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Andrew Tate provides a comprehensive guide on attraction and dating, offering proven strategies to succeed with women. He covers various topics such as creating an interesting persona, effective texting techniques, and maintaining control in relationships. Viewers are encouraged to practice and ask questions for further guidance.
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Andrew Tate's PhD course on attracting women will not be divided into modules, instead, he will provide a comprehensive overview of the subject.
Andrew Tate is a certified expert in the field.
He initially planned to use a whiteboard but decided to include graphics in the video instead.
Andrew acknowledges that teaching attraction is complex, comparing it to baking where many variables come into play.
The course will focus on providing a holistic understanding rather than breaking it down into smaller modules.
To attract women, it is important to create an interesting persona by adding a spin to your job and not revealing all the information about yourself.
You should not play fair in the sexual marketplace or in the world of violence.
Instead of giving away all the information about your job, leave some mystery and let women come up with their own ideas.
By adding a spin to your job, you can transform from a regular barista to an intriguing character like James Bond or a philanthropist.
The speaker discusses the importance of being straightforward and confident when approaching women, and advises to ask for their number after a short conversation.
Women prefer men who are older than them.
Compliments and humor can help in building attraction.
After a couple of compliments, asking for her number directly is recommended.
If she prefers to talk on Instagram, ignore her and move on.
The speaker discusses the concept of the numbers game and the importance of not letting external factors affect your interactions with women.
There are too many external factors that can influence the outcome of your interactions.
Don't double text or become upset if she doesn't reply immediately.
Emotionality is not how men should act, so don't get upset if she doesn't reply.
It's important to understand that external factors may be at play and not take it personally.
Follow texting rules such as not double texting and only messaging women at night.
In social situations, bringing friends along can make it less awkward and more fun for everyone involved.
Bringing friends along on a date can create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere.
Friends should understand the "game" and not hit on or interrupt the person you're interested in.
Having a female friend as a wingman can be beneficial in attracting other women.
The importance of maintaining attention and creating a fine line to keep a woman interested after sleeping with her.
Text her less frequently and make it clear that your attention has dropped.
She should feel uncomfortable but not enough to call you out on it.
A quality woman will go the extra mile to regain your attention and retain you as a man.
She will bend her normal rules to get your attention back post-sex.
This section discusses the release of the first video of the course and the plan for future videos, as well as the importance of experience in addition to the knowledge gained from the videos.
The first video is an introduction to the fundamental basics of attraction and how to communicate with women.
In a week, another video will be released to answer specific questions from viewers, providing more knowledge and guidance.
The combination of these videos and personal experience will greatly enhance one's dating game.
Insulting women is not an alpha move, but teasing and making fun of them in a respectful way can be effective in attracting them.
Talking aggressively or negatively to a girl on a date is not cool.
Insulting a girl is unnecessary if you already feel superior.
Teasing and making fun of a girl should be done based on experience and the individual.
Building an interesting Instagram profile with a few good pictures is enough, and it's okay to say that you don't use social media much.
00:11welcome to the Tate BHD course if you've
00:14bought this course which you obviously
00:15have congratulations you're going to
00:16change your life for the bear I know
00:18exactly what I'm talking about I'm
00:19[ __ ] certified I know I don't look
00:21like a pimp right now it looked like a
00:22[ __ ] but I just finished training I
00:25don't owe you [ __ ] nice clothes
00:26so whatever I actually went out of my
00:28way and bought a whiteboard
00:31that's some genuine effort but the only
00:33pen I have is green which is going to be
00:36for you to see so we're not going to use
00:38the white board we're going to put
00:39Graphics in the video instead which is
00:40more effort
00:42should charge double for this [ __ ]
00:44anyway so
00:47me I'm going to teach you from the
00:49ground up how to get it done
00:52I was thinking if I was going to do like
00:53modular videos like little modules on
00:56each thing of how to do it or just do
00:58one long video it's actually quite
01:00difficult it's almost like imagine
01:02you're the best baker in the world and
01:03someone comes to you and says
01:05teach me how to bake well the first
01:07thing you're going to do is say okay
01:09we'll bake what bake a cake bake bread
01:10in an oven or on a fire or how long do I
01:13have what are the ingredients like the
01:14first thing the master Baker is going to
01:17do masturbate your master Baker is going
01:19to ask you loads of questions because
01:21baking is such an all-encompassing art
01:23it's very difficult to just explain
01:25everything and pimping is very much the
01:27same it's very difficult for me to just
01:29explain absolutely everything the whole
01:31360 degrees but I'm going to try anyway
01:34and for that reason I'm not going to do
01:36modules I'm not going to break it down
01:38to little videos what I'm just going to
01:39do is I'm just going to [ __ ] lay down
01:42some knowledge
01:43for the next long time
01:46and your ass needs to get a pen and a
01:48[ __ ] paper and pay attention if you
01:50have to watch this video over and over
01:51and over again fine if you have to watch
01:54this video and understand that there's
01:56certain parts of it that you need to
01:57tweak to fit your particular style fine
02:00I'm not saying that this is going to be
02:02absolutely not really rigid but it is
02:03going to be a fails a fail-proof system
02:06that's what it's absolutely going to be
02:07because there are some rules which are
02:09iron clad can't be broken and some rules
02:12there's exceptions too so there's gonna
02:14be a whole bunch of talking here so if
02:16you haven't gone pissed go piss get some
02:18[ __ ] popcorn buckle up this is lesson
02:20one in your pimpanos degree all right
02:23let's start with the basics
02:25the basics are as follows and like I
02:28said when you're watching this video
02:29there's going to be some rules which are
02:31telling you which are iron clad and
02:32can't be broken and sometimes there's
02:34exceptions to the rules I've read a lot
02:36of a lot of the manosphere [ __ ] and
02:39sometimes I say if you [ __ ] her on the
02:41first date she ain't worth [ __ ] that's
02:43not true I've had girls who have [ __ ]
02:45in the first date who weren't worth [ __ ]
02:46and I've had girls I've [ __ ] on the
02:48first day I was with for two or three
02:49years and they were fiercely loyal to me
02:51and they were fantastic girlfriends so
02:52that is a rule which has exceptions but
02:55there are some rules
02:57with no exceptions like oh my girl has
03:01male friends they're just her friend no
03:03not allowed that is a rule that can
03:05never ever ever that cannot be broken if
03:07you've got your chick on Lock and she's
03:08in love with you she ain't interested in
03:10talking to no other [ __ ] dude about
03:11Game of Thrones or some dumb [ __ ] she's
03:13interested in talking to you and you
03:15so like I said I'm gonna do a lot of
03:17talking here and what I want you to do
03:18is pay a lot of attention and especially
03:20pause this video if I'm giving you
03:22examples I'm talking about things try
03:23and apply them to your own life or why
03:25you while you're where you've tried
03:26things in your own life or your own
03:28current situation and see how they fit
03:30I'm very open for questions comments if
03:33you have any particular questions or
03:34comments you want to come at me with
03:35drop me an email there's no problem at
03:37all so we're gonna start at the very
03:38very beginning which is the overview of
03:40the sexual Marketplace that we currently
03:42live in
03:43we currently live in a sexual
03:45Marketplace which is extremely difficult
03:47for men and it is getting harder and
03:50harder it is not getting easier it's
03:52getting harder and harder because women
03:55biologically are programmed to share an
03:59alpha male
04:01now I say this and this is what's
04:02actually interesting to me a lot of the
04:04monastery stuff the 21 convention stuff
04:05all this [ __ ] is talking about how women
04:07are wrong and women need to be fixed I
04:10don't necessarily think that's the case
04:11if you can position yourself in the
04:13correct place
04:15you'll have more than enough women
04:17so by the way the sexual Marketplace
04:19works is if you're in the wrong place
04:21you don't have enough women but if
04:22you're in the right place you have too
04:24many women I have more women than I can
04:27I by the time I [ __ ] all the girls I
04:29need to [ __ ] to keep my normal rotation
04:31going I don't have time to go on a date
04:33every night is planned every night I'm
04:36looking at my phone and I've got four
04:37choices and I'm like where am I gonna
04:39stay and that's not just because I've
04:40got money because it's been like this
04:42before I had money I've had money for
04:43six seven years it was exactly the same
04:45before I had money I've always had too
04:47many women because I understand where to
04:48position myself so the first thing I
04:50want you guys to do is a lot of this red
04:52pill stuff is anti-women
04:55the way that women are hypergame is and
04:57they don't like the way that it works
04:59and women only want this and it's really
05:01negative you are not going to be
05:02successful with girls if you hate girls
05:04you need to get that [ __ ] out your head
05:06and you've got to change your mindset
05:08where you don't like how women think I
05:10don't like how women think women do this
05:11women do that women think a particular
05:13way and that's fine if if you know the
05:16rules to the game if you can bend the
05:19rules or you can put yourself in the
05:21right position so that the rules of the
05:22game favor you then you should be very
05:25happy women think a particular way
05:27so a lot like I said a lot of this red
05:29pill stuff is trying to change the way
05:30women think trying to say that women
05:31think a certain way and this is wrong
05:33and like there's a new convention coming
05:35out 22 convention make women great again
05:37about how to make women great if women
05:38were completely Fair like man and every
05:40woman just got one guy the worst of fun
05:42in being a g where's the fun and having
05:45all these chicks well how come I have so
05:46many I only have so many because a whole
05:48bunch of dudes out there with none
05:49that's the way the world works so I'm
05:52going to teach you to be in my position
05:53so you need to get rid of any hate or
05:56resentment you have towards women get
05:58rid of that [ __ ] out that's the first
05:59thing you've all do when you understand
06:01women better you'll understand why they
06:04do what they do and you'll understand
06:05how to position yourself so it suits you
06:07so the sexual Marketplace is very
06:10difficult for men and the reason is
06:11difficult for men is because men have
06:13one weapon
06:15in the battle for sex and that is
06:19all you can give a female is attention
06:24let me take my jacket off quickly
06:26before I take my jack off let me just
06:28remind you this watch costs 30 grand
06:30that upsets you get your money up
06:33so all you have is your attention so the
06:37basics of the sexual Marketplace are as
06:40you give your attention to a woman to
06:42get sex
06:43and the woman gives you her sex to keep
06:47getting your attention
06:49attention into sex and sex into
06:51attention that's how it works men give
06:53their attention to get sex women give
06:55sex to get attention that's how it
06:57should work but the reason the sexual
06:59Marketplace is so [ __ ] because there's
07:01too many women out there who get
07:03attention without giving sex so
07:07previously not too long ago men didn't
07:10give a [ __ ] about a girl they weren't
07:12banging they didn't care why would you
07:14care about a girl you don't [ __ ] she
07:16ain't nothing to you you don't see her
07:17but now with Instagram you've got girls
07:19with millions of Faller followers
07:21millions of men are giving her
07:24validation millions of men are liking
07:26her comments and comment and and liking
07:28her posts and commenting on her [ __ ] and
07:30telling her she's beautiful and she
07:32[ __ ] zero of them so that skewed up the
07:35whole thing now it's all [ __ ] because
07:37you got chicks getting unlimited male
07:39attention without having to give it
07:41their sex out and that's why the sexual
07:43Marketplace is getting difficult because
07:44it's the whole [ __ ]
07:46the whole [ __ ] game the fair equation
07:48has been completely skewed male
07:50attention is suffering from
07:53whereas male attention isn't worth [ __ ]
07:55anymore 50 60 years ago if you were
07:57talking to a girl or you took her on a
07:59date or you bought her flowers it meant
08:01something buy a [ __ ] flowers now she
08:03doesn't give a [ __ ] what the [ __ ] does
08:04she care Unlimited inboxes in her
08:07[ __ ] Instagrams you can get flowers
08:08anytime she wants she doesn't [ __ ]
08:10care none of that means anything
08:11so that's a sexual Marketplace so the
08:13number one game as a man is you need to
08:16attach some value to your attention
08:19your attention has to become more
08:21valuable because you have two choices
08:24I'm assuming you [ __ ] are smart
08:26I don't know all of you who've bought
08:27this I know some of you have bought this
08:28some of you might be dumb
08:30but if something hyperinflates the
08:32choices are as follows imagine a
08:34currency of a currency hyperinflates you
08:36either do something to restore the value
08:38of that currency
08:39or you give a lot more currency to get
08:42what you want so my question to you is
08:44if male attention is in hyperinflation
08:47do you want to give loads loads loads
08:49loads more attention to try and get laid
08:51or do you want to attach a value to your
08:53attention so that you don't have to give
08:55very much at all but you get what you
08:57the problem with giving loads loads
08:59loads loads more is you might not get
09:00laid and then guess where you end up
09:03[ __ ] friend zone it's complicated
09:10we're really good friends
09:16I drove over there I took it to the
09:18movies every time she called me I was
09:19there every time she felt sad I was
09:21there and this [ __ ] is sitting there
09:22going well he's there anytime I want him
09:24and I don't have to [ __ ] him so why
09:25don't I [ __ ] him and Jen's the [ __ ]
09:27some guy who doesn't give a [ __ ] about
09:28her and you're sitting there going why
09:31would she [ __ ] the guy who clearly
09:33doesn't like her because the guy who
09:34doesn't like her his attention has a
09:36value because she can't get it very
09:38easily just like a currency the only
09:40attention anything only has a value
09:42through scarcity so when you want to
09:44attach a value to your attention you
09:47have to limit the attention you give a
09:49you cannot be running through the Earth
09:52throw in attention everywhere for
09:54[ __ ] free and expect a girl to give a
09:56[ __ ] that she's getting any if she knows
09:59you give attention
11:04the walk she doesn't give a [ __ ] about
11:06your attention that's the reality this
11:08is why girls like bad boys it's not
11:11because bad boys are [ __ ] well
11:13partially is because bad boys are
11:14[ __ ] but it's not actually the fact
11:16they're [ __ ] it's the fact that
11:17they'll tell the girl to [ __ ] off or
11:18they'll say to a girl I don't want to
11:19talk to you anymore or they know that
11:21getting attention from this particular
11:22man isn't free and easy this guy will
11:25get rid of he's giving me attention and
11:26he told he got rid of that other girl or
11:28he ignores that girl but he talks to me
11:30that is valuable so the number one thing
11:33you want to do in the current Mark
11:34sexual Marketplace is attach value to
11:38your attention so how do you do that now
11:43this is we're going to get into internal
11:45factors factors you can do as a person
11:48and external factors there are a lot of
11:50factors you can't control
11:52I don't want to [ __ ]
11:55what's the shitty expression teach
11:57grandmother to suck eggs or some dumb
11:59[ __ ] I don't want to State the obvious
12:01but obviously if you have a profile as a
12:05high value male your attention is
12:08instinctively more valuable so we're
12:11talking about attaching value to your
12:13attention and we're going to do that by
12:15limiting your attention but you can also
12:17attach value to your attention with the
12:19obvious things you already know go to
12:22the gym get in shape dress well have
12:24money all these basic things but I'm not
12:26here to tell you that because that
12:27doesn't help you you bought this course
12:28on how to get girls I can't sit here and
12:30go get a Lambo because I ain't a [ __ ]
12:32answer that's stupid but I'm saying if
12:33you do those things it will absolutely
12:35help you because it makes you a higher
12:37value person it means and a girl is more
12:39interested in you saying well a lot of
12:42the time it just Sparks their curiosity
12:43my experience with money is that girls
12:45don't care about money but they care
12:46about how you've made it
12:48girls don't care about money but they're
12:51where does he get this money from
12:52they're curious about it so it's some
12:55Intrigue there and with entry your
12:57attention once again increases so those
12:58are all the things you already know if
13:00you don't know to go to the gym get some
13:02money well then you're an idiot you know
13:03all listings we're not going to talk
13:04about them we're going to talk about the
13:06things you can do without increasing
13:08your bank balance
13:11increasing the value of your attention
13:12so as follows
13:14I don't know your current situation but
13:16I guarantee there's a bunch of girls in
13:18your phone who you're talking to or
13:20attempting to talk to who you've never
13:22[ __ ] and you never stand a chance of
13:24[ __ ]
13:25why are you talking to her
13:28why are you giving your attention away
13:30for free
13:31why are you devaluing yourself
13:34and that's a mistake so for this reason
13:37anytime we're giving our attention to a
13:39woman we need to aim for progression
13:42progression towards the end goal if you
13:45find a woman sexually attractive I know
13:47the [ __ ] modern world tells you
13:49that's a bad thing but it's not a bad
13:51thing there's nothing wrong with finding
13:52a woman attractive and there's nothing
13:53wrong with wanting to sleep with a woman
13:54there's nothing wrong with that that is
13:56your end goal and every move you make
13:59every bit of attention you give has to
14:01be progressing towards that goal you
14:04cannot just flounder and a sea of giving
14:05out your attention you end up in the
14:07[ __ ] friend zone so
14:09like I said just like with the bakery
14:11example there's a million things I need
14:13to teach you guys I teach you guys
14:15approaching [ __ ] on the street and
14:17teach you guys how to do things in the
14:19club and and teaching these things
14:20without experience is extremely
14:22difficult so to keep this easy what I'm
14:25going to do is I'm going to give you
14:26some Ironclad steps that you can do in
14:29the next two weeks so you can [ __ ] a
14:30[ __ ] brand new girl you never [ __ ] so
14:33you know that I know I'm talking about
14:34because a lot of this stuff I need to
14:36show you in person there's a lot of
14:37other modules Etc we're gonna keep this
14:38very simple we live in the world of the
14:43first thing you can do to start getting
14:44laid today is your number one tool to
14:47get laid is Instagram
14:50Instagram is the new dating [ __ ] app
14:54[ __ ] Tinder I mean tinder's okay the
14:57problem with Tinder is if you're gonna
14:58do Tinder or not you'll swipe we'll get
14:59some girls but every girl on Tinder is
15:01as [ __ ] someone else a tinder's been
15:03around for four years now they [ __ ]
15:04dudes from Tinder before you know only
15:06real Ratchet asshoes are left on there
15:08really maybe if they're newly single or
15:10something you might find something good
15:12on Tinder I've done it I found good
15:13girls on Tinder but in general what you
15:16want is Instagram
15:17the reason Instagram's so fantastic is
15:19because women sit on Instagram all
15:21[ __ ] day the only problem with
15:23Instagram is that they get unlimited
15:25inboxes from guys
15:27saying [ __ ] so how do you make your
15:30inbox more appealing than anyone else's
15:33so we'll talk about some inbox game if
15:35that's the thing first thing you need to
15:37do is start your Instagram page you can
15:39see on my Instagram I have my particular
15:41angle and that is money obviously
15:44I play The Fighter thing and also what I
15:48try and do with every single post is a
15:50degree of intrigue Intrigue is super
15:53important in the sexual Marketplace
15:54because intrigue
15:57it attaches the value to your attention
15:58because you instantly become interested
16:00so imagine you work in Starbucks
16:04your job you're a Starbucks
16:06if a girl says what do you do you can
16:08say I work at Starbucks or you can say
16:11uh well I say well I was high level at
16:14Starbucks I was high level management
16:15and now they put me in as a mystery
16:17worker I'm making a chef I want to talk
16:19my [ __ ] head I'm telling you what I
16:20do if I work at Starbucks like what do
16:22you mean it's like oh well I was high
16:23level management and then what they do
16:24is they send me around the different
16:25Starbucks stores to just work as a
16:27normal person but what I have to support
16:29back to the height of a management about
16:30how the store is being run and if the
16:32manager is competent and did it all of a
16:34sudden you sound like a [ __ ] spy
16:35you're now James Bond of Starbucks
16:38you were a barista loser now you're
16:40James Bond
16:41that's how you gotta put a spin on
16:43things really I've never heard of that
16:45so of course if you heard of it then it
16:47wouldn't work no one knows about it so I
16:49moved from store to store
16:51now all of a sudden you're an
16:52interesting person bam you go up a spin
16:54on things then you're sitting there
16:56thinking well if I say that maybe she's
16:57gonna expect me to have money no she
16:59oh so you get paid a lot oh yeah I get
17:01paid good money but you know I'm looking
17:03after my cousin she had a
17:06my cousins I'm putting my cousin through
17:07college make up some [ __ ] look we
17:10live in a world where you cannot play
17:12fair anymore when you walk down the
17:14streets nowadays and someone wants to
17:15mug you it can't be all right let's have
17:17a fair duel one-on-one if you win
17:19there's no more fair people gonna run it
17:21from behind and stab you you can't play
17:23fair anymore in with violence or in the
17:26sexual Marketplace you can't play fair
17:27if you work in Starbucks and you are
17:29broke you now are high level management
17:31on a secret Starbucks mission to find
17:33the worst Starbucks employees as a spy
17:35and the reason you have no money is
17:37because you're putting your sick cousin
17:38through college that is how you have to
17:40play the game all of a sudden you're an
17:42interesting person from a barista to
17:45James Bond the philanthropist that's how
17:47you all be doing things so whatever your
17:49job is now it may be a little bit
17:50interesting but I guarantee you can put
17:52a spin on it and one of the most
17:54important things you can do is never
17:56give away all the information
17:58because there is nothing as interesting
18:01that you can say as what she can think
18:03of herself
18:05so girls ask me all the time what I do I
18:07do loads of different things I don't
18:09tell them I say oh yeah you know I'm
18:11just working why working doing lots of
18:13making money
18:15that's that's the answer they sit there
18:17and think you see an assassin is he a
18:19spy is he is he this how come he has
18:20this car today let them go go through
18:23all the crazy ideas in their head
18:24because they'll settle on the one they
18:25like the most no matter what I no matter
18:27what I make up or what lie I tell it's
18:30not gonna be as interesting as what they
18:31can imagine it could be so you need to
18:34have some Intrigue there don't be afraid
18:35to put a spin on your [ __ ] that's the
18:37first thing and your Instagram page
18:39needs to reflect that my Instagram page
18:41very clearly makes me look like Russian
18:44mob millionaire pure gangster
18:47is that true yeah but still it's done in
18:51a very particular way so that when girls
18:53look at my page they go who the [ __ ] is
18:56like where is he getting all these
18:57where's he getting this why is he there
18:59I'm tagged in all these weird locations
19:01what's he doing
19:02and also there's a very fine line here
19:05you've got to be careful but I have
19:07girls on my Instagram page because I'm
19:09telling you this
19:10no girl wants to [ __ ] the guy that
19:12doesn't get girls they all want to [ __ ]
19:14the guy that other girls want to [ __ ]
19:16because women are purely [ __ ] evil
19:18when it comes to taking a guy off other
19:20dudes a guy a guy off other chicks they
19:22love that [ __ ] so you don't want to do
19:24too much you don't want to try and be
19:25like a budget Dan Bilzerian but you do
19:27want to make it clear that you roll with
19:29chicks especially hot ones even if she's
19:32your friend or some [ __ ] put a picture
19:34on there ain't gonna hurt you who's she
19:36oh someone I know once again Intrigue
19:39your girlfriend I didn't say she's my
19:41girlfriend it says someone I know
19:43oh okay lay it down let them know like I
19:47said there's a lot of talking so you
19:48have a pen and paper make some [ __ ]
19:49notes find a girl take a picture get
19:51that [ __ ] done your Instagram page has
19:54to be interesting you have maybe half a
19:57and send an inbox to a girl she's going
19:59to look at your page you have maybe half
20:01a second to impress her
20:03for me it's easy now about cars and [ __ ]
20:05but you know what girls don't even care
20:07about cars bro girls don't give a [ __ ]
20:09they don't care about Lambos and [ __ ]
20:11the number of times I've had girls go
20:12lambo's uncomfortable come get me into
20:15I don't care I mean yeah it's good for
20:17an Instagram page but in general they
20:19don't care so you need to put together
20:20an Instagram
20:22which is appealing to females
20:24you're a full-grown [ __ ] man if
20:27you're a full grown man you don't care
20:28about likes and you don't care about
20:30keeping your Instagram updated so if you
20:32only have your five or six best pictures
20:35and that's all you have there do that
20:38don't keep updating every day with new
20:41pictures of you and your friend drunk
20:43because no one gives a [ __ ] bro no one
20:45cares and it's making you look a dick
20:46and it's damaging your [ __ ] potential
20:49construct an Instagram front page
20:51because I ain't gonna scroll down
20:53first five or six pictures that make a
20:55girl be interested in you one way or
20:59I don't care if you guys get
21:00professional professional photographer I
21:02don't care if you have to rent a car I
21:04don't care if you have to [ __ ] I don't
21:05care what lie you have to do the chicks
21:06you're gonna inbox a chick that's the
21:07first thing to look at that's all you've
21:09got do not give a [ __ ] about keeping
21:11people updated with your life because no
21:12one [ __ ] cares about your [ __ ] life
21:13anyway this is the absolute hard reality
21:17another thing you don't want to do if
21:19you look on my Instagram there's a
21:21picture of me with four guys who love
21:22the jacket before we do some work in
21:23London we're clearly Russian mob so
21:25that's a lab
21:26if you're clearly Mafia or you're
21:28looking like a g you're allowed but in
21:30general groups of pictures of men
21:34are enough I'm telling you some solid
21:35no-nos for Instagram
21:42living in the animal kingdom it's always
21:44little shitty weak animals that are in
21:46huge groups pray like [ __ ] Buffalo
21:49whatever even though they're strong the
21:51prey the things that get hunted are
21:52always in big groups the hunters are
21:54like one or two Hunters are like lung
21:57soldiers you don't see [ __ ] 20
21:59hundreds together if you think you and
22:01all your 20 friends are cool with your
22:03beers 20 go picture no one gives a [ __ ]
22:06and if a girl looks at she's not gonna
22:08know which one is you and instinctively
22:10she's going to think Baya loser you on
22:13your own or you and someone else two
22:16guys three guys Max bang I'm a G you
22:19don't even have [ __ ] big groups of
22:20things next thing do not put any
22:22pictures of you with your mouth open
22:24that soy face [ __ ] is taking over the
22:26world you know when everyone guys are
22:27uncomfortable In Their Skin So they take
22:28a picture and they go like
22:30or some [ __ ] there's that's been
22:32scientifically proven in primates
22:34monkeys they they open their mouth as a
22:37sign of submission primates who draw our
22:39closest cousin when the alpha male
22:41monkey turns up he's got pissed off face
22:43and the other monkeys when they see him
22:45they kind of Go and show their teeth as
22:47saying like it's a submission thing like
22:49don't hurt me and nowadays you look at
22:51[ __ ] a Democrat or a liberal or
22:53somebody doesn't support Trump all of
22:55their pictures they've got their [ __ ]
22:56mouth open the reason they do that is
22:58instinctually it's a submissive sign
23:01like please the world don't hurt me and
23:03women detect that [ __ ] it's not close
23:07is not attractive in any way get rid of
23:09that [ __ ] look about your business
23:10you're a full-grown [ __ ] man you're
23:12gonna look pissed off go look about your
23:13business look like you know what you're
23:14doing like you know where you're going
23:16like you're doing something worthwhile
23:17nobody is doing anything worthwhile
23:19going like this
23:21it's [ __ ] girls don't want to see
23:22you [ __ ] happy having a great time
23:24laughing you're not five years old
23:25you're a [ __ ] full-grown man looking
23:27for a man's gonna take care of her
23:29looking for a [ __ ] serious G so put
23:31that [ __ ] together build an Instagram
23:32page even if you can only get five good
23:34folks that's enough never update again
23:37because girls don't check when the vote
23:38was posted you think a girl sees a good
23:40picture and goes
23:41oh that was posted six months ago they
23:43don't give a [ __ ] they look on your
23:45[ __ ] page oh okay I'll reply to him
23:47don't get a good couple good pictures
23:50that's that next stage what do you inbox
23:53the woman that makes you different from
23:55everyone else now everyone watching this
23:57I'm sure you've already inboxed loads of
23:59girls on Instagram
24:00I don't know what you particularly say
24:02I'll tell you what I will say and I'll
24:04give you screenshot examples so
24:07a lot of men say hey how are you
24:11hey how are you [ __ ] she doesn't even
24:13know who the [ __ ] you are why would she
24:15give a [ __ ] about telling you how she is
24:16she knows you don't care you don't care
24:19and she gets that 30 times a day so she
24:22doesn't care that's a bad idea
24:24your beautiful isn't bad but it leaves
24:26you open for loads of [ __ ] testing
24:28leaves you open for I know or LOL or
24:32some kind of sarcastic [ __ ] that they
24:34reply to you that makes you look like a
24:36dick and you gotta instantly fight to
24:38prove your manhood my message is girl
24:40you're beautiful and so go I've had like
24:41before LOL
24:43as in laughing and they're like what's
24:45funny and then they can ignore you then
24:47you look a [ __ ] you're beautiful LOL
24:49what's about it and then you get blanked
24:50you've got to be careful how you set
24:52this [ __ ] up because women are looking
24:53to [ __ ] test you as soon as they can
24:54women are looking to turn on you and
24:56give you some [ __ ] to see how you react
24:58to them straight away so in my
25:00experience well I find
25:02raises intrigue
25:04it inspires them to respond and also
25:07makes it extremely difficult for them to
25:09[ __ ] test me is I ask where they are so
25:12what I do and you're gonna see a
25:13screenshot in a second
25:14I live in Bucharest Romania but it
25:16doesn't matter if I'm in London
25:17Bucharest Moscow anywhere I am I just
25:20say Bucharest question mark or a Moscow
25:23question mark or London question mark
25:25sometimes because like I said Intrigue
25:28I'll put a completely pointless emoji on
25:31the end
25:32some cherries or an orange or a
25:34strawberry because it doesn't mean
25:37so the girl's sitting there she's
25:38scrolling through how are you you're
25:39sexy how are you you're sexy how are you
25:41sexy Bucharest strawberry
25:44yeah I am in Bucharest then they start
25:46to think why does he want to know where
25:48I am like does he want to [ __ ] me does
25:50he has he seen me does he have something
25:52of interest for me and they usually
25:54reply yeah why or yeah
25:56because they're interested they're like
25:58well what the [ __ ] what does he want to
25:59know for
26:00so that that's how you get the instant
26:02response in my experience I've done a
26:04lot like I said about PhD
26:06you bought this course for a [ __ ]
26:07reason I know what to do in my
26:10experience it's the best message to send
26:11of course not every girl's gonna reply
26:13but the ones who do you've already from
26:16the first question raise some kind of
26:18intrigue because they want to know why
26:20you want to talk to them they're a bit
26:21like that's interesting so we're going
26:23to play through an example here of a
26:25girl you know look at my phone remember
26:26the graphics up in the video because
26:28we're [ __ ] professionals me and my
26:30boy James
26:33here's a very perfect example
26:36chick a nine haul Bucharest hey yes
26:41then I wrote my reply why do I never see
26:44you where are you hiding
26:46that's my reply
26:47because once again
26:49it's it's some entry it's an easy women
26:52like easy conversation what women don't
26:54want to do for a guy they don't know and
26:57have never met is think if a woman has
27:00to sit there and go what do I reply they
27:02ain't going to reply if a woman looks at
27:04her phone and if she hasn't got
27:05something instantly she wants to say she
27:07ain't gonna say anything because she has
27:09so many messages a day as a woman that
27:11if you don't get inspired to instantly
27:12type something back you're not going to
27:14type anything so if you just say
27:15something boring they'll look at it and
27:16leave you on red you've got to write
27:18something that makes them instantly
27:19reply so I said why do I never see you
27:21where are you hiding and the reason I
27:23say that in a very particular way is
27:24because it's extremely easy for them 99
27:26of them say I'm not hiding that's what
27:29nearly every one of them says I'm not
27:31hiding all of them what did this [ __ ]
27:34say let me check I'm not high oh no she
27:37actually this [ __ ] said she was hiding
27:38so there we go
27:40I'm hiding in work right now don't have
27:42much free time also note as I put
27:44cherries on there when I said why where
27:46are you hiding why did I put cherries
27:48who the [ __ ] knows your guess is as good
27:50as mine friend it just makes my messages
27:52different because no one gets messages
27:53with cherries
27:55if you [ __ ] start putting
27:56Cherry's new messages I'm gonna come
27:57over and beat the [ __ ] out of you It's
27:59My Thing choose a different fruit anyway
28:01they don't get messages with cherries so
28:04it's like the [ __ ] cherries when girls
28:06say to me why do you put cherries on the
28:07messages I I always say who doesn't like
28:11and they're like LOL true so that's how
28:13you get out the Cherry thing so if you
28:15choose strawberries and a [ __ ] gets
28:16fresh over the strawberries you can say
28:17well who doesn't like strawberries
28:18[ __ ] with the [ __ ] strawberries are
28:19good calm yourself down
28:21so that's what that is I'm hiding work
28:23right now I don't have much time
28:25I said what work do you do break hearts
28:29look how it's [ __ ] smooth I am how
28:31smooth I am so what I'm doing there is
28:33giving her a compliment because there
28:35ain't no ugly [ __ ] out there who are
28:36breaking hearts only hot girls break
28:38hearts so what I'm basically saying is
28:40your heart but I'm saying in a Smooth
28:42Operator kind of way because I'm a
28:44[ __ ] Jeep
28:45so what do you do for work break Hearts
28:47I say that because it's a compliment she
28:49replies I do that in my free time smiley
28:53and I put for fun and then I would say
28:56good thing I'm strong I'm not afraid so
28:58once again I'm establishing some
28:59dominance there I've given her a
29:00compliment but I'm also letting her know
29:02I'm the [ __ ] G like I said everyone
29:05has to have their own unique style I'm
29:06not saying to say exactly what I say
29:08what I'm trying to explain to you is why
29:10I do it I put the cherries because it
29:11makes my messages unique I ask where
29:13they are that's the one thing I would
29:14recommend everyone start with if you
29:16want to [ __ ] a girl and you're in
29:17[ __ ] Grand Rapids Michigan go on
29:19Instagram type in Grand Rapids Michigan
29:21see some [ __ ] hoes who have tagged
29:22themselves and messaged them and say
29:24Grand Rapids question mark and go why
29:26just say oh I never see you around where
29:27you're hiding it's a good opener that's
29:29the opener you can take but the rest of
29:31it has to be you you can't pretend to be
29:33anyone other than yourself impersonating
29:35someone else is not going to work in the
29:37long term however
29:39you gotta be yourself you gotta be
29:40yourself in the right way you can't just
29:42you gotta put things in the right angle
29:44so I'm explaining why I do what I do and
29:46you need to listen to this understand
29:47why I'm doing what I do and apply it to
29:50your own style don't copy me word for
29:52[ __ ] work
29:54she says a good thing on uh strong I'm
29:56not afraid she goes I'm just kidding I'm
29:58not that bad to break hearts
30:00then what did I say
30:02then then I asked her how old she was
30:05I always ask how old they are
30:08I don't know why it's something they
30:09always seem to reply to
30:11no matter what they say
30:13whether it's 30 or [ __ ] and unless
30:15they're really young if they're above 20
30:18between the age of 20 and 30. if they're
30:19a teenager I usually say oh you're young
30:21I'm an old man but if they're like
30:22whatever her age was
30:25probably I say that's a good age you're
30:29old enough to have fun yet young enough
30:30to be smart sorry young enough to have
30:32fun but old enough to be smart I always
30:34say that girls like that line because it
30:35makes them sound like well yeah I'm 23
30:36I'm old enough to be smart but I'm gonna
30:39have to have fun you ain't smart [ __ ]
30:41they like that [ __ ]
30:42and I say I'm a very old man I'm 30.
30:45he goes yes I would like to stay forever
30:46at this age now remember what I said
30:48earlier about 20 minutes ago in this
30:49video we are always aiming for
30:53this girl is now getting my attention so
30:56far this exchange it happened just about
30:58a minute minute and a half long because
30:59once again with women they get bored
31:01quick if I don't reply to her quickly if
31:04I leave her for a couple hours and then
31:05try and message her again she's gonna
31:07good age you're old enough to have fun
31:09yet young enough to be smart sorry young
31:10enough to have fun but old enough to be
31:12smart I always say that girls like that
31:14line does it makes them sound like well
31:15yeah I'm 23 I'm old enough to be smart
31:17but young enough to have fun you ain't
31:20they like that [ __ ] and I say I'm a very
31:22old man I'm 30.
31:24he goes yes I would like to stay forever
31:26at this age I remember what I said
31:27earlier about 20 minutes ago in this
31:29video we are always aiming for
31:32this girl is now getting my attention so
31:35far this exchange it happened just about
31:37a minute minute and a half long because
31:39once again with women they get bored
31:41quick if I don't reply to her quickly if
31:43I leave her for a couple hours then try
31:44and message her again she's gonna oh
31:46she's forgot about me she looked at my
31:49Instagram an hour and a half ago she was
31:50a little bit intrigued now she's had six
31:52messages since from new guys and she's
31:54forgotten all about me
31:55so progression what am I aiming to do
31:59from the what's the Instagram
32:01conversation what's the progression the
32:03progression is because we're always
32:04giving our attention in in in exchange
32:07to progress up the ladder we'll use my
32:09[ __ ] whiteboard even though I only
32:10have a green marker you can barely see
32:11I'm going to use it
32:13we're progressing we're starting here
32:16with all the other [ __ ] munchers I don't
32:17know if you can see that here's where we
32:19want to be at the top because with the
32:22[ __ ] munchers there's lots of people at
32:24the top with their tees there should be
32:25only one man you so you want to get
32:29higher up as you get higher up there's
32:31less and less [ __ ] munchers
32:33hope that makes sense so on her
32:36anyone can message her there's loads and
32:39loads and loads of guys
32:40so what we're aiming to do out of the
32:42Instagram conversation is get her
32:44WhatsApp or get her phone number
32:46now you're thinking what's the
32:47difference between messaging her on
32:48Instagram and messaging on her phone the
32:50big difference is everyone can message
32:53her on Instagram whereas only a few
32:55people can message her on her phone
32:56because not everyone has a [ __ ] phone
32:57number you dumb [ __ ] so by getting her
33:00phone number we are progressing up and
33:03slowly limiting it to the number one
33:05dude at the top which is you so when you
33:08move from Instagram to phone number you
33:10cut it down from the entire world being
33:11able to message her down to about 100
33:13people perhaps that's a big jump that is
33:16the aim of the Instagram conversation
33:18progression from the phone number we go
33:21on to the next stage to the next stage
33:22until eventually you end up with titties
33:24that's how it works so that's what we're
33:27trying to do in this conversation here
33:28is get her phone number
33:30so where were we
33:31that's a good age
33:34old enough uh to be smart and young
33:36enough to have fun
33:37I said I'm a very old man I'm 30.
33:40women like age women like you to be
33:43older than them so do not be afraid to
33:44say your age
33:46uh she goes yes I'd like to stay forever
33:48at this age
33:50time to make a joke because I'm so funny
33:51I said I can make you immortal Jesus Is
33:54My Friend I'll WhatsApp him
33:58she put loads of laughing faces she goes
34:00if he doesn't respond I'll give you his
34:01Instagram because he likes all my posts
34:06and I put I bet he does because you're
34:08beautiful and he's a pervert tongue face
34:11so that's the second compliment I've
34:13given her so she already thinks I'm
34:14funny she's had a couple compliments
34:16she's scrolled through my Instagram page
34:17by now she's talking to me this is about
34:19two minutes in
34:20two minutes that's all I spent two
34:22minutes of time on this girl and what do
34:24I do she goes after I said she's
34:27beautiful she goes well thank you next
34:29thing I say WhatsApp question mark
34:31straight to the point hello this is who
34:34I am you've seen my Instagram you're
34:35beautiful hahaha I'm funny give me your
34:38number we ain't [ __ ] around we ain't
34:41playing no three days of messaging can I
34:44have your number please like some
34:46[ __ ] [ __ ] two minutes
34:48two minutes of talk you've seen me
34:51you're replying to me you know who the
34:52Big G is give me your number if at this
34:55point she goes oh I prefer to talk on
34:57Instagram you know what you do I'll tell
35:00you what you do and you're going to hear
35:01this a lot this is a very important
35:02pimping term you can write this down on
35:04my board
35:05back around this piece of paper so you
35:07understand how important it is we're
35:09going to use this A Lot F
35:16which means
35:18[ __ ] that [ __ ] FDB if she wants to give
35:22you [ __ ] FDB what you do if she goes
35:25I don't want to talk to you on WhatsApp
35:27I'd rather talk to an Instagram you
35:28don't reply you leave her ass on scene
35:31ignore her FDB
35:34showing you who I am I've spoken to you
35:36I've proved I'm [ __ ] funny if you're
35:37gonna give me your [ __ ] phone number
35:38I'll talk to someone else FDB
35:42message a different girl because by not
35:45giving you her phone number she's [ __ ]
35:47testing you she's saying yeah I'll talk
35:49to you but you don't deserve my number
35:51and what you're doing by not replying is
35:52saying I'll talk to someone else and
35:54[ __ ] you you can't say that to her
35:56because if you say it then it shows
35:58you're emotionally upset and if you get
35:59upset and she wins because she's
36:01emotionally affected you men cannot be
36:03emotionally affected men are iron can't
36:06affect us you just don't reply because
36:07you don't care you won't give me your
36:08number okay I don't care do not reply
36:11and about 70 of the time they'll still
36:13message you or say oh so you don't want
36:15to talk to you go get my number or some
36:16[ __ ] they'll come back at you and then
36:18you can play the game again just say
36:20well anyone can message you on Instagram
36:21I'm special so I want to WhatsApp see
36:24clear with your intention
36:25give you the number FDB
36:28because you're doing it remember when
36:30you're talking to girls like this you're
36:31not messaging one girl at a time you can
36:33say Bucharest or Grand Rapids or text
36:36Houston or whatever to 100 girls you can
36:39go on Instagram right now and message
36:40100 girls because you're gonna be doing
36:42loads of conversations at once so you're
36:43only interested in the ones we're gonna
36:45play ball they ain't gonna play ball and
36:46give you their number
36:48FDB so
36:50in this particular case
36:52we all know what happened
36:54you [ __ ] grphd
36:57WhatsApp yep smarty face
37:00what's your number I'll put some
37:01cherries on there because I'm a G bang
37:03I'll block out the phone numbers and all
37:05you [ __ ] if you're thinking
37:06about my question my love bang there's
37:08the number progression we've moved from
37:10here to here
37:13this can happen
37:15many many different ways I'll give you
37:18another example there's another
37:18screenshot example because this is what
37:20I do listen I have too many girls but if
37:24I want some chicks I go on Instagram I
37:27may because because I've got quite a few
37:28followers about 30 000. I'll scroll
37:30through girls who've already liked my
37:32pictures because it's easier then
37:33because then I know they definitely
37:34won't dig
37:36thank Bucharest question mark I'll I'll
37:39message 10 girls I'll get five whatsapps
37:42I'll [ __ ] two girls that's the average
37:46so any Monday morning I can wake up and
37:48go you know what I want two new [ __ ]
37:50this week
37:51Bucharest copy and paste
37:56me Tristan call it Paul Cicero we call
37:59it ciceroing it'd be interested
38:01especially around our girlfriends around
38:02we say I'll go Cicero and we do that
38:04because I think he's some good photos I
38:06can't remember what message I can't
38:07remember what movie is one of the
38:08gangster movies a guy called Paul Cicero
38:09and he said he doesn't move very fast
38:11because Pauline doesn't have to move
38:12from no one because he used to sit there
38:14and people used to come and deal with
38:15him and then leave so me and truth and
38:17call it call it ciceroing some
38:19interesting though we're going to sister
38:20out today we'll go to a coffee shop at
38:22three o'clock we'll have a date at 3 30
38:24a day at 4 30 today at 5 30.
38:26we'll bring the girl in at 3 30
38:28important your survivorous Expos are
38:30interesting because that's your chance
38:31if my photos were [ __ ] I never would
38:34have got that message from her never
38:35would have come it would have been game
38:37over right then and there but she saw
38:38something she liked
38:41so I said where are you living now
38:42because you talked about how she's going
38:43to be in Bucharest she goes book rest at
38:45the moment I said good it's the best
38:46city I'm here also which is important so
38:49we can meet and take over the world I
38:51say that because women it's
38:52authoritarian it's authoritarian you hi
38:56yeah you barely know me but me and you
38:58were gonna take over the world they make
38:59something who the [ __ ] this dude he
39:01thinks he can conquer the world who is
39:02this guy to conquer the robot it's
39:05better for a woman it doesn't matter
39:06what emotion you evoke as long as you
39:08evoke something even if they're a bit
39:10like Curious or a bit like
39:13well angry can work if you don't push it
39:15too far as long as they don't read it
39:16and think it's boring like I said if
39:18they read it and they don't feel
39:19instantly compelled to reply they won't
39:21reply this is your only shot so so when
39:24you say like we're gonna take over the
39:25world they're like they're either gonna
39:26be like what do you mean take over the
39:27world or why take over the world or
39:29well like there's something in they just
39:30go they just want to reply you've got to
39:32be careful with what you say
39:34haha I was thinking you already took
39:36over the world without me there's
39:37something left question mark
39:39the reason she said that's because my
39:40Instagram page so [ __ ] G with all
39:42these cars and [ __ ] once again Instagram
39:45I said there's a tiny tiny bit that I
39:47need you for there's one place I cannot
39:50and she said what place and I said the
39:53girls bathroom
39:55how old are you always ask them how old
39:57they are they like that [ __ ]
40:00childish joke she put with a laughing
40:03face but I didn't like that it pissed me
40:05off a little bit
40:0622 you
40:0822 is probably a little bit too young to
40:11do the old enough to be smart but you
40:12could probably get away with it I just
40:14said I'm an old man 30. now when she
40:16said childish joke with the laughing
40:18face that was the beginning of her
40:19trying to get a little bit fresh and I
40:21could detect it and that's why I didn't
40:22reply with uh old enough to be smart
40:25young enough to have fun because I
40:27thought I've been I've been pretty funny
40:29to this girl I made some jokes and I
40:31didn't like it now to you you're sitting
40:32there going well she just said childish
40:34joke what's the problem I have a PhD I
40:36can detect instantly how a woman's
40:38thinking so she looked she thought I was
40:40interesting and the rain reason she's
40:42probably being this way is because she's
40:43insecure she knows I have shitloads of
40:45chicks she's seen my Instagram she knows
40:48who the G is and she's thinking I gotta
40:49give this guy a bit of [ __ ] because he
40:51thinks he can get any girl he wants I
40:53have this problem so then she tries to
40:55belittle me
40:57still a lot to learn and live for you a
40:59real life for a man starts after 30.
41:02you'll see she's trying to tell me that
41:03I'm young and stupid
41:06I replied
41:09I know this what's that
41:12I'm [ __ ] around with you hoe tell me
41:15about man life after 30 or 22 year old
41:18chick what the [ __ ] you know about a
41:19man's life after 30. I know this
41:22what's that because we are trying to
41:25progress I ain't sitting here handing
41:27out attention you've already [ __ ] tested
41:29me to a degree twice of your stupid ass
41:31answers telling me that I don't know
41:33anything about the world I'm telling
41:34them my jokes are childish give me your
41:36[ __ ] number or
41:39FDB because I'm perfectly prepared to
41:41never talk to you ever again I don't
41:42know you I don't give a [ __ ] it's a
41:45numbers game
41:46it's a lot it's a lost it's a loss so
41:48basis of waste it's a waste of time for
41:50you to talk to me
41:52but then she gave me her number
41:54here's my number text me when you're 35.
41:58so she wanted to give me your number
42:00because she wants me but she's trying to
42:02[ __ ] give me [ __ ] saying that's a
42:03waste of time
42:05I said you think 30 is too young
42:07she goes I think you're into games and I
42:10don't like drama and complicate
42:13you see you can see now where I detected
42:16her [ __ ] way back at the childish
42:18joke and I started to reply less nicely
42:21the reason I did that because if she
42:24gave me a little bit of [ __ ] and I still
42:25replied super nice old enough to have
42:27fun young enough to be smart all this
42:29[ __ ] was and cherries and was a nice
42:31guy all the time
42:32she would have instinctively thought
42:34well I've given him some [ __ ] he's still
42:35being nice about it he's a [ __ ] when
42:38she gave me a bit of [ __ ] and I cut my
42:40replies down I know this what's that and
42:43start being a bit of a dick head back
42:44then she thought okay I can't push him
42:46too tough because she saw
42:48listen to me carefully watch this part
42:50of the video again this is important
42:52Dynamics she tried to give me a bit of
42:54[ __ ] I limited my attention that's the
42:56weapon we have that's what we do we give
42:57attention to get sex you [ __ ] with us we
42:59take our attention away she got fresh I
43:02limited my attention down I still
43:03replied but I remove the friendliness
43:05straight to the point
43:07teach her a lesson let's get too fresh
43:09and then when I said what's your
43:10WhatsApp even though she gave me [ __ ]
43:12she still gave me her number because she
43:15knew if she didn't I would
43:18she knew that would be the end of it but
43:20she still wants me of course she does
43:21who doesn't
43:22so she's like okay well I better give
43:24him my number but I want to give him
43:25some sarcastic [ __ ] at the same time
43:26she goes you lose just a waste time you
43:28talk to me here's my number but text me
43:29when you're 35. so she gave me the
43:31number but she [ __ ] attached a bunch
43:32of [ __ ] to it so do you think 30 is too
43:34young I said I think I earn to games and
43:36only draw my complications
43:37so I said
43:39so you want to judge someone who you've
43:42not even gotten to know
43:45so you want to judge someone who you've
43:47not even gotten to know I can tell we're
43:49only 22.
43:512 so she said I'm young and stupid but I
43:54said oh you're judging somebody don't
43:55even know I can tell you're 22. I'm
43:56calling her young and stupid flip all no
43:58you think I'm young and stupid you're
44:00the one making judgments I ain't judge
44:01you [ __ ] I don't know you
44:03should reply I don't judge you
44:05I said well then you don't know if I'm
44:07drama or games be nice I'll WhatsApp you
44:12and she replied okay smiley face
44:16that's the game she tried to get fresh
44:18to me two or three times
44:19three times hit up with the WhatsApp the
44:21[ __ ] has been put in place she sent me
44:23a little smiley face at the end she now
44:25knows that she can't judge me even
44:27though I've got girls all over my
44:28Instagram and I'm clearly a player she
44:30ain't allowed to say it anymore I put
44:31that [ __ ] in her [ __ ] place because
44:33I didn't take her [ __ ] when she called
44:35me childish and I would have been like
44:37yeah I'm chilling well you're so pretty
44:39here's the Heart game would have been
44:41[ __ ] with me I'll reduce my attention
44:45this is the Tower of Power
44:49this is a girl behaving I know you love
44:52my Graphics there's a girl being a
44:54[ __ ]
44:56this is the attention meter
44:58if they are a [ __ ] you reduce your
45:01attention if they behave well you
45:03increase your attention if they reply
45:05nice things to you you message them lots
45:08of nice things if they reply [ __ ]
45:10[ __ ] stuff to you you cut your
45:12attention right down but remember stay
45:15emotionless never insult a woman never
45:18get angry because if you if you get
45:20angry or insult them it shows they've
45:22emotionally affected you and then they
45:24win it's just an attention scale there
45:26is no emotion there's no anger there's
45:28no resentment there's nothing even if a
45:30girl says you're [ __ ] ugly never give
45:31my number you're too ugly you just
45:33reduce your attention simple as that
45:35attention scale they reply like
45:37[ __ ] you give them [ __ ] answers
45:39they reply nicely you give them nice
45:42keep the [ __ ] in line to keep the [ __ ]
45:44in check that's how it goes
45:46so I can show you 200 examples of this
45:48in fact I could go on forever because
45:51this is basically all I do but there's
45:52just a couple examples of how you can
45:54write here and now after this PhD course
45:57start talking to New Girls you never
45:59spoke to before
46:01[ __ ] Instagram I start messaging
46:04the city you live in and the girl now if
46:07you've got a level of game like I've got
46:08you can do other cities so if I know I'm
46:11going to be in Kiev next week I'll do
46:12Kiev in advance
46:13I can do that because I'm a [ __ ] G
46:16for you amateurs I recommend just
46:18wherever you are stick in your own C
46:20message asking where they are but I'll
46:22start with there on to the next thing
46:23after I take a pace
46:26Right congratulations you got the girl's
46:28phone number you've progressed from
46:29every [ __ ] muncher in the world it's the
46:31exclusive Club of people who have her
46:33phone number everything we are doing is
46:35for progression you give attention for
46:37progression getting her phone number is
46:40just one step closer you are now aiming
46:42for the next goal which is a date with
46:45the girl you are not getting her phone
46:47number to give the [ __ ] unlimited
46:48attention for no reason you're not
46:50giving her getting her phone number just
46:51to text and text away for [ __ ] weeks
46:54on end and get nowhere you're not doing
46:55that [ __ ] you're aiming to take her on a
46:58date that's next stage on the Tower of
47:00Power date so
47:03texting a chick you have to be yourself
47:05you can't be me there's only one me but
47:08there's only one you
47:09it's a motivation
47:10so you go be yourself but some basic
47:14rules still apply you don't take [ __ ]
47:16you're a nice guy but you're not a
47:19[ __ ] pushover little piece of [ __ ]
47:21wimp in general generalization
47:25in fact it's not generalization is
47:26absolute truth everybody loves to talk
47:28about themselves everybody loves to talk
47:31about themselves so although you need to
47:33get some Intrigue remember you work for
47:35Starbucks you're a [ __ ] Starbucks spy
47:37who's putting your [ __ ] cousin
47:39through [ __ ] college or some [ __ ]
47:41you need to ask her about herself what
47:43do you do do you work or study oh did a
47:46so worker studies what I use a lot do
47:48you work or study oh I'm studying
47:50economics ah you like money who doesn't
47:52or oh I'm studying law perfect you can
47:55get me out of jail
47:56whatever they say add a little thing on
47:58it oh yeah I can get you out of jail
48:01Shut up
48:03still ask them a lot about themselves
48:06whatever you do every single thing has
48:08to come from a position of dominance so
48:10for example though I'm putting my cousin
48:11through college thing you can't message
48:13your girl go oh well I don't have much
48:14money right now because I'm putting a
48:16girl my cousin through college that's
48:18not dominant that's [ __ ] [ __ ] if
48:20she were to mention something about
48:21money you could say or let's go here say
48:23oh that's too expensive for me I'm
48:24putting my cousin through college wait
48:25for her to mention something first or
48:27say I'd rather put my colors
48:30put it from a position of dominance like
48:32yeah own it you're the [ __ ] man
48:34everything you do you're the [ __ ] man
48:36the girl say to me I seen your Instagram
48:38page you have all these girls yeah I'm a
48:40[ __ ] man yeah I'm the man doesn't
48:42matter what it is I'm the man when you
48:44work at Starbucks yeah I'm [ __ ] I'm
48:45the head of Starbucks spy operation MI6
48:47and James [ __ ] Bond of Starbucks
48:50on the best
48:52I'm a [ __ ] I'm like basically an
48:53undercover agent
48:54you're gonna own that [ __ ]
48:56there's a fine line between arrogance
48:58and owning it don't be too arrogant
48:59you're gonna own that [ __ ] most people
49:01think girls like arrogance they don't
49:02they're just like men who own their
49:04things you can actually own who you are
49:06and be confident in who you are without
49:08being arrogant that's how you get laid
49:10not being Aaron arrogant pisses him off
49:12it's just being confident with who you
49:13are and what you do without being
49:15arrogant so keep that [ __ ] in mind
49:18you're texting her rules for texting her
49:22do not double text her
49:24if she ignores you once leave it maybe a
49:27day day and a half then try again hey
49:30how you been she ignores you again game
49:35forget about it
49:38in fact I want to mention something
49:40quickly we're just going to mention
49:40later I'm going to mention it now
49:42the whole [ __ ] time you're starting
49:44with Instagram texting the whole way
49:46through there's something you have to
49:47keep in mind there's something called
49:48external factors that you cannot control
49:53you just can't win I've had girls so
49:55I've I've tried something on and it
49:58completely ignored me and the six months
49:59later I tried the same thing and it
50:01worked flawlessly why is that because
50:03the first time it didn't work is nothing
50:05to do with me and my system is because
50:07there's external factors you cannot
50:09control every girl you're messaging has
50:11a life if that girl is completely head
50:13over heels in love with someone else
50:14she's not gonna reply to you if her
50:16granddads just died she ain't just in
50:18going on a date with you if her dogs
50:20just died or she's just [ __ ] or she's
50:21failing her homework maybe she's
50:22suicidal maybe she's overdrawn who the
50:25[ __ ] knows there's a whole bunch of
50:26external [ __ ] you cannot control so you
50:29have to keep in mind the reason it's a
50:30numbers game is because there's too many
50:32external factors that can influence the
50:35end result thank you
50:36talking about [ __ ] girls
50:39great exactly just
50:42too many external factors that you
50:44cannot control that have an influence so
50:46when I say something like don't double
50:47text or text her once she doesn't reply
50:50again don't text her again if she
50:52doesn't reply don't be one of those guys
50:53oh you give me your number don't get
50:55upset don't be a [ __ ] little [ __ ]
50:57don't start messaging her why did you
50:58give me your number you're not going to
50:59talk don't be a little [ __ ] [ __ ]
51:00don't sit there and be like Oh I'm upset
51:02emotionality is not how men act you do
51:06not care if she replies are gone do not
51:07be a [ __ ] because it could be an
51:09external factor maybe your game is
51:11Flawless and on point maybe her Granddad
51:13just died diaper you don't know and I
51:15and I nobody knows if you just want to
51:16text you it's fine
51:19start again with someone else do not be
51:21start messing your wife give me your
51:22number if you're not going to reply and
51:23being a little [ __ ] loser because
51:24then she definitely ain't gonna [ __ ] you
51:26then she'll reply and call you a
51:27[ __ ] and then the game's over what's
51:28the point in that it'll be a [ __ ]
51:30idiot so don't do that [ __ ] so rules to
51:33texting girls don't double text told you
51:35to double texting rules next only
51:37message women at night do not message
51:40during the day during the day they're
51:43they're working and they're certainly
51:46not thinking about a relationship women
51:47are one-tracked women cannot do women
51:50can multitask no they [ __ ] can't
51:52that's a lie men multitasking so if a
51:55woman's at work or she's busy or she
51:57doesn't she ain't sitting the thing I
51:58really want a boyfriend she's thinking I
51:59really want a boyfriend at night at home
52:02on the couch in bed unless she's with
52:04some other dude but she might be it's
52:06very often that she might be with
52:07another guy what the guarantee right now
52:09you're texting the girl who you really
52:10like and she's still banging someone
52:11else it's normal it's the world we live
52:13in now oh she texted me back yeah she's
52:15probably [ __ ] some other dude so
52:16that's the world we live in anyway text
52:19girls at night they are more susceptible
52:20to flirtatious Notions at night because
52:23they're [ __ ] sitting around thinking
52:25about our relationship or they're more
52:26at home they're comfy they're watching
52:28[ __ ] on tv they're more susceptible
52:30to the kind of conversation you want to
52:32be having do not message girls during
52:34the day it just doesn't work as well
52:36unless you know the girl really well or
52:38you've already met her before or she's
52:39your girlfriend or some [ __ ] in general
52:41with the new girls you want to message
52:42them at night I know you're thinking
52:44well if I get her number and then I
52:46don't message her all the way till the
52:48don't be a little [ __ ] when you first
52:50get her number say hey it's me
52:52cherries strawberry whatever oh hey how
52:54are you so yeah I'm really good I'm just
52:55about to drive I'm gonna message you in
52:57a bit say some laughs man don't explain
52:58yourself don't say oh I'm just about to
53:00do this and this and this is no I'm
53:02about to drive or I got a bad work to do
53:04or I [ __ ] I'm gonna shoot someone in
53:05the head I'll be right back keep it
53:07vague and just [ __ ] hit her up at
53:09night that's when you text girls
53:12when you're texting the [ __ ] you should
53:14be texting her for maximum two days
53:16before you arrange a date maximum two
53:20days if you're texting a girl for
53:22[ __ ] a week and a half and she still
53:24won't meet you
53:26FDB we do not have time to waste
53:29gentlemen we have phds weighing out here
53:32giving away our attention for girls who
53:35won't even meet us
53:36for [ __ ] coffee because if you're
53:38texting her for a week and she won't
53:39meet you she's getting attention and she
53:40ain't giving you anything back she's not
53:42allowing you to progress at the Tower of
53:43Power and she's taking all your
53:45attention for no reason which devalues
53:47your attention your hyperinflating
53:48yourself and the girl is sitting there
53:50thinking well he'll text me all the time
53:52whether I [ __ ] medium or not
53:54my super lovely brother hello
54:05no idea I'm filming my PhD course bye
54:09leave that in there
54:11I like it anyway
54:13so you ain't giving your attention for
54:15no reason because here's why let me tell
54:16you a [ __ ] amazing mind-boggling fact
54:18to most you [ __ ]
54:19if you call a girl's number
54:21and you play it right even if she ain't
54:23replying sooner or later you might [ __ ]
54:25her anyway
54:26it's like Bill it's like if any of you
54:28ever worked in sales I used to work in
54:29sales you build up leads and people go
54:31nah maybe next year maybe next year and
54:33then eventually you have all these old
54:35leads you've been talking to foreign for
54:36ages and ages and you start Just Landing
54:38sales easily girls are the same but that
54:41won't happen if you [ __ ] it up so if
54:44you're giving out all your attention too
54:45easily the girl you're hyperinflating
54:47your attention and the girl will lose
54:49respect for you and she'll never [ __ ]
54:50you even if she continues to text you
54:52you think you're getting somewhere
54:54next in for three weeks and she's
54:56replying to me every time I think we
54:57were texting for three weeks during
54:59those three weeks just [ __ ] someone else
55:00bro or she's definitely been on a date
55:02with someone else she hasn't been at
55:03home she ain't that busy oh I'm just
55:05busy no one's that [ __ ] busy don't
55:07believe that [ __ ] for a second she's
55:09probably met me sucked them on big balls
55:11and replies to you when I don't text her
55:13because she's upset that's what's
55:14happening don't [ __ ] fall for the
55:16tricks she's losing respect for you what
55:19you do is keep the value on your
55:21attention because even if she if you're
55:23texting her she'll want to meet you fine
55:25you can text her again in a few months
55:27oh hey how you been
55:29oh yeah this is the guy I remember this
55:31guy yeah yeah but he wouldn't he
55:33wouldn't just text me for a whole bunch
55:34of time for no reason he wouldn't just
55:35text me for no reason because I wouldn't
55:36meet him then when you say let's go for
55:38coffee she'll remember the last time I
55:40said no he stopped texting me oh okay
55:42let's get coffee because she knows she
55:44cannot have your attention for free keep
55:46your attention valuable do not devalue
55:48yourself for any female because you will
55:51definitely not get them you stand a
55:53better chance getting them keeping your
55:54attention valuable and being patient
55:56patience gentlemen is how you get to a
55:59lot of these girls and if you're talking
56:00to enough girls you don't care I'm happy
56:03to wait six months to [ __ ] a girl cause
56:04I got something to [ __ ] today and
56:06tomorrow and the day after and first of
56:07my [ __ ] life so I don't care if I
56:09bang you now or in six months it doesn't
56:10matter who cares patience
56:13so text her at night you're aiming for
56:16the day one or two days then you say now
56:20you do not ask girls to go on dates
56:23you tell girls to go on dates
56:26if you've ever asked the woman anything
56:28you'll know that they're pretty [ __ ] at
56:30deciding would you like to maybe go have
56:34some time some
56:36I've got a [ __ ] ass are you would you
56:39like to maybe [ __ ] losers listen
56:45who gives a [ __ ] if she wants to or not
56:47and if you say sometime sometime opens
56:50up the [ __ ] window for the friend
56:52zone like you sometime is a [ __ ]
56:54ticket to the friend zone yeah we'll go
56:56out sometime what [ __ ] 2019 2025
57:00sometime sometimes people were all dead
57:03sometimes can be the end of the [ __ ]
57:04planet Earth there is no sometime
57:06you tell it
57:08when so you can either say when are we
57:10having coffee which is a forceful ask or
57:13you can say we're going for coffee soon
57:14that's what I always say
57:16talk talk talk talk talk talk yeah yeah
57:18blah blah blah blah how you been like I
57:20said don't text me during the day I text
57:21them one evening talk to him a bit
57:23say good night don't over text me either
57:26don't over text them [ __ ] if you text
57:28them a little bit 20 minutes 30 minutes
57:29that's enough okay yeah all right I've
57:31got something to do never say you're
57:32going to bed another thing like I told
57:34you with the bakery thing I've got so
57:36much [ __ ] knowledge in my brilliant
57:38brain it's actually difficult for me to
57:39put it linearly so you have to watch
57:40this video over and over again whatever
57:41never say you're going to bed going to
57:43bed is a masculine cowards need sleep oh
57:48I'm oh I'm texting you you beautiful
57:50girl but I'm tired so I'm tired I'm
57:53gonna go I'm gonna go to bed you know I
57:54like to say at [ __ ] quarter past one
57:56in the morning I'm going to work
57:58work at this time money never sleeps
58:02I'm going to [ __ ]
58:04ing then I go to bed it's fine but the
58:06point is she's sitting there going to
58:09what do you do
58:11I'll tell you in person
58:13what I say it's another little thing to
58:14add horse today
58:16so don't say you're going to sleep so
58:18never over text a hoe text her for 30
58:20minutes or so and then you've got
58:22something to do I've got to go to work
58:23you work night shift hour 24 25 hours a
58:26day eight days a week [ __ ] I'm getting
58:29so you gotta say things like a g
58:32so keep the Intrigue there that's back
58:33to the entry so don't say you're going
58:35to sleep so never over text a hoe text
58:37her for 30 minutes or so and then you've
58:39got something to do I've got to go to
58:40work you work night shift hour 24 25
58:43hours a day eight days a week [ __ ] I'm
58:45getting paid
58:46so you gotta say things like G
58:49so keep the Intrigue here that's back to
58:51the intrigue
58:52so two nights I've been texting a girl
58:54I'll say we're going for coffee soon
58:55they'll usually reply 99 of the time
58:59yeah sure or yeah we are someone's good
59:01enough if they reply some dumb [ __ ] like
59:03are we I'm trying to [ __ ] test you
59:06you know what you say because you're a
59:07full-grown man with clear intentions you
59:10say yes we are and she goes what if I
59:13don't want to you know what you replied
59:15to that
59:21you wanna play games we've been talking
59:23for two days you don't want to meet me
59:24for coffee the attention drops to zero
59:26[ __ ] you let her sit there and look
59:30waiting for that reply
59:33doesn't come most these hot pictures
59:35don't get ignored hot girls do not get
59:39ignored it [ __ ] with their brain no one
59:41ignores hot girls because Hulk girls are
59:44too so valuable they've never been
59:45ignored let them sit there and go to
59:47sleep and go oh he'll text me tomorrow
59:48next day
59:51[ __ ] you still ain't texting me then
59:54you'll start to notice they start to
59:55like your Instagram pictures
59:57they'll like your pictures like every
59:58picture why she liking pictures try and
01:00:01get your attention again because your
01:00:02attention is now valuable your attention
01:00:04has gone down to zero it's scarce it's
01:00:05like gold it's hard to find where's the
01:00:07attention gone start liking your
01:00:09Instagram pictures then maybe they start
01:00:11if they make that first move like liking
01:00:13your Instagram pictures or they ask how
01:00:14you are or something then you can talk
01:00:15to them again of course you're like oh
01:00:17hey yeah sorry been working
01:00:19or say hey sorry I've been busy I was
01:00:21out like coffee I like to say that one
01:00:24because they're like well you invite me
01:00:25for coffee do you invite another girl
01:00:26for coffee then I'll say what with
01:00:27another girl say of course not dear
01:00:29sarcastic which means yes but I also
01:00:32said no so they can't complain about it
01:00:34careful with your language
01:00:36it's a [ __ ] flip on the [ __ ] sorry I
01:00:38was out of coffee
01:00:40talk to her again another couple days
01:00:42invite her she doesn't come the second
01:00:45that's the basic rules of the game
01:00:47progression you are not texting her to
01:00:49be your [ __ ] friend or to make sure
01:00:51her phone [ __ ] works some dumb [ __ ]
01:00:54regression day now you're on the dating
01:00:59dating is hard for me to coach because
01:01:01really in reality this is something has
01:01:03to happen in person if any of you guys
01:01:04out there have any kind of serious
01:01:05income message me I want to put together
01:01:08a a three-day thing where I bring you to
01:01:11me or I come to you probably bring you
01:01:13to me
01:01:14we hit the streets we do the Instagram
01:01:16thing we get some dates we organize
01:01:19those the dates and you can see how I do
01:01:20it and you can see in real life then
01:01:22you're gonna learn a Next Level game if
01:01:23you're interested in that email me but
01:01:25in General on a date these are all
01:01:27things you would have heard before
01:01:29be confident
01:01:31not overconfident be confident
01:01:33let her talk about herself pretend to
01:01:35give a [ __ ]
01:01:36keep the Intrigue there
01:01:38don't overstay this is the most
01:01:40important thing the last thing you can
01:01:43do to a woman is bored it's better to
01:01:45cut a date short and her at the most
01:01:47interesting point
01:01:49than borer imagine we have a movie and
01:01:51the end of the movie [ __ ] or the movie
01:01:53okay imagine you have a movie it's an
01:01:54okay movie but it's five hours long but
01:01:56after an hour and a half it's super
01:01:58interesting what's gonna happen if you
01:02:00cut the movie off there the person
01:02:02really really wants to see the end of
01:02:04that movie if you let the movie play to
01:02:06the end okay it was an okay movie but
01:02:08they know what happens no the first date
01:02:11should be short and for that reason
01:02:13that's why I always organize a coffee
01:02:14day because coffee is short
01:02:16coffee's 15-20 minutes max all you're
01:02:20trying to do with the first day is prove
01:02:21you're a real person you look like your
01:02:23pictures you're not a [ __ ] psycho
01:02:25you're not going to stab her and to
01:02:26break the wall of real person from Guy
01:02:30online that's the only real goal of the
01:02:33first date you're not trying to bang on
01:02:34the first day you can bang on the first
01:02:36date but that's a different kind of date
01:02:37that's like if I have loads of girls and
01:02:40I've got to the texting stage and me and
01:02:42Tristan are going to the club one night
01:02:43I'll text all of them hey I'm in the
01:02:46club tonight uh I know we've not met but
01:02:47come it's gonna be really fun there's
01:02:48lots of people here I say there's lots
01:02:50of people so they don't feel like it's
01:02:51creepy and we just and then you bring
01:02:53them to the table getting drunk bang you
01:02:54can bang them first state that way you
01:02:56just have a little saying call the only
01:02:57thing better than double booking is
01:02:59triple booking the reason we have that
01:03:01saying is because one time Tristan texts
01:03:03all those girls and two of them turned
01:03:04up but we have phds so he [ __ ] both
01:03:06he [ __ ] one and then a couple weeks
01:03:08later [ __ ] the other one anyway so these
01:03:09two girls who've been texting turned up
01:03:11and I text all my girls and three turned
01:03:14and when I was drunk I tried to church
01:03:15they said the only thing better than
01:03:16double booking is triple booking and we
01:03:19both laughed and we both [ __ ] because
01:03:20we're Jesus so that's the club game but
01:03:23if you're just doing a coffee thing you
01:03:25just want a short date to introduce
01:03:26yourself short Snappy I'm an interesting
01:03:29person I'm a real person I'm not a creep
01:03:31and another thing you need to do is
01:03:33especially in the modern world is you
01:03:35need to [ __ ] check for these catfish
01:03:38there's girls I'm talking to on
01:03:40Instagram who are tens and I turned up
01:03:41in their settings now I know that
01:03:43doesn't bother you because all you do is
01:03:44[ __ ] sentence I fought 10s so if I'm
01:03:46putting energy into a 10 and I try to
01:03:48choose a [ __ ] seven I get pissed off
01:03:50you guys are probably [ __ ] happy as
01:03:52hell of episode I am
01:03:54so you also gotta check that the girl
01:03:55the girl's gonna [ __ ] prove herself
01:03:57too these girls live in catfish land
01:03:58sometimes you're sitting there texting
01:04:00away with your hard dick
01:04:01thinking she's something special and she
01:04:03turns up and she's basic anyway most you
01:04:05guys are getting upset and worried about
01:04:06basic ass hoes these chicks are basic so
01:04:09the first date is good because sometimes
01:04:10they might be below your standard you
01:04:12might want to get rid of them quickly
01:04:13I've had dates before where I've been
01:04:15turned up and go I don't know
01:04:16coffee oh yeah coffee oh yeah what do
01:04:18you do you have work study okay yeah
01:04:19yeah we'll see each other again okay bye
01:04:21if you organize a big thing we'll go for
01:04:22dinner and coffee and then we'll go for
01:04:24dinner and movies and all this [ __ ]
01:04:27how you get rid of her maybe maybe you
01:04:28want to get rid of her maybe she's
01:04:29annoying maybe she's a vegan who knows
01:04:32coffee it's quick it's to the point you
01:04:35can get rid of her quick within 15
01:04:36minutes you can stay 45 minutes if you
01:04:39want make her interested in you build
01:04:40her Intrigue make her want to see you
01:04:42again do not overplay it do not sit
01:04:44there and talk for hours about your job
01:04:46and your pets she doesn't [ __ ] care
01:04:48she only cares about herself because
01:04:49she's a woman ask her questions about
01:04:51herself don't give her any real answers
01:04:54on you keep your [ __ ] vague but be
01:04:55interesting be a little bit funny a
01:04:57little bit smart be confident 45 minutes
01:04:59okay yeah we'll just meet again soon
01:05:01bang bang bye
01:05:02that's the goal of the first date
01:05:04after the first date
01:05:07then the texting game goes into the next
01:05:11level now I'm not saying you can message
01:05:13her I'm gonna [ __ ] you in your ass
01:05:14obviously you can't do that but at this
01:05:16point she's met you she knows what you
01:05:19look like she knows you're a real person
01:05:21if she's replying to you you can be
01:05:25say direct I don't want you [ __ ]
01:05:27losers being creepy don't be creepy but
01:05:30you're adults there's now no reason for
01:05:34you to be texting unless you're gonna
01:05:36[ __ ]
01:05:37why are you texting she knows who you
01:05:39are she's met you if she's replying to
01:05:41you she likes you so it has to be going
01:05:43you're Progressive you've done the day
01:05:44now you've got a basically now you're
01:05:46basically talking about adult things
01:05:48and there's no reason to be texting
01:05:50otherwise if you if if you text her and
01:05:53she doesn't want to talk about adult
01:05:54things then what the [ __ ] you talking to
01:05:56her for she's met you she knows what you
01:05:58look like and she doesn't want to talk
01:05:59about adult things and she doesn't want
01:06:00to [ __ ] you so
01:06:03simple you're at that point now so I'll
01:06:06say things like after the first date
01:06:08I'll say things like
01:06:10hey we up to I'm just in bed yeah uh
01:06:13yeah I've just finished work some
01:06:16[ __ ]
01:06:17um but you have to be careful
01:06:19saying this because mostly [ __ ]
01:06:21aren't as smooth as me don't don't be
01:06:23creepy you gotta be to the point with
01:06:25like why you're texting
01:06:27you should know where I'm coming from
01:06:28with that so don't say anything creepy
01:06:30and weird but just be to the point to
01:06:32say yeah I'm not working I'm going to
01:06:34work all night tonight probably oh
01:06:35you're gonna work all night yeah I'm not
01:06:36gonna sleep till you're with me
01:06:38some [ __ ] like that but just kind of
01:06:40smooth with it LOL might be a long time
01:06:43then I'm Superman I don't need to sleep
01:06:45I don't give a [ __ ] I'll wait
01:06:46that can just be cool with it but just
01:06:49make it clear
01:06:50start talking about adult themes if
01:06:52she's still replying everything's good
01:06:55from there couple days organize second
01:06:57date and from there it's game over you
01:06:59should know what to do from there then
01:07:00you organize a proper day at night
01:07:02dinner is a bit formal
01:07:04movies is always a no because you can't
01:07:07talk movies are an easy one because you
01:07:09don't have to talk to the girl but then
01:07:10also you don't get to really get
01:07:11anywhere because you don't talk to the
01:07:12girl so movies are bad dinners I don't
01:07:15really like dinners I like drinks
01:07:19and I actually like to keep it super
01:07:22so I'm lucky I have my brother but
01:07:26formal situations make things awkward
01:07:28so if I'm going to bring a girl out for
01:07:30drinks I'll say oh yeah we need some
01:07:32drinks my brother and some people are
01:07:33there just come along if there's other
01:07:35people around they feel it's less like
01:07:38you and me and sitting down and we're
01:07:40drinking we're talking you don't need
01:07:42that intimate [ __ ] you talk one-on-one
01:07:43on WhatsApp all the time you can just
01:07:45bring her into a fun environment now of
01:07:47all your friends are [ __ ] you can't
01:07:49do that because your friends need to
01:07:51know the game as well your friends have
01:07:53to make sure they never hit on your girl
01:07:54they never interrupt or try and talk to
01:07:57your girl when it's your job to be
01:07:58talking to her your friends need to
01:08:00participate towards getting you laid if
01:08:02you have good quality friends it's
01:08:03easier so I'll give you a very quick
01:08:05example like me and Tristan are [ __ ]
01:08:07smooth survive a girl on a bang cause I
01:08:10have a 10. a marriage is 10 bank 10. I
01:08:12said come for some drinks I say Tristan
01:08:14I want to close this one tonight all
01:08:16right cool Tristan will bring one of his
01:08:18girls who's already [ __ ] and his girl
01:08:20knows the game so not only do I have
01:08:22Tristan as a wingman I've got a female
01:08:24wingman so like for example we go out
01:08:27girl turns off that other girl's saying
01:08:28oh yeah I've done Andrew ages yeah these
01:08:30brothers are so fun she they took me
01:08:31here they took me there my girls listen
01:08:33to this my girls listen to this girl
01:08:34going well she used to [ __ ] with these
01:08:36guys and she went there and well her
01:08:38life's great I want to be like I want
01:08:40these things and then was drinking
01:08:42drinking and if I say I'll come back to
01:08:43my place it's creepy if the girl goes
01:08:46let's go back to your house your house
01:08:48is fun
01:08:49that the other girl will be like oh okay
01:08:51the girls want to go like that it's so
01:08:53easy if you have a [ __ ] chick so this
01:08:56is what I'm saying if your friends are
01:08:57[ __ ] it's hard I've got a [ __ ]
01:08:59support team which are Ironclad I know
01:09:02if I bring Tristan and one of his female
01:09:03soldiers I do not fail getting back to
01:09:06the house is gonna be guaranteed by the
01:09:08girl the girl is going to say I'll break
01:09:09her life but it's just so [ __ ] I
01:09:11don't even do anything I don't even do I
01:09:13sit there on Twitter calling you all
01:09:14idiots I don't do [ __ ] and I still get
01:09:16laid so if you have a good group of
01:09:19friends who aren't [ __ ] pricks
01:09:21and what you have to understand is that
01:09:23most of you watching this are Pricks
01:09:25yourselves losers yourselves between
01:09:27your friends and losers but if you're
01:09:28gonna bring a girl around
01:09:30you gotta be clear with your friends
01:09:33they can't be like the BET like banter
01:09:35for example if my boy were to bring his
01:09:37friend a girl I would never like
01:09:39chocolatey insult him or something oh he
01:09:42[ __ ] he you know like all the dumb
01:09:44guy [ __ ] you do calling a guy a loser or
01:09:47calling a guy this or that you can't do
01:09:49that if a guy's bringing a girl he's
01:09:51trying to get laid your friends
01:09:52shouldn't be insulting you even as a
01:09:53joke your friends shouldn't be trying to
01:09:55talk to your girl your friends should
01:09:57just be there to Make Some Noise to
01:09:59break down the monotony of a formal
01:10:00situation say hi be polite offer a drink
01:10:03or whatever and that's it so if your
01:10:05friends aren't [ __ ] I'd actually
01:10:07recommend on the last day to make it a
01:10:09group kind of thing if your friends
01:10:11aren't Dickens if your friends are
01:10:12[ __ ] they'll be detrimental so you
01:10:14have to sit here and look and think do I
01:10:15have good friends or Idiot Friends
01:10:17because if you were to come out with
01:10:18your girl and me and my girl you'd be
01:10:21getting laid so if your friends are good
01:10:22do that if not it's just you and her
01:10:24it's fine but if you've got friends
01:10:25around make it informal yeah we'll have
01:10:27some drinks to come out have some drinks
01:10:28have a laugh never kiss at the end of
01:10:31the day on the second date don't kiss
01:10:33her at the end because kids kissing at
01:10:35the end then you want to [ __ ] her but
01:10:37it's the end of the day we've just
01:10:38kissed it's a bit weird kiss her early
01:10:40on don't be a [ __ ] the day let's say
01:10:43she turns up eight o'clock for drinks by
01:10:458 45 she'll at least kissed her
01:10:48that's what I do turns my eight drink
01:10:50gin and tonic whatever blah talking [ __ ]
01:10:52Tris is there but talking [ __ ]
01:10:54everyone's laughing having fun give her
01:10:57a kiss 8 45 then then she's got her hand
01:10:59on her leg by [ __ ] 9 30. then by the
01:11:02time it's [ __ ] 12 30 she wants dick
01:11:04because she's been comfortable with you
01:11:05she's kissed you she's hung out with you
01:11:07a few hours since she's been touching
01:11:09you a bit now she's comfortable enough
01:11:10to [ __ ] if you try and kiss her at 12 30
01:11:13we're about to go home now kids want to
01:11:15come to my place it's two
01:11:17romantic model movie P.S I Love You
01:11:20[ __ ] it ain't real it's too formal
01:11:23don't do that kiss her in 45 minutes
01:11:25have a laugh keep drinking have a joke
01:11:27hold her hand or put her hand on your
01:11:29leg talk some [ __ ] kiss her again by the
01:11:33time it's time to go she'll Wanna [ __ ]
01:11:35and you don't ask her you just take her
01:11:38taker don't ask her if she wants to come
01:11:40to yours ask her if she wants to go home
01:11:43so when the taxi turns up I go we're
01:11:44going to mine
01:11:45and unless she goes no I want to go home
01:11:48and she goes okay you want to go home no
01:11:50problem cool if you want to go home all
01:11:51right cool we'll get you a taxi never
01:11:52take her to the same taxi she doesn't
01:11:54get you don't ride with me if you're not
01:11:55coming to my house I ain't getting in my
01:11:57taxi more out of my way to drop you off
01:11:58today and I was like okay cool I'll get
01:12:00your car Uber bang yeah kiss all right
01:12:02yeah see you next time nothing wrong
01:12:03with that maybe I'll [ __ ] up the day
01:12:04after some girls are like us no problem
01:12:06if you get my car coming to my house
01:12:09we're going to mine
01:12:10oh really yeah we're gonna get in okay
01:12:14women like to be led they don't like to
01:12:15be asked if you're asking what she wants
01:12:17to eat she doesn't know oh no they want
01:12:19to be told what to do come with me if
01:12:22she says no that's perfectly fine
01:12:23remember you're not [ __ ] psycho I
01:12:25don't want any of you [ __ ]
01:12:26getting rape charges and the police
01:12:28finding this video and coming after me
01:12:29for it because I ain't done nothing
01:12:30[ __ ] wrong with anybody just saying
01:12:33you're clear I'm going we're all going
01:12:34to mine or I'm going to mind you're
01:12:35coming with me oh no I really want to go
01:12:37home no problem
01:12:39you do not ask twice
01:12:41oh I really think you should come to
01:12:43mind that's submissive and pathetic no
01:12:45you're not pathetic you're a [ __ ]
01:12:46full-grown man I want to go to mine no
01:12:48problem and in fact a lot of the time
01:12:50they don't like that because sometimes
01:12:52women are trying to play hard to get
01:12:53well maybe I should go home okay you
01:12:54want to go home no problem we'll get you
01:12:55a car we'll get you a car we'll get a
01:12:57oh oh all I was just thinking I need I
01:13:01need my things then they'll try and back
01:13:02out of it I was just thinking so all
01:13:04right well we're going to mine you don't
01:13:06need your things you want to come okay
01:13:09you did you but as soon as they say they
01:13:11want to go go yeah give them what they
01:13:12want it's the takeaway Trump said know
01:13:15when to walk away from the table the art
01:13:17of the deal walk away from the deal
01:13:18dealers go to my house oh you want to
01:13:20play games all right you're not allowed
01:13:21to come okay we'll take you home we'll
01:13:23take you home we're gonna go party we'll
01:13:24take you home they don't want to miss
01:13:26out oh okay look I was just thinking I
01:13:28don't have a phone charger I have a
01:13:29phone charger a phone call Samsung I've
01:13:31got Samsung charger no you don't no one
01:13:33has a Samsung
01:13:34yeah I've got one house somewhere come
01:13:39if you no I really go home cool Circle
01:13:41car bang all right maybe see you again
01:13:42bang kiss bye do another day maybe it
01:13:44takes three or four days you
01:13:45[ __ ] aren't smooth as me day
01:13:47two I'm [ __ ] I'm a Jeep you guys
01:13:50aren't smooth to me so you need some
01:13:51more time she wants to go home it's no
01:13:53problem you have my FDB it's all good
01:13:55see you again keep texting her keep
01:13:57working it you'll get there in the end
01:13:58when you're as smooth as me day two game
01:14:08so that's the basic progression so I
01:14:10told you in this video I'm not going to
01:14:12tell you anything about getting a Lambo
01:14:14and getting in shape because you know
01:14:15all that [ __ ] I'm telling you about
01:14:17things you can do right here right now
01:14:19to improve your game
01:14:21so Instagram progress
01:14:24do a graphic Instagram progress WhatsApp
01:14:27progress coffee date more texting
01:14:30serious day aiming to close that is the
01:14:33system now
01:14:36Tower of Power here
01:14:38king cobra t-shirt [ __ ] it right now
01:14:42we're going to talk about
01:14:47talk about how you're going to get dates
01:14:50we'll talk about cold hard truth
01:14:54of these females
01:14:57truth is this
01:15:01there's no such thing as a perfect woman
01:15:03if you want a woman who's perfect for
01:15:04you you must build her to be perfect for
01:15:06you a woman who is understanding and
01:15:09kind and who respects you does not exist
01:15:11unless you force her to be that way and
01:15:13when I say Force when I mean in a
01:15:14horrible way I mean in a simple there's
01:15:16no other option Like Walter always takes
01:15:18the easiest path through the Rocks the
01:15:20woman must learn that her man is [ __ ]
01:15:23an Iron Mountain and the easiest path is
01:15:25to obey any other kind of resistance
01:15:27simply doesn't work
01:15:28that's how you have to be but some women
01:15:32are more moldable than others you have I
01:15:34call it blueprints you have good
01:15:36Blueprints and bad blueprints so you
01:15:39have I I with my skill level can make
01:15:42any female do as I say
01:15:44and I say that with absolute conviction
01:15:46I've never met a woman who will not do
01:15:50the basics of why I say bring me coffee
01:15:52turn up where I tell her to listen to me
01:15:55not talk to other men basic things
01:15:59some are better blueprints than others
01:16:02so when you read these books these red
01:16:04pill books all this [ __ ] talk about
01:16:05BPD and all that bollocks firstly let's
01:16:07do a very side subject on BPD like I
01:16:10said I'm talking about Bakery
01:16:11masterclass my brain's full of
01:16:15ain't [ __ ] real
01:16:17and the reason it ain't real is because
01:16:19all these red pill guys talk about
01:16:21borderline personality disorder if the
01:16:23girl doesn't listen to you or the girl
01:16:24acts this way she's got borderline
01:16:26personality disorder every single hot
01:16:29chick in the world has BPD how can you
01:16:33be 16 years old with a hundred thousand
01:16:36followers on Instagram and full-grown
01:16:38men giving you unlimited attention for
01:16:40no reason all the way up until you're 25
01:16:43for nearly 10 years men going out of
01:16:46their way breaking down crying in voice
01:16:48notes being complete little [ __ ]
01:16:50doing anything you tell them to do how
01:16:52can you live that life and not have an
01:16:55ego or a borderline personality disorder
01:16:57every single hot chick and trust me I
01:16:59[ __ ] more than you to a degree has
01:17:02something [ __ ] up in their head
01:17:03because the attention they're getting is
01:17:05off the [ __ ] scale
01:17:07men have made women have BPD
01:17:09luckily there's men like me out here who
01:17:11puts them back in [ __ ] chat
01:17:13so BPD ain't real
01:17:15get that shot of your head if a girl
01:17:16ain't listening to you it's either
01:17:17because your game [ __ ] or because of
01:17:19external factors maybe her Granddad just
01:17:21died she doesn't listen to you right now
01:17:22doesn't mean she has PPD get that whole
01:17:25excuse out your head ain't a real thing
01:17:30you have good Blueprints and bad
01:17:31blueprints some women are more
01:17:33susceptible to being molded some women
01:17:35have better values than others I do
01:17:38agree with what the red pill books say
01:17:39that if a woman's [ __ ] lots of men
01:17:41she's not as good a mold as one who's
01:17:43[ __ ] less men that's true and the
01:17:45reason for that is because if a woman's
01:17:46[ __ ] lots and lots and lots of guys
01:17:48they don't have a stigma attached to
01:17:50getting a new dick so when times get
01:17:52hard or you tell them to do something
01:17:54they don't want to do they think I'll
01:17:55just [ __ ] someone else then they're more
01:17:57they're less loyal they're more likely
01:17:58to run off and leave if they've slept
01:18:00with lots of men but they've lost some
01:18:02of the few men if you're the second guy
01:18:03or first guy ever they don't want to
01:18:04give up on you that easy so if you say
01:18:06stop texting this dude they're more
01:18:09likely to do that and then we'll grow
01:18:10something 20 lives a lot of Texas dude
01:18:12to find a new kind of [ __ ]
01:18:13so that is true so you have good
01:18:15Blueprints and bad blueprints now I can
01:18:17tell you just like I did with the how
01:18:19many men they stick with I can tell you
01:18:20100 different reasons what makes a good
01:18:22blueprint what makes a bad blueprint I
01:18:25could waste loads of time or I could
01:18:27just give you the [ __ ] instant
01:18:30eatel iron breakable test
01:18:33this test tickable test this test tells
01:18:39concrete of a woman's good quality or
01:18:42bad quality
01:18:43here's how
01:18:49the test happens after you sleep with
01:18:51her now if you're sitting here thinking
01:18:54why do I have to sleep with a woman
01:18:55first to see if she's good or not
01:18:57because that's how it really goes
01:18:58because that's when you really know a
01:19:00girl until you sleep with a girl it's
01:19:02all just front the games it's all just
01:19:05[ __ ] it's just who they want to be
01:19:06instead pretending this act you sleep
01:19:09with them you see the real then
01:19:10so you're gonna have to [ __ ] a whole
01:19:12bunch of girls to get a good one
01:19:14if you're let's say it's your job to
01:19:17find the best apple in the world
01:19:19and you have free apples and you say
01:19:21this apple is the best apple in the
01:19:23world and another guy has a thousand
01:19:25apples and he says this apple is the
01:19:27best apple in the world who knows more
01:19:29about apples
01:19:31who's more likely to have chosen an
01:19:33exceptional Apple
01:19:34the man who has more apples the Thousand
01:19:37Apple guy knows more about apples than
01:19:38the free apple pie if you want to
01:19:41understand women I know what I know
01:19:43because I [ __ ] so many women I've had
01:19:48Smart Ones stupid Ones hot Ones hot ones
01:19:52no at least you know I've had them all
01:19:55so I know I know through experience so
01:19:58if you're sitting there going oh I have
01:19:59to [ __ ] a whole bunch of girls to find a
01:20:01good one and you're worried about that
01:20:02then you're a [ __ ] yeah you're gonna
01:20:04[ __ ] in the modern world for every five
01:20:06girls you fought one will be a good
01:20:08quality one
01:20:09so look go [ __ ] five girls and get one
01:20:11what's the problem you're afraid to use
01:20:13your dick your little [ __ ] get it done
01:20:14so that's the reality sometimes you get
01:20:17lucky you can [ __ ] one girl and you can
01:20:18tell she's a good girl right away it
01:20:20actors but sometimes I [ __ ] three four
01:20:22girls in a row and they've all just been
01:20:23trash hoes
01:20:25how it goes it's how it goes sometimes
01:20:27you [ __ ] three girls in a row and
01:20:28they're all [ __ ] nice and I know that
01:20:30from this Ironclad test
01:20:33Ironclad test tells me so I'm telling
01:20:35you you cannot tell I don't care when
01:20:37you're texting some girl and you're
01:20:39sitting there with your little [ __ ]
01:20:40penis twitching like a little [ __ ]
01:20:41sitting there and late at night what
01:20:43setting away oh she's so beautiful you
01:20:46look at her Instagram you're texting her
01:20:47she seems so nice and so sweet she ain't
01:20:49[ __ ] she ain't [ __ ] and you don't know
01:20:51if she's quality or not until you suffer
01:20:53so don't get emotionally attached to
01:20:54some girl you're having thought because
01:20:55you don't know anything about her until
01:20:57you sleep with her and here is how you
01:20:59after you sleep with a girl
01:21:02your attention goes to nearly zero
01:21:07attention goes right down
01:21:11here's why
01:21:13we give attention
01:21:15to get the sex
01:21:18like my perfect drawing we've had the
01:21:21sex now
01:21:23we've had it we've had what we wanted
01:21:27so the attention has to drop instantly
01:21:29to set a standard for the relationship
01:21:32and the relationship standard is as
01:21:36you better be nice to me
01:21:38you better [ __ ] me when I want you to
01:21:40you better do as you're told to get my
01:21:42attention otherwise it's staying down
01:21:45here you have now won the game until you
01:21:49see for the woman she's in charge she's
01:21:51the gate she's the lock you're trying to
01:21:54break once you've slept with her you are
01:21:57now in charge and what most men do after
01:22:00they [ __ ] a girl is instantly give away
01:22:02their position of power you are finally
01:22:05for the first time since you've messaged
01:22:06this girl on Instagram
01:22:08in the position of power you're above
01:22:11her now because you [ __ ] her and if
01:22:14you [ __ ] her I never talk to her again
01:22:15then she's a stupid slow and she doesn't
01:22:18want that she wants you to want her so
01:22:22she wants to keep you for the first up
01:22:24until now you wanted to [ __ ] her you
01:22:26wanted to get her this is the first time
01:22:28she wants to get you and most men [ __ ]
01:22:31that up straight away by either saying
01:22:34something oh I really like you can I see
01:22:36you again good and just [ __ ] being
01:22:38submissive to the woman's wins straight
01:22:40away and giving them attention you can't
01:22:43do that you have to drop your attention
01:22:46down to absolute zero and here's why
01:22:50one it sets the standard for the
01:22:53I [ __ ] you now I'm in charge oh you
01:22:55want to see me again do you all right
01:22:57cool yeah I'm waiting for a new bank
01:22:59card let's go for coffee but you you
01:23:00know my my money's low just you have to
01:23:02buy them I'll pay you back
01:23:04I ain't buying new coffee
01:23:08well I [ __ ] you now
01:23:10okay you don't buy me coffee I [ __ ] you
01:23:11I'll buy some other coffee okay
01:23:13all right cool well I'm busy you you
01:23:16have Banger You've Won You've Won you
01:23:20ain't got nothing to worry about who
01:23:21cares if you never talked to her again
01:23:23who cares keep that in mind
01:23:26okay yeah no problem I don't mind paying
01:23:28this time turn up get yourself some
01:23:29[ __ ] carrot cake and [ __ ] carrot cake
01:23:32when I'm [ __ ] I'm a millionaire I
01:23:34still do this you want them [ __ ]
01:23:36yogurts from Starbucks or two
01:23:37cappuccinos and sparkling water make the
01:23:38[ __ ] spend like 20 [ __ ] Euro on me
01:23:41buy it for me setting a standard your
01:23:44man told you to buy him a coffee buy me
01:23:45a [ __ ] coffee
01:23:46because you [ __ ] the girl fine but if
01:23:49you want a relationship a happy
01:23:51relationship you need to be in control
01:23:53of that relationship
01:23:54if you [ __ ] it up at the beginning it is
01:23:56extremely difficult to recover but if
01:23:59you set the standard right in the
01:24:01is much easier
01:24:03so the standard from the second you
01:24:05[ __ ] now I'm not saying you become
01:24:06rude I'm not saying you become an
01:24:08[ __ ] don't do that I'm just saying
01:24:10your attention drops you're still nice
01:24:13but your attention isn't there so we're
01:24:15used to text her every night
01:24:17you barely text her or you text her one
01:24:19or two times and then you don't make it
01:24:21clear she has to clearly see here's the
01:24:24Fine Line she has to clearly see that
01:24:27you get your attentions dropped but not
01:24:29enough for her to call you out on it not
01:24:32enough where she can go oh you [ __ ] me
01:24:33you don't talk anymore
01:24:34she can't say that what do you mean I'm
01:24:36texting you I'm just I'm just busy
01:24:38so it's gonna be that fine line where
01:24:39she feels uncomfortable because she
01:24:41knows something's up
01:24:42but she can't say anything about it
01:24:45that's how you got to do it make her buy
01:24:47you some [ __ ] coffee you [ __ ] her
01:24:49now you are in charge
01:24:51and this is the test
01:24:53a quality woman after you sleep with her
01:24:56when your attention drops we'll do
01:24:59anything it takes
01:25:00to get your attention back up
01:25:02to retain you as a man so you've slept
01:25:05with her you've had sex with this girl
01:25:07the next day you barely text her then
01:25:09you're too busy to meet her then you say
01:25:12then when you say yeah okay yeah you
01:25:14have to pay probably my back card
01:25:15whatever whatever excuse or whatever
01:25:19a quality woman will go oh okay no
01:25:21problem no problem because they know
01:25:22that [ __ ] a guy is a big deal and
01:25:24they don't want to [ __ ] you for no
01:25:26reason and they don't want to be a hoe
01:25:27they don't be a number number another
01:25:29random number on your [ __ ] book they
01:25:30want to get relationship out of it they
01:25:32want to build it into something so a
01:25:34quality woman will bend her normal rules
01:25:36a girl who would perhaps never buy you
01:25:38coffee is now prepared to do something
01:25:40for you will bend her normal rules to
01:25:43get your attention back post sex that's
01:25:46what a quality woman will do a [ __ ]
01:25:49quality woman a crack woman when you say
01:25:51these things will be like oh [ __ ] this
01:25:52guy I should go [ __ ] someone else a girl
01:25:55who will rather go have a new dick than
01:25:58buy you a coffee is not the kind of girl
01:26:00you need a relationship with guys
01:26:02because that's only going to end bad
01:26:04sooner or later one way or another
01:26:07there's gonna be an argument or
01:26:09something we're gonna ask her to do
01:26:10something she doesn't want to do and
01:26:11she's going to end up [ __ ] someone
01:26:13this is the test that Cruz good woman
01:26:15against badmin after you speak
01:26:18truly the neck the next day you conduct
01:26:20this test you drop your attention if
01:26:23they work hard if they double text you
01:26:25if they text you first if they ask to
01:26:27see you all of these are positive things
01:26:29hey maybe we can go out to the that's
01:26:31what you want to see that's a woman who
01:26:34wants to work hard to keep her man
01:26:36you're not going to be able to conduct
01:26:38this test if after you [ __ ] her you're
01:26:41because you're too busy flooding her
01:26:43with attention so there's no test
01:26:46if you [ __ ] her and then you drop your
01:26:48attention and she doesn't really care or
01:26:50she doesn't really try to see you again
01:26:52then she's trash do not fall into the
01:26:55Trap of going okay I'll outsk your
01:26:57attention again and [ __ ] remarks I
01:26:58want to [ __ ] her that is gonna end bad
01:27:00don't waste your time tell you man I was
01:27:04with cab Club Christian [ __ ] McQueen
01:27:05three months ago
01:27:07the club
01:27:09it's [ __ ] in the zone walk to the
01:27:10club two girls at the bar said yeah
01:27:12table bang or got table Christian big
01:27:16bunny big money Christian stuff paying
01:27:17start paying for the table whatever
01:27:18before I even sat at the table I went up
01:27:20to the bar watched this girl hey you're
01:27:21beautiful that's why I say in person I
01:27:22do a different person excuse me yeah and
01:27:25in person I make them pay attention what
01:27:26most people do they [ __ ] up in person is
01:27:28that they talk to girls when they're not
01:27:29paying attention you go through Google
01:27:30hey you're beautiful they're like what I
01:27:33go excuse me excuse me and I'm making
01:27:34yeah I make them pay attention to what
01:27:36I'm saying I'm a [ __ ] foreground man
01:27:38talking to you pay attention
01:27:39so you're absolutely beautiful you're
01:27:41staying with me tonight
01:27:43anyway [ __ ] her same night even
01:27:46Christian who's a g he goes that was
01:27:49so bang you're saying nice the [ __ ]
01:27:5110. 10. all you [ __ ] if you
01:27:55[ __ ] this girl would fall head over
01:27:56heels in love with her because of how
01:27:58she looks I [ __ ] her
01:28:01next day I didn't text her she didn't
01:28:03text me next day didn't text her she
01:28:05didn't text me third day she likes more
01:28:07my Instagram pictures
01:28:08some basic pathetic attempt and I
01:28:10thought there you just bang some dudes
01:28:12you barely know and you knew and you're
01:28:14not even gonna humble yourself to text
01:28:15me first you think you're so special
01:28:17you're not gonna reduce yourself to text
01:28:19me first if you're not going to humble
01:28:20yourself to text me first after you got
01:28:22[ __ ] in one night then you're never
01:28:23gonna humble yourself for me you're
01:28:26always going to have this ego you're
01:28:27always going to be so I don't want you I
01:28:30never spoke to that girl again no that's
01:28:31not true in this video I saw her three
01:28:33weeks later at different events she ran
01:28:34up to me oh my God
01:29:46because that was smooth
01:29:48so bang you're saying nice the [ __ ]
01:29:5110. 10. all you [ __ ] if you
01:29:54[ __ ] this girl would fall head over
01:29:56heels in love with her because of how
01:29:58she looks I [ __ ] her
01:30:00next day I didn't text her she didn't
01:30:02text me
01:30:03next day didn't text her she didn't text
01:30:04me third day she likes one of my
01:30:06Instagram pictures
01:30:08some basic pathetic attempt and I
01:30:10thought there you just bang some dude
01:30:11you barely know and you knew and you're
01:30:13not even going to humble yourself to
01:30:15text me first you think you're so
01:30:16special you're not going to reduce
01:30:17yourself to text me first if you're not
01:30:19going to humble yourself to text me
01:30:20first after you got [ __ ] in one night
01:30:22then you're never gonna humble yourself
01:30:24for me you're always going to have this
01:30:26ego you're always going to be so I don't
01:30:28want you I never spoke to that girl
01:30:30again no it's not true it is beautiful I
01:30:32saw her three weeks later at a different
01:30:33events she ran up to me oh my god oh how
01:30:36you been I spoke for a little bit but I
01:30:38could just see and she talked to me a
01:30:40little bit then she walked up and tried
01:30:41to talk to another guy in front of me to
01:30:42make me jealous where is the proof there
01:30:45that's the proof in my lesson she's a
01:30:46trash hoe what kind of girl does that he
01:30:48talks to another guy I don't have a guy
01:30:49trying to make him jealous [ __ ] that's
01:30:51[ __ ] [ __ ] she was a [ __ ] hoe and I
01:30:54spotted it instantly because she didn't
01:30:55humble herself when she was supposed to
01:30:56and I'm glad I didn't waste any more
01:30:58time on her because she's never going to
01:30:59be doing like my other girls do living
01:31:01in my house letting me [ __ ] other women
01:31:03remaining loyal and [ __ ] bringing me
01:31:05coffees and doing as I say that's what
01:31:07you're looking for gentlemen you're not
01:31:08looking for sex sex is easy you're
01:31:10looking for a woman who is loyal to you
01:31:12you need a woman that you can sit and
01:31:14say I'm going to jail for two years in
01:31:15two years and you're not worried about
01:31:17her cheating while you're in the cell
01:31:18now this girl the hoe who ran tried to
01:31:21make me jealous and who wouldn't text me
01:31:23could I trust her for two years
01:31:25or could I trust the girl who next day
01:31:27was like I don't normally do that I
01:31:28really want to see you again I hope
01:31:29you're nothing bad at me please can I
01:31:30see you again that kind of humbling
01:31:32[ __ ] that's what you want
01:31:34that's what you want I hope you
01:31:36understand the difference between those
01:31:37two women because there's a huge
01:31:39difference between those two females I
01:31:40do not waste my time even with my PhD
01:31:43trying to convert a hoe into a housewife
01:31:45there's a reason that old saying exists
01:31:47don't waste your time with that [ __ ] now
01:31:49I thought girls on the first night and
01:31:51the next day they were so desperate for
01:31:53my attention
01:31:54that they were quality women it doesn't
01:31:56matter if you [ __ ] them the first day
01:31:57lots of these red pill books do you [ __ ]
01:31:58her first day she's trash not true I've
01:32:00had amazing women who have [ __ ] first
01:32:02day amazing
01:32:03because the next day they passed this
01:32:05test this test is extremely important
01:32:09if you this is why you cannot get
01:32:11feelings for a girl before you [ __ ] her
01:32:13because I know you guys are gonna have
01:32:14liking a chick and she's gonna fail this
01:32:16test you're gonna end up staying with
01:32:17her anyway because she's hot and you
01:32:18like her you end up in a [ __ ]
01:32:20[ __ ] relationship
01:32:22reality of the world is this gentleman
01:32:24you're walking down the street with your
01:32:25woman a man comes up and decides to rape
01:32:28her you've punched a guy in the face he
01:32:30falls over hits his head and dies very
01:32:32possible you go to jail for four years
01:32:34you're in a [ __ ] jail
01:32:37to protect her
01:32:39and she's [ __ ] someone else
01:32:42that's what women will do they'll do
01:32:43that to you they'll go [ __ ] someone well
01:32:45I'm lonely I'm lonely I'm in jail yeah
01:32:48but I'm lonely because they're selfish
01:32:50comments so do you want to be walking
01:32:52down the street with a girl who will do
01:32:54that to you or do you only want to walk
01:32:56down the street with a girl who you know
01:32:57will be crying her [ __ ] eyes out
01:33:00writing you letters day after day at
01:33:02every single visitation uninterested in
01:33:05every inbox she gets on Instagram while
01:33:07you do that jail time
01:33:09and the only way you're going to know
01:33:10that is with this [ __ ] test
01:33:13do not waste your time with trash hoes
01:33:15it only ends up in one place
01:33:18I [ __ ] a whole bunch of women and I
01:33:20fought some beautiful women but if they
01:33:22fail this test I will not talk to them
01:33:25again because I do not have time and
01:33:26energy to waste on a woman who will not
01:33:28be loyal to me
01:33:29that is the most number one most
01:33:32important thing the most important thing
01:33:34is this test
01:33:36people often say to me how Tate how
01:33:39how do you how does your girlfriend let
01:33:41you [ __ ] other girls she must be [ __ ]
01:33:43other girls because she cannot possibly
01:33:45leave me she leaves me because she loves
01:33:47me and I love her and she loves me with
01:33:49all her heart and she cannot imagine her
01:33:51world without me if I died she would
01:33:53commit suicide I am her everything it
01:33:57doesn't matter if I [ __ ] someone else
01:33:58because I'm her everything she has
01:34:00nowhere else to go
01:34:02because this test was implemented and
01:34:05she passed it and years have passed
01:34:07where I haven't taken her [ __ ] and I've
01:34:08kept the position of authority and I've
01:34:10just become her Idol in life it's like
01:34:13trying to take God away from a Christian
01:34:14they're like well if God doesn't exist
01:34:16have you ever argued a religious person
01:34:19look and now after you prove him wrong a
01:34:21bunch of times but well if God doesn't
01:34:23exist then what's the point
01:34:24they'll eventually say what's the point
01:34:26in being alive what's the point in doing
01:34:27good what's the point doing bad without
01:34:28God that's how your woman has to think
01:34:30of you without him
01:34:32what's the point you do anything
01:34:34when you get to that point you know the
01:34:35[ __ ] you want I can [ __ ] who I want
01:34:37cause you're gonna leave
01:34:39she gonna leave she doesn't even cry
01:34:41about it anymore so I know you're gonna
01:34:42do what you do as long as you only love
01:34:43me of course I only love you they're
01:34:45just stupid hoes okay done it ain't
01:34:47unachievable gentlemen it's very
01:34:49achievable if you keep your [ __ ] in
01:34:52order remember all these lessons about
01:34:54what we're talking about getting the
01:34:55girls the attention scale it's the same
01:34:57when you're in a relationship
01:34:59if your chick's getting fresh
01:35:01told you man
01:35:03this is the mistake the biggest mistake
01:35:04I ever made in my PhD life is when I was
01:35:07young and I was grinding I was trying to
01:35:09make money trying my money a girlfriend
01:35:10and I'd text her oh I'm really busy
01:35:12today love you and then I wouldn't text
01:35:14her because I was busy working and then
01:35:16she'd reply to me some [ __ ] rude [ __ ]
01:35:18and I'd end up text her all day arguing
01:35:19and I realized she gets the most
01:35:21attention from me when she's misbehaving
01:35:24she gets constant messages when she
01:35:26misbehaves when she acts good I barely
01:35:29text her because I'm busy making money
01:35:31so you're training her because females
01:35:34want the attention it's what they want
01:35:35it's all they want you're training her
01:35:37to misbehave for your attention
01:35:39reverse it
01:35:41and the girls being nice flutter
01:35:43she's asking dick cut that [ __ ] off
01:35:46the only way to do it
01:35:47so it's important that even the lessons
01:35:49learned about how to get girls is the
01:35:50same in a relationship
01:35:52keep your attention rare even in a
01:35:54relationship tell you something man I
01:35:55say this to people who don't believe it
01:35:57your girl should want sex more than you
01:35:58give it
01:35:59I say this all the time I've never ever
01:36:01ever wanted sex to my girlfriend I've
01:36:03not had it in 60
01:36:0460 ever
01:36:05she's wanting sex with me and not had it
01:36:07unlimited times
01:36:09unlimited times your girl should want
01:36:11sex more than you give it because you
01:36:12have to do all the [ __ ] work
01:36:14and you've got a bunch of other side
01:36:15hoes anyway [ __ ] so often on the
01:36:17sides sometimes you just give me a
01:36:18massage I'm tired your girl that is a
01:36:21sign of a healthy relationship and your
01:36:22girl wants sex and you don't really want
01:36:24that's a healthy relationship shouldn't
01:36:26be the other way around because that's
01:36:27putting her in a position of power you
01:36:29cannot let these women ever be in a
01:36:30position of power because women are not
01:36:31evolutionarily designed for power and
01:36:33they don't want Power
01:36:35they think they want it but when they
01:36:37get it they just lose respect for you
01:36:39and then they get harder and harder on
01:36:41you because they start to secretly
01:36:42resent that's what happens when a female
01:36:45has a position to power they start to
01:36:46resent you you go [ __ ] lay it down
01:36:48and the biggest weapon you have as a man
01:36:53I don't care if you're with a girl for
01:36:54six months and everything's going well
01:36:55but she gets too fresh
01:36:58you gotta just get back on Instagram and
01:37:00get messaging new ones it's how it's
01:37:02gonna be
01:37:04so I have a guy who I coach on girls
01:37:07he said uh I've been a girl remember
01:37:09five months but she has male friends and
01:37:11she talks to these guys I was like look
01:37:13it's not acceptable he goes well how do
01:37:15I stop her I said bro you cannot have
01:37:17your woman talking to other men those
01:37:18men are trying to [ __ ] your girl if you
01:37:21had a car doesn't matter trying to [ __ ]
01:37:22a girl let's cut the [ __ ] they're
01:37:24friends no they're not if your girl was
01:37:26fat with no legs in a wheelchair would
01:37:28they be her friend would they text her
01:37:29no they [ __ ] wouldn't so let's cut
01:37:31the [ __ ] [ __ ] right here right
01:37:33now to try to [ __ ] your chick if you had
01:37:35a [ __ ] car would you let car thieves
01:37:37attempt to break into your car no matter
01:37:39how good the locks are would you let
01:37:41them sit there and just try and break in
01:37:42and just watch them do it well would you
01:37:43be like get the [ __ ] away from my car
01:37:46the same as a chick bro you can't be
01:37:48letting these people attempt because no
01:37:49matter how good the locks are maybe one
01:37:51day they'll find a weakness and they'll
01:37:52get it maybe you're arguing with your
01:37:54girl you had an argument this guy's been
01:37:56particularly [ __ ] generous mood he
01:37:58decides to take her somewhere or some
01:37:59[ __ ] problems you don't need it men
01:38:03should not be texting your woman's phone
01:38:06so he's like well I agree with you how
01:38:08do I stop it so there's only one thing
01:38:09you can do man tell her to [ __ ] stop
01:38:12texting them make her choose it's like
01:38:15oh yeah what if she chooses them
01:38:19you have to be prepared to walk away
01:38:23from a bad relationship and from a bad
01:38:25chick Trump said it the art of the deal
01:38:28had to be prepared to walk away from the
01:38:30table here's some math for you if you
01:38:33tell the girl to choose between you and
01:38:34her friends and she chooses her friends
01:38:37she's gonna [ __ ] one of them eventually
01:38:39anyway don't you see how eventually
01:38:42she's going to end up banging one if she
01:38:43already chooses them above you
01:38:45so why would you allow that Dynamic to
01:38:47continue instead of Walking Away With
01:38:49Honor and reducing your attention to
01:38:51zero putting the super high value on
01:38:54your attention and then maybe after a
01:38:55couple days not hearing from you she
01:38:57might think okay now your attention's
01:38:59high your attention is high value she
01:39:01might reverse her decision go okay I'll
01:39:03stop you're right I've taken I've
01:39:04thought about it then then you stand a
01:39:06if you allow her to continue if she says
01:39:08she wants to choose them you go okay and
01:39:10stay with her anyway it's only going to
01:39:12end with her [ __ ] one now or later
01:39:14are you such a bigger [ __ ] it's like
01:39:16ripping off a Band-Aid rip it off you're
01:39:18gonna do it slowly she's gonna [ __ ] one
01:39:20she's gonna do it so you want to be with
01:39:22her those extra few months and get
01:39:24cheated on or let wait for her to
01:39:25message you it just isn't working some
01:39:28[ __ ] because she wants to [ __ ]
01:39:29someone else you know where it's gonna
01:39:31end so why are you allowing it to happen
01:39:33instead of walking away at a point where
01:39:35you can make a difference by attaching
01:39:37Super Value to your attention and laying
01:39:39it down with a [ __ ] man
01:39:40you can't have that [ __ ] as a man we
01:39:43have one weapon attention reduction an
01:39:46FDB and you're prepared to do that in a
01:39:48relationship for important issues almost
01:39:49think of a girl won't make you a coffee
01:39:51you know never talk to her again that's
01:39:52maybe a bit too much but with things
01:39:54like talking to other dudes or things
01:39:55that are red lines you have to be
01:39:58prepared to walk away if you've been
01:39:59with a girl for three months
01:40:01and she won't do as you say FDB
01:40:04now obviously if you just get with a
01:40:06girl Shane a girl of all her friends
01:40:07she's just met me use your brain but
01:40:09you've been with her a while she should
01:40:11[ __ ] know the score and if she
01:40:12doesn't like it get back on Instagram
01:40:13start by sending those messages again
01:40:15simple as that
01:40:17I've told you how to get laid
01:40:20that's what this course was about I said
01:40:21how to get girls
01:40:23I've told you how to retain girls
01:40:25the most important thing is this test
01:40:27and post-test if they pass the test to
01:40:30always make sure that your attention is
01:40:32within the correct parameters her
01:40:34behavior and your attention have to be
01:40:35explicitly linked you cannot [ __ ] that
01:40:38up in any way
01:40:40you have to make sure there's no other
01:40:41men or outside influence is [ __ ] with
01:40:43her too much
01:40:44you don't want other men messing your
01:40:46girl forget the modern world they're
01:40:48just friends [ __ ] that is only going
01:40:50to lead to a bad relationship good
01:40:52relationships are one man one woman no
01:40:56one man ten women that's my relationship
01:40:58it's not a chick a bunch of dudes
01:41:00messing her it's not acceptable it's not
01:41:02acceptable in any way and if she chooses
01:41:04them over you then finds someone else
01:41:05because it's only going to end one way
01:41:06or another anyway
01:41:08tried to be all-encompassing I know I've
01:41:10actually missed a whole bunch of things
01:41:13because like I said I know so much [ __ ]
01:41:15there's a whole bunch more I I need to
01:41:17say so what I'm going to do is this is
01:41:18the first video I'm going to release for
01:41:19all you guys to purchased the video I
01:41:21want you to go out there start your
01:41:24Instagram messaging start your
01:41:26whatsapping go on some dates do what you
01:41:28need to do
01:41:30in a week from now I'm absolutely not
01:41:32only welcoming all your questions any
01:41:35questions you have a specific
01:41:36conversation a screenshot or a scenario
01:41:39or any questions or anything I've missed
01:41:42email them all to me and I'm gonna do
01:41:44another video in a week completely free
01:41:46for you guys answering all your specific
01:41:48questions another hour and a half of
01:41:50knowledge and between this video which
01:41:52is the absolute fundamental Basics how
01:41:54attention works the easiest way to speak
01:41:56to girls how to progression Tower of
01:41:59Power how to always progress progress
01:42:00progress how to test a girl after you've
01:42:03slept with her and how to retain the
01:42:04control with your attention post sleep
01:42:06with her with this one video your game
01:42:08will be ten times what it was before
01:42:11plus they're gonna send me a whole bunch
01:42:12of questions I'm gonna do another video
01:42:13with specifics another hour and a half
01:42:15and with these two videos plus a
01:42:18shitload of experience because that's
01:42:20what life is it doesn't matter how long
01:42:21you read about learning to play piano
01:42:22until you get on that piano and start to
01:42:24play you don't know how to play piano
01:42:25experience is extremely important with
01:42:28these three hours of videos plus
01:42:31experience you should have everything
01:42:33you need to begin the long journey to a
01:42:49thank you
01:42:51right PhD course gentlemen
01:42:54have some questions here
01:42:56let me go through them
01:42:58question one
01:43:00Tate how do you handle how do you how do
01:43:04no edit leave it how do you handle
01:43:06multiple girlfriends
01:43:08do you explicitly tell them about others
01:43:10what's the process and then find
01:43:11themselves right you can't get a girl
01:43:13make her love you and then go out for
01:43:15dinner and sit her there and go by the
01:43:17way I got loads of girls because it just
01:43:18makes you look like a dick
01:43:20so what you do is you do you hide it the
01:43:22best you can basically you hide it
01:43:25until she finds out
01:43:27and then when she finds out you just
01:43:29super downplay it so actually last night
01:43:32last night one of my girls Arena found
01:43:36out found a she's dark haired she found
01:43:38a blonde hair on my bed she goes who's
01:43:39been staying in this bed
01:43:40I said well me so whose hair is this I
01:43:43said I don't know I'm not always in the
01:43:45house people sit on beds maybe they
01:43:47didn't sleep in the bed I don't know I'm
01:43:48not gonna it's one o'clock in the
01:43:50morning I'm not sitting here and talking
01:43:51about hair in a bed well I don't know
01:43:52you don't have other girls say Don't
01:43:54just shut up you're being juvenile we're
01:43:56going to sleep and we went to sleep so
01:43:58basically the exchange was she knows I
01:44:01[ __ ] a girl I said it doesn't matter
01:44:03everything's fine we're going to bed
01:44:05it's very it's about playing off as
01:44:07nothing so when she catches you who's
01:44:08this other girl the oh some girl I
01:44:10talked to well she says you're her
01:44:12boyfriend oh yeah I [ __ ] her a few
01:44:13times but it's not a big deal you know
01:44:14I'm with you well you're cheating on me
01:44:16I'm not cheating on you because I love
01:44:18you it's not cheating him I only love
01:44:20you it's totally cheating if it's
01:44:21emotional it's not emotional to us just
01:44:23[ __ ] calm down
01:44:24if she says she wants to leave and she
01:44:26tries to leave you FDB because what
01:44:28happens is when drama kicks off girls
01:44:30want attention the girls just found out
01:44:33you're cheating she wants a big episode
01:44:35she wants you to apologize she wants
01:44:37sorry she wants all this [ __ ] going on
01:44:39if you don't give a [ __ ] then she's
01:44:41gonna be like well you don't even seem
01:44:42to care it's like well I don't care
01:44:43because I don't feel bad because it
01:44:44wasn't a big deal I don't and she'll be
01:44:46like well why don't you feel bad because
01:44:47I didn't have any emotion I don't feel
01:44:49bad because I don't feel like anything
01:44:50wrong because to me it was nothing it's
01:44:52like you're using a dildo gives a [ __ ]
01:44:55just completely trivialize their
01:44:57emotionality and tell them they're
01:44:58juvenile to give a [ __ ] and eventually
01:45:01you'll get away with having two now they
01:45:03might not be happy about it they might
01:45:04cry about it they might moan about it
01:45:06they might be like oh you're always with
01:45:07that [ __ ] but they ain't gonna leave
01:45:09and that's how you have two girlfriends
01:45:10that's how you start with it a lot of
01:45:12this experience depends on the actual
01:45:14girl who you're talking about who the
01:45:16first girl is who the second girl is
01:45:17like everything is experiences let me
01:45:19tell you how to punch someone in the
01:45:20face it's experience to prevents who
01:45:21they are how big they are if they move
01:45:23whatever but that's the basis of it you
01:45:24don't sit down and just try and explain
01:45:26it with women
01:45:29you never just try and do I say a
01:45:32business deal a business deal you don't
01:45:34sit down and appeal to their logic if
01:45:35you appeal to their logic you'll fail if
01:45:37you sit down and go hi I'm gonna have
01:45:39other girls here's why here's why it
01:45:40doesn't bother you it's okay it ain't
01:45:42gonna work ain't gonna work you cannot
01:45:43appeal to their common sense you just
01:45:45have to wait for them to find out and
01:45:47handle the emotionality correctly limit
01:45:49your attention in the correct way so
01:45:52that she understands that if she leaves
01:45:54you just go back to [ __ ] the other
01:45:55that's it you can just say look I really
01:45:57like you I want to be together if you
01:45:59leave then I'm just gonna you know I'll
01:46:01be single won't I but it's not a big
01:46:03deal don't worry about it just don't
01:46:04piss me off
01:46:06and just be super just completely
01:46:10her feelings that's what you have to do
01:46:12that's how you play it like I did last
01:46:13night oh you found some hair in the bed
01:46:15it's two o'clock in the [ __ ] morning
01:46:16we're going to sleep or what over you
01:46:18cheated it's two o'clock I'm going to
01:46:19sleep it's hair who gives a [ __ ] you
01:46:21have hair I have hairs hair
01:46:23as in it's not even a thing
01:46:25today she hasn't even mentioned it
01:46:27because she knows she [ __ ] she ain't
01:46:29[ __ ] dumb she's seen me blonde girls
01:46:30all over my Instagram she knows I'm
01:46:32[ __ ] one of them she ain't that
01:46:33stupid she just doesn't want to know so
01:46:35now she's willfully ignorant
01:46:37it's fine by me
01:46:40how to play it properly when a girl you
01:46:42like is a virgin well lucky gentlemen
01:46:44you have to play a lot slower same basic
01:46:47principles attention blah blah blah blah
01:46:49play it slower let her get away with
01:46:50more take your time you can't be
01:46:52expecting to bang a version on a second
01:46:53day that's crazy next
01:46:56can you elaborate more on compliance
01:46:58after she passed the test
01:47:00well she passes the test
01:47:03then you're starting the relationship in
01:47:04a position of power aren't you you're
01:47:07now in a position of power you [ __ ]
01:47:09her she's chased you
01:47:11which is good she wants your attention
01:47:13she's actively shown that you're now
01:47:15starting to give her a little bit of
01:47:16attention but she [ __ ] up you cut the
01:47:18attention quick
01:47:20and she should Cave quickly because she
01:47:21knows this is not a guy who I can [ __ ]
01:47:24with because he'll take all his
01:47:25attention away
01:47:26so after that it's just a matter of
01:47:28managing the relationship I mean if
01:47:29she's completely honest and open I've
01:47:31had girls after they pass the test
01:47:33say to me I really love you I'm
01:47:35completely I know I shouldn't say this
01:47:37I'm completely in love with you
01:47:39someone's gonna be that honest and open
01:47:40you know you don't have to be a [ __ ]
01:47:41to them you'll be like okay good I love
01:47:43you you love me everything's fine
01:47:44obviously you don't take [ __ ] you ever
01:47:46not be a [ __ ] anyway then you get
01:47:48the girls who still want to play the
01:47:49games if they still want to play the
01:47:50games even after they paid the test then
01:47:51okay cool fdbm it's just a repeating
01:47:54it the the PHD system and relationships
01:47:58it never ends you never get to a point
01:48:00where it's like okay she's now
01:48:02programmed as a robot slave I'm done
01:48:04I've been with my girl six years and
01:48:06still to this day I use game otherwise
01:48:08guitar control if I'm too nice to my
01:48:11girl now after six years she still gets
01:48:13out of control
01:48:14so it's a never-ending philosophy
01:48:16sometimes hoes need to be ignored
01:48:19no matter how long you've been with them
01:48:20sometimes you have to FDB them sometimes
01:48:22you have to show them you don't take
01:48:23[ __ ] no matter how long you be with them
01:48:25that is a universal truth
01:48:27so you start a relationship in a
01:48:29dominant position
01:48:31which of course is important
01:48:33from the position of dominance you
01:48:34maintain it
01:48:35very much like a poker game or chess
01:48:37game you have the advantage you just
01:48:39play your advantage it's as simple as
01:48:42first question
01:48:45how do you manage hierarchies let's say
01:48:47with two girls does the first girl have
01:48:49seniority over the second girl no
01:48:52girls won't take that if you have one
01:48:55girl who's clearly better and the other
01:48:56one you're gonna struggle massively the
01:48:58second girl is just not going to stick
01:49:00around for very long I've had it where
01:49:02I've had girls who say oh I know you're
01:49:04with Vivian I know you've been with her
01:49:05a long time I don't mind I'll stay out
01:49:07tonight you too stay alone all that [ __ ]
01:49:08but it never lasts long because the ones
01:49:10who are really in love with you won't do
01:49:11that so the only girls who do that
01:49:13aren't really in love with you you have
01:49:15to be such an imposing dominating force
01:49:17that there's no room for hierarchy
01:49:19underneath you
01:49:21you have to be like
01:49:23you want to say imposing the dominating
01:49:25I'm not talking about being a psycho I
01:49:26just mean your personality has to be so
01:49:28large that you're in charge of
01:49:29everything there is no hierarchy how can
01:49:30it be hierarchy
01:49:32you just have to be like okay I need a
01:49:34coffee you make me a coffee and you cook
01:49:36me something if you send one to make the
01:49:38coffee then there's a hierarchy either
01:49:40way if you send one to make the coffee
01:49:42it can either be it can either be seen
01:49:44as you trust her more and want her more
01:49:45or she's lower than the other one she's
01:49:47a slave women will always just make up a
01:49:50reason so it doesn't matter which one
01:49:51you choose they'll decide it's negative
01:49:54so you have to send them both go make me
01:49:56a coffee who both of you go
01:49:58you have to be like that you have to be
01:50:01dominant to a point where there's no
01:50:02room for hierarchy it's just you and
01:50:05everyone else
01:50:07now that's easy for my personality for
01:50:08other people can be slightly harder but
01:50:10there's a whole bunch of stupid fiddly
01:50:12[ __ ] you need to learn to do if you want
01:50:14to truly have two girls in the long term
01:50:17you gotta learn to sleep on your back
01:50:18you can't sleep on your side if you
01:50:20sleep on your right side I'm telling you
01:50:22now whichever girl you're looking at
01:50:23when you're sleeping the other one's
01:50:24gonna be pissed maybe not the first
01:50:26night but by Night 10 she will and
01:50:28you're always facing her and you're
01:50:30hugging her
01:50:31this is a little dumb [ __ ] you have to
01:50:33deal with but basically you have to be
01:50:35big large enough personality that you
01:50:36handle it there is no hierarchy you
01:50:38can't clearly have women below women
01:50:40they don't like that [ __ ]
01:50:42what you do when you're in my situation
01:50:43where you have a girlfriend of six years
01:50:46and you try and bring a new girl in you
01:50:47actually have to downplay your
01:50:49relationship with a girl of six years
01:50:50which is difficult and not only get away
01:50:51with that guy because the girl of six
01:50:53years plays along so Vivian's been with
01:50:55me six years she's completely head over
01:50:56heels and loving me she wants kids with
01:50:57me everything everything everything and
01:50:59we met and we thought whatever we're in
01:51:01love but when a new girl comes she'll go
01:51:02oh yeah I started off working for him
01:51:04and you know it's just how it worked out
01:51:05she'll super downplay us
01:51:08so that the new girl feels like ah well
01:51:10they're just kind of working sex and now
01:51:12I'm here and he likes me and and she can
01:51:14believe in her mind
01:51:16that she can be equal
01:51:18if you were on if Vivian was completely
01:51:20honest well he's been with me six years
01:51:21and we're gonna be together forever so
01:51:22you're just a side [ __ ] then it's not
01:51:24gonna ever work
01:51:25so it also depends how much control you
01:51:27have over your Bolton [ __ ] because you
01:51:28have to be able to have her on side
01:51:29playing the game
01:51:31that's super important so the key is
01:51:33it's you and everyone else there is no
01:51:35hierarchy below you
01:51:39can you break down your own situation so
01:51:42I got
01:51:43two main [ __ ] I'm gonna deal with my
01:51:46fire gentlemen I got two main girls
01:51:51I've got Melissa
01:51:53and Vivian
01:51:56now Melissa
01:51:58and Vivian started off together
01:52:02after two years of slamming them every
01:52:03day together tensions were getting a bit
01:52:06crazy I mean I could have held it
01:52:07together forever but it was just to a
01:52:09point where it's just like oh shut up so
01:52:11everyone made a happy agreement that
01:52:13they'd be separate I'd still be with
01:52:15both of them but they don't want to live
01:52:16together anymore that's fine
01:52:20when I bring on new girls I usually pair
01:52:23them with Vivian because Vivian's
01:52:25younger Melissa's like 28 Vivian's like
01:52:28Vivian's younger she's more fun more
01:52:30outgoing Melissa's really quite not in a
01:52:32bad way she's more homey boring sits at
01:52:35so if you're gonna pair a girl with a
01:52:38girl it's much easier if the girl is fun
01:52:39let's all go to the club let's all drink
01:52:42champagne let's all do this let's go
01:52:43here let's go here that's what it does
01:52:45so since I've had Vivian I've had five
01:52:48other girlfriends who I've shared with
01:52:49Vivian some last a couple weeks some
01:52:51last a couple months one lasted a year
01:52:53so I've had Jenny the dark-haired one
01:52:55I've had andrada the other one up these
01:52:57are all on my Instagrams or my Twitter
01:52:59you would have seen them at some point
01:53:00I've had loads of hot girls who come in
01:53:03Vivian's already there they join like I
01:53:05said Vivian downplays it blah blah blah
01:53:08blah and first and for different reasons
01:53:09it breaks up like you've seen some of my
01:53:11threads about the dark hair girl trying
01:53:12to give me an ultimate him or Jenny who
01:53:14went to the festival against the rules
01:53:15sometimes they rebel I have to FDB him
01:53:17but that's basically how it works I've
01:53:19got my main [ __ ] my bottom [ __ ] Vivian
01:53:22I could do a Melissa too but she's you
01:53:24know I just do it with Vivian for some
01:53:26reason is how it's worked out my main
01:53:27[ __ ] Vivian and I bring in new
01:53:29girlfriends and they're temporary if I
01:53:31get one that sticks forever whatever
01:53:32good I had one recently that stayed for
01:53:35a very long time
01:53:36but um if they leave they leave because
01:53:38you should find a new one that's my
01:53:39basic situation I've got a girl calling
01:53:41me right now I'm gonna hang up on her
01:53:42because I'm filming
01:53:47so a description of the relationship
01:53:49process with Vivian so yeah that's how
01:53:50it started I met Vivian
01:53:53in Slovakia we had a long-term
01:53:56relationship thing I was living in
01:53:58it's a really long story I don't want to
01:54:00tell you the whole story I moved her to
01:54:01England to be with me to start doing my
01:54:03webcam company which I started if you
01:54:05don't have a webcam company you need to
01:54:06look into it because as soon as you have
01:54:07a couple girls in love with you it's the
01:54:09[ __ ] easiest money in the world no I
01:54:11take that back it's not easy money you
01:54:13gotta build up but once you get girls
01:54:15built up then it's free money like every
01:54:17other business you're gonna build up by
01:54:19the start I decided I want to start
01:54:20webcam business Vivian's beautiful I
01:54:22said look stopping a waitress come here
01:54:23live with me she came
01:54:25everything was flying for a couple weeks
01:54:27Melissa obviously lived in England they
01:54:28didn't know about each other they found
01:54:30out they tried to have a big argument
01:54:31with me I did exactly as I said
01:54:33downplayed it didn't give a [ __ ]
01:54:34everyone moved in together everyone
01:54:35started doing webcam I was making loads
01:54:37of money then we agreed to the split
01:54:38like we said and that's basically been
01:54:40it since then new girls have come along
01:54:42Vivian understands that I'm [ __ ]
01:54:43These Hoes but I don't care about these
01:54:45hoes I've seen I've done it
01:54:47when I do it I prove it to her this is
01:54:50another important thing guys if you're
01:54:52gonna say to one girl like you're the
01:54:53only one I care about and she's going to
01:54:54see you [ __ ] these other girls when
01:54:56those other girls eventually leave or
01:54:58you FTB them you gotta use that
01:55:01to your advantage so I'll come home
01:55:03sometimes to Vivian and say Jenny's gone
01:55:04she'll go what what do you mean Jenny's
01:55:06gone oh she annoyed me so I'll get rid
01:55:07of her what do you mean she know you oh
01:55:09just something small but she annoyed me
01:55:10so bye and they like that she's like
01:55:13well you got rid of her over nothing I
01:55:15was oh yeah she annoyed me FDB
01:55:17and that makes her feel secure that
01:55:19these other girls he really doesn't give
01:55:20a [ __ ] like he'll just get rid of him
01:55:22for no reason so use that to your
01:55:24advantage as well and that's the basic
01:55:26Dynamic of my relationship with Vivian
01:55:27she now knows what I do last night I
01:55:30just put in the War Room telegram if
01:55:32you're not in the war room as well
01:55:33[ __ ] you've got to get in on
01:55:34there there's too much [ __ ] happening
01:55:35you're missing out on I just put in the
01:55:37War Room telegram my text conversation
01:55:38with her last night she goes you coming
01:55:40home I said no she goes what girl are
01:55:41you staying with Vivian now is just nosy
01:55:43she isn't jealous she's just nosy she's
01:55:45curious so I'm staying with Ellen Elena
01:55:47or Eleanor or whoever okay all right see
01:55:50you tomorrow
01:55:51so it's there's no secrets no hiding she
01:55:53knows I'm [ __ ] all these girls she
01:55:54doesn't care
01:55:56so and if I want to [ __ ] her with a girl
01:55:58I'll say look we're going out I'll just
01:56:00introduce booze
01:56:02so like the first time I threw some a
01:56:03lot of girls I'll say oh yeah we're
01:56:04going out some other girls are coming
01:56:06what girls girls I know
01:56:09and they will turn off and it'll just be
01:56:10there I'm gonna be drinking I'll just
01:56:12say I'll just say after I'm gonna [ __ ]
01:56:13you both no you're not so I'm gonna [ __ ]
01:56:15you both and Vivian will just like laugh
01:56:16just play off hahaha very funny all
01:56:19getting the taxi at the end we're going
01:56:21my house
01:56:23I can just own it I don't want to see
01:56:25both okay bye
01:56:27see y'all I'll [ __ ] Vivian then what
01:56:29who's this I thought she just worked for
01:56:31you who's this girl you're supposed to
01:56:33be my boyfriend look stop being [ __ ]
01:56:34boring we're going to my house shut up
01:56:37let's see you just [ __ ] own it say
01:56:39Come suck dick
01:56:41all right
01:56:43I'm not saying be a rapist I feel like I
01:56:45always have to [ __ ] clarify myself
01:56:47because to me it's super obvious but
01:56:48there's some weirdos out there that
01:56:49don't [ __ ] thing you cannot force a
01:56:51girl to do anything you just have to
01:56:53make it clear of your objective you're a
01:56:55train a train stays on the track I'm a
01:56:59train on this track you either get on
01:57:00the train and go to the destination or
01:57:02you get off the train and you don't
01:57:03trains don't go off tracks
01:57:06it's that simple I'm [ __ ] Vivian
01:57:09you're coming with me and you're helping
01:57:11me [ __ ] Vivian or you're not but this is
01:57:13where the Train's headed
01:57:15that's how you have to be don't be a
01:57:16creepy weirdo please
01:57:19right one more question I'm gonna do for
01:57:21this video
01:57:24I have a lot of questions I need to
01:57:25handle but
01:57:28I'm gonna do one more for this
01:57:33do I believe in nagging girls
01:57:39nugging girls is calling them names or
01:57:42saying something negative to them that's
01:57:43some pickup artist [ __ ] that the red
01:57:45pill guys do no I don't believe in that
01:57:47I believe you need to tease them have a
01:57:49joke with them like you know everyone
01:57:51knows how to tease a girl like she's
01:57:52your kid sister have a joke but don't be
01:57:53negative don't be aggressive I've seen
01:57:55loads of dudes on dates just talking to
01:57:57a girl like [ __ ] like it's super like
01:57:58they're the man and it's not cool you
01:58:00don't look cool you look like a [ __ ] if
01:58:02you're deaf if you're genuinely an alpha
01:58:04you don't need to impose your
01:58:06superiority by insulting her so what
01:58:09you're trying to do by insulting her is
01:58:10bring her down a peg well if you're
01:58:11already above her you don't need to
01:58:12bring her down
01:58:13so I don't think it's Alpha to be out
01:58:15there insulting girls but obviously you
01:58:16can tease her and make fun of her a
01:58:17little bit of course but once again this
01:58:19comes to experience this is down to
01:58:21experience depends on the girl you're
01:58:22talking to you have to gauge the
01:58:24conversation gauge who she is and play
01:58:28so that's it for this episode another
01:58:29video coming soon
01:58:31right questions I can't build uh High
01:58:34Senior PhD course wow you're the man
01:58:36blah blah blah I can't build a very
01:58:38interesting Instagram
01:58:40what should I do well you need to build
01:58:42an interesting one but you don't need to
01:58:43have that many pictures if you were to
01:58:45take one day out of your life and get a
01:58:48good camera and put on some good clothes
01:58:50and take four or five good pictures
01:58:54that's enough put them at the top and
01:58:57even if a girl ever says to you oh you
01:58:58don't have much on Instagram just say
01:58:59yeah I don't use social media very much
01:59:01not really my thing
01:59:03and if she tries to [ __ ] test you she'll
01:59:06say Well why'd you message me then so I
01:59:07thought you were beautiful so I thought
01:59:08I'd message you but it doesn't mean I
01:59:09have to post on Instagram all the time
01:59:11just play it off like I'm a cool cat I'm
01:59:13on Instagram dude you know I'm just a Mr
01:59:15normal dude I'm not a [ __ ] Mr show
01:59:18off so you haven't got to do you haven't
01:59:19gotta have like me pages and pages of
01:59:21supercars you see that four or five good
01:59:24pictures if you can't find four or five
01:59:25good pictures well something wrong with
01:59:27you that ain't that hard I'm sure you've
01:59:29been on holiday once in your life take
01:59:30some good pictures on the beach Don
01:59:32get a picture of you in the gym
01:59:34get it from far away so you look muscly
01:59:36or some [ __ ] it ain't that difficult
01:59:38make it happen I shouldn't have
01:59:40explained this to you like this is
01:59:41common sense stuff don't be stupid five
01:59:43or six good pictures you can make it
01:59:45next do you answer texts whenever you
01:59:47want or do you have rules for when you
01:59:49respond I answer texts in real time I
01:59:51don't believe in making girls wait
01:59:52message me I message back if they start
01:59:54making you wait well then it's different
01:59:57then you're gonna have to you know
01:59:58return the favor or FDB them or whatever
02:00:00but if a girl is messaging me yeah
02:00:01message him what the [ __ ] is normal
02:00:03a lot of these little dominance tricks
02:00:05that people are taught make or wait and
02:00:07all this [ __ ] or just trying to
02:00:08feign dominance if you have genuine
02:00:10dominance you don't need to do that you
02:00:11message me I message you everything's
02:00:12fine that'll just go for coffee okay
02:00:14yeah I'll message you later everything's
02:00:15normal there's no need for any of those
02:00:17things if I had a girl who ignores me
02:00:18every time I message her and that
02:00:20eventually decides to message me well
02:00:22then yeah I'm gonna take my time on her
02:00:24if she does message me first I will
02:00:26reply but I'll probably wait the second
02:00:28amount of time she made me wait but in
02:00:29general no
02:00:32do you have a call to set up dates this
02:00:34is actually interesting
02:00:36what I do when I'm texting girls on
02:00:37WhatsApp is
02:00:39you okay Tower of Power you're
02:00:40progressing so you met her on the street
02:00:42or Tinder or Instagram wherever you got
02:00:43their WhatsApp now you're whatsapping
02:00:45them after a day or after a day or even
02:00:47an hour depending how long you've spoke
02:00:48to of what's Happening them I go on to
02:00:51voice notes
02:00:52because voice notes are that little bit
02:00:54more personal because I get to hear your
02:00:56so I'll move from texting into voice
02:00:58notes it's that tiny bit upgrade of
02:01:00personality I don't do phone calls if
02:01:02you've seen my tape speech videos I
02:01:03don't like phone calls but I'll move
02:01:05into voice notes the good thing about
02:01:07voice notes is well they don't have to
02:01:08answer it if you call her she might
02:01:09ignore the call
02:01:11I'm busy or whatever I'm driving I
02:01:13should ignore you if you give her a
02:01:14voice note she'll listen to it so I
02:01:16actually do recommend after a little bit
02:01:17of texting to upgrade to voice notes
02:01:19there's nothing wrong with owl
02:01:21smoke cigar drink a little bit of
02:01:23whiskey get your voice deep sound like a
02:01:25g and send her some voice notes because
02:01:26once again it's a tiny bit more personal
02:01:28and she might start sending them back to
02:01:29you she starts sending you voice notes
02:01:31back 100 she wants to bang 100 percent
02:01:36so do I call the updates no I use voice
02:01:39notes or I don't know I sometimes I
02:01:40organize a date by text it doesn't
02:01:42really matter but in general I use voice
02:01:43notes that's just something that came to
02:01:45my mind I haven't mentioned before you
02:01:46can use voice notes it's really good
02:01:47or send pictures
02:01:50what you do and she'll be like oh hey
02:01:51how are you so I'm just saying I'm fine
02:01:53you I'll take a picture of my coffee
02:01:54picture dang yeah I'm good thanks how
02:01:57are you just more here's where I am
02:01:59here's who I am just to break the ice
02:02:01that a little bit more to try and get
02:02:02her to agree to me all about the Tower
02:02:04of Power remember progression at all
02:02:07don't do it as soon as you get your
02:02:08number don't get your number be like hey
02:02:09hey hi how are you to talk to her a
02:02:12little bit first I'll be a weirdo after
02:02:13you spoke through a little bit then you
02:02:14can hit her with it
02:02:16next question
02:02:18tips for trying to close the deal once
02:02:20you got the girl alone at your place now
02:02:22this is actually a really interesting
02:02:23question because if the girls come to
02:02:25your place alone
02:02:27he knows what's going down
02:02:30she's not stupid unless she's really
02:02:32stupid she knows what's going down so
02:02:34the only reason it's not gonna happen is
02:02:36if she changes her mind which might
02:02:37happen she might change her mind she's
02:02:39gonna be prepared for that but if a girl
02:02:42comes to my house
02:02:48this is why I don't do phone calls I
02:02:50[ __ ] hate phone calls hello
02:02:53[ __ ]
02:02:55I don't do phone calls
02:03:17if a girl comes to your house she wants
02:03:18to bang so she might change her mind
02:03:21so the girl comes to my house my routine
02:03:23is very simple what I do is I go up to
02:03:25my cinema you can have a cinema maybe TV
02:03:28I put on a movie I always put on a
02:03:30horror movie
02:03:32don't put on music I've seen a lot of
02:03:34people go well let's put on music if you
02:03:35put on music and the girl's drinking and
02:03:37drunk she wants to party she wants to
02:03:39have fun yay she wants to stay up you
02:03:41don't want her to stay up you want her
02:03:43in bed
02:03:44so after the club if we come home we've
02:03:45got girls and they come in they go let's
02:03:47put music on I say no no no music to put
02:03:50because I've noticed before you start
02:03:51putting music on you get a bowl of all
02:03:53cow it's another three hours of partying
02:03:56it's just like that please just
02:03:59so no music
02:04:01you can't go to action movie it's the
02:04:03wrong Vibe you can't put in a rom-com
02:04:04you're not gay so it's got to be a
02:04:06horror movie horror movies you're quiet
02:04:08during you sit you're quiet horrible
02:04:11so we come in I put on a horror movie
02:04:13offer a drink get some wine whatever
02:04:15whatever pour a couple glasses of wine
02:04:17usually I come downstairs to pour it I
02:04:19usually pour her wine I pour myself
02:04:20water because I don't like being I don't
02:04:22like having sex when I'm super drunk if
02:04:24I've been drinking all night in the club
02:04:25and then we go back
02:04:26I don't want to be like getting to get
02:04:28really hammered and be sloppy so by that
02:04:30I know what's going to happen I just
02:04:31start drinking water give them wine
02:04:33whatever whatever
02:04:34sit upstairs I'll watch the movie for
02:04:37five to six minutes
02:04:41before I start to kiss her on the couch
02:04:42that's it because she doesn't give a
02:04:44[ __ ] she didn't come to my house to
02:04:45watch no movie she's stupid
02:04:48five to six minutes we'll start kissing
02:04:50for a minute or so I'll Stand Up get her
02:04:52hand and walk towards the bedroom and
02:04:53she either follows me or she doesn't she
02:04:55comes with me she wants to bang she goes
02:04:57oh no I can't I can't I said oh you want
02:04:59to watch the horror movie oh yeah so
02:05:01you're not gonna be scared make a joke
02:05:02out of it I'll play it down we'll know
02:05:04if you're here I was like all right well
02:05:06I'll watch it for a little bit sit down
02:05:08more wine kiss her again then say look
02:05:11I'm going to bed you want to go home or
02:05:12do you want to go to bed oh I'm going to
02:05:13leave okay no problem get taxes bye I'm
02:05:15playing games the whole the whole
02:05:16thing's about 20 minutes 30 minutes I'm
02:05:19very clear with my intention she ain't
02:05:21stupid she's an adult she came to my
02:05:22house at four in the morning
02:05:24the [ __ ] we there to do
02:05:25play chess even though I enjoy that none
02:05:28of these [ __ ] are good enough so no
02:05:30we're not there to play Just where the
02:05:31[ __ ] so that's basically it I mean I
02:05:33don't think it's difficult to close the
02:05:35deal if they come to your house and you
02:05:36should know what's going down unless
02:05:37you're in the friend zone if you're in
02:05:39the friend zone or some [ __ ] then
02:05:40it's hard
02:05:41let me get some more wood for my fire
02:05:43but if you're in the friend zone hold on
02:05:48if you're in the friend zone
02:05:50and you can't close the deal and then
02:05:52you're out then you're asking stupid
02:05:53questions because you're in the friend
02:05:54zone you [ __ ] up already you already
02:05:57haven't been doing the Tower of Power
02:05:58you already haven't been doing your
02:06:00and now you're asking me well how are
02:06:02you gonna [ __ ] your friends but you can
02:06:03that's why the friend Zone's so toxic
02:06:05that's why you caught off your attention
02:06:06if they don't want to ban but if you
02:06:08meet a girl you get her number you meet
02:06:10a girl on Instagram you get her WhatsApp
02:06:12you start whatsapping her then you start
02:06:14voice noting her you agree to go for
02:06:15coffee you go for coffee you're going to
02:06:17go for dinner go for dinner you say come
02:06:18over chill at mine she comes over to
02:06:21she knows what's going down now maybe
02:06:23she may not want to [ __ ] you the first
02:06:25night she comes over to chill maybe the
02:06:26first night she'll want to go home cool
02:06:27but the second night she will it's not a
02:06:29big rush just cool it you haven't you
02:06:32don't want to come across needy you
02:06:33don't want to come across desperate so
02:06:35if a girl ever says to you oh No not
02:06:36tonight the instant answer is yeah all
02:06:38right cool you don't try do not be the
02:06:41guy like oh stay uh it's super
02:06:43unattractive it's super desperate never
02:06:47do that the girl goes to me oh I can't
02:06:49stay with you tonight cool
02:06:51and then they get pissed off that you
02:06:53don't care it's like well it's a subtle
02:06:55form of FDB
02:06:58in her head she's thinking I came here
02:07:01thinking I was going to bang and I
02:07:02wasn't sure and now I told him I don't
02:07:03want to bang and he doesn't give a [ __ ]
02:07:05does he even like me
02:07:07I'll flip it on him flip on him like I
02:07:09told you in the first
02:07:10the first course
02:07:11we get a taxi come to mind no I'm gonna
02:07:13go home all right cool I'll get your
02:07:14taxi instantly bang flip it on him give
02:07:18him what they want and watch them lose
02:07:19their minds so you don't try then maybe
02:07:21the second time you'll [ __ ] or whatever
02:07:22but just be clear with your intention
02:07:25and she's coming over for a reason so it
02:07:27ain't that difficult
02:07:31my name is Tristan Tate now you've
02:07:33purchased the Andrew Tate how to be a g
02:07:36course so I imagine many of you know who
02:07:38I am
02:07:39I'm Andrew's younger brother and a very
02:07:41good friend of Christians
02:07:42now there are very few things about game
02:07:44that you could teach a man like
02:07:46Christian McQueen
02:07:47however when guys like us get together
02:07:49we talk we exchange tips and I hit him
02:07:52with the genius way I organize the
02:07:54contacts in my phone he's now using the
02:07:57same system and as people who have
02:07:59bought the how to be a g course he
02:08:01thought I should share it with you
02:08:03the way I organize my phone
02:08:05is very complex because I'm a man who
02:08:08does a lot of different approaches I use
02:08:10a lot of dating apps I meet a lot of
02:08:12so I need a way of filing them in a way
02:08:14that I don't lose track
02:08:17I first developed the system some years
02:08:20what happened was I had approached a
02:08:21beautiful girl I got her number and I
02:08:24was messaging her very hard on WhatsApp
02:08:25for a day or two
02:08:28I was then messaging too many other
02:08:30girls too many other people and I lost
02:08:32track of her nine days later she hit me
02:08:35with a message I guess you don't really
02:08:37want to meet up then
02:08:39no matter how I try to explain my way
02:08:41out of it and say baby it's okay let's
02:08:43still go out she said you've been on
02:08:45WhatsApp for nine days online every day
02:08:47and you haven't written me once you're
02:08:50obviously a player I'm tired of guys
02:08:52like you and I never met her again
02:08:55the way I organize my phone is based on
02:08:57three different elements
02:09:00one the priority of the girl in question
02:09:03how important she is to me now this is
02:09:05either based on looks or her commitment
02:09:07level to you your main chick and your
02:09:09girlfriends for example are more
02:09:11important than the girls you'll call
02:09:13late night after the club
02:09:15second element is the name
02:09:18now the name isn't just what their name
02:09:21for example here in Romania Andrea is a
02:09:24very popular name my phone has seven
02:09:27Andreas in it so you need to way of
02:09:29knowing which Andrea is which the third
02:09:32is the location
02:09:34it's good to know where the girls in
02:09:36your phone are located for example if
02:09:39you go to a city once every six months
02:09:40or once every three months it's good to
02:09:43know who you have in that city that you
02:09:45could potentially meet up with
02:09:47if I were to store a contact in my phone
02:09:49this is how it's done
02:09:52first a number between one and three
02:09:55the number between one and three is the
02:09:57girl's priority
02:09:58for example when I wake up every morning
02:10:00I press one in my phone book and all the
02:10:04girls that appear with the number one
02:10:05next to their name are the ones I
02:10:07message first thing the hey baby I was
02:10:10had a dream about you last night I hope
02:10:12to see you real soon now these are your
02:10:14main chicks your girlfriends the girls
02:10:16that you really love banging and you see
02:10:18three or four times a week these are
02:10:20your ones
02:10:21your twos are the girls that you care
02:10:24about but not as much as your number
02:10:26ones the girls who think you're busier
02:10:28than you are but you see once every 10
02:10:29days every two weeks there's something
02:10:31about her you really appreciate and you
02:10:33really like but she's never going to be
02:10:34a main chick winner 2 sends you a
02:10:37message you reply to it too immediately
02:10:39but you don't necessarily have to
02:10:40message her every morning when you wake
02:10:42up you have to take care of your tubes
02:10:44because you don't want to lose them
02:10:45because they matter to you somewhat but
02:10:48you don't have to maintain them
02:10:49constantly like you do with your most
02:10:51important girls
02:10:52your threes are the kind of girls that
02:10:54you call after a night out it's five
02:10:57o'clock you're in the club you're bored
02:11:00that's when you message your threes if
02:11:02they message you at a time like that
02:11:03reply but a three is not so important
02:11:06that when she messages you she can
02:11:07instantly demand your time you manage
02:11:10your threes on your own terms when you
02:11:12get bored and you're sitting on your
02:11:14phone for three hours waiting at the
02:11:15airport message your ones twos and
02:11:17threes keep all your girls entertained
02:11:19keep all of them interested now this
02:11:21priority system would have stopped me
02:11:24from making the mistake that I made with
02:11:25that girl I would have saved her as a
02:11:27one because she was stunningly hot I was
02:11:30actively pursuing her and trying to bang
02:11:31her so for those nine days I ignored her
02:11:34she would have got a good morning
02:11:35message every single morning
02:11:39saving a girl's name is very important
02:11:42to do correctly
02:11:43and there are many girls who have the
02:11:45same name if you do a lot of approaches
02:11:47and you're trying to meet lots of
02:11:49different women you're going to
02:11:50encounter some girls that you don't even
02:11:51remember meeting especially when you're
02:11:53out in clubs drunk so when you save
02:11:55their contact details make it as clear
02:11:57as you like what I like to do is her
02:12:00name followed by her Instagram handle so
02:12:02I can always check how hot she is and
02:12:04follow up on how good she looks to make
02:12:06sure that my eyes weren't deceiving me
02:12:07after 20 bottles of vodka
02:12:10the girl's name
02:12:11is Andrea for example her Instagram tag
02:12:15or Andrea the blonde that I met in this
02:12:18that's the way to save your girls names
02:12:20that way you can't make a mistake and
02:12:22you can't do what I've done Christian
02:12:24has done and and you have done many
02:12:26times before which is confused a girl
02:12:28for somebody else you instantly lose
02:12:31the third most important thing to put
02:12:33when you're saving a contact in your
02:12:35phone is the city name now this takes a
02:12:38very long time for it to actually become
02:12:40useful but as you slowly build up your
02:12:42contacts list as a man who travels and
02:12:44does approaches worldwide like me you
02:12:47slowly accumulate a list of girls in
02:12:50various cities
02:12:51so there are cities you visit once every
02:12:53six months or once every three months me
02:12:56Marbella for example I can go to
02:12:58Marbella type Marbella into my phone
02:13:01book and the six or seven numbers I have
02:13:03in Marbella will appear you can then hit
02:13:05that girl with a hey babe just came to
02:13:08Marbella you're the first person I
02:13:09thought of she'll reply oh my God I
02:13:11didn't know you still remembered me
02:13:13doesn't matter if you remembered her you
02:13:15know she lives in Marbella because the
02:13:17contact is saved as Marbella so to recap
02:13:19every time you save a girl's number in
02:13:21your phone if I'm in New York City and I
02:13:23approach a beautiful brunette named
02:13:25Samantha she's not that good looking but
02:13:27I definitely want to see her if I'm
02:13:29there I'd save her as three Samantha her
02:13:33Instagram handle and New York City
02:13:35when I'm in New York six months down the
02:13:37line and I take New York City I can see
02:13:40Samantha's numbers there if Samantha was
02:13:42a 10 out of 10 gorgeous girl who lived
02:13:44here in my city of Bucharest I'd say her
02:13:46as one Samantha Bucharest
02:13:51that way every day when I wake up I type
02:13:53number one in my phone Samantha appears
02:13:55along with my other priority girls the
02:13:57girls I have the girls I badly want and
02:14:00she gets messaged every single day
02:14:01there's no chance I figure
02:14:06the one two and three depending on the
02:14:09operating system of your phone you have
02:14:10to be careful
02:14:11with my phone the tanino Lamborghini
02:14:14typing the number one comes up with my
02:14:16contacts that start with one I do
02:14:18realize that with some phones if you
02:14:20press one it will start to dial a number
02:14:22one or show every number with a one in
02:14:24it in which case you simply save it as
02:14:26o-n-e phonetically spell the number one
02:14:30two and three but it is the same system
02:14:32whether you're new to the game of
02:14:34approaching and dating multiple women or
02:14:37it's something you already do I hope you
02:14:39find this system useful
02:14:41thanks for listening
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What does Andrew Tate cover in his comprehensive guide on attraction and dating?

Andrew Tate provides a comprehensive guide on attraction and dating, offering proven strategies to succeed with women. He covers various topics such as creating an interesting persona, effective texting techniques, and maintaining control in relationships.

2. Why should viewers watch Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating?

Viewers are encouraged to watch Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating to learn proven strategies for success with women. They can gain valuable insights on creating an interesting persona, mastering effective texting techniques, and maintaining control in relationships.

3. What are some key topics covered in Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating?

Some key topics covered in Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating include creating an interesting persona, mastering effective texting techniques, and maintaining control in relationships. These topics are essential for success in dating and relationships.

4. How can Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating benefit viewers?

Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating can benefit viewers by providing proven strategies for success with women. Viewers can learn valuable techniques for creating an interesting persona, mastering effective texting, and maintaining control in relationships.

5. What is the encouragement for viewers in Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating?

Viewers are encouraged to practice and ask questions for further guidance while watching Andrew Tate's guide on attraction and dating. This interactive approach allows viewers to implement the strategies and seek additional support for success.

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