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This video provides a trick for getting TradingView premium features for free, including multiple charts and the replay bar, by using a platform called Ball Charting. The method involves using a Chrome extension called Tab Resize to have multiple charts on screen, and then using Ball Charting for the replay bar and other premium features.
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This section of the video explains how to access TradingView premium features such as multiple charts and the replay bar for free.
Traders often want to have multiple charts to observe their analysis from different time frames.
The replay bar allows traders to test their strategies after making an analysis.
The free version of TradingView does not provide access to these premium features.
The video promises to show a trick on how to have multiple charts and use the replay bar for free.
To have multiple charts on TradingView, use a Chrome extension called "Tab Resize" to divide the screen.
Search for "Chrome extensions" and click on the first link.
Install the "Tab Resize" extension and pin it to the browser.
Divide the screen from any direction to have multiple charts.
This section explains how to have multiple charts on TradingView and how to access the replay bar.
To have multiple charts, you can click on the "return" button and select the desired time frame.
By doing so, you can have multiple views of different charts to observe the market.
To access the replay bar, you can use a platform called "ball charting" and create an account.
Once on the ball charting platform, you can click on "products" and then "charts" to access the replay bar.
The platform offers various tools and features including different chart options, tools like horizontal line, trend line, arrow, Fibonacci, long and short positions, and indicators.
The platform provides different chart options including GBP/USD 30-minute and 4-hour time frames.
It offers tools such as horizontal line, trend line, arrow, rectangle, Fibonacci, long position, and short position.
The settings allow customization of the chart, including turning off the watermark and arranging the chart layout.
Indicators like average are also available on the platform.
The video explains how to backtest a strategy using the replay bar in TradingView for free.
To delete all objects, click "delete all objects."
To replay from a specific point, double click on the replay bar.
To test a strategy, drag the comma and play it gradually.
The premium package is not required to use this feature.
00:00yo hello Traders it's your one and only
00:03for rescue coach Tim Legend and I'm
00:05super excited having you all here today
00:07on this one all right guys uh this video
00:10is gonna be an awesome one for a whole
00:12lot of you who's been looking for a way
00:15for you to get uh the the trading view
00:18premium all right because you know apart
00:21from just doing your normal analysis
00:23there are so many other things that you
00:25would always want to do as a Trader in
00:27order to have more experience with your
00:30chart you're right now for instance
00:32things like having double charts because
00:34a lot of Traders would always want to
00:36have double charts or even triple or
00:39more charts in order to observe their
00:42analysis from other time different time
00:45frames all right like for instance
00:47whenever I'm making my analysis I always
00:50want to cross check between the four
00:52hour the one hour the 30 minutes and the
00:5515 minute time frame but how can you do
00:57all these things together at the same
01:00time is always interesting when you have
01:02multiple charts all right and apart from
01:04that as a Trader you always want to test
01:06run your strategies all right after
01:08making your analysis you want to check
01:10is my strategy is it working and how do
01:12you do that you can always do that with
01:14the use of what we call the replay bar
01:16right the replay bar or you get to
01:19observe that on the trading view free
01:22version you cannot actually assess this
01:25Futures number one you cannot assess
01:27having a double child like for instance
01:29if I click on this just give me two
01:31charts and they're telling me hey you
01:33need to subscribe all right I said okay
01:36but if I click on the replay bar and let
01:39me say I want to replay from here
01:41you see what he's telling me he's
01:43telling me hey you need to upgrade
01:45all right so if you don't have the money
01:48to upgrade to a higher fashion Traders
01:50you need to stay tuned on this video
01:52because I'll be showing you a simple
01:54trick on how you can actually have
01:57multiple chats and even be able to use
01:59the replay bar for free is that what you
02:03want to learn today smash the like
02:05button if that's what you really want to
02:07learn and hit the Subscribe button in
02:09case if this is your first time on my
02:10channel because right here in this
02:11Channel all I give you guys are contents
02:14that help you within the financial
02:15markets strategies
02:17advices and so many on you don't want to
02:21miss other things so hit the Subscribe
02:22button turn the Bell on and let's get
02:24started please hit the Subscribe button
02:27and turn on the notification Bell
02:29all right number one thing that we want
02:31to do is we want to have multiple charts
02:33which we can see the trading view is
02:35unable to give us multiple charts now
02:37for you to be able to have multiple
02:39charts on your screen you can always do
02:43some simple trick like
02:45you want to go straight to your browser
02:47and you want to search for what we call
02:49Chrome extension
02:51right Chrome extensions and when you
02:55when it opens you want to click here
02:58the first link all right and then what
03:00you want to search for is uh you want to
03:04search for an extension called tab
03:07resize tab
03:10resize all right
03:13that's it here when you click on it this
03:15is it okay so I've got it installed
03:18already so uh
03:19if you don't have it installed you want
03:21to make sure you install it because if I
03:23click on it right now you're going to
03:24see it's going to be telling me remove
03:27from chrome okay because I have it
03:29already installed okay but for those who
03:32don't have it for instance let me click
03:34this for instance you're gonna see how
03:36to Chrome so if you don't have it's
03:38going to tell you how to Chrome you just
03:39want to click on it and it's going to be
03:40added to your Chrome okay and then when
03:43it's added you if you click here you're
03:46going to see it here this is where it's
03:48going to be it's hard resize so if you
03:50click on this uh pin icon here all right
03:53I just unpinned it if I click it back
03:55you see it has arrived here so with ease
03:59I can simply divide my screen anytime
04:03any day from any direction so we're
04:06gonna do a little example of that right
04:08now please hit the Subscribe button and
04:10turn on the notification Bell
04:12now listen for instance I want to view
04:16uh Euro USD on this chart all right and
04:20I want to have Euro USD probably on
04:23another chat with another time frame so
04:26let's say for here we have one hour time
04:28frame Euro USD and then here I want to
04:31have eurusd on uh let's say for our time
04:37and then I want to also have here Euro
04:40USD on another time frame okay or maybe
04:44I want to check out for uh another uh
04:48market for instance let's say I want to
04:51look out for GBP USD okay and then uh
04:57let's open maybe one more all right or
04:59more or just one more so GBP USD here on
05:02a one hour time frame so let's say I
05:04want to have GBP USD here on a four hour
05:07time frame okay so now what do I do I
05:11just want to click on this return okay
05:13I'm gonna click here now if I click here
05:15I want to have two times two I just want
05:18to have four different views so you can
05:22see I have four different views okay
05:26I have all these Chats on different
05:28views right here so I can always observe
05:31what's happening in this Mark in the
05:32market here and observe what's happening
05:34in the market here I can observe what's
05:36happening in the market right here okay
05:39so let's go back to one more chat one
05:42chart so that's how you can easily have
05:45multiple charts okay and then you can
05:48use it to observe your markets while
05:50making your analysis all right I hope
05:52you're loving this video wanna smash the
05:54like button to show me the likes and the
05:56love you have for for this video right
05:58and that's going to encourage me to keep
05:59doing more for you guys all right now
06:02the next question is how do I get a
06:05replay bar so I can always destroy my
06:08strategy yeah okay Traders so if you
06:12want to learn that let's get started
06:14please hit the Subscribe button and turn
06:16on the notification Bell
06:18guys we're going to be using a very
06:21simple trick
06:22and the trick we're going to be using is
06:24is going to be a new platform and that
06:26platform actually is called ball
06:29charting so once so once you get here
06:31you want to make sure you create an
06:32account and once you create an account
06:34next thing you want to do is to click on
06:35products and click on charts
06:38so when you click on chart it's going to
06:40take you straight to the charts
06:43voila all right here is the chart
06:47here is the chart Traders okay here's
06:49the chart
06:51okay so once you get here Traders I know
06:54a lot of you right now might be like hey
06:56it's him is this not trading view yeah
06:58it's kind of like trading view almost
07:00the same it's similar to trading view
07:02all right and the interesting thing is
07:04that every single thing in the trading
07:06view is giving you on premium this
07:08platform is actually giving it to you
07:10even for free okay so watch this Traders
07:14watch this if I click here two columns I
07:16can have two columns
07:18for free you can see here it says a
07:21great upgrade plan that is to tell you
07:23what that I'm not on a Premium plan it's
07:27absolutely free so I have two different
07:30okay I have two different words charts
07:33is that not interesting yeah okay so let
07:36me close it back and go back to just one
07:38chance so I can show you around then
07:41over here you want to search for let's
07:43say you want to search for GBP
07:47USD such so here we have GBP USD you
07:51want to click on it and it's going to
07:52open the GBP USD chart for you guys so
07:55this is GBP USD 30 minute time frame
07:57here is for our time frame
08:00all right so here are your tools the
08:03same tools you have on trading view okay
08:05the same tools you have your uh
08:09your horizontal line your trend line
08:12your arrow your rectangle your Fibonacci
08:15long position short position and all the
08:17rest okay you've got it here Traders
08:19here please hit the Subscribe button and
08:21turn on the notification Bell you have
08:24the path the horizontal Ray the trend
08:27line you have your arrow you have your
08:29horizontal line you have Fibonacci you
08:32have long position you have short
08:33position you have all those tools right
08:36in this platform guys all right you have
08:39it right here in this platform this is
08:42your uh long position this is short
08:44position okay so you have all those
08:47tools right here come on Traders this is
08:52this is this is absolutely free this is
08:55absolutely free trace this is Fibonacci
08:57all right so uh what else do I need to
09:01tell you about this Traders uh okay how
09:04to set it up okay so you want to come
09:07here to settings here in settings you
09:08click settings you want to go straight
09:10to chart and then you want to you want
09:13to walk around all this this is the
09:15watermark which is this GBP USD effect
09:17off it right now GBP is out of the way
09:20if I turn it back on that's the
09:22watermark uh this is just you trying to
09:26arrange how you want your chart to be so
09:28I was the one who put this the way it is
09:30right now it's blue in color I love my
09:33background the way it is like this it's
09:35making sense to me you know so uh here
09:38is where you have your chart your
09:39candlesticks or uh lines and all the
09:43rest here use where you have your
09:44indicators Traders you have indicators
09:47here you just search for any indicator
09:48you're looking for let's say moving
09:52you can see different indicators here
09:54for you guys uh now
09:57let's get to the main thing that we
09:59actually that actually brought us here
10:00okay so let's say for instance traders
10:03that uh I want to delete every single
10:05thing here
10:07delete all objects okay so let's say we
10:11want to back test our strategy okay so
10:15using the replay you can see we have the
10:16replay bar here right good so let's say
10:19this is the for our time frame and I
10:21want to replay all the way from here so
10:23I want to do a I'm gonna double click on
10:27okay see the future has disappeared all
10:31right so let us back test the Strat a
10:33simple strategy so let's say for
10:35instance we have support and resistance
10:37you guys know my strategies right yeah
10:40yeah that's how we roll Traders that's
10:42how we roll so let's say we have the
10:44simple support resistance blah blah blah
10:46blah everywhere everywhere okay so we
10:50want to test run the strategy using the
10:52replay bar so what we're going to do to
10:54drag this comma over here and then let's
10:56play it gradually gradually you see and
11:00this is you
11:02test running your strategy absolutely
11:05for free Traders you're in paying any
11:09dime thing for premium package guys this
11:13is absolutely free if you really love
11:15this Traders why not give me a like on
11:18this video smash the like button leave a
11:20nice comment and let me know how you
11:22really love this and I will be
11:24encouraged to keep giving you guys back
11:26to back more things that's going to help
11:29you in this financial Market Traders all
11:31right so hit the like button if Casey
11:33have if you haven't subscribed hit the
11:35Subscribe button and turn the Bell on
11:37the Bell will always get you notified
11:39anytime I release a new content right so
11:42let me know if you have any questions
11:43concerning this platform Traders don't
11:45don't hesitate to ask me and I'll always
11:47love to make more videos to teach you
11:49how to even use it even the more and
11:52better okay so I'll just have to close
11:54all this ones I've got here all right so
11:57you can see this is me having the chart
12:00right on my PC so you can see it's right
12:03on my PC as you can see so if I click on
12:06it right now it's going to open straight
12:09like it's just like an app on my PC as
12:12you can see straight away guys and my
12:15chart loads as easy as that so how do
12:18you love this video leave your comment
12:19Traders and I'll see you on the next
12:22please hit the Subscribe button and turn
12:24on the notification Bell
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I get TradingView premium features for free?

You can get TradingView premium features for free by using a platform called Ball Charting. This method involves using a Chrome extension called Tab Resize to have multiple charts on the screen, and then using Ball Charting for the replay bar and other premium features.

2. What is the trick to accessing TradingView premium features without paying?

The trick to accessing TradingView premium features without paying is to use a platform called Ball Charting. By using Ball Charting along with a Chrome extension called Tab Resize, you can have access to multiple charts and the replay bar, among other premium features, for free.

3. Which platform can be used to access TradingView premium features for free?

You can use Ball Charting to access TradingView premium features for free. By utilizing Ball Charting along with a Chrome extension called Tab Resize, you can access multiple charts and the replay bar, as well as other premium features, without any cost.

4. What is the method for getting TradingView premium features for free?

The method for getting TradingView premium features for free involves using a platform called Ball Charting. This method includes using a Chrome extension called Tab Resize to have multiple charts on screen, and then using Ball Charting for the replay bar and other premium features.

5. Is it possible to access TradingView premium features for free?

Yes, it is possible to access TradingView premium features for free by using a platform called Ball Charting. You can use Ball Charting along with a Chrome extension called Tab Resize to have access to multiple charts and the replay bar, as well as other premium features, without any cost.

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