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The video is a webinar presented by David Schmidt, founder and CEO of Lifewave, explaining how their technology and the X39 patch work to activate stem cells in the body using phototherapy, resulting in a wide range of benefits including increased energy, pain relief, improved sleep, anti-aging effects, and faster wound healing. Schmidt also discusses the opportunity to build a business with Lifewave globally.
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David Schmidt explains how Lifewave technology works, using light to activate stem cells through a non-transdermal patch.
Lifewave technology is phototherapy, using light to stimulate the surface of the skin.
The patch does not contain any ingredients that go into the body.
The recommended locations to apply the patch are on the back of the neck or below the collarbone.
The X39 patch works by using specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the surface of the skin and activate stem cells.
The patch reflects specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin and nerves.
Photobiomodulation is the process of stimulating the skin with light to cause specific chemical reactions in the body.
The X39 patch is designed to elevate a peptide that activates stem cells.
The X39 patch is the third generation of LifeWave patches and is known as the "stem cell patch."
The X39 patch produces immediate effects by increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, and improving energy levels and sleep quality.
X39 patch is unusual as it produces immediate effects, such as increased energy levels and reduced pain.
It increases the production of antioxidants and decreases inflammation.
Users notice significant improvements in sleep quality within the first few days of using the X39 patch.
The patch also provides pain relief and has impressive testimonials.
The X39 patch provides immediate pain reduction and improved mobility, while also increasing collagen production leading to tighter skin and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
X39 patch activates stem cells to increase collagen production in the body.
Increased collagen production leads to tighter skin and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
X39 patch also aids in sports performance by repairing damage to the body and increasing recovery speed.
Some users have reported hair growth as a benefit of using the X39 patch.
The X-39 has shown a reduction in the appearance of scars and aids in wound healing.
Stem cells initiated by the X-39 can increase collagen production, leading to a reduction in scars.
Clinical research has proven that the X-39 elevates a compound that stimulates the production of growth factors, resulting in faster wound healing.
As we age, the quality and speed of our stem cells diminish, causing slower healing. The X-39 supports the natural wound healing process, leading to a faster recovery.
The X-39 elevates a compound in the body that can rewrite thousands of genes to a younger and healthier state, contributing to youth renewal.
X39 testimonials and how to get started with Lifewave.
Access to X39 means a healthier life and more vitality.
Testimonials on the Lifewave website showcase improvements in energy, sleep, pain reduction, skin tightening, and wound healing.
The website is updated every Monday with new testimonials.
To learn more about Lifewave and its products, contact the person who sent you here or visit or
00:00well good morning good afternoon good
00:04evening everyone this is David Schmidt
00:07founder and CEO of lifewave and welcome
00:10to this very special webinar on lifewave
00:14technology and the x-39 now we are
00:17recording this webinar today so that
00:20you'll be able to share it uh with
00:23fellow members team members and
00:25potential customers so they can get an
00:28overview on what lifewave technology is
00:31all about and of course what the x-39 is
00:35about there's a lot more to the story We
00:38of course refer to x39 as activating
00:41your stem cells and there's a lot about
00:44that so let's go ahead and get started
00:47so you can get the information on this
00:49that you're looking for
00:51so where we're going to start is for
00:54people that are new to lifewave is give
00:57an overview of how our technology works
01:00because we have an entirely new approach
01:04to activating stem cells in the body
01:07this is not a drug it's not a
01:10nutritional supplement it's a completely
01:13new way of taking advantage of stem cell
01:16technology so let's dig into this first
01:20so you can understand why our method is
01:24so much better and so much different
01:26than anything else you've heard of
01:31now life wave technology is phototherapy
01:35so instead of trying to put a drug or a
01:39nutritional supplement in the body we
01:42can activate stem cells with light and
01:46we do it all with a patch now the patch
01:50does not contain any type of ingredients
01:54that goes into the body that would be
01:56what's called a transdermal patch
01:59instead we have a non-transdermal
02:03technology that means that there's no
02:06ingredients going into the body instead
02:09the patch is stimulating the surface of
02:12the skin with light and by the way this
02:15is a technology that I invented and
02:17patented and currently I have about 100
02:21patents that have been issued and
02:24pending that are global
02:27so how does this work well with the x39
02:30you can simply apply the patch just
02:33about anywhere on the body and it goes
02:36to work
02:37now the two locations that we recommend
02:39for convenience one is on the back of
02:42the neck and the other is below the
02:44belly button and you can of course see
02:46that Illustrated here
02:49so what happens well you apply the patch
02:53to the surface of the skin and the patch
02:56is immediately activated by body heat
02:59now keep in mind that body heat is a
03:03form of light infrared light
03:06and this will activate the patch and
03:09cause it to reflect very specific
03:12wavelengths of light that will stimulate
03:15the surface of the skin
03:18in science this is called
03:21photobiomodulation and it's an area of
03:24phototherapy but it simply means that
03:27when we stimulate the skin with light we
03:30can cause very specific chemical
03:33reactions in the body just think about
03:35how the Sun causes the body to produce
03:39vitamin D it's the same biochemical
03:45so we use very specific wavelengths of
03:50that are reflected by our different
03:53patch products of course today we're
03:55going to focus on the x39 but each patch
03:59has different materials in it that
04:02reflect different wavelengths of light
04:04these will again stimulate the surface
04:07of the skin
04:09and this stimulates the nerves
04:11so when we're stimulating the nerves we
04:15can then send a signal through the body
04:17that will produce a very specific
04:20biochemical change
04:22so in the case of the sun
04:24ultraviolet light is used to cause the
04:28production of vitamin D but we can use
04:30other wavelengths of light
04:33to produce other biochemical changes and
04:37this is what life wave is all about
04:42so then the question is what benefits
04:45can you get from using the x-39
04:48and what is the x-39 what is it all
04:52well lifewave has been around since 2004
04:56and we have a line of phototherapy
05:00patches we have patches that are
05:03designed to improve energy improve focus
05:06improve physical performance anti-aging
05:09and other things as well
05:12and the x-39 is similar to these other
05:17patches in that the x-39 is going to
05:20elevate naturally occurring compounds in
05:24the body that by the way would normally
05:26decline with age
05:28but the x-39 is completely different
05:31than any other product and as a matter
05:34of fact it's the third generation of our
05:38life wave patches
05:42the big thing that you'd want to know
05:44about the x-39 is that people refer to
05:49it as our stem cell patch because this
05:52is a patch that's designed to elevate a
05:55what's called a peptide
05:58which is known to activate stem cells
06:02and if you've seen any of the
06:03testimonials then you already know the
06:06benefits of elevating this peptide and
06:09activating stem cells are absolutely
06:12stunning and we're going to talk about
06:13that a little bit now
06:17now the first thing that you'd want to
06:19know about the x-39 is that it does
06:22produce an immediate effect
06:25now this is really unusual for a product
06:28and it's certainly very unusual in our
06:31and uh this is one of the things that
06:34people love about the x39 is that you
06:37can feel it the very first day of use
06:39now what's going on here well one of the
06:43things that the x-39 will do is increase
06:46the production of antioxidants and
06:49decrease inflammation so people feel
06:52this as an improvement in their energy
06:54levels reduction in pain and an
06:57improvement in their overall well-being
07:00and there's other benefits as well so
07:02most people will notice within the first
07:04few days of using the x-39 that they see
07:07significant improvements in their
07:10quality of sleep
07:15so more energy when we are elevating
07:19antioxidants in the body
07:21we can also up regulate or increase the
07:26amount of energy that the cells produce
07:28this is a very powerful anti-aging
07:31effect and the way people see this is
07:34they notice their very first day they're
07:36not as tired or as fatigued by the end
07:39of the day so this is a benefit you can
07:41get from the x-39 your first day or
07:44within your first few days of using this
07:51of course another benefit of the x-39 is
07:55an improvement in sleep now of course
07:58you don't normally associate an
08:00improvement in sleep with activating
08:02stem cells and that's because the x39
08:05patch does a whole lot more but just for
08:09the moment uh so you know one of the
08:11benefits that you can expect from the
08:13x-39 is noticing that it will indeed
08:17improve the quality and the duration of
08:20your sleep most people by the way that
08:23have given us testimonials on this as
08:25well as what we see in our clinical
08:27research is that people report that
08:30their sleep is very deep and they're
08:32sleeping longer
08:38now some of the most impressive
08:40testimonials we receive in on the x-39
08:43has to do with dramatic stories of pain
08:48and some of these benefits just have to
08:51be experienced to be believed people
08:54with chronic long-term knee pain they
08:58apply the x-39 patch and within minutes
09:01of application the pain is gone back
09:05pain migraine headaches
09:08um arthritic shoulders arthritic joints
09:11this pain is managed and minimized all
09:16within minutes of application so don't
09:19be surprised when you use the x-39 that
09:22you'll see an immediate reduction in the
09:25level of your pain and an improvement in
09:28mobility and an overall Improvement in
09:30how you feel
09:35now here's another big one now this
09:37doesn't show up immediately of course
09:38but it does show up starting at about
09:41three or four weeks and through about
09:43the first 12 weeks of using the x-39 now
09:47when we activate stem cells in the body
09:50one of the ways stem cells function is
09:53to increase the amount of collagen
09:57and so collagen is the most abundant
10:00protein in the body now many of us are
10:03conditioned to thinking that collagen is
10:05in the skin but it's actually everywhere
10:07throughout the body
10:10so you use the x39 you'll increase the
10:14production of collagen and over a period
10:16of time you'll start to notice that the
10:19skin will tighten and there will be a
10:22reduction in the appearance of fine
10:24lines and wrinkles so look for those
10:26benefits starting at about the third or
10:29fourth week and then through about 12
10:31weeks or so
10:36now other benefits that people get with
10:38the x-39 has to do in the area of sports
10:42performance one of the things that stem
10:45cells do really well is repair damage to
10:49the body this is part of the natural
10:51healing process so in other words stem
10:54cells are going to be attracted to the
10:56site of injury and then they're going to
10:59repair that injury
11:01now what does this have to do with
11:03sports performance well when we go and
11:06exercise one of the things that we're
11:09trying to do is cause damage to a muscle
11:11so the body can repair it and make the
11:14muscle stronger
11:16so what people have seen with the x-39
11:19is that not only is it going to increase
11:22the speed of recovery
11:25uh but also Sports Performance goes up
11:29as a matter of fact uh people are
11:31reporting that they're feeling better
11:33and Performing better than they have at
11:36any time in their lives
11:42now another benefit that people have
11:45reported to us with the x-39 is hair
11:49growth now this is something that we
11:52have not demonstrated yet in our
11:54clinical studies but we are getting
11:56these reports from many of our male
12:01now Clinical Research in this area is
12:04interesting because it's been shown that
12:06if stem cell activity in the scalp is
12:09increased this would in fact lead to
12:12hair growth so we're going to continue
12:15to monitor this but this is something
12:17maybe you should look for when you're
12:19using the x-39 yet another benefit
12:26now something else that we've seen
12:27that's been very dramatic with the x-39
12:30is a reduction in the appearance of
12:35one of the things that stem cells can do
12:38is initiate a process in the skin called
12:41Remodeling and part of this has to do
12:44with the increase in collagen production
12:46it all simply means that there will be a
12:50reduction in the appearance of scars and
12:53we have some wonderful testimonials
12:55about this
13:00now perhaps the most exciting thing
13:03about the x-39 and some of the most
13:05dramatic testimonials that we have
13:07received are in the area of wound
13:11now clinical research has already
13:14established and proven that elevation of
13:17the compound that we're elevating with
13:19x39 causes stem cells to elevate
13:23production of growth factors and lead to
13:26dramatic increases in the rate at which
13:30our bodies heal
13:31so wound healing of course is a natural
13:34process and as we age the quality of our
13:38stem cells diminish so by the time we
13:41get over the age of 60 the stem cells
13:43are no longer moving very quickly and
13:46they're not releasing the growth factors
13:49needed to repair damage to the body so
13:52this is why people over the age of 60
13:54and 70 start to notice they really don't
13:56heal either very well or at all anymore
13:59so the x-39 helps to support the natural
14:04wound healing process and this leads to
14:07a faster recovery
14:09and I would definitely encourage you to
14:11check out some of the testimonials that
14:14we have on this
14:17Now Youth Renewal is part of who we are
14:21as a company we have been developing
14:24products over the years in the field of
14:26anti-aging and the x-39 is certainly no
14:30exception so what do we mean by Youth
14:33Renewal well x-39 elevates a compound in
14:37the body that has been proven in
14:39clinical research to rewrite thousands
14:43of genes to a younger and healthier
14:47now let me put this in context for you
14:50there's around 18 or 19
14:53000 genes in the body that encode for
14:56proteins and as we age we start to lose
15:00access to this information it's a
15:03process genetically that's called
15:05hypermethylation but for you and I what
15:08it simply means is that we can no longer
15:10access information in our bodies that we
15:14did have access to when we were younger
15:17the x-39 changes this though there will
15:20be thousands of genes that will read be
15:23reset to a younger healthier state that
15:26we will once again get access to
15:29this means that we simply will have a
15:34life and will have more vitality
15:41now for testimonials on the x-39 I would
15:45definitely recommend that you check out
15:47our website
15:52and as you'll be able to see on this
15:54website we have a tremendous number of
15:57testimonials all in the area of
16:01improvement in energy Improvement in
16:03sleep reduction in the feelings of pain
16:06tightening of the skin reduction in the
16:09appearance of lines and wrinkles of
16:11course rapid wound healing and
16:14testimonials from all over the world we
16:18see here that we have testimonials in
16:20from Canada
16:22Uganda Denmark
16:24Germany Israel
16:27United States all over the place uh so
16:32yeah definitely go to our website uh and check out some of
16:39these phenomenal testimonials uh the
16:42website gets updated every Monday
16:44because we have new testimonials that
16:47come in every day and so we update the
16:50website once a week
16:56so question is what should you do next
17:01well first thing is contact the person
17:03who sent you here today so you can learn
17:06more about lifewave and our products and
17:10of course our business opportunity
17:12there's a way that you can start today
17:14at building a business from the comfort
17:16of your own home maybe you would just
17:19build the business in your community or
17:21maybe you could build the business
17:23globally we currently distribute our
17:25products to more than 100 countries so
17:28lifewave is a phenomenal opportunity
17:31whether or not you want to build locally
17:33in your city in your country or expand
17:36past that but it all starts with a
17:38simple phone call or email get in
17:41contact with the person that sent you
17:43here today so you can learn more and get
17:48you can also of course visit or to get more information
17:55about our products and what we're all
18:00so with that I want to thank you all
18:03very much for taking your time today to
18:05be with me to learn more about life wave
18:07technology our opportunity and of course
18:10the phenomenal x39 product that
18:13activates your stem cells so you can
18:16experience the best health and vitality
18:19that you've ever had so thank you so
18:22much for your time and I'll look forward
18:24to hearing about your success with
18:27lifewave and with the x-39 so thank
18:30everyone have a wonderful day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does the X39 patch activate stem cells in the body?

The X39 patch works using phototherapy to activate stem cells in the body, resulting in a wide range of benefits including increased energy, pain relief, improved sleep, anti-aging effects, and faster wound healing.

2. What are the benefits of activating stem cells in the body?

Activating stem cells in the body using the X39 patch and phototherapy leads to benefits such as increased energy, pain relief, improved sleep, anti-aging effects, and faster wound healing.

3. Who is the founder and CEO of Lifewave?

David Schmidt is the founder and CEO of Lifewave, and he presents the webinar explaining the technology and benefits of the X39 patch for activating stem cells in the body.

4. What global business opportunity does Lifewave offer?

Lifewave offers the opportunity to build a business globally, as discussed by David Schmidt during the webinar presenting the technology and benefits of the X39 patch for activating stem cells.

5. How does phototherapy work to activate stem cells in the body?

Phototherapy used in the X39 patch works to activate stem cells in the body, resulting in increased energy, pain relief, improved sleep, anti-aging effects, and faster wound healing, as explained by David Schmidt in the webinar.

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