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Surround yourself with positive ideas and believe in your own dreams rather than relying on others' doubts; take responsibility and realize the power to change your life lies within you; commit fully to your goals and embrace the challenge of becoming the best version of yourself.
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Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and ideas, not their own doubts and ideas of you.
Don't rely on the doubts and negative comments of others.
Don't surround yourself with people who lack great ideas.
You have the power to attract even those who don't like you.
Wake up from your despair and keep believing in yourself.
Keep working and show the world what you're capable of.
Have the mentality that no one can stop you.
Take responsibility for your life and don't let past experiences or external sources control your actions.
Stop justifying excuses and choose to step into your power.
Understand that you have the ability to change your life.
Be resourceful and put in the effort to achieve your goals.
Momentum is important, so build positive habits and keep pushing forward.
Seeking challenging roles makes me feel more alive and accomplished.
Rom-com scripts were not challenging enough for the speaker.
The speaker wants to feel scared and challenged by a role.
Nailing a challenging role gives the speaker a sense of accomplishment.
The interpretation of the world should be productive, meaningful, and sustainable.
Don't wait, believe in yourself and dare to face your fears
The load you carry will get heavier with time
There are no timeouts, breaks or rest stops in life
The only time your dream dies is when you decide to quit
Believe in yourself and your dreams, and dare to take risks to achieve them
To achieve success, choose the path less traveled and follow four simple rules: show up, work hard, don't quit, and ask questions along the way.
Real greatness is determined by what you do with the hand that you're dealt.
Accept the truth that the only path to success is the path of hard work and productivity.
Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities.
Choose to do what's right, not what's easy.
Embrace your greatness and shine bright, regardless of others' insecurities.
Don't dim your light to make others feel secure.
Give yourself permission to embrace your imperfections and greatness.
Work hard and be the best person you can be.
Embrace the fact that you were born for this moment.
Having a plan B takes away the thought and energy from plan A.
It's important to function better without a safety net.
Don't be afraid of failing, there's nothing wrong with it.
Every rep gets you closer to accomplishing your goal.
To reach your goals and live the life you want, you need to turn on your beast mode and stay committed.
Your life will go to a whole other level if you learn to turn on and keep your beast mode on.
You need to outlast the pain and stay committed to your dreams and goals.
There will be distractions, haters, obstacles, trials, and tribulations, but you need to stay focused and committed.
00:04you can't push yourself forward
00:08if all you thinking about is the doubts
00:11and the negative things that people are
00:15because you're relying more on their
00:16ideas and their dreams of you instead of
00:19you relying on your own dreams and ideas
00:22of yourself
00:24why would you want to surround yourself
00:26with people that don't have ideas that
00:28are great
00:31why would you want to surround yourself
00:33because of a number
00:36you know a lot of people tend to wonder
00:38oh how many friends they have and how
00:40many people in their corner i have a
00:42million followers i have tens and
00:44thousands and thousands and thousands of
00:46people that support me how many of those
00:49people do you actually know
00:52do you realize the power
00:55that you have right now even the people
00:59that don't like you they are drawn to
01:03they see you
01:05but they don't see your greatness
01:08they don't see what you truly have
01:12they are afraid of it
01:15they don't lift it up they don't
01:16encourage it because they're not happy
01:21so they want you to come on their side
01:24they want you to believe in their ideas
01:26of what you think of yourself
01:29they doubt you and you believe what they
01:33instead of you waking up
01:36from your slumber
01:38instead of you waking up
01:40from this nightmare of despair
01:45and letting your opportunities come to
01:49it's going to be a tough time ladies and
01:51gentlemen it's going to be rough
01:55it's gonna be some tough times and tough
01:57days ahead for you
02:00but that doesn't mean your ideas are
02:02gonna die that doesn't mean that you
02:05it doesn't mean you stop believing in
02:10you just gotta keep on working
02:14when you got people looking at you from
02:16the left side and the right side from
02:18the front to the back and you in the
02:22just remembering
02:24everybody's watching
02:27just give them something to see
02:30let them see it
02:31are you watching me
02:33watch this
02:35or you want to stop me you can't stop
02:39that's the mentality
02:42that you must have in yourself
02:45don't you dare give up now
02:48i know what that pain feels like
02:52i know how to absorb that pain
02:54and i know how to keep marching and i
02:56know how to keep moving and i know how
02:58to get productive in my life
03:02can't stop
03:03what you didn't create
03:05you can hate it
03:07but you can't dominate it
03:10because it belongs to me
03:13your ideas belongs to you
03:16so many people dream big dreams but they
03:19never take any action
03:21so listen to me carefully
03:24if you don't believe in yourself you've
03:26already lost the battle
03:28not believing in yourself is a losing
03:31battle because either you won't try at
03:34all or
03:35you will convince yourself that you
03:37can't do it and when you convince
03:39yourself that you can't do it
03:42your results are going to confirm what
03:44you believe
03:47you fall short of your goals
03:50when you predict that you're not going
03:52to hit them
03:54and sometimes you're too focused on
03:57probability you're asking yourself well
04:00what's the likelihood of this happening
04:03versus focusing on the possibility
04:07asking yourself how would my life change
04:10if i accomplish this
04:13ask yourself that question and don't
04:15wait on approval for anyone outside of
04:20and don't feel bad
04:22because you feel like no one is cheering
04:25for you no you've got to decide that you
04:28are your biggest fan you've got to
04:30decide that you're going to finish what
04:32you started if you don't have one person
04:36supporting you
04:37if nobody acknowledges you acknowledge
04:40yourself if nobody supports you
04:44support yourself
04:47this is the thing if you keep showing up
04:50if you keep going hard if you stay
04:53consistent through your valley moments
04:55your results will turn those who ignored
04:58you into fans
05:01it's not that you don't want everything
05:03that comes with the path that leads to
05:04your true potential but you are too hung
05:06up on blaming the past
05:09and the present
05:10you are too hung up on blaming your mom
05:13for how she treated you when you were
05:16you were too hung up on blaming your
05:17teachers for how they spoke to you
05:21you're too hung up on this thing that
05:22happened to you years ago
05:25i'm not trying to discredit your pain
05:27but you gotta let that go
05:29and because of that
05:31you aren't able to appreciate the
05:33strength and power you have today
05:36you aren't able to step into that power
05:38because you are choosing to justify
05:41excuses every single time you open your
05:43 eyes
05:46it's time to take responsibility
05:48understand that you are in control of
05:51how you feel every day
05:53what you do every day
05:55how you act every day
05:57so don't get it twisted
05:59the excuse
06:01that these outside sources control how
06:03you feel what you do and how you act
06:06is just a justification
06:09that has been drilled into your head
06:11since you were younger
06:12break out of it
06:14understand that we have the power to
06:17change our lives
06:18stop putting the power in other people's
06:20hands by blaming them for your current
06:24take that back
06:28choose to shift the trajectory of your
06:30life so you can live up to your true
06:32potential and don't for one second think
06:35it's going to be easy
06:37if it's important to you
06:40you're going to find a way
06:42you won't have to look for a resource
06:44you will become resourceful it's not
06:46always about the accomplishment
06:48it's about the effort
06:50if we can just keep the effort going
06:53the excuse is irrelevant you got to be
06:55stronger than your excuses
07:00don't get results
07:03we get one opportunity to come this way
07:05we get one shot we got one life to live
07:10life is too short
07:12to make excuses
07:17we get this strange feeling that we have
07:20never had to see in our lives
07:22that we are no longer
07:24this poor little stranger and afraid in
07:27a world it never made
07:34momentum is a big thing with human
07:36beings it's a big thing for me at least
07:42if i'm on a good momentum of healthy
07:44eating and exercise i love it
07:47i like waking up sore pushing further i
07:50like writing down my workouts what i've
07:54and i like hitting that gym hard on a
07:56daily basis and i i build momentum
08:01and i find that when i do that with
08:02writing whether i do that with
08:04performing whether i do that with
08:06anything it just it just gets everything
08:09going it just creates energy
08:14being lazy robs you of energy like being
08:18sedentary being uninspired being bored
08:22it robs you of one of the most precious
08:25things you can have in this life
08:30one of the things that i tell people all
08:31the time because a lot of people have a
08:33hard time defining themselves they
08:36define themselves by failure because
08:38they failed but i'm like you're not your
08:40failures you're you okay your life is a
08:43series of lessons you've learned now if
08:44you just dwell on the failures like
08:47that's not that's not healthy it's not
08:49smart and it's not empowering what you
08:52got to do is look at those failures and
08:53go well now you know what not to do but
08:56you're not that you're you
09:01it was hard
09:05so happy to be and have the job i have
09:08at the same time i was like
09:11i'm not don't feel like i'm growing in
09:12my work
09:13and my life at that time had become
09:16extremely vital meaning i just had a
09:18newborn son with camilla
09:20wow the only thing i ever knew i wanted
09:22to be and now i was and here's this
09:25job that i have held most reverence for
09:27my like fatherhood now i was
09:29uh i was
09:31though my emotions the ceiling in the
09:33basement of my emotions the range was so
09:35wide i was laughing louder crying harder
09:38getting angry or showing more joy having
09:41more sadness
09:43all across the board all emotions were
09:45much more extreme than they were or
09:47could be in the word
09:50i said
09:51your life's more vital than you work
09:53but can my work challenge
09:55the vitality i'm feeling in my life
09:58the work i wanted to do i heard certain
10:00scripts i wanted wanted to do dallas
10:02buyers club at that time other scripts
10:03nobody's going to touch me with a
10:0410-foot pole in those movies all the
10:06dramatic roles i wanted they're like no
10:08no not in the kind of we won't finance
10:09it okay so i can't do what i want to do
10:12so i'm going to stop doing what i've
10:13been doing
10:14so i stopped doing wrong calls i said no
10:16i stopped well if the first six months
10:19of not doing rom-coms i wasn't doing
10:22anything finally nothing came in and for
10:2414 more months nothing came in
10:27i considered other careers
10:30didn't know if it'd ever work again but
10:32after 20 months of being gone unbranding
10:34as i now call it being out of sight not
10:37being in your theater or your living
10:39room in a rom-com not seeing me
10:40shirtless on the beach
10:43i became a new good idea i don't know i
10:46haven't seen him where has he been i was
10:48kind of refound
10:51i i i had to do that
10:53for myself
10:55i loved doing the rom-coms but i was
10:56getting the scripts and i felt like i
10:58could do the same script tomorrow
10:59morning and i was like that's fine but i
11:01want something that's going to make me
11:02sweat in my boots i want some work
11:04that's going to challenge me and make me
11:05go i'm scared of this role for all the
11:07right reasons and i can't wait to go
11:10attack it and see what i can see how i
11:11come up the other side why seek the role
11:15that's hard
11:16because it cost me something
11:18because it cost
11:20it's not really a risk unless you lose
11:21the fight
11:22i feel more alive in them i have an
11:25experience in the making of them i'm
11:28nervous every day i come to work
11:30i feel like when i nail a day and i
11:33knock it i know i did i feel like yes
11:37i i have a measure at the end of the day
11:39like you set out to do something you
11:41prepared for it you had intention and
11:43you did it
11:50you know there's lots of different ways
11:51to interpret the world and you can maybe
11:53even make a case that there's an endless
11:55number of ways to interpret the world
11:57and the problem with that is that
11:59kind of disorients you in terms of what
12:00you should be doing
12:03just because there's a very large number
12:05of ways to interpret the world doesn't
12:06mean there's a very large number of
12:07productive meaningful and sustainable
12:10ways to interpret the world
12:12the thing that's so interesting about
12:14the day the day is like a page in a book
12:18i had one client who was spending about
12:2045 minutes a night
12:22fighting with his young son about when
12:24to go to bed
12:26and so you know they weren't having a
12:27pleasant time of it because it was just
12:28a constant battle and that's common like
12:30it's very common for parents of young
12:32children to be locked in a battle that
12:33occurs day after day sometimes it's
12:35around eating sometimes it's toilet
12:36training sometimes general behavioral
12:38issues sometimes it's bedtime it's like
12:4240 minutes a day
12:43so that's 280 minutes a week so that's
12:45like say five hours it's 20 hours a
12:48month it's 240 hours in a year at six
12:51work weeks that's a month and a half
12:52you're spending a month and a half of
12:54work weeks doing nothing but fighting
12:55with your son
12:57don't fool yourself anything that's
12:59every day
13:01is a significant percentage of your life
13:03your weight let's say 16 hours five of
13:06those hours are basically maintenance so
13:08you got about 11. and then
13:10seven of those are work so now you're
13:12down to four so if you're spending 15
13:14minutes a day doing something painful
13:16and stupid and you do it every day it's
13:18like 10 of your productive life
13:21because people think backwards they
13:23think well i have a vacation coming up
13:25and that's really important it's like no
13:26it's not you're only going to do it once
13:28it's not that important
13:30how you treat each other
13:32at lunchtime if you eat together every
13:34day that's your life
13:36fix that get it get it so that the
13:38food's good get it so that you're happy
13:40with the people that are sitting there
13:42fix that it's like poof ten percent of
13:44your life is
13:46fixed the purpose is to align ourselves
13:49to really make a change so you can
13:51either be the conversation about making
13:53change you can be actual a part of the
13:55action to do it i want to be a part of
13:57the action
13:59i don't want to be you or beat you
14:01i want to take this energy and apply it
14:04to myself
14:06that's the purpose of seeing
14:09so i come here and i look at how you
14:11maneuver i look at your setup i not only
14:13bow down and congratulate you i leave
14:15and i say yo ma'am i'm inspired dude
14:19joe i can't wait in two years you're
14:20gonna come you're gonna see my you
14:21remember i said i was inspired but
14:23you're gonna see what i let it grow into
14:25that's the proper way
14:28to get encouraged and motivated
14:32look at your circle
14:34when you can merge yourself with good
14:37and follow the paths that you see that
14:40these good successful people
14:42have taken
14:44you then become a part of a world and
14:46group that nobody expected you to be in
14:50so everything else from the outside that
14:52comes in
14:53you're you're you're throwing
14:56at a at a bubble that can't be popped
14:59it's a force field around me
15:01there's a force field around me because
15:03what matters
15:04what really matters
15:06loves me wholeheartedly and when you
15:08have that and you understand that
15:12you're unbreakable
15:14so if you don't add to that force field
15:16if you don't make my force feel stronger
15:19you don't you don't
15:20you don't get time for me
15:24my true understanding is all right you
15:26got one life
15:27and that one life
15:29the goal for us
15:31is to live it to the best of our ability
15:35from the beginning to what said the end
15:40don't understand is you against you
15:42the only person that gets in your way is
15:44nobody else
15:46it's you
15:48what i've understood is that what people
15:50are doing has nothing to do with me
15:52i should always be a step ahead because
15:55i'm thinking differently because i'm
15:57thinking about myself making myself
16:00better puts me in a position to make
16:02others better
16:04hard work brings great rewards
16:12i wish that i could tell you that the
16:14load you carry will get lighter
16:17it won't
16:20as time passes you'll find it will get
16:23the mountain that you need to climb will
16:24get higher the ocean that you need to
16:26cross will get wider
16:29trust me
16:30when i tell you that you don't want to
16:33indecision is a decision
16:37a decision to fail a decision to waste
16:39your potential
16:41time won't wait for you
16:43time doesn't wait for anyone
16:46the clock keeps ticking in life
16:48there are no timeouts no breaks and no
16:51rest stops
16:54remember something else
16:56that if plan a doesn't work there are 25
16:58other letters in the alphabet
17:01this isn't three strikes when you're out
17:03this isn't baseball it's the real world
17:06and that means there's no limit on how
17:08many times you're allowed to try
17:10the only time your dream dies is when
17:12you decide to quit
17:15you need to be ready for what's to come
17:17when the darkness sets in when you feel
17:19like you can't take another step forward
17:23believe in yourself
17:25you will keep going you will persevere
17:28you will weather the storm
17:30trust in yourself the kind of trust a
17:32bird has
17:33you see the bird doesn't put its trust
17:35in the branch
17:36it puts its trust in its own ways so
17:39when the branch breaks it can still fly
17:42again you can weather any storm you can
17:44withstand anything the world throws at
17:48remember that the safest path brings the
17:51least reward
17:53stop being afraid of what could go wrong
17:55and start believing in what could go
17:57right there may be a million reasons
17:59you're afraid to follow your dreams but
18:01that doesn't mean you shouldn't go after
18:03what your heart desires
18:05dare to face your fears
18:06dare to take risks dare to be better
18:10the real question is how bad do you want
18:13it and what are you willing to do to get
18:19within you is a power far greater than
18:21you can imagine
18:23harness that power and unleash it
18:25believe in yourself
18:27way before anyone else does
18:30believe that your dreams can come true
18:32believe in your capacity for greatness
18:40success isn't about greatness
18:44it's about consistency
18:47no one's born great
18:50you don't get to choose how you start in
18:52this life but you do get to choose what
18:55you do
18:56we all have a choice when it comes to
18:58building our future
19:00if you show up day after day and work
19:03hard if you give your full effort if you
19:05leave nothing on the table then
19:08greatness and success will come
19:14you'll be faced with difficult
19:16situations there'll be times that you
19:18don't believe in your ability to
19:20there'll be times you feel incapable of
19:22rising to meet the challenges that face
19:24you you'll be tempted to turn your back
19:26and run
19:28but running is never the best option
19:30when you're in the middle of a struggle
19:32the only way out is through
19:37rather than running away from obstacles
19:39or trying to figure out some kind of way
19:41around them go right through them
19:43brace yourself
19:45steady your nerves
19:46put your head down and tackle whatever
19:48you face head on
19:51the storm may jar you a bit but i
19:53promise that you won't buckle and you
19:55won't break
19:59believe in your ability to weather the
20:02when you come out on the other side
20:04you'll be better for showing your
20:06the fears you face along the way they'll
20:08make you better
20:10our biggest fears always carry with them
20:12the greatest opportunity for personal
20:15our fears and how we face them brings
20:17out the best in us
20:19if something doesn't scare us if
20:21something doesn't challenge us it
20:23doesn't change us
20:27in life we have two choices we either
20:30step forward expose ourselves to risk
20:33and evolve or we play it safe and we
20:35step backwards into the shadows
20:43your dreams aren't going to come true on
20:45their own so it's time to get to work
20:47it's not going to be easy
20:49great things never get dropped in your
20:51lap and they never start from comfort
20:54if you want to be something you've never
20:56been you need to do something you've
20:58never done
20:59scary right
21:00wrong you know what's really scary being
21:03trapped in a perpetual cycle of
21:06looking at yourself in the mirror each
21:08day and not liking the reflection you
21:10see staring back at you
21:13don't live your life like that
21:15at any time you can change your
21:17circumstances and you can change your
21:19you have the power to do anything you
21:22want to do you just need to be willing
21:24to do things differently than you've
21:25done before
21:26you need to be willing to take risks you
21:29need to be daring if you're willing to
21:31step out of your safe zone if you're
21:33willing to stand at the edge of the
21:34cliff and jump
21:36if you're willing to do what you've
21:37never done you'll give yourself the
21:40power to become what you've never been
21:44will it be easy
21:45probably not but if you want to change
21:48your life you'll need to do what's right
21:50not what's easy
21:51too many people choose the easy road
21:53even when they know it's not the right
21:57take the path less traveled
21:59real greatness isn't determined by some
22:01birthright or fate real greatness is
22:04determined by what you do with the hand
22:06that you're dealt
22:13the true secret of success is to accept
22:15the truth
22:16that the only path is the path of hard
22:19work and productivity you'll get where
22:21you want to go and achieve your goals if
22:23you follow four simple rules show up
22:27work hard
22:28don't quit and ask some questions along
22:31the way
22:32do you want to coast through life
22:34without fulfilling the potential that
22:36lives within you
22:37do you really want to wake up one day
22:39and realize that all of the dreams you
22:41have had have passed you by
22:43each one of us has dreams and we have
22:46passions we have things that we want to
22:50you're the only person who needs to be
22:52okay with how you live your life
22:54you could be hated by everyone and if
22:56you're okay with your actions and
22:58behavior you'll be content at the same
23:00time you could be loved and adored by
23:02every damn person on the planet but if
23:04you're not okay with how you've lived
23:06your life you'll go to bed with
23:09at the end of the day if you and you
23:11alone can look yourself in the mirror
23:13and be content with the choices you've
23:14made then that's all that matters
23:17believe in everything that you are and
23:19understand that within you there's
23:21something greater than any obstacle
23:23you'll ever face
23:24have faith in your abilities work hard
23:27never give up and there's nothing you
23:28can't accomplish
23:33so the key is to just do you
23:37with the right amount of confidence
23:38anything is possible
23:42no matter what you set out to do your
23:44first words should always be
23:46i believe in me
23:49the most important person to believe in
23:51is always yourself
23:56so you know one of your biggest problems
23:58is that you keep thinking that there is
24:00another you
24:02and for me i started to accomplish more
24:04than i ever have in my life when i
24:06realized that there's nobody like me
24:09that there's nobody that can do what i
24:11can do you have to come to the resolve
24:13today now
24:16that you don't need anyone's permission
24:20to make your dream a reality
24:23it may not always go the way you want
24:25but at the end of the day you have to
24:27understand that there's a reason
24:29for you
24:30and there's a reason why things happen
24:33once those things have been figured out
24:35now you're going to move on to purpose
24:39has already been written
24:41it has a bottom line to it there is no
24:45was this supposed to happen there was no
24:47coincidence attached to it it was meant
24:50to be it is gonna happen no matter you
24:53think when i think about how any of us
24:55feel in this world
24:56purpose has already been
25:02see we're not supposed to tuck our
25:04dreams in on the pillow when we get up
25:05in the morning we're not supposed to
25:07leave him at home
25:09and go and fulfill somebody else's dream
25:11we're not supposed to do that that's not
25:12what we're wired to do that's not who we
25:15are your human spirit doesn't care about
25:17the economy the human spirit doesn't
25:19care that my son's father went to prison
25:21my the human spirit doesn't care what's
25:23happened to your family the human spirit
25:25doesn't care about the past you may have
25:27been molested or your family may have
25:29been broke or or you may have been
25:31betrayed or you may have a divorce your
25:33human spirit doesn't care about any of
25:35that your human spirit simply says
25:37what's our command for tomorrow
25:41every room you walk into you show up and
25:43you show out and you leave it all on the
25:46table remember your passions when you
25:48don't see a light at the end of your
25:50tunnel you got to remember the light
25:52that is burning inside of you that
25:54nobody is able to put out there is not a
25:57person on this planet that can stop
26:09i know there are a lot of people out
26:10there that always seem that they want to
26:12go back or saying that they have to get
26:14back to something
26:15the goal is is to move forward don't
26:18ever get yourself in a position where
26:20you feel you have to always go back or
26:22saying it you have to get back to doing
26:23what you used to do or getting back to
26:25what you had before or whatever
26:28the goal is to move forward the best
26:30thing you can do is try your very best
26:33not to fall off track
26:35there are three types of people in this
26:36world there are people who watch things
26:40there are people who wonder what
26:43and there are people who make things
26:45happen you got to determine
26:47which person you are you can make a wish
26:50or you can make it happen you must first
26:52believe that you can
26:54that you will that you must when you are
26:57no longer willing to tolerate being in
27:00the room of failure then that's when
27:02you're going to break free
27:04see either you don't want to be as great
27:05as you really are and you're trying to
27:07dim your life so that others won't feel
27:10about themselves in your presence
27:14and so you keep playing at 79 watts
27:17when you know you're supposed to shine
27:18at 159 watts
27:21and you keep checking the temperature of
27:22the room to see what the room can handle
27:25versus just giving the room you and
27:26letting them that if your lights too
27:27bright then let them put on some shades
27:30can you give yourself permission to live
27:32in the duality of your imperfections and
27:34your smallness and what you're learning
27:35and what you still have to learn and
27:37your greatness and your brilliance and
27:39your light can you allow them to coexist
27:41and then serve them up to the world
27:43to love you to see you to inhale you
27:47to judge you
27:48to leave you
27:50to love you
27:52some of us are just as afraid of being
27:54loved as we are to be left
28:00get up
28:01work hard put some effort into what you
28:04want out of life because all you have is
28:06you all you have is what you have inside
28:09don't wait for somebody to tell you what
28:11to do you know what you need to do get
28:13out there and get it done
28:15because that's ultimately what it's
28:16going to take you have to have the
28:18courage the will and everything you have
28:20inside to get to the level and beyond
28:22the level you want to be
28:26there's enough fire inside of you
28:29after everything you have been through
28:32you've got to be able to see your value
28:37have failed others
28:39have gone others
28:41have missed their moment
28:44you must accept this truth
28:47that you were born
28:49for such a time as this
28:52and that at this very moment
28:54all you have
28:56is all you need
29:00between reason and purpose there is you
29:04you have to be willing to understand
29:06that you have to work day in and day out
29:08and be the best human being the best
29:10person you can be and through it all the
29:13good and the bad you have to stand
29:15strong you have to understand there is a
29:17significant balance to all of us as long
29:20as we are in this world but you got to
29:22do the very best you can to get through
29:24it and be strong be productive and be as
29:27successful as you can possibly be
29:31your greatest fear is not that you will
29:33fall your greatest fears that you will
29:34live a full life and never fly
29:37that you never leaped you're not afraid
29:39of dying you're afraid of dying before
29:41the world sees who you really are
29:43before they really get your fingerprint
29:45before they really feel your breath
29:47before they really feel you that's what
29:49you don't want to happen you don't want
29:51to leave this place without us knowing
29:52you were here
29:55how did you dream before you got hurt i
29:57want you to start thinking about all the
29:59memories that you wanted to build the
30:01stories that you wanted to tell but for
30:03many of you defeat
30:05has traumatized you and it has left an
30:08image in your head and this is why you
30:10won't go after it i want you to erase
30:14the face
30:15of the feet
30:16and embrace the process
30:20none of us are going to be here for
30:21longer sooner or later you got to leave
30:23this planet
30:25but make the best
30:26of the life that you have on this day
30:28and the day after
30:30so if tomorrow comes for you tomorrow
30:32don't come for me
30:34let's get out there and make the best of
30:37because tomorrow
30:38is another day and if you're a part of
30:40that day it means you got work to do
30:45there is no one like you in all of the
30:47earth there is no one that can do
30:49what you can do you are the only option
30:53you are the only play
30:55nobody else is going to be able to do
31:10and so we're all waiting for perfect
31:11it's an illusion that will never come to
31:13you and it's an excuse to never show up
31:14and play
31:18your story is not meant to be your
31:20fortress your story's meant to be your
31:25get out there
31:28no matter where you are no matter what
31:30you do no matter what's going on in your
31:33you still have a chance
31:36make it count for something
31:39get it done and conduct your business
31:44i hate
31:47plan b
31:50everything i ever did
31:52the thing that i heard out of people's
31:54mouth was that's impossible
31:57that can't be done
31:59or no
32:03we have so many
32:05doubters with the no sayers
32:09we have so many of those people that say
32:10no and you can't do it that's impossible
32:14but when you start doubting yourself
32:18that's very dangerous
32:20because now what you're basically saying
32:22is is that if my plan
32:25doesn't work
32:28i have a fallback plan i have a plan b
32:33you're taking away now that thought and
32:36that energy from plan a
32:38so whenever someone said to me
32:41it can't be done i heard it can be done
32:45when they said no i heard yes
32:49and when they said it's impossible i
32:50heard it is possible
32:53because i am a strong believer
32:57i am telling you i've never ever
33:00had a plan b
33:03i made a full commitment that i'm going
33:04to go and be a bodybuilding champion i
33:06made a full commitment that i'm going to
33:08be in america i made a full commitment
33:10that i'm gonna get in the show business
33:12and i'm going to be a leading man no
33:14matter what it takes i will do the work
33:16and it's very important
33:19to understand that we function better
33:23if there is no
33:24safety net
33:26because plan b becomes a safety net it
33:28says that if i fail
33:31then i fall and i get picked up and i
33:34have something else there that was that
33:36will protect me what is if i fail then i
33:39don't have anything else
33:41well let me tell you something don't be
33:43afraid of failing
33:45because there's nothing wrong with
33:48so people always ask me
33:51when they saw me in the gym in the
33:52pumping iron days
33:54they said why is it that you're working
33:55out so hard
33:57five hours a day six hours a day and you
34:00have always a smile on your face
34:02why is that
34:04and i told people all the time i said
34:05because to me
34:07i'm shooting for gold
34:09so every rep that i do gets me closer to
34:12accomplishing that goal to make this
34:15this vision turn into reality
34:18michael jordan said in one of his
34:22when they said you are unbelievable
34:24you're the greatest basketball player of
34:25all times and he says well you just
34:27mentioned the successes
34:30but it says for me to become the
34:31greatest basketball player
34:33i missed
34:359 000 shots
34:38when i was playing basketball at the nba
34:41does it make him a failure no
34:43he's one of the greatest basketball
34:45players of all times but he
34:48nine thousand times do you get it
34:53they all fail
34:56it's okay
34:58what is not the case
35:00that when you fail you stay down
35:04it's all about the hard work that you
35:05put in
35:10when you leave this place i need you to
35:13get and be small and stay and be smoke
35:17on three beast mode
35:19one two three
35:22no come on one two three
35:26come on one two three
35:32you wake up at 3 30 some other kid's
35:34getting up at three and he's got 30 30
35:36minutes on you today
35:38i need you to be a huge favor
35:41i need you not only to want to be a
35:46i need you to live and be small
35:49because if you live in beast mode you'll
35:52have what other people don't have
35:54listen to me very closely not only will
35:56you have what other people don't have
35:58you'll do what other people can't do
36:01so what is it
36:03what is that one thing that you're
36:04saying that i am going to get this thing
36:07done and i'm going to make my dreams
36:08become a reality
36:11everyone wants to be a beast
36:13until it's time to do a real beast do
36:17everybody wants to be a beast
36:21everybody wants to make their dreams
36:23become a reality
36:25there's no one sitting in this room
36:27who's saying i want to procrastinate
36:29i don't want to get it done i don't want
36:31to get to the next level no every person
36:35in this room not only do you want your
36:37dreams to become a reality you deserve
36:39for your dreams to become a reality
36:42this is important seasons are always
36:45temporary say it
36:50crisis is not a permanent condition it's
36:54just a season
36:56and the key
36:58to life
36:59is what you have to do
37:02organize yourself to outlast the season
37:05that's all
37:06as long as you're average you're gonna
37:08get what average people get
37:10when you get to that point where you do
37:12exactly what you say you're gonna do
37:14you're gonna get to the next level
37:16but no one can do it for you but you
37:19it's not over
37:21until i win life has taught me
37:25that you will grow through what you go
37:29life has taught me
37:31that you will grow through what you go
37:34through life has taught me
37:39for every level there's another devil
37:44life is taught me
37:46the depth of your struggle
37:49will determine the height of your
37:54everybody's got a dream everybody's
37:56gotta go everybody wants something in
37:59life but many of you in this room right
38:02now your beast mode is idle
38:06your beast mode is not turned on and
38:08when you leave this place i'm telling
38:10you your life is going to go to a whole
38:13other level if you can learn to turn
38:15that switch on and keep that switch on
38:20i outlasted the pain
38:27you're saying i've got dreams i have
38:30goals there are things that i want to
38:32accomplish i'm not satisfied like i
38:35don't sleep well at night like like aet
38:38i dream it e.t i want it e.t
38:42let me tell you something if you get to
38:44that point
38:45if you get to that point where you do
38:46exactly what you say you're gonna do
38:48you're gonna get to the next level
38:51as an individual i need you to get your
38:53schedule up i need you to get your life
38:55up i need to get your words up i need
38:57you to get your heart up i need to get
38:58your action up i need you to get to a
39:01place that every single thing that you
39:03do is phenomenal so that the life you
39:07want to live you can actually live that
39:12everybody wants to be number one
39:14everybody wants to be the best everybody
39:16wants to succeed everybody wants to have
39:20to be and do what they feel they've been
39:22called to do
39:25the challenge becomes most of us when
39:29it's time to do what beasts do we don't
39:32do it
39:35i need you to put this down put this
39:36down put this down because what you're
39:38going to discover as you're going
39:39towards your dream that you're going
39:41towards your goal they're going to be
39:42they're going to be so many distractions
39:45they're going to be so many people that
39:46are haters so many people that come up
39:49against you so many obstacles so many
39:51trials so many tribulations when people
39:53ask me e.t like for real for real e i
39:56know you can give me 20 things that
39:57you've done to help yourself to become
39:59successful but e.t i just need like one
40:01or two can you give me one or two and
40:04one of the things i tell people is i
40:06outlasted the pain
40:09i outlasted the pain
40:12i need you to recycle your pain
40:14when i was sleeping in those abandoned
40:16buildings i kept telling myself one day
40:19you'll be a homeowner every time i
40:21walked into that abandoned building i
40:23told myself that this might be your
40:26current circumstances but this will not
40:29be how the story ends all you have to do
40:33is to survive today
40:36when they kicked me out of school i knew
40:39that i would not be a high school
40:40dropout for the rest of my life i knew i
40:43got to get through this one day
40:45me and my mom been through a lot my mom
40:47and i have gone months and almost years
40:50of not talking to each other but every
40:51single day i kept telling myself one day
40:53i have a great relationship with my mom
40:56again one day
40:58when i didn't grow up with my biological
41:00father he wasn't into my in my life
41:02until i was 30 years old but i told
41:04myself today your father is not in your
41:06life for one day
41:08and so every single day when i wake up
41:11homeless one day
41:14every single day when i woke up in that
41:17abandoned building one day
41:19one day is going to be et's day but that
41:22day can't come if i give up today so
41:25every single day when i woke up i kept
41:27telling myself today might not be the
41:30day but soon it will be my day and i
41:33will recycle my pain
41:35say what do you mean e.t you recycled
41:37your pain i turned homelessness into a
41:42i turned my father not beating my light
41:44to a book
41:46i turned in a strained relationship with
41:48my mom into a book
41:50i turn being homeless into a book
41:54i turn being a high school dropout into
41:56a best seller
41:58and not only do they sell it in america
42:00they sell it across the world
42:02what will you do with your pain will you
42:05let it break you or will you let it
42:10i outlasted the pain
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I surround myself with positive ideas?

You can surround yourself with positive ideas by reading motivational books, listening to inspiring podcasts, and spending time with optimistic and supportive people.

2. What should I believe in rather than relying on others' doubts?

You should believe in your own dreams rather than relying on others' doubts. Trust your vision and stay focused on your goals, despite the negative opinions of others.

3. How can I realize the power to change my life lies within me?

You can realize the power to change your life lies within you by taking responsibility for your actions, acknowledging your strengths, and embracing personal growth opportunities.

4. How can I fully commit to my goals?

You can fully commit to your goals by creating a clear action plan, staying dedicated to your objectives, and maintaining a positive mindset even in the face of challenges.

5. How can I embrace the challenge of becoming the best version of myself?

You can embrace the challenge of becoming the best version of yourself by seeking self-improvement opportunities, learning from setbacks, and staying motivated to achieve personal excellence.

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