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The video discusses the concept of a "Fourth Turning" in history, where 80-year cycles are characterized by four turnings or eras: high, awakening, unraveling, and crisis. It explores how each generation plays a role in these turnings, with the current crisis being compared to past events like the Great Depression and World War II. The video emphasizes the need for individuals to rise to the occasion and contribute to resolving the crisis.
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The Fourth Turning is a book that explains how history repeats itself in 80-year blocks with four turnings or generations within each block.
The book describes turnings as similar to seasons, with each lasting around 20 years.
The current period is considered the first turning or season in the current 80-year block.
The fourth turning is a crisis era characterized by upheaval.
The fourth turning is considered a crisis era.
It is a period of upheaval and turmoil.
The current era we are in is identified as a fourth turning.
The fourth turning is a period of societal crisis and upheaval, with major events such as the fall of Soviet communism, LA riots, 9/11, and the financial crisis of 2008.
Ronald Reagan's re-election in 1984 marks the beginning of the third turning.
The third turning, known as the unraveling, is characterized by events like the fall of Soviet communism and the Columbine High School shootings.
The unraveling ends with the financial crisis of 2008.
The fourth turning, which America is currently in, is predicted to include major crises and events, similar to the Great Depression and World War II in the past.
Every 80 years, a major crisis occurs that changes everything, and we are currently in the middle of one.
Boomers and Gen X are considered the nomad generation.
Millennials will be the hero generation during this crisis.
Gen Z will likely be an artist generation.
Crises are like forest fires, clearing the way for new growth.
This crisis will shift the balance of power towards the younger generation.
The spirited man from the Gen X generation is tasked with fixing and repairing the messes left by others in this crisis.
Western society was built to foster the potential of each individual.
The spirited man wonders what role he should play in extinguishing the crisis.
Gen X is referred to as the repair generation.
The spirited man has a knack for repair and fixing.
00:11this spirited man
00:12had been expecting this crisis
00:16maybe not a global pandemic per se
00:20but he knew something was coming
00:33for a decade this spirited man had been
00:35reading books
00:40trying to figure out what the hell was
00:43going on
00:45his brother a spirited man himself
00:48told him to read this book the fourth
00:53this book turned out to be the spirited
00:55man's favorite kind of book
00:57a mind blower
01:04a book about how and when
01:07history repeats itself
01:13and this is what the book said history
01:16repeats itself in 80-year blocks
01:19called saculum but we'll just call them
01:22history blocks
01:24not exactly 80 years this is history not
01:28but roughly the span of a human lifetime
01:31maybe 80 to
01:3290 years within these 80-year history
01:36we have four turnings of around
01:4020 years each we usually call them
01:43generations this book calls them
01:47turnings are sort of like seasons like
01:49spring summer fall winter
01:52throughout our history we've had these
01:5380-year blocks
01:55and the 80-year blocks have been
01:56remarkably similar to each other
01:59we're in one now
02:02the first turning the first season
02:06is a high an upbeat era the second
02:10is an awakening a passionate era
02:13the third turning is an unraveling a
02:16downcast era
02:17in the fourth turning well sorry but
02:20fourth turnings suck the fourth turning
02:23is a crisis
02:24an era of upheaval we're in a fourth
02:27turning right now
02:31so let's take a look at our seculum our
02:33history block
02:35the history block that we're in the
02:36crisis of right now our high
02:38began after our world war ii victory
02:41by our we mean americas
02:45these are america's history blocks and
02:49during a high the getting is good
02:52we had the most even distribution of
02:54wealth during our high
02:56you could work at a gas station and
02:57afford to buy a house
03:00this high is the period that the maga
03:02hats refer to we got hank williams
03:04and elvis and little richard and the
03:07birth of rock and roll
03:08we launched monkeys and men into space
03:10this is when the mustangs and
03:12corvettes first came out our high ended
03:15with the assassination
03:16of john f kennedy on november 22
03:201963. the high
03:23is not a high for everyone of course
03:26america still had a segregated south
03:28homosexuality was illegal and considered
03:31a mental disorder
03:32the high is a period of conformity the
03:36age of non-conformity
03:37and of social justice begins during the
03:41our passionate era during the awakening
03:45we had martin luther king in the civil
03:47rights movement acid vietnam protests
03:49and vietnam itself the women's
03:51liberation movement
03:52stonewall and the gay rights movement
03:54great movies
03:55great music this is when the first
03:57macintosh computer came out
03:59the awakening is a time of increasing
04:03this second turning this awakening ended
04:06with the re-election of ronald reagan in
04:10things get messy during the third
04:12turning during the unraveling
04:15we got the fall of soviet communism in
04:17the beginning of the russian gangster
04:20the greatest musicians of the time sang
04:22about violence and decay in their
04:23deteriorating cities the la riots
04:26oj the bombing of bosnia in the
04:28columbine high school shootings on the
04:30same day
04:31september 11th the wars in afghanistan
04:33and iraq
04:34our unraveling ended with the financial
04:36crisis of 2008.
04:40a fascinating fact about this book is
04:42that it was written
04:43during the last third turning published
04:46in 1997
04:47but the book predicts now what's
04:51now in this fourth turning and what's
04:54happening now
04:55is right on schedule
05:0280 years ago in the last fourth turning
05:05america had her great depression than
05:07world war
05:07ii 80 years before that the civil war
05:1180 years before that the revolutionary
05:17now it's our turn to save the country
05:25so where do you fit into all this what's
05:28your role
05:29it depends when you were born each
05:33each cohort tends to embody a specific
05:36archetype an archetype that will move
05:38the society
05:40towards the next high each generation's
05:44is the characteristic that will define
05:46the generation
05:47in its prime in midlife
05:50the boomer archetype is the prophet
05:54bill gates and steve jobs are boomers
05:56and prophets
05:57both predicted that one day everyone not
06:00just big corporations and governments
06:02would own a computer gates even
06:04predicted a crisis like covid19
06:06five years beforehand the writers of
06:09this book
06:10are boomers and prophets gen x is the
06:14generation the quintessential gen xer
06:16elon musk
06:18builds things that move us from one
06:21to another rockets electric cars
06:24hyperloops nomadic devices
06:34but the millennials raised during the
06:37will emerge as the hero generation
06:40during this crisis these are the
06:42parkland high students
06:44the frontline hospital workers in malala
06:46yushof's eye
06:49the book says millennials will be the
06:51world war
06:52ii heroes of our history block
06:58we don't know what gen z will do but
07:00they will be an artist generation
07:02from them we'll emerge the next bill
07:05tony morrison or bob dylan all born
07:08during the last crisis
07:10all from an artist generation
07:13the history block before ours ended with
07:16world war ii
07:17and began with the civil war 80 years
07:21the history block before that ended with
07:24the civil war
07:25and began with the end of the
07:27revolutionary war
07:2980 years prior every 80 years or so
07:33something big comes along and changes
07:38and now we're at the end of our history
07:42right in the middle of our crisis
07:45we are in the process of changing our
07:47world again
07:50the authors of the fourth turning tell
07:51us that these crises are like forest
07:55unpleasant but necessary they clear the
07:59for new growth as we work towards our
08:03next high
08:04this crisis will tilt the playing field
08:06away from the old
08:08and towards the young they tell us
08:13but the victory is not guaranteed
08:17we will each of us need to rise to the
08:20during this crisis we will need to
08:23develop and fortify
08:24our virtues as we pursue a greener
08:38our western society was built to foster
08:41the potential of
08:42each individual within it the aggregate
08:46effort of
08:46individuals keeps it going
08:53the spirited man wonders what is his
08:57what verse must he contribute to help
09:00extinguish the crisis
09:04this spirited man is told that his
09:08gen x is the repair generation
09:12the one stuck with fixing the messes and
09:15cleaning up the debris
09:17left by others
09:20cleaning fixing repair
09:26this particular spirited man from the
09:30pre-digital generation the last of the
09:34just happens to have a particular knack
09:36for repair
09:38and for fixing
09:43perhaps his nomad generation is tasked
09:46ferrying his society from one sacrum
09:50from one history block to another
09:53but where does he start well
09:57the zip line at the community center
09:59playground has been broken for over a
10:03and this particular spirited man happens
10:06to have the tools
10:07to fix it
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the concept of a 'Fourth Turning' in history?

The concept of a 'Fourth Turning' in history refers to 80-year cycles characterized by four turnings or eras: high, awakening, unraveling, and crisis. Each turning is marked by different attitudes and social trends.

2. How do generations play a role in the 'Fourth Turning'?

Each generation plays a specific role in the 'Fourth Turning', with different attitudes and approaches during each turning or era. Understanding generational dynamics is crucial in navigating the challenges of the crisis period.

3. What historical events are compared to the current crisis in the video?

The video compares the current crisis to past events like the Great Depression and World War II, highlighting the similarities and differences in the societal response, economic impact, and global repercussions.

4. What is emphasized in the video regarding the current crisis?

The video emphasizes the need for individuals to rise to the occasion and contribute to resolving the crisis. It encourages active participation and a communal approach to address the challenges of the era.

5. How do 80-year cycles impact societal trends and attitudes?

The 80-year cycles in the concept of the 'Fourth Turning' greatly influence societal trends and attitudes, shaping generations and their responses to various challenges. Understanding the cyclical nature of history is essential in preparing for and navigating through the different turnings.

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