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This video discusses the placement of Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart in Vedic astrology, highlighting its significance in determining wealth, devotion, and relationships after marriage. It also mentions the potential effects of debilitated and exalted Venus in this placement.
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Venus in the second house of the navamsa chart indicates potential for wealth and achievement.
The navamsa chart represents the path of the soul and the second half of one's life.
Venus in the second house can determine the strength of the planet and its achievements.
It is a position that often brings wealth and financial success.
Venus in the 2nd house of the Navamsa D9 chart represents wealth and devotion, especially after marriage.
Venus represents the wife and love in a man's chart.
Marriage activates Venus in the 2nd house to bring wealth and abundance.
Venus in the 2nd house may give a soft-spoken wife.
If not married, Venus in the 2nd house requires activation through other means such as working with female partners or in fields related to clothing and perfumes.
Venus in the 2nd house of the Navamsa D9 chart indicates a beautiful and gorgeous spouse, especially if Venus is in conjunction with Moon and Saturn in the Chitra nakshatra or any part of Virgo.
The spouse can have stunning beauty, similar to Aishwarya Rai or Priyanka Chopra.
Exalted Venus in the 2nd house makes the individual value devotion and spiritual qualities in their spouse, rather than material wealth.
Potential issues with in-laws and joint assets may arise with Venus in the 2nd house.
00:13hopefully I'm coming in loud and clear
00:17to you guys it's funny I'm making this
00:21video right now and it's or of the Venus
00:25running beautiful beautiful so ladies
00:30and gentlemen we are going to discuss
00:33the placement of Venus in the second
00:38house of the navamsa chart and what
00:42happens when Venus is in the second
00:44house in the d9 of the navamsha and as
00:49you know d9 is a very very important
00:51chart it is it shows the path
00:54it shows the path of the soul it shows
00:57the second half of your life it shows
00:58the life after marriage
01:01it shows life you know after maturity
01:06that's what you know
01:09nabob she shows the mantra is also known
01:12as a determinant of the strength of the
01:19how strong is your planet from birth to
01:21navamsha which can be determined through
01:24it but Gotham opposition's through its
01:27exultation debilitation friendly sign
01:30enemy's sign you know neutral sign so
01:33the hunch is a very important planet you
01:36know it truly will show what you're here
01:40to achieve through your physical world
01:42through physical things what is going to
01:46be the achievement the mental
01:49achievement you know the internal
01:52achievement and for that if you do not
01:55know if you have what plants you have
01:57you're in a bunch of chard you know
01:59what's in your second house and gave
02:02your Venus isn't the second house or not
02:03for that check out the link in the
02:05description astrology cares commenter
02:08shop section where you'll find my report
02:11consultation and the link to my new
02:14online video school Maha Vedic Astrology
02:17school and as you know I'm actually
02:21starting that early in aw on August 20th
02:24instead of October because of huge huge
02:28requests from people the Venus in the
02:31second house okay Venus in the second
02:35house is a very beautiful position it's
02:38it's a very beautiful position most of
02:40the time like it can truly give wealth
02:46it can truly give massive wealth after
02:50marriage because remember especially now
02:54with that we're discussing Venus see
02:56Venus represents the wife and a man's
02:59chart Venus represents the love the
03:02woman gets in the marriage Venus
03:04represents your earthly desires which is
03:08what wealth jewelry gems luxury and
03:13Venus is also mainly devotion
03:15what are you devoted to you know what is
03:18it that one will find devotion to and
03:20you're gonna find especially after
03:22marriage devotion towards family
03:27family becomes this wealth for you like
03:30you must have it like such people
03:32actually usually it's hot it's it's rare
03:36when I find where people do not want to
03:39get married or do not want to have a
03:41spouse or companionship or partnership
03:43they always desire that
03:47meanness in the second house will also
03:50give a very soft-spoken wife
03:54very soft-spoken wife even if Venus
03:57isn't a masculine sign Venus is in the
03:59harsh sign
04:03there may be some harshness in the local
04:07court but the attitude the speech may
04:10not be so harsh but one thing I have
04:15noticed with Venus okay um Venus gives
04:21wealth and gave rhiness will give wealth
04:23in the second house through marriage and
04:26in the second half of life if let's
04:28you're not married wealth still comes in
04:32depending upon what are you doing it's
04:34just that with marriage Venus makes it
04:36much easier when this is like oh you
04:38just activated me through a marriage
04:39ceremony and I'm in your second house
04:41I'm supposed to give you wealth okay
04:44here's the wealth but if you're not
04:46married then okay Venus will be like
04:48what is it that you're gonna do to
04:50activate me here are you gonna work with
04:52a female partner are you gonna work with
04:54you know clothing perfumes are you gonna
04:57work with ash money what are you doing
05:00to activate me then those questions
05:02comes in but when you're doing your
05:04you're a lawyer you're a police officer
05:05whomever you are but Venus in the second
05:08house what the marriage is just activate
05:10your ability to find abundance okay your
05:14ability to find abundant because
05:16regardless of what size Venus is in
05:18second house at Z original second house
05:21of Venus with the sign of Taurus the
05:24earthly sign of Taurus
05:27an earth sign especially Venus rules the
05:31Earth's on its properties earth more
05:34than water water because more of the
05:36Ayurvedic property more than Venus
05:39become very watery planet
05:40in Ayurvedic astrology but when you're
05:43looking at mundane astrology if you're
05:45looking at a chart what element is the
05:49element that helps us to get what we
05:52want the resources is the earth element
05:54gold jewelry you know food water
05:58everything is on earth
06:00so Venus represents that earth element
06:03okay so here venus wants to activate the
06:07earth element so Venus will say hey if
06:11you're not married then you're gonna
06:12have to activate certain earth element
06:14or you're gonna have to work with earth
06:16element or feminine energy for me to be
06:19but with Venus in the second house
06:21definitely the relationship of that
06:23in-laws may not be there it's just you
06:27can try but it just it just what would
06:30not be there as well and also with this
06:33shows that you might be the only sole
06:36earner or especially after 42 you could
06:40become the sole provider the sole earner
06:43in the family also one thing you will
06:46notice would be nests in the second
06:47house the relationship with a younger
06:49sibling may not be the greatest or if
06:53there is good then your communication
06:55will dial down you won't communicate so
06:59much with people
07:02your ability to mass communicate will
07:03not be there so or you will find a lot
07:08of like headaches and chronic
07:10communicate with people with this Venus
07:14ah and also one loves singing one loves
07:19music and singing after marriage or in
07:21the second half of life they'll somebody
07:23be like hey why is it that I want to
07:25sing why is it that I want to read
07:28poetry listen to poetry listen or read
07:31poetry's of Rumi and Hafiz you will also
07:35notice with Venus you will start making
07:37contacts with people from Persia you'll
07:40start making contacts people who are
07:42Muslims people who are in Middle East
07:46it doesn't matter even if you're in
07:48India somehow someway maybe you'll get
07:49an online friend online connection with
07:52somebody from Persia
07:57like for example you know like
08:01one person is doing something in their
08:04own country and suddenly they meet a
08:07friend online who's doing exactly the
08:09same thing and they connect on those
08:11basis even though they have never met
08:13they're just talking and discussing each
08:15other you know or the topics you know
08:18that and I similar to their lifestyle
08:21and you make that connection with Venus
08:28you will start valuing the underworld
08:34the underworld meaning like if there was
08:37no interest in astrology if there was no
08:41interest in occult mysticism that
08:43interest will come
08:46now one thing I let me tell you but
08:47Venus being debilitated in the navamsha
08:49if Venus is debilitated first of all you
08:52want to check with natural throbbing
08:53decision you will notice this okay if
08:58Venus isn't jetronic chakra in the
09:01navamsha so we're talking about navamsha
09:02nakshatra in Venus isn't that Chitra
09:06nakshatra in navamsa you'll have the
09:08most gorgeous beautiful wife I mean your
09:13wife will be so stunning that men will
09:17not be able to help themselves in
09:19hitting on her connecting with her and
09:22massive massive wealth comes in with
09:27Venus being debilitated what Rafael
09:31actually becomes very good for wealth in
09:34that case with Chitra Venus finds beauty
09:37and hasta Venus finds healing but
09:44definitely if it is because Venus is
09:46debilitated you can be so wrong with
09:49Venus let me tell you something about
09:50astrology we know whatever we have
09:54learned about astrology may be something
09:57completely opposite
10:01I just I can't even tell you the things
10:03that I've experienced in the past two
10:05days just two days last two days
10:09astrology is what whatever you think is
10:14is it's not it it's just it's not it
10:18when you say Oh big bala of planets like
10:22austin receives his directional strength
10:24in the end in the tenth house
10:27what does that mean what is it doing
10:29there's gonna have to be revision of
10:32many many things this thing is
10:36mysterious but let me tell you
10:38debilitated Venus have never seen
10:40someone especially in a second house
10:44suffer financially unless there were
10:48certain combinations of two planets away
10:51from Venus
10:54I don't know the name of the yoga but I
10:55just know when it's formed but a Venus
10:59you you actually should be like you know
11:02what I wish my Venus is in Virgo
11:05or at least in the chattri nakshatra
11:07site for a man to have that you will go
11:12check your chart I don't know if
11:13anybody's married here but Venus and the
11:16second house debilitated your wife
11:18should be extremely gorgeous especially
11:22if an a-bomb sure you have moon and
11:24Saturn together with Venus and Chitra
11:27nakshatra side of Virgo or just any part
11:30of the Virgo side you'll have the most
11:32extreme beautiful wife like your wife
11:36could look like Aishwarya Rai Priyanka
11:38Chopra I mean it's just like stunning
11:41beauty and its beauty stunning beauty
11:44and usually and I know I don't want to
11:47get into other signs or even this it's
11:49just that most of you were a commenting
11:51on the thing so I wanted to do that
11:55exalted Venus on the other hand and make
12:00your spouse very picky
12:02and makes you much more devoted the
12:05words a goddess or God more than like
12:10you're gonna want devotion you're
12:13looking for devotion that's where you
12:16will feel valued you won't care for
12:18money as much but exalted Venus you're
12:21looking for more devotion towards the
12:24divine abortion towards a you know a
12:28Devi like you know like for example
12:33exalted Venus person can become a part
12:36of what's-her-name
12:39Anandi my boys back in you know early
12:431900 she died in 82 I think
12:48as that's Venus man that's that's oh
12:52Venus well you know I don't have too
12:55many bad things to say with Venus in the
12:56second house
12:58the only thing that I saw was that that
13:00problems with in-laws all this occur or
13:02issues with joint assets occur and with
13:06Venus I have also seen that somehow
13:09someway person loses interest in either
13:13communication or dealing with younger
13:14siblings if you have a younger sibling
13:19so next week we'll discuss Jupiter of
13:24course you know but hopefully this has
13:29given some sort of help but like I said
13:33there's much more taste when you have
13:35signs and the house together it's very
13:39easy you don't even need to wait for me
13:41to do all these things you can just use
13:43logic and you'll get it you know or
13:46you'll just get it with my school which
13:48will start in August so if you haven't
13:50enrolled in it just go to Maha Vedic
13:54Astrology or just go to
13:57astrology CARICOM you'll see the link
13:58there okay so anyway guys we will see
14:02you tomorrow
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the significance of Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart in Vedic astrology?

Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart in Vedic astrology holds great significance in determining wealth, devotion, and relationships after marriage. It influences the individual's financial prosperity, commitment to spiritual practices, and post-marriage harmony.

2. What are the potential effects of debilitated Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart?

Debilitated Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart may lead to financial challenges, lack of devotion or interest in spiritual matters, and disturbances in marital relationships. It is essential to understand and address the implications of such placements in Vedic astrology.

3. How does exalted Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart affect an individual?

Exalted Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart can bring increased wealth, strong devotion, and harmonious relationships after marriage. Individuals may experience financial abundance, deeper spiritual connections, and enhanced marital bliss due to this placement.

4. What are the astrological implications of Venus placement in the second house of the Navamsa chart for wealth?

The placement of Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart influences the individual's financial status, indicating potential prosperity, financial stability, and material abundance. It is an important factor to consider in Vedic astrology for assessing wealth and abundance.

5. How is Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart linked to post-marriage relationships?

Venus in the second house of the Navamsa chart plays a crucial role in determining the quality of post-marriage relationships, shaping aspects such as love, harmony, and spousal connections. It provides insights into the dynamics of relationships and the potential for lasting marital happiness.

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