The Conjuring but it
04:02was in fact a very common ritual
04:03performed during the Middle Ages at that
04:06time people were not aware of
04:08psychiatric diseases nor did they
04:10understand the concept of mental
04:12well-being but believe it or not the
04:14tradition is still alive in this age of
04:17advanced neuroscience and psychology the
04:19Catholic church is an open and adamant
04:22supporter and practitioner of exorcisms
04:24even today the former Chief Exorcist
04:27father Gabriel amorth passed away in
04:292016 and it's reported that he alone
04:32performed around 130
04:36000 exorcisms in his lifetime back in
04:392018 BBC reported that Vatican City
04:42welcomed about 250 priests to attend the
04:45annual exorcism School the church
04:48actually think links demonic possessions
04:49have markedly increased over the past
04:52few years and Pope Francis himself
04:54advised people to seek out exorcists if
04:57they were suffering from spiritual
04:59disturbances some people think Pope
05:01Francis performs exorcisms as well back
05:05in 2013 there was a rumor that he
05:07performed one in public on a man in a
05:10wheelchair exorcisms are considered
05:12sensationalized and abusive but that
05:15doesn't stop the church from performing
05:16them the popes have carried out many
05:18exorcisms in the previous decade father
05:21amorth narrated an account of Pope John
05:23Paul II who attempted driving a demon
05:26out of a woman she had been brought to
05:28him screaming like a maniac as drool
05:31came out of her mouth the pope was not
05:33successful in freeing her from the vile
05:35demon so father amorth had to step in
05:38and finish the job
05:44according to amorth he saw the woman
05:46walking up the wall as if raveny didn't
05:49exist the church truly doesn't care what
05:52the world or even science thinks they've
05:54carried out hundreds of thousands of
05:56exorcisms and planned to carry on with
05:58these in the future number three secrets
06:02of Fatima The Sensational story about
06:05three secrets of Fatima came to light in
06:071970. these aren't Secrets anymore as
06:11the entire world knows about them but
06:13the Vatican still doesn't have much to
06:15say about these apocalyptic visions and
06:18Prophecies of these the Third Secret has
06:21received significantly more attention by
06:23the Catholic masses these secrets were
06:25actually prophecies blessed to three
06:28young Portuguese Shepherds it's reported
06:31that these were revealed by a Marian
06:33Apparition who is now called Our Lady of
06:36Fatima Lucia Santos and her cousins
06:39jacinta and Francisco were the three
06:42young Portuguese Shepherds who reported
06:44being visited by the Virgin Mary a total
06:47of six times between May and October of
06:501970. among them Lucia was the one who
06:54revealed these secrets to everyone when
06:56the local Bishop advised her to do so
06:58people were not immediately convinced of
07:01these as there was no proof however in
07:04October of 1917 when the final
07:06Apparition of Fatima occurred the Virgin
07:09Mary performed a sun dance this was
07:12witnessed by everyone present which
07:14included news reporters who wrote many
07:16articles about this strange event in the
07:18papers the children were actually
07:20supposed to keep these prophecies a
07:22secret but after almost 20 years Lucia
07:25decided to write down the first two
07:27secrets she still had doubts about
07:29revealing the third one but the bishop
07:32convinced her to do so the first secret
07:34was somewhat like a vision of hell she
07:37then wrote that all three children were
07:38blessed with the vision of Hell by the
07:40Virgin Mary they saw suffering souls and
07:43their condition was so pitiful that they
07:45had a hard time looking at them the
07:48second secret was a vision or more like
07:50a premonition about the first world war
07:52the children were shown how the war
07:54would end only to be followed by another
07:56War the Third Secret is the most
07:59unsettling and it wasn't revealed with
08:01the first two in fact Lucia wrote it
08:04down on a piece of paper and placed it
08:06inside of a sealed envelope she then
08:08instructed that this was not to be
08:10opened before the year 1960 the letter
08:13was then opened in 1960 but its contents
08:16were only seen by a selective audience
08:18and were kept hidden from the public
08:19until the year 2000. the Third Secret is
08:23a vision of the 1981 assassination
08:26attempt on Pope John Paul II the
08:28prophecy describes the bishop wearing a
08:30white dress as he makes his way towards
08:32a cross he's then seen struggling to get
08:35to it as corpses of many thousands of
08:38Martyrs surround him but after he
08:40reaches the cross that's installed on
08:42the top of a mounting he's killed by
08:44bullets and arrows Two Angels standing
08:47under each arm of the Cross are also
08:49described this however may not be the
08:52entire Third Secret as many people
08:54believe that all of the contents of this
08:56letter from Lucia were not made public
08:58then the Vatican is still keeping it a
09:02number four Vatican and Nazis another
09:06one of the vatican's Dirty Secrets is
09:08their involvement with the Nazis it's no
09:10secret that the Vatican just silently
09:12stood by and watched as Hitler and his
09:14Nazi army committed inhumane crimes and
09:17atrocities during the second world war
09:19they completely disregarded the
09:21persecution of Jews under the oppressive
09:23regime but when the second world war
09:26ended and the Nazis would be defeated
09:28the Vatican also provided thousands of
09:30war criminals and Nazi soldiers safe
09:33passage these soldiers fled to South
09:36America through passages that are now
09:38called the rat lines it was not an
09:40entirely organized system but instead
09:43was a kind of collaboration in which
09:45multiple institutions took part in
09:47helping the Nazis flee and avoid
09:49accountability after the war was over
09:51thousands of Nazi soldiers would flee
09:53Europe with the Catholic Church's help
09:55and some notable names included Fran
09:57stongle the perpetrator of mass murder
09:59and concentration camps Adolf Eichmann
10:02Joseph mingle Klaus Barbie Walter Ralph
10:05and more a Harvard researcher named
10:08Gerald steinacker wrote his book that
10:10many Red Cross members had a soft corner
10:13for the Nazis and they provided them
10:15travel documents to escape the Vatican
10:18aided many Nazi fugitives despite
10:20knowing the brutalities committed by
10:22them the documents related to this Nazi
10:24saving Mission are still hidden in the
10:26Vatican archives however researchers are
10:29still trying to gain access to these
10:31records number 5. Rwandan tragedy back
10:35in 2017 Pope Francis made news by
10:39officially offering an apology to the
10:41victims of the infamous Rwandan Genocide
10:43despite trying to suppress the secret
10:45the Vatican was unable to avoid
10:47accountability for this it's a known
10:49fact that many members of the Catholic
10:51Church took part in ethnic cleansing in
10:54Rwanda in 1994 instead of attempting to
10:57save the victimized Tutsi ethnic group
10:59the priests nuns and other clergy
11:02members only made things worse for them
11:04more than eight hundred thousand
11:06tootsies and moderate hutus were
11:08murdered by extremists between April and
11:11June of 1994. the Rwandan president at
11:14the time triggered this violence he was
11:17a Hutu and when his plane would be shot
11:19down the national media and the
11:21presidential guard began the propaganda
11:23against the Tutsis citizens and others
11:26both killed the poor tusis and in fact
11:28many hutus were forced to kill their
11:31Tutsi friends and neighbors thousands of
11:33them sought refuge in churches but were
11:35murdered by the assistance of clergy
11:37members in August of 1994 around 5 000
11:41people were murdered at one Catholic
11:43church and another priest named father
11:46athanasi saramba ordered his church to
11:49be bulldozed with two thousand Tutsi
11:52refugees locked inside and another
11:54priest would be charged by the
11:55international criminal Tribunal for
11:57Rwanda for drafting lists of Tootsie
12:00people for the killing experts believe
12:02the church was partial to the wrong
12:04ruling of tutus and supported them in
12:08the genocide number six Satan's spell
12:12amongst vaticans hundreds of thousands
12:15of secret archives there is a Sinister
12:17and downright scary book that they don't
12:19want anyone to access it's considered
12:22the most dangerous book of spells in
12:24human history the name of the book is
12:26Legrand grimoire and it was written
12:28around 1520 the author of this
12:31frightening book was an apocryphal
12:32figure named onerous of TheBus many
12:35believe that the man was possessed by
12:37Satan the book is written in Biblical
12:40Hebrew or Aramaic and was discovered in
12:42the Tomb of King Solomon in 1750.
12:45according to Legend This Book is also
12:48called The Red Dragon it's one of the
12:50most powerful occult books in the entire
12:52world and there are even instructions on
12:55how to craft magical talismans amulets
12:58ways to conjure spells that will make
13:00you win lotteries and also many ways to
13:03communicate with the spirits of the dead
13:04and demons but the most terrifying spell
13:07in this historic book is the method to
13:10summon Lucifer himself there are
13:12instructions on how you can make a deal
13:15with him there are many copies of the
13:17nefarious book out there but experts
13:19think that these are either fake or
13:21modified so the spells in them do not
13:24work but the Believers think even these
13:27versions have some sort of power and
13:28influence the original manuscript
13:30however owned by the Catholic church and
13:33besides them no one knows its
13:36number 7. vatty leaks also called the
13:40Vatican leaks this Scandal would take
13:42the World by storm it's almost like
13:45Wikileaks but for the greatest Church in
13:47the world back in 2012 many documents
13:50exposing some terrible accounts of
13:52corruption in the Vatican would be
13:54leaked to the public it all began with a
13:56television show called The Untouchables
13:58this was followed by a book titled his
14:01Holiness the secret papers of Benedict
14:03XVI it was written by a man who exposed
14:06some pretty controversial and
14:08confidential information these were
14:10memos and letters between Pope Benedict
14:13and his personal secretary a lot would
14:15be brought to light about the finances
14:17of the Pope and the bribes that were
14:19taken by the Vatican from people who
14:21wanted an audience with him an extensive
14:23corruption scheme was also unraveled in
14:26the letters from Archbishop Carlo Maria
14:28veggiano it was found that the Holy See
14:31had lost millions of dollars in inflated
14:34contract prices these documents exposed
14:37the power struggles in the Vatican and
14:39the City turned out to be a hot spot of
14:41Envy political scheming and factional
14:44fighting there was also a document that
14:46would reveal that Cardinal Paulo Romeo
14:48predicted that the pope would be dead
14:50within 12 hours besides the financial
14:53discrepancies and the professional
14:55enmity these Vatican leaks also
14:57uncovered a scandal involving the
14:59homosexual clergy members they were
15:02apparently being blackmailed by
15:03Outsiders the main reason why these
15:06leaked documents caused such a frenzy
15:08was that the information in them was
15:10actually pretty accurate though Pope
15:12Benedict refuted these claims and called
15:14them exaggerated rumors an urgent
15:16meeting of all the high officials of the
15:18Vatican would be called and after a few
15:21months of Investigation two Vatican
15:23aides were found guilty of leaking it
15:25out one of them was Paulo Gabriel the
15:28personal Butler of Pope Benedict while
15:30the other was a computer specialist at
15:33the Secretariat of State the damage that
15:35these two men caused to the reputation
15:37of the Vatican was Monumental but
15:39despite that the pope did pardon them
15:42number eight Vatican Obelisk was stolen
15:46who doesn't know about the giant Obelisk
15:48standing erect in the center of Saint
15:51Peter's square if you take a closer look
15:53at it it looks exactly like the ones
15:55that are found in Egypt well this one is
15:58also Egyptian and it was stolen from
16:00Egypt by the ancient Romans it's quite
16:02ironic that they displayed a stolen
16:04obelisk in the very center of the
16:06Vatican this one is around 4 500 years
16:09old meaning that it's 1500 years older
16:12than the city of Rome it's also called
16:15Caligula's Obelisk as Caligula took it
16:17from Alexandria back in 37 A.D he wanted
16:21to place it in the circus Caligula also
16:24known as the circus of Nero where
16:26chariot races and many executions took
16:29place this is where the first poor Saint
16:32Peter would be crucified upside down in
16:3564 A.D the Obelisk was later moved to
16:38its current location and it's the only
16:40one that's still standing since the
16:42ancient Roman times a lot is not known
16:45about the Obelisk but X experts don't
16:47even know which Pharaoh even ordered its
16:49construction many have stated that it's
16:52quite unsettling that a stolen Relic has
16:54been made a signature monument in the
16:56city of Christianity number nine Jesus
16:59was married it's no secret that the
17:01world knows a lot about the death of
17:03Jesus but there's hardly any information
17:05about his life for a few decades now
17:07there have been rumors that he lived his
17:10life like any ordinary man there's
17:12allegedly textual evidence proving that
17:15Jesus was actually married to Mary
17:16Magdalene this manuscript is from the
17:196th century and was originally written
17:21in ancient Syriac but then translated
17:24into Greek while the translation was
17:26underway the story of Jesus Christ
17:28marrying Mary Magdalene would be
17:30discovered this hasn't been mentioned in
17:33the bible there are detailed accounts
17:35about his birth and death but very
17:37little known is about the 30 years that
17:39he was alive
17:40the manuscript is called The Lost gospel
17:43and it portrays Jesus as a normal person
17:46who fell in love married Mary Magdalene
17:48and had children with her this was not
17:51taken lightly by the church as it's
17:53quite a controversial find but many
17:55think that the manuscript is not a
17:57reliable source it is a real book from
18:00the British library but no one knows
18:02where it came from when it was written
18:04or who even wrote it the Lost gospel
18:07also says that Mary Magdalene was the
18:09daughter of God and a co-redeemer of
18:12humanity the manuscript emphasizes that
18:15she may have been equally important as
18:17Jesus but that surely is an unacceptable
18:20insight for the Vatican and they've
18:22worked really hard to present Jesus as a
18:24powerful almighty God number 10 the
18:27secret Court
18:29the Catholic justice system has a mind
18:31of its own certain crimes are deemed
18:34extremely bad by the Vatican and to
18:36investigate these crimes they have a
18:38special Court this Elite Squad of
18:40Bishops tries the people accused of
18:42these heinous crimes and the panel is
18:44called the apostolic Penitentiary or the
18:47tribunal of conscience it was founded by
18:50Pope Alexander III back in 1179 but up
18:54until 2009 no one even knew the court
18:57existed the tribunal hears cases about
18:59sins that are so terrible that only the
19:02pope can pardon the perpetrators regular
19:05priests can deal with crimes like
19:06genocide so this means that crimes that
19:09go before the pope must be even worse
19:11well not necessarily though the crimes
19:14that can lead you to be Tried by the
19:16apostolic Penitentiary include trying to
19:19assassinate the pope exposing the
19:21Identity or the sin of someone who
19:23confessed priests engaging in sexual
19:26activity abortions and more strangely
19:28spitting out a communion wafer is also
19:31considered an act worthy of trial by
19:33this tribunal the pope acts as the head
19:35of the panel and he's the only one who
19:38can grant Absolution the cases in this
19:40court are heard privately under fake
19:42credentials to protect the identity of
19:44the accused and because the church
19:46believes it's a matter of conscience no
19:48one knows what kind of crimes or
19:50criminals have been before this tribunal
19:52and whether or not they were punished or
19:54pardoned number 11 transcripts from
19:57Knights of Templar among the secret
20:00documents held in the vatican's archives
20:02there's a yellowed parchment with a neat
20:04black script that bears answers to many
20:07questions asked by historians it is the
20:09official court documents that reveal the
20:11details of the infamous 14th century
20:14Trials of the Knights of Templar on the
20:17suspicions of heresy this order of
20:19Christian Warriors traces its Beginnings
20:21to the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem when
20:24nine Knights were given the task of
20:25protecting pilgrims on the roads of
20:27Jerusalem under the auspices of King
20:30Baldwin II and the patriarch warmoon the
20:34order of the Warriors was persecuted by
20:36King Philip IV of France who was
20:39suspicious of their growing wealth and
20:41influence Pope Clement was the one to
20:43initiate an investigation sending out
20:46many nights to trial some would be
20:48eventually pardoned by the pope and the
20:50full name of the order was poor fellow
20:53Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of
20:55Solomon now the knights had become an
20:58elite fighting force in the Crusades and
21:00were known for their propensity not to
21:03retreat or Surrender it was their rules
21:05of secrecy their privilege power and
21:08wealth that all led to the king accusing
21:10them this eventually led to their
21:12destruction the Templar leader Master
21:14Jacques de Malo was arrested on charge
21:17of heresy in 1307 and in France many of
21:21these Knights along with their leader
21:22were burned at the stake While others
21:25were sentenced to Perpetual imprisonment
21:27similar trials would be held in many
21:29different places after France which
21:31included England Scotland Ireland
21:33Germany Spain and Cyprus but their
21:36outcomes were a little less horrifying
21:38number 12 child abuse the Catholic
21:42church has been bombarded with thousands
21:44of sexual abuse allegations in the past
21:46few years from towns in the Australian
21:48Countryside to schools in Ireland and
21:51multiple cities in America and Canada
21:53allegations of heinous crimes have been
21:56pooling in against the clergy members
21:58the allegations first surfaced in the
22:00United States in 1980s but the worst
22:03cases were reported from Ireland and
22:05Austria in the 1990s back then the
22:08church had no policy to protect and
22:10ensure the well-being of children no one
22:12was even required to report crimes
22:14against children to the church the
22:16leaders have been issuing apologies for
22:18years now the Boston Globe a newspaper
22:21from the United States would expose the
22:23child abuse and urge victims to speak up
22:25between the year 2000 and 2010 the U.S
22:29diocese had to make numerous settlements
22:31with abuse victims in 1995 the
22:34Archbishop of Vienna had to step down
22:37because of these allegations the
22:39newspaper also revealed that instead of
22:41holding the accused perpetrators
22:42accountable the church began moving them
22:45around a church commissioned report
22:47issued in 2004 revealed that at least
22:50four thousand priests had been accused
22:52of sexual misconduct in the past 50
22:55years they had abused tens of thousands
22:57of victims most of whom would be young
23:00boys Pope Francis promised in 2019 that
23:03the abusers would receive due punishment
23:05and he even held an unprecedented Summit
23:08on pedophilia in the church and changed
23:10the laws to criminalize sexual abuse but
23:13that doesn't mean the cover-ups have
23:15stopped a recent inquiry has revealed
23:18that about 216
23:20000 children in France have suffered
23:22abuse at the hand of clergy members
23:24since the 1950s most people think that
23:27the vaticans stance against the abuse of
23:29children is merely a stance and the
23:31Sacred City has failed to take any solid
23:34action against the criminal clergy
23:36members number 13 aliens back in the
23:4017th century some documents from the
23:42Vatican Library were closed to Outsiders
23:44under the order of Pope Paul V it wasn't
23:48until 1881 that researchers gained
23:51access to these again and among all the
23:53speculations was a faint rumor that
23:56these documents might hold evidence of
23:58extra terrestrial life and its
24:00interaction with the church a Russian
24:03Professor allegedly gained access to the
24:05archives and the documents contained
24:08nearly 12 centuries worth of Europe's
24:10history while he was checking them out
24:13he came across some things that looked
24:15kind of fishy there were papers that
24:17described aliens and how they had
24:19influenced and interacted with ancient
24:21civilizations the papers also revealed
24:24that almost all civilizations have had
24:27their fair share of contact with
24:28extraterrestrials especially the
24:30Egyptians and the Mayans
24:33the professor also claimed that he found
24:35records of incredibly powerful Weaponry
24:37that was used by the ancient people one
24:40text supposedly revealed that the walls
24:42of Babylon were melted using a weapon
24:45that emanated unbelievable amounts of
24:47heat and energy almost like the modern
24:50nuclear bomb while these are just claims
24:53and the professor never managed to
24:55provide any evidence it is exciting to
24:58assume that our ancestors may have been
25:00in contact with aliens the Vatican
25:03however will never reveal whether or not
25:06these records do exist
25:08number 14 Pope Joan
25:12the stories of a female pope have been
25:14around for quite a while now but no one
25:16can say for sure whether these are
25:18accurate or not Pope Joan was a woman
25:21who allegedly ruled the Vatican as a
25:24pope for a few years during the Middle
25:25Ages she would become famous in the 13th
25:28century when her Tales spread throughout
25:31the continent for many centuries it was
25:33believed to be true but the scholars now
25:36think that the story was actually fake
25:38Pope John has been described as an
25:41incredibly talented woman who entered
25:43the church by disguising herself as a
25:45man because she was smart Pope Joan Rose
25:48amongst the ranks quite rapidly and then
25:51was soon declared the pope no one knew
25:54that she was a woman until one day she
25:56ended up in labor during a procession
25:58and she reportedly died after the
26:00delivery so far historians do not know
26:03whether or not she was killed or just
26:05died of natural causes and the church
26:07processions began avoiding the spot
26:09where she gave birth and eventually the
26:11vatic can remove her from the official
26:13list of popes they also established a
26:16ritual to ensure that whoever became
26:18Pope in the future was definitely male
26:22according to Martin of opava her real
26:24name was Joan anglicus of Maine's and
26:28she actually entered the church because
26:30of her lover but the 16th century
26:32Catholic and Protestant writers think
26:34that she was just a fictional character
26:36number 15 the chronoviser
26:40the cronaviser is a supposedly a device
26:43that gives its user the ability to see
26:45through time between the 1960s and 1990
26:49father Pellegrino or Nettie claimed that
26:51he assisted in the invention of a sort
26:54of time machine called the chronoviser
26:56he reportedly used it to look back in
26:58time and see the crucifixion of Jesus
27:00Christ the existence of this time
27:03machine has not been proven so far but
27:06in 2002 a book would be written by
27:08priest father Francois Brunei who
27:11revealed quite a lot about it according
27:14to the book father ernetti was a
27:16Benedictine Monk and he allegedly kept
27:19the device a secret until the early
27:211960s it was during the 60s that he
27:24confided in Brunei and told him how 12
27:26scientists including Enrico ferme and
27:29vorner Von Braun who was a former Nazi
27:33helped to build the game-changing
27:34machine it's said to be made of cathode
27:37rays antenna and metals that received
27:40sound and light on almost all
27:42wavelengths the chronovizer allowed the
27:44team of scientists to document events of
27:46the past and they believed this machine
27:48could help them to validate the
27:50teachings of the Bible Brunei wrote that
27:53ernetti told him the device had several
27:55antenna three of which were made of
27:57mysterious metals and there was also a
28:00direction finder that tuned into the era
28:02that one wanted to see a screen showed
28:05the desired event while a recording
28:07device recorded the footage it was more
28:10of a window into the past instead of a
28:12typical time machine
28:13ernetti recounted that he witnessed
28:15Marcus tillius caesaro's speech to the
28:18Roman senate in 63 BC and besides that
28:21he also saw the founding of the Roman
28:23Empire the destruction of Sodom and
28:25Gomorrah and many other biblical events
28:28until he died or Nettie did maintain his
28:31stance on the existence of the
28:32coronaviser and that it had been hidden
28:34away in the Vatican for safeguarding the
28:37people who brought this device to the
28:38light are long dead the mystery that
28:41surrounds it still persists as the
28:43Vatican is quite tight-lipped on the
28:45matter and there hasn't been any solid
28:47evidence to support the claims could the
28:49chronovisor be real well if it is then
28:52why is it being kept a secret tell us
28:55what you think in the comments down
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the hidden secrets of the Vatican discussed in the video?

The video discusses various hidden secrets of the Vatican, including the eccentricities of the Cadaver Synod trial, the church's continued support for exorcisms, their involvement with Nazis and war criminals, the mysterious Book of the Red Dragon, the Vatican leaks scandal, allegations of child abuse within the church, and the controversial claim of a female pope, among others.

2. What is the Cadaver Synod trial and why is it considered a hidden secret of the Vatican?

The Cadaver Synod trial is a historical event where Pope Stephen VI put the corpse of his predecessor, Pope Formosus, on trial. This bizarre event is often considered a hidden secret of the Vatican due to its eccentric nature and the controversy surrounding it.

3. How does the Vatican continue to support exorcisms, and why is it considered a hidden secret?

The Vatican continues to support exorcisms through the training of priests in the rite of exorcism and the recognition of the International Association of Exorcists. This ongoing support is often considered a hidden secret due to the mysterious and controversial nature of exorcisms.

4. What is the Vatican's involvement with Nazis and war criminals and why is it a hidden secret?

The Vatican's involvement with Nazis and war criminals, including the controversial role of Pope Pius XII during World War II, has been a subject of historical scrutiny. This involvement is considered a hidden secret due to its controversial and sensitive nature.

5. What is the Book of the Red Dragon, and why is it considered a hidden secret of the Vatican?

The Book of the Red Dragon, also known as the Vatican's Grimoire, is a mysterious and occult manuscript housed in the Vatican Secret Archives. Its existence and contents have long been shrouded in mystery, making it a hidden secret of the Vatican that continues to intrigue and fascinate many.

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