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The video discusses the beliefs and concepts behind the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies related to attracting women, highlighting their differences and arguments. It also explores the six factors of attractiveness: behavior, external factors (money and status), and looks, and how each pill perceives and prioritizes them. The analysis mentions that advice given by men and women often contradicts their own behaviors and reveals the influence of genetics, environment, and personal experiences on these belief systems.
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The blue pill belief system in attracting women emphasizes being yourself and being a nice person, but it is often vague and unhelpful advice.
Blue pill beliefs are commonly heard from sources like parents, media, and girls giving dating advice.
The advice is usually pleasing to hear, but it may not be effective in practice.
Confidence becomes a factor once people realize the limitations of the blue pill belief system.
The black pill ideology believes that genetics determine a person's success in attracting women, and while there are some things that can be done to improve attractiveness, there is a limit to how much one can change their appearance.
The black pill ideology claims that being good looking, tall, and masculine will help attract women.
Tinder studies are used as evidence to support the belief that the best looking men receive more matches compared to shorter, uglier, or overweight men.
The black pill ideology is becoming more widespread in the media, particularly on platforms like YouTube and Reddit.
The black pill ideology suggests that while there are some actions that can improve attractiveness, such as getting a haircut or taking care of one's skin, there is a limit to how much one can improve their appearance.
Body fat percentage plays a role in attractiveness, with the ideal range being 8-12%.
Having an extremely low or high body fat percentage can be detrimental to attractiveness.
Attractiveness can be categorized into three groups: behavior/personality, external factors (money/status), and looks.
Non-negotiable factors are crucial for attractiveness, while very important factors provide a significant advantage.
Bluepill believers believe that height, money, and game are not important factors in attracting women.
Bluepill believers think that height is irrelevant, but some still believe it is important if the man is taller than the woman.
They claim that money and status are not relevant in attracting women.
Bluepill believers view game as manipulative and unnecessary in attracting women.
Redpill believers argue that having a good personality and being a nice guy can be detrimental in attracting women, as they prefer to be ignored.
Redpill believers claim that girls don't like nice guys and want to be treated indifferently.
Blackpill believers consider face and height as non-negotiable factors of attractiveness.
According to blackpill ideology, if a person is sub-five in face rating or below five-six in height, they will be coldly rejected and seen as sub-human.
Men often give red pill advice but behave in a blue pill manner, while women give blue pill advice but behave in a black pill manner.
Men advise confidence but exhibit blue pill behaviors like putting women on a pedestal and paying for everything.
Women advise kindness but prioritize physical attractiveness in their behavior.
The attractiveness factors (face, height, body) vary depending on the environment: online, cold approach, or warm approach.
00:00hello and welcome in this video i'm
00:02going to be explaining the
00:03three pills and if you've not heard of
00:05those terms before
00:06there are three pills the blue red and
00:08black pill which is basically like the
00:10belief systems that
00:12people have on attracting women um and
00:15i'm just gonna go over a quick overview
00:16of them right now
00:17so first we have the blue pill um this
00:20is where you'll
00:20hear things like uh in relation to
00:23attracting women
00:24like oh you just need to be yourself um
00:26when you stop looking the right girl
00:28will come to you
00:29um you just need to be a nice person
00:30beauty is the ib holder like all of the
00:33cliche like sort of sayings like this is
00:35what you'll hear
00:36um and most people start off with a blue
00:39because this is like and the source of
00:41this will be like your mum will tell you
00:42this information
00:44uh you'll hear a lot in the media this
00:45is like the prominent beliefs
00:47um like you'll hear it in like disney
00:49films like the uh poor
00:51servant will with a good personality
00:53will get the uh
00:54we'll get the beautiful prince princess
00:58over the uh rich and high status
01:00good-looking uh
01:02prince or king whatever um and girls
01:05will also give blooper advice like if
01:06you ask girls
01:07um for dating advice they will tell you
01:10things like oh
01:10you just need to be yourself um yeah you
01:13just need to be a nice person and then
01:14girls will like you um if i was going to
01:17sum this up in one sentence it would
01:18just be
01:20it is that it's pleasing to hear because
01:22it is
01:23it's like usually really vague and
01:25unhelpful advice like if you haven't
01:27already discovered that already from
01:28your own experiences it doesn't really
01:30work you can be
01:31yourself all you like and it doesn't
01:32help but it's pleasing to hear
01:34it's nice to say um and it's like simple
01:37it's just
01:38but it's a bit vague it doesn't really
01:40help you um
01:41then once people usually realize that
01:43that this
01:44whole concept is crap then they usually
01:48move over move over into the red pill
01:50and this is where you'll hear phrases
01:51like oh
01:52um women no they don't care about
01:54personality they just you just need to
01:56be confident
01:56they're like a confident guy or you'll
01:58hear stuff like oh you just need to work
02:00on yourself you need to go to the gym
02:01you need to get a haircut you need to
02:04shower more take
02:05good care of your skin brush your teeth
02:07etc um
02:08you need to learn game um so you need to
02:11like improve your pickup skills uh be
02:13good at talking to women like make them
02:14laugh things like that
02:16and just overall you need to just become
02:18more alpha more confident
02:20more masculine and that is how you'll be
02:22able to attract women
02:23and there is an element of truth to that
02:26um you'll hear
02:27these um beliefs from
02:30like usually an older brother uh you
02:33know like somebody who's more
02:34experienced like in
02:36talking to women than you or pick up
02:40on like youtube things like that um and
02:43they'll teach you that women like
02:45they're actually attracted to
02:47uh masculine men not necessarily like
02:49just the nice guys
02:51and if i was going to sum this up in one
02:53sentence i would say
02:54that changes in your behavior lead to
02:58so you need to go to the gym you need to
03:01work on yourself
03:03and like it's in your power to make
03:05these changes and
03:07then you'll be able to attract women and
03:09then moving on to the
03:10black pill which um you'll hear stuff
03:14women want chad um women only care about
03:18and it's over for whatever cells so
03:21uh short sales for say which is somebody
03:23who is uh
03:25below significantly below average height
03:27is impossible
03:28for him to um attract women and this
03:31contrast from the red pill
03:33which will tell you oh uh the short guy
03:36just needs to work on himself
03:37however um if you're short there isn't
03:40a lot you can do uh you can't you you
03:43can only
03:44because um it's impossible to
03:47uh go to the gym to like get a really
03:50big body you can do that but it's not
03:52gonna help if you're short you're short
03:54and uh a lot of women will reject you
03:56because of that
03:57and you'll hear things like this uh
04:01the the like tenets of the black pill
04:03the evidence will come from things like
04:05tinder studies which shows that like
04:07the best looking men the eights and
04:09nines will get hundreds of matches
04:11compared to
04:12uh the worst looking men the short men
04:14the ugly men
04:16the uh overweight men they will get like
04:18literally zero
04:19um and also a lot of it's now becoming
04:22more widespread
04:22in uh the media like uh the backgrounds
04:25of like youtube and reddit
04:27and if i was going to sum up the black
04:29pill in one sentence i would describe it
04:31your genetics lead to your success so
04:34being a
04:36good looking tall large specimen
04:40masculine alpha male will um
04:43help you attract women and it's you
04:46there are things you can do to
04:47improve that which is what you've read
04:49people would say but it doesn't go
04:50far enough you can't improve your face
04:53by going to the gym
04:55like you can improve it a little by uh
04:57lowering your body fat percentage but
04:59you can't
05:00um it will eventually be the ceiling so
05:04there's only so much you can do to
05:05improve your face you can get a haircut
05:07you can clean your teeth you can wash
05:09face get good skincare but there's only
05:11so much you can do
05:12and after doing all of that like you you
05:14might be able to go from like a four to
05:16a six but you're never gonna have a
05:17situation of going
05:18a man going from a two out of ten to an
05:20eight out of ten um through going all of
05:23uh working on himself like sort of
05:25things to improve
05:27and now i'm gonna go through these six
05:29attractors of women and
05:30if you aren't aware of these six factors
05:33or you
05:34like want to guess i'd say pause the
05:35video now and you can try
05:37to um work all of them out um and
05:40you might come up with more than six or
05:42something but a lot of them like
05:43tie in with each other so like the first
05:45one is personality
05:47so like you might say that oh kindness
05:49is a good attractor of women um
05:52and also being a gentleman is a good
05:54attractor of women
05:55but they all kind of like all of those
05:57sorts of things tie in with personality
05:59so your personality is a good
06:00attractor of women so pause the video
06:03now if you
06:04want more more time to try and figure
06:06them out yourself
06:07so the next one attractor of women would
06:11game so this is like your confidence
06:14your macho how good you are at chatting
06:17like to talking to girls making them
06:19laugh um
06:20making them attracted to you um
06:24then the next one would be like your
06:26money and status which is
06:28very closely linked so a software
06:30developer is going to
06:32earn more money than your mcdonald's
06:35employee and he's also going to be
06:36higher status
06:37but they aren't like 100 correlated so
06:40status will also branch off into things
06:42how good your social circle is uh
06:44friendship groups
06:46um being in a position of power as well
06:47so um
06:49so like members of parliament in the uk
06:51uh will have a lot of status
06:53they they will have quite a lot of money
06:54but um by no means
06:56like be the richest people on the planet
06:57like they will be entrepreneurs
06:59um so like status being in a position of
07:02power would increase your status
07:04um then we come on to height
07:08um so ideal height would be about six
07:11two to six free
07:12um and that would be like ideal
07:16but it's also attractive to be anywhere
07:17from six four to nine six
07:19six foot sorry to about six six but then
07:22once you get
07:23below that high or above that range if
07:26you're above six six then they will end
07:28up like causing you detriment
07:30in some ways um then obviously face
07:33explaining like good attractive faces
07:36are going to make you attractive to
07:38and last one being a good having a good
07:40body so
07:41obviously being muscular low body fat
07:44um will make you more attracted to women
07:48again that uh ties in with
07:51height a bit and also
07:54is somewhat correlated to height in the
07:56respect that
07:57you can go too far over the uh spectrum
08:01if you have a lower body fat percentage
08:03if you have end up having
08:05two percent body fat percentage which is
08:08incredibly low like that is like
08:09bodybuilder like tight blow um that
08:12could end up making things worse so
08:13ideal body fat percentage is anywhere
08:15from between about
08:16eight and twelve percent that is what
08:18you want to strive for
08:20and if you're outside of that range then
08:22um either
08:23above that range or below that range in
08:25fact um then that will actually like
08:27cause you detriment
08:29and you we can categorize these um
08:33six attractors into three different
08:35groups so
08:36you've got things like your behavior um
08:39so your personality and your game this
08:41is like what you show uh have on the
08:43inside like
08:44your like your knowledge or everything
08:46like that so
08:47how good you are like talking to women
08:48things like that and then you have like
08:51your external factors
08:52so your money and status is like what
08:55you have
08:56uh the positions you hold like where you
08:58are in the society things like that
09:00and then obviously you have looks so
09:02everything superficial on the outside of
09:05um and now i'm going to go over like
09:08where each
09:09of the three pills will position these
09:12attractors of women and i've got like
09:14categories for each of these as well
09:16so the first category will be a
09:17non-negotiable like this is like your s
09:20so if you don't have this then it is
09:23impossible it doesn't matter if um
09:25you have every every other thing you
09:27have five out of six
09:28like max points if you are lacking this
09:30one thing
09:32um then that means it's finished you
09:34it's impossible for you to attract women
09:36um and then we have our very important
09:40um slash like this this will give you
09:42like a big bonus a huge edge
09:44like this is your 88 here thing so to
09:47speak so
09:49this will like give you huge bonuses um
09:52like in in helping
09:53um fairly important so like this will
09:55give you a little boost it won't like
09:58cause like a huge change in um like the
10:01difference in your dating life but
10:02having it will like help it will give
10:04you a little step up
10:05um and then this category uh doesn't
10:09or it's like irrelevant so it means so
10:11they don't even see it as
10:12an attractor of uh women it's just like
10:16so it's just not a thing or it just
10:18doesn't matter
10:19like it's irrelevant and then we have
10:21our ft
10:22which is like detrimental so practicing
10:25this will actually
10:26um ruin your chances it will make them
10:28worse for you
10:30um so we'll start off with the blue pill
10:33first obviously the blue pill would say
10:35personality is a non-negotiable
10:37like it is a requirement if you so if
10:40you're not kind
10:41um then like then it is finished for you
10:45you're never going to be able to attract
10:47um it doesn't matter if you're the best
10:49looking richest person on the planet
10:51blue pillars will tell you
10:53that um if you're not kind then like
10:55this is the kind of things that you see
10:56in disney films which i
10:58mentioned earlier that you get like the
11:01low status um servant
11:04uh steward um who's not particularly
11:07good looking but he's got a warm heart
11:09he's kind
11:10um and he is the one who ends up
11:12attracting the women over
11:13the prince who's rich high
11:16status good looking
11:19and then you have so there are no
11:22very important things under the blue
11:24pill they also have
11:26a couple of um fairly important bonuses
11:28so face and body like you still have
11:30this idea of
11:31love at first sight um under the blue
11:33pill like you see in
11:35uh movies like disney films um
11:38so like they they are like a bonus um
11:42doesn't exist so like height
11:46if you ask girls for um like if you're a
11:49short guy and they'll
11:50you ask them about your height they will
11:51tell you oh height doesn't matter to me
11:53height doesn't matter to me um it's not
11:55a thing so it doesn't like it's
11:57basically however you also there is a
12:01discrepancy there which i've put in
12:02brackets that
12:03some blue pillars will also say that
12:05height is uh
12:06fairly important because girls will say
12:08oh heart doesn't matter to me
12:10but as long as they're taller than me so
12:13if a girl is five foot three
12:15um if somebody if the man is uh five
12:17foot two
12:18then um she's not gonna want him
12:21but the uh man if he's five foot five
12:24or anywhere six foot whatever it doesn't
12:27matter as long as
12:28the man is taller then it's fine it's
12:30not a problem and then you also have
12:32this idea that
12:34um for the blue build money and status
12:36don't matter
12:38they're irrelevant um in terms of
12:40attracting women that they don't care
12:41about money that is what girls will tell
12:42you they
12:43don't care about money it doesn't matter
12:45how good looking or whatever somebody is
12:48no it doesn't matter how much money
12:50somebody has like they don't care really
12:52so they don't think it's relevant um and
12:56there's one more thing so they would um
12:58the blue pillars will also say that game
13:00is actually like detrimental in your
13:02chances of attracting women
13:04so um they will think it is like
13:06manipulating uh women almost like you're
13:08trying to learn all these
13:10uh strategies to like try to gain an
13:12advantage but they're actually like
13:14um they would they'd think it's almost
13:16overthinking it as well they would say
13:17oh yeah it shouldn't take this much work
13:19that you should just be yourself and you
13:20shouldn't try to like learn this pickup
13:22it's toxic in a way
13:24um and then there's also a discrepancy
13:26there i put in brackets again
13:27uh doesn't exist so if you ask
13:31like a lot of um blue pillars or girls
13:34um if you ask them like what is game
13:38they they won't have a clue they won't
13:40even know it's really a thing they won't
13:41be aware of it like that is only
13:43um something you become aware of once
13:46reach the red pill stage black pill
13:50okay moving on to the red pill so
13:53there there are two things so and these
13:56are the only two things you really need
13:58and if you don't have these two things
13:59in the red pill
14:00then um you're not going to be able to
14:03attract women
14:04so the first one is game so you need to
14:06like be able to good
14:07be good at talking to girls like making
14:09them laugh needs to be funny
14:11um and that is like going to be the main
14:14concept under the red pill
14:15you also need to have a good body so
14:18like they there is a huge focus on like
14:20going to the gym
14:21diet um like getting lean physique under
14:24the red pill like they that
14:25is quite important um
14:28it also has very important this will
14:30give you a huge edge so like they
14:32uh under the red pool they encourage you
14:34to like work on yourself
14:35working your status um get a high paying
14:38job working your career
14:39and and then the uh girls will like come
14:42after that pretty much um
14:44and then we come on to the like
14:48fairly important slash bonuses and we
14:50have like two
14:51uh things sort of red pill on that um so
14:54red pillars will acknowledge that
14:56taller people and better looking people
14:58will do slightly better
15:00um but they don't think it's like the be
15:01all and end all they think that they
15:03will have a
15:03slight edge they think that they'll like
15:05it's almost like a bonus like it's it
15:07um these are like the main things that
15:09you need uh to attract women and then
15:11these things will like give you a little
15:14um but they won't like you you can't
15:16rely on these things so you still need
15:18to have the confidence to gain
15:19the physique uh to go with it um
15:22and then moving on to the last thing red
15:26this this one's interesting because red
15:27pillars i think there's going to be a
15:29lot of backlash on this but red pillars
15:30will say that personality
15:32um will actually be detrimental um in
15:35terms of your attracting women so they
15:36will say that um
15:38yeah girls don't actually like nice guys
15:40they they want to be treated
15:42uh by like they actually like
15:44are so sorry
15:46um they they want men to ignore them
15:48they they're the kind of people that
15:50they like
15:51um so being a having a good personality
15:53being a nice guy will actually
15:55cause you to have negative results um
15:58moving on to the black pill
16:00so the black pill has two
16:04face and height so if you're um and the
16:07point where it becomes non-negotiable
16:09is if you're sub five in the face
16:12well mostly sub five at least
16:15definite most definitely sub four so if
16:18you're a one to three out of ten in the
16:20then it doesn't matter if you do a
16:22hundred approaches uh a ten thousand
16:25then every single girl will coldly
16:27reject you they
16:28they will think you are sup human at
16:30this point they will like
16:31look at you in disgust they won't even
16:33give you the time of day to uh
16:34say hello or have a like even a
16:36two-minute conversation with you
16:38like you've already been rejected before
16:40you even approach them like they've
16:41decided in the first
16:420.2 seconds of looking at your face that
16:45you are
16:46uh sub-human and that you you like don't
16:50don't even deserve to talk to them um
16:53and the other thing that's
16:54non-negotiable is height and
16:56the point where this becomes um
17:00like uh non-negotiable is anywhere like
17:03below five six
17:04so if you're sub five five six so if
17:07you're five five
17:08five four say um then
17:13you will like get the treatment of like
17:15being not being a man
17:17like they they won't look at you like a
17:18man they will look you look through
17:20their eyes like you're a boy they won't
17:24talk you
17:24to you with respect they won't see any
17:27physical attraction attraction to you
17:29and it doesn't matter how many of the
17:30other things you have like if you're
17:32five foot three and you have a good
17:34looking face and a
17:35really shredded body and your high
17:39um you'll end up being perceived as a
17:41man that like all those other things
17:42that you have
17:43um end up look like overcompensating um
17:47for the uh lack of height that you have
17:49like it that's all
17:51the vibe that you'll give off um moving
17:53on to
17:54very important things and now there's
17:56gonna be a lot of um
17:57discussion uh about this so like there
18:00is the discrepancy here we'll start with
18:03so game is still going to be a huge
18:06bonus like still going to be very
18:09um for attracting women so
18:12if you're at a bar uh you've got a good
18:14face and you've got good height
18:16but you lack confidence like yeah you'll
18:18still get some girls like approaching
18:20um and you will be able to do well like
18:22that's why game is not non-negotiable
18:24but having that extra confidence um
18:26having that
18:27extra boost um like being able to talk
18:30to women make him laugh it will just
18:32smooth things out so much easier um for
18:35you like and it will help
18:36and the discrepancy that i've also put
18:38uh doesn't exist so a lot of black
18:40pillars will say
18:41oh things like game and same goes with
18:43personality which is
18:44coming somewhere down here um that it
18:47doesn't exist
18:48like because your looks is your game
18:50your looks is your personality
18:52so there is that discrepancy there but i
18:53would still argue that um
18:55like game slash confidence whatever you
18:57want to call it is still going to give
18:58you a big
19:00bonus um and it's still going to be very
19:02important in terms of attracting women
19:04um body of course like anything
19:07superficial like this is the foundation
19:09of like the black bill that
19:11all of the looks factors are going to be
19:13the most uh important in generating
19:16and also status of money um this is
19:19going to give you a huge boost as well
19:21you can be like tall good looking um
19:24with a good body
19:26um but if you work at mcdonald's then
19:29like you might get rejected like if you
19:32quite a bit or it will just make it a
19:34bit more difficult so like having the
19:36extra status of money like a higher
19:38paying job will like
19:39skyrocket your results like it would
19:40mean the difference between getting
19:42uh like 10 uh successful approaches and
19:46getting 100 successful approaches
19:48um we then have personality i still
19:51think this
19:52is fairly important a bonus a lot of
19:54people are going to disagree with this
19:56the black pillars they're going to think
19:57oh it doesn't exist because your looks
19:59is your personality
20:00but i still would think that is fairly
20:03maybe not in the early stages so much
20:05but mainly like in terms of
20:07creating like lasting relationships like
20:09that is going to be like a key driving
20:11force and keeping the
20:12relationship going so you don't want to
20:13be boring like you need to be somewhat
20:15interesting and so we're now going to
20:18like move on to the
20:19analysis of um this table
20:22so like how does everything fit in so
20:26the first thing to note is that the
20:27black pill prioritizes
20:29uh genetics so the three like main
20:32genetic things that you're going to get
20:34is your face and your height and also
20:37partially your body which is like half
20:39environmental half uh genetic
20:41um while other things are going to it's
20:44like the red pill is going to
20:46praise your environmental factors
20:49so things like game and your body um and
20:52your status
20:53which are mostly environmental or like a
20:56lot more
20:56environmental than your face and height
20:59um they're going to prioritize
21:01those things so like things that you can
21:03change things that you can work on
21:05are prioritized the next analysis i've
21:08got is
21:09the uptrend from the blue pill
21:12to the black pill so according to the
21:16blue pill
21:16like it's fairly easy all you need is a
21:19good personality
21:20and then having face and body will like
21:22give you a
21:23bonus and that's all you really need
21:25like it's it pictures like attracting
21:27women is easy
21:28and the red pill like simplifies things
21:31as well like it's quite simple
21:33again um so all you need to do is just
21:36uh learn game go to the gym uh get a
21:39good job
21:40and then that's it and then these things
21:41like will give you a little boost again
21:43and that's it fairly straightforward and
21:46then the black pill
21:48um this is where like gets difficult you
21:50need to have
21:51like no none of the six things are in
21:54the bottom two categories
21:55everything is at least somewhat
21:59uh two things are non-negotiable whereas
22:01the blue pill only has one
22:03uh red pill has two and then when it
22:05comes to the very important
22:07black pill has three red pill has one so
22:10like the so this pretty much epitomizes
22:12that the fact that
22:13women have really high standards that
22:15you need to be ticking
22:16all of these boxes all of them well um
22:20definitely these two and you'll get like
22:23three things are also like crucial but
22:25even personality the lowest one is still
22:27relatively important so the like there
22:30is an uptrend
22:31uh as people move from the blue pill to
22:33the black red pill to the black pill
22:35that they will realize that women have
22:36like really high standards
22:39the next one is that a lot of people
22:41think that a blue pill
22:42opposes the black pill well it's
22:44actually more that the blue pill opposes
22:46the red pill so the blue pill is almost
22:48a reflection
22:49of the red pill so the red pill would
22:51say that the personality
22:53is at the bottom that it will hurt you
22:55blue people will say that the
22:56personality is the
22:57most important thing it's a
22:59non-negotiable it's a requirement
23:02likewise game is the lowest
23:05on the blue pills list and the highest
23:08on the uh
23:08red pills list so like these two things
23:11like oppose each other
23:13and then the black pill um is like kind
23:16of a
23:17separate entity almost um
23:20next analysis analysis that most men
23:24speak slash advise the red pill but then
23:27they will actually behave
23:28like by the blue pill so if you ever ask
23:31men for like
23:32dating advice they will they will tell
23:33you oh yeah you just need to be
23:35confident um
23:36things like that but then if you you
23:38actually watch those same men
23:40um like do approaches and uh if you like
23:44read their text and you look at their
23:46then it like screams the blue pill so
23:49like they will
23:50always be available um they will put
23:52women on a pedestal
23:54um they will like take them out on dates
23:56pay for everything
23:57uh everything that is like goes against
24:00a red pill
24:01meanwhile um women will speak slash
24:05the blue pill so they will um tell
24:08men if you ever ask women for dating
24:10advice they will tell you this
24:12they will tell you oh you just need to
24:13be kind um but then
24:15they will actually behave by the black
24:17pill so women will tell you oh no we
24:20just we only care about personality
24:21that's the only thing that matters you
24:22just need to be nice
24:24but then if you actually look at their
24:25behavior if you look at
24:27things like tinder studies um and like
24:30real life footage uh in fields and then
24:33they will
24:34like be it will show that they're
24:37face height uh then body and then like
24:39these things are
24:41secondary and then the last analysis
24:44that i've got um is that
24:46it's also this table isn't like clean
24:50cut so it's also like dependent on your
24:52environment as well
24:54so um there are free environments
24:58that you can use to attract women which
25:00is online
25:01um then you have the cold approach which
25:04is like going up to
25:06women in the street in bars things like
25:07that women you've never seen before
25:09and a warm approach which is the warm
25:12approach which is
25:13um approaching women that you already
25:15know friends of friends
25:17through work college school um
25:20etc uh clubs whatever so people that you
25:23already know like there's already that
25:24like initial thing that you have in
25:27and the way that this table is not clean
25:31is because depending on your environment
25:34the orders will slightly differ
25:38in which of those free environments
25:39you're in so just for example
25:41in a warm environment uh status will
25:44like be more important than game and
25:47maybe body
25:48um so like in an office environment like
25:52ceos the managers the top executives
25:55um will have like a will be more higher
25:59up they will
25:59do better um than the like average
26:02employees you know like your office
26:04who will also do better than the
26:06janitors cleaners
26:08um meanwhile in a
26:11uh cold environment then game uh will be
26:15more important that will take and
26:16personality like they will be more
26:19um because that is like the forefront
26:22of your um of like those environments so
26:25if you're in a club like uh or a bar
26:29uh you need to like have better game
26:31well things like stages of money
26:33won't really matter like if you're in a
26:35bar it doesn't matter if you've got like
26:37you know 150 pound notes in your pocket
26:40it isn't going to matter but if you're
26:42like good at talking to women like going
26:43up to them
26:44chatting to them making them laugh then
26:46that's going to be
26:47more prevalent and in the online
26:50environment things don't really change
26:51like this is the sort of thing you'll
26:53the uh the looks ones will still be like
26:56more important there is an element of
26:58game element of status and money
27:00but it's mostly going to be focused on
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the beliefs and concepts behind the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies related to attracting women?

The Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies are related to attracting women and highlight different beliefs and concepts. Each ideology offers a unique perspective on the factors of attractiveness and how they influence relationships with women.

2. How do the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies prioritize the six factors of attractiveness?

The Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies prioritize the six factors of attractiveness differently. They perceive behavior, external factors (money and status), and looks in distinct ways, leading to varying beliefs about their impact on attracting women.

3. What contradictions exist between the advice given by men and women regarding attracting women?

Contradictions exist between the advice given by men and women regarding attracting women. The analysis reveals that their behaviors often contradict their own advice, leading to discrepancies in the beliefs and concepts related to relationships and dating.

4. How do genetics, environment, and personal experiences influence the belief systems of the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies?

Genetics, environment, and personal experiences play a significant role in influencing the belief systems of the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies. These factors shape the perception of attractiveness and relationships, contributing to the distinct ideologies' viewpoints.

5. What are the differences and arguments presented by the Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies related to attracting women?

The Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill ideologies present differences and arguments related to attracting women. Their varying viewpoints on behavior, external factors, and looks result in contrasting beliefs and concepts about attracting women, leading to ongoing debates and discussions on the topic.

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